Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who's really to blame?

About a week ago RAMZPAUL had a video which highlighted the similarities between grizzly bears and ‘youths’ when it came to not drawing them on you.  The basic rule being - give them both a wide berth at all times. Good advice, given the violent and unpredictable nature of both species.

Which brings me to the subject of Justin Wayne, the black ‘pickup artist’, who has developed so-called ‘game’ techniques to pick up women. Now given the black on white race war that’s been ongoing in the States for some time you’d expect a sensible reaction from a white woman accosted on the streets by a black ‘youth’.  Like at a minimum running away, ideally ventilating him with a .44 Magnum. But no. Within seconds the rubber-lipped ‘youth’ is sucking face with a range of attractive white females.  Right there on the street.  Check it out here.

A more sinister case relates to 21 year-old Wexford girl Nicola Furlong, who was murdered in Japan by black  ‘dancer’ James (“King Tight”) Blackstone. You can see this ape strutting his stuff on a  train to the horror and bemusement of the Japanese passengers here. She met this guy and another black guy and went back to their hotel with them.  Just like that. And got strangled. Her father is now on suicide watch back in Ireland.

Why do white girls engage in such insanity? The easy answer is to blame the coal burners and say they brought it on themselves.  But everywhere they’ve looked, all of their lives, they’ll see the black man who is muscular, good looking, shaven headed (non threatening), cool and in charge. The White Dude will be fat, sloppy, frantic, and confused. At the end, the black will heroically show the White the answer to the problem, and the White will look relieved and thankful that he was lucky enough to meet the naturally smart black man with all the answers. They’ll be bombarded with messages, implicit and explicit, of the normality, nay, desirability, of miscegenation.  After all, black men make such gentle and caring husbands....

Is it any wonder their brains are screwed up? The people responsible for this brainwashing are directly responsible for the fate of Nicola and all the dozens of coal burners who meet a similar fate annually. Justice is not even on the horizon.


Anonymous said...

Coal burners, classic. I will be using that one.
The media and especially the music industry are fully to blame. They have created the monster that to ape blacks (excuse the pun) is somehow cool.
I see it even in rural Scandinavia where there are hardly any blacks. Young white kids wearing track suits and listening to rap. We have to stop this onslought of low standards that the youth are being exposed to.


Anonymous said...

Monkey will be monkey as a commentator on youtube said.

fsludge said...

There's some talk that Nicola Furlong's drink was spiked by the boon.

Anonymous said...

Ya well her father ought to be on suicide watch, its his fucking fault.

If your 21 year old daughter can be easily picked up for sex by such a creature, you've failed as a father. You can blame the culture till the cows come home, nothing will change until men get their whore daughters under control.

Suicide? ya right, we'll sooner see the queer and the rest of the family in Japan extolling the goodness of diversity and pleading for leniency for these specimens.

White people are infected with a disease of biblical proportions.


Anonymous said...

Yes, their brains are screwed up and they are not alone. The MSM, schools, churches, government, entertainment and commercial interests push the anti-White meme 24/7.

All this poor girl has ever learned is that there is something evil and disgusting about her race. At the same time she has been taught about the poor, innocent but noble black man that her ancestors treated so cruelly. She has been taught that the black man is racially equal to the White, if not superior, especially when it comes to sex.

How to make amends and atone for all of her race's past evils to the noble black? What better way than miscegenation?

This vile, anti-White poison which "anti-racists" have been drugging Whites with for over 50 years is responsible for this young woman's death.

They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Elaine said...

White people are infected with a disease of biblical proportions.

Ok WR, ok. But whose fault is that? Let us assume that her father was 'infected'. Doesn't that make him as much a victim, if I can use that word, as the girl?

Anonymous said...

saw a porno video filmed in ireland dad talking about black sausage and laughing mom grinning and smiling at big nigger. daughter goes off to bedroom with folks blessing and fucks big nigger. now this was filmed in ireland in the south in a pvt, home this we know for a fact, all we could gather from our source was folks were pimping out 19yr old daughter, mom later, nice body blows the big nigger, great country you got there,

Anonymous said...

Don't know what it's like in Ireland, but many TV commercials in the UK for beds/furniture show a white woman with a black man.
Won't be long before it's a couple of fags I expect.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Don't know what it's like in Ireland, but many TV commercials in the UK for beds/furniture show a white woman with a black man.
Won't be long before it's a couple of fags I expect.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Don't know what it's like in Ireland, but many TV commercials in the UK for beds/furniture show a white woman with a black man.
Won't be long before it's a couple of fags I expect.
Paris Claims

Clogheen said...

Paris Claims. Not as bad in Ireland but wew get many English ads here. Even Irish ads will ALWAYS have a black face shoved into an ad if there are more than three people involved.

Anonymous said...

As the negro population in Ireland gets bigger,we will see this happening here.Black men c'ant handle rejection by females.Whilst drinking in a Dublin pub last week,I witnessed a buck approach a pretty blonde.She gave him the brush off and the buck became aggressive.Later on,I saw the bouncers throw him out.Hopefully high profile cases like that Wexford woman in Japan,will alert more women to the dangers of simian bi-ped Africans.

Anonymous said...


If my memory serves me, he's got form.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

The dancing baboon on the train was difficult to watch. How I wish someone had gotten up with a gun and splattered his simian brains all over his simian accomplices.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything that's said, except one thing. Can we really class rap as music? I don't!!

R retard
A attempting
P poetry

It truly is awful (and I'm a Motorhead fan!). It shows how having this shit consistantly blasted into their heads brainwashes our youth. The whole thing is set up on the premis that nigga gangs are role models. I'm not in favour of censorship. So perhaps the DJs who 'spin' this crap should spend a week in the projects of LA before being allowed to play this shit. It wouldn't stop them playing the shite, it would just stop them.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the triple post.
Clogheen, I am begining to think it's a legal requirement to have a black face in any advert featuring 3 or more people. Never see Jews, muslims or chinks.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 14:49 who said "White people are infected with a disease of biblical proportions."

Very true. It's called self-hate. Why else would they allow their societies to continue down paths of "multi-culturalism and diversity?" Multi-culturalism and diversity are nothing more than platitudes for white genocide.

Anonymous said...


You nailed it concerning the way black males and white males are portrayed by the MSM.

Martinus said...

I must say Savant, I enjoy your colourful descriptions "ventilate" him and 'rubber-lipped' especially. It really put a smile on my face. In seriousness though, I was in the Albert Heijn yesterday (mid range supermarket) doing some grocery shopping, when I was bumped into by a troupe of scurrying pikaninis. These undisciplined, course little dears belonged to a coal-burning mother, fat as a house and ugly as sin with no wedding ring, let alone a father there, he may have been at home, he may have run off, whichever is most likely (bank holiday yesterday). But the thing that really made my skin tingle, quite literally, is when she called out to her brood; Shaniqua and Sharonda, I kid you not! A Dutch woman, with half-breeds named that! No concept of shame and quite clearly influenced by the very best Jerry Springer, Hotter than my Daughter and Big Brother has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:24 37 000 black on White rapes cannot tell American women how dangerous these "pretend" people are so I would not expect it to happen here.

