Monday, 11 February 2013

Pas de Regrets

Several comments to my most recent post to the effect that the Church, being hated by Jews, especially those most focused on destroying Whites, should not be subjected to criticism or ridicule. My awakening has made me well aware of those who seek the destruction of Whites and I do agree that the Catholic Church represents a prime target for them. That does not make me a RC supporter.

Look, I've grown up in Ireland in the fifties and sixties, at a time when the Church held unchallenged control. And I did not like it, not one little bit. You need not just take the more obvious outrages such as child abuse, forced labour scandals, bringing undue influence to bear on bequests and so on. The whole monolithic environment dampened the spirit, inhibited free thought, was deeply suspicious of science and accordingly made Ireland a backward poverty-stricken nation of young people just waiting to emigrate. The whole environment was marinated in a sea of hypocrisy. It suffused everything and could only sicken any fair-minded person.

So no, I don't regret its passing. I don't regret that its clergy is at last being held to account for its sins and omissions. I don't regret that a girl who gets pregnant is no longer driven from polite society and her child forcibly taken from her. I don't regret that a couple whose marriage breaks down have a chance to start anew. I don't regret that Catholics are no longer banned from attending a friend's funeral in a Protestant Church. I don't regret the end of brutal physical punishment in schools by sadists who delighted in their abuse, which seemed to have as its ultimate aim the destruction of the child's self-respect and capacity for independent thought.

Good riddance to those times and the institution that brought them on to us.

Does that mean I like what we have now? Well, every reader of this blog knows my views. Systematic and planned population replacement, denigration and mixing out of Whites, cringing in terror before the Gods of Political Correctness, the undermining of the family, the tolerance, nay, the celebration of degeneracy, systematic and deliberate dumbing down of culture.

I detest these developments and yes, they would not have occurred had the Church remained ascendant.  The Church Militant, as it were. Well, I don't want either of them. And I don't see why we should have to choose one over the other. Maybe we do.  But I don't think we have to submit to one tyranny or the other.  I believe that, in say the thirties, forties and fifties most Northern European countries, The United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand had achieved a good balance.

That's what we should try to regain.

I also did a series of posts on the subject Do We Need Christianity? a few years back (final one here).


Dan said...

If the higher reaches of the church negrify it's a dead institution. The Vatican just another rat run by hoodrats.

Franz said...

I am also an ex-RC but I kept an open mind. Some very good issues about the whole thing here:


by Joseph Farrell and Scott DeHart


euroserf said...

If the higher reaches of the church negrify it's a dead institution.

Dan, it will be. Can you not see that it's careering down that road at breakneck speed already?

nemesis said...

Infiltration and manipulation of existing institutions is one of the oldest tricks of the Jews and it is the major way they gained power in the world. In this way they got control over finance, politics, media and education.

Religious institutions too are not forgotten when it comes to promoting their interests. For the Catholic Church this meant the removal of the stain of deicide and the regaining of their status as “Chosen People”. For the Protestant Churches this meant the gaining of support for their Zionist project, a support that they secured by means of the Scofield Bible with its numerous pro-Zionist notes. Only the Eastern Orthodox Churches seem to have escaped Jewish infiltration.

Naive Christian universalism is no match for cunning Jewish tribalism. Christians would be well advised to heed Jesus’ exhortation to “be harmless as doves, but wise as serpents”, for the Jewish leopard can never change its spots.

Dan said...

It's a spent force after the sex abuse scandals. The trunk just hasnt fallen yet.

awakened said...

We are facing a war. And not a war of words. We need every white recruit we can find. Bringing up Christianity, nordicism, how to define “whiteness”, etc. are ways to divide us. Either some have lost sight of the ball or are deliberate traitors

katana said...

The following text does a very good job of sympathetically explaining how Christianity is a major part of our problem. Taken from Dr William Pierce's National Alliance Membership Handbook:


2.d. OPPOSED IDEOLOGIES (written in 1992)

2d.vii. Christianity

The National Alliance is not a religious organization, in the ordinary sense of the term. It does, however, have to concern itself with religious matters, because religions influence the behavior of people, society, and governments. The doctrines of various religious groups—Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, et al.—deal with the temporal as well as spiritual matters and therefore often conflict with National Alliance doctrine.

Christian doctrines are of much greater concern to the National Alliance than the doctrines of other large religious groups, because Christianity is the most influential religion in the United States, Europe, and the rest of the White world. Most members of the National Alliance come from families which are, or a generation ago were, at least nominally Christian, and very few come from families which practice or practiced, Islam, Buddhism, or other religions. Furthermore, the history of our race for the last thousand years has been inextricably bound up with Christianity. The National Alliance really cannot avoid taking positions regarding Christian beliefs and practices, despite the complications this causes our work.

The immediate and inevitable fact which forces us to come to grips with Christianity is that the mainstream Christian churches are all, without exception, preaching a doctrine of White racial extinction. They preach racial egalitarianism and racial mixing. They preach non-resistance to the takeover of our society by non-Whites. It was the Christian churches, more than any other institution, which paralyzed the will of White South Africans to survive. It is the Christian establishment in the United States which is preeminent in sapping the will of White Americans to resist being submerged in the non-White tide sweeping across the land. Most Christian authorities collaborate openly with the Jews, despite the contempt and abuse they receive in return, and the rest at least follow Jewish policies on the all-important matter of race. The occasional anomaly—a Catholic bishop in Poland speaking out angrily against Jewish arrogance, a few Protestant groups in the United States expressing sympathy for oppressed Palestinians—does not invalidate the rule.

