Monday, 9 April 2012

Warning: Truth is no defense

All of you I'm sure have heard by now that John Derbyshire has been fired from his job at the 'conservative' National Review for an article he wrote in Takimag. The article was in the form of advice to his kids in dealing with blacks. Here's an excerpt of some of his main points, as taken from Amren.

(9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.

(10) Thus, while always attentive to the particular qualities of individuals, on the many occasions where you have nothing to guide you but knowledge of those mean differences, use statistical common sense:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

(10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).

(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.

(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.

Now what's noticeable about this, and I'm trying to be totally objective here, is that everything he says is true, and represents the kind of advice any responsible parent would give. Including those who fired The Derb. You can bet that they won't have their kids in a 'vibrant' educational or social environment. No, that's for the working class whites, whom these people despise.

The hypocrisy is of course overwhelming and sickening. But the real lesson to take is that truth is no defense. It's extended to losing your job for a long time but it now will be no defense if you're prosecuted for 'hate'. There's a real battle on here folks. Our enemies are totalitarian in the true sense of that term.

Be warned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing and posting this. Good work as usual.

Bemused stare said...

Possibly what enrages me the most is the slimy hypocrisy. Not one of those clowns would do differently (assuming they don't feel like seeing their kids die).

Anonymous said...

You can bet that they won't have their kids in a 'vibrant' educational or social environment. No, that's for the working class whites, whom these people despise.

SAVANT said...

anon......I have UN's email address. If you want me to forward it send it to me at

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is hope.I have not read American Thinker for several years,not since getting reprimanded by the moderator for making some mild,very mild observations on race which,happily,enabled me to discover true realism blogs like this.

However,having just scrolled through some recent comments about travon and Derbyshire on the site,I could not believe what they are now allowing.

The writers of their articles are still as lukewarm and wishy-washy as ever but the vehemence,indeed virulence,of many allowed comments was a very pleasant surprise.


Anonymous said...

Every post on the NR Blog is open for comments, EXCEPT the posts where they justify sacking Derbyshire.

They are obviously scared of what their own readership will make of the sacking.

true grid said...

mr. a. that is very good news. I had given up reading AT as it was a neocon site that, as with you, blocked some very mild comments I made on the racial aspect.,

Oddjob said...

Senseless liberals ignore the obvious truth and destroy those who speak out about this issue. 400 years is obviously not enough time to take blacks from their
pre-stone age existance into the present. Blacks are calibrated to live in an environment hostile to humans and they act out accordingly. Liberals cannot understand this and insist on collecting taxpayers funds to placate the blacks they live among in metropolitan settings. Derbyshire is accurate in his advice...

Anonymous said...

The Kikes took over NR years ago, Wm Buckley was their token "Christian". You can bet the Jewboys don't have their spawn mix and mingle with the Negros, strict segregation for their own, subservience and death to the Goyim.

Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers fan here :)

Absolutely. Everybody is equal but the rich don't have to be around any but the top few percent of blacks.

Sucks to be everybody else.

They got theirs, we get the finger.

I read that Ferfal, the blogger/author/youtuber immigrated from Argentina to Ireland recently.

I like the guy, but it brought to my attention Ireland importing folks from the 3rd world.

The jew inserted the thin edge of the wedge with the immigration act of 1965 to crack open the floodgates. They've spent the last 50 years opening them wider and wider.

Interesting this blog has so many US readers.

Anonymous said...

years ago i worked with a old time black copper who stated the best show would be to advertise on a hot steamy humid chicago summer that their would be a black concert with all the big names on the card and then over sell and cram as many black people into the chicago stadium on this hot day and then lock the doors and then announce the show is cancelled and your not getting your money back,then he said to put cameras all over the place and then watch the greatest free for all ever,loved this guy, John old rtd. chicago copper.

Gem Junior said...