Anonymous said...

Can we really class rap as music?

No. To be music, it must have at least 2 of these three: rhythm, melody, harmony.

Note: The real Lemmy helped cut a single for Haiti.

Anonymous said...

No I do not think they will learn from this experience

Do gooder types won't allow it.

Anonymous said...

White girl bleed a lot a guys writing on race crimes.

Real race crimes not those portrayed on TV or the movies or in the MSM.

Henry IX said...

If you're black and a Premiership footballed (even a crap one like Titus Bramble) you feel you can do no wrong. Note that the policeman said to the complainant 'he plays for Sunderland'. 'nuff said.

eah said...

Maybe it's just me, but ... while I find her death very sad, and have sympathy for her family, ... what can you say about her? No decent white girl should be doing what she reportedly did.


Compare and contrast...

Two useless black female savages commit assault, battering their victim until she's a bloody mess, all over absolutely nothing, and are spared jail.


Woman jailed 21 weeks for 'racist' rant on London public transit

Anonymous said...

There is new evidence to suggest that the girls were not in sound mind when they went with these two men; that is, they were already drunk and had missed their train home when the men set upon them. The men forced them into a taxi, assaulted them, possibly drugged them, and took them back to a hotel. Perhaps the motive for murder was that the girl, Nicola, realized what was being done to her and started to resist. Therefore, I would not say that this is a case of white women seeing black guys and going weak at the knees, but rather a case of attempted rape cum murder.

See this article for further details

I would also like to say that it is insulting to women to say that they are so feeble-minded that, by simply being told that other races are, like, totally awesome, they will automatically go to bed with them. I imagine the the women who would do so are but a minute proportion of the female populace. I would also suggest that they are probably those types who already fit in with black culture in some ways, i.e., women who have low cognitive ability and a lack of self-control, particularly in matters related to sex. Obviously there will be some exceptions, yet they stand out because they are indeed exceptions, and not the rule.

Anonymous said...

16;25 your right this was a irish made video in CLONTARF, the family completely heads over ass for niggers, and your right mom has a great body, saw video.

Anonymous said...

Another"coal burner" goes up in smoke!

Anonymous said...

Our enemies know that young white guys just d'ont go for sheboons.Which is why they promote the cross breeding of white women and silverbacks.Following the death of this Irish woman in Japan,can we add to Derbyshire's "the talk".If your a young white female,never,ever,go back to a niggers hotel room.

Jerry said...

@eah. Just totally fucking unbelievable. What has happened to the British bulldog spirit? Why are you taking this lying down?

Anonymous said...


I am simply dumbfounded why white native Brits don't take to the streets and re-gain their country.

Anonymous said...

Any regular reader of this blog knows where at least some of the blame lies, I would have thought?

Anonymous said...

who owns the film studios?
who owns the porn distributors?
who owns the music companies?

It must be those pesky muslims, right?

David said...

Filthy animal fucking worthless nigger.
I do feel for the family though regardless what some may say, the father grew up in an all white country that only changed in the last few years, his interactions with blacks were therefore minimal.
He lost a beauiful child, have pity, some good may come of it and others may learn.

Anonymous said...

If you are a decent White man you shouldn't be watching porno that degrades women, oftentimes they are teenagers.

And what would possess you to watch ANY of them that had a negroid in it in the first place? The thing had to have had a description about it. It's disgusting that men watch such nasty things and it ruins you and makes you disrespect all women deep down.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad. Heart-breaking. At that young age, they don't know any better if they're not taught.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the British the Americans (I'm one) are just as bad, as are most of the rest of the white world.

The jew has destroyed and corrupted us.

I think it's cruel beyond measure that most will never even know who has done this to us.

If a white protests, he loses his house/job/wife/kids. If he takes action to defend himself, he loses his freedom.

Everytime the ball goes over the net the jew scores a point.

Covington is right. The only hope is to start a new nation.

Or for Jesus to return.

Anonymous said...

I blame the parents!!! EPIC FAIL!!!

If more parents manned up and actually put something into their kids instead of letting BBC, and the Judaic Poisoners educate their kids we would NOT read articles like this.

My daughter who is ten already knows enough not to ever date a black, hang out with them socially or make friends with them. She gets appraised of the statistics and the dangers of that race regularly. She is also not brainwashed enough to point out differences that are more than skin deep herself.

An involved parent is a parent who cares. A parent who disciplines is a parent who loves.

Love your kids and get involved. Your window of opportunity is tiny as it is. Don't waste it.

saighdur said...

anon 9.47. True as far as it goes. But remember, the parents have been subjected to pretty much the same propaganda as the girl. I'm a parent with kids in their late twenties and I never said a word about such things.

Why? Because I bought into all the same bullshit all my life. I took that to be the truth. I became 'aware' only a few years ago, mainly from reading this blog. I then did more research and it all openedd up for me. But my point is I swallowed the poison and brought my kids up, to the best of my ability, as I thought. So don't be too hard on the parents. They're suffering enough.

Bemused stare said...

saighdur said...

anon 9.47. True as far as it goes. But remember, the parents have been subjected to pretty much the same propaganda as the girl. I'm a parent with kids in their late twenties and I never said a word about such things.

Why? Because I bought into all the same bullshit all my life. I took that to be the truth. I became 'aware' only a few years ago, mainly from reading this blog. I then did more research and it all openedd up for me. But my point is I swallowed the poison and brought my kids up, to the best of my ability, as I thought. So don't be too hard on the parents. They're suffering enough.

30 May 2012 11:01

true to a point. Consider the saying "familiarity breeds contempt." I was lucky to be brought up in South Africa. We were warned as kids, we warned you, you never listened, time to wake up real fast or you'll go down the same way we did.

Anonymous said...

A lot of white women are this way due to Mama Cass lookalike, lesbo-femenists brainwashing them for the past 40 years.

Seneca said...

Bemused Stare. Yes, you and others like you are trying to warn us but you see, you don't have a platform. It's all on alternative media, blogs like this. As Uncle Nasty says, until the MSM is beaten we won't win.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Anon. 30th May, 4.41
I think you are a member of the distaff side, with your talk of porn degrading women. This is a mantra that has been running around for decades now. Well, I am not just a man but actually a splendid example of the gender, and I think porn---and lapdancing and strip shows and all the rest of it---is thoroughly degrading. But, Princess, it degrades me and any other male, whether he knows it or not. Surprised, are you? We, the leading edge of evolution, are insulted to our face by the presuppositions---that we, as men, are no more than seething bags of hormones with room temperature I.Q.'s and no more emotional or intellectual largesse than a damp sock---upon which that whole industry is predicated. Put that in your aquascutum and ponder it.