We are obliged, therefore, to oppose the Christians churches and to speak out against their doctrines. But we do not, as some groups have done, accuse the Christian leaders of being false Christians. We do not say, “We are the real Christians, because we stand for the values which the mainstream churches stood for a century ago, before they were subverted.” We do not reach for our Bibles and point to verses which seem to be in accord with the policies of the National Alliance and contrary to the present policies of the Christian churches. A diligent Bible scholar can find in the Judeo-Christian scriptures support for—or ammunition against—virtually any policy whatsoever.

Beyond the immediate conflict between us and the Christian churches on racial matters there is a long-standing and quite fundamental ideological problem with Christianity. It is not an Aryan religion; like Judaism and Islam it is Semitic in origin, and all its centuries of partial adaptation to Aryan ways have not changed its basic flavor. It was carried by a Jew, Saul of Tarsus (later known as Paul), from the Levant to the Greco-Roman world. Its doctrines that the meek shall inherit the earth and that the last shall be the first found fertile soil among the populous slave class in Rome. Centuries later, as Rome was succumbing to an internal rot in which Christianity played no small part, legions of Roman conscripts imposed the imported religion on the Celtic and Germanic tribes to the north.


katana said...

Eventually Christianity became a unifying factor for Europe, and in the name of Jesus Europeans resisted the onslaught of Islamic Moors and Turks and expelled the “Christ-killing” Jews from one country after another. But the religion retained its alien mind-set, no matter how much some aspects of it were Europeanized. Its otherworldliness is fundamentally out of tune with the Aryan quest for knowledge and for progress; its universalism conflicts directly with Aryan striving for beauty and strength; its delineation of the roles of man and god offends the Aryan sense of honor and self-sufficiency.

Finally Christianity, like the other Semitic religions, is irredeemably primitive. Its deity is thoroughly anthropomorphic, and its “miracles”—raising the dead, walking on water, curing the lame and the blind with a word and a touch—are the crassest superstition.

We may have fond memories of the time before the Second World War when pretty, little girls in white dresses attended all-White Sunday schools, and Christianity seemed a bulwark of family values and a foe to degeneracy and indiscipline. We may cherish the tales of medieval valor, when Christian knights fought for god and king—if we can overlook the Christian church’s bloodthirsty intolerance, which stifled science and philosophy for centuries and sent tens of thousands of Europeans to the stake for heresy.

We may even find Christian ethics congenial, if we follow the standard Christian practice of interpreting many of its precepts—such as the one about turning the other cheek—in such a way that they do not interfere with our task. But we should remember that nothing essential in Christian ethics is specifically Christian. Any successful society must have rules of social conduct. Lying and stealing were shunned in every Aryan society long before Christianity appeared. Our pagan ancestors did not need Christian missionaries to tell them how to behave or to explain honor and decency to them—quite the contrary!

Historians may argue the pros and cons of Christianity’s role in our race’s past: whether or not the unity it provided during a period of European consolidation outweighed the loss of good genes it caused in the Crusades and the bloody religious wars of the Middle Ages (and through the Church’s policy of priestly celibacy); whether the splendid Gothic cathedrals which rose in Europe during the four centuries and the magnificent religious music of the 18th century were essentially Christian or essentially Aryan in inspiration; whether Christianity’s stand against the evils of self-indulgence—against gluttony and drunkenness and greed—was worth its shackling of the human mind in superstition or not. One thing already is clear, however: Christianity is not a religion that we can wish on future generations of our race.

katana said...


We need ethics; we need values and standards; we need a world view. And if one wants to call all of these things together a religion, then we need a religion. One might choose instead, however, to call them a philosophy of life. Whatever we call it, it must come from our own race soul; it must be an expression of the innate Aryan nature. And it must be conducive to our mission of racial progress. Christianity, as the word is commonly understood, meets neither of these criteria.

The fact is that, completely aside from the racial question, no person who wholeheartedly believes Christian doctrine can share our values and goals, because Christian doctrine holds that this world is of little importance, being only a proving ground for the spiritual world which one enters after death. Christian doctrine also holds that the condition of this world is not man’s responsibility, because an omnipotent and omniscient deity alone has that responsibility.

Although some Christians do believe Christian doctrine wholeheartedly, however, most do not. Most instinctively feel what we explicitly believe, even if they have repressed those feelings in an effort to be “good” Christians. Because of this many nominal Christians, even those affiliated with mainstream churches, can, under the right circumstances, be persuaded to work for the interests of their race. Other nominal Christians—especially those who stand apart from any of the mainstream churches—have interpreted Christian doctrine in such an idiosyncratic way that the contradictions between their beliefs and ours have been minimized.

For these reasons we want to avoid conflict with Christians to the extent that we can. We don’t want to give unnecessary offense, even when we speak out against the doctrines of these churches. We don’t want to ridicule their beliefs, which in some cases are sincerely held. Some of these people later will reject Christianity’s racial doctrines. Some will reject Christianity altogether. We want to help them in their quest for truth when we can, and we want to keep the door open to them.

