Friday, 13 April 2012

Are they pushing for an explosive White reaction?

Increasingly I wonder whether there's a deliberate attempt to goad White Americans beyond the point of endurance. My view all along was that 'minorities' would capitalise on 'White guilt' (in reality a catholic (small 'c') sense of altruism unknown in other races) to extract as much loot and power as they could. But some recent developments make me ask whether there's an expanded agenda.

The most obvious and galling is of course the practice of ignoring the tsunami of black-on-White violence while making the rare reverse incident a cause for national anguish and White flagellation. The Black Panthers and Spike Lee openly call for the murders of Whites (or a White Hispanic!) and not a thing is done. The BPs practice open voter intimidation, again, nothing from the forces of law and order. In Alabama of all places the police 'won't take on' a criminally violent black motor cycle gang. Anything that even vaguely smacks of a 'white militia' is ruthlessly suppressed, yet La Raza, the Crips, Bloods and MS-13 operate undistrurbed. Obama openly and unilaterally moves in the rare instance when a victim is black, ignores any and all White victims.

Now we have a Harvard Professor, "Dr." Charles Ogletree claiming “I want to see the first white victim of the stand your ground by a black defendant and see if it works.” That's right. He's expressing the wish to see a White victim of stand your ground.

So back to my original question. Are they setting out to provoke a White reaction, or are they so marinated in victimhood and entitlement that they've simply lost touch with reality and are set the kill the White goose that lays the golden eggs? Because it seems to me, from this distance over in the Emerald Isle, that Whites must soon reach breaking point.

In closing let me quote part of a comment from Amren in response to 'Dr.' Ogletree (who, quelle surprise, is a convicted academic plagiarist).

First you'd have to find a black who was LEGALLY ENTITLED to carry a weapon.

Next, you'd have to have said black actually be the VICTIM of an attack by a white man. In other words, the black is just standing there bird-watching when the white man suddenly attacks him.

Next, said black's homies cannot jump in and interfere.

Next, the black cannot run away and hide . . . he must actually "stand his ground" in a fight.

Next, your black must be able to hit what he aims at . . . in other words, he can't be drunk or high.

Finally, your special black must hang around and wait for the po-lice. He can't run away because of outstanding warrants or because he matches the description of the guy who just robbed the corner liquor store.

You find that one-in-a-trillion black who can meet those criteria and we just may have us a test case!


TBone said...

IMHO Team Obama is trying to provoke a race war. They can impose martial law and cancel the Presedential Election. That's why all those draconian new laws have been brought in in recent years.

Smokin' Joe said...

Smokin' Joe says; the whole vast population of nigs are there, and are seen to be there, as the footsoldiers in a war of annihilation against the one truly great race in all history, the WHITE race. So far so good; but who sees them thus? Well well, what a surprise! There are powerful Jewish elements guiding this thing, manipulating it, hopefully invoking a tsunami of genocide by these jigaboos against the white race, as commended to them by their Talmud.
However, let them bring it on---we should always bear in mind that no amount of coons, no matter with what weapons, are ever going to be the equal of even a single brigade of white men, provided these have the firepower and know just what is at stake here.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson Prince Tina Turner Destroy

I tried to explain the black pathology before.

His agent is Billy Hawkins at CAA, phone number 424-288-2000. Enough calls to complain and maybe CAA will dump him. His production company is 40 Acres and a Mule and that number is 718-624-3703. Press #7 for his office.

Or write him at 153 east 63rd street Manhattan, NY 10065 .

great white said...

Smokin' Joe. With respect, your comment doesn't make sense. I agree the jews would like to see them take us out but they know that if serious shit starts to go down the blacks will be annihilated. They have neither the numbers or the organizing ability - or the courage - to sustain a race war with us whites for more than a few weeks at most.

Bemused stare said...

I think it is a case of pushing the envelope (as it always has been). Thing is here, I think it might be getting away from them. They threw the snowball and now they can't stop the avalanche.

Like most sane people, a part of me dreads what is to come. However, part of me is hoping we have a runaway train here. A chance to wake everyone up and clean house.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely. And for those who (in America, anyway) feel that the Covington option is the way to go ... this is what you'll be up against.

Do not concern yourself with local law enforcement, the DEA, the FBI.
Those are all so ... yesterday.

Security Companies, the New Warrior Class

Michael Colhaze on April 8, 2012

by Freeman: Alles Schall und Rauch: Sicherheitsfirmen, die neue Krieger-Klasse

Translated by Michael Colhaze

As I have stated repeatedly, the Western societies are systematically converted into three classes, just as happened towards the end of ancient Rome or in Japan during the time of the Samurai. Today it is the financial crisis that facilitates the redistribution of wealth from the bottom towards the top. The three classes are: the 99% who own nothing (the slave class), the 1% is who own everything (the hostile elite class) and the warrior class, which protects the elite from the slaves and is waging war for them.
The motto of Blackwater is more than a mockery:

"In Support of Security, Peace, Freedom and Democracy Everywhere."

