Friday, 30 March 2012

Our Lady of the Angelus

For those heathens among you out there, the Angelus is a prayer, one minute long, that’s supposed to be recited every twelve hours or something like that. It’s interspersed by an infuriating bonging of a bell, which makes me feel like throwing my shoe at the TV set as I await for what passes for news on RTE, Ireland’s public broadcaster. (Similar in every way to the BBC in Britain and PBS in the US).

To take your mind off the infernal bonging, RTE shows a number of vignettes, typical scnes of Irish life today. Naturally this includes the ‘New Irish’. Now you might imagine that the sixty seconds would be taken up with cultural enrichers receiving an assignment of drugs from Nigeria, or a group of them in a welfare queue, or heading off on a taxpayer-funded vacation to the very village they fled for their lives from before coming to Ireland.

Instead we get a black lady. Which for RTE is Good and GOOD.

And she’s a special lady:

She’s a hardworking efficient employee: How do we know this? Because we see her, working all alone until the sun goes down, all the lazy Paddies having long since abandoned their posts.

She’s highly intelligent: How do we know this? Because she’s operating a complex looking computer terminal, and she gazes into the distance in an intelligent kind of way.

She’s sensitive and family oriented: How do we know this? Because, dewy-eyed, she lets her gaze fall on the picture of a sibling/relative on her desk.

She’s a conscientious corporate citizen: How do we know this? Because she carefully turns out all the office lights before she finally calls it a day and leaves.

So now. The New Irish aren’t what you thought they were, are they?


Anonymous said...

So she is the one related to President Mobutu who if you give her your bank number she will deposit dome $25 million in it for allowing her to use the account.

00:43 said...

I was going to bring this to your attention myself Savant. While this version of the Angelus is the most offensive, almost every version these days features a disproportionate ammount of "New Irish".

The questions that came to my mind as soon as I saw this version went along the lines of, "How is it that in a climate where we have half a million unemployed an African lady can just end up cleaning offices in Dublin? How did she get there? Who let her in?
She has to be illegal, one way or another-why are they condoning this?

And are we met to feel sorry for her, just because she has to work? Why couldn't they just show some regular cleaning ladies from Dublin?

Come to think of it, the way she's mooching about, looking thoughtfully out the window and wisfully checking out the photo of her relative, she can't be much of a cleaner and I'd sack her immediately and send her packing back to the Congo or wherever.

It's a terrible Angelus. Do RTE think we're complete muppets? You can imagine the weeks of thought that went into this, the production meetings and the pitches. How much did this muck cost? Crazy stuff.

Funny enough I like the idea of the Angelus, a bit of reflection is no bad thing, but this feeble attempt at sublimely stoking up some Negrophilia is a big no no.

Anonymous said...

That fucking Rotimi is still there, drawing on Irelend's teet.

F McCool said...

That wooman is not a cleaner. As Savant says, she manipulates a computer at one stage.

Anonymous said...

I noticed it too Savant.Would love to know what percentage of Africans living in Ireland are on welfare.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Blacks in Ireland would be getting rent allowance.Which would exclude them from the new house hold charge.It's the Irish that have to cough up €100.Ah yes,immigration is good for the economy,diversity is our strength.

Typical Westminster MP said...

Aah, finally Mr Savant, I see you have begun to embrace the wondrous multiculturalism that is in Britain, Ireland, and the rest of Europe.

Truly I was despairing at the terrible unenlightened attitude of bloggers like yourself, who couldn't see that the way of us establishment politicians is, of course, always wise and good.

I can't speak for Ireland, but in Britain we know we have the hardest working politicians, of the greatest integrity, in the World. How do we know this? Why, us British politicians keep saying it all the time, so it must be true!

In any event, I congratulate you on your newfound inclusiveness, which we politicians always desire others to have. We, of course, are an important, decision-making class, so have to keep ourselves separate from the grubby plebs and churning masses, otherwise how could we make all those important decisions we do?

Still, a word of caution. Whilst most of the new Irish, new British etc. are to be entirely trusted, there might be one or two (because of colonialism, slavery etc.) who don't feel entirely comfortable with our Western societies. It is clearly up to us to change our cultures in order to accomodate them. I refer, for example, to the article of yours a couple of weeks ago showing the photograph of the Muslim man with the gun. Whilst he clearly is a moderate, reasonable fellow, not all his fellow travellers are such natural immigrents, and it is beholden upon us all (well, actually, you all), to be more welcoming. Otherwise you are all racist.

And in truth, I do not doubt that all those dusky newcomers who take an oath of allegiance to these sceptered Isles, and espouse our suitably watered-down values, will all become model citizens, much like the lady in your article.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dor what I thought the message was. That being an Affirmativr Action hire she had to work twice as hard because she was half as talenterd as the natrive Irish person she was hired instead of.

Thank you for opening my eyes.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if viewers wrote to RTE in protest?

Anonymous said...

Bob in Swansea

Ireland is in hock to many countries just to stay financially afloat.