Joe said...

Read it. Explains a lot.

Gem Junior said...

What a disgusting video.
I was hoping and praying for some JUDO to be done, and thoroughly. Hoping that one of the Japanese men would come flying through the air to beat this animal into submission. I never thought I'd say this but I now perfectly understand why certain people in a certain space and time needed leather WHIPS. We will soon be needing them ourselves. Cat o' nine tails. Remember, I'm not around them very often (almost never, by arrangement) so that display was dizzying.
What a clear, concise example of a black man though: strutting, aping, chest-thumping, swinging from makeshift branches - it was literally like something from Animal Kingdom. "Now we see Bonobo as he shows aggression to the other male who has made eye-contact, challenging his position as alpha. Bonobo bares his teeth and swings toward the challenger."
If THIS doesn't show Feral Monkeyshines to wake people up I fear they will just remain asleep. THIS is ape. Damn, dirty, ape.
As for the girl, Nicola RIP. Sorry you ended up where you did and your dad will always feel guilt. I believe she was roofied by these filthy boons, but whatever. Stinking traitorous coalburners are everywhere anyway.
Murdering Chimpanzees showing their lack of fitness for western society. Must be returned to place of manufacture. Seriously. En Masse. Fill the boats, by God.

Piet said...

At the risk of trivialising, the performance of the porch monkey on the train is worse than the murder.

Anonymous said...

Earlier today I went out on to the streets to start the revolution. My black and brown neighbours were all looking out of their windows and laughing at me. After about 5 minutes of rebel rousing the police arrested me. Fortunatly I've been bailed and appear in court tomorrow on charges of inciting racial hatred. Thanks for the advice.
Seriously, I keep thinking that something will happen and the whites will revolt. However, we have seen our children raped, abused and murdered. We have seen bombs set off in our capital. We have seen bombs at airports. We have seen mobs calling for the destruction of our society. I think the Joos and their control have won. Sorry.

Eimear said...

Gem, my sentiments exactly, although I wouldn't have put it in such colourful terms! This man really reminded me of a certain species. As you say, swinging from branch to branch and asserting its dominance. God, what have we done letting them in to our countries in such numbers!

Anonymous said...

Porn DOES degrade women, no matter what you say. It also makes them degrade themselves. You can never change that fact. Do you realize how many White women and women all over are abducted and put into industries like these? Put that in your own pipe.

Anonymous said...

All ostensibly heterosexual porn is gay by the combined processes of cross-conditioning and desensitization.

The "money shot" is a man ejaculating.

Hugh Hefner ended up needing viagra and gay porn to have sex.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.47

Delighted to hear that.

My daughters are now early 30's-late 20s.When they were growing up there were no blacks where we lived(a few in the city plus US soldiers),nonetheless they were warned that at no time would it ever be tolerated to have even a black friend,let alone boy friends.

Happily my wife was even more fierce than I about this.My threats of instant disinheritance paled before the threats their mother offered.


Anonymous said...

iago was right.

eah said...


Mario Balotelli will walk off if abused at Euro 2012

It's not enough that he probably earns more in a year playing football than most people would in two lifetimes (and we're supposed to believe there's "racism" in football worth worrying about). No, that's not enough. In addition, people can't say mean things to him. He's the sensitive type I see. And if people do say mean things, he'll take his ball and go home...Which when you think about it is probably just what the people saying mean things would want anyway. The stupid fucker.

S. Thompson said...

I sympathize with the parents over their devastating loss, but I agree with other comments here that they need to be blamed (to a certain extent). I know of a few older fathers who have daughters courting/marrying(?) a black man. It absolutely sickens me how they seem to revel in their newly gained multicultural status. They encourage them to attend college and pursue useless careers, thereby ruining their reproductive potential. This at a time when the percentage of fertile white women is quite small relative to our decreasing fraction of earth's population. The older fathers lavish resources for years upon their little princesses and then don't give a damn if they fail to perpetuate their genetic legacy.

deno22 said...

Thanks to your generals McGuinness and Adams selling Ireland down the European river, your country is now subjected to the same third world cesspit as the rest of Britain. Blacks are a violent and mysogynistic race. No way would a daughter of mine associate with any black.

Anonymous said...

On a brighter note

Rock star Bono will join fellow aid campaigner Sir Bob Geldof in a special tribute event to honour Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

The U2 frontman will present the Nobel Peace Prize laureate with Amnesty International's prestigious Ambassador of Conscience award at a public concert in Dublin next month.

"It's so rare to see grace trump military might and when it happens we should make the most joyful noise we can," Bono said.

"Aung San Suu Kyi's grace and courage has tilted a wobbly world further in the direction of democracy.

"We all feel we know her, but it will be such a thrill to meet her in person. How honoured we are that she should consider Ireland for her first real trip from home."

Anonymous said...

I agree it is the fault of the father, and if the father is such a fucking puddinghead that he has not made any use of access to non-mainstream media news sources in this day of the Internet and all these hand held devices, so that he still believes in what the papers and TV say, then he is not fit to live in the modern world and needs to become extinct.

Anonymous said...

Guess who's coming to dinner?

IrishNationalist said...

How this happens:
1)Decades of brainwashing.
Whites are painted as:
wimps or
gimps or
overly aggressive at inappropriate times or
not aggressive enough when need to be when defending the female or home or
gay or
effeminate or
drug addicts or
serial killers or
weirdos or
stupid or
hatefilled maladjusted or
just plain useless and bland

Blacks are painted as:
aggressive at the right time against other males,
have money,
they catch the white serial killers (how many Morgan Freeman type films are there,)
they answer dumb whites questions,
are not pathetic, are macho.

Women want aggression but not aggression that lashes out for no reason.

Womens biology and gentic psychology is predisposed to seeking a partner who will feather and defend the nest the best.

Decades of marxist propaganda pushes the image that blacks are gods, whites are dogs. Celebs, the highest status women are seen at every chance with blacks on their arms. On the red carpet, on TV, in magazines, etc. The high society/ high status women go for blacks, then that sets the programming for women in general. The message is, the black male is the thing to go for, he is the highest prize which will give you a great secure nest, and your chicks will have the highest chance of survival. Hence the woman seeks out that male now touted as the thing which gives her that prize her genes compel her to, while also raising her social standing (her status) among other females. She in effect becomes akin to one of the high status celebs, she now too has her black. It is no different to a handbag, the latest most fashionable status uplifting handbag, is sought after, and gives the female the upgrade in status she seeks (being higher in status for the female gene means potentially better quality of nest and thus survival rate of chicks and quality of survival for those chicks). Set up a fashion for any type of specific male, and you will get the same results, females will more and more seek that out. Especially as whites become more degenerate, more irate at women, more ill-disciplined, more wanton aggression, not appropriate aggression, and propagandised as such at every turn

To summarise, fashion seems to always beat reality . I have my black do you have yours, is how it all works.

