Monday, 17 December 2012

Living in the Matrix

Take a small island in the Adriatic where 4,000 people - equivalent to nearly half the regular population of the island - were brutally and sadistically massacred over about five days.  Many people alive today remember it.  You'd imagine, would you not, that this would kinda get a mention somewhere when you check out that island? Like Wikipedia. Well you'd be wrong. Because the 'wrong' people were slaughtered, in this case German soldiers who had surrendered to Tito's guerrillas in 1945 on the island of Rab.

Check it out yourself. I guarantee you'll find it very hard to dig up anything.  Oh sure, you'll find all you want about the concentration camp on Rab - an Italian one, I might add - mainly for recalcitrant Slovenes and Croatians, but also gypsies and Jews.  You'll learn plenty about how over 200 Jews, 'the elderly or sick who were sent to Auschwitz by the Germans for extermination' [Wiki].  Now as an aside, a concept about Death Marches that always fascinated me. Why would the super-efficient and super-evil Germans go to all the time trouble, expense and risk of sending them through four countries in order to kill them in Poland?  Why not just shoot them where they were?  I'm not holding my breath for an answer. Nor for anything about the massacred Germans appearing in Approved Outlets.

I mention this case merely to illustrate the parallel universes we live in.  On the one hand there's reality, what is actually happening and what has actually happened. And then, like in The Truman Show or The Matrix we have an imaginary world.  This world, in our case, is one in which Whites, and particularly White males, are inherently evil and the cause of all the world's problems, non-Whites, especially blacks, are wondrous human beings, whose occasional faults and failings can be fully explained by generations of White abuse. It's one where races, religions and genders are equal, (in fact there's a kind of inverse pigmentocracy) where the race-mixing of Whites into oblivion is an unalloyed good, where accepted history, the kind you get in orthodox academies and on Wikipedia, has become a parody of itself. But a parody that brooks no questioning.

Maintaining parallel universes does not come easily or cheaply. It requires the systematic immersion of the public in a particular way of thinking, which in turn calls for overwhelming control of the media, education, politics and finance. And, as Orwell showed, of history also. It also requires the elimination, as far as possible, of any contrarian narrative as even at a low level this can cause disproportionate damage. Internalised conformity to the level of Thought Control is the objective. And it's been achieved.

Now here's my other question. Which is stronger, the almost total control enjoyed by The Empire....or the Trusty Sword Of Truth? This makes me sound like some pretentious philosophy student (if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it fall, has it really fallen? To which I'd respond 'of course it has, you stupid twat'). But it's a serious question. Maintaining such a parallel universe doesn't come cheaply or easily. Despite the range and depth of control enjoyed by the Thought Police, cognitive dissonance is all around the proles. This is where enstupidation comes in. Dumb them down (race mix with inferiors, debase their culture) and distract them with bread and circuses into semi-conscious servitude.

It's worked phenomenally well so far.  Almost every White person is unwittingly enmeshed in The Matrix, oblivious to The Truth about what governs their lives. Are they open to it?  An oft-cited source of hope is the collapse of the USSR, where another Matrix, although of a different kind, also operated. But I'm not so sure. Because you see, the vast majority of Soviet citizens knew they were living a lie, They saw through the totalitarian contempt for facts and reality and just had to tune into the western media to find all the proof they needed. But in the West, especially in the USA, people genuinely believe that they're getting the real story from the MSM, academia, the churches and the other sources of pollution.

Then again, do they want to know the Truth? It's been pointed out that sooner or later, most everyone stumbles over the truth, but that most then pick themselves up and continue on as if nothing happened. Most people do not want to learn any truth they fear may breach their comfort zone or compromises their plans and preconceptions. That if they ignore it, it may go away. I don't know the answer, but that's our challenge. We must keep shining the light on the cockroaches and our Masters might one day resemble the frozen leaders of the USSR waving from atop Lenin’s Tomb as their world crumbled around them.

So I close on a positive note from Victor Hugo “Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come.”


Martel said...

