Friday, 10 May 2013

In shock

Sorry for the lack of posting but a very close friend stabbed himself yesterday (financial problems I imagine) and I'm in a total funk since I heard.

Back in due course.


Anonymous said...

commiserations mate.

We wont all survive.


Anonymous said...

won't ...

Uncle Nasty said...

Commiserations to you, Savant, and especially to the family of the victim.

One can only hope, not fatally.


B Boru said...

Sorry to hear this Sav.

Had a similar experience myself last year and the guy died. He seemingly thught his family would collect his life insurance but it was invalidated by his suicide.

The bastards win again.

Too sad for words.

00:43 said...

Jeez, I hope he'll be ok. But stabbing yourself, that's tough.

Bemused stare said...

Sorry to hear that Sav.

Dan said...

What are your chum's politics? Or is this really just about the cash?

Keiser said...

My sympathies, I hope they have whatever they need to get them through this. A self inflicted injury like that is unusual. It speaks to the seriousness of your friend's emotional state. We will see you when we see you, Savant.

Keiser said...

@Brian Boru
Re: policy invalidation
I knew they did that in such a circumstance but still that is exceptionally harsh. What a waste.

Ian said...

My condolences to you,Savant and the family of your friend.

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to hear your news. Come back when you're ready.
Paris Claims

kulak said...

I'll pray for him and his family.

Uncle Nasty said...

B Boru said...

Had a similar experience myself last year and the guy died. He seemingly thught his family would collect his life insurance but it was invalidated by his suicide.

Interestingly enough, Brian, I had a buddy back in ZA who started off as my insurance broker and became a friend ... very nice guy. He used to tell me a lot of interesting things about the game.

Firstly, it is almost impossible to insure the life of a child of yours -- mainly because a lot of people doing this in the bad old days (late nineteenth ... early twentieth century) used to off their children -- and then claim. Also, suicide is almost universally excluded for similar reasons. A lot of people landing in trouble would insure themselves to the hilt ... ostensibly to provide for the surviving family, and then top themselves. The insurance game is weird ... you bet them that you'll die tomorrow, and they bet that you'll live forever. But, like gambling against the house, you can't win.


Franz said...

My sympathies as well. Hang in!

A former industry pal of mine didn't make it (he hung himself).

Only after he was gone did I remember all the stuff I forgot to say. And felt like a dunce for not having said.

AnalogMan said...

Savant, condolences to you and the family.

I was reading just yesterday that the USA has over 38000 suicides a year, and it's now the leading cause of death among young men. Mostly White, naturally.

UN, I worked for many years for insurance companies in ZA (in IT). As far as I know, it's impossible (illegal) to insure a child. For the reasons you state. Suicide was always excluded in the first year. I believe it's now two years.

A colleague who had been a claims assessor told me of a case where the insured shot himself on the first anniversary. The company paid.

I think the thinking is that suicide is a risk like any other, but if you buy a policy knowing that you intend to kill yourself, that's fraudulent. After a reasonable cooling off period, it could happen to anyone. I believe, but won't swear to it, that there is no restriction under a group scheme either.

Both circumstances are based on the principle of insurable interest. You are assumed to have an infinite interest in your own life. You can't insure an unrelated person's life, or a child's life.

A few years ago, there was a case where some guy recruited a work gang. He made each one take out a life policy with SANLAM, and then cede it to him. It was alleged that he then loaded them all up in his bakkie (truck) and pushed it over a cliff. Sanlam called foul, but after a court case where it couldn't prove anything, they paid.

Legally, it's always in the company's discretion to pay, but thet're all so terrified of getting a reputation as welshers that they usually pay. One person told me of a case he worked on where the insured bought a policy, then within days drove head-on into a cement truck. They had their suspicions, but they paid.

Anonymous said...

Whilst we're on the subject of life cover and suicide, I think most companies will pay provided the policy has been in force for over a year.
However don't take my word for it, always read the small print.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Commiserations Savant.

You don't say if he died but,if not,hopefully he will pull through.

AnalogMan,here in Ireland,we have a phenomenally high rate of suicide amongst young men.

Interestingly,it was just as high during the boom years;it would seem its not nessesarily financial,although that does not help.


congo bongo said...

