Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hey, look over there!

I see that Ann Coulter has delicately dipped an expensively painted toenail into the shark-infested sea of race-based immigration. She's raised some really valid questions about the notorious 1965 Immigration Act.  Good enough as far as it goes. But as some of you may have noticed she invariably refers to this Act as Ted Kennedy's.

Now surely she knows that Teddy, focused as he was on booze and chicks, was merely a front for this Act's real authors,  Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits. Nor does she ever refer to the role of the ADL which had been pushing the legislation since 1920.  No, Ann knows on which side her bread is buttered.  She doesn't want to be Helen Thomased, and be disappeared into exterior darkness, her face (and legs) never again seen in respectable company. It's a hard thing to fall on your sword and knowingly destroy your career. But if you don't you can't really don the mantle of 'fearless conservative journalist'.

It remains to be seen to what extent if any she'll further push this boat out. Personally I'm not optimistic. Today's 'journalists' just don't do the courage thing.

In conclusion, here's what Teddy read out at the time of the Act's introduction:

First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the present level of immigration remains substantially the same…. Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset…. Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia…. In the final analysis, the ethnic pattern of immigration under the proposed measure is not expected to change as sharply as the critics seem to think…. The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs.
How Celler and Javits must have chuckled as he read this out...


Anonymous said...

The Kenyan too stupid to operate an umbrella

You are holding this piece of YT technology wrong.

Anonymous said...

ZOG let the monkeys in to destroy White America. It is SO FUCKEN OBVIOUS!

Evel satanic bastards.

James said...

According to anonymous uncle, the white race's main problem is white nationalists.

Since jews hate the white race, and white nationalists are the white race's most ardent fans, Occam's razor would point to the theory that the jews are the problem as the most likely solution to the question.

Anonymous uncle doesn't agree with that though and seems to think that if white nationalists disappeared, the white race would recover in no time. i.e. that the sole and single problem the white race is confronted with is white nationalism. This is a rather extraordinary view, but supposing it is correct, then we would expect jews to be supporting white nationalist activity behind the scenes.

Well, well, well - they actually do!

The core premise of white nationalism is sound - the desire to save the white race. Unfortunately, much of white nationalism has been subverted.

Unfortunately for anonymous uncle, true white nationalists didn't subvert white nationalism, Zionists did.

Anonymous said...

It's a hard thing to fall on your sword. It certainly is because it's an act of honour. The one thing we know these people lack.


John W said...

I understand your anger my White brother but you need to tone down your "hate speech" because it makes you a target of the enemy. Now is not the time. Covert, quiet, with a smile on your face you can do more damage... patience. You will only become a target of ZOG. We need all of us, do not sabotage yourself. The time will come.

Keiser said...

Big two page spread in the Sunday Independent lambasting Alan Shatter " The gross hypocrisy of our Minister for Justice" was one of the headlines. Compelling reading. Apparently he also purchased a fake Rolex while on holiday in Spain, found out when it was recovered after being stolen from his house. Justice Minister indeed.

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd take a look at the MSM reporting of the EDL in Newcastle yesterday. First up the Sun. A very nice video of of a guy in a Newcastle shirt attacking a police horse. In fairness it does say that this happened after the Newcastle v Sunderland derby. In all fairness what has this got to do with the EDL?
I'll stop looking at the MSM for news in the future. I promise.


Keiser said...

Wait we've moved on! Oh sorry Celler Javits and that snow job of a bill, got it :-)

Keiser said...

Sorry page 3 Sunday Independent "Transport Minister to clarify rules as TDs call for "arrogant plonker" Shatter to be sacked"
Pg 24 and 25 also of interest

Keiser said...

Just had to share that, it's time for Alan to leave.

James said...

Reading or posting on this blog makes you a target of ZOG already.

"Hate Speech" just means they can sic their gullible goyim helpers onto you, that's all.

So yeah, tone down the hate so the rest of the white race won't hate you so much, but the jews will hate you just the same.

James said...

Anonymous uncle better write to Henry Makow and tell him that Benjamin Disraeli's Jewishness had nothing to do with it.

Mary said...

There is an important conversation taking place on OD today that I think many here will find of interest:
Re: The jewish question: which type are you?

James said...


"The influence of the Jews," he writes, "may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the Secret Societies which form Provisional Governments and men of Jewish Race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co‑operate with atheists; the most skilful accumul­ators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen Race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure."

IMO, the Jewish mind often displays a sense of irony that White Nationalists seem incapable of understanding.

James said...

e.g. Jews were blamed for destroying the Roman empire. They are blamed for wiping out the White race, for inflicting Christianity on us. Now the jews are anti-Christ!

Ironically, Christianity halted and reversed the population crash which coincided with the decline of the Roman empire. "Children were a major hassle, and nobody wanted them.". The Christians outlawed exposing unwanted Children, and campaigned against contraception.

Today, the Jews work feverishly to destroy or pervert Christianity. Are they truly destroying it, or are they simply trying to change it back to the "Judaism for the Goyim" that it once was? Or is something else happening?

Lots of people hate religion, but without it, we are entering a crisis of existence. What form will the new religion take?

James said...

For anonymous uncle:

Similarly, T. P. O'Connor in "The Life of Lord Beaconsfield," writes: "That whole character is complete in its selfishness, the whole career is uniform in its dishonesty. Throughout his whole life, I do not find even on a single occasion, a generous emotion, one self‑sacrificing act, a moment of sincere conviction except that of the almighty perfection of himself. I find him uniform in all his dealings with his fellow man, and behind every word he utters I can only seethe ever‑vigilant custodian of his own interest. There is, throughout the same selfishness, calm, patient, unhasting, unresting. Such a man the myriads of this mighty Empire accept as chief ruler; for such a man, millions of pure hearts beat with genuine emotion; to such a man is given to sway, by his single will, your fortunes and mine, and even those of countless generations to come. Which shall a near posterity most wonder at, the audacity of the imposter, or the blindness of the dupe? The immensity of the worship or the pettiness of the idol?"

For the White Nationalist:

Similarly, T. P. O'Connor in "The Life of Lord Beaconsfield," writes: "That whole character is complete in its selfishness, the whole career is uniform in its dishonesty. Throughout his whole life, I do not find even on a single occasion, a generous emotion, one self‑sacrificing act, a moment of sincere conviction except that of the almighty perfection of himself. I find him uniform in all his dealings with his fellow man, and behind every word he utters I can only seethe ever‑vigilant custodian of his own interest. There is, throughout the same selfishness, calm, patient, unhasting, unresting. Such a man the myriads of this mighty Empire accept as chief ruler; for such a man, millions of pure hearts beat with genuine emotion; to such a man is given to sway, by his single will, your fortunes and mine, and even those of countless generations to come. Which shall a near posterity most wonder at, the audacity of the imposter, or the blindness of the dupe? The immensity of the worship or the pettiness of the idol?"

Anonymous said...

Savant, you really need to do a Radio Hour each month.

James said...

Henry Makow thinks it is "unsettling" that Kevin MacDonald does not seem aware that the Koch Brothers are Jewish.

I know many White Nationalists regard Prof MacDonald as some paragon of truth, but I've noticed his naiveté concerning certain Jewish topics myself.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:28 said: Please name that one great contributing factor or element that Black culture has given us poor culturally impoverished whites.

AnalogMan said...
Rap. And exposed underpants. Do I get a prize?

And you people have a problem with Teddie's Act?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that King Kike Alan Shatter is the person who has shudown the Irish Embassy to the Vatican ? Why ?

Anonymous said...

Are the Koch brothers jewish?

Anyone got any definitive proof?


James said...

Wikipedia says they are Dutch and raised Catholic.

jspace says they are jewish.

"J-Connection: The Koch Brothers have Jewish roots."

Apparently they were raised Catholic. Does it even matter? What difference would it make anyway? Would their TV station have less liberal propaganda if they were gentile Dutch instead of crypto-jews?

