Thursday, 24 January 2013

A worrying development

Good to see that testosterone-fuelled amazon Serena Williams sent packing from the Australian Open. Being an essential component of The Matrix, the MSM naturally gushed about the 'grace' with which she took her loss.  Of course, true to form, nothing could have been further from the truth, as the smashed rackets, grudging cursory handshake at the end and the perennial 'I lost only because I was injured' excuse in the post match interview testified.

Hopefully in due course these two half men will go the way of all steroid-popping black athletes, losing their money and returning to drug dealing Compton (where their sister was shot trying to score).  I'm not making cheap shots at Serena here. I have never accepted that a woman could have developed muscles like hers in the absence of chemical enhancement. And of course the endless run of injuries only lends substance(!) to these suspicions.  She's on record as vigorously opposing more rigorous drug testing and has avoided a number of surprise tests. Yet the dikes who run the WTA never sanctioned her.  Dat be racis'.

The worrying development is that her conqueror is also black. (I suppressed a chuckle when I read that she's from Plantation, Florida.)  And she actually seems to be a woman who could bear kids. And given that Gael Monfils is still around we now have a breeding pair loose on the circuit. Worrying for those who want to keep the ghetto out of the sport.


Anonymous said...

Go Ravens.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the extra testosterone in her veins accounts for her extra bulk.

Or maybe you are right and she dopes.

One thing's for sure though, and that is that she reminds me of a silverback gorilla.

Imagine shagging her!
Actually, don't.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a third category should be introduced for sporting competition
Mens, Ladies and .......
answers on a post card please
Paris Claims

has-been said...

And in the semi's the Australian crowd were cheering Stephens. Traitorous scum.

Eimear said...

Serena, as usual, a poor loser and bad sportswoman; glad she and Venus are gone. In my opinion, the Williams sisters are very boring players to watch and not very likeable because of their attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Ray Lewis is the great inspiration behind the ravens going to the Superbowl which will be his last game ever.

What a fraud!

He was in a limo with two guys and two guys wound up murdering some other dude and Lewis got omitted from the rap for squealing on the other two guys.

Does that sound like no snitching to the popo to you?

What a disgrace to the NFL.

Seeing as we are talking about black athletes Martina Navratilova says it is a disgrace that Djokjovic was only blood tested once in 6 months.

This compares to the Williams brothers getting tested absolutely zero times in 24+ months.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Muslims use a different calendar? In Muslim years it is now 2005. So that makes eight year olds legal.

Anonymous said...

Azarenka's antics were in stark contrast to the quarter-final between Stephens and Serena Williams on Wednesday, when Williams had suffered a back injury but took a quick timeout and subsequently refused to blame it for her surprise defeat. Indeed, Stephens said afterwards that she has never taken a medical timeout in her burgeoning career.

A former Tennis umpire wrote In my experience some of the WTA physios mollycoddle their charges and bend the time-out rules to a ridiculous degree, and I forsee the day when one of them will actually perform a partial hysterectomy during an extended end-change!

Most observers see Azarenka having a loss of conditioning problem which means no damn injury time out for a non-injury.

"I was running to the net for a drop shot," said Williams, describing the injury. "As I went to hit it, it was on the backhand. I even screamed on the court. I totally locked up after that."

She reiterated after the match that her injuries had made this Australian Open difficult for her.

"Absolutely, I'm almost relieved that it's over because there's only so much I felt I could do," she said. "I've been thrown a lot of (curve) balls these two weeks."

Does that sound like Serena not blaming injuries?

blueboy said...

Does that sound like Serena not blaming injuries?

Sarcasm deserved. But of course the MSM have to make every excuse possible 'cos she blaaaaaack.

Fucking sickening.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not held to the same standards as Whites.Mike Tyson,rapist and violent thug.He's now making movies.Go figure.

treatytrevor said...

Disgusting and depressing the way the virtually all white crowd totally supported the black. Any guess who the handful of blacks there supported?