Today the privatization of wars by means of outscouring has developed into a gigantic security industry. It has created companies who run private mercenary armies, such as Blackwater, which, due to its bad reputation, was first re-named Xe Services and currently styles itself most beautifully as Academi. The U.S. State Department employs in Afghanistan and the Iraq more mercenaries than the Pentagon keeps regular soldiers in both countries. The numbers are in the hundreds of thousands, and thus no less than a gigantic business deal with death."

Watch the accompanying videos (mostly shot by Blackwater operatives, themselves) and tell me whether you relish these boys coming to a neighborhood near you.

The enemy will not be wearing the face you expect. They never do.

As I say, watch the vids, and tell me if you see Support of Security, Peace, Freedom and Democracy Everywhere.


barry said...

Dont know why they need the likes of Blackwater. Cops and FBI are totally bought off and infiltrated by now.

barry said...

@Bemused Stare. Personally I want the train wreck asap. The longer we wait the worse it'll be. I'm prepared to take my chances.

Anonymous said...

Should one be in any doubt as to the fast-accelerating disintegration of America, please visit Nicholas Styx.

Illinois seems to be the arsehole of America, and Detroit is a carbuncle on that very orifice ...

Chicago: Homicides Up 60%, Non-Fatal Shootings Up 37%, and Overall… Crime is Down 10%, and Rape is Down 15%?!

[See my May, 2004 VDARE exposé, “Disappearing Urban Crime.”]

By Nicholas Stix

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Black berserkers are shooting up the city, yet crime is down. That’s Chief Gerry McCarthy’s story, and he’s sticking to it. Prior to McCarthy, Chief Jody Weis told the same story. For over three years, the Chicago PD has been peddling this tale. Is it any wonder that the department has no credibility among the city’s white and Asian population? (It has no credibility among its black population, either, but that’s due to black race mania, and has nothing to do with the CPD’s honesty problems. No matter what a police department does, blacks will say that it’s racist.)

Here’s how you “bring down” crime, in spite of an explosion in shootings. You “unfound” rapes or reduce them to something like “illegal touching,” convert thefts and burglaries into misdemeanors (e.g., by deliberately underestimating the value of the stolen items) or non-crimes (“lost/stolen property”), write up felony assault as misdemeanor assault or “harassment,” make it as difficult as possible for victims to file police reports, talk victims out of filing reports, and in some cases, simply refuse to help crime victims. And increasingly, with the explosion of black hate crimes committed by mobs of blacks against whites and Asians—i.e., which entail various felonies: mob attack, hate crime, and riot—since the inauguration of the John Doe, the police under charge what they can’t cover up, but had some success covering up the attacks, with the collaboration of the racial socialist MSM. For instance, when black gangs committed racist attacks against whites on Chicago city beaches on last Memorial Day Weekend, McCarthy shut down the beaches, but lied, claiming it was due to a rash of heat stroke. And so, anywhere from scores to hundreds of major felonies at those beaches, inflating the month’s crime totals, the incidents all vanished, and the city could report yet another month of decreased crime.

Even after McCarthy got caught, he stuck to his story. However, an anonymous CPD official did later admit to the Memorial Day attacks in a conversation with a Chicago Tribune reporter about preparations for the August Air Show.

The under-reporting of crime is something Detroit obviously picked up from South Africa, where murder in the course of a hijacking is simply listed as "Hijacking"; murder in the course of a burglary is reduced to "Burglary" ... you get the picture.

My favourite is the limp-wristed MSM description as a mugging (car-theft, hijacking, burglary, etc.) "gone wrong".

Next time some lefty brain-donor feeds you that line, ask them to describe a "mugging gone right" or a "successful hijacking", and watch them squirm.
Or merely gape.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who can ...

Invest in metals. Future generations will thank you.


Anonymous said...

barry said...

Dont know why they need the likes of Blackwater. Cops and FBI are totally bought off and infiltrated by now.

These guys have years of very well-paid work experience, and they like their work.

Believe me, they really like their work.


Anonymous said...

No Savant.

They WANT us to DO nothing.

It's not enough to genocide us.

They want us to KNOW that we're being genocided.

But DO nothing.

You can't get a really good gloat on if the other guy simply doesn't GET it.

Anonymous said...

-LA Dodgers fan here...

I've been to the shooting range dozens of times, only seen blacks a couple times. Luckily they were leaving when I got there, or else I would have hung out till they left. No way I'd trust one of them not to shoot me on accident.

Coincidentally, I was watching this Iraq combat video and the soldiers all pointed their weapons in a safe direction ducked behind this wall, except for the black that had his carelessly pointed at the white next to him.

Absolutely they want the race war to go hot.

Anonymous said...

For your weekend reading, please allow me to introduce you to Luke O'Farrell.

You may better remember him as Simon Sheppard, who, along with Steven Whittle ... was the first high visibility sacrifice on the judeo-PC altar.

The popular MSM description of him and Whittle are the "race-hate" pair and "holocaust denialists"

Although, the real reason Shepherd and Whittle were targeted was probably their site "noncewatch"* -- dedicated to outing Brit MPs and members of the PTB (police, judges, lawyers, etc.) who were also, surprise surprise, active paedophiles.

I recommend O'Farrell.


*PS. For our US readers, a "nonce" is Brit slang for a kiddy-fiddler.

James McGrath said...

I think they are going way too far now! The blacks are lunatics if they think they can win a war.