Definite proof is hard to get.

Apparently too many people dislike George Soros even though the Kochs have more money.

Yet other's hate them more, even though Soros apparently "helped round up jews to send to death camps" according to one poster. (same link)

Their father "indoctrinated" then into Mussolini's fascist viewpoints. (They must love fascist America now then, not sure about the race angle with them though)

In any case its probably fair to say that they aren't some white knights battling jewish media control.

Anonymous said...

OK , good answer. Thanks James.


PS I dont watch the news. Have the Sweden Muzzie Riots have ANY coverage ?

(In UK )

James said...

Half the Nazis on this blog probably have "Jewish roots" anyway.

As Revilo Oliver lamented, the Aryans aren't that pure anymore, and are so Jewdaised mentally, and genetically (though probably to a far lesser extent), that true resistance to the jewish revolutionary spirit is sorely lacking. He said this in commentary to quotations from a rabbi that said the same thing. I could did it out if you really wanted it.

Hang around lots of Scottish people and the old jewdar goes off all day:

Krauts are the same. Lots of them look like they could be Jewish. They are everywhere so it's best not to lose sleep over it. Plenty of non-jews are total race mixers and plenty of jews love the white race. It just aint that simple, but you can often spot the evil jews, their faces give them away - if not their behaviour.

James said...

Muzzie riots in Sweden?

What are they celebrating this time? Relaxed rape laws? Dole increases? Easier immigration? The end of free 4 bedroom houses?

James said...

From our favourite Borat character:

Fact Sheet: Jews Control America

So what to make of this. Do Jews control America, or do they just want us to think they control America?

James said...

Hoffman reckons he has 100 books "about the global crime network known as the Jews at my blog - jeWise"

The best (by far) he says is this one:


James said...

David Duke has a new book coming out in July.



Here is Chapter One

James said...

Another link for the whole book.

WORLD HOAX - The whole book

The best book on Jews according to Hoffman.

(Hoffman 'was' a Jew once, so I guess I'll get flamed or whatever. Like I care... :-)

James said...

Also from Hoffman

Stockholm.Faced by another night of terror at the hands of predominantly immigrant rioters, Swedes grown tired of the police’s inability to put an end to the unrest took to the streets Friday night to defend their neighborhoods.

The vigilantes were described as a motley crew of homeowners and concerned citizens, as well as neo-Nazi activists and football hooligans.

In the Stockholm suburb of Tumba the police decided to abandon their earlier non-intervention policy as a large group of police officers rounded up and dispersed a group of vigilantes trying to fend off rioters.

The decision to round up vigilantes while, according to Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving, ”doing as little as possible” to stop rioters, met with a wave of protests in various social media and on the Internet. Representatives of some vigilante groups contacted Fria Tider to give their view of last night’s events.

– The number of police officers on the streets is simply staggering. The police appear to have focused all their resources on stopping the Swedes, Fredrik Becklin, spokesman for the nationalist youth organization Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth), said Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Teddy the drunk murderer knew that everything he was saying was a lie including a and the.

James said...

Its all Jews, Jews, Jews!

What about Women, Women, Women!

Sweden is like a feminist version of Saudi Arabia, according to Julian Assange.

And then there is this:

The madness reaches new heights every time you look!

James said...

The world is turning to shit, especially in Sweden.

The Government is the parent now, and its too good as a parent. It makes life boring because children are taken care of too much. They never experience much boredom as children so they are like TV zombies and never develop any imagination.

The real freedom is the capacity to meet your destiny, but in Sweden the govt takes care of that. This is dangerous, because it removes people's vision and hope.

Maybe one day saving the white race will become a massive national preoccupation because everyone will be so bored.

Freedom is a struggle. Soon people will demand freedom, and look for a struggle through which they can get it. What better struggle than saving the race?!

katana said...

James said... 27 May 2013 03:04
Another link for the whole book.

WORLD HOAX - The whole book

The best book on Jews according to Hoffman.

(Hoffman 'was' a Jew once, so I guess I'll get flamed or whatever. Like I care... :-)


Thanks for that James. But your above link gives the book as a blog post where the formatting is not that good.

Here's a link to the pdf version:

It's an easy and interesting read.

James said...

Since we are playing improve-the-link, here is a proper clickable link...

James said...

From the Preface:

I CONSIDER this book to be one of the most damning
indictments of a people ever penned.


...showed irrefutably that
Communism was not merely a crackpot program of undermining
the Christian governments of the world with unworkable
socialistic theories carried into practice. The young man had
scoured up the data in enthralling biographical form, attesting
that Communism is world Jewry in action!

But Nastiest Uncle won't like this - not enough links to "books and shit".

James said...

Marx and Engels wrote 50 volumes.

50 big thick volumes about what was wrong with the world and how to make a revolution to destroy all that was wrong.

Nothing about fixing what was wrong - just 50 volumes about what was wrong and how to destroy it.

They wrote bugger-all about what would happen after revolution.

They didn't really need to, since it was all written down before.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that there is Jewish blood on the paternal line of the Koch family. I do not have definitive proof but will keep looking as I am sure will others.

James, Eustace Mullins believed there was a good possibility that David Duke was an infiltrator. Where does he get his funding, he went to prison but no one knows where, etc., etc. He also said the guy that runs the American Free Press is another possible infiltrator.

Eustace Mullins also had a great book published, which I stumbled upon accidentally (he even points out that it is largely Jews in the rare book field which he believed were removing rare publishings about Jewish behavior and nation wrecking):

A must read--

James said...

James, Eustace Mullins believed there was a good possibility that David Duke was an infiltrator. Where does he get his funding, he went to prison but no one knows where, etc., etc. He also said the guy that runs the American Free Press is another possible infiltrator.

I've read the Biological Jew. The other one is Curse Of Canaan, which was very hard to find even on torrents, but its on John Kaminski's site now.

David Duke may be fake, but can anyone pinpoint an actual lie? Or is it more subtle than that? I thought it was known where he went to prison. It wasn't a hard core prison anyway, since he only went there for a year for gambling away donations or something.

Bjerknes was suspicious of Duke as well, but had nothing concrete. Its weird, the best way to check out DD would be to go and visit him and ask him some questions. This never happens with any of there Internet personalities though, does it?

James said...

David Duke on

FYI, might be lies/BS/mistaken identity.

James said...

David Duke does have the plastic surgery facelift look these days. That could be latex. Who knows?

kudzo bob said...

It's also noticeable that it's very common in the MSM and liberal blogs like Daily Kos that they go out of their way to refer to the Act as Ted Kennedy's Act. These bastards never let an opportunity pass, do they?

Anonymous said...

If you are doubting Duke's
authenticity, we should be doubting your authenticity James.D Duke IS what he seems to be, a genuine
pro-European and anti-zionist.

Corkonian said...

Keiser, yes, great to see that Shatter is shipping huge criticism, notably from his party 'colleagues'. This guy seems to go out of his way to be unpopular. Amazing really. No doubt if he's ousted it will be put down to the old canard of antisemitism.

Re the othen comment, in fairness the Vatican Embassy call was not his. Have no doubt thouigh that he was 100% supportive.

Sean said...

"Today's 'journalists' just don't do the courage thing."

Never a truer word!

Here's the Jewish-dominated National Union of Journalists communist-style dictat to it's members on reporting 'race' in Britain:

Failure to comply will see you expelled from the union and consequently (as journalism in the UK is a closed shop)you will lose your job.

Sean said...

Henry Makow isn't fit to lick Kevin MacDonald's feet.

Sean said...

Stockholm riots: "The decision to round up vigilantes (local white people) while...... ”doing as little as possible” to stop rioters"

Same thing happened in London during the black race riots in 2011.

Police stood back and let the blacks rampage across London but came down like a ton of bricks when whites in Eltham and Enfield went on the streets to defend their areas. The whites were then dismissed as Nazis and racists in the media.