Members who want to study the subject of Christianity and its relationship to our task in depth should read Which Way Western Man? by our late member William Simpson. The book’s initial chapters describe the spiritual odyssey of a man of exceptional spiritual sensitivity, who was far more intensely a Christian than nearly any Christian living today and who eventually understood the racially destructive nature of Christianity and rejected it.

A more concise study of the difference between the Christian world view and ours is given in Wulf Sörensen’s The Voice of Our Ancestors, which was reprinted in National Vanguard No.107.

Franz said...

katana -- good stuff.

Easier than all would be: Zeus is the white guy. Yahweh is the OTHER guy.

But life's never simple.

Iron Felix said...

Katana, an excellent and thoughtful exegesis, one which puts me in mind of the great human being Friedrich Nietzsche, with particular reference to his "Twilight of the Idols" and "Beyond Good and Evil", wherein a Transvaluation of all Values is elucidated. Many thanks.

Jeremy said...

Awakened, I have to agree with you about bringing together a coalition of those who support White interests. It is divisive to attack the personal beliefs of others (ie, religious beliefs).

On the other hand, Savant allows us a forum for presenting new ideas and discussing them. Obviously there is disagreement about the benefits of Christianity for a civilization, especially as a force for ethnic defense, why shouldnt that be discussed?

Incidentally, the question of whether Jews are “White” and are potential allies would seem to have importance, why shouldnt that be discussed also?

katana said...

Thanks Franz and Iron Felix.

Yes, Dr. William Pierce's writings contain a treasure trove of insights on our White predicament.

Savant wrote:

>But I don't think we have to submit to one tyranny or the other. I believe that, in say the thirties, forties and fifties most Northern European countries, The United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand had achieved a good balance.

>That's what we should try to regain.

The poisonous effects of jewish scheming hadn't yet worked it way through those societies. There were still remaining media and institutions to subvert.

The more I dig into this whole subject that we deal with in this blog and elsewhere the more National Socialism, aka, the "Nazis" appear to have figured it all out!

God! How far an open mind and an open road of ideas can transport you to new places!

katana said...

awakened said...
We are facing a war. And not a war of words. We need every white recruit we can find. Bringing up Christianity, nordicism, how to define “whiteness”, etc. are ways to divide us. Either some have lost sight of the ball or are deliberate traitors

12 February 2013 00:06

Bringing up those issues in themselves isn't what divides us, i.e., discussion. It's the very issues themselves. Religion being the prime culprit. As the Pierce article I posted above says, Christianity, in the main, is leading the charge against White race interests.

It's an ugly and divisive issue since religious beliefs are born in the cradle for the vast majority and is therefore resistant to reason. Mainstream Christianity is anti-White in practice, yet most Christians see self sacrifice of their race for the here after as a virtue.

As nice as it would be, we won't solve our problems unless we are prepared to boil away all the untruths and dross and arrive at something that can withstand reality.

Belief in Santa Claus has its place. Belief in some jew nailed to some wooden torture device a couple of thousand years ago also has its place. ...

Manc said...

Paedophilia is a curse on humanity and should be rooted out wherever it rears it's ugly head.

We've been hearing endless stories about child abuse within the Roman Catholic church but little, if anything about similiar outrages within the mosques and synaogues.

Why is that I wonder? It's certainly not because such abuse doesn't exist on a similiar, if not wider, scale than that within the RC church, as a few brave Muslim and Jewish whistleblowers attest.

So why do the authorities, not just in Ireland/Britain, but across the West, tend to turn a blind high to Jewish and Islamic abuse? Why is it rarely, if ever reported in the MSM when anything negative to do with the RC's gets major coverage and earns the outrage of people like Alan Shatter? (even though the case in question was soon proved to be false)

Criticise the RCs by all means but be careful not to do the enemy's work for them.

disclaimer: I am not a Roman Catholic.

Dan said...

Here's the thing.

Savant says he'a numerate. The catholic priest is on average statistically less likely to be sex predator than the general male population. This is a statistical fact. What's left of the church is pretty decent morally speaking.

James Lord said...

What's left of the church is pretty decent morally speaking.

Would these be the immigration-supporting, all-races-are-equal, let's-turn-our-churches-into-mosques people?

James Lord said...

Manc. Do you really not understand why this has happened?

Dan said...

Well no not that part. But that's the battered remnant surrendering its patrimony after the blackmail and deposition.

Being on the Nigger Pope says I. Being on the awakening of the European.

Anonymous said...

awakened said...
We are facing a war. And not a war of words.

Yes, we are facing a war, but wars begin with words, or control of the mind by initially controlling the narrative via the Hasbara's proven methods.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Catholic Church, is there anything else in existance that can unite fags, commies, liberals, jews, islamics, feminists, protestants, atheists, nazis, white nationalists, nastiestuncle, savant, etc etc.

Well I'll not betray the God of my fathers. And I'd rather live in the backward Ireland of Dev than the grotesque nigger worshipping, marxist brainwashed monstrosity of an Ireland "free" from the evil machinations of the Church, hell bent on demographic and cultural suicide. What the fuck do you mean by the old Ireland being poor and having high emmigration? As opposed to today? At least that Ireland hadn't sold it's soul to kike bankers.