I actually think they don't actually realise what they have done, kinda like the blacks in England after the riots. London was 12 hours away from having white vigilante gangs lynching blacks, I know, I was there! Luckily for them they stopped after they got all their free sheet.

In America they are not much different, but I don't know how the whites will react there. I would love to see white folk stand and fight these savages, but I also think that it would be used by Obama to invoke marshall law.

Anonymous said...

Increasingly I wonder whether there's a deliberate attempt to goad White Americans beyond the point of endurance.

No, they genuinely loathe whites and these things are just expressions of that hatred. They understand that whites will never revolt as long as the money keeps flowing. They're not trying to provoke a reaction, they're simply getting off on taunting their victims. Never underestimate pure sadistic joy as a major motivating force of the Leftist white-hating coalition.

some recent developments make me ask whether there's an expanded agenda.

No, the hard core leftists that steer the movement have been genocidal since the late 60s (and of course the Jews and other minorities amongst them since forever). Anti-racism is indeed a code word for anti-white, and the "Civil Rights, Tolerance, and anti-racism" movement was INTENDED to destroy white people and their civilization from the git-go. That's why people like Angela Davis and Bill Ayers found a home in the establishment immediately, and why people like Cambodian refugees, who had no claims to previous discrimination, were put at the front of the line ahead of whites whose ancestors spent centuries building the nation, within a few years of the passage of the so-called Civil Rights and anti-discrimination laws. And why an area that is 95% Hispanic or black is "diverse" and why whites will never benefit from minority quotas in the places where they have been made a minority. It was always anti-white and nothing else, right from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Obama and his cohorts ... the gift that keeps on giving.

US Secret Service agents sent home from Obama duty over misconduct allegations

By Olivier Knox | The Ticket

An undisclosed number of Secret Service agents with President Barack Obama at an international summit in Colombia have been relieved of their assignments and face an investigation over alleged misconduct, a spokesman for the Secret Service said late Friday.

The Associated Press, citing an anonymous tip, reported that the allegations involved prostitutes in Cartagena, the city hosting the gathering. The AP also said 12 agents were involved. The Washington Post cited the president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, Jon Adler, as saying that the allegations were tied to at least one agent being involved with prostitutes in Cartagena.

Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan declined to confirm that the conduct involved prostitutes.

"There have been allegations of misconduct made against Secret Service personnel in Cartagena, Colombia prior to the President's trip. Because of this, those personnel are being relieved of their assignments, returned to their place of duty, and are being replaced by other Secret Service personnel. The Secret Service takes all allegations of misconduct seriously. This entire matter has been turned over to our Office of Professional Responsibility, which serves as the agency's internal affairs component," Donovan said in a statement sent to Yahoo News by email.

Just when you think the US has hit bottom ... they start tunnelling.

I hold no brief for the earlier presidents of the US who were just as rotten, but merely more subtle than the current crop ... but can one really imagine Coolidge, Hoover or even, God help us, Roosevelt ... allowing this on their watch?

This is what happens when the hippie fags of the sixties are handed the levers of power.

I remember once reading of the Bloomsberries, as the Bloomsbury group was once called ... and their laissez-faire leader Lytton Strachey, of whom it was said, he would never sit if he could slouch, and he would even avoid slouching if he could flop.

That's politics today. A sea of Lytton Stracheys.


Anonymous said...

Dumb and Dumber. While the establishment/niggers are screaming about "hate" and "Nazis", with everyone turning against Obama they're about to hand the Presidency to the biggest White Power organization in America...

The Mormon Church.


Robert in Arabia said...

Leaderless resistance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Leaderless resistance, or phantom cell structure, is a political resistance strategy in which small, independent groups (covert cells), including individuals (solo cells), challenge an established adversary such as a government. Leaderless resistance can encompass anything from non-violent disruption and civil disobedience to bombings, assassinations and other violent agitation. Leaderless cells lack bidirectional, vertical command links and operate without hierarchal command.[1] While it lacks a central command, the concept does not necessarily imply lack of cooperation.

Given the simplicity of the strategy, as well as the fact that it is difficult to stamp out, leaderless resistance has been employed by a wide-range of movements, from terrorist and hate groups, to the animal-liberation movement, radical environmental movement, as well as anti-corporate and anti-abortion activists.

Barney McGrew said...

After years of Cultural Marxism, here is another example of how common-sense has been deliberately destroyed in Britain. Read it and weep because it's coming to Ireland and America:

"25 firemen were not allowed to wade into a shallow pond to rescue an injured seagull because it was judged to be a health and safety risk."

Anonymous said...

So CAL Snowman said...

Coming This Summer to theaters across America - The Movie Event of the Millennium...


Jayden Smith as Trayvon Martin
Leonardo Di Caprio (in a fat suit) as George Zimmerman
Morgan Freeman as Obama
Terence Howard as Eric "My People" Holder
Samuel Jackson as Malik Shabazz
Will Smith as Tracy Martin
Rihanna as Sybrina Fulton
Roseanne Barr as Angela Corey
Danny Glover as The "Rev." Al Sharpton
Tyler Perry as Jesse Jackson

Produced by : LucasFilm Ltd.

You know I gotta see that!

Anonymous said...