Ireland's white population doesn't have enough offspring to be around in the future to pay taxes so that the Irish Government will have the money to service the debt.

Therefore nothing reassures lenders more than seeing a few black faces on National TV, because whatever blacks are or aren't, they are prolific breeders.

To you young Irish men reading this, select a healthy (straight) female of breeding age and go for it.

Postpone gratification and debauchery in favour of thrift and long-term goals.

A shortage of Irish babies = no more Ireland

It is your patriotic duty.

Corkonian said...

anon asks What would happen if viewers wrote to RTE in protest?

Short answer: At best, nothing. At worst, a visit from the Thought Police.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody actually know anyone who works in RTE?.I don't mean Civil Service workers,those in offices,but people in the production end of things,the "creative"types?.

I don't move in those circles thank Christ,but I can only imagine they are like the DWLs I do know magnified x10.

And Swansea Bob,although enrichers make up a significant number of births,native Irish and other White Europeans are currently contributing to something of a baby boom.

Certainly the White birth rate is now above replacement levels.So things are not totally gloomy,though far,far from ideal.

P.S One of my daughters has just announced she is pregnant with her 4th,so my clan are not to blame.


Henry IX said...

Westminster MP. You must indeed feel comfortable in that mileau.

Heraclitus said...

Bob - don't agree with you. Even the dummest DWL here knows that immigrants, especially Africans, won't help us economically. The motivationa are far more diverse, if I may be permitted to use that term.

Anonymous said...

We all know that blacks and muslims are high maintenance.There simply is not enough wealth providers in Ireland to cope with the demand.What the future holds,well I d'ont know.But it's not going to be pretty

Shaunantijihad said...

Dealing a massive genetic blow to every White nation is the current plot of the Jews, in a long, long history of plots, schemes, mass murders and horrors to further the cause of Zionism - world rule by the Jews.

The most important thing about their aims is that it remain secret. The internet really is fucking all this up for them. Hence be prepared for massively increased immigration of Negroes and Muslims who will form the soldiery necessary to exterminate "RACISTS" aka White people.

Encourage everyone you know to read this book, "The Nature of Zionism":

Anonymous said...

On the is our children learning threads the decline in PISA standards has been put down to too much concentration on religion teaching in schoools.

Yes we have been culturally enriched as you can see if you want to see.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else heard about this blatant piece of misinformation:

"Here's the latest scandal unfolding across the pond.

NBC News has selectively edited audio of the 911 call placed by George Zimmerman just before he killed Trayon Martin.
In the NBC segment, Zimmerman says: "This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black."
The true conversation was actually this. Zimmerman: "This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about."
911 operator: "Okay. And this guy, is he white black or Hispanic?"
Zimmerman: "He looks black."

There is pure evil displayed by this piece of gutter lefty journalism. The sort of evil we see every day in reports from journalists who are prepared to destroy lives just to advance their ideology."

From comments on The Telegraph:

Shaunantijihad said...

Right on schedule, here is the Lady Angelus herself!

Keyboard alert ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hitler forever gave nationalism a bad name. Because of Nazi excesses, nationalsim has been replaced by multiculturalism. End of story.

Anonymous said...

The Empress of Montrose is married to this guy Dude 1 and this is their son Dude 2.

Anonymous said...

Black cleaning ladies are lazy. They are just cheaper. DO NOT HIRE THESE NOGABOGS!


Martel said...

Hitler is the gift that keeps on giving. You want to attack Whites? Just dig up his corps, frighten the children with it, then bury it again. carefully. It'll be needed again.

barry said...

That editing by NBC is a total disgrace. A scandal. In any other profession he'd be drummed out without ceremony. Here he'll probably get a Pulitzer.

Anonymous said...

Heard on the news that a crowd of 5000 are trying to disrupt the Fine Gael Ard Fheis in central Dublin.Our friends Shatter,Enda and the bully boy Phil Hogan are in attendance.I hope they shit themselves at the sight of the mob outside.

barry said...

Spike lee has become famous making a couple of decent films, but the man has a massive chip on his shoulder. I hope that elderly white couple sue the f***ker for millions..

Anonymous said...

Was that it Sav? Surely there must have been SOME point to showing the Nigress? Let's face it if we want to see these people sitting around we don't need a TV.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.36

If Irish Coleens need any help from England. I'm on my way.

Moston Manc said...

The Cultural Marxists, descendants of the Frankfurt School, who run Ireland, and most of Europe, use RTE as a handy vehicle to soften up and brainwash the white indigenous masses in to thinking that black is normal, black is good, black is Irish.

The BBC have been doing it for years to the British and look at the state of many towns and cities in that fucked-up, Balkanised shithole these days.

The only positive thing is that increasing numbers of whites are waking up, largely thanks to personal experience of 'enrichment' and to the internet and excellent sites such as the Irish Savant.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14.08 Said :-
Hitler forever gave nationalism a bad name. Because of Nazi excesses, nationalsim has been replaced by multiculturalism. End of story.
How do we know that is the truth? Why can't we have open debate on the ''Hollowcaust''. Pre-war Germans seemed pretty happy with things. Why should I believe all this crap about Hitler? History is written by the victors.
For those interested about the Hollowcaust watch the documentary :-
One third of the holocaust.
Type that into google. It's free.