A people without religion are not a people. Our enemies will love these last two posts savant. Europens are doomed because we abondoned our God. The First Crusade, Reconquest of Spain, Malta, Lepanto, Vienna etc etc Without the Church, there is no Europe.


SAVANT said...

WR. But my point is that we should not have to make that binary choice. It does not have to be one or other of those ghastly alternatives you referred to.

Rob said...

Off topic:

England's first enricher!

Manc said...

James Lord 14.28

Of course I understand.

Do you not recognise a rhetorical question when you see one?

Rob said...

Oops, wrong link - England's first enricher here.

Henry IX said...

Rob, great link.

Lawd a'mighty, there must have been no more than a few dozen such enrichers in Britain at that time and one of them still ends up as most wanted by police.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather live in the backward Ireland of Dev than the grotesque nigger worshipping, marxist brainwashed monstrosity of an Ireland "free" from the evil machinations of the Church, hell bent on demographic and cultural suicide.

I agree WR.

That's what we should try to regain.

Rots of ruck, Savant.

White survival is not nostalgia. I share that nostalgia, but the white west of those days already contained the seeds of destruction.

The dark proof of its deficiencies is all around us.

From peasants to the men of highest station, our survivors will care no more for this age than the middle ages cared for Rome. They will respect some parts of it, take pride in some parts, shake their heads at some parts.

And the rest will be alien to them. They will be a new people.

And they will be better and stronger than us.

Anonymous said...


Well I'll not betray the God of my fathers.

Would the God of your fathers betray you?

If not, then who does the pope worship?

Anonymous said...

As a race, we must attain and maintain balance. For all of its faults, the Roman Catholic Church has done marvelous things...... and Europe was a masochistic killing field before Christianity took root. The church ended human sacrifice, human rights abuse, amd brought human dignity to the forefront of politics. However, that doesn't negate all f its negatives. As for the Jews.... the great majority of Jews are decent hardworking people who are really nice..... it's just that small band of leftist assholes (and there are plenty of gentile assholes as well) who ruin it for their tribe (Jesus himself lamented how the Jews are misguided by their leaders). Remember.... it's not the Jews.... it's the stupid left-wing idiots who are ruining western civilization. Just target antiwestern movements and you'll solve the problem. Only we can be our worst enemies...... even if no Jews lived in any of our nations, we'd still be fighting these self-hating white idiots and their destructive ideology. Just listen to American radio personality Michael Savage.... he's jewish, and probably one of the best allies we have!

Brummie said...

Anon, I largely agree with your post but not "it's the stupid left-wing idiots who are ruining western civilization".

These people are NOT STUPID. They know exactly what they are doing.

Anonymous said...


So wrestling has been dropped from the Olympics.

How messed up is that?

Uncle Nasty said...

Well I guess it's up to us to carry the torch, so to speak, for a while ...

Back to Business. Go here:

And check this out:-

The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering

By Norman G. Finkelstein

The seller actually reproduces quite a few pages (100) to whet one's interest. It sure whetted mine.

Quotes, unfortunately, cannot be included, as the publisher has cunningly coded the info in such a way as to preclude cut-'n-paste.

However, the old saying:- "You can judge a person by his friends ... and his enemies" springs to mind.

Never thought I'd ever recommend a holocaust history penned by a pedestrian, but I guess there's a first time for everything.


Calculus said...

"Dr William Pierce's National Alliance Membership Handbook"

That sounds so jewish.

So the next pope is 'Peter the Roman' which will see the 'final judgement'. It was about time.

Anonymous said...

Just target antiwestern movements and you'll solve the problem.

Target anti-white PEOPLE and you solve the problem.

Just listen to American radio personality Michael Savage.... he's jewish, and probably one of the best allies we have!


"STOP YOUR LIES. OBAMA IS TOO GREEN NOT TOO BLACK. DROP MY NAME FROM [American Renaissance's] EMAIL LIST OR I WILL TURN YOUR ORGANIZATION’S NAME OVER TO THE FBI FOR HARASSMENT." -- Michael Savage, September 2008, in response to a quite rational and calm media pitch from philosemitic American Renaissance

Michael Savage is anti-white.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to Rob's post, it appears that the authorities were a leetle harder on crime and crims than today:-

The record book shows how law enforcers were not prepared to tolerate any crime - no matter how small they seemed.

Joseph Hoorwood, 27, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for stealing three spades, while James Knapton, a 22-year-old miner, was sentenced for six years for setting fire to a stack of oats.

Henry Johnson was an 18-year-old dealer in engravings, but started adult life in prison after he was sentenced to two years for stealing a purse.

The youngest offender is William Doyle, who was just 17, couldn't read or write and had a pale complexion. He was sentenced to six years in prison for setting fire to a stack of wheat.

Thomas Jenkins, (Rob's aforementioned enricher) a 39-year-old ship's cook, who is described as 'high-shouldered' was arrested for refusing to give evidence in a murder case.

Several of the inmates have also been photographed in front of a fake back-drop, depicting a prison cell with an open door - perhaps as a warning to would-be criminals where their future lays.

The Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Records Service was established 100 years ago and provided the blue print for all other local record offices which followed.

Aaaah, golden days.


Anonymous said...