Very sad, I wonder what's in store for us in the future.

I see that the 1st black italian minister in italy's history, if not roman too, is starting her sh1t as was expected, her title is minister of integration, yep, it can't be more obvious, the agenda.

But this arrogant african, aren't they all, is saying that italy will benefit from the richness of imigrants, the gall, what an insult to the people who brought is michael angelo, davinci, raphaelo, the renaisance, what an insult to the italians.

She must go and bring some richness to her home country, the congo, where rape militias rape everything in the path, like army ants in the amazon, these rape militias rape everything, animals, men, childre, women, nothing is overlooked.

Now this african enricher says that italy will benefit? Europeans are too naïve.

Do they want a race war for culling human numbers, it sure seems like it.

Why doesn't this cultural enricher, go to liberia and question why its law that whites can not become citizens, why not go to haiti, where they have the law enacted that whites may not own land?

She can go enrich those countries, the gall of this african weapon on mass destruction.

James Lord said...

Just to add to the general gloom, do you guys know that the suicide rate in miniscule among blacks? Depressing thought, I know.

SAVANT said...

Thanks folks for all the support. I suppose what's so utterly tragic about this is that he has a teenage family and he was the epicentre of it. They were always going off places together, his (teenage) kids adored him and, I dunno........

For those of you who asked, he's in a critical condition in the emergency ward.

katana said...

Sorry to hear that Savant. I hope your friend makes a full recovery and sorts out his problems.

Below is some advice that might be useful.


Helping a Suicidal Friend or Relative

Being quiet and listening are the keys to helping a suicidal friend or loved one.

If someone is feeling depressed or suicidal, our first response is to try to help. We offer advice, share our own experiences, try to find solutions.

We'd do better to be quiet and listen. People who feel suicidal don't want answers or solutions. They want a safe place to express their fears and anxieties, to be themselves.

Listening - really listening - is not easy. We must control the urge to say something - to make a comment, add to a story or offer advice. We need to listen not just to the facts that the person is telling us, but to the feelings that lie behind them. We need to understand things from their perspective, not ours.

Here are some points to remember if you are helping a person who feels suicidal:

What do people who feel suicidal want?

Someone to listen - Someone who will take time to really listen to them. Someone who won't judge, or give advice or opinions, but will give their undivided attention.

Someone to trust - Someone who will respect them and won't try to take charge. Someone who will treat everything in complete confidence.

Someone to care - Someone who will make themselves available, put the person at ease and speak calmly. Someone who will reassure, accept and believe. Someone who will say, "I care."

What do people who feel suicidal not want?

To be alone - Rejection can make the problem seem ten times worse. Having someone to turn to makes all the difference. Just listen.

To be advised - Lectures don't help. Nor does a suggestion to "cheer up," or an easy assurance that, "everything will be okay." Don't analyze, compare, categorize or criticize. Just listen.

To be interrogated - Don't change the subject, don't pity or patronize. Talking about feelings is difficult. People who feel suicidal don't want to be rushed or put on the defensive. Just listen.

SAVANT said...

katana, thanks for this. It's really useful andinsightful and I'm going to pass it on to friends and associates.

Anonymous said...

@James Lord,
they more than make up for their lack of suicides with a glut of homicides. Mostly inflicted upon their own kind, thankfully. Probably down to availibility of victims/drug squabbles and "dissing" each other.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

More on "King Of Ireland" , the jew Shatter :

Kike Minister of Justice, Immigration, Defence & Equality
Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan
Guess which one is Untouchable


PS Sorry about your friend .

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that news, Savant. Best wishes to your friend's family.


Anonymous said...


Just went to bathroom just now , to shave. Put on BBC Radio 4skin:

Within 2 minutes Ive heard the words
" Yiddish", "Jews" ,"Jew" ,"Jewish ", "Anti-Semitic " ," Klezmer ","Swastikas " , " German Nationalistic ", "Anti-Semitism ," Right-Wing "...

Turns out it's a programme about that Naughty ,Nasty German , Wagner :

'..But Die Meistersinger reveals dark seams beneath its surface: complex human relationships and an attitude to nationalism and race which raise fundamental questions about the validity of Wagner's very artistic mission.'