Tostig said...

Our enrichers in Oxfordshire, England, must all be night workers. They walk our streets by day and seem very jolly and happy and smile a lot.

Anonymous said...

hes a nigger babbon, how do we know this???because when he sees young white girls he pulls his dick out and jacks off, thats how. John old rtd. chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

Please quit blaming Hitler, the Irish of the day had sense enough to sit out the Second War to Exterminate the White race, but let the Jews take over with a vengeance. If the right side had won none of this destructive madness would have been allowed, now Whites are too cowardly to stand up for themselves,that's all. BTW, the Kikes in Israel are deporting some 50K Negros back to Africa beginning the end of this month, why can't Ireland do the same.

SAVANT said...

I think several of my learned readers are missing the point of the post. She's not a cleaning lady, given that she's manipulating a computer terminal. And would a cleaner have a family photo on the desk?

No, my point was that RTE were subliminally giving us the message that she was a hard-working, dutiful and intelligent corporate citizen. Exactly the kind of person we want immigrating to Ireland in large numbers.

Heraclitus said...

@Moston Manc. One of the other problems with the Cultural Marxist brainwashing is that, blacks being portrayed in such a positive light, vast numbers of white women are breeding with them. This is the ultimate success criterion, our becoming deracinated and without an indiginous culture. Easy meat after that.

Heraclitus said...

' the Kikes in Israel are deporting some 50K Negros back to Africa beginning the end of this month, why can't Ireland do the same.'

Different rules apply to us, dear boy!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14.08 Said :-

Anon, you don't have a good knowledge of history. Maybe too much jew subversive education on your part.

Hitler saw what the jews were doing in Russia. The bolsheviks were killing millions of Russians.
They were the communists, the jews.
The bolsheviks were funded by jewish bankers in the US. Most of them were jews and they were absolutley brutal.

Hitler hated communists with a passion. The jews in Germany at the time were no different then they are now. Owning media and having a strong foot hold in academia. In short they were desrtoying Germany.

The jews in Germany had ties to the bolsheviks and wanted to see Germany ruined as Russia was during the same time period. Hence his hostility to the jews. The communists were looking to take over Germany.

Hitler was defending Germany.
All that said, now with Hitler defeated you can see what is happening. Just what the jews wanted all along. Now they ownthese nations thru their currancy and they are flooding all White nations with darkies to ruin them. Just what Hitler didn't want.

Gem Junior said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gem Junior said...

That is disgusting. Even to see him next to the flag is abnormal and causes a visceral reaction in the gut. I notice that one comment to the original said by one man that he tried to speak out (2007) and was "shouted down". I wonder would he be shouted down now in 2012? Not so sure he would be.

kulak said...


I broke one minute on the back bridge(left pic) today. Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

3 unemployed, the other three ( I'd bet my last penny) claiming every benefit under the sun.
I'm actually paying for these filthy predators to live in my country. Nationalists/patriots must unite under one banner, or face extintion.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I too wondered why the character Morgan Freeman will play from ... was used rather than some native Irish individual. I can only think that Morgan Freeman is so good he can play two white scientists at the one time!
Isn't that great productivity?

eh said...

It's about the same everywhere.

When diversity first shows up, the diversifyers are profiled and reported on by the media. Always favorably of course. It doesn't take long before the media crosses over the line of reporting and writing profiles into outright advocacy. Soon diversity and multiculturalism are portrayed as absolutely integral to a healthy and prosperous community -- everyone has heard the expression 'diversity is strength'. Of course at the same time anyone who isn't with that program is called a racist, xenophobe, nativist etc etc.

At this point you are well on your way to (what the late Sam Francis called) Anarcho-Tyranny. You saw a good example of the 'tyranny' aspect recently in the UK where that Welsh kid was put in jail for something he tweeted.

So far people submit to all of this. It remains to be seen if that will always be so.

Bill said...

Why is Israel sending these 50,000 Africans back to Africa?

Shouldn't they be sending them to Britain, Ireland, Australia, and other white Western countries?

After all, deliberately swamping white countries with blacks and Asians is Jewish policy dating back to the days of the Frankfurt School.

Perhaps Alan Shatter is already negotiating to take them?

Shaunantijihad said...

' the Kikes in Israel are deporting some 50K Negros back to Africa beginning the end of this month, why can't Ireland do the same.'

The answer as to why Israel deports low IQ Erectii and Caucasia does the opposite is the same - IT IS GOOD FOR ZIONISM.

Read the book I posted above. You won't regret it.

Henry IX said...

kulak - we always knew you'd bend over backwards for us!

Shaunantijihad said...

Hahahahah! They have lost the plot, they really have! Keyboard alert. The usual suspects declare protesters who hold up a sign saying "Peace will dominate the world, not Islam" as - wait for it - "Far Right Extremists".

