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I’ve been visiting Bulgaria quite a lot over the last year. It has a definite Third World air about it. I was surprised at how poorly people, even well-qualified IT staff, were paid. Roads, footpaths, buildings and cars are all in a very dilapidated state and Sofia has hardly a feature of note. I found the IT specialists to be very capable, so not sure why the country has languished do much.

Part of it must be the very high proportion of gypsies and Muslims.  Gypsies everywhere being a parasitical drain on society – Bulgaria is no different  - while every Muslim country without oil or gas – and some with them - is an economic basket case.  Presumably the only reason this country and Roumania were accepted into the EU was to keep them away from Russian influence.  Which, we can be assured, would be a Very Bad Thing.
This dismal state of affairs carries it with one consolation at least. There is virtually no visible evidence of cultural enrichers (Bulgaria’s Muslims are almost all ethnic Bulgars). That’s not the case in many other ‘Eastern’ European countries. And the explanation is obvious….no easy pickings, in the form of free housing, education, health care etc.  of the kind that are available to any Third World parasite who fetches up on western shores.

The more eagle-eyed among you will have noted that I did not prefix ‘consolation’ with ‘small’.  Because it is very far from being small.  In another twenty to thirty years, when Belgium, Holland and Sweden are minority White, and have descended into squabbling impoverished Lebanons of the north, the Bulgarians, if they remain close to 100% White, will be sitting pretty. They will be the same as all White countries, rich and successful. Meanwhile Britain, France and the rest of the West will inexorably be forced down  the demographic trail of destruction pioneered by the Swedes and Belgians. To those counties will come smart well-educated Bulgarians as highly-paid specialist advisers, attempting to resurrect those failed states while asking themselves how these former powerhouses could have fallen to such a state of dilapidation.
Let us sincerely hope they learn why.  And that they learn it very soon.


Anonymous said...

Unlike you, Savant, I traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria from the comfort of my computer room. HERE

johan said...

One good thing, or not so bad thing, about Muslim immigration is that they tend not to assimilate. In Germany you have sections of town that are 100% Turkish immigrants, speaking Turkish, selling Turkish goods etc... There is a huge influx of muslim immigrants all over Europe and quite frankly they are not interested (like 99% of them at east) in any kind of assimilation. Denmark even changed their "mcGruff the crime dog" because muslims consider dogs a dirty animal.

The fact is that they do have to take these issues seriously because the muslims come in at a staggering rate and have way more kids and then affect the political makeup of the countries. Most people in France, Holland, Spain, Belgium etc... want to live in a western culture which they invented and would rather not see it subsumed to a muslim culture over the course of a couple generations.

There's nothing racist about it, it's an easily observable fact. It's happening right now and it's serious.

But the good thing I referred to is that, push comes to shove, and hopefully it will, Muslims will be an easily identified group that can be, humanely I hope, repatriated. Much harder to do with blacks who will have cross-bred with whites at every opportunity leaving us with an impossible legacy.

Dan said...

My sister very nearly bought a house there.

Dan said...


Buy a house in Montenegro.

It's got tall women. Super cute, and the beaches are great. Dianaric Alpine people.

Anonymous said...

The media is mocking Farage right now because of a video showing educated , English-speaking Bulgarians or Romanians telling him that they have no desire to come here . Big deal - it's the criminal scum that will flood here, there are thousands ALREADY !

On the bright side , it may turn out to be the straw that breaks the camel's back .

I listened to a few mins of Radio 4skin's "Any Questions" earlier - even the fucking lib/lefties can see how ludicrous it is that in almost 20 years , we cant kick out a muslim scumbag cos he might get mistreated in Jordan , or whatever ..I have to calm down , we are all being played .

More media -rants :

As usual , UK Friday night telly is queer/kike central . Graham Norton on BBC1 , Stephen Fry on BBC2 , Alan Carr AND THE HIDEOUS FAT HAG SARAH MILLICAN together on 4 , ( him talking about spunking in the bath , her talking about her fanny as usual )jew Simon Brodkin on BBC3 , jew Lesley Joseph narrating a show on BBC4 ,queer lefty Owen Jones on 4 , jew Ben Eltons shit-com on BBC1 , jewy cop shit like CSI and Law and Order on the other channels , ALL AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME !

More body-obsessed filth later on Channel 4 :

" The Mindy Project":

'Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist'
Mindy asks Danny to be her gynecologist , but they both feel nervous as the time for her first physical examination approaches ..' WTF ?

A filthy "adult" puppet show called "Mongrels " on Dave starring jew Paul Kaye ..later on 4 :

The New Normal
Season 1 Episode 14 of 22
Gaydar Bryan and David have different opinions on the best outfit for their son's birth announcement. Meanwhile, Shania meets Rocky's new crush Chris and claims that he is more interested in men than women, and Jane is confused about the sexual orientation of her new colleague Brice (John Stamos). As a result, Bryan decides to throw a dinner party with the theme of `gay or straight', where both men will be put to the test
( a programme created by a jew queer and a jew lesbian , but of course )
and on "Yesterday" , of course " Nazi Hunters "
( Adolf Eichman)

E4 has " Friday Night Dinner" about a jew family ,ITV4 has the "Magic Nigger" movie "The Green Mile" ( lots of evil White raycisssts and a healing Black gorilla) BBC1 has a fucking Eddie Murphy movie ...AAAAAAAAAGGGHHH !!

EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING now is pro-jew , pro-queer , pro-black/brown , and anti-White !

" Hey , it's just entertainment , bro.
Chill out "

"Just how jewish is "The Simpsons" ? :


Captain Logic said...

Worked with a Bulgarian lass back in the early 90's. She was truly lovely. Unfortunately, she also had a boyfriend ... or was it a husband?

Whichever, I lost interest after that. But she was lovely ...


Anonymous said...

And like an oasis in the middle of a shitstorm , the beautiful , ethereal , talented blonde English songbird , Laura Marling on Jools Holland ..


splice said...

Because of inbreeding gypsies have keyholed their DNA with particularly undesirable traits. And the ghettos they create are a result of the DNA

Anonymous said...

Hi, please revise the earlier paragraphs as they don't read well.

Captain Logic said...

Well GTRman, the Simpsons are mega-Jewish!

Quite apart from the founder being Jewish (Matt Groening), there is a concerted and sustained attack upon White Christian America (gosh, who would have thought?).

I still watch the Simpsons occasionally today, but their (the producers) propaganda is exposed for what it is (for anyone with at least half a brain and who is not a complete fool).

Anonymous said...

@ Captain Logic : I've found no evidence that Matt Groening is jewish , but he 'MAWB' ( May as well be )

According to the book Im looking at , his live-in girlfriend (circa 1977) was jewish ( Kaplan) and his first AND second wives were jewish - hence his kids are jewish .

These "trojan horse " shows work best when there is a Goy Frontman ( a bit like Bush and Blair fronting jewish wars ) So , people see "Family Guy " , and when you tell them that it is jewish , anti-White , pro-jew , pro-queer , degenerate kosher POISON , full of kike in-jokes and winks , people will say, " But Seth McFarlane isnt jewish ".

They should look more closely as the credits roll . See also South Park and Beavis and Butt-head , etc .

( Although Matt Stone IS jewish , all the episodes are apparently written by Trey Parker ( yeah , right)

There is a pattern with all of these " Trojan Horse " shows - they start off charming and hook you in with humour , then gradually become more and more overtly KIKE and anti-White , and promote all kinds of filth .

Ever seen " Shameless " ? A perfect example .

Some thoughts on " South Park " :

Matt Stone: The Jew Behind South Park

Now , on telly , " Come Dine With Me " from Brighton, with the obligatory queer fucking drag queen ..

I feel like Travis Bickle , I really do . Im sure Im not alone . I hope not .


Anonymous said...

In fact , " Come Dine With Me " ( produced by "Rachel Bloomfield " and " David Sayer " ..hmmm is a great example of a trojan horse show .

It started as a watchable light-hearted cooking /people watching programme , focused on food , and now is a goy-mocking , fancy-dress , compulsory queer -in-every-episode , shit-fest.

Get those stupid goyim drunk and watch 'em go .

There was one episode which featured a kike called " Zac Gold , or Goldsmith " . Funnily enough , the other three found him loathesome , sneaky , manipulative , untrustworthy , arrogant , unpleasant , etc etc etc

( I actually transcribed that show , in case no-one believes me )


Captain Logic said...

Well GTRman, good for you!

My own research was obviously lacking, and let me admit that.

However, programs like the Simpsons (as funny as they sometimes are), are a VICIOUS and MALEVOLENT attack upon White Christian America.

And the "Jewishness" of the Simpson producers/creators is hardly in doubt, for even the dullest of observers.

Anonymous said...

According to Kikepedia :

" Groening was born on February 15, 1954 in Portland, Oregon, the middle of five children. His Norwegian-American mother, Margaret Ruth (née Wiggum), was once a teacher, and his German American father, Homer Philip Groening (December 30, 1919 – March 15, 1996), was a filmmaker, advertiser, writer and cartoonist.[6] Homer, born in Main Centre, Saskatchewan, Canada, grew up in a Mennonite, Plautdietsch-speaking family.

Matt's grandfather, Abram Groening, was a professor at Tabor College, a Mennonite Brethren liberal arts college in Hillsboro, Kansas before moving to Albany College (now known as Lewis and Clark College) in Oregon in 1930."

Correction :

Groenings 1977 girlfriend was a Lynda Weinman , and his FIRST jew wife was Deborah Kaplan.



Anonymous said...

@ Captain Logic : Exactly ! These shows HAVE to be funny , to hook you in. If you put six or seven of the highest-paid comedy writers in a room , you will GET 'funny' .

I LOVE comedy . Bad comedy makes my soul sink . There's no doubt that The Simpsons and South Park have provided me with much laughter . It's only when you get wise to the agenda , anti-White , anti-Christian , anti-German , anti-family , pro-kike , pro-queer , pro degeneracy , pro black , that makes one watch these programmes through a different lens.

Ive watched all the latest South Park and Simpsons online - there is a thesis ready to be written about the not-so-subtle jew agenda smuggled amongst the laughter .

Can this go on ? Will hubris bring down the kike , again ?

I hope so , I really , really hope so.


Anonymous said...

How does Bulgaria cope with all of the white Muslim Bulgarian bombers?

Anonymous said...

"Catholic Ireland Welcomes Muslims"

Oh sure, but have the Irish people, themselves, been notified of what "they" wish for?? Read HERE.

Anonymous said...

Channel 17 : " The Family " ( originally on Chan 4 ) Cameras all around the house show us the daily life of a typical British ( Nigerian) family.

Channel 19 : Hitler's Bodyguard

We in UK have Nazis and Hitler literally from morning till night , every day . Inbetween , we have jews taking the piss out of us , and queers , niggers and muslims being elevated to sainthood .

Not ALL of the goyim are lapping it up and applauding like Pavlovian seals , but MOST are .

I'm not sure what can affect this insanity to any great degree , but Im strangely optimistic.

Harold Covington on Dianna Spingolas show :

from here:


Keiser said...

Savant allow me to provide a cut and paste transcription of a conversation I had with a Swedish girl on another forum. This is the problem and why they will all be scratching their heads at the obvious in a few years.