This problem is caused by whites. As long as whites refuse to accept racial differences they will be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Kevin R. said...

anon 1.26. You could be right. Let me check out 'blowback' again.

Iron Felix said...

Iron Felix says; my illustrious previous incarnation used to speak with Lenin and their colleagues, describing all the lefties in the West of that time---Shaw, Sid and Beatrice, all the rest of them in Europe and North America in those years---as so many "useful idiots", and I rather fancy that your correspondent Smokin' Joe (where do they get these names??)may have a
point. The whole vast tribe of niggers are just such a collection of idiots; the foot-soldiers in a race war, it matters little whether they prevail against whitey or are annihilated, the aim either way is to precipitate that chaos out of which will emerge, they seem to think, their new jewish world order. It was the aim, in my ancestors time, of the Jewish/Bolsheviks who had seized power in Russia; but it all came unstuck because of a single overlooked fact, namely; Stalin himself was not Jewish! In fact, shortly before he died this lovable old rascal was scheming out a "struggle against cosmopolitanism" (sic). In plain English; he intended to slaughter all the Jews in the Soviet Union.This sort of thwarted the whole jewish world domination project, softened their cough for a while. Now however the virus is active in the west and while in many ways a recrudescence of the '20's, we will just have to see how it pans out. Interesting times ahead, methinks.

Anonymous said...

If theres a race war in America,the blacks are fucked.Who grows the food?Who keeps the lights on?Without whites the nigs aint got nothin.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how 12% of the American population with an average IQ of 80 can cause so much trouble and strife in the greatest country the world has ever known.The "dumbfucks" have taken over the asylum.

AnalogMan said...

JP 5:45 - You mean this Mormon church?

The Mormon church is not what it used to be, and the Romneys never were. Like every other Christian church, they now preach the gospel of social justice, not salvation.

Anonymous said...

Ogletree is what passes now for a Harvaarrrdd professor.
If a black is impeded from murdering or raping a White male or White female their snivel rights are being violated.

It is still weird to me that I can now sit here in a country that I spent two years of my life in combat for and listen to blacks of various shapes and sizes and status calling for the murder of Whites, that's me, and it's broadcast right along side of the weather report. As a matter of fact the US Attorney General of the US has praised Al Sharpton as being a great individual. Not that it matters, but the Hispanic Zimmerman is not White but I defend his right to not allow a nigger to beat his head into the ground.
As far as war goes, if history is any indication, Whites do war rather well.

Anonymous said...

An American speaking here:
I am pessimstic that White America will, like their white English cousins across the sea, allow their country to be usurped and destroyed by vocal minorities. After all, it's far easier to sit back to bitch and complain than actually taking a decisive course of action, no?

johan said...

Iron Felix. I often wondered how Stalin was able to get away with (a) running the country when the Bolsheviks were 80% jews, and (b) how he was able to neauralize them and then start to destroy them.

If he could do it why can't we in the west do it? I dont mean destroy, but at least get their hands off the control of everything.

heuristic said...

This is the coming race war the left/Barry 0/Holder wants. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and this is their opportunity to institute their fundamental change, and to collectively wipe thier asses with our constitution. After a few more hate crimes and race related deaths, watch the 2A and other liberties get taken away.

Its going to be a long summer

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46 Eric Mypeople Holder praised Sharpton as an in-de-fiddle it does not quite translate from ebionics but you get the gist.

Iron Felix said...

Iron Felix said, Johan, the lovable old cove Uncle Joe Stalin simply talked in the shorthand of the time; he had the country with him, to some degree at least, when he had all those show trials to combat "capitalist roaders" and "wreckers and saboteurs" and "counter-revolutionaries" and so on; all just shorthand for Jews, Johan. He knew better than anyone how dangerous revolutionaries in general, and Jewish revolutionaries in particular, could be.

Anonymous said...

When blacks gain numbers and power,they inevitably subject whites to intimidation and tyranny,just as they do to their own people.-Lawrence Auster Look at South Africa.This is the future that awaits all of us.D'ont place your destiny in the hands of the groid.

Anonymous said...

The concepts of equality,fairness and justice are alien to blacks.Idi Amin(Asians),Mugabe(whites),South Africa(whites),Obama,Holder(whites).When they have the numbers,your life will be hell.An important lesson for the Irish.

potgieter said...

Re the two most recent comments. This is so true. If only white people could realise this. Anyone who comes from South africa knows exactly how blacks behave once they get power. They have no sense of fairness - a totally different mindset to European peoples.

Be warned.

yentl said...

This “race war” sapling was planted long ago, and has on occasion threatened to bear fruit. The difference this time is simple: The “magic mulatto” can do no wrong in a bought/paid for media controlled by the Zionist masters of this country.

This time, that “sapling” is a fruit bearing tree…and it is almost harvest time. But not for the “apparent” reasons. Martial Law will be implemented “for the good of the country” to stop the racial bloodlust.

winston smith said...

Has anybody seen this? Crisis in Levittown, Pennsylvania.

1957 docu about a black family moving into an all white suburb that had a restriction against selling to blacks.

A jewish family arranged to privately sell a home to the black family, bypassing the no blacks allowed restriction the jewish homebuilders had set.