Other words of not in the article about the terrible sign holders:

- Far right sympathisers
- Right wing protesters (attached to a photo of an obviously Leftish Hippi type)
- They merely "claim" not to be Neo-Nazis (but we're not fooled nudge nudge wink wink)
- German. (This is all in Denmark, btw. Memo to self - always use the word "German" just after "Neo-Nazi" and "Far Right Extremist".)
- The "Far Right" defence leagues are not anti-Semitic or racist (which is beyond even "far, far right" presumably.
- Anders Behring Breivik
- Lunatic
- Photo of Tommy Robinson next to Breivik and the word "German". Check.

And all in a single article with less than 200 words! Talk about economy with the truth. Zion surely has economics down to a fine art!

James Lord said...

Shaun. They really have lost the plot if they said that. G


It means more and more people will start to realise they crap they're being fed.

kulak said...



Just getting in shape for summer in the states.

I love the meme that's catching on here in the wake of the tragic death of NO_LIMIT_NIGGA:

"If Obama had a _______, it/he/she would look like that ______."

kudzo bob said...

kulak - that's right. It's becoming a great laugh getter this neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is making a film about the internet. Apparently Tim Berners-Lee is being played by Morgan Freeman. While studying at one of the higher education establishments in the Projects of L.A. he invented the internet. His intention was to unite all of the intellect from the other local establishments. Many of who were the top advisors to CERN. Others were scientific advisors to the U.S. Government. The educational establishments of the Projects at the time were a hotbed of scientific, philosophical and social thinking. I for one only learn my history from Hollywood films so I'm looking forward to this one! Apparently they have some white English guy whos real name is Tim Berners-Lee to play the cleaner.Some sort of in joke I don't understand.

beppo said...

Anyone like to guesstimate the level of white to non-white population in the US, or indeed Ireland here, at which we can expect the process of Zimbabwefication to gather real momentum?

SAVANT said...

@shaun, I've copied your most recent comment and submitted it to the DM. I added that the contrast between the 'journalism' and what real people were saying in the comments was remarkable. Don't expect that it'll be published though.

Anonymous said...

Beppo-As Ireland becomes more diverse,white flight will speed up.The tax base will collapse.Crime will spiral out of control.Ireland will become like Detoilet.I can already see the decay in parts of my native Dublin.Mad Max beyond the thunder dome!

Corkonian said...

beppo and anon 16.25. Same in Cork. An area in Blackpool (!) is becoming increasingly 'diverse'. That is, whites moving out and blacks moving in. Usual social pathologies following. One bridge over the river is called 'out of Africa'.

eh said...

Speaking of tyranny:

Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws

The government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, texts and website visits of everyone in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Internet firms will be required to give intelligence agency GCHQ access to communications on demand, in real time.

The Home Office says the move is key to tackling crime and terrorism, but civil liberties groups have criticised it.

Since they get very little -- it's feeble, really -- pushback on stuff like this, the powers-that-be are emboldened, and feel virtually no constraints. Or compunction.

I see no end to it.

Shaunantijihad said...

Thanks Savant. I've never had a comment published by the DM, though I enjoy the thought that the Zog slave in charge of "moderating" gets a reality check when I click the send button.

Thanks to His Holiness Morgan Freeman we have the internet to tell us all about all these worthless (but very dangerous) Erectii pieces of shite, who no doubt, all look like Obama's children. Immigrating more of them serves to murder and rape ever more Whites, as this is in the interests of Zion, as part of the Final Solution to the White Race.

F.B.I and U.S. Justice department Black vs White Crime statistics:

John Wayne said...

The British government is bringing in laws to enable them to snoop on their citizens internet activity. The sort of law that is operating in China and is deemed oppressive by civil liberties campaigners in the West.

What's the betting that the main targets will be, not muslims, but white people who refuse to accept the Cultural Marxist hegemony.

The Telegraph: Internet activity to be monitored

How long before Shatter brings in something similiar in Ireland?

Occidental said...

John Wayne (good to hear from you) they have brought in a similar law in the US of A. Agreed, the main focus will be on the WN enemy.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is getting ready for the NATO summit in May,thank God i rtd 11 years ago,the newsies have all the lefties on tv complaining about their right to march and protest, aka cluster fuck, and claim they will lay waste to all and sundry who oppose them,looked at the usual protesters, jew boys, silk stocking libs,niggers and various white female nigger fuckers,also elderly mostly irish american bomb thrower wantabes,glad im gone,

Anonymous said...

British Resistance on the new Big Brother laws coming soon to Britain...

Artur said...

Repeat the "One Banana" mantra !

Confused about the Trayvon Martin case?


"One Banana" !

Here's how it works: the One Banana Mantra explains all racial disparities in outcomes, from crime to test scores to TNB across the board, world-wide.

You see, your average banana weighs 120 grams on average, which is how much less the average negro brain weighs compared to the average white brain.