WR. simply brilliant post thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Of course, there are no lies in the pitch we emailed to Mr. Savage. And nowhere does the pitch say or even imply that Obama is “too black.” We sent the same pitch to left-wing broadcasters such as Air America, NPR, PBS and MSNBC. None reacted as angrily as Mr. Savage. In fact, many of these broadcasters have invited Mr. Taylor on their programs in the past.

While we are happy to drop Mr. Savage’s email from out list, his point about turning us over to the FBI for harassment is nothing short of hysterical. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

Savage is a lefty and too dumb to know it.

Julian said...

Never thought I'd ever recommend a holocaust history penned by a pedestrian, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

Well he's not the only RSP in that category, UN.

Dan said...

I personally think that if the ripper existed he was a some Voodoo nigger chopping up white women for magic parts.

Iron Felix said...

No sorry Dan, but the Ripper is buried in his home town, Wimborne in Dorset (orHampshire, I am not entirely sure); look for the grave of one Montagu John Druitt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said (12 February 2013 19:06): “Remember.... it's not the Jews.... it's the stupid left-wing idiots who are ruining western civilization.”

It’s Organised Jewry that’s laid the foundations for the destruction of western civilization.

When the shit finally hits the fan the vast majority of Jews, being dual citizens, will have already up sticks and fled – booty and plunder in tow – to their little bolt-hole in the Middle East.

Note: Zionists will still retain control of the central banks (money supply), mainstream media (propaganda) and food supply/distribution (to implement boycotts and bring about famine where needed) and will continue to control the body politic through their shabbos goy proxies, as demonstrated in that filthy, stinking, crime-ridden, Negro cesspit, South Africa. The Zionists end game, I believe, is to populate the State of Israel whilst they (Zionists) make a wasteland of Western Europe, North America, Australasia (white/majority white Christian nations) and the Arab states surrounding Israel, using the power of their purse, deindustrialisation, immigration, war and civil war to achieve their objectives. Only then will their, quote “most dangerous enemy become only a memory”.

Frank Galton

Mary said...

Just listen to American radio personality Michael Savage.... he's jewish, and probably one of the best allies we have!

No, as others have already pointed out, he is certainly not an 'ally'. He is a Jew first and foremost, and changing his name from 'Weiner' to Savage was only the first move in his rather clever act.
I used to enjoy listening to him rant , so I get the appeal, but everytime I heard him whine on about "Nazis" turning jews into lampshades (lol), I had to smile at his chutzpah. He's made a lot of money out of trusting patriotards.....and wasted a lot of White time in the process.

Oh well. He is just another brick in our jew-infested Wall of shit that desperately needs knocking down.

Shaunantijihad said...

Regrets on steroids -

Future history: damn sure Spaniards and other Europeans wished they had never taken H. Erectus' modern form, the Negro, to the New World with them. Detroilet is in the Erectii sewer, like so many other places, yet viewed by our enemies as the perfect model of warfare against the white race. Here's a real throwback in the link, but given the perversion that our tax dollars/pounds/euros go to subsidising the birth rate of those carrying these genes just goes to validate Sun Tzu's philosophy which permeates Jewish Marxism for the goyim - that the perfect form of warfare is to make your enemy choose to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

This is a good article on the folly of crusader bashing, remember Malta 1565, my kind of catholics.

Uncle Nasty said...

Living proof that the first thing -- the first thing -- we must do is control, de-fang or simply, destroy the MSM and all that it entails.

Notice the copyright date ... 2013. Living proof that it was not some bizarre mistake or aberration. The deception continues still.


Anonymous said...

Hello Savant,

It's been awhile...

This is one of those posts where I have no alternative BUT to comment.

You're a bit older than I am (not much), and you had the pleasure of growing up in a mostly homogeneous society, one that had a tremendous sense of identity. You also lived through the tumult of the '60s, which ushered in a complete revolution of Western society from top to bottom.

Your anonymous poster above - the fellow who'd take Dev's 'backward Ireland' any day over today's alternative - is spot on.

You're quite right in that it shouldn't devolve into a choice between two tyrannies. But if it must, I choose a society informed by the Church.

Were there sadists and pedophiles? Sure. Such people have been always and everywhere, and the Church had its fair share. Before we get too enamored with freedom of inquiry and the blessings of science, you'd be well advised to remember that, were it not for the Irish monks and the Catholic Church, Western civilization would have perished in its cradle. The Church began the university system, and numbers among her flock some of the greatest scientists, philosophers, humanists and writers. To claim that the Church kept people ignorant is a secularist conceit with no possible evidence. It's a shame so many people buy into this libel.

Like your anonymous poster, I will not abandon the God of my fathers. I will not abandon the Catholic Church, because her doctrines are true. Certainly, there is a lot of happy-talk about ecumenism, jews, etc., but this is all it is.

People, political parties, even family members will disappoint you. I will never be disappointed in the fact that Christ is God, and His Church shall prevail against the gates of hell. Europe is in such doldrums, and Ireland in particular, because in their conceits they've abandoned God for the empty promises of Modernism and all its attendant lies. My beloved Irish will soon see what we in the States have already learned: you're now reaping the harvest of your destruction.