A White trait, a social strength in a homogenous society, i.e. altruism, has become a weakness, a weapon, in a diverse society because we are not all equal. The transvaluation of values as Nietzsche put it although this resultant ill-dignified and inverted sentiment of equality was pretty much the opposite of what he had in mind. Jewish Alchemy Oy Vey!

I can almost see the brainwashed liberals scratching their heads at the basic caveat that men are not equal.

Anyway excuse the tone of the following. I normally don't speak to ladies like this but sometimes...

"to be rude is to be courteous" Dante Aligheri, Divine Comedy Book One, Inferno

Swedish Girl
"u ppl are crazy and brainless btw. First of all black people is not preferred to be called monkeys, They are human just like u , fucking hillbilly..... second.. if u dont like the movie fineeee fineee finee... but really do it need its the worst bla bla. go suck a donkey u ignorant bastards..... im white and i LOVED the movie, and guess what it had afro americans in it and white people in it..... racist sons of bitches..."

"Really, sincerely to all you racist pricks out there. next time you tell me to grow up, or saying i'm childish.

Who are you????

I'm 28, a white woman, married and i work as a doctor in psychiatry.

Now next time those impulses in your brain try to make you think stupid, Thinking is the clue to all answers. Educate yourself before open that insane mouth of yours. We all are human, we all are equal worthy of life and wellbeing. We have only one race and its the Human race. we have different colors and cultures but we should all learn from each other.

this is my final word.

this movie was great and funny :) thanks you tpb

Och jag vill säga ytterligare en sak... skaparna av denna sida... Tack, och hoppas han kommer ut snart."

""this is my final word."

Well doctor in psychiatry. I'm sure you have heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

You are on a site illegally downloading movie don't you dare preach morals to me you fucking cunt!

"We have only one race and its the Human race"

Well technically "doctor" we are all part of the Human SPECIES but within that SPECIES there are many RACES. RACES I'm not interested associating with you liberal fucktard!

They go to so much trouble to ensure the Galapogos turtles remain genetically distinct yet they try to mix up every distinct human personage with whatever fucking monkey abhuman is at hand. Amazing!

Oh and one last thing elita101 since I assume you are Swedish from your sychophantic well wishes to Mr Gottfrid.

Why don't you check the rape statistics for your country. You will see a dramatic increase in rapes since Sweden changed to an "open immigration policy" seriously research the ethnic and cultural demographics of the rape suspects and convicts in Sweden. Mostly non- White immigrants, am I right? am I elita101?

Your liberal attitude and people like you are partly to blame!

So remember sweetheart that we are all part of "the Human Race" if it ever happens to you. "

Swedish Girl
"you wish me to be raped... well then i would tell you to jump back up you mother filthy ass again because those kind of statement belongs in a mental institution.' and that one day when you get kids they die young... you don't deserve happiness with sayings like that.

Secondly increase of crimes and rape doesn't come with color it comes with trauma and war from other countries. and we are working hard to help people come on the right road so we can lower crime and rape statistics in sweden.

and yes i'm swedish..and you should be grateful this site even exists. "

Keiser said...


"There is no way you are a "doctor in psychiatry" not at 28 you lying bitch. You suffer from a condition called group narcissism.

You said
"and yes i'm swedish..and you should be grateful this site even exists. "

Why did you make it. Just because you are Swedish doesn't mean you can share in the productive effort or glory of this site.
GROUP NARCISSISM is the term for that.

Psychiatrist Erich Fromm wrote at lenght about this condition in his book "Fear of (Escape) from Freedom" You would be familiar with this if you were an actual "doctor in psychiatry" and if you were I would pity your patients. You are obvious extremely messed up yourself.

I never said I want to see you raped you fantasy prone bitch. I said you liberal attitude is the reason why so many are now exposed to the increased statistical possibility of being raped in Sweden and you should consider that IF it ever happens to you.

"Secondly increase of crimes and rape doesn't come with color it comes with trauma and war from other countries. and we are working hard to help people come on the right road so we can lower crime and rape statistics in sweden. "

No you cunt people make the CHOICE to perform that act. Just because someone is abused doing give them the right to abuse. They are responsible.

"rape doesn't come with color"

No it comes with culture and colour is a good indicator of that. Not all blacks are bad (a lot of them are what you would call niggers and rape a lot), not all Muslims are bad. I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is one of the greatest men alive. We are talking about the probabilities associated with particular types of cultures you dim wit.

Do you really think that it is legitimate for Swedish girls to become collateral damage just so you can be "working hard to help people come on the right road" the because of the "wars and trauma" of OTHER countries. I'm sure the victims would thank you for the liberal decision you and your ilk made for them.

Oh and elita101
Just for the sake of clarity you noncognisant girl
the "victims" I mentioned above are the Swedish girls whom as a result of people like YOU exposing them to the kind of vermin who are predisposed to rape and violence just so you can show what a good and helpful person you are. "

Swedish Girl

"nice to see you using your brain, to bad its all wrong and full of crap.

i made a statement abt me and i will stand my ground, even if you don't believe me...well i know the truth.

and by the now you can fuck off..."

Well you see the problem. That approach ostensibly doesn't seem to work. However she did eventually say

"wow, ur kinda funny to bad ur are fucked up stupid. :):)


So maybe it does

Now "she" could have been a 500lb nigger called Lemaricus for all I know. So I may be telling this tale kind of in spite of myself but I like to think she looked like this...


Keiser said...

Just in case you think I have an over active imagination (which I do)

The above can be found here

Along with another commenters opinion of the exchange which included others. I am quite proud...

"6 pages of some of the most vile disgusting comments i have come across to date on TPB. How people can take seriously someone they don't know and will never meet making racially and or sexually abusive comments is beyond me. The purpose of these comments is to get other people to respond and before you know it everyone is competing in an abusive to-and-fro. It's no different then trolling."

Anonymous said...

Good audio here:

Part 1: A Continued Conversation with Dr. Kevin McDonald
World View Foundations Director Rodney Martin continues his conversations with Dr. Kevin McDonald from last week.
Kevin MacDonald is Professor of Psychology at California State University–Long Beach.

Part 2: A Conversation with Harold Covington
In this Conversation, World View Foundations Director and ANA Co-Founder Rodney Martin and Harold Covington, a long-time leader for our People, who is the spokesman for the Northwest Front.
Rodney Martin and Mr. Covington will discuss the Northwest Front and the effort to establish a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.


Anonymous said...

Look , if you want to see movies for free , no need to download , try these two sites .


Keiser said...


Thanks for the links but I would never dl movies and deprive the Hollywood Moguls of all their hard earned shekels. It is wrong especially since Hollywood is so pro-white :-)

Anonymous said...


We all are human, we all are equal worthy of life and wellbeing. We have only one race and its the Human race

What that psycho bithc was saying is that she doesn't care about genocide.

Keiser said...


I believe that she doesn't even see genocide such is the brain washing!

but as IS said, when they are living in a crime infested third world country will they recognise the problem?

Well I mentioned Malmo to her later in the exchange, as it is even now a crime infested third world township and she said in Swedish that the only problem with Malmo is people like me! No joke.

Funny, here I am NOT murdering, raping, mugging, honour killing, exploiting a welfare system, targeting a people for genocide, driving down property prices, turning previously wealth towns in to war zones, etc, etc

Hopefully a spark was generated between her ears.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

They do say that a liberal is a White that hasnt yet been raped /mugged/ murdered ...but I reckon that they'd now make excuses even as it was happening ...'oh , what a deprived life this poor person must have had , to drive him to be raping me and punching my pretty White teeth out of my mouth ...poor Leroy , he grew up in the Wrong Side Of Town ...'


Anonymous said...

Did anybody ever see Jimmy Savile and Emu in the same room at the same time ?

I didnt think so ...



Keiser said...

"but I reckon that they'd now make excuses even as it was happening ...'oh , what a deprived life this poor person must have had , to drive him to be raping me and punching my pretty White teeth out of my mouth "

Search for "Amanda Kijera Haiti"

On her blogger site, which has no posts only a picture of yet another nigger created shithole, entitled The Love I Bring she describes herself as a "human bridge".

Sometimes I feel sorry for these women, like we haven't done enough to protect them from dangerous ideologies like feminism.

This is why I was... forthright... with that Swedish girl in the hope of defibrillating her brain. It was a kindness in the face of the alternative i.e. ending up like poor Amanda.

Anonymous said...

The Simpsteins
How jewish IS 'The Simpsons' ?

Flicking through a book , " The Simpsons - an uncensored , unauthorised history " by JEW? John Ortved .

Only got to page 50 but so far , in order of appearance :

James L Brooks - producer , developer . Thought he was 'Irish' until he saw the name "Bernstein" on his grandparents door , lol
!(page 28)

Tracey Ullman -English jew , Simpsons launched on her show.

"Duff Man " Character , jewish and gay

Judd Apatow - jew comedy 'genius' , or 'jewnius'

"Bill Haverchuck" geeky character , probably jew

Garry Shandling-jew 'comic'

George Meyer

'Spaceballs' jew comedy , Mel Brooks , Rick Moranis
'Saturday Night Live '-jew Lorne Micheals , etc
"Waiting for (jew) Guffman"-jew Christopher Guest , etc

"Cheers" jew comedy , Judd Hirsch , etc
"Roseanne" jew comedy , jew Roseanne Barr , etc
"Seinfeld" uber-jew com , jew Jerry Seinfeld , jew Larry David , etc

Lenny Bruce -jew comic

Barry Diller -jew media exec

"Time" , "Newsweek" " Rolling Stone" - jew rags

Stanley Kubrik -jew director

" South Park " jew cartoon , jew Matt Stone , etc
(... Bart's greatest sin was sawing the head off the statue of the town's founder , in season 9 of SP , Cartman tried to exterminate the Jews 7 )

Mike Reiss - jew , early producer and writer on The Simpsons

" The Daily Show " jew Jon "Stewart" ( Labovitch)

Marc Jacobs - queer jew designer

Gene Goldsmith - jew media bod

Mark Levensky - one of Groening's writing teachers

Lynda Weinman- jewish girlfriend of Groenings , circa 1977

Leonard Koren -jew publisher

Jane Levine -jew publisher

Richard Meltzer? Richard Gehr?

"Pee-Wee's Playhouse" jew pervert Paul Ruebens

Jack Kirby -jew comic writer

Will Eisner -jew comic writer

Deborah Kaplan -Groening's first jew wife

Art Spiegelman -jew mouse holocaust guy, friend of Groening

Homer and Abe Groening - Groening's jewish children

"Rhoda" jew -com
"Lou Grant " jew show , jew Ed Astner

Albert Brooks - jew actor

Gary Ross - jew writer

Judd Hirsch-jew actor

Andy Kayfman -jew comic/actor

Ken Estin ?

Anne Spielberg - jew writer , sister of you-know-who

Ed Weinberger -jew writer /producer

Jerry Belson -?

"Indiana Jones" half-jew Harrison Ford , uber-jew Stephen Spielberg

Marvin Davis -jew oilman /mogul /exec

Harris Katleman -? Former CEO of 20th Century Fox

Jeffrey Katzenberg - jew producer / CEO of Dreamworks

Micheal Eisner -jew head of Disney

Marc Rich -jew banker /crook

Micheal Milken -jew banker / crook

Brandon Tartikoff -jew TV exec

Daniel Kimmel - jew critic /writer

cont ...