These anthropological hate facts used to be common knowledge in the mid to late 19th century, the heyday of so-called scientific racism. (Don't believe me? See the 1910 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica's entry for "negro").

One Banana explains it all !!


- Arturo

nemesis said...

These Big Brother laws are aimed at one thing. The Internet. As the MSM lie-machine rapidly declines the Internet is used by more and more thinking people for their information. Up to now it's only been partially controllable (Joogle, JooTube, Wikipedia) but now they want to close off all contrary opinion. We have some fight on our hands.

Anonymous said...!.....Brought this one over from INCOG, he said to spread far and wide, top new vid from Anthony Lawson. Got to INCOGMAN from John Friend blogg spot [deffinately not a lefty site] which in turn was linked from David Icke , which surprised me a bit,its really linking up a lot faster than just a few months ago, maybe thats why TPTB are getting in a flap... dave in ozz

Shaunantijihad said...

Of course it won't be used against Muslims! They want Muslims to grow in numbers that will eventually annihilate Whites - it is what Zionists want. They are simply managing the less prudent Muslims to keep Whites quiet whilst they help them build up their numbers as well as Negroes, who are fantastic destroyers of White civilisation a la Hispaniola, Rhodesia, S Africa etc

No, the spyware is against anyone opposing Zionist goals, "racists" and other TruthCriminals.

So here'e my TruthCrime of the day. It's a hotspot shield, though the free version has annoying ads:

Henry IX said...

dave in oz.........interesting clip. I agree the focus on 'hate law'. These are the most powerful and insidious weapons our enemies have. Think about it. Anything can be classed as 'hate'. Look at that tweeter from Swansea.

Iron Felix said...

Iron Felix said; Ah now, Savant, please; I think you may have missed the point a little here. Merely detesting the Angelus is no refutation. (Are there not people who loathe the music of Beethoven; is Beethovens work to be devalued thereby? Hardly). It takes one minute, affording sixty seconds worth of quietude and reflection, at a nodal point in the day, and I am not sure that such is a bad thing, slice it how you will.
Now my global readership are aware of one of my axioms (I have a few; here's one, gratis, to be going along with--"No Englishman is in any way capable of coping with the existence of a gifted German")which is that "anything of the slightest worth or merit which is allowed to gravitate into the hands of the Irish will certainly be dirtied, perverted, deranged beyond all hope of repair, and this sooner rather than later" (there are few more revolting sights than a smirking Gay Byrne sporting a poppy, now are there) and of course this brings Savants view of the Angelus into happy alignment with my own. When the MSM was waging its war against the church for the hearts and minds of the Irish people (sic)here were relentless waves of agitation to have the Angelus dropped. That battle is over--the MSM IS now the church; see the happy zest with which they lay about them with a stolen crozier--and suddenly the Angelus has become a useful political football in promoting our wonderful multicult society. The next sea change will, of course, occur when a bunch of turbanned Koran spouting towrags breeze into RTE to drop the word that, should the Angelus be broadcast tonight Montrose will be a smoke blackened, cratered ruin by dawn tomorrow. It's just a matter of time, watch this space.
And, Savant, you mention the dreadful bonging; you are right of course. I suggest, howsoever that a a very great deal may be inferred as regards the science and art of foundry work,as it obtains here in Ireland, and in particular the craft of metallurgy, and most especially the esoteric and eldritch area of bell casting, by pondering a very simple thing. The Italian word for a bell is campanella.Dwell upon it, sing it out to catch the sweetly beautiful sound of it. The Irish word for a bell is "klugg".What else can I say, can anyone say?

occasional said...

Shaun. I don't believe they want the Moslems and blacks to wipe us out as such. That's pretty much impossible anyway. What they want is for our countries to be flooded, for our women to interbreed with them, at which poinbt they have a Lebanon-style situation with everyone at everyone else's throat. Simple for them to 'do their business' quietly at that point.

Shaunantijihad said...


These are important memes that need exposure. The "one banana" may be funny but does convey important information to the less informed.

As do phrases like "Hate Fact". "TruthCrime" and so on. We should use them liberally, if the word "liberal" has not yet been fully liberated from it's original meaning. (Churchill, that paragon of Caucasian racial reality, was a Liberal party member.)

Speaking of being one banana short of the bunch, we ourselves are a couple or three bananas short of the ancient, elongated skulls of Paracas. Deformity, head-boarding, or genetically superior humans? I don't know, but what is most strange is that it has not been studied for 80 years? Odd that, considering all the money thrown at trying to mate Caucasian with Erectus. (OUR dysgenics - an aim of Zion again.) The last "Paracas" died out about 2,000 years ago in Peru.

It's pretty interesting, and I do wonder why it get's so little publicity:

eh said...


Regarding sending that kid to jail for his bad, bad 'tweet':

Serial paedos let off with soft sentences, reveals Tory MP

Other figures show how even perverts convicted time and again of taking and publishing indecent photos of children are dodging prison.

Maybe if they 'tweeted' a foto they'd be sent up.