What Derbyshire wrote was the polite truth. And he wrote it very politely, and without any gratuitous humor. I am so utterly disgusted at this man being FIRED. This is amping up the in-your-face nature of totalitarianism taking place in the USA today. And it is scary because right now it's a journalist, next year it's anyone or Joe Schmo. I simply CANNOT understand these liberal elite scum who love blacks so much. Why in the world aren't they following them to black neighborhoods to prove their commitment to diversity, and why are they not intermarrying as much as they enjoy when the plebes do? Smells like HYPOCRISY to me. Wake the fuck up lazy sheeple. Pray they stumble onto sites like this one.

Anonymous said...

Looks like good advise to me. I had a talk with my son and daughter about niggers when they were still in grade school.

Stay away from them and NEVER trust them. My son now is in HS and avoids them and he and his group of freinds don't like them and avoid them. About six years ago my son was assaulted by a nigger on his way home from school. He had a rock thrown at him and he got into a fist fight with the nigger. I was called into school to have a meeting with the vise principal. He was suspended for three days.
I stood by my son and basically told the school to screw off. After the meeting I took him out to eat and bought him a new video game to play at home during his three days of suspension. I let him know what he did was the right thing to do, I was proud of him for standing his ground and he was not in trouble with me, at all.

My daughter is also on the same page as my son. I raised them that way. I never held back discussing niggers in my home in front of them.

Anonymous said...

The 2 who fired him, one was a jew, the other an Indian. So much for 'National' Review.

SAVANT said...

Gem Junior said "What Derbyshire wrote was the polite truth"

That's the point of my post Gem. The polite truth is no defense. We're moving into new totalitarian ground here where as you say ANYONE can get taken out.

You also say "Pray they stumble onto sites like this one."

Obviously I totally agree. Publicise any way you can (email links to friends, other blogs, newspapers etc.) sites such as this one.

beppo said...

This firing of Derbyshire will, for sure, result in very much higher readership of his article than there would have been had they held fire.

This show will run and run.

It also helps that his wife,with whom he has a family, is oriental.

beppo said...

Hopefully, between this and the St.Trayvon of Sanford affair the MSM will be seen to have rapped a couple of twenty-two's into their foot.

navan man said...

@John. You say a BLACK cop said that to you?????

eh said...

Our enemies are totalitarian in the true sense of that term.

No question. They are as 'fascist' as any 'fascist'. And 1) too stupid to see that, and 2) too dishonest to admit it even if they could see it.

Anonymous said...

Could you remove the post with my email address in it please Savant

Anonymous said...

Derbs article was common sense.Would you swim in shark infested waters?

Ned Kelly said...

It just proves that you don't have to be drunk and "offensive", like Emma West or Liam Stacey, that student from Swansea, to be persecuted by the PC Stasi.

Just telling the truth about blacks is enough to get you branded a 'nazi', hounded from your job, and demonised in the media.

All these cases are warnings to white people: accept your demise, your race-replacement, your genocide, or we will destroy you if you dare to voice any objection.

This is what happens when the political establishment, the media, academia, and the legal sysstem is owned lock, stock, and barrel, by white-hating Zionists. It's happening, on varying scales, across all white countries from Canada, to Europe, to Australia.

beppo said...

Those who hate the truth
Call the truth hate

Anonymous said...

I was fired from teaching in a public school for responding to a student's comments about race: I became a racist the day I tried to be realist about past and present history and reality w/r/t race in the US. Specifically, an Italian kid whose rep was bad or worse was complaining about the "dirty lazy Mexicans" who gathered at a local deli to get day labor, and I pointed out that at one time, Italians were also looked at as dirty and lazy by the average American, so attitudes about race sometimes change according to demographics, the economy, the rate of assimilation, and citizenship versus non-citizen status. He was quite offended, went to his Italian-surnamed vice principal for redress, and I was subsequently fired. For honesty.

Americans do not value honesty, and it seems the nations of my European Irish and French forebears do not either (of my German and Slavic roots, I feel differently, as Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic appear to lean more conservative and Christian with each passing year).

Being realistic about racial generalities is a survival and preservation tactic, period. Anything else is pure suicide at the hands of those who would see the Shire crumble under the yolk of orcs and Uruk-hai warned of since the days of Beowulf.

Anonymous said...

Warning: Truth is no defense

Yes Shaunantijihad established that in January or February.