Meanwhile Indians in Southall and Turks in Stoke Newington who armed themselves to the teeth and took to the streets to defend their 'turf' against blacks were left alone by the police and hailed as heroes by the media.

For the authorities and media in Britain it's clear that whites are the enemy to be arrested, persecuted and subjected to 'hate laws' at every opportunity.

Matrix-buster said...

Sean 9.49. All too true. Are they not shooting themselves in the foot though? Will these actions inflame whites or intimidate them? I guess they believe the former.

David said...

Hope you enjoyed Africa day Savant, here in Dublin we had a great day even our Tanaiste attended:

Leading the festivities was Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore

He also met 'royalty' in the form of beauty queen Miss Africa Ireland – college student Osi Ugonoh (18), from Dundalk, Co Louth.

Mr Gilmore visited the stands of Irish aid organisations GOAL, Concern, Plan Ireland and Camara. And members of aid group Tearfund coaxed Mr Gilmore and junior minister Joe Costello to sit in their prop rowboat and to use a rod to catch some plastic fish.

In his address to the crowds, Mr Gilmore said Ireland had been associated with Africa for two centuries – initially through Irish missionaries who built schools and hospitals, and latterly through Irish Aid. However, this relationship was changing again.

Damn right that relationship is changing: nothing about the half a billion euro sent home to Nigeria ever year or the overseas aid that a bankrupt country like ourselves has to borrow and ship it off to some despots bank account who then buys state of the art fighter jets.

Maybe next year we might have the Body Shop (albino version) and homely circumcision rituals workshops and displays of how to wear your underpants the afro way.

Yes that bright multicultural future is actually your cities burning. God damn them all to hell.

The Truth Will Out said...

"Stockholm riots: "The decision to round up vigilantes (local white people) while...... ”doing as little as possible” to stop rioters"

Same thing happened in London during the black race riots in 2011."

Precisely the same thing happened, managed by the jewish media in the very same way.
As I said in my post which you then called 'conspiracy nonsense'...

Sweden has been given the light upon nations' gift to all European societies of forced multiculturalism.

Here's the result of jewish imported Islam (warning this could be Ireland in 10 years time).

This is Sweden 2013!?

After watching days of news reports with the chief of police saying they will do nothing 300-400 Swedish nationalists
turned out to show resistance, so the police attacked and arrested a load of the nationalists.

Perhaps Barbara Spectre should make an appearance on Swedish national TV to explain how this multicultural mode can work out.

"The people of England will curse themselves for having preferred ruin from Churchill to peace from Hitler.” -- William Joyce

The Truth Will Out said...


These hasbara seem to be singing from the same songsheet on every forum.
It takes very little for "the purples" to derail a discussion, when Germany's NSDAP ordered the enemy to wear gold stars, only then did the German public fully realise just how infiltrated they had been.

I did enjoy this comment for its complete yet concise summary.

Denise says:
“Jews were not a problem” in the South, because White Southerners were not in conflict with THIER interests, at the time.

England have willingly served the Jews for centuries.

Edward I tossed them out. England did just fine WITHOUT them.
Cromwell let them back in.

How’s that going?

England fought the KNNNAAAAAZZZEEES, although Hitler tried to warn the White world.

Are the Jews grateful?

How do Jews show their gratitude to the Golem that serve them?
Ask Lee Rigby’s family. Ask his little boy.

Forget secession. It will be stillborn.

To place any trust in the jew to help free your nation from their own best laid plans for our destruction, is utterly futile.

I posted this earlier, but may have got lost in the background noise.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mike King of the very informative website
which focuses on the hidden or little known truths about economics and history. Mike and I will be discussing the real history of WWII, his thoughts on Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, issues relating to White Nationalism and European history, and related matters.

Right click and choose "save link as"

Sean said...

"As I said in my post which you then called 'conspiracy nonsense'..."

Don't misrepresent me Pinnochio. I said your madcap conspiracy theory regarding last week's Woolwich murder was nonsense, which it is.

What we are talking about now (2011 race riots in London) is something entirely different.

Clearly it's not just Nastiest Jewboy Uncle who lies and misrepresents other posters on this forum.

Sean said...

TTWO: "These hasbara seem to be singing from the same songsheet on every forum"

We know who the hasbara is on this forum: NU and his very obvious 'anonymous' sockpuppet.

To label anyone who disagrees with your conspiracy theories as a hasbara (which you have been doing) is a tactic which only spreads disunity and suspicion, and ultimately a feeling of futility.

Perhaps that's what you're trying to achieve here? It sounds to me like the sort of thing a real hasbara would do. Perhaps NU isn't the only hasbara on here and you are just a (slightly) more subtle version?

Oh dear, now I'm doing what you do and accusing another poster of being a hasbara.

See, we can all play that game but it doesn't get us very far.

Quite Easily Bored said...


How about posting something interesting instead of attacking those that do.

Sean said...


When people misrepresent and attack me then I put them straight. If you choose to misinterpret that as 'attacking' them then that shows you to be either dishonest or just plain thick..

BTW I think I asked you before, who's little sockpuppet are you?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really give a shit about James' very frequent rants here?

James, are you off your meds again?

johan said...

Personally I cannot see what you all have against James.

Maybe I miss something.

Tony VA said...

Pat Buchanan is on as well about 'Ted Kennedy's Act'.

"It was in 1965, halcyon hour of the Great Society, that Ted Kennedy led Congress into abolishing a policy that had restricted immigration for 40 years"


spot the trot said...

Spot anyone you know amongst these thousands of photos of reds on the brilliant redwatch site?:

Plenty of Irish reds amongst that lot!

parisclaims said...

Nice rant from Paul Weston

Anonymous said...

From The Daily Mail, I read that:

- Tory donors have threatened to switch their allegiance to UKIP unless David Cameron adopts a tougher stance on Europe.
In yet another blow to his leadership, former Tory treasurer Lord Kalms said he was ‘willing to pack my bags’ and sign up with UKIP unless the Prime Minister adopted more traditional Tory policies. -

But who is Lord Kalms?

- The last time a Chief Rabbi was appointed, Stanley Kalms was the kingmaker. Now, more than 20 years later, Lord Kalms of Edgware says he would not want the job again. -

And here’s how it works. Any new ‘opposition’ is quickly identified and brought under control. Whether it’s the UK in the Euro or not is of no importance as long as the ‘opposition’ has a favourable position towards Israel – and if it doesn’t, it can be financed to have one. This is where Lord Kalms will step in.


Anonymous said...

Mosques fire bombed, war memorials defaced. It looks like it is going to be one long hot summer in old blighty. And I am not talking about the weather.

Savant you said worse is better...Yes worse is most definitely better.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mosques fire bombed, war memorials defaced.....
Hey rabbi whatcha doin?

chutzpah abounds said...

Doctor Who is wayciss innit!

Anonymous said...

Good turnout for today's EDL march to Downing St. The shabba goys of The Daily Mail twist it as usual:

Keiser said...

"European origin Jews (ie. nealy all of them) consider themselves to be white Europeans and are indistinguishable from non-Jewish white Europeans. "

indistinguishable from us or just plain old undistinguished?

Moi Assssstthma!!!

The current state of Irish Politics

He has met his match in Mick Wallace and Clare Daly. Two culchies both with an even bigger and undeserved sense of self entitlement than our resident diminutive Nation wrecker.

Without a doubt he will claim that so I hope someone throws a menorah at him on his way out just to really get the point across.

No Confidence!

Anonymous said...

Hey look over there ---->

What do you see?

Kasshhykians celebrating Lifeday and Eamon Givememore!was there to meet and greet the asylum seekers (And potential voters for the senate!) from the evil Galactic Empire and to wallow politically in their enrichness and you fail to cover it!

Who do you think you are?

The hideously enept Marion Finucane?

James said...

If you are doubting Duke's
authenticity, we should be doubting your authenticity James.D Duke IS what he seems to be, a genuine
pro-European and anti-zionist.