Gary Paul said...

Winston smith. And of course the jewish family was moving out so they didn't have to endure the new vibnrancy brought by the black family.

Reminds me a bit of South Africa. They fuck the country on their way out.

Anonymous said...

This is what America is all about ... for me, anyway.
Go here:-

Scroll down to the video:-

Song: Alison Krauss & Union Station - The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn (Live 2002)

and play.

PS. You want to keep this for your children? Read the books.

winston smith said...

I'm just watching a video on the satanic talmud, and it mentions that in that book if a gentile sues a jew the defendant wins, and if a jew sues a gentile he gets full damages, under talmudic law.

Sounds about right.

It also reminds me of courts in south africa or zimbabwe, coming to the USA very soon.

Anonymous said...

Stalin,of course was of Georgian peasant stock and peasants,in all of Eastern Europe,knew their Jews.

Highly intelligent,he became extremely well read.(read Robert Services' biography)But his greatest asset remained his undiluted peasant cunning.

This enabled him to see off Trotski with ease.The other old Bolsheviks,mostly Jews,were even less of a problem.

Felix is partly correct in saying that,towards the end,Stalin was plotting the extermination of Jews. But no,mass deportation was Stalins plan to,I think,some Godforsaken area of Kazakhstan or perhaps one of the other "Stans".Deportation and death was Stalins way,not just extermination.

Stalin KNEW.Which,like our Savant, is more than what I did until recently.


mischling said...

Seems to me the Talmudmakes the Koran look like a model of fairness and reasonableness.

winston smith said...

"mischling said...

Seems to me the Talmudmakes the Koran look like a model of fairness and reasonableness."

no doubt! Jews with their lying ways say it's easy for gentiles to live under their rule, they only need obey a few laws, while the jews have to obey many.

They fail to mention believing in Christ is a death sentence, and basically you're screwed 6 ways to sunday, just the way they like it!

I've been studying the bolshevik revolution, but don't know much about Stalin and his interaction with jews, etc.

I love Poles, they know to blame the jew for everything!

Martel said...

Take your point about Stalin's cute peasantry etc. But what about those conniving, mutually supporting, all-powerful Jews? How did they let him get away with it?

Anonymous said...

What is your problem with "Dr" Charles Ogletree?

If you were brought up in a community with obese black women of course you are going to ogle trees and not ogle black women.

It is a perfectly rational act.

john said...

AnalogMan - not so - quite a few Christians know whats up. see for instance as just one of many. But youre right in that Christianity has been so judaised as to not even resemble itself in this country anymore.
As has been posted before, the black is indeed just a pawn-cannon fodder- in the jews [esau] attempt to wipe the white race [Jacob] out.
The latest is indeed an attempt to start massive civil unrest to give an excuse to impose martial law. [eliminating elections, suspending civil rights, take over of all means of production etc] Why do you think they suddenly pulled troops out of Afghan etc, and brought them home and activated them on American soil illegally? Why do they work so hard to recruit non whites - even non english speakers - yet always send the poor deluded white male into the front line combat situations? [other than the white male is the only one that can get the job done]
As far as stalin, seems I read he was actually quarter jew...but even if not, its like Jesus said to the pharisees [jews] whilst condemning them [I paraphrase] "You are sons of hell yourselves; you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven yet you work to make sure others cannot either. When you make a proselyte to your ways, you make him twice the son of satan that you are."

Anonymous said...


Thats my point,he was even more devious and ruthless than they were.Another thing was that his rivals were hampered by ideology.Stalin,I feel,despite his actions,simply used ideology as a means to an end.He also had the advantage of never being troubled by a single scruple in his life.

Beria,another Georgian may have played a part in Stalins death but he,in turn,was ousted by Kruschev,a Ukranian peasant.

In short,it was never a matter of the Jews allowing Stalin to get away with it,but of how far Stalin would allow THEM to go.


pino said...

Blacks deliver nothing and want everything; including YOUR white daughter. We produce, they consume. We build, they ride. They need their own society, where we can be free to be ourselves, and they can learn to build and produce rather than consume and destroy. This system is rotten and genocidal and the sooner it is gone the better all.

Anonymous said...

How long have we been saying this? Nigs or mossies do something completly outrageous and the sheeple side with them! I think it has now got to the stage where whites have become masochistic. Like all perversions the more it's indulged the more sever it must become. Perhaps when the last white European/American has a noose around his neck he might realise what has happened. Unfortunatly I'm not holding my breath waiting for the great white awakening.

Anonymous said...


In the 1960's, Lyndon Johnson, God Damn him, sent an army of FBI goons to infiltrate, buy informants/agents provocateur, assassinate and kidnap Ku Klux Klansmen. The one great network for White defense was finally effectively dismantled and the Jew propaganda machine convinced a high percentage of young 60's Southerners to submit to integration and Negro rule, although now the useless 60's generation is thankfully dying out and today's younger Whites seem to be coming around to race reality.

TBone said...

Kuklos. I have hope for the current young generation of Whites. They're suffering big time from AA and all other sorts of discrimination. Plus the bas economy. The 60's generation fucked the country for sure.

Anonymous said...