Rekindle your faith as fast as you can. It is not immoral to wish your own people success, nor to show the door to people you do not want in your country. One should never hate, nor resort to violence unless it's in defense of your life, family and home. Otherwise, rejoice in your European heritage and be proud. There's nothing remotely anti-Catholic or anti-Christian about it.

I hear your pain, Savant, and I wish you didn't have such bad experiences growing up. But that was NOT the norm. God is now cleansing His Church of the homosexuals (not pedophiles; almost every victim was a teenager or older), sadists and malcontents.

If Ireland ceases to be Catholic, it will cease to be Irish. Of this I have no doubt.

All the best to you, Savant, and to all your wonderful readers.

(formerly) Windy City Irish Pollock

P.S. We escaped Chicago for the warmer climes and better demographics of Florida. Guns are a part of life down here, and there's a very palpable white pride and love of the Confederacy here. I'll have to come up with a new screen name in due course.

Anonymous said...

Ag Here UN wil jy nou he die mense moet kots ????

Anonymous said...

Bring the third world to Britain and Britain becomes third world:

Bill said...

Another immigration debate in Britain. Perhaps this time enough voters will dump the LibLabCon and opt for one of the patriotic parties: BDP, Patria, or Western Spring. Even UKIP would be an improvement.

Rob said...

Uncle Nasty - Living proof that the first thing -- the first thing -- we must do is control, de-fang or simply, destroy the MSM and all that it entails.

Notice the copyright date ... 2013. Living proof that it was not some bizarre mistake or aberration. The deception continues still.

If you think that's the worst MSM can do in lying, look at this.

SAVANT said...

@Windy City Pollack. Thanks for the thoughtful contribution, which made me reflect on my post and my thinking. I accept that maybe I've let my own experiences unduly colour my impressions of the Church.

And yes, I accept that placing your faith in systems, movements and people can be a disillusioning experience. But if I have an unduly negative view of the Church I think yours is unduly positive.

I recognise its achievements and contributions and I see it having its place. It's just that when it achieves unfettered control it becomes tryannical.

So let me conclude by saying my ideal would be, say, America in the fifties. We don't have to choose between the Dev/McQuade tyranny and the filth, degradation and population destruction we have today. That's my message, basically.

Jeremy said...

Pollack "For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known."
- Matthew 10:26

Shaunantijihad said...

Don't worry about it Savant. We'd all prefer to have a cold than a flu, but prefer even more to have neither. America in the 50's or even the roaring 20's evokes a longing for a better age. One can only imagine what the men of Jimmy Cagney's era would have done to a Muslim, Negro or Jew demanding Sharia or the end of the Constitution!

Here is some footage from Bradford in a bygone age before the traitors invited the colonists of Islam:

Uncle Nasty you'll like Duke's latest video on Jewish control of media, government and banking here:

For those of you who are swayed by 1 of 1,000 be warned that watching videos on your computer can apparently turn you into a lizard who believes steel melts at the same temperature as paper.

On the other hand, you might just as well believe that the Germans had cremation ovens that could cremate a body in less than 4 seconds.

Pas de Regrets - Israel and treasonous Jews in the USA government perpetrated 911. This is the primary objective of 1 of 1,000, to sow seeds of doubt about the evidence that Israel did 911. For if the US military finds it's balls, it is the end of Israel, and the Jews will be in internment camps across America and Europe.

9-11 The Military Knows Israel Did It

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Ag Here UN wil jy nou he die mense moet kots ????

13 February 2013 08:47

The first time I ever saw this shit was when one of the pommie rags, back in the very early sixties published what they said were images of Sharpeville. Purported good niggers lying in the suspiciously well-manicured dirt.

The well-manicured dirt was, in fact, Joubert Park, in the centre of Johannesburg, where the oxygen thieves did what they did best ... flop on the lawns and sleep in the sun.

Sharpeville itself, was actually given a miss because ...

A. It wasn't particularly photogenic.

B. It was a dangerous place for whitey to be ... and journos then, no less than now, put a premium of the value of their own skin -- and ...

C. It was a bit far from the fleshpots, home comforts -- and the air-conditioned pubs -- of Johannesburg.

Now ... why do you think a favourite dream is pulling the lever on serried ranks of blubbering reporters?


Uncle Nasty said...

Sorry Rob, the previous post was also in response to your own post on Golden Dawn.


Iron Felix said...

Without going into the rights or wrongs of things, it is important not to miss what was actually happening in Ireland re Catholicism. The MSM have never given a toss about the welfare of children per se (they are very happy to cover up paedophilia in their own ranks) as evidenced by their constant use of the word "survivor" with regard to the victims of clerical sex abuse (I ask, how many deaths were there?)whilst making little or nothing of the many actual deaths of children in State care over more or less the same timeframe. The thing is, paedophilia was simply the hook upon which could be hung a spectacularly successful coup d'etat which saw the MSM overthrow and defeat a hated enemy for the hearts and minds of the Irish people. With Catholicism now vanquished the Church has been supplanted by---a Church! This new conventicle Church, the MSM and their chums in show-business, are now the ones calling all the shots. They are now the final arbiters in all matters of Faith and Morals. Said a minor exemplar of this new dispensation, one Fintan O'Toole "we, who set the agenda in this country..."
Plus ca-change, eh!

Dan said...