Keep up with the changing times with the senile old lady of Tara Street.

Anonymous said...

Had Derbyshire stated the opposite of what he wrote.

1.Would anyone believe it?
2.Would it amount to wreckless endangerment of white human life.

I think this is set up for parody.Imagine a comedy sketch with a parent giving the 'talk' about blacks and advising them to do the exact opposite of Derbyshire's advice.

You would have everyone falling around the place laughing at the incredulity of it.

white rose said...

anon 15.26 says You would have everyone falling around the place laughing at the incredulity of it.

Well, that's the problem. I don't think they would. Many if not most of the people I know think blacks are as they're portrayed in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Craig Burley sums up what one guy brouhgt

About 3:40 it finally gets good.

Calculus said...

With my daughter (3rd grade), I have been several time at odd with her public school's diversity policy. I told her the TV and the adults at her school don't always tell the truth about these 'issues', but she should not mention it because she would be punished for her opinion...yep, in the country of freedom of speech and justice for all there is no doubt she would be inmmediately expelled if she leaked anything diverging from the diversity credo, and worse for us parents.

Regarding savant's topic. I mean, if you are a white adult even averagely intelligent, by now, you must know that the 1st amendment and yadayada is pure bs' and you CAN'T talk about that, especially not to a jewrnalist. Internet's the same. Facebook is spyware, google is spyware. You must know that, and even when you talk to your kids you must insist then can't talk about it either. If you still have a job, NEVER EVER talk to a public representatives, even a white guy like a police guy, because you will be disapointed. In front of insisting questions the best is to play stupid ('no comprende, no parla americana...') or even better, play the 'system', say you are chinese. I tried that in a class of middle schoolers, it was funny. 'what do you mean you're chinese? you are not chinese'.
'yes I am'
'but you don't look...'
'are you using racial stereotypes?'
At the end, many kids really thought i was chinese even though a retard with an IQ of zero could tell i was not. Those who knew i lied and I was not chinese learned a lot that day.

Anonymous said...

@ Cranberry
Teaching young children the black anger/white guilt paradigm rather than competent reading, writing, arithmetic, and the golden rule.

Teaching young children collective guilt and unappeaseable anger is mass psychological child abuse by the left.

The left is a plague upon humanity.

I found that elsewhere and it belongs here.

You are correct to home school.

Occidental said...

Calculus: I did the same with my kids. Told them to be careful what they said and to whom they said it. Isn't that terrible? My son who's an electronics engineer with a well known multinational said silence descended on the table when he happened to mention that there were no black engineers. He got the message. Just don't talk about it.

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave. Yeah, right.

How did we get to this sorry pass?

Anonymous said...

------You may wonder what the following has got to do with the Irish Republics new ..Worse ..problems . Stick with it!

A couple of months ago I had a letter from our Inland revenue informing me that the enclosed company was trying to contact (They are not allowed to give out details). I contacted Hawtins and spoke to a Nicole Crickmore.
She advised me that a triviality had come to light £200.00 .This related to my contributions to a pension fund with Hawtins PLC....... She sent me some documents to sign so I could claim it as a lump sum.
Within days of cashing the Cheque I got a letter telling me tax was due! ( glad to see the gov. is looking after the pennies).
Now what pisses me off is that coincidental with this . our (PM Ka-moron)
announces that he is going to raid all these triviality accounts and use it as
dangeld. This will be , directly and indirectly given to all potential looters/muggers /arsonists , to keep them quite.
Get the triviality bit ? Most of this dosh has come from white working class sources .Put buy in more stringent times. The middle classes less likely to get shafted!
The government must have the names and account details and should publish them.
There is no more wealth belonging to the ethnic British ..this is the last. Present day pension will in all probability be virtual .. ‘bit like mirrors in a kaleidescope giving the illusion of order out of chaos.
Pol Pot would have considered it along with quantitative easing... successful in achieving year zero!


Anonymous said...


re my overload try this link

Regards ernie

Denise said...

Occidental - how did we get to this sorry pass?

We allowed Die Judenraus to run loose.

dave said...