" Was Wagner gay ? " asks the interviewer .
" No , but he was a cross-dresser and was fascinated by homo-erotic ..blah ,blah .."

9 am Saturday Live

Sian Williams and Aasmah Mir chat with political philosopher
JEW Michael Sandel.

and , GOSH , some kid is cleverer than the Sainted Jew , Einstein :

"Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with autism when he was two. His mum Kristine was told that he might never be able to tie his own shoes and would never be able to read. But by the age of 10 Jacob started work on his own original physics theory, which could one day get him a Nobel Prize. Now aged 14, he’s studying for a Master’s degree in quantum physics and has an IQ higher than Einstein's."

12.30 .
News Quiz ,
LESBIAN Sandi Toksvig

1pm "Any Questions?"QUEER Mp Steven Twigg and man-hating , White-Hating moron rent-a-gob ,Yasmin Alibhai Brown

Any Answers?
A chance for Radio 4 listeners to give their views on whether the UK should leave the EU.
(Immigration concerns batted away by presenter
Anita Anand)
produced by Katy Takatsuki

6.15 "Loose Ends "
JEW comedian Ian Stone .

7pm 'Profile'

JEW Tim Franks profiles Pep Guardiola, about to step up to one of the biggest jobs in football

Saturday Review
JEW Pinter's The Hothouse

10.15 'Four Thought'
The Challenge for British Somalis

'Ismail Einashe reflects on the causes of violent gang culture among young Somali men. ( Err , it's BECAUSE theyre young Somali savages ,surely?)

Ismail Einashe, who came to Britain as a child refugee from Somalia, reflects on the link between "childhood war trauma suffered by young Somali men" and the way some are drawn to violent gang culture.'

You see? They are just VICTIMS , not responsible for their own actions ! (like killing that 85 year old blind lady , and laughing )

In Search of the British Dream

Indian Mukul Devichand asks if Britain is a place where foreigners with a dream can make it.

In Search of the British Dream travels from the cramped sitting rooms of poor illegal migrants to the plush London homes of the global elite, including a Saudi princess and the son of a Russian billionaire.

There are now 7.5 million foreign-born people in the UK. Almost three million of them have come in the last 10 years. One in eight people England and Wales were born abroad - the same ratio as in the land built on immigration, the United States.

But can anyone with a dream make it in Britain?

Mukul Devichand asks newcomers, some wealthy and others poor, about making money here.

He explores the fear that Britain's welfare state is drawing people in, asking difficult questions of those immigrants who rely on it. And he asks uncomfortable questions of the global wealthy, too, drawn by the tax laws of the UK.
Mukul Devichand was born in a Welsh town as the son of Indian migrants and has explored migration issues around the world for the BBC.'

11pm 'Counterpoint'
QUEER Paul Gambaccini chairs the the general knowledge music quiz.


Anonymous said...

congo bongo said...

"I see that the 1st black Italian minister in Italy's history, if not roman too, is starting her sh1t as was expected, her title is minister of integration, yep, it can't be more obvious, the agenda."

The 'visual' is always helpful in highlighting the incongruousness of this whole scenario.

This positive spin is courtesy of a JEWISH source (not Barbara Spectre). Would Israel welcome such "diversity" in their own knesset?? Ha!

PS, Savant ... You, and his family have my support.

Mary said...

Interestingly,it was just as high during the boom years;it would seem its not necessarily financial,although that does not help.


I've become convinced the reason for such high rates of suicide amongst White males, especially young White males, is down to the complete victory of "Liberalism" (jewism) here.
It's like the painting of a canvas, every inch that is conceded to feminism, to the lie of "equality", to the importation of dark savages into an already stressed populace so they can compete for the already dwindling pool of resources and opportunities......produces a grey to mud colored horizon, slowly killing the soul. The Church too , a place that ought to offer some solace and spiritual guidance to its people has itself become judaized, and add to this the jew-media, funnelling anti-White, anti-men propaganda through their media domination, and you have a kind of subtle torture chamber that results in some choosing the final "fuck it". They think this house of horror that is currently being touted as "reality" is just that.
But we know better.
It's an illusion; we are suffering an infection, one that we desperately need to shake off.