I agree we have truth on our side, but the truth in itself has never been enough. Only political power or violent action has ever done that. Unfortunately. The people of the USSR knew the truth but it took them 70 years to do anything.

Information in itself is not the answer, for it will only be accepted by a tiny elite of independent thinkers like us; the vast majority will continue to be zonked out by by holocaust and equality propaganda. Nothing will motivate the average White Joe and Jane to act in their best interests until circumstances become unbearable for them; as happened in Germany back in the 20s and 30s. Things will simply have to get an awful lot worse before there is any hope of it getting better.

Repeat Savant's mantra: Worse Is Better.

Uncle nasty said...

Nice one, Savant. Once again, you ask all the right questions.

Or, do you perhaps, ask all the wrong ones?


Rob said...

To anyone who feels despair about this, I would recommend this mental exercise: try to imagine you are on the other side, that your whole career - and even perhaps your life - depends on this massive lie being believed in perpetuity by its victims. There are millions of people in this position. Bear in mind that your victims number around a billion, and are historically the most gifted race in terms of intelligence, creativity, and courage.

How secure would you feel in that situation?

kulak said...

And, as Orwell showed, of history also.

Forget Orwell. He's wrong. Those who control the present have no idea about the future, let alone control it.

We have the truth on our side; but more importantly we have the Right.

where the race-mixing of Whites into oblivion

Too many words; too little moral content Savant.

What it is, is genocide.

This is the flipside of what Michael Levin calls the rush to explain what race is not in order to avoid what it is.

This isn't an information problem.
It's a moral problem.

We are white; it is our morality that governs the information filter.

It is our courage, or lack of it, that governs our deeds.

Conviction, and courage of conviction.

How white is that?

That is all that is necessary, and it is sufficient.

To BE white.

Anonymous said...

Would you kindly provide some links to info on the Rab massacre of German soldiers, Sav?


euroserf said...

That is all that is necessary, and it is sufficient.

To BE white.

Kulak, go back on the meds. If only it were that easy.

SAVANT said...

But that's the whole point JP...there aren't any links. Not in English anyway. I got my info from a friend who lives in nearby Split. His father knew one of the murderers. I was able to confirm it subsequently with a guy who actually live on Rab.

You might get some German material if you search along the lines of Das Massengrab auf der Adria-Insel Rab

Anonymous said...

Can anyone on this blog recommend or give feedback on a book called "Into the Cannibal's Pot?"

Thanks, A Regular Savant Reader

Magnificent Randolph said...

Can I parallel Victor Hugo here---though I do notknow who said---"....and three, with a new songs measure, can trample an empire down....."

kulak said...


Who said it was easy?

kulak said...

It's very simple, but it's not easy.

Gary Paul said...

Regular Reader. I've read Into The Cannibal's Pot by Elena Mercer, who is in fact South African. Some people on this forum won't like her 'cos she's jewish but this book is brilliant.

It cuts through all the lies and propaganda you're fed about the Rainbow Nation and shows it for what it really is. She then takes this experience to show that the rest of the west, especially America, is going to suffer the same fate.

She writes with great feeling, in fact anger. As she should about the destruction of our country.

Anonymous said...

I found info on an English language link to 4000 Slovenians being murdered there and a German language link to 4000 attacking partisans.

Anonymous said...

She then takes this experience to show that the rest of the west, especially America, is going to suffer the same fate.

This is an endorsement?

Anonymous said...

@Gary Paul 00:15

"she's jewish but this book is brilliant."

Impossible if she is Jewish. She must be a liar.

Also, on another national socialist site recently, the mob was shouting about how the media is run by Jews and it is all liews, only to go on and use those Jewish media sources in their posts. I laughed a bit.

Ian said...

Savant, I followed your suggestion.
There are links in other languages.You can paste any URL into the box in the Google Translate page where you can have see a translation into English or use Chrome browser with translation facility built-in.

Shaunantijihad said...

In a coup d'├ętat, the first thing you take over is the media tranmitters, T.V. stations etc.