Irish government set to introduce water meters for every house in the country.Guess what ?You have to pay for your own water meter.As you've said sav"worse is better".Millions spent every year on foreign aid and asylum seekers.Hopefully more Irish people will wake up and see whats going on in this country.

historian said...

It's the Jewish Cultural Marxists, dating back to the 20's, who fucked the country and all white western countries.

The '60's generation were just a symptom of cultural marxism: useful idiots who swallowed Jewish critical theory hook, line and sinker.

SAVANT said...

anon 17.22. Yes, worse IS better, unfortunate and unfair as this may be for so manty people.


rebel said...

Meh, no need to worry about all out race war; rioting in Black populated areas sure, but not an all out war (unless Leftist’s back them up)

Waging a war requires organization and self-discipline, and one need look no further than achievement gaps to realize that they have neither. And if they did get semi-organized, just have Nike release a new pair of sneakers, and they’d immediately disband

Anonymous said...


The British are being discriminated against in their own country:

"Half of all social housing in parts of England goes to people born abroad"

While white British people are left to rot in overcrowded private-rented accommodation and sleeping on relative's floors, Africans and Asians waltz in to the country to be given houses, benefits, welfare advisers, and translators.

What's more if one of these third worlders was to claim that an indigenous white person had said something 'racist' to them the police would be down on poor old whitey like a ton of bricks and they would probably end up banged up, jobless, and vilified as a 'Nazi' on the front pages of the tabloids.

Anonymous said...

Back to BBC4 again.

Friday night they had a Southern Rock Night,The Allmann Brothers,Lynerd Skynyrd etc.A pretty piss poor effort as it happened compared to previous music nights on 4.

Anyway,they showed good footage of Macon,Georgia in the early 70s,where Duane and Gregg Allmann grew up and,in fairness,influenced by local black bluesmen.

However,the footage of Macon in the 60s was that of an overwhelmingly white town.I know what it is like now,or at least what it was like 4 years ago when I was there.

A black shithole.

I know I don't even have to ask but can any of our American correspondents confirm that things have become even worse?.


SAVANT said...

The British are being discriminated against in their own country: "Half of all social housing in parts of England goes to people born abroad"

Thanks, but we KNOW that. Question is, are "they" deliberately trying to shove our noses in it?

Anonymous said...

Without whites the nigs aint got nothin.

They know it too.

And the MORE white they have in them, the more angry they get about it.

The only exception I can name was Malcolm X, who wrote about blacks presenting the perfect parasite image.

He didn't want that.

Anonymous said...

sleeping on relative's floors

That may not be entirely bad.

Say, if you have a perimeter to defend...

Anonymous said...

rebel said...

Meh, no need to worry about all out race war; rioting in Black populated areas sure, but not an all out war (unless Leftist’s back them up)

Waging a war requires organization and self-discipline, and one need look no further than achievement gaps to realize that they have neither. And if they did get semi-organized, just have Nike release a new pair of sneakers, and they’d immediately disband

Rebel, I am not at all worried about nog armies. I have seen them in action and they are all fuckups.

I refer you to my post above on Blackwater and point out that, toward the end, a good deal of the Roman army consisted of Gauls and Germans.

I see America becoming a battleground between The Crips, the Bloods, La Raza, the DEA, the CIA, Homeland Security and whatever Blackwater devolves into.

Pretty much like 15th century Italy.

From Wikipedia ...

Gang demographics

There were at least 30,000 gangs and 800,000 gang members active across the USA in 2007,[4][5] up from 731,500 in 2002 and 750,000 in 2004.[6] By 1999, Hispanics accounted for 47% of all gang members, Blacks 34%, Whites 13%, and Asians 6%.[7]

... and the hoffjuden?

As always, they'll be playing popes and cardinals -- building their little empires.**

Business as usual.


**Does a bear pope in the woods?

Anonymous said...

Slightly off-topic -- of course, but interesting nonetheless.

The history they do not want you to see.

Operation Sarkozy : how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic

NOTE : CIA and MOSSAD are SIAMESE TWINS, since zionist control over the USA has become total .....

Thierry Meyssan

One should judge Nicolas Sarkozy according to his actions, and not according to his personality. Yet when his doings surprise even his own constituents, it is legitimate to take a detailed look at his biography and question the bonds that brought him to power. Thierry Meyssan has decided to write the truth about the French Republic’s president background. All the information included in this article is provable, except for two assertions signalled by the author who alone takes full responsibility.

Tired of the overextended presidencies of François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, the French elected Nicolas Sarkozy counting on his energy to revitalize their country. They were hoping for a break with years of no-change and ideologies of the past. What they got instead was a break with the very principles which founded the French nation, and have been shocked by this “hyper-president”, seizing every day a new dossier, attracting towards him the right and the left wing, and tearing apart all points of reference to the point of creating a total confusion.

Like children who have just made a boo-boo, the French are too busy trying to find excuses for themselves to admit the magnitude of the damages and of their naiveté, and they refuse all the more to see who Nicolas Sarkozy really is, that they realize they should have known since a long time who he was.

One must say the man has talents. Like a magician he tricked them. By offering them the spectacle of his private life and posing in People’s magazines, he got them to forget his political history.

Forgive the slightly fractured English, but read the article.