Then Eustace Mullins is in doubt then? Eustace Mullins is a liar?

The question now is, which part of what Eustace Mullins said is not to be trusted?

Having never met either of them, how do I know? As usual there is no proof either way.

James said...

Henry Makow isn't fit to lick Kevin MacDonald's feet.

He knows more about jews than KM does though.

James said...

Does anyone really give a shit about James' very frequent rants here?

James, are you off your meds again?

I'm sorry, have I missed something?

Has someone here came up with the sure-fire formula for saving the white race?

Bunch of retards if you think you're doing any better than I am so far...

James said...

Since Eustace Mullins was publically suspicious of David Duke (or so we are told), but David Duke is the real deal (or so we are told), then Eustace Mullins must be an imposter (if we believe what we are told).

So does that mean (if we go by what we were told) that The Biological Jew is a load of BS, or not?

David Duke reckons they poisoned him when he was in Israel, and nearly succeeded in killing him. Eustace Mullins said they tried to kill him too. Eustace Mullins had multiple murder attempts on him right up to old age, or so he says. Mossad seems to nearly kill a lot of people. That's pretty bad for such a feared organisation- or are they practicing dissimulation?

How can we really tell?

James said...

Personally I cannot see what you all have against James.

Maybe I miss something.

Everyone thinks I'm a jew.
That's what you're missing.

James said...

This is interesting

Apparently, the Woolwich "murder" was a con job, in order to incite a race war in the UK.

It's working too.

Jessica tweeted: "Why don't all the English get together and kill the Muslims? What's wrong with the country!!"

Someone else:
"Blow up every mosque!"


The guy who wrote the page is saying all these people are brain washed and just parroting what everyone else says because the media wants them to say it.

As a reader of Savant's blog, all I can say is:


The women are out of control:

But the sickest of all is Julie… “Time to start beheading Muslim children. Lets drag them out of school”… I am fucking gobsmacked! Is this vile cunt a mother? Where are the fucking police?

So the take-home message of all this? Obviously people have very different (even diametrically opposed) viewpoints of the media. This guy is a liberal anti-racist who thinks the alleged mussie head-chopper is a "born and bred Englishman". Fair enough, but that's not how we see the media, is it? The media is anti-white. But that doesn't stop it being anti-muslim either does it.

We should appeal to muslims to leave before the race war does start. But they won't because they don't mind dying in a race war. Anything that weakens whitey is worth dying for.

So, this guy's page is against the govt criminals, and the muslim extremists. We can all agree on that. But he thinks normal muslims are no threat to England. That is where we must differ. Normal muslims are a much bigger threat to the English than terrorists or nutbars. Their numbers are a crushing burden, and the English will not survive genetically once everyone starts loving each other.

It's going to end badly for all of us, one way or another. :-(

Jon said...

"James said...
Everyone thinks I'm a jew"

No, everyone thinks you're childish, petty, point-scoring, attention-seeking, disruptive, and irritating.


James said...

Then he says:

An 85-year-old woman has this afternoon been arrested and handcuffed by police allegedly for insulting Muslims outside a mosque.

The pensioner was said to have shouted ‘go back to your own country’ as Muslims gathered for Friday prayers at Gillingham Mosque in the Kent town.

She was standing at a bus stop in the street outside the mosque when the incident took place.

According to eyewitnesses, the elderly woman was spoken to by police officers, before being handcuffed and then put in a police van and driven away at wound 1.45pm.

So, going on silly old fuck-wits lady type logic, had it been a deluded protestant who murdered a soldier, then presumably churches would have come under attack and white people would be indiscriminately attacked in the street, yes?

I didn’t fucking think so, racist old bitch

Wow! Logically he makes sense, but maybe little old lady has always hated Muslims and just used the beheading as an excuse. So she's been led to it by the media? So what? Mr anti-racist is also led astray by the media.

Lots of photoshopping going on. I guess the newspapers are trying to make sure you get the full picture.

Apart from that, its a good article about why the beheading story is total BS.

James said...

No, everyone thinks you're childish, petty, point-scoring, attention-seeking, disruptive, and irritating.


No I don't get it. Please explain.

James said...

The ULTIMATE JEW will decide who will live and who will die?

James said...

ZOG let the monkeys in to destroy White America. It is SO FUCKEN OBVIOUS!

Evel satanic bastards.

I must admit this post is very informative.

I will try to make my posts more like this one in future to avoid annoying people.

Anonymous said...
Irish socialists in Africa

James said...

I was going to try to keep everybody happy with a post about a nigger I saw at the supermarket last night, but then I saw this video:

MEP Bloom calling for the arrest of politicians and central bankers for fractional reserve banking and counterfeiting

Bloom...Bloom...Is he related to Orlando Bloom? Is he a jew? Maybe.

What if he is a Jew? He's saying arrest central bankers and politicians. But if he's a jew then maybe we shouldn't arrest central bankers and politicians? Help! What do we do?

Mary, what would hitler have done? Hang on a sec, I'll check. No, he didn't arrest any central bankers. OK, so its not the central bankers then. Henry Makow and this Bloom clown are lying. Central bankers must be hyper-Aryan knights of freedom then. Pheeeww.. Lucky we sorted that out. All this anti-banker hate needs to be nipped in the bud before it gets out of control. The MSM bosses will dance on air for this.

What about politicians? Hitler stabbed a few of them, but not all of them. OK so which ones do we stab? The ones that like the central bankers of course! No, that's not it. We have to stab the ones that don't like the central bankers! That's it! But what about Bloom and Nigel Farage? Leave them alone because they don't have anything to do with it. But the UKIP has a friends of Israel section.

Don't know about you guys but I'm confused now. Who do we need to get rid of again? Bankers or not bankers?

Is this Bloom guy:
1. Lying?
2. Telling the truth?
3. Lying while he's telling the truth?

Or maybe Bloom doesn't even know himself? Those jews are pretty tricky, and sometimes outwit themselves too.

Mary said...

Glad you enjoyed the discussion @ OD TruthWillout. I found it illuminating in relation to where some people really stand in regarding the JQ. Sand seems to be shifting under certain folk's feet these days,some surprised me,some performed just as expected.
We surely do live in 'interesting times', eh?

**As for James continued spaz-like posting in the comments section here, what else is new ;)

James said...

EDL marching against muslims

The EDL seems pretty active and are causing a fuss.

They have a Jewish Division though so they're not worth joining, right?

Anonymous said...

Monday night

BBC1: Faggot Graham Norton ( with JEW Micheal Douglas and Nig Will Smith and son.
BBC2: Jew Faggot Stephen Fry
ITV :Faggot Limahl
Channel 4: Faggot Alan Carr
BBC3 JEW Mila Kunis and JEW Seth Green
More 4 : Faggot Christian Jessen
ITV2: Half-jew Simon Cowell and JEW Tom Rosenthal
SKY: JEW Larry David
E4 JEW Alice Levine
SKY L * JEW Jerry Bruckheimer

'YESTERDAY' CHANNEL: Hitler: The Rise of Evil
Season 1 Episode 1 of 2
Part one of two. Drama tracing the formative years of the Nazi dictator, following the progression of a developing mind that went on to captivate a nation desperate for a leader it could believe in. Motivated by a combination of misplaced anger and ego, Hitler ultimately brought Germany to a state of chaos it had never experienced before.

followed by part 2:

Hitler: The Rise of Evil
Season 1 Episode 2 of 2
Concluding the two-part drama charting Hitler's formative years and rise to power. Following his time in Landsburg Prison, where he wrote Mein Kampf, the Nazi leader sets out to win control over Germany - but first he must defeat Paul von Hindenburg in a bitter battle for the chancellorship.

coming soon to Channel4 (Boss JEW David Abraham)

"Spying On Hitler's Army: The Secret Recordings"

This powerful docu-drama tells the story of one of World War Two’s last secrets – an audacious British intelligence operation to listen in on the private conversations of 10,000 German POWs without their ever knowing they were being overheard. The prisoners’ unguarded reminiscences and unintentional confessions have only just come to light, but prove once and for all just how closely the German army were involved in the atrocities of the Holocaust. In this programme, they’re dramatized – word for word – from the original transcripts.