We normally assume this is done with soldiers in some small country somewhere. Sometimes, but mostly it is done with control of fiat currency and banking to grab media control. With this, the coup of the entire West is almost complete. Their agents in government must synchronise their efforts by outlawing truth and unleashing "hate" crime laws. Boy, how they must hate the USA's 1st Amendment. If they disarm the US population with more slayings of children in schools, the 1st Amendment will follow, to "protect the people from terror".

And yet, people just keep waking up and seeing reality. So let's wake some more. Keep commenting on the It's a start.

Shaunantijihad said...

Savant, if you do find some reliable information please submit it to


Shaunantijihad said...

Sorry, 3 posts in a row! But as an exercise in unravelling the tyrants' control of information you can't do much better than this:

Iron Felix said...

Couple of things; re Rab, the butchery of German prisoners, we must understand that only Germans commit atrocities, and they only commit atrocities, it's all they do (as in, only white people can be racist, and racist is the only thing they are).Thus, no mention is made of something observed in North Africa, when the Afrika Korps rearguard handed the Allies a fearsome shellacking---German soldiers, at some fair risk to themselves, were seen hauling trapped Allied soldiers out of burning tanks, rescuing them in fact. No, no; couldn't have happened, we think---choose to think, actually.
Other thing; it's called "Into the Cannibal's Pot" by Ilana Mercer, and it's available from Amazon.

AnalogMan said...

Illana Mercer is one of those Jews who agitated for an end to Apartheid, then buggered off as soon as she achieved what she thought she wanted. Her father, a Rabbi, was very active in the anti-Apartheid movement. I have not heard that she ever opposed him.

For them, of course, with a right of return to Israel as a last resort, it was not a serious matter to destroy White civilization in South Africa. For those of us still stuck here in their creation, the Rainbow Nation, it's a bit more personal, a little less theoretical.

Maybe she has learned something. Maybe she has "evolved". She writes well. But I will not be reading her book. Scroomall. All those sanctimonious bastards who destroyed my country, then went elsewhere and rebranded themselves as conservatives, or libertarians, or whatever.

Dave C said...

Magnificent Randolph said...
"....and three, with a new songs measure, can trample an empire down....."

WE are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample an empire down.

We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing,
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o'erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world's worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

Arthur O'Shaughnessy. 1844–1881

James Lord said...

I take Shaun's point. Keep commenting on the MSM blogs and on any other forum. I see a major change - that more and more people are waking up.

kulak said...

But I will not be reading her book.

Second that.

I see no point in NLP-style programming myself for our destruction by envisioning it as an inevitable.

Besides, I'll bet a $100 she left out Chinks and Mexicans. The US is not South Africa, and neither is Europe.

South African whites have had the entire white world against them. That will change, one way or another, and that's when they'll have the best shot at a recovery.

The whole ballgame is white people. Never forget that.

Anonymous said...

I'd swap power for truth any day. Once you have the power you can then ensure that only the truth is projected. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many thought the same as me on hearing about the school massacre? That it was an inside job entirely to enforce gun control. Obumma has been weepin and a wailin about how something must be done. MSM interviewing only those who want to see controls brought in. How bad are things when you're first thought is that a government would be prepared to slaughter children? Or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Rob @ 22:13,

I'm a former member of the BNP and I'm an ethno-nationalist, i.e. I believe that ALL the different peoples of the world deserve a homeland of their own in which their customs and culture.

What I am not is a white supremacist, for the simple reason whites are not ubermenschen. In fact many of our people are inane morons. TPTB have successfully managed to get us to swallow this shit BECAUSE the vast majority of us are gullible, unthinking consumers whose addled minds are concentrated on hedonism, sport and TV. Yes we have produced great minds, wonderful creations and accomplished much - but the fact is the masses are stupid. As Winston Smith said "hope lies with the proles"...but can they be awakened?

It's a shit state of affairs, but until their little bubble's burst it will continue indefinitely.

blueboy said...

Lemmy. Same thought crossed my mind. Pesonally I doubt that it happened that way. But it sure seems they were all prepared, poised to capitalize on such an event.

Uncle Nasty said...