Ernie, your story is amazing, even in today's United Kingdom. Is anyone of us going to stand up and fight back?

Anonymous said...

Navan man, yes old time black coppers were more racist towards their own then white cops,often had to run black kids out of old abandoned buildings and hear them yell to buddys, its okay its the white police,and if they caught a black guy pissing on the street openly.mucho headaches for the guy pissing,

Denise said...

Anon 10 April 2012 01:16at

This ave American Readers because we WN don't care about borders very much these days. White World is completely under siege. The USA is Ireland is Canada is England is Germany is France is Belgium etc.

Whither thou goest, I will go.

I found this blog from the Occidental Dissent site. I've found others, from here.

Calculus said...

Just today and it's not even about race, so imagine if it was,
a coach (base ball or football) was fired just because he said he 'respected Fidel Castro because he led his country for 60 years' and nothing more than that.
That's lame. Honestly, Fidel Castro vs the quasi peace nobel H. Kissinger (orange agent, Napalm, B52 carpet bombing) who's the best butcher?

So, no talking about gender differences, immigration, politics with anything outside Ron Paul at one end and Jimmy Carter (excluded) at the other will put you on a no-flight list, no kidding. No talks about race, foreign politics, joos (Gov. Ventura, Judge Napolitano, Helen Thomas, Jimmy Carter, Mel Gibson, recently Gunter Grass, etc)

We should make a list of what we and our kids should NEVER talk about in the land of the free speech.

Anonymous said...

Blacks ....

what do you do with these dumb erectus throwbacks?

rambaloosa said...

"hear them yell to buddys, its okay its the white police"

Boy, there's been a big improvement since then, hasn't there?

Christ, how they've fucked us up.

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject of "Truth" ...

This is the original Italian site that points out (translated) that ...

Not a single word on mainstream medias. On 18 March 2012, the arctic sea ice reached its maximum extent for this year, 14,240,000 square kilometers and it was the highest March average ice extent since 2008 and one of the higher March extents in the past decade. The news reported here in Italian.

Remember the pathetic shot of the lonely polar bear on his tiny chunk of ice?

The first point of order is the MSM. Fix that -- by any means possible, and we're half way there.


tokyo paddy said...

'The first point of order is the MSM. Fix that -- by any means possible, and we're half way there.'

UN, I think you're confusing cause and effect. The MSM is the way it is only because certain people worked diligently to make it so. You have to get to the root of that problem before you can 'fix' the MSM.

Anonymous said...

This ave American Readers because we WN don't care about borders very much these days.

This cheesehead says: Keep Illinois South of the Border.

Anonymous said...

Blacks can murder,rob and rape whites.Thou must not discriminate.

Anonymous said...

Sav.Remember that incident in Temple bar last year when a black mob went on the rampage.Any news of arrests,trials?

Anonymous said...

tokyo paddy said...

UN, I think you're confusing cause and effect. The MSM is the way it is only because certain people worked diligently to make it so. You have to get to the root of that problem before you can 'fix' the MSM.

Paddy, I don't think I do. Consider this metaphor. The left (and I include all, here) are the brain that resides within the cranium -- and sends the instructions to the teeth to bite and slash. The teeth are the MSM.

Blunt those teeth, or if you feel particularly bloody about it, knock the teeth out, and you have removed the main weapon of the left to shape so-called public opinion.

This, I am convinced, is the key. Without the teeth to incite and squirm and weasel, what is left to them? After all, what has brought down the West? Undeserved and unearned collective guilt foist upon us by ... the MSM.

Read the books. To paraphrase Covington, it's hard to deliver verbal vitriol and propaganda when you have to eat through a straw for the next six weeks.

Seriously, read the books. They look more and more like an instruction manual with every reading -- especially considering that when they were written, they were conjecture, and become more and more like prophecy with every passing day.


PS. I specifically direct you to Covington's take on punishment of "Hate Crime" and the direction that it now takes.
Unheard of, in the Bush era when the books were written.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and anon. ...

I will come back to you. Things are a bit topsy right now.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love delicious irony?