Who knew that De Gaulle cut a deal with the Rothschilds? Wheels within wheels within wheels ...


Anonymous said...

Zimmerman is NOT a white Hispanic:

Anonymous said...

Just for fun ... have you ever played pool, snooker or billiards?
I did once. I thought I was pretty good.
I was wrong.

Scroll down to One stick, some balls and a girl on the table

Whooweeee ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, but we KNOW that. Question is, are "they" deliberately trying to shove our noses in it?

Margaret OPPENHEIMER was born in Cairo.

Anonymous said...

Jes fo' laffs ...

You may remember the jigaboo who managed to smuggle a full-sized Smith and Wesson revolver into the cells ... in his no-doubt capacious butt?

Here's another one, slightly less ambitious, but still worthy of mention.

The next page details a nigerian mule who brought in a fairly startling haul of heroin, delicately headlined as only the Irate Irishman could.

Nigerian Nig Busted With $20,000 Of Heroin In Her Clam

Folks, I highly recommend the blog. The author's descriptions of the usual suspects is often hilarious, often including gems like "suspook", "husboon", and a classic ... "When police questioned Moore, he told them that he was nigletsitting the turdler in question and another sibling."

Laugh? I nearly started. A most refreshing change from the usual arse-licking afforded to the 'boons.


Robert in Arabia said...

.... [R]ecently: it occurred to me that America, notwithstanding its conservative element which had always stood in the way of the kind of outright leftism that runs Europe, might become more leftist and more tyrannical than Europe. We see the outline of the new America in the Zimmerman affair, with the entire country hating and lusting to destroy and adopting massive transparent lies about an individual because he is a “white racist.” I’m not predicting that, but I think that America is now capable of doing anything. - Laurence Auster

Corkonian said...

Yes. Irate Irishman is inventing an almost totally new language. I also like 'nigger nest'.

eh said...

I doubt it.

Perhaps also a relevant question: Will there be "an explosive White reaction"?

Same answer.

Anonymous said...

I notice that this site has got visitors from Douglas in the Isle of Man.

Does it still hold true that the Isle of Man is what we were like before ... before we got more advanced and enriched by the presence of enrichers?

Anonymous said...

Macon GA.? Your perception is correct. Gone down the tubes in less than five years. Same with Montgomery Al.

eh said...

'Irate Irishman' -- great site, very funny. (Except for the reality behind it, which I guess isn't all that funny.) Surprised it made it through the proxy filter at work. We'll see if it still makes it through after the next update...

Anonymous said...

Amren nailed it, as usual. When I first heard what Ogletree said, I said "good luck!"

I think what whomever-they-are in the media stirring up this junk are pissed about is that white people don't care. Don't. Care. About black people.

What I mean when I say that is, we are not the race-obsessed out for blood animals that Leftist media and progressive education hype make us out to be. We go about our daily lives, not looking to lynch black people or re-enact the romper-stomper scene from American History X. I really think lots of liberals expect white violence of the AmHistoryX type would break out at any moment if it weren't for their speeches about Tolerance, Inc. In short, we're not about to go ape on blacks for no reason or even if provoked (whites are more likely to run away than fight, the Zimmerman case notwithstanding). The shortage of incidents of white-on-black violence just KILLS them so they have to make a federal case out of the few incidents they can rustle-and-hustle up.


Anonymous said...

In my local pub sunday evening,I listened to my fellow Irish whining about household and water charges.I mentioned foreign aid and the asylum racket which seemed to make them more irate.Irelands changing demographics(turd world) means a lower living standard,higher crime,higher taxes and failing schools.Whether enough Irish people can be woken up before it's too late,remains to be seen.Dublin or Detroit, the choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Sav, water meters a drop in the ocean! LOL. I see what you did there.

Anonymous said...

On the news today.Three Lithuanians arrested while robbing a jewellers in Carlow.Imitation hand gun and pepper spray used in the raid.Ireland,going,going......

Clogheen said...

anon 14.34. When you said that mentioning foreign aid made them even more mad, did that mean mad at the idea of wasting all this money or mad at you for mentioning it?

Anonymous said...

Sorry ! off on a tangent again
I reject straight away the accusation 'the converted being preached to'.
My original conversion was caused by a Pole in 1964. Stephon Zukowski ex Polish Brigade.Handed over to the Russian Bolsheviks by Polish Bolsheviks.( 16 years old )....He had given me a dressing down when I expressed doubt when he said: in his war time experiences the kindest people he came across were the ordinary Russian! and the scum who had rounded him up were not true Poles. I am sure you know the rest .
My point is .... Russian TV ( ) have given space to Assange for his own show !
Tomorrows World . I came across ' rt ' by default channel hoping some time back got the impression that their enemies may well be ‘laying off ‘ for fear of being offered a cup of coffee.

Anonymous said...

Clogheen-They were mad because it's a waste of money.The sheeple are stirring,I'll help nudge them in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ! off on a tangent again
I reject straight away the accusation 'the converted being preached to'.
My original conversion was caused by a Pole in 1964. Stephon Zukowski ex Polish Brigade.Handed over to the Russian Bolsheviks by Polish Bolsheviks.( 16 years old )....He had given me a dressing down when I expressed doubt when he said: in his war time experiences the kindest people he came across were the ordinary Russian! and the scum who had rounded him up were not true Poles. I am sure you know the rest .
My point is .... Russian TV ( ) have given space to Assange for his own show !
Tomorrows World . I came across ' rt ' by default channel hoping some time back got the impression that their enemies may well be ‘laying off ‘ for fear of being offered a cup of coffee.