The only reason Elana mercer opens her fucking trap (after the fact, I might add) is, because of her politics, she was finally forced to leave a relative white -- and jew's -- paradise, and is now stuck in the absolute arsehole of the middle east -- fucking israel.

Where the only people she can mix with from dawn to dusk are other Ashkenazi jews.

I'd also be a little tetchy about that.


Uncle Nasty said...

Lemmy and Blueboy ...

Check this out.

A Neo-con site, admittedly, but sometimes they get it right.

Scroll to:-


Find out why Dr. Ron Paul is crusading to STOP mandatory mental screening and forced drugging of our children. This video highlights the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence, including nearly all recent mass-shootings and school shootings.

Also .. please see my comment in the other thread on and article by Cameron Slater.



Magnificent Randolph said...

Dave C, yes OF COURSE! O'Shaughnessy; could not, to save my life, have remembered this when I needed it..........many thanks.

Uncle Nasty said...

Once again, I may have made a parody post about it, but I am convinced that the level of in-the-bone cynicism of government in general -- and the US and UK governments in particular ...

That they would have no qualms at all about an unholy alliance of shrinks (usually jews) intelligence entities (in the US: run by jews) and the US administration (also totally jew-controlled) ... actually networking and tailoring to order, useful psychos on demand.

Think of it.

A nationwide network of shrinks and bureaucrats. One small deniable department creating scenarios.

One segment of the network dedicated to uncovering the desires, fears, ambitions, lusts and deepest secrets of a horde of fragile, vulnerable, human beings.

The other segment correlating the information ... assessing the fitness of assets (shall we say?) to certain tasks.

And all with complete plausible deniability. Who'd listen to the weird tales cooked up by a bunch of loonies, anyway?

"The voices made me do it ..."

And often self-liquidating into the bargain, avoiding those messy cleanup problems.



northern athiest said...

Another factor is letting nutcases out of mental institutions for 'community care'. A huge % of mass killers fit into this category.

Anonymous said...

Sav o mighty speed reader. Please google and read 'Wagging the Moondoggie'. You are a numerate scientifically aware paragon. White folks are going to have to get some severe shocking to break the MSM mindlock. If the Moon hoax is blown wide open it could be the start.

Anonymous said...

Sav-What do you make of the abortion decision made by the government today?.I'm sure Shatter must be so pleased.Population replacement is coming along nicely.

SAVANT said...

Anon 22.12: You are obviously a keen observer of human nature and have me analysed to perfection.

I will check out that subject and render my judgement asap.

Dan said...

Apparently there was a Father Castaldo at Newtown parish church. He was priest there while Lanza was about 7. There is an article in USA Today in which A classmate of Lanza's said Lanza would wretch when he saw a sex Ed video in biology classes. I'm thinking that Lanza was abused at some point and it all got hushed up. Watch this space.

Uncle Nasty said...

Several commenters have mentioned a subject close to my heart ... the role played by the media in exacerbating the problem.

In which we are told:-

Kindergartner Handcuffed and Arrested by GA Police

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 by Kim
Shannon from Buzzworthy Bulletins

Salecia Johnson, a 6-year-old girl, was recently arrested at school, handcuffed, placed in the back of a police car, and taken to the station after “throwing furniture, tearing items off the walls and knocking over a shelf, which injured the principal,” according to this article.

Salecia’s parents are very upset. They feel the school had “no business calling the police and handcuffing” their child. But, the police did try calling them several times, and their daughter was biting door knobs, jumping on a paper shredder, and trying to break glass frames.

This is not the first time a child this young has been arrested and handcuffed; however, school officials all over the nation are struggling – what should the rules be? If the child is a danger to herself and to those around her, and you can’t calm her down, and you can’t reach her parents, what do you do?

Check this out, first note the professionally posed accompanying illustration, read the article and start reading the comments ... then tell me at which point your bullshit meter starts clanging to life.

Remember, this happened in Georgia. Secondly note the name of the miniature miscreant.