There’s a sort of oddly ironic piece in the Greek paper Kathimerini this morning, reporting that the Bank of Greece has discoved 14 million Nazi Reichsmark banknotes from the last occupation of Greece in the period 1941-44. These must be the first notes the BoG didn’t print itself in some time. The piece notes, ‘Sources say that the Bank of Greece had informed the ministry of the German money about a year ago, but given that it is only of historic value, the ministry had then decided against taking any action. However, as a result of the war reparations debate that is currently raging, Finance Minister Filippos Sachinidis has now decided to see what can be done with it.’

What occurs to me, however, is that these notes are worth a helluva lot more than 1-year Greek bonds….and perhaps all Greek bonds. As collectors’ items, for example, 14 million 5-Reichsmark notes – if marketed online – would be worth around 150 million euros. Given Wolfgang Schauble spent three weeks during February holding up the debt swap on the basis of almost exactly that sum, it’s bound to come in useful for something. Paying off English Law and Vulture Fund non-swappers of pre-March bonds, for example.

But a better and infinitely bigger bazooka presents itself in the shape of offering them to Jens Weidmann’s Bundesbank as loan collateral. For now that She Who Must be Obeyed in Berlin has decreed that Jens never said anything at all about banning ClubMed bonds as collateral, not ever oh no, in theory Athens could twist his arm to take any old sh*t from the Bank of Greece.

To use a related technical term here, these marks are actually worth a sh*tload of money. From some initial digging undertaken by The Slog in the wee hours this morning [Tuesday] I can’t find any trace of them being declared as illegal tender. What’s more, the mark/dollar exchange rate in 1941 (just before the unpleasantness at Pearl Harbor suspended operations) was 2.5 to 1.

So the Bank of Greece’s Nazi notes are worth circa six million 1941 bucks.

As a form of economic power (there are seven ways to calculate dollar inflation over the years) these $6M from 70 odd years ago are now worth 4.3 billion dollars.

The average EU bank is currently leveraged at the 35 to 1 level. So as collateral, in theory Adolf’s fading currency haul is worth around $150 billion.
Every little helps. Go for it, Filippos…..Εμπρός


Anonymous said...

Well, there's one man out there well and truly calling it as it is. Kudos to him for not being afraid to show his face.


Check him out!


Anonymous said...

LA Dodgers fan

I'm willing to bet we have more truth getting out to more people than in history.

The elite's hubris is their weakness.

The net, for those who get news off it, has eviscerated MSM. Their feet are held to the fire to tell the truth like never before.

OT-Long story short, I had a business dealing with a member of the tribe today, against my better judgment.

He tried to pull a fast one and cheat the dumb goy, in multiple ways.

Every one I've had business dealings with, I count 6 off the top of my head, they've lied and cheated.

They're very charming and convivial, and absolutely deceitful to the core. Disgusting.

Thank god I'm awake.

Anonymous said...

Sort of off-topic.

Yes, there is a God and yes, He thinks George Lucas is a dickhead ...

George Lucas: Star Wars Director Loses $60 Mil Plus on “Red Tails”

Roger Friedman, Forbes, March 29, 2012

George Lucas has some of the most successful movies of all time in the history books with his “Star Wars” movies. But Lucas also has one of the biggest turkeys of all time now, too, with the total failure of “Red Tails.” An ambitious and well-intentioned telling of the stories of the Tuskegee Airmen who flew in World War II—the forgotten black members of the Air Force—“Red Tails” cost at least $58 million to make plus another $10 million for marketing. (I’m being conservative.) No one wanted to finance it, so Lucas put up the money himself and got 20th Century Fox to distribute it. He worked on the film for three years as producer, but ultimately had to reshoot a lot of director Anthony Hemingway’s work. They intentionally skipped Oscar season, and slid the movie into release in mid January—the dead zone in the movie world, the place where bad films are sent to watery graves.