British intelligence requisitioned three stately homes for this epic task, and converted each into an elaborate trap. The 100,000 hours of conversation they captured provided crucial intelligence that changed the course of the war, and revealed some of its worst horrors – from rape to mass executions to one of the earliest bulletins from the concentration camps. But when the fighting ended, the recordings were destroyed and the transcripts locked away for half a century. Only now have they been declassified, researched and cross-referenced.

Nicholas Farrell leads the cast playing the real-life German generals who were held at one of the houses – Trent Park in Middlesex. The programme also features the historian who uncovered the transcripts, and one of the surviving ‘listeners’ – a hidden army, LARGELY MADE UP OF GERMAN SPEAKING JEWISH REFUGEES, who had to transcribe accounts of APALLING ANTI-SEMITIC CRIMES while never betraying their existence to the men they spent every day monitoring.'


Anonymous said...

An 85-year-old woman has this afternoon been arrested and handcuffed by police allegedly for insulting Muslims outside a mosque.

So were moslems arrested for insulting Christians by murdering a Christian soldier? Besides the british born niggers that murdered the White soldier?

Anonymous said...

As far as I know , Godfrey Bloom is not a jew. Neither is Orlando Bloom :

During his childhood, Bloom was told that his father was his mother's husband, Jewish South African-born anti-Apartheid novelist Harry Saul Bloom; however, when he was thirteen (nine years after Harry's death), Bloom's mother revealed to him that his biological father was actually Colin Stone, his mother's partner and family friend.


James said...

Farage is working on Jewish support with a couple of Lords in the House of Lords.’-israel-hate-eu-parliament

James said...

Bloom is a German/Jewish name is it not?

I doubt it is English too.

He's a bit like Prince Phillip and gets into trouble a lot.

Nothing on Wikipedia about his ancestry though.

reveal1914 said...

Over at pc central, there are Comments critical of multiculturalism & globalization. fancy that. If the party faithful at the Guardian are starting to question the unquestionable then the whole rotten system is starting to creek and groan under the unrelenting weight of truth.

James said...

Question the unquestionable?

I just read the headline:

Swedish riots: if instability can happen here, what might unfold elsewhere?

PC check.


A stark rise in inequality has brought about unprecedented rioting in Stockholm. The omens for Britain are worrying

PC Check.

By line:

Aditya Chakrabortty

PC Check.

First sentence:

More than 20 cars torched in one night. School classrooms gutted by fire. Fifty far-right extremists chasing immigrants around a suburb.

PC check.

Then it gets interesting, when they start blaming inequality.

They don't mention race at all. That's a good thing and a bad thing. The Swedish resistance is "Far Right", not "Racist" or "Neo-Nazi".

They are treading so carefully here, trying not to step on any toes. He's not blaming the Sewdish, or the Immigrants. Apparently its nobody's fault except maybe some nameless politicians that probably aren't even in office anymore.

Total whitewash, but still better than what we've seen in the past.

Damn darkies are pathetic, they so yearn to be white. Even a drunk, homeless white bum has more self respect than some of these indian millionaires the system produces and raises up to spite us.

Anonymous said...

GTR, you offer nothing here, please stop posting here.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

GTR, you offer nothing here, please stop posting here.
28 May 2013 01:12

Quite the contrary, Ratfink. It's you and your anonymous namesakes who offer nothing.

Go and jerk off in your mother's handbag.


Anonymous said...

Fuck off,anon.
Dont tell me what to do , kike.

Missed one: BBC4 : Jew James Shapiro:

The King & the Playwright: A Jacobean History
Season 1 Episode 1 of 3
American academic James Shapiro examines the plays William Shakespeare wrote during the first decade of James I's reign, including King Lear, Measure for Measure and Timon of Athens. He begins by investigating how the Scottish king's ascent to the English throne in 1603, which united the two countries, created a climate of uncertainty, and explores how Shakespeare was inspired by events of the period

followed by:

Britain on Film: Times of Change
Season 2 Episode 1 of 10
The documentary exploring Rank Organisation's short Look at Life films, which screened in cinemas between 1959 and 1969, continues. The selection highlighted in this edition reflect the social anxieties many members of the public struggled with in the face of the dizzying pace of progress. Includes features on contraception, immigration, the preservation of the Sabbath and the threat of nuclear weapons
Category Documentary
Executive Producer David Okuefuna
followed by
'Only Connect' JEW Victoia Coren

Faggot Gok Wan on Channel 4

See any connections? :

JEW Daniel Day-Lewis:

"His first major film role was as a gay man in an interracial relationship in My Beautiful Launderette,

Read more:

Orlando Bloom:

"Bloom's first appearance on the screen was in a small part, as a rent boy, in the 1997 film Wilde."

PICTURED: Bulked up Matt Damon strips down to portray Liberace's lover in HBO's rave-reviewed Behind the Candelabra

His performance in HBO's Behind the Candelabra has been described as 'extraordinary.'
And the Matt Damon we encountered as Liberace's lover Scott Thorson in Sunday night's made for television movie is certainly an extraordinary departure from his Bourne-a-like action roles.
To embody Thorson in the Steven Soderbergh directed flick - which according to the director was 'too gay' to be made by any movie studio - Damon bulked up and then stripped down to a tiny posing pouch.

His short dark was also replaced by longish, dark blonde tresses but while the physical transformation was impressive, reviewers are raving about Damon's portrayal of a young lover dragged into a downward spiral of drug addiction and paranoia by his youth-obsessed lover.
JEW Douglas, who plays Liberace himself, is being equally feted for his work in the movie that was shown at Cannes to a rapturous response.
Rope of Silicon wrote of the pair: 'Douglas and Damon are extraordinary. Douglas is charming, captivating, perverse and sad as a character whose image is everything and the desire to never grow old has him constantly searching for the Fountain of Youth, be it those around him or a plastic surgeon's knife.

Read more:

Britains Got Queers:

'I think you've had your moment': HALF-JEW Simon Cowell is unimpressed by FAGGOT drag act Bosom Buddies as they get buzzed out in first Britain's Got Talent live semifinal

Impressionist FAGGOT Phillip Green was the next contestant, and the judges had high hopes after he blew them away at the first audition.
Starting by doing an impression of Lorraine Kelly in a video, he then came onto the stage as Natalie Cassidy, talking about her diet regime.
He then did an impression of Alesha from her Mystique days, followed by FAGGOT Louis Spence, emulating his dance moves with a number of backing dancers who came onto the stage.


Read more:


Anonymous said...

Big Tough Black Man's day ruined after being called name by 13 year old girl:

Moment Aboriginal Aussie Rules footballer confronted racist girl, 13, who called him an 'ape' and had her escorted from the stands

An Australian Rules footballer has been praised for his uncompromising reaction after a 13-year-old girl shouted out a racist remark to him during a game on Friday night.
Sydney Swans forward Adam Goodes - who is an Aboriginal Australian - was called an 'ape' by the girl as he ran past her and responded by turning around and pointing out the girl to security who escorted her from the Melbourne stadium.
Goodes, 33, is the star player for the Sydney Swans but said that the racial abuse he received at the hands of the girl rendered his sides win 'meaningless' - such was his disappointment.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard described Goodes as 'someone we can all look up to'.
'His words and actions today displayed the highest levels of respect and fairness - qualities he carries on and off the field,' she said.
'Adam is a credit to his club, his code and the entire community.'
The girl who is not being identified told Channel 10 news she was sorry.
'I didn't mean it in a racist way and I'm sorry to the club and the AFL,' she said.