It's a heartbreak, and I express my condolences too Savant.
I know four men who have taken this road, and died, in the past 4 years. People actually known to me personally (although only one was an actual member of my family, a 27 year old cousin, another was a friend I knew through college), and people who also held important positions in their community.
You can be sure that were it Africans/Muslims or any of our "new Irish" *cough* killing themselves in such numbers, there would be a red-alert nationwide.

We have to fight harder to get our message out, to drill it into the hearts and minds of young Whites that there is hope, there is a reason to live.
I make it my number one priority to do that wherever and whenever I can. I have a good few young ones within my 'circle of influence' and even the youngest of them knows that he is "White". Teaching our people to value being that, that they are in fact a "something" called "White" is, I feel, essential. We are the "White Tribe"--and they are members of it, they belong, they are loved and valued by us, and they need to know it.

Sorry for the long rant, but this is a subject that hits very hard for many of us here in Ireland :(

Alex said...

Hello Mary,

I agree with you on the cause of high suicide rates among our people. It's a very important point. Many of our brothers are deeply disturbed by our predicament but can't understand why the situation is so bad. It's of utmost importance to make them aware of the enemies within because they will no more hurt themselves but turn their energy and anger against the real cause of their demise.

Wolfhound said...

That's awful news, my deepest condolences to all concerned.

Hope you're not worried about the blog, small potatoes in times like this.

Uncle Nasty said...


11 May 2013 16:12

Holy God, GTRman, even I never realised just how judacised it is there by Tel-Aviv-on-the-Thames.

Do you ever actually see a white on TV?


Uncle Nasty said...

Sorry. I should have said "White Male"

I realise that you have a more than adequate supply of faggots and feminist lesboes.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty : I was waiting for a bus in Eastbourne the other day , it was opposite Macdonalds . There was a bunch of teenagers , mainly White , doing their thing . The girls all seemed to swoon around the two or three blacks , laughing at their every word , impressed by their 'funky dance moves' ,
their 'swagger '.

There was a White lad , who was obviously the 'leader' , he had a shaved head , a sleeveless T-Shirt to show off his muscles - but he walked like a nig in a rap video, kept 'grabbing his junk ' , etc , in short , he was aping the apes .

Tragic .

And Eastbourne is still very White . An incredible amount of Chinese takeaways , though . I swear I saw 3 next to each other !

I compile these lists because I live a lone and it let's me blow off steam. Also , Ive noticed that jews just lie and deny any "media domination " .There was a jew at the Telegraph that said I was "lying and exaggerating" when I said I heard something about jews and holocau$t EVERY DAY on the TV ,Radio or in the Press . So I just showed it a list of stuff and he shut the F up . Frank Galton also seems to keep tabs on the non-stop holocau$t /Nazi /Anti-German stories in the despicable Daily Mohel.

Reporting the actual facts may come in handy someday , to someone .

For anyone unaware , this is where I have been compiling my observations for the last 6 months or so :


Anonymous said...


Unforgivable apostrophe gaffe ! OOPS


Anonymous said...

"Do you ever actually see a white on TV?"

Yes , but they are either:

* Faggots

* Lefty 'comedians'.

* Bimbo weathergirls /boys
( The REAL jobs of reporter , correspondent , pundit ,newsreader, etc are done by
Public-School-educated jews or muslims/indians , especially on the Beeb )

*Dysfunctional scumbag doleys / hoarders /fatties/alcoholics/sex addicts/'travellers'/Jeremy Kyle losers/bad drivers , etc

* Men in aprons , cooking .

* Sadists/rapists/muggers/murderers/
drug dealers ,shoplifters /wife-beaters /perverts/paedophiles/
racists, etc ,being brought to justice by a Tough and Clever black , possibly lesbian Detective .


Anonymous said...

Some good stuff compiled over at John Hardon's blog at the moment :


Anonymous said...

Wake the hell up , backlash LONG overdue !