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers - jew 'comic'

David Letterman -apparently NOT jew , but ...

Richard Belzer - jew 'comic' /actor

Heide Pearlman -jew producer , sister of Rhea

Julie Kavner -jew? Voice of Marge Simpson

Douglas Rushkoff -jew 'critic of judaism' / media bod

Marx - jew devil

Margot Pipkin -? Animation producer

Hank Azaria - jew actor , voice of many Simpsons characters

Harry Shearer - jew actor , voice of many Simpsons characters.

Micheal Mendel -jew

Robert Cohen -jew writer on Simpsons

Jay Kogen -jew writer on Simpsons

Wallace Wolodarsky ? writer on Simpsons

Josh Weinstein -jew writer/producer on Simpsons

"Krusty the Klown " jew character , father is a rabbi

" Curb Your Enthusiasm" jew com , jew Larry David etc

Joe Morgenstern ? Critic

Marilyn Monroe - actress , jew convert

Leonard Nimoy - jew actor / poet/painter/writer/director lol!

Cain and Abel ...?

David Silverman -jew writer

Warner Bros - jew studios
( Hirsz , Aaron ,Szmul and Itzhak Wonskolaser )

Aaron Spelling - jew producer /mogul

Charlie Goldstein -jew TV exec

Danny Elfman , jew composer ,wrote Simpsons theme tune.

Gloria Steinem -half-jew fembot

Aaron Sorkin-jew writer

Mitchell Hurwitz -jew writer / producer

Mel Brooks -jew producer/writer/comic/actor

Neil Simon - jew playwright /author

So far , we have reached chapter 6 , and the Simpsons has yet to be transmitted !

More later if I can be bothered ...


Keiser said...

By the by

Amanda Kijera was actually "grateful" for the experience of being raped by a nigger and blamed the "White Patriarchy" for leading the buck to the vicious act.

It's a beautiful tale indeed. IS did a post on it sometime ago too.

Amanda finds out why blacks are blacks

Keiser said...

Re the Simpsons

Bart knew

Also the Rev Lovejoy and his constant Old Testament sermons f**king p**ses me off.

Correct me if I am wrong but never once has this supposed Christian Reverend preached from the Gospels in the Simpsons when an episode showed them in Church. All Judaic Old Testament approved reading masquerading as some evangelical Christian sect Sunday sermon.

Keiser said...

"It's a beautiful tale indeed"

Just to clarify by that I mean depraved typical nigger behaviour.

James said...

If we (I mean dogooders who know how to fix everything like nastiestuncle) got all the racist whites out of South Africa, and replaced then with Whites that like blacks, wouldn't the world be a better place.

Then there is the problem of blacks that don't like whites. Well that won't be a problem will it? Blacks only dislike racist whites, we all know that (the teacher told us at school), so no one will dislike anyone in the new South Africa. The blacks will be happy, the black-loving whites will be happy, and the racists will be happy to? What's wrong with that?

James said...

You should have fired the Mantra at that Swedish chick and told her she would love the new friendly Anti-Racist Hitler, since he's really changed for the better and just wants what's best for everybody. :-)

James said...

Women are not the source of their oppression; oppressive policies and the as-yet unaddressed white patriarchy which still dominates the global stage are. Because women–and particularly women of color–are forced to bear the brunt of the Black male response to the Black male plight, the international community and those nations who have benefitted from the oppression of colonized peoples have a responsibility to provide women with the protection that they need.

Can any one of these bitches tell us White men how to fix ourselves? Do he just kill ourselves? Get frontal lobotomies? Turn gay en masse?

What do we do? Its hard being the source of the world's problems. Really hard.

One day even we will be oppressed by ourselves and start raping too. How can we prevent that?

These women have pointed out the problem. What's the solution? I can't stop oppressing. When I drive my car I oppress people without a car. When I sell my car I oppress people who can't afford a car. When I take the bus I oppress the bus driver. When I walk I oppress the workers making footpaths. When I don't walk to work I oppress the tax payers giving me the dole. When I don't want the dole I oppress people I beg off. When I stop begging I oppress the people who have to clean up my rotten starved corpse. When I get cremated I oppress the people paying for that. When I'm gone I oppress the black man who doesn't get food stamps from my tax. So I should keep going to work and paying my taxes. But then I have to drive my car or take the bus. The cycle of oppression never ends. There is no way out. Not even death.

To be a white man is to be an oppressor. There is no escape from this fact. May as well enjoy it then I guess. Bring me another drink boy...

Anonymous said...

One important jew meme that the jew Simpsons and the jew Southpark and the jew Family Guy has knowingly propagated is the

" pathetic , hypochondriac , nebbishy , wimpy , physically feeble , neurotic , HARMLESS , non-threatening and impotent " jew stereotype .

It suits the narrative - " Who , ME ? "

Aggressive , dangerous , criminal big jew gorillas like Irv Rubin never seem to feature ...which , funnily , is more or less what Brando said ..

" You'll never see The Kike , in Hollywood films "

Though I would argue that
" Lucky Number Slevin " ,
" Ca$h " ( an excellent film starring the " New Rutger Hauer -ie- Go-To Aryan Bad Guy , Sean Bean ) and
" Drive " are three movies that show the kike as a scumbag , a thief , a gangster , etc .

'Drive' in particular has been accused of being " anti-semitic "

chek it , brav


James said...

UKIP candidate in group claiming Queen leads global conspiracy

Lots of pictures of Illuminati Jewish squids sucking money and blood in the article!

Fantastic stuff!

James said...

Cameron thinks the UKIP don't like blacks that hide in closets, but they do eat a lot of fruitcakes!

Wow, things are weird in the UK!
Why would the colour of someone's skin matter if they are hiding in your closet? Some people!

Anonymous said...

Ian D Smith says :

"Please remember that the Protocols were a Tsarist anti-semitic hoax printed by Henry Ford and championed by Hitler who knew they were fake "

So that's it settled then .
We might as well shut the internet down , now .

What more is there to say ?


James said...

In the NZ Herald today:

NZ is gayer than Oz - Aussie can't get their rainbow up!

How much can a koala bear?

Once that is out of the way (any day now, nobody can stop the queer tsunami) they will look at the stolen generation of kangaroo fiddlers.

Ned Kelly might have been a Kangaroo fiddler. He may have touched wombats too. :-(

James said...

What more is there to say ?

Do you, after all this time, actually believe that the paper they were written on was real?

James said...



James said...

Susan Devoy.

Race Commissioner for NZ.

Susan Devoy

She's been in the job 2 days and already said "Same Shit- Different Day".

That's bad. Every brown child is different, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Anonymous said...

Did I post this already ? OY ! I cant remember . Great vid from a NZ perspective . It's happening EVERYWHERE!

Check out the Chinese woman
" I am a Person Of Colour "

Well , Whoop-de-fuckin' Doo for you :

The Vote - A Cultural Marxist Comedy

Mossad In America :

Blah-Blah Man

James said...

I hope nobody tries to harm our children by preventing the teaching of porn in schools. That wouldn't be very modern, would it?

Some parents might object, and those parents must be stopped - right nastiestuncle? The more porn the better. It's only natural for kids to want to watch it right? We have to end the abuse caused by parents who think they own their kids and can tell them what they can and cannot do. These so-called parents are extremely harmful to our kids. Right?

[If anyone is confused by this, ask nastiestuncle to explain in moron language so you can understand. He is such a genius that he can actually speak moron language as good as anyone else so don't worry about that. He will tell you whats good for our kids. Not your kids, our kids.]

Uncle Nasty said...

What is it with these fucking jigaboos? There seems to be no limit to the objects that they can stick up their capacious fundaments ....

In which we discover:-

Jailed Nigger Given Away by Ringing iPhone Up His Butt

April 23, 2013 Nigger Crime, TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior) 10 Comments

Niggers Should be Warned About Using an iPhone as a Butt Stuffer

Only niggers, and only in Nig York!–nigknocker

An ex-con nigger was busted for stealing an iPhone when it started ringing — while stashed up his butt in a holding cell at the West Village station house, sources said.

Trent Patterson, 47, had initially been aperested for allegedly burglarizing the trendy Ted Baker clothing boutique in the Meatpacking District at around 5:50 a.m. Friday, along with four other suspooks, the sources said.

A food vendor had spotted the five niggers going in and out of the shop with armfuls of clothing and accessories. The vendor called cops, and all five suspooks were quickly nabbed. Gee, the jigs can’t figure out that a groidal of niggers knuckle-dragging in and out of a high-end shop at 5 a.m. carrying merchandise would look suspicious

Then, as Patterson was in his nigger cage at the Sixth Precinct station house, a 27-year-old man whose iPhone had been swiped used an app to track the device, according to the sources.

The victim, who was at the station house to report the theft, called his iphone — and heard his distinct ring coming from shitskin Patterson in a nearby nigger holding cage.

When an officer confronted Patterson, the career criminal admitted that he’d hidden the phone up his butt and retrieved it, the sources said. Cop to victim: I have good news and bad news. Victim: What’s the good news? Cop: We found your iPhone. Victim: That’s great! So what’s the bad news? Cop: We retrieved it from the nigger’s butt. Victim: (silence with a look of disbelief and disgust).

Patterson was charged with criminal possession of stolen property for filching the iPhone 5 and burglary for the clothing heist. Patterson has served four stints in Nigger U. dating back to 1991, mostly for robbery. He was being held in lieu of $50,000 bond after his arraignment yesterday in Manhattan Criminal Court.

You may recall my post of a few months back in which some nig retard had a Smith and Wesson Military and police revolver stashed in his rectum.

Rectum? If it had gone off it would have fucktum.

Footnote: Do you know how big a Smith and Wesson M&P is?


Anonymous said...

"Who are we going to get to present the Radio 2 Arts Show ? - is there a spare jew ? "

" I'll Do it" says jew Claudia Winkleman , daughter of jew Eve Pollard ...

James said...

Lemmings are so cute.

Shaunantijihad said...

It wasn't pioneered by Sweden and Belgium etc.

It was the Jewish Federal reserve controlled USA and Jewish think-tanks such as the Frankfurt School. It is the JewSA's foreign policy since WW2 to enforce the mass non-White immigration into White countries, as is the policy of our so called leaders in Europe. They bombed the Serbs for resisting the policy of surrender to Islamic conquest. Any conquest will do in fact, Islamic or Negro, just so long as the White race's breeding homelands are exterminated.

Hardon's blog has reposted David Lane's open letter here:

Open Letter to a Dead Race

Seneca said...

Yet again Savant you hit the nail on the head and in a most original way. In fact it should be obvious that what you say is true but unfortunately, even in my own case, I failed to see it.

Hope the Boris Borisovs of the future will help out my kids!

Anonymous said...

So, Bulgaria is currently poor even though it is practically 100% white, but in the future it will become rich if it remains practically 100% white.

I don't understand that. Perhaps someone could explain it.

Here's a mistake: "There is virtually no visible evidence of cultural enrichers (Bulgaria’s Muslims are almost all ethnic Bulgars)."

It doesn't matter what ethnicity Bulgaria's Muslims are; they are still Muslims with a culture distinct from that of Bulgaria's non-Muslims. A white Muslim is just as useless as a Muslim from Syria, perhaps more so. You don't have to be brown to be a cultural enricher.

Clogheen said...