There must be an organized project to find out how much bullshit the English will tolerate. If so they have apparently not found the limit yet.

exiled Paddy said...

How long before this Stasi policy in Britain comes to Ireland, courtesy of Shatter:

From the hundreds of comments it seems that the Brits don't like it.

Corkonian said...

Shaun.... 'our dysgenics. Exactly! That's the whole idea rather than our 'destruction' as such. That surely is the plan.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest a new crime which we should all get behind the exposure of


For example Trayvon Martin was a superathlete and phsically superior to 250lb 5 9 white guy. If Zimmerman had been chasing him there is no way he would have caught him so therefore the guy without without the skittles was doing the casing (h left out for a reason) Zimmerman reacted as neighborhood watch captains do and Martin did not like his potential crime spree being cancelled so took it out on "de man" as blacks do all the time.

Twana Brawley was (is?) a lying POS however liberalintolerance will not let this be seen.

pino said...

To this day there are people who claim Twama Brawley is telling the truth!!!

And Revern' Al got someone else to pay the libel money he owed.

Anonymous said...

While we are (sort of) on the subject of Christianity, you may find this interesting. Some, will most definitely find it infuriating.

I like to keep an open mind.

The Jew-god worshippers: responsible for the Fall of the West

“In discussing Barbarism and Christianity I have actually been discussing the Fall of Rome.”

—Edward Gibbon

Further to my previous post, “The god of the Jews” and the previous ones on Emperor Julian.

All Roman emperors after Julian would be Christians. Theodosius “the Great” and the subsequent emperors only completed the destruction of the Greco-Roman spirit that had started with Constantine and his sons. Not only the magnificent temples of worship of antiquity were destroyed almost everywhere, irreplaceable buildings of artistic value that transmitted like nothing else the soul of Hellenic culture, but even until the tenth century the fanatical worshipers of the god of the Jews continued smashing the statues that depicted the divinity of Man like no other art before.

But the most tremendous destruction occurred in the field of education. From the time of St. Paul at Ephesus, church censorship was devoted to the burning of books. After Julian the flourishing book trade disappeared in antiquity, whilst the activity of the monasteries was purely receptive. In the universities the hypertrophy of Aristotelianism aborted any possibility of independent research. In the Middle Ages what I call “real history” was completely unknown, and the sciences were drowned. (Source: Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums, Vol. I by Karlheinz Deschner.)

With this knowledge I venture to answer a question that has perplexed historians since the Enlightenment: What caused the fall of Rome?

German professor Alexander Demandt published a collection of two hundred theories on why Rome fell. Everything has been postulated—from lead poisoning and environmental degradation to Toynbee and many others’ diverse economic explanations—except the most obvious explanation. The simple truth is that the spirit of an alien, Semitic god undermined the soul of Classical Antiquity. After all, Gibbon himself assigned a major portion of the responsibility for the loss of civic virtue in Rome, and the ensuing decay of the Roman Empire, to the influence of Christianity. I would go further and claim that those unfamiliar with this work, which remains a literary landmark, lack the framework to understand why the Jew-god worshipers and their secular offspring are responsible for the ongoing Fall of the West. (Yes: I am blaming the Christians and the secular Christians who tolerate the Jews far more than I blame the Jews themselves.)

It is true that Rome’s eastern half survived almost a thousand years, until the Muslim conquests. But it was already a thoroughly petrogenic culture under the Medusan spell of Christian dogma. In fact, the petrified Byzantium looked very different from classical Rome.

Could it be that the jews are actively destroying their own creation?

Quite possible, I feel. They are not that smart. Covington has quite a few interesting observations of Christianity.

Read the books.


Heraclitus said...

UN. That last comments is absolutely fascinating. I intend to research the subject a lot more.

Iron Felix said...

Iron Felix said; what a piece on the Fall of Rome, eh? And consider too that wonderful man Nietzsche in his scorching summation of the same thing "----it was not any barbarian invasion that undid the Imperium; it was Primitive Christianity, Judaism of the freer confession if you like, which so weakened and undermined the Empire that eventually even oafish Germans could trample over it. This Primitive Christianity was the Vampire of the Imperium!", which sort of puts it up to us. Now, would you like to see "primitive christianity" in this sense, this same vampirism, at work today? Well then, read up on what is called the Frankfurt School, and the values emanating from it, firstly; then look at the wholesale decline of our western civilisation, and see if you can spot a connection. Now; do you seriously suppose that even a billion jigaboos would stand a snowballs chance in hell with us if we were in the full of our health? Our ancestors were blessed in that their oafish Germans were just that, Germans, who in their untutored way would eventually salvage something from the shambles, however little, but dear god, what can we expect of a billion Congolese?

Anonymous said...

The Slog has an interesting comment or two to make:-

Comment A.

Greece has no money to pay international law creditors, and the Bundesbank is owed 550 billion euros by debtor banks

From Germany’s Deutsche Mittelstands Nachrichten this morning came the news that investors with Greek government bonds issued under international law continue their refusal to take a cut in debt.