And now, ten weeks later, “Red Tails” is at rest with barely $50 million in the bank. Since theater owners got half that money, “Red Tails” is really, really red. So far there’s no been no foreign release; it’s hard to imagine there will be much of one coming. {snip} In the end, Lucas loses something close to $70 million on a noble vanity project that at least made the families of the Tuskegee Airmen feel good about themselves. {snip}

Now the question remains. We all know that Lucas is ... how can I put this politely? ... a prick?

But he is a prick who usually makes money. So ... why would a prick who knows the value of money make such an egregious error?

After all, he's not Spielberg, or a member of the tribe.
He doesn't seem to feel that perennially sucking the circumcised will get him any brownie points ... so, why would he pull a boneheaded stunt like this?


It appears that, like those other smoothies, Hugh Grant, or Robert de Niro, he has that peculiar dermatological condition that seems to afflict so many show-biz personalities.

Phallus Comedones ... or more commonly, a blackhead on his dick.

His parents must be so proud.


As for the budget of 58 mill? Forget it, baby. Try doubling that with all the CGI. Even if Lucas paid the so-called talent in dope, watermelon and KFC he would not get away with under 120 Mill.

Disney's "Tangled" was reported to have cost $230 Million (plus) and that was all animation ... and reasonably watchable.

Anonymous said...

Guilem will be fired virtually all baseball managers are but it won't be over this.

It is just MLB showing how tough it is by suspending him for 5 games while they have let slide how the player with the jewish name and jewish heritage was not given his 50 game ban for steroids which was overturned because of the mishandling of the players liquid gold. What this mishandling is we do not know as the guy who handled it has not been told what he did wrong when he handled the sample the same as all other samples that he has been in charge of.

Asked to comment MLB commissioner said Oh vey what am I a miracle worker?

Anonymous said...

I'm fucking delighted - but not surprised despite all the publicity - that Red Tails has gone down the tubes. Hollywood Jews will have to choose between elevating the blacks/fucking WT and making money.

Oh delicious irony!

eh said...

It is just MLB showing how tough it is by suspending him for 5 games...

His team = his employer suspended him, not MLB. The location -- Miami -- had something to do with it.

Just more craven political correctness. Enforcement of conformity. Sickening.

Dr. Wassell said...

UN. I tend to agree with Tokyo Paddy in that TPTB won't allow an attack on the MSM simply because they control it andhence the means of blunting it.

I agree about Covington though. What an amazing man. How prescient. I agree with someone else who said earlier about him that he should never have gone under the Nazi banner. THis straight away marginalized him over to the lunatic fringe.


Anonymous said...

Actually UncleN,I think Lucas IS a member of the tribe.

I'm not certain so can anyone confirm?


Anonymous said...

The media tries to make whites feel guilt towards blacks(slavery etc).When that does'nt work they go for pity(starving kids in Africa).At the same time,blacks are robbing and killing whites.Not to mention the billions of dollars/euros of our taxes needed to prop up their sorry ass.I d'ont give two fucks about blacks.We d'ont need them.

nemesis said...

mr. a. Lucas is not one of the Tribe. I checked this out a long time ago as I wondered was there any link to the notorious Georg Lukacz. There isn't it. But he keeps well in with the Hollywood elite obviously.

313Chris said...

Regarding Covington, and I assume we're talking about HAC (of Northwest Front note) I think it's best to read his books, absorb what is personally useful, but ignore the man himself. His books are visceral and unapologetic, and often even righteous, but they're fiction. Like, almost impossibly fiction. His big mistake was attempting to build a real-life movement based on his wildest imaginings. Read the books, but avoid the author.

justme said...

@Chris. Interesting comment. I think he deserves a bit more credit tho. His books read like they'd been written 10 years from now. That's no easy thing.

kulak said...

mr. a. Lucas is not one of the Tribe. I checked this out a long time ago as I wondered was there any link to the notorious Georg Lukacz. There isn't it. But he keeps well in with the Hollywood elite obviously.

The proof Lucas is not a Jew is that he made Red Tails even though all the Jewish producers told him they wouldn't back it because they could think of no way to MARKET it.

And they were right!

The marketing problem was not that the story of black heroes is false, though it largely is.