GTRMan 22.51. It all makes perfect sense once you know why it's happening. There is a policy, enunciated nearly 100 years ago, to destroy the west by destroying everything that holds it together. Turning us into degenerates represents the foundation layer for the destruction.

karen said...

Keiser - that exchange with that Swedish airhead. Brilliant. Note how she has absolutely no answer to the facts you wrote. Just boilerplate CM groupspeak.

Again, well done.

Anonymous said...

@ gtrman , clocked your analiysis of the crap on TV and thought this is like a commenter on INCOGMAN and low and behold it was , should do a post over there mate, we've been a bit worried about you along with sazzy and barney, good stuff that you point out, frys all over the place down here and norton etc etc etc etc ....Dave in Ozz

Anonymous said...

Ruddy ducks must be exterminated in the UK because they breed with non-Ruddy ducks thus threatening that groups existence.

Anonymous said...

I hope she does get raped, she deserves it......
went to Bulgaria about 7/8 years ago, beer around 50p a pint, cigs about the same.( I expect that's all changed) Some beautiful counrtyside, but loads of gyppos. They were a couple of shades darker than the locals. Might have been ingrained dirt, didn't get close enough to find out.
Paris Claims

Keiser said...

I enjoy Irate as well. His Saturday Night Cinema is always good.

Irritable bowl syndrome - There's an app for that!

@Karen and Paris Claims
Thank you

At first I thought I was being too harsh but now I realise it is probably not only the best way but the only way to talk to these people.
I feel with anti-racists you are not talking to them, in fact you are talking to their programming. So being harsh is like snapping someone out of a dissociative state with a sudden shock. It might get them thinking and as you can see she was no angel herself in service of her "cause".

On the subject of why Bulgaria would become rich just because it is mostly White. Surely it is akin to a currency market. When confidence is lost in a currency prices of stable commodities, stores of value such as gold, goes up* and there is increased investment in the "safer bet".

(*if you exclude planned price attacks such as the one recently where certain banks engaged in naked short selling i.e. fraud in order to drive the price down)

The dysfunction will be more apparent the more enriched a country. So less confidence in niggerville and therefore more investment by external concerns in the safer, Whiter bet. I would guess.

Keiser said...

"I would guess."

Actually, no I'm certain.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this site .... stuff regards royals, peados and the bostan bombing hoax , he was linked to by David Icke and now gets many hits, old Chriss doesn't mind a swear up and calling a spade a spade, up to a point, they dont cross the jew line but bring up some good stuff, worth a look, people bringing up the jew issue are not barred from the comments ..... Dave in Ozz

katana said...

Though I would argue that
" Lucky Number Slevin " ,
" Ca$h " ( an excellent film starring the " New Rutger Hauer -ie- Go-To Aryan Bad Guy , Sean Bean ) and
" Drive " are three movies that show the kike as a scumbag , a thief , a gangster , etc .

'Drive' in particular has been accused of being " anti-semitic "

chek it , brav


27 April 2013 03:29

GTRman, I've just finished watching Drive at that link you provided. Damn intense!

Righteous gentile versus psychopathic jewish gangsters!

Given that so many of American gangsters were and are jews (although usually with their jewishness hidden by nicknames) calling the movie anti-Semitic is just another jewish lie that we are so used to.

As a side note the movie, is a warning against getting involved with single mothers and all the complications they create. Single mothers are secondhand goods and should be avoided.

Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

@ 04:05 Thanks for that video:

The initial loud background music is very distracting, but the message is clear.

The last time I visited Auckland, NZ (2003), it seemed the downtown streets and Mt. Albert was vastly controlled by the invading Chinese and other Asians. Can't imagine ... how much of a foot-hold they must have on the city today!

Baloo said...

I didn't know squat about Bulgaria. Thanks much for the info. I've reprinted this at Ex-Army, with gratitude and links:

Roem said...

three movies that show the kike as a scumbag , a thief , a gangster , etc .

Which probably explains why I never even heard of them.

reconquista2200 said...


Much of what you've stated in this post applies to much of the former Eastern Bloc.

The more pertinent issue here is what proportion of Bulgarian gypsies and other enrichers
will arrive in IE/UK and other Western European states once restrictions on their movements within the EU are lifted?

When the initial benefits of EU membership are felt and Bulgaria in time attains some level of prosperity, it'll go the same way as any other European State, a chaotic muslim/african/gypsy colony where the first and foremost concern of all the subjugated autochthonous peoples must be "we can't be racist..."

Throughout the EU, the credo has been and will continue to be 'economy over culture'. Economy must be number one, population/service levels and
economic growth must be maintained, regardless of the cost to the people and their civilisation. It seems only the Japanese are clever enough not to be hoodwinked by the primacy of market economics and the attendant liberal fascist dictatorship, keenly aware as they are of what a non-Japanese Japan would

Anonymous said...

Nothing is impossible !!!

Anonymous said...

Bernard Manning V Ester Rantzen

Anonymous said...

The eastern block will go the same way as us eventually.

The greasy kikes in New York will offer them endless credit and debt slavery with the condition that they accept a nigger invasion and just like all the other Godless whites in the world they'll greedily accept their thirty pieces of silver.


Keiser said...

@Katana (and all other posters)

"Single mothers are secondhand goods and should be avoided."

Thank you for making this the most honest website on the net!
LoL :-)

Keiser said...

...and I mean that sincerely!

Hector said...

The more pertinent issue here is what proportion of Bulgarian gypsies and other enrichers
will arrive in IE/UK and other Western European states once restrictions on their movements within the EU are lifted?

Well I know that in Ireland our courts can be rerlied on to do the wrong thing and they've excelled themselves this time by deeming Roma to have the right to beg, this being their 'employment'.

Police now can't touch them. Cue the whole place being immediately flooded by the parasites.

Baloo said...

I'm sure the Simpsons has much of that agenda, but occasionally they produce an episode that runs counter to the leftist agenda. I think of the NRA episode, very much pro-gun, and the antifeminist one where Principal Skinner gets demoted to be Willy's assistant.

Anonymous said...

Dreamliners for "Ethiopian Airlines" Am I missing something? Who could possibly have imagined they were a TURD sorry third world country?!!?

SAVANT said...

Maybe, but the resident doctor in The Simpsons is black as is every second judge and authority figure. Apart from the stupid ones like Chief Wiggins and his retarded son - who are both white. Of course.

Then again Krusty, not a likeable character, is jewish.....

SAVANT said...

Ethiopian Airlines badly need the Dreamliners. To ferry all those Ethiopean 'refugees' up to Europe.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@ 04:05 Thanks for that video:

The last time I visited Auckland, NZ (2003), it seemed the downtown streets and Mt. Albert was vastly controlled by the invading Chinese and other Asians. Can't imagine ... how much of a foot-hold they must have on the city today!
27 April 2013 13:19

Very true, I'm afraid. The south, east and central (inner city) parts of Auckland are pretty much Chinese territory. Strangely enough, I have no problems with the Chinese as they are usually hard-working (almost termite-like), non-violent and usually keep to themselves ... but I do avoid them because their English is poor, or at the very least, so heavily accented, that I find them tiring to listen to. Also, you will not make a friend of a Chinese. They hide behind a cast-iron wall

The huge problem is a large percentage of the Maori and the Pacific Islanders. They are the equivalent of New Zealand's niggers. They have adopted the culture(?) of America's niggers ... the violence; the (c)rap music; and an admiration of the low-life gang culture in general. Not all of them -- but enough to avoid them whenever possible.

Also, thanks to a beneficiary culture instilled by generations of ball-less, gutless socialist vote-seeking NZ politicians, they are locked into this culture of poverty and violence. They kill their children with amazing regularity and are usually behind all instances of violent theft and robbery.

To get a good notion of how the really dodgy ones behave, watch "Once were Warriors" (NZ 1994)

Shot in Glen Innes, Onehunga, and Otara, Auckland

These of course, are my opinions, and I would be interested to hear the opinions of any other NZers or frequent visitors.


Uncle Nasty said...

I'm in a shit-stirring mood this morning ...

It's a bird! It's a plane!! No, no!!! It's wheelchair man!!!!!

Multiple exclamation marks, as Terry Pratchett once said, is a sign of madness. I need a coffee.


James said...

Bulgaria will stay the same way as Ireland. They will be rich one day, but money comes with a price.

They will pay the same price Ireland has: blacks!

That's just the way it works now.

James said...

This explains the real reason why they want all the kids to read Anne Frank's diary.

You would have to be brave to argue that kids shouldn't read it, because that would make you a Nazi. This mother did kick up a fuss though.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 23:02


I love shit like that because you can use it to gauge a person's worth as a human, that being those who believe it are shit.

James said...

These of course, are my opinions, and I would be interested to hear the opinions of any other NZers or frequent visitors.

I'll tell you all what its really like, if I can. I live in South Auckland, right in the middle of it. There are Islanders everywhere, but Indians are taking over. The area is maybe 30% white. There is no graffiti at all virtually. There is not much crime. Our front door is often open and nothing happens. Our house has never been burgled but I know some who have been. A house nearby with Maoris in it has been raiding by the police about once a year. Otherwise, there is not much police activity around here except for traffic checks.

In the street islander kids will usually show me a lot of respect and get off the footpath so I can pass and they often say hello. Some smartarse ones will purposefully block the middle so I have to go around, but they are in the minority.
There was a shooting in the street a couple of years ago, but that was gang/drug related. The gangs in NZ are multi-racial affairs, run like businesses. They make a lot of money, then the leaders retire to lifestyle blocks out in the countryside. The leaders don't take drugs - they do all the thinking and money making instead.
Even Black Power has many whites working for it making money. (Interestingly, the symbol of the Mongrel Mob - a Maori gang and the chief rival of Black Power - has a swastika and bull dog). Ex Prime Minister Robert Muldoon (National Party) was patron of Black Power. He supported them in their community efforts (helping other Maoris of course). He also organise "dawn raids" in the 1970s to find Polynesian overstayers and deport them. That caused a lot of handwringing, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Some Maoris did not like PIs, and did not like half castes either.

Out in West Auckland I think it is much the same or maybe worse. The whites out there are more degraded too, more redneck types and white trash. Lots of petrolheads.

Tariana Turia, a Maori MP said "NZ is getting browner and browner every day, and I think that's a wonderful thing" with a sickly smirk on her fat face. However, its getting massively Chinese and Indian too. Massively.

Most of the schools in Auckland are from 0% to 25% white. Many are 0% white. A few on the extreme fringes of the city are above 90% white. Bascially, Auckland in 20 years will have a fixed non-white future.

Islanders are often fat, useless looking, and angry. Many others have decent jobs and make plenty of money. There are two types. Some are savages that cook entire pigs on fires on the front lawn where everybody walking past can see. Many are decent and hard working and go to church every sunday. They have a community which many fractured, individualised whites can only envy. They can discuss matters that affect their people openly, whites cannot. The local hospital (the main one in Sth Auck - Middlemore) is staffed mainly with Indians. Patients are mainly islanders and Indians. The quality of nursing can be lacking at times, but it isn't too bad. It's still 1st world more or less.
The corner shop ("Dairy"), is almost without exception run by an Indian family. The only exceptions I know of are run by Chinese. Chinese (or people that look similar) run virtually all the Fish and Chip shops and bakeries. Posh bakeries may be run by whites, but they are rare. There are a few white run fish and chip shops, but they usually close after a few years. Some of the Chinese ones are 30 years old or more!