Fashion beats reality(a lot, but not always)Some good news.
I was watching a TV programme called "take Me Out". A single guy has to impress 40 or so women. Now many white guys bombed out. Some blacks bombed out, but the highest rating that seemed to have all the women drooling were white guys who fit the classic Aryan looks, blonde/light brown/ brown hair, blue/grey/green eyes. All the women kept their lights on, for quite a while until obviously personality clashes etc, but in the end more women kept them on for these lads, more than any other type.

Women deep down at the real base gene level recognise good genes, they also recognise their own, they also want to see their own genes and that of their ancestors and parents and grandparents come out in the babies. If they mix with a black, they will never see their own blue eyes or any of their other features in that child, and none of their grandparents. it will be like they are parent of a child they may as well be babysitting. I think they might find it useful to ponder on that, next time one gets a chance to mention that to them.

Gun Totin' Wacko said...

This just in!

"If I had a son he would look like Rudy Eugene" - Bu'raq Hussein Obama


Anonymous said...


Notice how the mainstream media – the BBC in particular – constantly film factual documentaries about the police, social services and housing services in the white working-class communities where they invariably portray whites as racists or as chav’s and louts involved in low-level crime, drunkenness and anti-social behaviour. The mainstream media, for some “unknown” reason, never film factual documentaries of similar type in black areas of the country i.e. Edmonton, Tottenham, Hackney, Brixton, Handsworth, St. Pauls, Toxteth etc where the real crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour is: gang-rape; gun crime; knife crime; street robbery; crack houses; organised (disorganised) crime; crackbrained blacks killing each other for “respek”; so-called “gangsters” killing each other over...LONDON POSTCODES!; black gangs terrorising the local community; racist black on white crime (rape/murder) etc. Even commercial TV networks and advertising agencies have gone into meltdown trying to propagandise the indigenous British public with regard to these fucking animals. The past year has seen nearly every TV advertisement in the UK feature the ubiquitous black in an effort to mitigate the rampant criminality within this group (wonder who owns the ad agencies?).

In the UK there is not a day go by when you do not hear reports of a shooting or stabbing attributed to these beasts, yet the NUJ goes into meltdown in order to mitigate these crimes. Whenever a member of this “community” is shot or stabbed, the NUJ springs into action with deceptive stories such as: “He was just turning his life around” (The NUJ’s favourite. You have to laugh when you hear this one – it’s been done to death!); “He was a talented footballer; “He was a talented musician”; “He was a role model”; “He wanted to go to Oxbridge” etc. What feeble excuses will the NUJ come up with next? “He could have been the next Einstein”; “He could have been a rocket scientist”; “He wanted to be an astronaut”; “His dream was to be on the first manned mission to Mars” etc etc.

How much longer can the NUJ continue covering up for these fucking animals?

British Police hold DNA of three in four young Black men
British “Black men” to blame for most violent city crime
DNA of 37% of ALL black men held by police

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how the press always refer to Balotelli as "the Italian Balotelli"?
I'm sure they do it just to rub our noses in it.
FFS he's not an Italian, he's a coon that somehow washed up in Italy.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I think we have a a Bolsevicks and Dresden Germany history in order. The Bolshevicks murdered over 60 MILLION Christians. It was worse than any so-called Holocaust for any others.

Anonymous said...

heh my mom forbid me from dating blacks and discouraged black friends, come think of it. As my siblings are flaming liberals I'm the only one that took the message to heart, evidently.

Even girls that play basketball get too close to assorted blacks for me to be comfortable with it. Field hockey is much better.

Very interesting commentary about porn. I think you're absolutely right, and it just shows how the jew corrupts and destroys everything.

I'm reading martin luther the jews and their lies. The man doesn't hold back his true thoughts!

Realist said...

Unamusement Park: Why White Women should not date black men

Unamusement Park: Why White Women should not date black men flyer


Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Now girlie, (Anon;30th May, 19;18)I see you come squalling back at me to vehemently contradict something I NEVER SAID. Please show me where I said that porn does not degrade women; all I said was, men too, though this is never considered by the little lady activists. Any probs with this, sweetheart?

James Lord said...

anon 18.18. I take your point. The problem is that the vast majority (80%?) of whites are bamboozled and dumbed down by the MSM and are 'educated' to interpret what's going on in a totally wrong way. Sure as hell, a one-man revolution ain't going to work.

gala said...

Irish Nationalist. That's a good analysis and a cheerful bit at the end. But some friends of mine have actually said they'd like a black baby. And I live in Scotland! Now whether they'd actually follow through or not I don't know. But still. Don't underestimate the effect of the kind of non-stop indoctrination you referred to at the beginning of your post.

Anonymous said...

Don't you F-ing call me "girly"! You don't know me. You wouldn't know me after I got done whipping your sorry ass for arguing with me. I mean WTH? You're taking up for negroe porn? How low can you go.... oh...

And don't call me sweetheart numbnuts.

Anonymous said...

Gala, would you please get rid of such creatures? It's really not too much work to dig a hole. They want a primate? What's wrong with them? Tell them to get a spider monkey or something.

Anonymous said...

Just to add a little fuel to the fire ... I suppose it almost goes without saying who the kings (and queens) of sex slavery, vice and pornography are ...

But I'll say it anyway, or better still, I will let others say it ...




Real family values, these people ... unfortunately it's your family that gets it in the neck.


Occidental said...

UN, not just sex slavery, but the 'normal' kind of slavery as well. As Michael Caine says, not many people know that.

Frank said...

Yeah, I noticed that about Bolitelli as well. They NEVER miss a chance to mention how he's 'Italian'. He's about as Italian as Idi Amine.

Anonymous said...

You know, the Amish really seem to have the right idea separating themselves from this disgusting jew society.

Robert in Arabuia said...

Have just seen numerous Irish girls in Dublin with their very own Obabas, Odd, I never see the Fathers walikng with them. A pattern?

Robert in Arabia said...

i have met two white American mother whom I respect.
The first had an only child who was a white gangbanger. She told that when He turned 18 she would through him out. He did, and she did. Changed all the locks and packed his clothers on the front porch.
The other mother discovered that he son wasw abusing her crandchild. Called the police without waiting.

sharonski said...

Robert. I can understand why you respect them.

IrishNationalist said...