Anonymous said...

What fruitcake was suggesting shagging Williams? You can get better bush-meat down in Shepherds Bush Market on a sunday.It is pumped up with performance enhancing drugs.
Even the Paki Paedos would run a mile
if faces with one of these apes.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 21:09

Dude now you have made me think about Serena Williams' bush meat. I had hoped I would never have to think about what she keeps in her knickers, but now that you have reminded me I feel I will never get an erection ever again.

I wonder if she has a blue waffle.

Wolfhound said...

For anyone who wants to see this Gorilla in motion:

Anonymous said...

"Ah nevah tooks no testerown shotz, dey jus hooks me ups 2 dah IVY bag at nites win ah goz tah bayd".

That ugly silverback has so much testosterone in "her" body that "her" ovaries have probably tuned into internal testicles.

FredBarbarossa said...

Serena to Venus... “I’m sure Dad is putting testosterone in our drinks”.
“What makes you say that?” comes the reply.
“Well, I’m starting to grow hair on my balls”.

Anonymous said...


George said...

Savant, Stephens has lived with a white family while training to play tennis. If you close your eyes and listen to her interviewed you would swear she was a polite, well mannered white girl. There is not a ghetto sound in her vocabulary. She was gracious in her loss to Azerenka. who seemed to need urgent medical attention at a crucial point in their match. Stephens sat and patiently waited for her return. As far as the Williams sisters, they are a disgusting pair.

Anonymous said...

Race,and the incredible ugliness of the Williams brothers apart,prizemoney in tennis is another ridiculous disparity.

I saw in a paper the other day that Djokovich had played something like 600 minutes to reach the semi-final.

Maria Sharapova had played less than half this to reach her semi.

Yet,they both get paid exactly the same amount.



gala said...

mr.a. Also a low ranking man, earning a pittance, would beat the top woman. Only this week Maria Sharapova played some local Australian junior for practice and won only via two tie breaks.

AnalogMan said...

mr a, not sure I follow you. Are you suggesting that they should be paid by the hour?

It's a competition. The best player wins the prize. The best player wins in less time than a less skilled player would.

Anonymous said...

I'm suggesting Analogman that,in Grand Slam events,women should be paid 3/5ths the prizemoney that men are paid.


Dan said...

Sponsorship and advertising dictate the prize.

I like watching the leggy Russians. I play tennis with my girlfriend. She gets presents based on what these willowy creatures wear. See how that works?

Anonymous said...

The reality show American Idol could be sued for racism after NINE black former contestants have mounted a legal challenge amid claims they were forced off the show.

The singers said the production company plotted to remove them from the competition in a bid to boost ratings.

The claims came to light after New York attorney James Freeman asked the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for permission to sue Idol and FOX on behalf of his clients.

Anonymous said...

"Yet,they both get paid exactly the same amount.


If the TV and ticket revenues are the same, what's wrong with that?

I prefer watching women's tennis, because (a) I find many women players attractive, and (b) women can't hit the ball as hard, yet the court is the same size, so there's more strategy.

whitevanman said...

Yes, I think those leggy blond Russians should earn big money just for showing up.

AnalogMan said...

mr a:

Ah, I see. I don't have a TV, don't follow sports. So, I take it Djokovich is a man?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Analogman.A Serb.

In grand slams the men play the best of 5 sets.Women the best of 3.

Anon.Sponsorship and revenue have nothing to do with it.Nothing whatsoever.

I'm no tennis fan by any means but I do remember the campaign in the early 70's,led by Billie Jean King, for equal pay for unequal work.

On reflection it was probably one of the first capitulations to feminist illogic.


Dan said...

I prefer women's tennis too. Long legged Valkyries and spritely brunettes. Yum. Then they were beaten up by a gorilla. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Melky Cabrera has not got his stroke back from last year which might be worrying for his employers.

Cycling gets hammered in the media for doping even though they do something about it Roland Garros refuses to use international testing which les Freires Guillaumes like.