Overall, New Zealand has a dark future, and it is not a place to escape too if you are in Europe. We will all go down the same.

Like the UK though, if you get out of the cities its still pretty white, but not as white as Scotland because there are Maoris everywhere, and diversity is spreading.

Its hard to give a full picture but I can answer questions.

perry said...

jew on Ukranian TV show lectures a Ukranian patriot about who his true masters are HERE

James said...

The greasy kikes in New York will offer them endless credit and debt slavery with the condition that they accept a nigger invasion and just like all the other Godless whites in the world they'll greedily accept their thirty pieces of silver.

Remember Ireland's Celtic Tiger miracle? Nobody worried about the nigs coming in because everybody was driving a BMW?

Nek minnut, the easy money's gone, but the nigs aint going nowhere mofo. That's the formula.

James said...

Everything's going fine in Whiteland, but then diversity creeps in. Then the trouble starts.

Anonymous said...

UN says "These of course, are my opinions, and I would be interested to hear the opinions of any other NZers or frequent visitors." 27 April 2013 22:41

I'll just add a short synopsis here to illustrate my NZ travel experiences that consist of 3 trips (from Canada) over a span of just under two decades.

1985-86 (6 months)

Lived in the Auckland (Mt. Albert area) for a couple of months, then down to the Nelson/Motueka area for the remainder of my time.

The city was mainly White with some Maoris and Pacific Islanders spread about, and seldom-seen Asians ... NO Blacks.The women actually wore summer dresses which I found rather quaint. Also American franchisees (MacDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, etc. had not yet established a major presence, so were few and far between in Auckland, if any during that time. Dairies, Fish & Chip shops were operated by White NZers.

Nelson appeared 100% White ... don't even recall seeing Maoris in the area.

... 12 years later

Auckland, what happened? Where did all these Chinese people come from? China, of course. Population: 1,350,000,000

I'm outta here! Bought a 2nd hand car and then down to the South Island. Wellington & Christchurch have not been invaded, yet. Riccartton (sic) Mall shoppers & retail staff about 100% White. Dunedin, the same. Stayed about 18 months.

2002-2003 (6 months)

From LAX to Auckland, but somehow landed in HONG KONG! Downtown Queen St. was crowded with Chinese people, and one that initiated a question from my relative who stayed for only two weeks, and asked "Where are the New Zealanders?" Read: White people.

Again, bought a vehicle and headed south towards Wellington and discovered to my joy that their capital city had not yet "been discovered" by the invading hordes.

However, much to my dismay, my favourite NZ city (Christchurch) was now showing a noticeable Chinese presence. Of course, some were tourists from Auckland, but how many had taken root in C.C.??

Once or twice a week, I attended the ultra-modern swimming pool (since damaged by the earthquake) built near the the Avon river. 35% to 40% of the patrons were consistently Chinese. Damn it!

New Zealand's population is similar to Ireland at about 4 million people, but it's only a matter of a few decades when both small countries (including my own), won't be recognizable as "White" countries.

New Zealand had always been my primary country to retire to, but no longer. I may now consider Bulgaria!

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 23:02


I love shit like that because you can use it to gauge a person's worth as a human, that being those who believe it are shit.
27 April 2013 23:50

Have I been insulted? Agreed with? What?


Wolfhound said...

@ UN

Why would they plant an invalid veteran amongst the wounded at the Boston bombing? It makes no sense when there are plenty of genuinely wounded people strewn across the place. In fact, it would be an unnecessary liability if someone recognised him as has supposedly happened here.

It's obvious that the shadow government did pounce on the opportunity to give martial law a dry run and shut down Boston for a period of time even though there was no need for it, but this wasn't a false flag a la 9/11.

I've very suspicious of this type of Alex Jones stuff because it blurs the line between genuine false flag attacks and crazy speculation based on rumour and makes it convenient for the average person to tar every theory with the same brush.

9/11 has real professionals with real expertise agreeing with us.

Pick your battles, My two cents.

wavy gravy said...

perry, that is a totaly fasdcinating clip from Ukraine TV. This guy is actually threatening that if you say something nasty about jews your political career is over. He's right of course, but to openly threaten it like that is something else.

Captain Logic said...

With regards to the Simpsons I would rate them this way:

Some - very funny.
Most - reasonably funny.
A few - not at all funny.
Even less than a few - seriously objectionable (to the extent that I've considered on more than one occasion to not watch them anymore).

Generally speaking, the Simpsons are pro-immigration (of Mexicans and other non-Whites), anti-Republican, pro-poofter, anti-Christian (actually anti-God), anti gun ownership and, well, generally irritatingly to the left of the political and social spectrum.

Entirely irrelevant point: my favourite Simpsons character is the Comic Book Guy! Why, I don't know.

Off topic, in the previous article someone mentioned a story about a family in Brighton seeing two queers doing their queer stuff in front of their young daughter, and then complaining to the police about it.

Well, in modern, Tony Blair graced Britain, this is surely a dicey thing to do.

The Bill are more likely to bust the family, methinks, for intolerance and hate crime, than the fudge-packing offenders!

After all, how dare this family cast a slight upon noble Gay culture, as introduced by Blair and his merry bunch of fags!

And all jokes aside, I honestly don't think Britain is at all far from such a scenario.

Colin said...

James, UN and others. Thanks, kind of, for that update on NZ.

Frankly I'm like totally horrified. I always had the idea that NZ was totally white, you know, maybe a few Maori's thrown in.

But wow! Everywhere is fucked!

perry said...

wavy gravy said...
perry, that is a totaly fasdcinating clip from Ukraine TV.

I would like to hear a Ukranian speaker confirm that the translation is accurate, but I can easily believe that it is.

HERE is the build up to that confrontation. The subject of the debate was "is Ukraine for Ukranians". Some leftist gets up to whine about "fascism", then Yevhen Chervonenko (one-time Ukranian transport minister and Vice-President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress) gets his turn.

Shaunantijihad said...


Some medics have been questioning the injuries at the Boston incident, as being utterly unlike real trauma victims. Like anything form the Jew-media/Jew-tyranny these days, question everything. We live in dark times. The Jewish supremacist Communist tyrants are winning on all fronts, except the internet. No wonder they hate freedom of speech. Hate speech laws are a good sign you have a Jew infestation.

read all of this medic's opinion of the injuries at Boston

Uncle Nasty said...

Wolfhound said...

@ UN

Why would they plant an invalid veteran amongst the wounded at the Boston bombing? It makes no sense when there are plenty of genuinely wounded people strewn across the place.

Wolfhound, I think the point being made is that none of the so-called wounded were wounded.
Looking at the frame-by-frame sequences popping up on the net ... there are all sorts of ... anomalies.

In fact I think that this one, sloppy as it is, is the nearest thing to the debut, breaking in a new team. Do not forget, the yids control the narrative ... for now.

Speculation that this is a false-flag op is rife on the net -- but not a word of doubt is uttered in the MSM.

Rather like an advertising campaign.
Maybe three to five percent will hit the target market. Three to five percent will be turned right off. The remaining 90% -- the Great Unwashed will get whatever message they are meant to get. America gooood. America braaaave. Muslims baaaad.
But on a subconscious level.

The same way that Bush the younger kept conflating 9/11 with Saddam Hussein. Even today, one can bet that there is a sizeable chunk of media-blasted middle America that believes Saddam Hussein planned the Towers debacle.

Correction ... those that think about it at all ... or even remember who Hussein was.

Lincoln supposedly said in one of his homespun aphorisms:- "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time ... blah, blah, blah.

What he didn't have to say was that it is quite sufficient to fool a small and vocal minority -- for just enough time, to slide out from under the current panic.

And voila!! it works. Three short weeks ago, the crisis de jour was North Korea. We were heading for full scale conflict! World war three!! Missiles!!! Aircraft Carriers!!!! Lights, Cameras, Action!!!!!

Then? Pffft.

Did Kim Jong Shithead politely step back to allow the world to have other mini-crises? Did he, fuck.

It's all a fucking circus.


nemesis said...

Perry, that exchange from Ukraine is fascinating even though it seemed a typically stacked deck to me, at least the speakers. I loved the reposne of what seemed to be the only nationalist on the panel 'if Ukraine isn't for Ukrainians then who is it for?'.

Love it!

John said...

"Some medics have been questioning the injuries at the Boston incident, as being utterly unlike real trauma victims."

Just like some engineers questioned how some buildings could fall down after being hit by planes and set alight.
There are always going to be some twats who want the whole thing to be a government conspiracy so they will go to great lengths to make it appear so.

Anonymous said...

Rothschild front-man and Bilderberger attacks UKIP supporters as "racists":

Anonymous said...

Oh Vey! Jewish chicks ignore the natural superior athlete to stick with your own kind

Sarah Jessica Parker didn't get her parker from a basketball playa and Drew Barrymore does not go for natural athletes now that she is married to a guy who really really cannot jump.

Mixing is good enough for them but not good enough for us.

Jay Electronica appears to have paid attention to the ad because he is now going after someone in the Heidi Klum business and now bored with some jewess with three kids.

Captain Logic said...

Ken Clarke is a typical Tory turd - utterly in love with the EU project.

When he opens his mouth he automatically lies; it's just natural to him.

A self-opinionated elitest twat. Nothing more.

If he said it was raining tomorrow - I'd know to leave the brolly at home.

little by little said...

As nationalists we may not agree with UKIPs moderate rightism but they are the only thing that stands a chance of breaking the toxic Cultural Marxist and anti white stranglehold that the LIbLabCon have on politics in the UK.

If they make the breakthrough then it opens the way for real nationalist parties so, if I was in Britain, I would be voting UKIP on May 2nd.

Anonymous said...

@little by little 17:26

I and one or two others have said the same thing but the dissenters said the usual thing: it's controlled by Jews, it isn't anti-Jewish and so on and so on.

This is because saving the country is neither here nor there to these people; their only concern is Jews.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Dan said...

They will be demolished by the Tory party. Now watch this drive.

Anonymous said...

Since LibLabCon is just a revolving dictatorship, a vote for them is an act of treason.

Anonymous said...

Italy's new minister
Italy's first black minister attacked by Northern League
The Guardian ‎- 2 hours ago

Anonymous said...

a vote for them is an act of treason. That would be why Tony Blair changed the law on treason.

Anonymous said...

Just got in , turned on BBC Radio 4 , the homosexual actor Richard Wilson speaking in reverential tones about the jew Stanley Kubrik - some of it in Hebrew !

Also a profile :" Alisher Usmanov has just been named the richest man in Britain. Born in Uzbekistan, Usmanov made his fortune in the collapsing Soviet Union. His empire has stretched from plastic bags to minerals, telecoms, Facebook and Arsenal Football Club. But, as Mark Coles reports, Usmanov's rise has not been straightforward, nor free of controversy."

He's apparently muslim , but married to a jew :

I saw literally a couple of minutes of one of those American shit-coms that teenage girls like so much . A woman takes a bloke home from a party for a one-night-stand. In bed , she says " Would you mind putting your finger in my ass? "

" No problem" , says the man. Evidently his finger is too small , because she then asks him to put his thumb in . Next day we see him walk into a shop with his thumb bandaged .
" That girl's sphincter has a grip like a vice " , he announces to his friends .