All we need to prevent these outbursts of journalistic bullshit is to snatch the perpetrator who writes this kind of shit (or, more accurately, the editor who decides to run certain accompanying images) beat several shades of shit out of them (Louisville slugger -- meet kneecaps); tattoo the words "Lying Cunt" on their foreheads, and then dump them back on the street outside their lying publication. Then go up the food chain. Sub-Ed; editor; owner ...

Pour encourager les autres

The lying anti-white media will unravel like a chinese jersey in days. Believe me.

Read the books ... Covington covers it.


kulak said...

"The voices made me do it ..."

Some people have pointed to shooters' relatives' connections to finance and Libor as evidence for conspiracy.

An alternative interpretation is that people involved in high finance are simply more likely to have totally psycho kids.

Pakounta said...

Interestingly, the "lying" paper links to the original article... where we can see that Salecia is a Black girl, as expected, and not a 10-year old White boy.

SAVANT said...

kulak, I've worked in just about every business sector in my career. And without a doubt finance has a uniquely amoral flavour, as have the people in it.

SAVANT said...

Shatter is perfectly happy with that abortion decision. Plenty of future Nazis terminated.

Uncle Nasty said...

Now, who would have thought that such a thing could even be discussed outside the ranks of Hollyweird and Science fiction ...

How the U.S. Military Would Crush a Tea Party Rebellion

For some strange reason, I can't copy a few paragraphs from the original to print here ... but, no matter.

Check it out -- from FORBES, mind you ...


Anonymous said...

For those who think there's a quick and easy fix for our financial problems:

"The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest (we) become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

Marcus Tullius Cicero (55 B.C.)

So ... no need to get up early, tomorrow.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding the turdlet who was cuffed, the original article linked to another attitude-filled third world miniature shitweasel-in-training with the name of, wait for it ... Jehaida Quezada --

-- Who, after being cuffed and tossed into a holding cell for her "attitude" has figured out (amazingly) that maybe she should change her crappy attitude to others.

A Colorado sixth-grader was handcuffed and taken to a juvenile holding facility for disobeying an assistant principal and being "argumentative and extremely rude," according to an incident report.

"She told me that I need to quit giving her my attitude," Yajira Quezada was quoted by NBC affiliate KUSA TV as saying of the administrator at Shaw Heights Middle School in Westminster, a suburb of Denver.

In the incident report, the unidentified administrator said she was on hall patrol on Feb. 22 when she came across Quezada and started questioning her. She said she was in mid-sentence when the 11-year-old "turned and walked away saying, 'I don't have time for this.'"

A friend of mine once mentioned a medical procedure which, was called an "opthalrectomy" in which the connection between the optic nerve and the anus was severed -- thereby removing the recipient's shitty outlook on life.

The procedure is short and painful -- usually performed by the application of a tennis racquet across the snotbox.**

Repeat as necessary ... and usually very effective, I am told.


**PS. Take two of these and apologise in the morning.

PPS. One of my favourite movie insults was: "I'll slap the ugly clean off your face."

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT: Shatter is perfectly happy with that abortion decision. Plenty of future Nazis terminated.

Actually, it's the other way around, and that's why I'm ambivalent about abortion.

Ethically, morally, it's an obvious abomination. On the other hand, the people who do it are overwhelmingly not my people, and if my enemies choose to kill their children, it saves my children having to do it later.

Uncle Nasty said...

I read a good chunk of the 'Wagging the Moondoggie' articles, and I do recall (many years ago) the fear that cosmic rays sleeting through the astronauts would put paid to all but suicidal missions.

Regardless of any shielding on the craft.


PS: Ever remember a sixties piece-of-shit Sci-Fi flick about the landings being faked? I wonder if that started the We-Never-Went conspiracy theory?

Capricorn One.


AnalogMan said...

UN, that article, and particularly the comments, strongly reinforced my own view that the biggest factor in the decline of western civilization has been the decline of patriarchy. Those women should never have been allowed a voice in public policy, let alone an actual vote. And the presence among them of feminized males (one can scarcely say "men") only emphasizes the point.