Read more:

Trayvon Martin was angry about losing a fight in the hours before he was shot dead by George Zimmerman, claim defence attorneys
Zimmerman's attorneys hope to show jurors photos of Trayvon Martin smoking what appears to be marijuana, and several photos of a handgun found on Martin's cell phone
Zimmerman's lawyers want to explain to jurors that Martin was an experienced fighter who used drugs

A judge will rule next month on what evidence will be allowed at trial

Attorneys for alleged murderer George Zimmerman are now arguing that text messages sent by 17-year-old victim Trayvon Martin - in which he describes being 'angry' following a fight with another teen - the night he was fatally shot by Zimmerman should be heard by a potential jury because it's 'relevant to [Martin's] emotional state,' and would strengthen the defense's claim that Martin was the aggressor in the struggle that ultimately took his life.
'He got mo hits cause in da 1st round,' Martin says in a November 2011 text message, apparently in reference to a fight he'd been in prior to his run-in with Zimmerman. 'He had me on da ground nd I couldn’t do ntn.'
According to Zimmerman's attorneys, 'this is relevant to Mr. Martin’s overall demeanor that day and relevant to his emotional state,' according to a new court filing by Zimmerman's attorneys. It goes on to say that the text messages 'may assist the jury in understanding why Trayvon Martin chose to hide and then confront George Zimmerman rather than simply going home.'

The shooting of Martin, who is African-American, by Zimmerman, who is not, has fueled new debates about racial profiling, gun-control, and self-defense laws.

Read more:


Uncle Nasty said...

The Truth Will Out said...

"Stockholm riots: "The decision to round up vigilantes (local white people) while...... ”doing as little as possible” to stop rioters"

Same thing happened in London during the black race riots in 2011."

Precisely the same thing happened, managed by the jewish media in the very same way.
As I said in my post which you then called 'conspiracy nonsense'...

Sweden has been given the light upon nations' gift to all European societies of forced multiculturalism.

Here's the result of jewish imported Islam (warning this could be Ireland in 10 years time).

This is Sweden 2013!?

Oh, Lord. What I'd give for a vantage point ... and a Minimi.


Anonymous said...

GTRman is one of the best! Love your posts.


Anonymous said...

JEWboy Danny Cohen spent £22 million of license-payers money on "The Voice"*.

It's appalling , its a bought-in globally -syndicated show. Losing viewers rapidly . Whose fault?

Holly Wlloughby's tits , apparently:

Are Holly Willoughby's modest outfits to blame for falling ratings? The Voice's viewing figures drop to 5.9m as host covers up her cleavage

Read more:

* The BBC just wasted £100 million of license-payers money on a digital project tht has just been scrapped.

'I hope this vile show dies a natural death very soon': Queen guitarist Brian May launches attack on BBC's The Voice

Brian May has launched an attack on 'vile' talent show The Voice.
The Queen guitarist has slammed the BBC singing contest - which is co-hosted by Reggie Yates and Holly Willoughby, and features pop stars Sir Tom Jones, Danny O'Donoghue, and Jessie J on the coaching panel - as 'dull, dumb and depressing' and claims the programme makes him feel sick.
In a rant on his website, he wrote: 'Sorry, hate to be negative but The Voice is the dullest, dumbest, most depressing show on TV. It's the ultimate insult to music and to performers.
'Every time I catch a glimpse of young singers busting their guts trying to win somebody's attention, who is rudely sitting with their back to them... I feel sick.'
The 65-year-old rocker has called for an end to the show, and admits seeing Delilah legend Tom having such a prominent role on the programme makes him feel uncomfortable for the Welsh star.
He added: 'I hate seeing the great Tom Jones shoehorned into this scenario.
'I hope this vile show dies a natural death very soon.'

Read more:

Anonymous said...


Sir Elton John and David Furnish take son Zachary to his very first football match as Watford take on Crystal Palace in the Play-off Final

Sir Elton was far too engulfed in the game against Crystal Palace to hold his son, however, so his partner David Furnish did the honours and had Zachary on his lap.

Read more:


"Speaking recently about the show, which sees QUEER Derren team up with collaborator JEW Andy Nyman once again, he said: 'We've worked together on all the shows apart from Svengali. And Andy was my co-writer for many years on television shows. Now we've joined forces again, we're very eager to make this show feel different.

Read more:

Most of his acting roles see him covered up in suits or in serious plays on stage.
So it's something of a treat for JEW Liev Schreiber's female fans to see him stripped down to the waist.
The American actor, 45, showed off his muscular physique as he went surfing in Malibu on Sunday.

Read more:

JEW Scarlett Johansson tipped to play Hilary Clinton in upcoming biopic Rodham

Read more:

He once admitted he doesn’t find mornings easy and stumbles around in a daze, almost as if he is sleepwalking.
And judging by veteran rocker
JEW Neil Diamond’s appearance on an early morning trip for some groceries, nothing has changed.
Read more:




Anonymous said...

'A Dame always keeps her word': Helen Mirren heads to gay festival to apologise to samba band she screamed at for disturbing stage show

Dame Helen Mirren kept her promise to a London samba band to watch them perform, after screaming at them in full regal costume for interrupting play The Audience.
The 67-year-old award winning actress even wore head-to-toe pink at the UK's largest gay music festival, As One In The Park, on Sunday.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Turn off your TV and tune out the bullshit. Don't accept state handouts. Educate those around you, subtly or openly. Put your money where your mouth is: if you don't have the time/courage/whatever to be activist, donate money to those who do (e.g. Ramzpaul, Amren).


Uncle Nasty said...

off topic, I know, but still ...

A few Russians losing it with a few enrichers and teaching them some restraint.

Not quite to my satisfaction, but hey.
It's a start


Anonymous said...

JP you have it dead right man, step one is to launch the Lying Box [TV].
Then you will begin to see things clearly.

James said...

Go Russia!

Nigs learn to play the racist card before they can even walk.

James said...

The world's foremost experts at acting dumb too.

Sean said...

Savant, make the most of your beloved English Cotswolds while you still can.

The Tory government housing minister, Nick Boles intends to let developers concrete over wherever they want in the English countryside to house the millions of Africans, Pakistanis, and Indians who continue to flock to Britain.

This is Nick Boles, the militant homosexual, who claimed Hebrew lessons on expenses so that he could converse with his Israeli "husband".

Britain is being rapidly and determinedly destroyed by the enemy within and you don't have to dig very deep to see a Jew lurking in there somewhere, probably laughing his head off as he puts it over the goyim yet again.

Sean said...


Mirren is of Jewish origin, a champagne socialist, and fully immersed in the culture of critique, so it's hardly surprising she supports public displays of in your face degeneracy.

Sean said...


GTRman is one of the best, most informative posters on here, particularly when it comes to exposing the machinations of the chosen ones, so it's no wonder hasbara-boy wants to shut him up.

Keep up the good work GTRman, you're obviously getting to them.

katana said...

Here's a fascinating book that explains why blacks behave the way they do. Excellent for those who still think it's all because of their poor environment.

Racism, Guilt & Self-Deceit

Book Description

In 1976 I left America to teach philosophy in Ibadan, Nigeria. I made some remarkable discoveries. First: African blacks were not uptight about race; and second: it was obvious to them that whites were ‘cleverer’ and they made no bones about it.

It is whites who feel guilty about this and blame themselves for black failure. Shrewd blacks use this ‘guilt’ to blackmail, browbeat and bamboozle whites.

This sham anger is a principal weapon of psychological warfare. It is used by women against men, blacks against whites, homosexuals against straights and islam against the West - though always with the help of the (alleged) wrong-doers.

The psychology here is:: Since our enemies hate us, we must have done something wrong; perhaps if we are nice to them they won’t hate us so much. In fact however, such appeasement always fails because it shows weakness and breeds contempt.

Without ‘guilt’ the con game of sham anger wouldn’t work. Unless Muslims saw a willing victim, their ‘rage’ wouldn’t exist because they would know that it would fail. ‘Guilt’ is the glove into which the fist of ‘anger’ fits.