Hilarious . This is The Culture .


Bill said...


Your exposes of the Jew controlled media are priceless. You should have your own blog.

Sean said...

Slowly slowly catchee monkey!

UKIP can break the poisonous grip of the LibLabCon and prepare the way for Britain's own Jobbik or Golden Dawn.

Once enough voters have broken their voting habit then anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

More on supposedly " anti-semitic " movies :

Batman Returns:
An Anti-Semitic Allegory?
Andrew Hamilton

British Film Gives ‘An Education’ in Anti-Semitism

" Jenny: “Oh, and by the way ... David’s a Jew, a wandering Jew. So watch yourself.”

We were only 15 minutes into the film and this was the second reference to the “Wandering Jew,” an age-old, European anti-Semitic stereotype. The British coming-of-age film, “An Education,” had gotten rave reviews, yet the more I watched, the more the character of David Goldman resembled the parasitical Jew of “Der Ewige Juden” (“The Eternal Jew”) — one of the infamous 1930s Nazi propaganda films I had studied in Peter Loewenberg’s class at UCLA.

From the moment David starts following the teenage Jenny in his fancy car, the pudgy, effete David Goldman (played by Peter Sarsgaard) proclaims his ethnicity. (Jenny: “I’m not a Jew.” David: “No, I am. I wasn’t ... accusing you.”) Like the predatory creature characterized in “Der Ewige Juden,” Goldman pretends to adopt the values of his host culture in order to turn its treasures into his profit. He offers Jenny “three five-pound notes” to drive her cello home safely out of the rain; “I’m a music lover,” he tells her. Then he proceeds to corrupt the innocent gentile girl (played by Carey Mulligan) with expensive flowers, gifts, concerts, art auctions and trips to Oxford and Paris.

David enriches himself by ruining good English neighborhoods, deflating property values and looting cultural treasures from displaced widows. He moves blacks into white neighborhoods: “Shvartzes,” he tells Jenny, “have to live somewhere; it’s not as if they can rent from their own kind.” The only identifiable Jew in the film, he constantly uses the collective “we” to justify his wickedness: “This is how we are, Jenny,” Goldman editorializes. “We’re not clever like you, so we have to be clever in other ways, because if we weren’t, there would be no fun.”

In “An Education,” Jenny’s values, and those of her middle-class parents, teachers and first boyfriend, are antithetical to those of the crooked Jew. The Brits are refined, attractive, honest, sober and hard working. Boyfriend and classmate Graham, “a handsome boy,” according to the script, plays the violin, is modest and clean-cut and presents Jenny with the same plainly wrapped Latin dictionary for her birthday as her parents."

( Its a very good British film -watch it )

" Drive "
"This was a gem of a movie. Ryan Gosling is the biggest thing since kosher bread in Hollywood today. Before the movie even begins it has you wondering how some crypto got onto the big screen in the first place and sit and wait to see if that question will ever be answered.

This movie is chock full of Jews and even included a young Irish girl who Jews seem to have taken a liking to (in another Jewish movie as an under aged girl being stalked by a married Jew). In fact the whole movie surrounds this young Irish girl who is married to a Chicano in this movie (when she of course should be with the crypto Jew Gosling)..."

A Michigan woman has filed a lawsuit over the film "Drive," charging that the trailer was misleading and that the movie is anti-Semitic.


Jon said...

More sinister Jewish machinations:

"There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states"

James said...

James, UN and others. Thanks, kind of, for that update on NZ.

Frankly I'm like totally horrified. I always had the idea that NZ was totally white, you know, maybe a few Maori's thrown in.

But wow! Everywhere is fucked!

A lot of Brits come here to escape, but there are still plenty of White places in the UK.

Scotland is far whiter than NZ for example. Belfast is too.

Dunedin in the South of NZ is very white apart from some of the university students. In a mall there I saw 100% white people except a few hot blondes had big stupid looking samoan/tongan boyfriends.

I actually tried to be fair in my assessment before. I live in a good part of browntown. There are much worse areas.

I forgot to mention the Muslims. On my street and a few other streets they have converted homes into mosks. There are cars everywhere and bright lights out the front so the cockroaches can find their way in. Slightly annoying, but no call to prayer yet. I guess they need to be 25% population or more for that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks , Bill . Mostly I stick them here :


James said...

Once or twice a week, I attended the ultra-modern swimming pool (since damaged by the earthquake) built near the the Avon river. 35% to 40% of the patrons were consistently Chinese. Damn it!

One of the main swimming pools in Auckland is the Olympic pool in Newmarket. An American I knew called it Chinese Soup. The dirty fiends actually wash their mouths out in the spa pool and the main pool. I've seen it. They spit in the pool constantly. Maybe they do it so they can disgust everyone else and have it for themselves, I don't know. They are disgusting, I dislike them, and I wish they would all just disappear somehow.

As for Negros, growing up in NZ I NEVER saw them except on TV. When I say never, I mean NEVER. I saw my first ever negro in NZ in the late 90s I think, some refugee probably. No I see them at least once a week!! (I guess that sounds like paradise to some of you guys, but its only a matter of time of course...)

James said...

Why would they plant an invalid veteran amongst the wounded at the Boston bombing? It makes no sense when there are plenty of genuinely wounded people strewn across the place. In fact, it would be an unnecessary liability if someone recognised him as has supposedly happened here.

It's obvious that the shadow government did pounce on the opportunity to give martial law a dry run and shut down Boston for a period of time even though there was no need for it, but this wasn't a false flag a la 9/11.

I think it was both fake and a false flag.

You think it was neither?

Isn't there plenty of evidence that its fake? Like the guy with bones sticking out lying on the ground (but not in agony) while people stand around ignoring him and then they actually put a mildly injured black women on a gurney. All he gets is a wheelchair - with those injuries. Its a total crock of shit.

James said...

genuinely wounded people strewn across the place.

Have you got an example of one? A provable example?

I don't think anyone was hurt in that event except the patsies, but I haven't checked it out that thoroughly.

Have you found any real proof of your position?

James said...

James, UN and others. Thanks, kind of, for that update on NZ.

Frankly I'm like totally horrified. I always had the idea that NZ was totally white, you know, maybe a few Maori's thrown in.

But wow! Everywhere is fucked!

Lots of WNs say Japan is not affected etc. Its sort of an excuse to not fight. Japan is getting loads of nigs and they screw all the jap chix like its the end of the world tomorrow.
The jap guys are losing it big time.
Don't give up on the UK just because NZ is white. We are in a dangerous position down here. It wouldn't surprise me if the Chinese Army invaded us and killed us all.

Anonymous said...

Minorities at the pool ? I believe Eric Cartman has lamented this in song.
( good video , poor audio)
( no video , good audio with lyrics)


Anonymous said...

More on the movie " Drive " :

" In an interview with Local Four today attorney Leaf says Drive makes certain the viewer understands that the Jewish characters have absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Worse yet, it is unprecedented [he says] in its connection between criminality caused by the Jewish religion. Leaf says the film uses subtle imagery like angle iron on a garage door in the shape of a Star of David as the backdrop for a murder where a Jew, masquerading as an Italian, uses a straight razor to sever the brachial artery of a sympathetic character’s arm and is left to bleed to death. After the killing the Jew who committed the crime carefully cleans off the blade and then stores it in a special case. Leaf says this is a blatant and sick parody of kosher slaughter. Leaf said of Drive “it seeks to dehumanize and vilify Jews… Its hate filled, very well made, very clever, but nevertheless its anti Semitic propaganda… everything works together towards that purpose.” He went on to say Drive portrays “The Jewish religion as sadistic, unforgiving, cruel which of course it is not. And I think that this is new ground in cinema, American mainstream cinema. I don’t think that has been done before.”

The first time I reported this story it reverberated around the world. I even did a morning radio interview on an Australian station asking about how this suit could have ever come to the fore. It is laughed at and scoffed at by those who say film makers should have free and total reign, especially considering our First Amendment protection. At first I thought it frivolous too. Who sues because the movie stunk I asked?

Well, it turns out I know little about the intricacies of Nazi anti Semitic hate propaganda and kosher slaughter. I could not see that concern here. Leaf does a good job of explaining his dark concerns. As a Jew, he understood immediately what he was looking at and does not want anyone to walk away without understanding it, too.

He believes, and says as much in his pleadings, any moviemaker willing to put on screen images of Muhammad with a pig would generate riots in the streets. He says what this film portrays is equally as offensive to Jews and everyone should know about it. No he doesn’t want riots in the streets. It is his intent to have a warning label slapped on the film; its DVD’s and even its airing on television to tell audiences it is not “Fast and Furious” but Jew hating sentiment on steroids."


James said...

Jim Sinclair on KWN:

The Elites Frightening Plan To Control The Masses

Conclusion: Buy some gold while it is still relatively cheap, and hide it somewhere.
They are coming after your bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Mark this comment as 'Spam ' :

Hilarious ! Free Ham in Nottingham !

Crime Of The Century !


Anonymous said...

Yup James those kaffers breed faster than rabbits in a western enviroment , watch and see , its beyond believeable, before you know it you are goig to ask. "Where the fuck do they all come from?"

Anonymous said...

This reviewer seems confused - on the one hand he says that the shit-com is " sexist and racist " ( because there is a joke about females spending a long time in the bathroom -everyone knows that this is simply NOT TRUE ! and because there is a black West-Indian woman who is forced to play a .....toilet cleaner ! when we all know that most fat black Jamaican women are brain surgeons or professors of Philosophy , etc ) and then he goes on to say that it is tiresomely PC....

" The Wright Way: New BBC comedy by Ben Elton is the worst sitcom ever
28 Apr 2013 00:00
Everything is diabolical. From so-called jokes about women taking forever in the bathroom, to the word “erection”

So don your hard hats, grab your hi-vis fluorescent jackets and complete a risk management plan for the new title-holder, the catastrophically godawful new series from Ben Elton.

It’s called The Wright Way, set in a health and safety unit, and the TV listings say it’s a sitcom – though the evidence from episode one suggests otherwise, right from a stick man being electrocuted in the opening titles.

He turned out to be the lucky one.

Everything, and I mean everything, about the show is diabolical, from the lame pun in the programme name to the minor point that there’s nothing whatsoever to laugh at to the material that’s straight from telly’s pre-remote control days.

Seriously, the ground is so well-trodden they may as well have named this Oxford Street Boxing Day Sales.

There are so-called jokes about women taking forever in the bathroom (tee-hee), public toilet push-button taps (snigger), the word “erection” (phnar), the Nuremberg Trials (slap-a-my thigh) and misplaced ­receipts (please stop, my sides).

Which wouldn’t be so bad if the gags weren’t telegraphed to within an inch of their lives: “Would you like me to press (the tap) for you?” “Yes, but be gentle. The pressure’s a bit erratic...”

SPPPPPLASH! Wet crotch hilarity ensues.

That’s by no means all. It’s appallingly scheduled (even Big Top got that one right – an early evening slot), the acting’s from a year-seven production farce, it makes Citizen Khan look like Porridge and ­seemingly spends half the time filing its own self-assessment form: “What we’re looking at here is a complete BALLS-UP.”

And because it’s the right-on, politically correct, box-ticking BBC, it took all of one minute and eight seconds before David Haig’s character Gerald Wright announced his daughter’s “lifestyle bombshell” that she’s a lesbian.