I know you get around the web a lot, but how on earth did you ever land up on that site?

sharonski said...

Analog. Were it not for abortion America would have twice as many blacks. Think about that!

sharonski said...

UN, you seem surprised that they got a white kid to pose for the role of 'Selecia' Johnson.

Thor said...

"Yajira Quezada"

Those damn Norwegians again!

Anonymous said...

This video highlights the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence, including nearly all recent mass-shootings and school shootings.

Cannabis is banned and the overwhelming majority of shooters are on SSRIs so I guess it makes sense to ban rifles based on the fact that he used handguns.

Anonymous said...

Gun Control is Bullshit

Trayvon Martin-like behaviour murders unarmed woman

So not paying for Sandra Fluke's johnies is a war on women but Roger Huerta rescuing a woman from Ra(c)hsit Bobino and this typical white woman attacked by black man is not?

Just shows the sectarian, anti-white nature of the modern media.

Anti-racist is a code for anti-White.

Esther said...

Christ! Imagine meeting that mad bastard on a quiet street.

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

I know you get around the web a lot, but how on earth did you ever land up on that site?

I believe in the old saw "Keep your friends close ... and your enemies closer" It works for the pedestrians.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last ...

Critics row over US government's 'fake news' video clips

By Andrew Gumbel
1:00 PM Monday Mar 14, 2005

The Bush administration has produced news look-alike video propaganda clips and successfully persuaded television news stations across the country to air them uncritically and, often, uncut. As many as 20 government departments have produced fake news that stations relayed as though they had produced the segments themselves according to the standard rules of journalism, the New York Times reported.

US media critics have always liked to complain about a proliferation of fake news peddling the official line on any given issue. Now, increasingly, their complaints are being vindicated by the behaviour of government officials themselves. In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is at the centre of a growing controversy over precisely the same thing - using public funds to make short pseudo-journalistic films touting controversial policies and passing them on to local television news stations, which have aired them without comment.

All right, it's old ... but valid. While in tin-foil hat mode, I am trying to track down a thread that maintained that a good deal of broadcast news was not merely dodged or slanted but actually manufactured using professional and semi-professional actors who are then given money and fake identities to drop out in a sort of witless protection plan.**

No, that's not an error.

** Or oddly enough, re-cycled as a sort of ongoing roadshow.
A site I visited a year or two back showed some remarkable resemblences between people in different newscasts all over America -- popping up as weeping victims, wailing bystanders, demonstrating protesters and emphatic witnesses ... again and again and again.

I'm trying to track it down.


Uncle Nasty said...

Here's an article from the online equivalent of the Sydney Morning Herald.
Living proof that God was being kind to me when He ruled out Oz as a destination.

Guns get men pushing back


Last updated 11:25 21/12/2012

In the days since the appalling murder of 20 school children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut, the same questions keep getting asked around the world: why does this keep happening in the States? Why do Americans cling so persistently to their guns, even as the number of rampage murders continues to escalate and children continue to die? And why do so many of the shooters fit the same profile: young white men from middle-class backgrounds?

When horrific mass killings at Port Arthur and Dunblane rocked Australia and Scotland in 1996, Canberra and Westminster responded swiftly with new laws severely restricting gun ownership and buying back weapons already on the market.

In both the UK and Australia, gun deaths plummeted. There have been no comparable mass murders since.

Meanwhile, most of the deadliest rampage killings in US history have taken place just since 2007, with three major incidents (Aurora, Colorado; Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Newtown) in the last six months.

What the little prick (Schwyzer, eh?) Does not mention is that non-gun violence has gone through the roof in both the gun-banning countries of Oz and the UK ... and that violence-related crime had actually been steadily dropping since before the gun bans.

Also one is tempted to ask the sanctimonious little shmoe just why every time you see images of israeli civilians in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, they're always toting loaded M-16 rifles ... in public.

Rather like israeli border control and immigrant clampdowns. For me, but not for thee, eh?


BJKahn said...

Also one is tempted to ask the sanctimonious little shmoe just why every time you see images of israeli civilians in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, they're always toting loaded M-16 rifles ... in public.