State ordering girls’ locker rooms open to boys

The California State Assembly passed a bill Thursday mandating schools permit boys to play on girls’ athletic teams and utilize the ladies’ locker room if they gender identify as girls – or vice-versa for girls identifying as boys.
The bill’s author, openly homosexual San Francisco Democrat Tom Ammiano, has been an activist for lesbian, “gay,” bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, issues for decades and reportedly became in 1975 the first San Francisco public school teacher to make his homosexuality public.

Ammiano told the Los Angeles Times some parents may be uncomfortable with their children sharing bathrooms with students of a different sex, but he said, “It’s also important to protect our children from prejudice.”


Anonymous said...

The Whitening of Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro, the filthy immigrant pervert savage nonwhite bus driver kidnapper/rapist/torturer of White women, is having his face whitened by the Jew media.

Witness the image which is repeatedly shown us of this animal:

And now compare with images from his Facebook:

Keeping true to form, the filthy Jews are using an image which has been digitally whitened, for the obvious, nefarious purpose of making it seem that this is not simply the instinctive behavior of the under-evolved, but the acts of a flat-nosed Spaniard.

Oh, also, the drug-rattled black superhero is also a thrice convicted wife beater.

Anonymous said...

Yet again , the Nigger Rapist as Victim

" In three separate incidents, Monroe pulled a knife on each girl as they walked alone to school. The first two girls managed to get away. But the other was forced into a nearby apartment building, where she was raped and sexually humiliated.

Nevertheless, his attorney asked the judge for leniency because “Monroe had a ‘very difficult upbringing’ in war-torn Liberia before he and his mother came to the United States through a church mission when he was 11 years old."


Anonymous said...

Bacon sarnie , anyone ?

Pork found in Halal lamb burgers supplied to Leicester schools

Halal lamb burgers have been withdrawn from a city's schools after tests revealed a sample contained pork.

The decision follows DNA tests on a batch of frozen burgers manufactured by Doncaster-based Paragon Quality Foods Limited in January, Leicester Council said today.

Assistant city mayor Vi Dempster said: "I am appalled by this situation. It is disgraceful that none of us can have confidence in the food we eat.

"We regret any distress this will cause families and staff, and would like to reassure them that robust action is being taken to address this serious matter."


john said...

Condolences to your friend's family and to you Mr Savant. The ripples proceeding from these sorts of actions reach wide, and hurt many. All the best, and looking forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

All of this to protect the kike , the muz , the nigger :

BBC Rado 4skin , Sunday :

7.55 am Radio 4 Appeal
Encompass: The Daniel Braden Reconciliation Trust
Amit Lavi and Mandy Braden present an appeal for Encompass.

Since 2003, Encompass has actively engaged with over 1,200 young people from six countries including Israel, the Palestinian Territories, the UK, the USA, Pakistan and Indonesia. We have two main areas of focus to our work: The international Journey of Understanding and the UK programme.

The Journey of Understanding takes place in an outdoor centre in Wales. The nine day programme includes outward bound team building activities followed by challenging indoor workshops on topics such as identity, community, conflict and stereotype. Participants are then supported and mentored to initiate their own projects back in their communities. The UK programme is a condensed, two day version of the Journey of Understanding aimed at diverse and marginalised young people living in the UK.

Climbing their way to understanding

Participants from "diverse communities" in London take part in the Encompass UK programme

Common ground

Young participants in a Journey of Understanding workshop debate the issue of "stereotyping"


1.30 pm
Ella in Berlin

'For post-war Germany jazz, which had been BANNED UNDER HITLER, was the music of freedom. When (KIKE)Norman Granz first brought his Jazz at the Philharmonic tours to Europe in the 1950s, Germans flocked to the concerts and Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald were soon firm favourites.'

Hitler : The gift that keeps on giving .


Uncle Nasty said...

However ... and this is a BIG however:-

In which we read:

Now we must add to this open rebellion against Berlin-am-Brussels a quite extraordinary sign of citizen preparation for resistance. An already infamous internet operation is marketing self-assembly guns to get round new Sovereign rules about owning weapons. This isn’t that significant on its own: what is important is the level at which these guns are flying off the shelves…..and who’s buying them. According to what the firm said two days ago, Spain is the country where the most download requests were received for the “Liberator” pistol during the first two days its blueprints were available online. Between Monday and Wednesday, 100,000 download requests were received worldwide via the company’s web site and, operated by the controversial German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, known for his ability to prevent the authorities from tracing the activities of Internet users.