Furthermore, I’ve no idea which decade the OTT black female cleaner, with a pronounced West Indian accent, is from, although her last screen role was possibly voicing broom-wielding, multiple frilly petticoat-wearing Mammy Two Shoes in Tom And Jerry. I can but speculate Ben Elton was either unconscious when he wrote it or he ­rediscovered a long-lost dust-covered script last seen in his attic in 1973 inside a box marked: “Whatever you do, do NOT open.”


Anonymous said...

The second most unfunny comedy show ever made is the " Kevin Eldon Show "
( BBC2 , now )It's atrocious , and a good 15 years out-of-date .

Opening scene - he is being massaged by a large 'Helga' type .

" Its the last show of the series , and Im taking it easy and indulging myself . I dont mind , after all , it's YOUR money "

No , I didnt make it up :

Oh look , it's the bitchy faggot Graham Norton , with his guest , the bitchy faggot Craig Revel-Horewood , with author Lynda La Plante:

Lynda la Plante :

" In 2008, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that sections of her 1993 book Entwined appear to be plagiarized from the 1947 Olga Lengyel book Five Chimneys. The main characters in Entwined are twins who survive medical experimentation during their childhood in Auschwitz, are separated after the war, and reunited many years later. Five Chimneys is Lengyel's firsthand account of the medical experiments that she witnessed as a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz. Some of the Auschwitz scenes in Entwined appear to be very closely based on passages from Lengyel's memoir. La Plante admits this, but says that she never read Lengyel's work herself, and claims that a researcher was responsible for the paragraphs in question."
( This passage has since been removed from her Wiki page )


Anonymous said...

PS Kevin Eldon every week does a
" insane Hitler " sketch .

Not funny , but 'on message' for his jew paymasters .

For anyone not yet aware , the BBC demands an annual and compulsory 'license fee' of £145 from each member of the public .

Anonymous said...

On Channel 4 , a movie , " Harry Brown " , all about those evil little hooded , knife-weilding WHITE youths that terrorise the good citizens of London.

Last night , a movie " Road To Perdition" , by the jew Sam Mendes , about all those ruthless ,nasty White , Catholic Irish Gangsters that terrorised America in the 30's .



Anonymous said...

On Channel 4 , a movie , " Harry Brown " , all about those evil little hooded , knife-weilding WHITE youths that terrorise the good citizens of London.

Last night , a movie " Road To Perdition" , by the jew Sam Mendes , about all those ruthless ,nasty White , Catholic Irish Gangsters that terrorised America in the 30's .

On "More 4 " Embarrassing Bodies " presented by queer Dr Christian Jessen . " Dr treats a lady with a fishy smell , and warns of the dangers of inserting foriegn objects in intimate places "

Educational AND informative , and not at all prurient.



Anonymous said...

@ James

Before you get too carried away with internet conspiracy stuff re: Boston , cast your eye over this :


I know that Akira has pissed just about everybody off , including the owner of this blog , but , remember , its the message , not the messenger , that is important .

None of us should be so quick to jump to 'certainties 'regarding these things .We can end up looking gullible and foolish .


Anonymous said...

Successful , rich black female has-been from shit band blames " raycissm and sexism " in the music industry for all her money :

M People singer Heather Small: "The music industry is sexist and racist"
28 Apr 2013 00:00
Strictly Come Dancing star says age barrier means there will never be a female equivalent of the Rolling Stones

M People star Heather Small has blasted the music industry for ­being sexist and racist, the Sunday People can reveal.

The Proud singer said older women ­performers did not get the same ­respect as older men.

The 48-year-old also voiced ­concerns about how few black women artists there were. “As a woman you notice the ­industry is very male dominated, you see very few black women. That tells a story in itself,” she said.

“The big thing for me is that men can continue into their senior years, for women it is different.

“Look at the Rolling Stones, you’ll never see a female equivalent,” she added.

Heather, who appeared in Strictly Come Dancing in 2008, said: “Experience is respected in a man but as a woman, you get to a certain age and people will write you off.”

The star, reforming M People for a UK tour, said when she and bandmates Paul Heard, 52, and Andrew Lovell, 44, started out in the 80s, there would rarely be more than one black artist on any bill.

“Over the years things have changed a bit but I’m still battling,” she added.


Captain Logic said...

In the past, Ben Elton wasn't a bad script writer (I'm thinking Blackadder), but his contemptible left-wing credentials glow like neon lights in darkest Africa.

Like the crap he came out with in the Thin Blue Line that pushed the bullshit notion that Britain is a country of immigrants.Specifically, that the Romans, Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Vikings and Normans were mere immigrants! Utterly hilarious if not for the brain-dead masses who actually believe such shit.

Let us all invade Africa, for example, and be hailed as mere immigrants. Oh, sorry, doesn't work that way, apparently.

But, of course, the Huguenots, Dutch and various other Europeans were in fact immigrants to Britain.

A) They were White.

Ronnie Barker's comment on twats like Ben Elton remain as true today as when he first spoke them: alternative comedy is an ALTERNATIVE to comedy (about as funny as vomiting on your breakfast).

Anonymous said...

'Really' ( Channel 17 , Freeview)

12 am Sex Rehab with Dr Drew
( Drew Pinsky , JEW )

"Eight celebrities fight their sex addictions. The tension between surfer James Lovett snd porn star Jennifer Ketcham continues .."

E! Fashion Police
KIKE Joan Rivers and her fashion team present an insider's guide to what is hot and what is not in the world of celebrity lifestyle, fashion and beauty

followed by

Chelsea Lately
Irreverent look at events making the news each day, presented by American comedienne JEW Chelsea Handler


Anonymous said...

Also remember that a main character of " The Thin Blue Line " was a faggot policeman , played by the faggot that later starred in an awfully queer show with Kathy Burke . (Cant remember the name off hand)

Anonymous said...

Ben Elton's not even a proper jew , ie his mother wasnt jewish . That didnt stop him writing the book " Two Brothers "

'Berlin 1920

Two babies are born.

Two brothers. United and indivisible, sharing everything. Twins in all but blood.

As Germany marches into its Nazi Armageddon, the ties of family, friendship and love are tested to the very limits of endurance. And the brothers are faced with an unimaginable choice....Which one of them will survive?

Ben Elton's most personal novel to date,Two Brothers transports the reader to the time of history's darkest hour.'

James said...

Most of Cyprus bank accounts stolen:

Sinclair: “Yes, Cyprus depositors have now been flushed. The Bank of Cyprus, the island’s largest bank said it has converted 37.5% of deposits exceeding 100,000 euros into a Class A share, with an additional 22.5% held as a buffer for possible conversion in the future.

Anther 30% will be temporarily frozen and held as a deposit. So the amount of money that has been taken from the Cyprus depositors is an all practicality almost their entire accounts. Major depositors funds have now been taken in grand style.

Source: KWN

James said...


That video doesn't prove or disprove things either way.

I've seen better evidence.

I doubt anyone was actually hurt at the marathon. The bombs had no shrapnel.

In any case, does it matter? The real problem is that they can declare martial law and curfews over an entire American city and nobody can do anything about it.

See here for how scary it really is.

James said...

That black nobody has-been is just jealous of Tina Turner, that's all.

James said...

Let us all invade Africa, for example, and be hailed as mere immigrants. Oh, sorry, doesn't work that way, apparently.

There was an article on national vanguard once about Hawaii.

Apparently a 5 or 6th generation white Hawaiian was called "white" in the newspaper, but a Philippine kid the same age who's been there for only a year was a "local".
Chinese are locals too, and blacks. White families - even if descended from ancestors who arrived in the time of Captain Cook - are not.

James said...

I always had the idea that NZ was totally white

Australia and New Zealand were like this once.

Not any more. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Media , a checklist :

Whether TV , Radio , Cinema , Magazine , Web Site , Song or Book , ask yourself the following :

* Is it written by , presented by , funded by , produced by , directed by , published by ,sung by , or spoken by a jew ?

* Does it mock , denigrate or belittle White European people and culture ?

* Does it promote or positively portray black or brown people or Third-World culture , especially OVER White European culture ?

* Does it mock and denigrate Christianity but no other faiths ?

* Does it promote black/White mating , homosexuality , lesbianism , transgenderism , etc ?

*Is it fixated on sex , sexual acts , bodily fluids , masturbation , excretion , micturation , faeces , etc ?

* Is swearing used as humour ? As well as references to rape , anal rape , child rape ?

* Is it fixated on death , violence , murder , corpses , etc ?

* Does it portray unfettered immigration as a wholly good thing , and all immigrants as deserving victims?

* Does it focus on White crime and White criminals , and ignore black/brown/muslim crime and criminals ?



E4 , right now : " The Body Shocking Show " - Verne Troyer investigates the world's biggest burger , the show looks at the hiddeen art of genital tattoos , and sparks fly when a woman gets out her violet wand ..

followed by " The New Normal " about queer and lesbo parents , followed by
" The Big Kike Theory " :"The Shiksa Indeterminacy " The rest of the ( queer/kike) gang fall for Sheldon's twin sister "


James said...

Israel is full of Nazis

How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

CHECKLIST : documentary about jew Neil Diamond on BBC4 , Hip-Hop Doc on BBC3 , jew Beastie Boys and John Barnes who "had bananas thrown at him on the pitch but later went on to become the voice of multi-cultural Britain " , now a street-dance "troupe" called "Diversity " ( all black/brown) and a mocking snigger about the 'White Rapper' Vanilla Ice ... ....doc about "Easy Listening " ( jew Burt Bacharch , jew Herb Alpert , narrated by jew Lesley Joseph ...OY!


Anonymous said...

" How Hip-Hop Changed The World "

It made niggers more uppity.

It made jews richer

It made White girls fancy niggers

It made White boys want to be niggers

It normalised , glamorised and endorsed weed ,cocaine , booze , violence ,gangsterism , pimping and thuggery as a valid way of life to be envied.

It falsely allowed nigs to think what they had to say was somehow important or clever

It dragged music back to a beat-based African simplicity .

And so on


And , PS , a White boy , Eminem , pissed all over them . HA !

Anonymous said...

Behind Blue Eyes

" Like me , Dad was a teenage rebel. Before the war he and his best friend were members of Oswald Mosley's fascist Blackshirts . He was ashamed of this later , of course , but forgave himself-they were young , and the uniforms were glamorous "

Pete Townsend , " Who I Am " , page 8


Anonymous said...

I just put on BBC Radio 5 live , 1.55 in the morning , just to see what it would bring ... presenter is 'Doton Adebayo'

spot de White man ..


Anonymous said...



Captain Logic said...

Umm, excuse my ignorance, but what the fluck is "micturation"?

I'm a bit thick when it comes to this internet thingy.

Anonymous said...

Micturation is a posh word for pissing


After handing over her last $50 to a drug dealer for cocaine and marijuana, a Florida woman suffering from buyer’s remorse called 911 and asked cops for help in securing a refund.

Katrina Tisdale, 47, explained to St. Petersburg police that she would be penniless until her next Social Security disability check arrived. Hence the pressing need to recover her $50 from the unnamed narcotics salesman.

Ethnic Pride May Boost African-American Teens' Mental Health


SINagogues Honor Jew Pimps If Goyim Exploited

Anonymous said...