Uncle Nasty, that would be because their Palestinian 'fellow citizens' are just itching for a chance to kill them.

You really need to get out a bit more.

Californian said...

Excellent analysis, Savant, and a topic which needs to be explored more.

For starters, most people are operating within what is an analog to The Matrix or the Truman Show. "It" is all around us. ... You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

I've discussed some topics related to those you touch on with people in the real world. Assuming they do not immediately shut you out, they look upon you with amazement. To give one example: in discussing why apartheid was a necessity in the old South Africa, I would point out that the vast majority of black run countries on the continent happen to be one-party dictatorships, human rights fiascos, and/or failed states. Now, when I bring this up and show documentation that it is so (such as human rights reports), you can see the eyes opening. Most people have never heard of this. If they think about Africa at all, it's as if the countries there are incipient democracies, needing only a compound GNP increase to bring them right up to the standard of living of the first world (I have been told this by several people, actually). The epic fail of post-colonial Africa is no secret, but since it's not on the six o'clock news, it is completely outside of most people's little universe.

Or another example: Paul Kersey over at Stuff Black People Don't Like has done a very good series on how black-run cities in America go into decline with failing economies, rising crime, poor graduation rates, and overall infrastructure disintegration. ( see ) What makes this so disturbing, in part, is that he brings together facts about these cities which otherwise get lost in the static. For example, the Ministry of Truth tells us that the reason the USA has so many blacks in jail is because of "racism." PK demonstrates that it is because blacks commit over half the violent crime in America. How many people are aware of that?

Once one becomes aware of the truth, one can draw logical conclusions. But as you note, there is a tendency to not want to face the truth. Obviously this is so for many blacks, since that would destroy their sense of entitlement. But why do so many whites buy into the lie? Is it simply because the non-stop agitprop machine does not allow for alternatives? Or is there some deeper mechanism at work? Do white people want to believe that somehow ever other race is just like them, because the alternative worldviews are just to horrid to contemplate?

This bears further consideration...

Occidental said...

Truth is, Western culture has provided humanity with the innovation and technology that provides everything from molecular science to the electric light bulb. The white race is the benefactor; the world's population the beneficiary. And when the goose is cooked, there will be no more golden eggs.

Anonymous said...


Only half corrected Caps Lock being hit.

Shame we cannot fully correct the damage being done to the countries of Europe "the cause of and the solution of all our problems" to misquote Homer Simpson.

Countries where Arabs are miserable

All arab countries

Where do they go to?

Non Arab countries.

What do they do when they get there?

Try to turn them into Arab countries.

I see something wrong with the Mid-East Bladrick's plan. Can you?

Anonymous said...

The Russians realized the truth from watching western media?


Just like we are now getting the truth from


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Rob said...

To anyone who feels despair about this, I would recommend this mental exercise: try to imagine you are on the other side, that your whole career - and even perhaps your life - depends on this massive lie being believed in perpetuity by its victims. There are millions of people in this position. Bear in mind that your victims number around a billion, and are historically the most gifted race in terms of intelligence, creativity, and courage.

How secure would you feel in that situation?

I'd feel 100% secure in their situation. What's this 1 billion number? There are probably more pro-Jewish jews than pro-White whites in this world. Get realistic.

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sharonski said...

Analog. Were it not for abortion America would have twice as many blacks. Think about that!

There would be 50 million more whites too.

Seneca said...

Occidental Said. Well you see Muslims know their own countries are shite. But they believe, many do anyway, that they are in this state because those countries are not truly Islamic. Better to go to the west, leech off the system there and create your own mini-caliphate.

Anonymous said...

There is stuff in German on it from reputable-looking sources. Google "Insel Rab" deutsche eingemauert" and use Google translate. But as the savant says, this has basically been erased from history and I am grateful once more to this blog for shining the light.

Anonymous said...

I want to read 'Living in the Matrix'. This is 'A Question of Strength'. Can you link to it please?

SAVANT said...

Here's the link to A Question of strength