Hello Gala,
"But some friends of mine have actually said they'd like a black baby."

Of course. Again to see why, this is societal brainwsahing, they see all the celebs with black babies. Madonna, Charlize Theron, Jolie, and so on and so on. They see how blacks are lauded, how mixed race are seen as 'cute and beautiful'. Which is ridiculous, I see as many ugly mixed race or blacks, perhaps even more than whites.

So why is this idea in peoples heads of blacks and black babies as being cute etc out there, because, it is brainwashing, it is a forced media and societal agenda, a propaganda and socially engineered construct.

Once again I say to people, mention to these people how they will not see their own physical nor even psychological or mental features in their mixed race offspring, and they certainly will not ever see their parents or grandparents features in these children.
When other mothers are cradling and oogling their white babies and pointing out how the babies have their features and their parents, grandparents and even further back features, the mixed race parents, will try to say the same, but everyone will know it is not true, including the parents, and for many of these parents, they will indeed regret not having a partner of the same race.

Where we come from, and whom we come from is one of the most fundamental important things for a human being, for our spirit. It roots us, so that we can then go off in a better frame of mind to do pioneering expeditions and discover far off worlds. It is psychologically damaging, unsettling and stressful not knowing who your parents are or what your roots are. Parents and people in general love to talk about where they came from and who their ancesrtors were, it is made even more wondrous and awe-inspiring, when they see their own features from photographs in the early 1900's, in their relatives from back then.

Look at Mr. Multicult rte hack Ryan Tubridy, all full of the multicult pushing agenda, until he appears on the programme for finding your roots and ancestral heritage, then you can see him beaming that he has links to royalty (if you could call the current monarchy that- personally, they are interlopers)but the point being, he is damn proud of his roots and as smug as heel that he claims such ancestry. Yet he goes back into multicult pushing mode for everybody else and Ireland when on his show etc.

Blood- it is nearly everything. Blood IS thicker than water, we forget the old words of wisdom at our peril.

Anonymous said...

White women with half breed kids are damaged goods.Most of them end up living alone in a council flat.Clapped out,old whores by the time they are fifty.London is full of them.

Anonymous said...

Real family values, these people ... unfortunately it's your family that gets it in the neck.

And remember what Thomas Sowell says about the middleman minority:

If they weren't different, then what they supply would be supplied by the majority.

But less of it, less cheaply.

Shaunantijihad said...

Swedes are kicking themselves after losing the enriching and diversifying presence of a Professor of medicine at the prestigious Karolinska medical institute to the rival university hospital in Tehran.

His wife was absolutely speechless.


Anonymous said...

used to think the guy that played in BRUNO and BAROT was funny but now i find that SASHA BARON COHEN is just another kike out to discredit goys,in USA he searched out the dumbest and guilible to pull his bullshit and makes yanks look like fools while making a fortune at the same time,i have heard that while out of chracter is a pushy ignorant dont bother me jew,does anyione here agree,please opine,

00:43 said...

Re. Balotelli-have you all seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3WzYsHTl9w

Good laugh!

Jerry said...

@Shaun, his wife was absolutely speechless all right!

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Now little girlie, I see you seem to have your thong in a swizzle here; easy enough to do once you have entirely missed/evaded the point. Take my advice here; go upstairs to a quiet back room, and lie down quietly for an hour or so. I guarantee you will feel so much better, sweetiekins.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:38-I agree with what you said about the movies Borat and Bruno.The jews have been doing this for years.Have you seen the Mel brooks movie Blazing Saddles.The white people of Rockridge were ignorant and racist while the black sheriff was smart and cool.My advice to you,just boycott the jew,anti white movies.Starve the beast.

Anonymous said...

Shaun that was a french kiss that kept giving,

Anonymous said...

Paddy West here...

The fate suffered by this Irish family was caused by much more than poor parental communication (to this stupid mudshark) of the facts of life regarding the feral negroid species.

The inhabitants of most White countries are suffering from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome -- they are held hostage by their own governments.

The housebroken, middle-class White tolerates (and even gets on board with) "his" government's seeming goal of swamping him with Third World filth, mainly out of FEAR of said government.

This fear is not completely misplaced because of the well-oiled police state mechanism that swings ruthlessly into operation at the first stirrings of opposition to the "program."

Also, the governments involved may know something the public doesn't. For example, Israhell probably has nuclear devices in place in every European and many American cities with over one million population. This is to further ensure compliance with Zion's program of "Tikkun Olam" ("Healing the World") through promoting our humiliation and demise.

Maybe impoverishment by banksters will give us the "nothing to lose" mindset we need, before we actually DO lose everything (our posterity first and foremost). Maybe we should borrow a page from the book of the Anarchist Antifa scum and say too hell with authority -- the present authorities, at least.

Anonymous said...

Shaun ... you're a mean, cynical bastard fuck.

I like that in a man.


Anonymous said...

Frank Galton- Micheal Caine starred in the movie Harry Brown several years ago.The movie was set in a run down London ghetto.The funny thing is,all the gangbangers were white.Fucking hillarious.Frank,the people who make these movies and tv shows which show blacks as smart and caring must have a right fucking laugh among themselves.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder for old and new readers. The "Black question" can be easily explained, if they look back about 100 years ago when this quote was apparently written:

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION.

By propounding into the consciousness of the DARK races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party.

In America we will aim for subtle victory.

While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros.

We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the PROFESSIONS, and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT.

With this prestige, the Negro will be able to INTER-MARRY with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

AUTHOR – Israel Cohen (Zionist — Communist — Internationalist) “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” >>>>Published in 1912

On June 17, 1957, the above passage was read into the United States Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.

In the trends we see today, it would have been almost impossible for Blacks to have achieved their successes without a "little help" from their jewish "friends", the same tribe that organized and operated the N.A.A.C.P. from 1909 onwards.

Anonymous said...

good point, paddy west. we still have too much to lose. maybe they'll pace this depression so to keep us from rioting. can you imagine us whites rioting? god knows its overdue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:38 - Google something like Borat beaten in New York City. In 2006 this clown was whupped by someone that didnt like is act.

Anonymous said...

22;36 glad you saw to agree with me about the BAROT guy but Mel Brooks, my God he does make you laugh and he really isnt cruel about it, also when he was in the Army in Europe ww11 he was a ballsy little hebe, him and 2 other guys volunteered to set off bobby traps and map the areas for buried mines,when the Germans during nite time would start their propaganda loud speakers Mel would get on ours and do a perfect imatation of Al Jolson singing bye bye black bird,later some captured germans said that wanted to meet mr, Jolson.plus Mel makes fun of himself.something a yid comic rarely does,

kulak said...


You know I kinda like some of the posters produced by Mao's China.

Like this one.

And this one.