But this snippet is especially fascinating: by Thursday, the US surpassed Spain as the country from which the most pistol download requests had been received…and those two leader nations were closely followed by Brazil, Germany and Britain. Britain? Blimey. Germany? Gott im Himmel.

I'll be blunt. I read the slog's column simply because I feel he knows something about economics ... but I find his anti-German sneers and smears a little tiresome and he never, ever mentions the big rat-faced elephant in the room.

So ... I accept his statements of fact -- but not his conclusions.


Uncle Nasty said...

'For post-war Germany jazz, which had been BANNED UNDER HITLER, was the music of freedom. When (KIKE)Norman Granz first brought his Jazz at the Philharmonic tours to Europe in the 1950s, Germans flocked to the concerts and Oscar Peterson and Ella Fitzgerald were soon firm favourites.'

Hitler : The gift that keeps on giving .


Jazz ... that and rap. The atonal, bleating, improvisational racket that not only mimics music but is the first unifier of niggers and the equally talentless RFYKBs.

The audio equivalent of abstract, impressionist art and the 20th century voodoo that purports to be psychiatry.

Speaking of which, My favorite historical insult was Tchaikovsky's description of Brahms as "that giftless bastard ...".


Uncle Nasty said...

Some historical reading ...


Uncle Nasty said...

On a roll today...

Friday, May 10, 2013
Was Syria "Nuked"? Evidence Now Seems Overwhelmingly... YES!!!!!

In the last report I placed here in this blog yesterday, I linked some damning evidence presented by none other than Jim Stone that showed clearly that Israel's "aerial bombing" of targets in and around Damascus, Syria a few days ago were actually a nuclear attack... Most probably using several small tactical nuclear weapons.... Many people to my chagrin do not agree with this conjecture, and I do feel that it is time for a follow up report...

Therefore, I want to present the following most interesting report from the Press Tv website, at, that brings forward some damning evidence that the aerial attack on Damascus was indeed a nuclear weapons attack.... Here is that article, entitled: "Was Syria "Nuked"?" for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have some followup thoughts and comments to follow:

Was Syria 'nuked'?

File photo shows damages caused by an Israeli airstrike near Damascus on May 5, 2013.
Fri May 10, 2013 10:30AM GMT

By Gordon Duff

Striking evidence of the use of American EPW (Earth Penetrating Weapons) nuclear weapons in Syria has come to light. Experts say the proof is irrefutable.

Dramatic video footage from Syria has revealed startling evidence that counters Israel’s claims of “surgical strikes” on weapons headed to Lebanon.

What were said to be air strikes is now proven to have actually been artillery, something easily discernible to even an untrained observer.

What happens next is shocking. While artillery shells rain down on Syrian army positions, mobile Israeli artillery in direct support and even accompanying rebel forces inside Syria, a huge explosion occurs.

After analysis, it had become clear, Syria had come under attack by Israel using, not just nuclear weapons, but an American nuclear bunker buster bomb, one of several supplied to Israel to use against Iran, one of the last acts of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Submitted for analysis, the footage was compared with tests of the 37,000-pound MOB (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), designed by Boeing to be used against Iran’s underground facilities. There was no similarity whatsoever noted between the Syrian “event” and a conventional “bunker buster” including the GBU 57, the largest conventional weapon every to be used.

More Proof
Colonel James Hanke, former Defense Attaché and Liaison between the Pentagon and Netanyahu’s government , reviewed the footage.
He indicated that the GBU 57 is considered too high a risk for use because of its danger to the earth’s crust.

Time for action.


St Nilus said...

Kikes love to be niggers when it comes to music , they love to be kikes when it comes to writing or getting prizes from other kikes , but they INSIST on being White when they get caught doing something wrong .

Sneaky fuckers . I hate 'em


St Nilus said...

Adrian Mohel

From " The Secret Diary Of Adrian Frank , age 13 and a half "

" Tuesday , March 23rd , 1943 . Really horny . Had two wanks already today and it's only like 11 am . My socks are like splints , I imagine this is what it's like to have your leg in plaster.