Racial guilt and the consequent unwillingness to speak honestly about racial differences has led directly to the ultimate disaster of a Muslim president who hates America.

Blacks are deficient in abstract thinking and this leads to moral blindness. Abstract entities do not exist in space or time and can only be perceived by the mind. Zulu has one word for space, time and the future. In short, these concepts do not exist in Zulu. The word for number means many; ergo, they have no concept of number. (American blacks, by the way, are said to ‘approximate space, numbers and time’.) There is also no concept of promising nor is there a word for truth.

Morality is abstract; i.e., it does not exist in space or time. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ requires thinking of things that do not exist (‘what would happen if …?’), and is something with which blacks have difficulty. It is thus not surprising that they have a diminished sense of morality, nor that Barack Obama behaves like a pathological liar.

Blacks’ difficulty in thinking of the future explains, e.g., their high rate of criminality and HIV.

The essence of liberalism is self-hatred – always taking the side of your adversaries. This has led to feminism, racial preferences, the homosexual agenda, and being 'nice' to our deadliest enemies. Feminism is closely allied with the promotion of homosexuality, abortion and hostility towards marriage and child-rearing.

All of these have one thing in common: they are anti-life and tend towards death. And what could be sicker than promoting behaviour that will destroy your own society? Truly, a sickness-unto-death.

I try to explain both what racism is and what it is not, and devise a test to determine whether something is racist. Racism, it is agreed, is bad; so if something said to be racist is determined not to be bad, then it can’t be racist. Is not wanting your child to attend a black school racist? Well, is it bad to not want your child be in a dangerous environment and where educational standards will be lower? If the answer is ‘No; this is simply a reasonable concern for the well-being of your child’, then avoiding such a school is not racist, because it is not bad; and if it’s not bad it can’t be racist. QED.

Sean said...

9.30 katana

Great link. That book should be required reading for all whites, particularly the leftie/liberal and guilt-ridden variety.

We need more weapons like this in our war against the Frankfurt School and their poisonous Cultural Marxism.

Time's running out!

treatytrevor said...

Great link katana. This guy has it nailed. We're being cynically played like violens.

Anonymous said...

GTRMan you cud have pointed out that Amanda Bynes is also jewish.

MI5 had nothing to do with Woolwich said...

Whatever you do just ignore all the barnpot fruit and nutty conspiracies linking Woolwich to MI5.

Don't look at the INSANE MI5 links with Jew Omar Bakri Mohammed, Damilola Taylor and Stephen Lawrence cases.
It is simply conspiracy nonsense to suggest there is any MI5 link to any of these huge national media campaigns.

It's my job to tell you MI5 had nothing to do with it

Ignore all the other links about Woolwich on that aangirfan website, or you'll need to wear a tin foil hat.

Now go join the EDL and ignore anyone that says they are managed by MI5 to steer and control the movement to ultimately make it look bad, meaning that no intelligent debate about immigration will ever take place.

Mosques and memorials were defaced by EDL and Islamic fundamental terrorists!

Look the the other way
Muslims are trying to brainwash you to think this was MI5

You must NOT speak about this you make all nationalist movements look bad, whereas the EDL make the movement look professional and respectable.
Nothing says class and honour quite as much as a gang of coked and pissed up football hooligans shouting "paedo paki scum off our streets".
It really is quite a compelling argument that this in-no-way MI5 front the EDL have.

Remember if we target the Muslims by running around town centres scaring old ladies we will soon gain power now that the public is totally convinced of the intellectual argument.

There is no MI5 link!
So stop talking about it!


Anonymous said...


the truth will out

Why didn't you post that crap under your own monicker instead of hiding behind a sockpuppet?

It's a classic hasbara tactic, so why do it?

Anonymous said...

Nick Boles, he of the Israeli husband, threatens countryside dwellers who oppose mass housing development (and enrichment) on their doorsteps:

Some good comments, like this one:

They just don't get it, do they?

I live in the Highlands of Scotland: relatively low population density.

Recently I was forced to spend a couple of weeks living on the eastern outskirts of Bristol; I went down to arrange my father's funeral. I could barely believe what I experienced.

In a nutshell, I concluded that I live in an 'Undeveloping Nation'. When I left Bristol over 35 years ago, it seemed to me to be a vibrant city in good shape. In the past 2 weeks there were times when I thought I was visiting a Third World country: crumbling infrastructure; crappy commercial and local authority signs plastered everywhere you looked; over-dense housing developments; more by-passes, dual-carriageways, street signs and motor vehicles than you could shake a sick at; the suburb of Lawrence Hill having all the charm and outward appearance of Somalia; I could go on.

England, if it's not already so, is set to become one of the most, if not the most densely populated nations in Europe. Our public services are stretched to breaking point; public sector finances are out of control; the national debt climbs inexorably; there is tension on our utopian, multicultural streets where our off-duty soldiers now run the risk of being hacked to pieces.

Meantime, a cretinous politician tells us we need to scrub the British countryside and build more houses ... presumably to cope with the unfettered growth in the population of this country, half-a-million of whom arrive on these shores every year from other nations (whilst 300,000 of us wisely leg-it to foreign climes).

You couldn't make it up; you really could not make it up.

Let's dwell then for one more moment on the perfect wisdom of a card-carrying member of the British political elite living as we do in an 'Undeveloping Nation' which needs to import 40% of its food, with that proportion rising annually ...

"The sum of human happiness that is created by the houses that are being built is vastly greater than the economic, social and environmental value of a field that was growing wheat or rape."

God preserve us from these tos*ers.

The Truth Will Out said...

Anonymous sean and other assumed names.

I don't know if it's MI5 agit prop or not..
It's agit -prop all right, only these kinds of alphabet agencies go under all different kinds of names.

So if I want to talk about Woolwich or the agit propaganda of the London and Sweden riots.
I will.

I have a lot to say about the riots.

I have debated that very issue on other forums thoroughly and collected quite a bit of info on that psychological agitating propaganda.

BTW, if it was me that posted under any assumed titles I'd have been more thorough about the links to MI5/6/7(whatever name they go under).

I'll wait for the footage [that hasn't yet been presented] before I make any final analysis.

Me saying something on this blog does nothing to de-legitimise any nationalist movement, because I am not speaking on behalf of any nationalist movement.

When or if I do so, it will be under my real name and identity.
Then my words will be more carefully selected if and when representing any group or platform.

You may think I'm as dumb as you, I'm not.
It's not quite that straightforward though.

I broke my programming a long time ago.

I've never shied away from being the only one to call out the Emperors clothes in public against the throngs of agitators.

The concerted campaign of noise to undermine just me only served to crystallise my casually observed suspicions.

Forums like these are places to share ideas and observations.
This isn't an official organisation's mouthpiece.
It's just a blog.

There is no meaning to trying to undermine me.
I'm just a series of zeros and ones being translated on your monitor, no more no less.

Delenda Est Judaica!

XIV / 88


rotflmfao said...

13.31 ttwo

Narcissistic and attention-seeking.....and totally barking.

I see even your defenders have disappeared, embarrassed by your repeated nonsense and self-obsessed drivel.

The Truth Will Out said...

What is there to defend?

I made one post about Woolwich.

It then kicked off several days of absolute spam and a wall of noise from unknown posters... all because of one insignificant post I made.

It really wasn't that important.

Which is why I found it all the more amusing that the same thing happened to dozens of forums over the past few days.

Anonymous said...


"the same thing happened to dozens of forums over the past few days"


The Truth Will Out said...

Anyway back to the business of exchanging information...

Here's a report on Sweden's recent riots

Jon said...

It's good to see some Swedes finally fighting back against these cancerous rapist Muslims. I hope they realise that these scum are only in their country in such vast numbers because of their Jewish enablers and their leftist/liberal stooges.

Perhaps, with the Swedish police taking the side of the rioters and coming down hard on the white 'vigilantes',(as in Britain) they will also realise that Sweden is a ZOG state and that to stop the rot they have to rid themselves of more than just Muslims?