I grew up in a Brit city Catholic. Parish was packed with paddies. Indeed my dad identified himself as Irish (really from norf Lahndin then Berkshire) Anyway, there was never a hint of molestation. I also went to a Parochial school. Again, no abuse so far as I know. I fondly remember my schooldays with the Don Bosco trained nuns and priest, many were Irish.

Otoh, I rather stupidly allowed my son to attend a public school in Cali for a year. Guess what? There was a kiddie fiddler there. The Public Schools at least stochaticly are worse. Much worse.

Canuck said...

Shaunantijihad. I would indeed like to think that the American military knows that Israeli's and American traitors did 911. But all such reports come back to Dr. Alan Saborski's claims. I have seen no other evidence about the military knowing who did it.

Let me say that I believe that of course the military know who did it. But I have seen nothing, nothing at all, to say that they will acknowledge it or even less that they will do anything about it.

The truth will out said...

Ahh well, the church used to be quite a useful defence of our lands in many ways for us Europeans in the past.

109 times since Jesus was murdered to be precise...

kulak said...

So let me conclude by saying my ideal would be, say, America in the fifties.

One of my hobbies is genealogy, so I sometimes read old newspapers, and we were screwed even then. There's a lot to what cambriawillnotyield said about the post-Christian west coasting on momentum for a bit.

Back in my 1990s lefty-but-too-dumb-to-know-it Republican phase, I lamented then about the state of things, and remarked to a Jewish friend that my ideal was the 1950s minus Jim Crow.

Jewish friend just looked at me like I was retarded.

I didn't get it then, but I get it now.

That's what I already had.

Wolfhound said...

The Orthodox church is the only church I have come in to contact with that has any credibility for me.

The Catholic church is like club med for queer paedophiles and has been corrupted beyond repair a LONG time ago. There are ofcourse great people in the flock and the priesthood, but as an institution it has riddled its own feet with gunshots, no need for the jew propagandists.

The Protestant churches seem to be PC to the hilt, diluted so much that they have lost all purpose.

Some hyms:

Agni Parthene


Wolfhound said...

Rob said...

Uncle Nasty - Living proof that the first thing -- the first thing -- we must do is control, de-fang or simply, destroy the MSM and all that it entails.

Notice the copyright date ... 2013. Living proof that it was not some bizarre mistake or aberration. The deception continues still.

If you think that's the worst MSM can do in lying, look at this.

Here's some more doctored holohoax pictures up on Incogman

Uncle Nasty said...

Wolfhound said...

If you think that's the worst MSM can do in lying, look at this.

Here's some more doctored holohoax pictures up on Incogman.

Thanks, Wolfhound. An interesting point that can be made about forged or altered historical photos, is that whenever monochrome prints were retouched after photography and re-photographed, they invariably increase in contrast. The pale grays become lighter as they tend towards white, and the dark grays become darker.

Do this often enough, and middle tones vanish altogether, and the image becomes what was called "Soot and Whitewash".

Now, that being said ... how many so-called WWII actuality Photos are soot and whitewash?

Pretty much all of them.

A very popular photographic style in the sixties, all the more ironic as it was felt that the extreme contrast gave a "More realistic" feel to photography.


Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, but very, very interesting.

One or two posters may have been following the career of the demented, paranoid** nigger cop Christopher Dorner who plugged several associates and finally met his match (and his maker) in an ironically Waco-like shootout and burnout in a rural cabin.

Read the article ... some very interesting points are made.

his demise occurred just after he was seen driving a vehicle on public roads near the lake. one can only speculate why he engaged in behavior quite likely to have resulted in being seen.


his rampage killed police seemingly with impunity while he took the offensive. he hid from the authorities for days, eluding detection by federal government drones (you know anyone else who operates them), and search by several hundreds of police officers. he did so, apparently quite easily.

he was "found," only while engaging in a public behavior that suggests he wanted to be noticed, to face his denouement.

i can only conclude that he could have avoided capture or detection for a much longer period, and could have taken the offensive and attacked again, had that been his "agenda." it would seem that personal motives, and not political motives or ideals drove his behavior, and, that for personal reasons, and personal reasons alone, he chose to end his rampage in this manner. a hard core political operative would have behaved far differently.

this is a sobering event. and, it is especially sobering to the police, and to federal agents.

christopher dorner did all of this, all by himself.

he is dead.

and, he leaves behind him, multiple dead and wounded. this is not a good thing for the authorities, who must now realize quite clearly, that in any uprising against the government or against law enforcement or against politicians and their ilk and supporters, ... , that there are many more of us, then there are of them.

christopher dorner, the leftist, has demonstrated that the odds all lie in our favor. he has demonstrated, if you will, that they will run out of them, before we run out of us.

What do you think of that? Hmmmm?


PS ** So what's new?

sharonski said...

kulak, so you think the nineties was the fifties minus Jim Crow?

Are you serious?

Jan said...

British Prime Minister David Cameron (who likes to boast of his Jewish ancestry)flings open the floodgates to more immigrants:

Immigration: David Cameron urges Indians to come to 'welcoming' Britain
There is “no limit” on the number of Indian nationals who can come to Britain to study and work, David Cameron has said.

With traitors like this in charge whites will be in a minority in Britain within 30 years.

Glen C. said...