The merest thing sets me off : The word "smock" , or even two eggs , tightly wrapped in a kerchief , kindly smuggled in by Herr Schindler .. Privacy is an issue , of course . I usually wait until the family are doing their stocks and shares , thats when I dump my stock : into a sock !

My foreskin is becoming inflamed and smells fishy ..OH GOD ! Why have I even got a foreskin? ! I dont belong here ! I must have been adopted !

Fuck these kikes , I'm off to see the Commandant ! "

Mary said...

Alex said...
Hello Mary,

I agree with you on the cause of high suicide rates among our people. It's a very important point. Many of our brothers are deeply disturbed by our predicament but can't understand why the situation is so bad. It's of utmost importance to make them aware of the enemies within because they will no more hurt themselves but turn their energy and anger against the real cause of their demise.

Sounds like we're on the same sort of page Alex, good to hear.


Anonymous said...

Good work Mary.

I know two families who had a son commit suicide.One hung himself a week after getting seven A's in his Leaving Cert.

The other,an apprentice electrician and an impossibly good-looking kid,ran his car into a tree at 80 mph,not wearing a seat belt.

No alchohol or any other substance was found in his body,so,although he officially became a traffic statistic,everybody knows it was suicide.

There are many,many more.

Why?.Girl trouble?.Possibly.Just weak individuals?.Again possibly.

Nothing to live for but unable to define it in their own minds?.More likely.But good work anyway.

GTR Man.I never knew even a fraction of those people on radio and tv were jews.I have long since given up listening to Radio 4 because of the liberal bullshit.Now I know why.

Keep naming the names.


Henry IX said...

GTRMan. Like some of the other readers here I'm just BLOWN AWAY at the number of jews on the media. What % of the population are they for fuck sake??

As someone else said, our destroyers are hiding in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

"Jazz ... that and rap. The atonal, bleating, improvisational racket that not only mimics music but is the first unifier of niggers and the equally talentless RFYKBs."

I disagree about jazz which I found attracts the rare talented 'groid. And the most talented 'groid of all will become a classical violinist as this one did.

Uncle Louie started me off and here is why, especially as of 8.23 - and this was recorded 18 years ago!


Henry IX said...

The Whitening of Ariel Castro.

Just fucking unbelievable. Same as the guy who offed Trayvon. Got whiter with every photo.

Andreas said...

UN I have always found that those who always attack or sneer the German People are the ones who never name YKW. I have systematically seen this over many Years.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 02:02



"Evidence Now Seems Overwhelmingly"

It *seems* overwhelmingly? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

"Experts say the proof is irrefutable."


Keiser said...

Oh NU you do make me laugh. Keep signing as Anon. We can't tell then difference, honest.

Anonymous said...

@Keiser 14:43

Experts have concluded that you can see the difference and that the proof is irrefutable.

Slowly oxidising Zyklon B said...

Rogue NU-anon would you prefer us to trust our news from proven liars and deceivers as the jews have proven themselves to be in the MSM?

Anonymous said...

@Slowly oxidising Zyklon B 15:33

Well my nigger. That one set of people lies does not mean that another set tells the truth. So why reject one and not another, especially when you consider that the "truth seeking" sites have an even worse record when it comes to reporting facts than the "Jew controlled media" you so despise.

Mary said...

This is an interesting post by a Spaniard:

....Born armed, like Athena, the German community, the first Aryan community to wake up, or being reborn. And it does it to fight those who have sought her harm; against an entire counter-cultural environment which negates her being. Spiritually alienated she has to fight against the Jewish-messianic delusion, the “Christian millennium.” And it was not the only Jewish monster that had to face this newborn Aryan nation: communism also thrived, ravaging the population, and others. The Jewish hydra had multiplied, had branched, had too many faces, too many heads.

It seems that we have had but one enemy along the history, the Semitic peoples and their speeches (Jews, Judeo-Messianics, and Muslims). They dominate us spiritually . It’s the multiple alienation we suffer at the hands of Semites or Semitic ideologies (religious, political, economic, anthropological, sociological, psychological…).

Our enemy possess us one way or the other. The frightening Jewish hydra. Typhon. Evil. Our evil.