Anonymous said...

The Occidental Observer on Muslims in Britain:

Anonymous said...

"Her father is Catholic and her mother is Jewish. Bynes has described herself as Jewish"

You are correct! A rare lapse from me!


long hot summer said...

Following the beheading of a soldier in London by Muslims, a pregnant white woman in Oldham, Lancashire, England was arrested by the police simply for waving the Union Jack Flag:

There is a march this weekend in Oldham to protest against the politically correct police and their oppression of white people.

James said...

It's strange.

If darkies carry the flag its a symbol of integration, assimilation, and diversity and tolerance in their now home. i.e. its racist, but in a good way.

If whites carry the flag its racist too, but in a bad way.

If you are white, you lose.

Anonymous said...

'teens' enriching Country Fair, USA

Fights break out at St. Mary's Polish Country Fair
Police, organizers say steps being taken to ensure family fun

Organizers of the decades-old St. Mary’s Polish Country Fair in Orchard Lake are facing a growing problem with fights.

Lifelong fairgoer Kristy Gursky said brawling teens Saturday night at the fair made if uncomfortable for her family.

“It was like mayhem. Everywhere we looked there were fights breaking out and mobs of 100 or 200 people would go running to witness the fights,” she said.



James said...

Shut this blog down!

Research has PROVED that gay marriages are happier marriages!

Finally, some sense coming into the world!

James said...

How goys fall into j-traps.

The belief that gay marriage will harm marriage has roots in both religious beliefs about matrimony and secular conservative concerns about broader shifts in American life. One prominent line of thinking holds that men and women have distinct roles to play in family life; that children need both a mother and a father, preferably biologically related to them; and that a central purpose of marriage is abetting heterosexual procreation. During the Supreme Court arguments over Proposition 8, Justice Elena Kagan asked Cooper whether the essence of his argument against gay marriage was that opposite-sex couples can procreate while same-sex ones cannot. “That’s the essential thrust of our position, yes,” replied Cooper. He also warned that “redefining marriage as a genderless institution could well lead over time to harms to that institution.”

Cooper allowed Kagan to re-state his position her way, and thus allowed his position to be invalidated. I bet he's not very j-wise, and that's why he allowed this to happen.


Anonymous said...

Everywhere's gettin' enriched

Jacksonville, FL — It's going to take police some time to sort out everyone involved in a big fight in Jacksonville Beach on Memorial Day.
Police from Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and the city of Jacksonville assisted Jax Beach police in shutting down streets to avoid retaliatory attacks.

Police Chief Patrick Dooley tells our partner Action News nobody was seriously hurt.
"We're just trying to keep people from gathering up in large groups again. What we don't want to have happen is any of these people involved in the fights earlier to come back in any kind of retaliation or anything like that".
Police closed 1st Street from Beach Blvd. to 6th Avenue North for several hours as a precaution.
Police tell Action News several smaller fights quickly escalated and became a large brawl involving about 30 people.

EDITORIAL NOTE: We have disabled the ability to comment on this story. Some of the commentary posted to the comments section were determined by WOKV management to be inappropriate.


Uncle Nasty said...

TTWO posts on Sweden. An interesting quote from the article;

There were also rumours that armed immigrants wanted to find the vigilantes and kill them, all this while the vigilantes continue their search for rioting immigrants and Marxists. It is also confirmed that left wing extremists have joined cause with the immigrant gangs in their rioting. They see the race riotings, the burning of cars and the throwing rocks at police, ambulances and fire-fighters as a ”class war”. Even though the cars being set ablaze and the people injured by their violence are ordinary Swedish people and primarily working-class day labourers.

Okay. I'll be first to agree that they are "rumours" ... but interesting rumours for all that.

If I recall correctly the Scandinavians in general have very relaxed firearms laws ... not to mention the fact that niggers (sand and otherwise) do not have a good history when it comes to stand-up fights. Their preferred mode of combat is ambush, backstab and run.

I recommend that readers track down the articles (essays) on the Danish Civil War by a fellow calling himself "El Englise" I think. They were on that otherwise useless site referring to the portals of the Austrian capital ...


Anonymous said...

"El Ingles", if I remember well.

Wolfhound said...

@ UN


6 years old at this point, found it well worth the read.

Danish civil war by El Ingles

Anonymous said...

Gays make better parents too because an academic said so.

James said...

PuftaZ are hardwired to make better parents.

It's true. I've checked with Anonymous Uncle.

James said...

In June 2008, a simultaneous suicide bombing destroyed five buses in Copenhagen, killing 68 people and wounding 174.

Weird. I never heard of that, only the Spanish bombings and London bombings.

Isn't it funny how we hear of some things over and over, and other things not at all?

James said...

What a bullshit story that Danish Civil war is...

Islam prohibits the scenario anyway, so it would never happen.

More WN daydreaming so we can ignore the actual problem.

Uncle Nasty said...

Thanks James.

I wondered what your reaction would be and you did not disappoint ...


kulak said...

They have a Jewish Division though so they're not worth joining, right?

"EDL are an inclusive movement dedicated to peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism."

That's right James, they're not.

Uncle Nasty said...

While we're on the subject ...

Who has ever heard the old song: "have you ever seen a dream walking? Well, I did."


Have you ever seen a jew working?

Meet Mr Rosenthal, who (at 400-plus-pounds -- more than 180kg) earns $156,000 a year as president of a local municipal workers union in New York - a job he has held since 1998.

Read more:

Your tax dollars at work.


Wolfhound said...

"He says it's normal for executives to take "power naps", and his meetings with the sandman can also be notched up to the effects of pain medication he takes for backaches, which he has suffered since falling through a chair at McDonald's last year"

Funnier than any parody could be.

Anonymous said...

Love the opening line "expensively painted toenail..." You're quite the writer, Savant. I envy that gift.

kulak said...

Savant, Ann's a columnist. As long as she wishes to remain a paid columnist, she must stay behind the curve.

James said...

Thanks James.

I wondered what your reaction would be and you did not disappoint ...

Reaction to what? That Danish rubbish?

Chances of that BS story happening by 2020... approx. zero.

Muslims don't try that sort of thing until they are at least 25% of the population. Islam has specific criteria for each stage of the takeover, and Denmark just isn't ready yet. They have no need to blow up buildings either. They have everything they could ever want so far, why would they wreck that?

Just because the Nordic version of the Turner Diaries is a great yarn doesn't mean we should take it seriously.

kulak said...

[the bill] will not inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia… The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants.

Remember Kennedy was a lawyer.

The bill just made white genocide official.

If the US gov had simply refused enforcement, white genocide would have remained unofficial.

kulak said...

It remains to be seen to what extent if any she'll further push this boat out.

She can push it out as far as WE make possible.

Anonymous said...

Inna Shevchenko got a press card as Inna Barton so she could pull off the stunt that George Soros paid her for - protesting topless in a Mosque!

All hail our brothel of heroinec freedom fighters!

Uncle Nasty said...

Back on the subject of the so-called "muslim" beheading ...

Every word I read about this has a smell of gevilte fish about it.

And that old big-nosed fish is getting stinkier with every passing day.


James said...

@Uncle Nasty,

He was so dangerous he had to be brought back to the UK?

Oh, I get it. They sent the SAS to grab him, for his own safety.

A source said: ‘He was brought back to the UK because the security services had a “duty of care” to stop him going into Somalia, where he was likely to have been killed.

Really? The SAS to went to all that trouble, because they had a "duty" to "save" some random "British" nutter nignog from hurting himself in Somalia? We are expected to believe this shit?

Its funny how Kenya can deport this trash, but the UK will spare no expense to bring him back.

What the hell is going on?

Artur said...

OMSA ("Oh My Sweet Allah") :

The Kenyan too stupid to operate an umbrella

I have never seen the "first lady" look more chimp-like.


- Arturo

Shadow said...