UN, a very reassuring thought about the cop coon. Was aware of the incident but never looked at it that way.

Yeah, definitely. If one rogue coon could do that what could a well armed white militia do?

kulak said...


Yep. Take out Jim Crow, everything else followed.

Anonymous said...

Should Jews be considered Whites?

"Jews typically do not identify with the people and culture of Christian Europe and its offshoots; traditional Jewish attitudes conceptualize Judaism as separate from White, Christian society; partly because of their lack of identification with non-White Christian culture, Jewish groups have led the campaign to remove Christianity from the public square

There is a long history of very mainstream Jewish activism and identity that sees Christian Europe as an evil outgroup responsible for a long history of persecuting Jews; an important aspect of Jewish self-conception in America.

Jews are a relatively powerful group that has often been in competition with non-Jewish Europeans

Jewish ethnic activism typically excludes non-Jewish Whites and favors Jews, as in the appointment of Elena Kagan and the Jewish campaign to increase Jewish enrollment in Ivy League universities.

As a result, the distinction between Jew and non-Jewish White is of considerable real world importance."

Occidental Observer.

Rob said...

British Prime Minister David Cameron (who likes to boast of his Jewish ancestry)flings open the floodgates to more immigrants:

Immigration: David Cameron urges Indians to come to 'welcoming' Britain
There is “no limit” on the number of Indian nationals who can come to Britain to study and work, David Cameron has said.

With traitors like this in charge whites will be in a minority in Britain within 30 years

And, as far as I know, Shatter has passed a law that automatically gives a visa for Ireland to anyone who's got one for Britain. So we'll get any of Britain's enrichers who choose to cross the pond to us, plus all of those who got visas directly to Ireland - currently 70 000+ a year.

Anonymous said...

The church has been infiltrated remember.

The enemy purposefully send perverts and communists and criminals to priest training school to fill the church with rot.

Unfortunately for us, without a church, what else to we have? TV and Facebook?

There is an intellectual and religious vacuum and its being filled with something not entirely beneficial to us.

Damned if we stay with the church, damned if we don't.

Anonymous said...


Christianity is not something most of us can defined easily, and the current "Christian" churches are just hollow shells filled with Talmudism etc.

Its a sad spectacle in a church these days. Lots of stupid old ladies that don't know what the hell happened, lots of black preachers talking jewish-inspired nonsense, and nothing real at all.

Chris said...

It might be worse than we think:

Chris said...

It might be worse than we think:

Anonymous said...

"Damned if we stay with the church, damned if we don't."

Bricks and mortar, priestly robes and sacraments all lead to power and influence OVER you!

Simply remove the middle man and go directly to "source".

Here's one VIDEO to look at. Similar videos in the right side-bar.

Anonymous said...

Dan Brown had a huge suckess with The Da Vinci Code and he was a teacher at some prestigious school where a pedohile being found abusing pupils was regarded as fun and games just like when an imam or rabbi is involved.

Anonymous said...

We are all going to have to face the fact that a jew/ess is our enemy unless he/she has renounced the holoco$t and can state why. This IS the litmus test, but several have passed it:

Paul Eisen, David Cole, Nathaniel Kapner, Gilad Atzmon(questions why it can't be examined). The rest are our enemies.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time the same thing was said about Austria and the RC church there and people wanted its influence lessened. Then came the Anschluss and the lessened influence. And an increase in single mothers.

Anonymous said...

I've not read a lot on your blog, but this post clearly tells me, that you are living in a dream land. The Romanists may have been autocratic, dictatorial, and all that, but they were White.

[The Roman Communion is not a Christian communion, but that's another matter, and I won't engage in that argument with blinded RC's- I was raised in it, came to know Christ in it, and then left it, because Rome (I learned) had left Christianity, somewhere around 1100 AD).]

But I never left the Church-how could I? It was the Church (not Rome, don't confuse the two) that gave us Europe/Christendom. And that's where I have so little truck with those (like yourself) who say they don't want Multiculturalism, but don't want Christianity either.

It truly IS an 'either-or'. Either you have the Law of God, which includes a hierarchy, standards of moral conduct, punishment for sin, and ostracization for aberrant behaviours (applicable to ALL, and not just to a subservient Laity), as well as the peace and stability that comes from a monoracial order.

If, as a 'neo-pseudo pagan,' Modern Apostate Man thinks he can have the trappings of Western society, and live in some sort of LIbertarian, Man is at base, good, he's in 'La-la land' If he thinks he can have 'all this, and heaven too,' what he ends up finding is 'a boot stomping on your face, forever.'

And, in abolishing the True Religion (Christianity- again, not to be confused with Romanism) you open up an ideological/existential 'hole' that WILL be filled by competing falsities- either Talmudism, or the Lash of the Hagarenes.

I read a column by someone over at Pravda, reporting on the latest non-intervention by the RC's in Notre Dame, and how it contrasted sharply with a similar incident in Moscow, which I recently included in my blog.

Truly, Rome no longer cares for her own, and is riddled with corruption. I don't disagree with you there. But, to wallow in the accumulated cultural/religious capital that two thousand years of Christendom has amassed, and not recognize the Fount from which all these blessings flow, is to be as selfish as the Dragon in CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, or Smaug in the Hobbit.

- Fr. John+
Orthodox (Non RC) Priest