The Slog has already posted about the Venizelos Mob raiding University and Hospital bank accounts to pay off the English Law creditors with contracts that were watertight on the ‘money now please’ thing. Generalised international law is different, but only slightly so: Greece wants them to sacrifice most of their demands, but the remaining investors are rejecting any form debt restructuring.

This impasse was announced by the Greek debt agency yesterday (a Sunday – fancy that) and it seems the amount at stake totals three billion euros. In the past week, the Greek government has tried to agree a rescheduling of the first 539mn euros, but the negotiations failed, following which Athens made it clear that it had no further funds available with which to repay the debt.

This isn’t default, it’s insolvency. In the commercial sphere, Greece would now be subject to a simple winding up order and refused the right to trade further. But even in the rarified alternative universe of sovereign debt, payment default on the bonds under international law will trigger the usual massively leveraged obligations and derivatives.(Needless to say, it’s the Hedgies that are remaining immovable – as I predicted some weeks ago).

Comment B.

But Germany itself is also in a difficult place on the banking front. I’ve post extensively (and intensively) on the subject of Target 2 at the ECB being used to dump debt onto creditor banks, and the Central Bank, in the eurozone. Now we have some clear accountancy via a website of which I’ve been hitherto unaware, but to which I shall be returning – called Sober Look. Apt name to have in the current climate.

Sober Look confirms that the German Bundesbank is replete with unwanted assets – bank accounting being such as to pretend that radioactive isotopes are things that your kids could happily play with. As a result of Draghi’s LTRO scam, the junk resting within the remit of Jens Weidmann was a cool 50 billion euros higher in February 2012 versus January. At the start of 2009, 50 billion euros was the total owed to the Bundesbank by other eurobanks.

Rumours abound that Greece will default (literally declare bankruptcy) over the Easter Weekend ... probably via a very long-distance phone call.

Can Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland be far behind?

End Game? Maybe.


Heraclitus said...

Iron Felix. Seems bizarre to link the Frankfurt School and Christianity, given that the former was devoted largely to eliminating the latter.

Croesus said...

Don't follow that bit about Greece going down over the weekend. In effect the country has already defaulted, given the haircut bond holders have already taken. Can it get worse?

euroserf said...

UN. There's always a way out, albeit with awful consequences for the most responsible citizens. Monetise, i.e. inflate away the debt. As far as I can see this is happening already. The Euro money supply has grown massively over the last year or two. Inevitable that this will start showing up in the inflation figures.

Iron Felix said...

Iron Felix said, Heraclitus on the face of it yes, though do recall that I said Primitive Christianity; perhaps the sense might be caught another way. You would agree that Communism would aim, among other things, at the elimination of Christianity, yes? Yet Communism is no more or less than the secularised bastard offspring of Christianity, just as in turn Christianity, the sworn enemy of Judaism, is itself Judaism "for the gentiles", Judaism of the "freer confession" if you will. We often suppose that simply by naming something we have therefore described it, yet the values and drives we think we are speaking of may well reside elsewhere. What I and the parsons son from Rocken are saying is that the same incendiary values and drives which made Palestine such a pain in the arse for the ancient world are the same as those which vampirised Rome half a millenium later, are the same as those which drove a certain rabid anti-semite into launching a serf-insurrection and civil war within the Church itself, the echoes of which still resonate in places like NORNARN; they are the same values as are subsumed under the shorthand term "Frankfurt School", the same as those that drove the Jewish-Bolshevik destruction of Russia, the same values that trace right back through ancient Judaism even before it first walked out of its Indian homeland and set about rewriting the entire history of the ancient world as though it were the narrative of a single nomadic extended family ("House of Abraham" dontcha know...). I dunno, maybe all this is a bit eldritch, and I am likely pushing the whole matter further into obscurity here instead of making things clear. But, see what you make of it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Croesus said...

Don't follow that bit about Greece going down over the weekend. In effect the country has already defaulted, given the haircut bond holders have already taken. Can it get worse?

I do feel it can. Default in everything but word is bad, but stated default ... where the actual "D" word is used will be catastrophic.

The only things propping up the creaking edifice are so-called confidence and wishful thinking on the behalf of the pols ... and wilful averting of eyes of the populace.

When those props are knocked out, the only path is the other "D" word.


You would be astounded how many people I approach here, asking "What do you think will happen when (not if) Greece collapses?"

No one, and I mean NO ONE sees a knock-on effect down here (NZ) or anywhere, really ... it's always "Oh, yes they've got problems" or even worse: "Greece? great place ... was there a few years ago." or dumb ... "We're too far away, Mate."

No one knows and fewer care.


Anonymous said...

This Travon Martin thing in Florida is a perfect example. There is absolutely nothing 'racist' about it based on the information that has been released. The media TRIED to make it a racist "crime" by jumping on the "White guy shoots unarmed black boy" thing immediately. When it was found out that Zimmerman isn't white, but actually a biracial who looks hispanic, rather than appologize for the clear race baiting, they simply rephrased it "Zimmerman is a white hispanic"...what the hell is that? Is Obama now a "white African American"? Even worse, he's not a "white hispanic". His father is Jewish, his mother is hispanic...but now he's somehow 'white', why? Because the story doesn't work as a 'hate crime' otherwise.