The marketing problem is that it was a story of black HEROES. As portrayed, these were MEN, and ONLY men. They were no weeping victims. They were not suitable objects of worship for self-hating narcissistic whites like Obama is. (Their love of him is all about them, not about blacks.)

And they were not some white hero's buddy, so there was little there for the Tea Partiers to pat themselves on the back about either.

Remember this:

Everything we're subjected to requires our cooperation.

Red Tail failed, just as the Hollywood Jews knew it would.

Disney's "Tangled" was reported to have cost $230 Million (plus) and that was all animation ... and reasonably watchable.

"They never get my nose right"

Disney originally was going to do a real, and beautiful -- see the concept art -- animated flick, but ultimately decided to turn the tale into a story about a fling between a young Jewish thief and a Viking girl child, while demonizing Viking men. It's propaganda to get more white goy pussy in 10-20 years.

P.S. The clinical name for the psychological disorder of Grant, DeNiro, Lucas, and Ebert is coprochromatodermaphilia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nemesis,old age catching up on me again.

I did wonder how one of the tribe could make a perfect heartland film like American Graffiti.


Anonymous said...

FYI I read on the internet that Mr. Lucas was a camera man at the Rolling Stones concert at Altamont where that kid got stabbed by the Hells Angels security.

Kinda interesting if it's true.

-LA Dodgers Fan

Liam said...

There's a good article at GriffinWatch on Trayvon Martin, the media, and anti-white reporting:


ironman said...

Don't forget the marketing budget for Red Tails. That was absolutely huge. Lucas wanted sales at any cost just to show he didn't screw up with the concept.

A very very good day indeed that it's gone belly up.

Anonymous said...

A warning from a white South African to America and Europe....

Anonymous said...



F McCool said...

Problem is I cant understand a single word Craig Burley is saying. Can somebody translate?

Anonymous said...

OK thanks UN

Anonymous said...

Every little helps. Go for it, Filippos…..Εμπρός

with reference to his supposed last words...we will rise again

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media tries to make whites feel guilt towards blacks(slavery etc).When that does'nt work they go for pity(starving kids in Africa).At the same time,blacks are robbing and killing whites.Not to mention the billions of dollars/euros of our taxes needed to prop up their sorry ass.I d'ont give two fucks about blacks.We d'ont need them.

11 April 2012 12:56


Speaking of those "Starving kids in Africa" - I think I know who ate their share & then some:

If the beluga in the above link ever tried to take a dip in the ocean, Asian Whaling Fleets would be in open warfare over the rights to harvest that blob of blubber....

Anonymous said...

Oh vey! Bud Selig is even scunnier than I can imagineeh?

Dave C said...

Presumably Derbyshire is now busying himself with the TV chat show circuit, watched the Late Late Show this evening to see if he was guesting with Tubridy.

Kevin Rafferty said...

dave c. i presume you're joking? you think he'd get on the msm??

eleos said...

It is all part of the reelection plans. Motivate minority voters to go to the polls while guilting whites into voting for him. God save us. The more that comes out about the trayvon situation the more it’s obviously a trumped up shenanigan for political purposes.

Welcome to Orwells 1984

heuristic said...

This is the coming race war the left/Barry 0/Holder wants. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and this is their opportunity to institute their fundamental change, and to collectively wipe thier asses with our constitution. After a few more hate crimes and race related deaths, watch the 2A and other liberties get taken away.

Its going to be a long summer

Anonymous said...


Ian said...

@ Kulak: 17:04,11th April I submitted your new word to Urban Dictionary with appropriate credit. Whether they will accept it or not remains to be seen but here's hoping it will bring more traffic here

Ian said...

Don't know if my original response to Kulak arrived or not Savant. Could you kindly delete the second one if the original got through, thanks

SAVANT said...

Don't see it Ian. Would have published it........

Ian said...

Thanks Savant I think it was lost in my bad internet connection

Anonymous said...

Police have launched an investigation after an officer blasted women attending Ladies' Day at Aintree for being alcoholics and bad mothers in a Facebook tirade.

PC David Crawford, of Merseyside Police, appeared to be targeting Liverpool women whom he labelled as 'tramps' who 'feed their kids pork scratchings' for breakfast.