Was it an awakening, a premature birth? Too young was this community to face this millenary Monster. As a young Hero he failed in his first attempt to defeat it. Too old and cunning such monstrosity. He gobbled up the boy, and the young Aryan community, in a few years.

It was the first attempt, nothing more: the first real combat. Until then we had been suffering its impositions and strategies without even realizing that we were being attacked. They had thousands of years depriving us of our things, denying our ancestral being, vituperating our ancestors, defiling our sacred places, dividing us, sowing discord among us. It should be noted the Judeo-Messianic dualism (Manichaeism) of their holy book in (OT and NT), but also in Marxism, or psychoanalysis. The spread of these ideologies is part of their domination strategy.

We are a young people, a young race. We lack experience. This interregnum must serve to strengthen us spiritually and culturally.

You say, in a comment on the Johnson article, that the “revisionism” of Hitler and the Nazi period is essential. I absolutely agree. The Nazi period as a whole (from birth until its fall) has to be reclaimed for several reasons. It is essential in our history, in the history of the Aryan peoples. This is our new birth, our first encounter with the ancient Enemy, and our first loss. Nothing more or less. This episode has to have absolute preeminence among us. It must occupy the highest place in our memory, in our thoughts, in our hearts.

We have to rescue the memory of this period and raise it to the top with pride. We must be proud of that period. We were beaten, but not defeated. We are still alive and active. If we do not defeat it in the next battle, we will win the next one. We will overcome them at last. I know that.

The birth of our people is conceived in the years before Hitler came to power. The Aryan consciousness of a whole people then saw the light, and received his “baptism” publicly. An entire people recognized itself. 1933 is the year of their birth, the first Aryan community recognized as such. Their loss occurs 1945. We are, therefore, on the 80th anniversary of their birth, the birth of the first Aryan nation, of the Aryan nation itself.

That period is a milestone unmatched in our short history. The first appearance of our people in History. Now we are a people: the Aryan nation.

Hitler symbolizes our first period, our first battle, and our first loss. His struggle was our struggle. His loss was our loss. But this defeat has not conquered us during our first open confrontation against evil, against our evil. We were defeated, so what? It was huge the thing against which they fought. Too many hydra tentacles. It could not be. Next time we overcome, or the next one. The war has just begun.

"Attacking the Jewish Hydra"

Mary said...

And here is a film worth watching in full.

Alex Linder, Mike Delaney and Scott Roberts make brief appearances. They were first approached by this group of jews calling themselves "Canadian", but it was just a ruse to "trick" them into appearing in this Israeli backed doc called "The New Antisemitism" (oh noooooooes, free speech for Whites is sooooo scary for da poor jews, "something" must be done about the freeflow of data on the evil Internet!!;) )

"The New Anti-Semitism"

Anonymous said...

Love your posts!

Excellent observation on what's really happening in England and so bloody funny with your slant on it!

Keep it up I never tire of it. Not forgetting you Savant, hope your friend gets better.

Captain Logic said...

Men in aprons , cooking .

Ha ha, mega lol!

Actually, I like Masterchef (even though I personally find it challenging just to make toast) but, GTRman, I see your point and pretty much agree with it. (Subtle stuff by the PTB, I reckon, consciously or unconsciously - who knows?).

Sorry to hear about the bad news regarding your friend, Savant.

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Mary said...

And here is a film worth watching in full. "The New Anti-Semitism"

Excellent, how can they be so dumb to make a film exposing their wickedness?

Gem Junior said...

Sorry Savant. Hope he lives. And then gets better. He must've been really down. He might need an anti-depressant (a mild one without the side effects) like fluoxine, or another SSRI. I know people go on about how they make people brain dead etc., but in many cases people don't have enough or unbalanced neurochemicals in their brains; they cope well enough most of the time but are more easily floored by bad times. I hope he gets the right help or treatment. I don't believe in "cognitive therapy" because talking about themselves for years does not cure depression (contrary to popular belief). It just makes patients more sick of themselves and more inclined to feel weak and disgusted, ashamed they can't just "pull themselves together". Meanwhile, it's a simple matter of improper chemical wiring. Poor feller.