Corkonian said...

@Paddy West. You refer to the well-oiled police state mechanism that swings ruthlessly into operation at the first stirrings of opposition to the "program."

This is so true, especially in USA. After a recent visit there I just cannot even begin to grasp how ordinary Americans are so blase about it. It's as if they don't see it. They do resent the gropers of the TSA but don't seem to see the bigger picture you refer to at all.

Anonymous said...

Eamon is a nigger, I always weed them out. The LAST thing on this planet I would want would be a nigger. You are the UGLIEST creatures on the planet, worse than I could even try to explain (you look like apes), and for god's sake you have pubic hair on your heads! And don't think I can't produce great examples of your "culture". I have one that is so bad I wanted to bleach my eyes out afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I read recently that the majority of babies born here in America are non-white. I am wondering whether the blue-eyed babies of mixed white-latino parentage are considered non-white? But looking around, what worries me for the future is not so much the quantity of whites as the QUALITY of whites.


Anonymous said...

Fuck it Paddy West,I agree with what you say,but Blazing Saddles was and still is very funny.

"We'll give some land to the niggers and the chinks....BUT WE DON'T WANT THE IRISH".

That line cracked up Irish audiences back in 1974 or whenever it was.

Of course,having said that,the film was co-written by Richard Prior.


Kevin R. said...

"I am wondering whether the blue-eyed babies of mixed white-latino parentage are considered non-white?" JP asks.

JP, that only applies to criminals, who miraculously transform frfom dusky dagos into Nordic whites once the charges are laid. Cf. Senor Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

While I'm at it ...



Anonymous said...

Shaun. That story about an insult is crap. It's obvious what happened.
He had a piece of fish and fancied fish and.........


Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder their brains are screwed up? The people responsible for this brainwashing are directly responsible for the fate of Nicola and all the dozens of coal burners who meet a similar fate annually. Justice is not even on the horizon.

"There is a trait in the Jewish character that does provoke animosity, maybe it's a kind of lack of generosity towards non-Jews. I mean, there's always a reason why anti-anything crops up anywhere; even a stinker like Hitler didn't just pick on them for no reason."- Roald Dahl

Shaunantijihad said...

"Shaun ... you're a mean, cynical bastard fuck.

I like that in a man.


Now THAT'S a beer swilling, back thumping fucking compliment! Thanks man!

Meanwhile, whilst Muslims do us all a favour by eating their wives faces (they're not all bad, see), the Erectii, not to be outdone by a mere mongrel Arab/Persian/Negro, are busy setting a new trend by eating whole people! What enterprise!


I wonder if it will be added to Black History Month?

Come to think of it, they've been doing this a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Some of you are missing my point about Blazing Saddles.Yes,the movie was funny but the joke was on us.Another example was Stir Crazy.Again a funny movie.But what was the message.Gene Wilder(jew) teams up with Richard Pryor(black).Having been wrongly convicted,the pair battle against the cracker prison system.The fact that some of you c'ant see beyond the laughs,shows that the jews have this anti white bollox down to a fine art.

Anonymous said...

I swear to god it pisses me off Covington is correct about so much stuff.

Remember when those white hunters were murdered by a asian dude in michigan a while back? the guy killed 5 and wounded two more. The whites never got off a shot.

We're stupid goyim cattle, brainwashed by multiculti nonsense until we're middle aged and too old and part of the system to do anything about it when we realize we we've been had, if that ever happens.

I know onething, we can vote all day long but it will never change the true power and decision makers.

jews love democracy because its so easily corrupted.

the us is a 3rd world shithole police state with some vestigal freedom they're taking back steadily. if those hunters wont shoot back when shot at, how can we expect whites to ever react to anything?

like Covington said, I want to read about people demanding white rights from my armchair without effort on my part.

sometimes I wish I could just watch tv and pretend I don't know any of this is happening. sleep is much easier.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how the British media is ramping up its covrage of "racism" in Poland and Ukraine ahead of Euro 2012?

Seems to me the Eye of Mordor is turning towards Eastern Europe.

I expect
a) any racist incidents at the tournment will be highlighted, amplifed, and reported around the world.
b) it will be repeatdly pointed out how "horribly white" Eastern Europe is and how it needs more "enrichment" and "diverrsity".
c) the police/local government will be labelled as compliccit and corruppt and there will be an international push to investgate them, etc
d) there will internattionnal calls for strong new anti-racism laws in Eastern Europe.

I hope I'm wrong but let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Re Sasha Baron Cohen (Borat/Bruno)

Although he’s funny, like most Jewish entertainers and Hollywood producers he just can’t stop with the propaganda. Notice how Christians are one of his main targets – never Jews (wonder why?). For some “unknown” reason he also decided to target US politician Ron Paul in the film ‘Bruno’(wonder why?).

Palestinian branded a terrorist in Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno is a Christian activist for a charity

Just watched ‘Goodfellas’ on TV tonight. They just can’t resist mentioning the ‘Six Million’. In one of the scenes, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) says to his wife Karen Hill (Lorraine Bracco), “Happy Hanukkah”, then a couple of seconds later he (Ray Liotta) starts talking about the robbery, which, coincidentally, netted the Mob “SIX MILLION” dollars? You’ll also notice in the ‘Godfather’ (1 and 2) movies there’s a subtle reference to the “Nazis”.

This type of subtle propaganda is used in nearly every Hollywood movie. They can’t resist mentioning Jews, the “Holocaust”, Nazis, Palestinians, Muslims, noble blacks, white trash etc. In one of the ‘Terminator’ films there’s a scene where one of the resistance fighters is shown with a numbered tattoo on his forearm followed by, you’ve guessed it, a reference to the “Holocaust”. Then there’s the film about the poor black boxer (victimised by white racists of course) – ‘The Hurricane’. In one of the scenes Denzel Washington is in his prison cell (wrongly convicted by white racists of course) exercising, when up pops a news item on his TV set (in the background) about, you’ve guessed it, a suicide bombing on a bus in Israel! Even children’s movies (apart from the constant black/white miscegenation propaganda) are not immune from this type of propaganda. In the movie ‘The Flintstones’, Fred gets his copy of the morning news (in tablet form) and guess what the headlines are? “Israel – Palestine Peace Talks”. You just couldn’t make it up! I could go on and on and on.

I always wondered why the series starring Lee Majors was called The ‘SIX MILLION’ Dollar Man, and not ‘The Million Dollar Man’, ‘The Two Million Dollar Man’, ‘The Five Million Dollar Man’ etc, etc ?

Incidentally, even Jewish Billionaire’s daughters are not immune from the Jewish poison. Check out Chloe Green’s new “boyfriend”. I wonder what Phil will have to say when Chloe comes home “knocked up” and there’s a little piccaninny or two (chillens) to contend with, running round “chimping out” all day long, nicking the cutlery and going down Phil’s pockets...“Dat beez myz entitlement coz I beez part of da fambly now, noamsayin u raycess muffafugga!!!”