" Enough of this wacko Muzzie Bomber crap from some God-forsaken dungheap in Russia! This kind of foreign scum shouldn’t even be here in the USA in the first place. We all know that. But let’s talk about the stinking ape-like race infesting America and now killing us White people all the DAMN TIME.

I make no bones about it: Blacks SUCK MAJOR ASS. It’s so bad that I don’t even know where to start. The sub-Saharan Negro is obviously the planet’s most worthless race by far. Everyday I either read something (online, of course) or see something out in the real world with my own two eyes that proves it completely.

Cripes, we gotta see them all over TV and the movies like they are some kind of gods or something. Even all the TV commercials now make them out as the heroes and smart people. You can’t even turn on the TV for five minutes before you see an example of this black worship crap.

What’s worse is that the Jew-controlled media now feels free as a bird to portray black or “people of color” criminals as Whites, like the following sick crime few White Americans have heard anything about."

James said...

There was a doco once about race in Australia.

An Aussie said "Mate, weeev got by far the worst blacks in the weeeooorrrrlllddd mate."

Abbos are an eye opener at times, I must admit.

James said...

I read last month that South Africa is now importing more foodstuffs than it exports. SA used to be considered the bread basket of Africa. Not any more. White farmers have left when they can and those hanging on are often murdered in horrific ways. Like what happened to Zimbabwe, neglected agricultural machinery is breaking down and rusting away. SA is rapidly turning into just another worthless piece of crap African country.

Interesting, Argentina used to be able to feed half the world. Now its almost starving. Sth Africa, same deal. What's happening to the food supply? Its being concentrated.

Captain Logic said...

Hip Hop is to music what cancer is to long life and healthiness.

Lots of "Black" music is cool, I will freely admit, but Hip Hop/ Rap is degenerate shit.

James said...

Multicultural training/programming at school backfires.


James said...

Boston Marathon:

Guy with no legs was wheeled through bomb scene twice according to this video.


Uncle Nasty said...

Not quite off-topic.

I like documentaries, and was thinking of downloading this:

Discovery Channel - Through The Wormhole (Season 3) (2013)

Then upon close inspection, I see it's narrated by everyone's favourite groid.

You guessed it ... Morgan Freeman. Oh, pulleeeez.

Imagine -- only in Lala Land can you have an incest driven ape held up as an intellectual and moral icon ...

I'd rather listen to Weeni Mandela narrating "The Decline and Fall ...

First we reported that there was an alleged affair between Morgan Freeman and E’Dena Hines, and that was bad enough. Now the gossip mill is churning out some funky butter about a Morgan Freeman E’Dena Hines Wedding.

That’s right, reports are claiming that Morgan Freeman may divorce his second wife Myrna Colley-Lee, in order to free himself up for a wedding with his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines. Is the Jerry Springer show still on the air?’dena-hines-wedding/2911

Alright ... being a 'groidette means she probably hit puberty having seen more pricks than a second-hand dartboard -- but still ... Your own adopted daughter?


Anonymous said...

@James 08:01

Ha. There are idiots galore in that video thread. Why do gullible people embarrass themselves so much? Oh, I answered my own question.

Anonymous said...

Just had a look at Henry Makow's site.

The bit about the chemtrails was funny - "Chemtrails Over Dallas".

Does anyone else think that he was slipped in to make nationalists look stupid?

heuristic said...

Anon 10.01 on Makow..Does anyone else think that he was slipped in to make nationalists look stupid?

Maybe, same said about Alex Jones & others. But I tend to look at the totality of their contributions and for me these guys are major, major assets.

heuristic said...

UM, were Freeman to marry his own 'natural' daughter he'd still maintain his position as the conscience of his generation.

AnalogMan said...

GTRman, thanks for the update on movies. I very seldom watch movies; I object strongly to any depiction of Babuntus, and refuse to bring them into my home. What we need is a safe viewing list of movies for White nationalists.

Yggdrasil at The Occidental Quarterly has been promising such a list for years, but it doesn't look as though it's going to happen.

You seem to have a good opinion of Drive, so I checked it on IMDB, only to find a nigger in the credits. Billed as "young woman", so possibly only a minor role. All in all, would you recommend this movie, bearing in mind that it's probably the only one I'll see for months? What's your top recommendation?

I was amused to see Russ Tamblyn in the credits. I last saw him in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, a million years ago. IMDB also lists him in Django Unchained, so it looks like he's making a kind of comeback, but not too picky about his roles.

Anonymous said...

WRT Boston. As some who has first hand experience of an IED, admittedly only once, there are some plain wrong opinions on here about the damage they can cause and how people react to being blown up.

1/ The guy with is legs missing combined with the medics response stretches credulity. I've seen someone with their feet blown off not bleeding all that badly , but I think he'd tourniquets' applied. He wasn't in obvious shock he was even cracking jokes. I was in shock, but still aware and switched on, but was uninjured after be thrown a fair height into the air. A guy with both legs blown off above the knee *should* be in shock form both trauma and blood loss. However strange, unbelievably lucky, death defying, near misses, do occur. The medics re-action was just strange , but unless you've been in that position you don't know how you are going to react. These were *civvy* medics. He should have been first on the trolley. Weird but it was an unusual and stressful situation.

2/ There was no shrapnel. There would have been a lot of shrapnel,. Coming from the pressure cooker, the fuse, the batteries and the surrounding area. It's impossible to let of a device like that in a crowd like that and either target specific individuals or not cause serious injury and death.

Muslim's are not our friends. Don't get me wrong we've seen in Libya and Syria obvious examples of "Western" elites using muslims to attain certain goals. To a certain extent they're a managed threat, managed being the operative word in the above cases. However they pose a threat with or with direction from treasonous/terminally stupid government apparatchiks. If we're looking for conspiracy's I'd look a little further up the chain. Ask about the why's and wherefores of policy making as well as what was known before the event.

Muslims are often willing, even if clueless, tools but they are perfectly capable of being a threat all o their own without manipulation from TPTB/YKH's.

"We've" invited the stone age sand niggers into our homes, fed them on anti-White propaganda, then blown the shit out of what they still rightly see as their homelands. WTF did we think would or did we expect to happen?

AnalogMan said...

UN said I'd rather listen to Weeni Mandela narrating "The Decline and Fall ..

Geez, UN, that's a tough choice.

Those apes are really revolting. And apropos my last comment, it was precisely this groid's name in the credits that blackballed (ahem) the Batman trilogy, which I had considered viewing based on good reviews I had read.

E'Dena. Is that the American spelling for Oedema? How do they pronounce that apostrophe? Considering the boon that named its niglet Le-a, pronounced Ledasha, because "the dash don't be silent"... is the apostrophe silent? Eapostrophedena? If a hyphen is a dash, what's an apostrophe?

Why does anybody take these animals seriously? How can anybody take them seriously?

Anonymous said...

"heuristic said...these guys are major, major assets."

How can they be major assets if they make us look stupid.

Plus there's the added thing that if some of their ideas are wrong then how many exactly are wrong?

Ian said...

@ perry 28 April 00:19 That video was very informative. The man accused of being anti-semitic was told that when Henry Ford stated supporting Adolf Hitler movies began showing Ford cars involved in crashes, after which sales fell heavily and Ford apologised. We all know who's in charge of the movie industry, don't we ?

AnalogMan said...

... and here it is. Yggdrasil's movie list. Looks like he started it but abandoned it five years ago. Also he seems to think that White nationalists need to see the ugliness of the negro; not what I consider entertainment. Some discretion advised.

Thanks again to Keiser for technical tips.

Wolfhound said...

@ UN/Shaun

I hear ya. It still feels like a bungled amateur job to me, only 3 fatalities is a pretty poor return when trying to burn another "terrorist atrocity" in to peoples minds.

Apparently most of the blast was absorbed by the shopfronts, someone who knew what they were doing could've put some real hurt on that audience.

There's so much conflicting news coming from both official and unofficial sources on this that it's hard to find out what actually happened although that may be intentional.

9/11 is much more cut and dry for me.

James said...

nastiestuncle, was there someone harming homosexual children in that video? What else was wrong with it?

James said...

Does anyone else think that he was slipped in to make nationalists look stupid?

Henry Makow is not trying to make nationalists look stupid. They do a good enough job of that on their own.

I think he's legit, but then I'm totally mental so don't listen to me.

James said...

"Chemtrails Over Dallas".

Makow publishes lots of stuff in order to get a reaction. He wants input from people too, whether agreeing or disagreeing. He is not a knowitall genius like nastiestuncle so he relies on other people's experiences to learn.
Some areas in the US have very high air traffic levels and clear skies, so a certain amount of criss-crossing of the sky is to be expected, but some of the photos of supposed chemtrails go way beyond that.
I've never seen these chemtrails myself, but some of the photos of them that I have seen are interesting, to say the least. They do not look like standard airliner contrails at all.

We have three choices: ignore it, investigate it, or ask our resident intellectual god, nastiestuncle.

James said...

There was no shrapnel. There would have been a lot of shrapnel,. Coming from the pressure cooker, the fuse, the batteries and the surrounding area.

Actually there wouldn't be much. Just a few big pieces from the cooker. So, why didn't they pack it with nails like any normal terrorist would have done?

Answer: because it was a fake bomb, designed to make a shock wave and lots of smoke.

Maybe. I haven't looked into it enough to know for sure, but where were that guy's feet? They must have been down the road somewhere.

Anonymous said...

James I've been there not much shrapnel still equals some * uncontrollable* damage..unless you've seen it first hand you wouldn't know mate('s completely random. Guy's get killed by nothing and others survive getting blown thirty foot in the air while getting brassed up). It's shades of grey made flesh. Think about this way.. Fill a metal pressure cooker full of explosives place it on a gravel bed and let it off while standing next to it. Can you control it? No.

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of "Drive", I watched the Blu-Ray a few weeks ago, and recalled seeing the two yid thugs painted in less than glowing terms.

I actually said to my friend that this minuscule criticism of the tribe would bring the professional hand-wringers out of the floorboards shrieking anti-semitism ... and was mildly stunned that even this would be allowed.

We then picked the movie apart.

Hollywood production? ... no.
Establishment H'wood director? ... no.
Author yid? Seems not.
Screenwiter a yid? Nope, Iranian.


Seventeen producers of whom at least six were tribal. Can't win them all, I guess.

Biggest plot hole and one that no-one has seen fit to even mention?
I don't care how hot your car is. Reverse gear is always the lowest ratio. You could not outrun a VW beetle in reverse gear.
Movies ... meet reality.

But I guess the director thought it looked cool.


AnalogMan said...

So, why didn't they pack it with nails like any normal terrorist would have done?

News reports I've seen say it was packed with ball bearings.

Dan said...

BULGARS: Because we can't discuss Blacks and Browns (not even the Gypsies!)

Vote UKIP!

James said...

James I've been there not much shrapnel still equals some * uncontrollable* damage..unless you've seen it first hand you wouldn't know mate('s completely random. Guy's get killed by nothing and others survive getting blown thirty foot in the air while getting brassed up). It's shades of grey made flesh. Think about this way.. Fill a metal pressure cooker full of explosives place it on a gravel bed and let it off while standing next to it. Can you control it? No.

So why was the backpack still in one piece? It should have disappeared into smithereens.

Anonymous said...

Bulgarians don't ARE WHITE,

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