Read more: Merseysde police officer faces sack for telling the truth about LAdies' Day!

In Manchester a police inspector gets her own personal time that only she is allowed to match anyone else who finishes outside the time limit for running in riot gear gets sacked and yet this guy is facing investigation.

There were photos of "ladies" in inapproritae footwear because it is the fashion to wear six inch heels with two inches on the front these days. They are not designed to be worn on grass and racecourses tend to have a lot of what do do call that green stuff?

'Cos come Sunday ul b back to drinking ya Lambrini at 10 in the morning watching Jeremy Kyle whilst shouting the kids 'britney and Tyson come down for ya pork scratching breakfast'.

'Whilst ya 10 quid fake bake tan is smeared all over the place an everything u touch looks like an ARL used t bag has been there.

'Tramps! Ladies Day - more like Halloween! Rant over.'

Regardless of his comments, what exactly is he being investigated for? Are his views going to affect his objectivity as a police officer? Is there any Law potentially being broken? Facebook isnt the same as twitter, you can only contact people who accept you as their friends, Why censor what you say to your 'friends'? I hope his lawyers will be pushing for compensation due tot he frivolousness (frivolity?!) of the charges here

- SP, ESSEX,UK, 16/4/2012 11:05

Comedian Alan Davies today apologised again for his remarks about the Hillsborough disaster - but added that his attackers 'do not speak for the dead.'

Alan Davies came under fire for questioning Liverpool FC's refusal to play on the April 15 anniversary of the 1989 stadium disaster in which 96 football fans died.

The 46-year-old comedian apologised for the 'insensitivity' of the comments, but insisted today the reaction he received from Liverpool fans went too far.

Read more: All right all right calm down calm. Hey! Are you telling me to calm down?

Former Liverpool player who is noted for his dogged reporting Stan Collymore had twitter react to stuff sent to him when he went on a whinge.

Will twitter react to the death threats made to Alan Davies? The police did jail a guy for 56 days owing to tweets he made.

You cannot have one law for Welsh people and another for whinging scouse bastards.

The Gainesville Florida girls had their video posted at another site and a black dude wished that all three be anally raped.

Moderators at blogger remove unacceptable comments in keeping with google's don't be evil mantra.

Henry IX said...

You cannot have one law for Welsh people and another for whinging scouse bastards.

Oh but you can. And we aqctually have it now. All sorts of different laws for all sorts of different people. Blacks, mozzies and wimmin being the favoured ones.

Anonymous said...

Mr Obama Snr had grown up in Kenya under British rule and aroused the fears of both colonial officers and American officials when he won a chance to study in Hawaii. The officials felt Kenyan students were ‘academically inferior’* with a ‘bad reputation’ for turning anti-American.

A memo from a British diplomat in Washington to Whitehall – released today by the National Archives in West London – sets out their concerns about the young Kenyans.

Read more: Obama's anti-American anti-White father

The apple did not fall far from the tree.

* didn't he fail every course he went on?

SAVANT said...

" didn't he fail every course he went on?"

I believe so. Either that or he was turfed out.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that Yahoo can manage to censor all comments that go against it political sensibilities but it cant keep dating sites off the comments page. Are we to deduce from this that yahoo cares less about nuisances than censoring our freedom of speech?


No. Yahoo clearly say they cannot moderate the site. So click reds or report the pests who post these dating messages as abuse. Works for me.
Perhaps the posts censored because of political comments are breaking the clearly written comment guidelines? I would bet that many people have never More ? I would bet that many people have never clicked on the "Comment Guidelines" link?


Can't moderate?? One of the guidelines is '•No commercial promotions are allowed' and it specifically says that they will act against people breaking these guidelines. THese dating sites messages are in vlear breach!


Do they sensor? The litany of horrendous racist remarks i see daily on their 'news' pages would suggest otherwise.


its basicall soliciting ,commercial

Google has no problem with anti-white racism either.

barry said...

With Yahoo and Google it seems a case of dating not hating.

Unless of course the hating is against whites.