Daughter of Topshop billionaire Sir Philip – was pictured hugging the England footballer (Jermain Defoe) in a busy street.


Frank Galton

Jeremy said...

Frank Galton. Yes of course, there's a non-stop stream of this propaganda in every possible medium. The irony of course is that jews themselves will become victims, collateral damage, if you will. Having said that I'm not too sure that young Ms. Green will get knocked up. I don't know too many jews who've married and/or bred with the melanin enriched. Sure, pleasuring with radiator hose by all means. But propagating??? Don't bet on it.

Anonymous said...

An interesting example of propaganda through entertainment .... and how powerful it is .... is how the public perception of organized crime in America has been manipulated.

Ask westerners which group ran organized crime in America and 99% will say Italians .... Most will have heard of Al Capone, John Gotti, and Tony Soprano!

Very very few will have heard of Meyer Lansky, Arnold "the Brain" Rothstein, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, the National Crime Syndicate, the Combination, the list goes on ....

Some will have heard of Bugsy Siegel ... because of Las Vegas ... but they won't associate him with his ethnicity.

Dr. Wassell said...

There's evidence that in terms of sheer turnover jewish-owned rackets dwarf all the others.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hurricanes


Anonymous said...

@Frank Galton.

You mentioned the film Hurricane there Frank and thats an epic story of lies and duplicity all on its own.

Reuben"Hurricane"Carter was a pretty decent middleweight in the early/mid 60's.A good,perhaps very good fighter.He deservedly got a shot at the World title(back then THE World title)held by Joey Giardello.

Now Joey was one of the last of a long line of great Italian-American middles.He could have been the very best but did'nt bother too much about non-essentials like training,conditioning,preparation etc.
Joey liked the high life.

But Carter got his shot and on the night was clearly highly motivated and hungry.He won the first two rounds,maybe the third also.Giardello then proceeded to give Carter an artistic beating,and won nearly every other round of the 15.Joey was,I think,35 years old at the time."The Ring" magazine awarded him performance of the year.

So,to the film.This shows Carter easily winning the fight but being robbed by crooked Mob controlled judges.Giardello,being Italian was obviously party to the fiasco.What the film does'nt mention is that Joey never got a title shot until he was 31 because he REFUSED to co-operate with the Mob.It did'nt mention that Ray Robinson refused to fight Giardello because Joey was so good.(Thats "the Great"Sugar Ray who lost his title 3 times.He won it back twice but really only once:Carmen Basilio whipped him twice,but was genuinely robbed in the second fight.Unlike Reuben).

There was a partly happy ending in that Paul Giardello,Joeys son,sued the producers of Hurricane.The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum,but it surely ate up much of the films profits,if it made a profit.

The fight used to be on YouTube but was removed.The quality was poor anyway,TV not film.Check it out if you can.

What subsequently happened to Carter I don't give a fuck about.TNB


IrishEyesNotSmiling said...

In response to the reality of a black killing one of our Irish women, exposing the shallow dangerous lie of multiculturalism and the immigration invasion.

The state broadcaster of Ireland RTE, is working on overdrive pushing out programmes where blacks are good etc.

Right now there is a film with erudite and superbly intelligent Sidney Poitier (the articulate and debonair black man, that disproves white superiorty and has white women weak at the knees). Sid is the intrepid detective on the trail of a serial killer, a deranged white guy (who else) who has kidnapped a young white woman and is about to kill her. Black man to the rescue.

Over on RTE2 we have a black American football team overcoming the odds of competing against a racist white football team. With much sentimental heart stringing music, the heroic hard done by blacks struggle to victory in the face of white supremacist adversity.

As well as that they seem to have ramped up the programmes where black and white duo partner up either as cops or pals, getting on famously.

This is the programming fare that is usual for RTE and TV3, but since the news of Nicola Furlong, they have gone into frenzy mode, really pushing the...black man is really good, ignore the incident in Japan...line. It is so obvious what they are doing.

These F**ckers in Irish media especially TV have pushed this constantly here in Ireland. While they do not need to be monopolised by Jewish Directors etc, there indeed have been Jewish people such as Ronit Lentin's husband invloved in RTE and RTE have been involved in holohoax survivor's documentary of his time in Bergen-Belsen, he currently does touring around Irish schools propagating his lies.
Ronit Lentin is a Jewish marxist woman Ph.D lecturing in Trinity college, and one of the main players of the marxist advisory and architects of the infrastructure of multiculturalism in Ireland. The Barbara Spectre of Ireland.

Jews aside, RTE has been changing culturally since the 60's and the old guard, even though somewhat liberal, will tell you it is not the same as in their day, and they will not necessarily be supporters of multiculturalism. The new young pravda-ites in RTE are marxists in the extreme.

I invite people here to look up the Irish state broadcasters programming schedule the last week. They will find the general theme is...blacks good, whites bad. Japan was a blip. Blacks good.

B Boru said...

@Irish Eyes....don't be too hard on RTE. They have to deal with what they're given. And everything, I mean everything, that's produced by the big studios carries the same foul message. The one that got Nicola Furlong killed.

Anonymous said...

.The white people of Rockridge were ignorant and racist while the black sheriff was smart and cool.

In my naievete I thought htis was the joke as it is a reversal of real life.

You live and learn. I hope.

Anonymous said...

Mario Balotelli will walk off if abused at Euro 2012

Well said Balotelli. Glasgow Rangers players left the pitch and refused to play the rest of the game after Andy Goram racially abused an opponent.

"What what old bean but we are a sporting British club and such behaviour is unpleasant and unspoorting."

And Rangers never had a problem with racism again.

Until Lorenzo Amoruso called Victor Ikepba "a fucking nigger" but that wa saccpetable as all he was doing was trying to win the game.

It would almost make you think they was one law for one British club and another for others like the time Spanish speaker Luis Suarez was convicted of using an English word when he used a Spanish word with a thick as pigshit Frecnh speaking Manchester United bastard.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on another website.

How to recognize zombies:

B.ad smell
L.acks intellect
A.ttacks without reason
C.reates nothing but chaos
K.nown to attack in packs
S.preads disease

An acronym to help you remember what to look for in a Zombie attack.

SAVANT said...

Hey anonny, tell me about the Rangers players walkied off after Andy Goram abused a black. Was Goram playing for Rangers at the time or the opposition?

Amazing isn't it? The Bears objecting to bigotry???

SAVANT said...

PS, yoy might know that Goram suffered from schizophrenia. Celtic fans used to chant 'there's only two Andy Gorams'!

Anonymous said...