Croesus said...

ernie. I strongly recommend RT. Not that it's unbiased - it strongly supports Putin. But it certainly does NOT parrot the western MSM.

Watch Max Keiser.

Anonymous said...

If you want any kind of less-biased news about the US, you have to look abroad. is great for this, and I like al jazeera as well.

If you've never seen it, Al Jazeera is like the BBC of the middle east. The western media portrays it as barbarism propaganda.

Anything the US 'media' dislikes, is worth a look, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

@ Cranberry 12:18

I can recommend the film Romper Stomper which is man meant to be man about man something but turns out that instead it is about what we face.

Believe it or not but "Mister Fighting Around the World" is in it and not completely useless!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I posted on KMac's blog about this subject:

I believe CNN was the first to start hyping this story. Right before they began playing the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman story non-stop, they were caught red handed falsifying news reports about the unrest in Syria.

There's a clip of raw satellite feed on YouTube (see below) that was starting to get a lot of unwanted attention for CNN. It shows, among other things, one of their reporters actually queuing someone off camera to start firing their gun in the background when the live segment was to begin. Basically, the reporter was trying to make the location look like a battle zone while accusing the Syrian government of carrying out atrocities off in the distance. In reality, there wasn't much going on at all.

The Jew media has been beating the war drums for an attack on Syria and Iran for some time now, and this scandal had the potential to do a lot of damage to their creditability, at least as far as the sheeple are concerned.

Playing the race card with the Trayvon Martin shooting was a perfect use of the "strategy of tension" to help bury CNN's Syria scandal. Of course, the Jew media aways takes extreme delight any chance they get inciting blacks to attack and kill whites.

Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny

Here's some info on Anderson Cooper's ties to the CIA:


Operation Mocking Bird: The CIA's infiltration of western media.


By the way, did you know the CIA financed the feminist movement?

Gloria Steinem - How The CIA
Used Feminism To Destabilize Society

In May 1975, Redstockings, a radical feminist group, raised the question of whether Steinem had continuing ties with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[19][20] Though she admitted to having worked for a CIA-financed foundation in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Steinem denied any continuing involvement.[21]

The NSA leaders told Steinem that the program was underwritten by foundations that were funded by the Central Intelligence ... but many years later this prompted some people to accuse her of being a CIA agent in the women's movement. She thought this was a good use of government money, but many years later this prompted some people to accuse her of being a CIA agent in the women's movement.

beppo said...

Irateirishman: Teenape-adj.
Teenapers-noun plural


tsnamm said...

It seems to me that they don't believe there is any downside to what they're doing...and frankly among true believers, they think its the truth. The real issue is if and when white America will say enough is enough...that is the $30,000 question so to speak. I never thought in a million years they would ever elect a completely unqualified mulatto for President. I figured in their heart of hearts when most suburban white voters went into that voting booth, they would think of all the urban hell-holes they ran from and have to travel through every work day, and realize WHY those cities were unlivable,unsafe and decaying, and vote for anyone else but BHO. Alas that didn't happen.And I was shocked, Even now in the US if 100% of every minority voted for Obama he could never get elected by a large margin. So not only did white people put him in office, a large portion of them put him in office. Do THESE people think its gone too far? I doubt it. Young whites? Well considering the multi-cult,PC, cultural Marxist-relativistic brainwashing they get in what passes for public education these days; not even taking into account the cultural brainwashing via pop culture TV,movies,music and advertising, I'm pretty sure most young people either agree being victims or have no ideas or opinions. But I get to the point, I'm not sure, because it doesn't really look like anyone will say that magic word...NO.It seems to me nothing short of blood in the streets may wake them up, and even then they may do nothing, and worse yet have no idea what's happening and how it got that way. That's truly frightening.

Anonymous said...

Black vs. White or White vs. Black wars= The end of America. Well, can’t stay long got to run to class and brush-up on my Mandrin. Should be able to say at less “Yes,sir” to our new masters.

Anonymous said...

@tsnamm. I ask myself the same question all the time. In the privacy of the polling booth you'd think they'd refelct on what they're doing.

Maybe next November might be different.

TBone said...

It’s the same everywhere it’s in their nature. Their “brains” are/were hard wired for survival in the menacing environments of Africa. Adrenal response and immediate gratification regions in the brain were necessarily more prominent in early man so he could survive in the predatory jungles.
Man fanned out geographically and diversified racially to regions where surviving was dependent on his ability to out-think the challenges of survival, instead of out-running or over powering them. What we have in abundance here in the US mainly throughout the south and in urban centers, are the descendants of those early savages…
A group of people of the lowest order INCAPABLE of functioning in the world without reducing it to physical combat and predatory practices. As long as blacks are allowed to go where they wish and carry on naturally, they will continue to behave as they always have, recreating jungles out of cities and treating civilized men as wild prey

Anonymous said...

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