I think you can guess that they never walked off the pitch because when a British, and a most British team at that, are involved in these incidents then it is all just part of the game.

Seeing as at least one of the Gorams is a columnist for The Sun and The Sun dislikes racial abuse will Private Eye jump on the issue?

commonwealth contrarian said...

Because of their underdog status in liberal society, thuggish blacks can get away with being seen as individualistic, Robin Hood type rebels.

In constrast thuggish whites are seen as bitter losers, who don't have any legitimate reason for being tough other than a love of violence.

Gem Junior said...

The whole nigger-loving thing is just so tired now that we know it has no validity and has been proven to be wrong. It's getting annoying to have the media keep trying. We all know they are ferocious savages who don't eat us because they've already had plenty of food they've been conditioned to eat. Once that stops, we will no longer be robbed, raped and set on fire for kicks. We'll be set on fire to be cooked. Raping will not be as fun on an empty stomach, robbing will be pointless as the bills will not buy anything. So we'll serve as food and they'll revert to cannibalism. I am so fekkin sick of them.

Anonymous said...

2 dead 1 injured in Auburn University pool shooting

Those "things" are not human. Never forget that.

George said...

"Coalburners" - we call them "mudsharks" here in the States. As to the white girls preference for these apes, it is simply because they have been conditioned to believe that miscengenation is normal. They get this on three fronts; from the television (an instrument of social conditioning), from the schools which foster the agenda of an elite dedicated to eliminating whites as a race, and from their own parents in many cases who got this nonsense in turn from their hippie parents of the 1960's.
These blacks have been brought into your European countries to further the agenda mentioned above. Why on earth did you Brits meekly give up your right to guns? The only means of defense against these apes (blacks have high levels of testosterone-it is why they can merely look at a set of weights and gain muscle) and you do not have access to them!

Jeremy said...

George. The reason we Brits don't have guns is because we never needed them. Basically a law abiding people, even the police were unarmed up to a few years ago. Mass immigration of blacks and Muslims has changed everything. But guns are now harderto get than ever. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

@ George

She wasn't a "coalburner!" She was heavily drugged by these fools at an after-party (yes, you can say she shouldn't have been there at all). She was raped and strangled. Claiming that she was just trash who was ready for any black kid is egregiously unfair, slanderous.

I notice she had a (white!) boyfriend in Ireland. Let's hope he goes all Lee Byung-hun in I Saw the Devil on Mr. Tight.

Corkonian said...

anon 17.43. Was going to respond to Geore's comment when I saw yours. I think the truth lies somewhere between the two of you. There's no disputing that they got into a taxi with the blacks and went to separate rooms in the hotel. Now you'd need to be very badly drugged to do that unwillingly.

Anonymous said...

@ Corkonian

Maybe you're right. But then the girl's friend was terribly drugged, so much so that she could not give a statement to police. What I believe is that she was drugged before getting in taxi. I read somewhere that she had sent a message back home that she was going to try to get a photo or an autograph from Minaj; so I imagine the murderer took advantage of this to entice and drug her.

Again, If I am wrong, so be it. I simply tire of these alt-right blogs where so many men are happy to categorize white women as Afro-crazy sluts, when that type of white woman accounts for a miniscule percentage of the population, and even then almost an entirely a collection of low-IQ, low-class types, who are no loss anyway.

Anonymous said...

I simply tire of these alt-right blogs where so many men are happy to categorize white women as Afro-crazy sluts,

Madonna Some dude, some other dude, Dennis Rodman

Heidi Klum Seal

The MSM, Hollyweird are the main source pushing the white women want african men. Apart from gibsmedats themselves.

Damn! I just ruined Prometheus for you!

Anonymous said...


You evidently are privy then to more information than was given in Irish Savant's post which amounted to this short passage;
"She met this guy and another black guy and went back to their hotel with them. Just like that. And got strangled. Her father is now on suicide watch back in Ireland."
I was going with what I read above. She may indeed have been drugged before getting into the auto as you have said. Still, young white women cannot be too wary of negroes regardless of the situation in which they meet them. Parties are hunting grounds for these animals.

George said...

"The reason we Brits don't have guns is because we never needed them".
- Well, you didn't need them previously, and so you thought that you never would. One of Ireland's politician's of the past, Irish orator John Philpot Curran in 1790 stated: "It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance". As we can see Jeremy, there will always be a need for the means to self-defense.
"guns are now harderto get than ever"
There are creative souls out there who have found their own answer to this dilemma- they say "you can't stop the signal"...http://weaponsman.com/?p=300

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link that I wanted to share in my post to Jeremy above was the one below:



Anonymous said...

Useful link, George. Thanks.

Corkonian said...

Anon. There's simply no evidence that they were drugged. Speculation, yes, evidence, no. As I said, I can't imagine any drug that will make you get into a car with two coons, go back to a hotel with them, and then go into separate rooms. Maybe there is such a drug, I just never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

/sigh Seeing that blond with the great rack with Sol Campbell reminds me of SBPDL and the blond who hung out with a "youth"ful football player why she was asked and she said she did not know as she did not like them. ?Access to fame maybe?

Amii Grove is not with Jermaine Pennant any more if anyone is interested in 34Ds.

Anonymous said...

On the news he admits to strangling her but he was not trying to murder her?

"Tonight you die white boy" as Saint Skittles of Sanford said.

Anonymous said...

reports says that he got a wheelchair for her because she could not walk up to the room.

Anonymous said...

Page 12 Irish Mail on Sunday The teenigger arrested for the murder is a leading Christian musician with no previous arrests from Memphfrica. So even the supposedly good'uns are bad'uns as Al Jackson and Jesse Sharpton prove.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Usually do not enter in any business house agreement without needing a legal professional go over the documents just before you signing them. This lawyer must concentrate on business real-estate discounts. This will probably protect you several unfavorable dangers which may be hidden for the inexperienced vision. It costs you a bit of dollars, but you will save from catastrophe.

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Continually be on your own when running your blog. Demonstrating your character in your weblog is an excellent point. You should never be a fake because individuals can spot this definitely rapidly, and they will quickly move on. People like visiting a person's real persona within their blogs and forums because it helps make the blogs and forums appear much more personal to them.
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Becoming recently diagnosed with asthma attack can be a scary experience. Your doctor is an important source of details about your condition that must not be overlooked. Require his recommendation about trustworthy sites where you may read more about symptoms of asthma, of course, if you can find any assist groupings in your town.
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While preparing meals for picky children, attempt shifting increase your display. Position food items in unexpected boxes like muffin tins or silicone cupcake liners, or minimize fruit, cheddar cheese and sandwiches into enjoyable styles to make them more tempting. Eggs can be cooked in a steel cookie cutter to help make breakfast time much more fascinating.
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