Then it got even better...NBC purposely edited a video to make it apppear Zimmerman was using language that could be deemed racist when in full context he absolutely said nothing remotely racist but rather used a race identifier WHEN ASKED ABOUT IT. The idiot in chief gets on tv and says we all "need to search our hearts" in terms of race relations as a result of this tragedy. Why? There is no evidence of racial motivation at all, and what the hell does it have to do with me, anyhow? Obama even went so far as to say "if I had a son, he'd look just like Travon". Huh? Is the President confused on how DNA works, or does he just think all black people look alike (because he is racist?)? It was the most disingenuous bunch of nonsense I've seen in a while. And every last bit of it intended as race baiting for political gain.

They have downplayed (and even tried to cover up) the injuries that are consistent with Zimmermans story of self defense. They demand "justice" while what they are actually seeking is politically motivated retribution without any concern for due process. And we have democratic leadership, all the way up to the POTUS, supporting it. It's a sickening and tired tactic.

Read more:

That is where this was detroitdiscounted from.

Ana Kasparian has a nice arse

All the attributtes that you need to be a reporter?

Are you following him?
We don't need you to do that.

See he had stopped following him despite what the media says.

I wonder why The Young Turks never picked up on that?

Anonymous said...

Tyler Perry po po racially profiled me!

Once it was turning left out of a right turn only lane now he says big bad po po stopped him for running a stoo sign.

Do you hear Amanda Bynes whining because she swiped a police car while overtaking it and picking up a DUI?

No you do not because Amanda Bynes is more mature. And appeared in television productions which caused people to laugh which you have never done. Except for the Funnybot 400 South Park episode.

But then Natalie Portman was good in that episode that was based on Thor whereas in real life that filmed sucked so bad.

Anonymous said...

It has been brought to the attention of people elsewhere that the reason Tyler Perry kicked off on the hissy fit was that after been pulled over by cops for turning left from a right turn only lane the cops did not immediately fall to their knees and start "axing" this great movie actor for his autograph and send him away ticketless basking in the glory of meeting the greatest comedic actor the world has ever known.

In fact they did not know who he was!

Anonymous said...

#1. The Population of Minorities Hasn't Changed Since the '50s

As Seen In: Pretty much anything, especially if it's set in Southern California.

What Movies and TV Say:

Apparently, America is a diverse paradise of attractive white people, some attractive black people and a vague smattering of others, if you look really closely at the screen and never blink. Here are the lineups for some of today's most popular comedies:

How I Met Your Mother / Fox
White People Who Will Never Resolve the Plot

Big Bang Theory / Warner Brothers
Mostly White Nerds Horribly Compounding Stereotypes

White People Wearing White on White oh God So Much White

OK, so there are fewer minorities on TV than Caucasians. "But that's why they're called minorities," you might say. And every show has a token minority character or two. So overall, the percentage of Asians, Latinos and Miscellaneous in these shows is probably proportional to the amount of real people of these ethnic backgrounds living in the country, right? Or, like, at least somewhere in the same vicinity?

The Reality Today:

Not even close.

Minorities are actually represented on TV in proportion to the real America -- that is, the real America of about 50 years ago. For example, Latinos, whose population in the U.S. has more than doubled since 1980 and who now include almost one in six Americans, get a whopping 3 percent of TV representation -- the same level as it was back in the 1950s (and by some accounts it's even lower). It's like as soon as Desi Arnaz showed up, TV executives said "Yeah, OK, that's enough."

"And make sure he speaks a lot of Mexican. Americans think it's hilarious."

Asian-Americans have it slightly better, with 3 percent representation in TVland compared to 4 percent in the actual country, but most of those characters are one-off minor roles (where most of the dialogue is "Here are your chopsticks"). Native Americans, according to a 2002 study, go from around 1 percent in real life to ... "already extinct," apparently.

The Lone Ranger / Disney
Naw, there's probably at least 1 percent Native American blood here.

Even prime time shows set in Los Angeles County, which is 45 percent Latino, feature only 14 percent Latino characters, and shows set in New York (27 percent Latino, 10 percent Asian) managed a combined Asian/Latino character rate of 9 percent. It's practically a different city.

African-Americans are the only exception to this trend -- apparently, TV execs figure that as long as they throw a black guy in there, that whole diversity issue is taken care of. Maybe everybody else just needs another 50 years or so to catch up.

Read more: 7 Ridiculously Outdated Assumptions Every Movie Makes |

Anonymous said...


04/18/12 05:11 PM


If you turn on BET or any of the Latino-geared television channels, you pretty much never see anyone of any other race on those channels ... it seems hypocritical to act like it's exclusively "white-people" behavior. I've noticed that a lot of times, people intentionally segregate themselves.



04/17/12 10:04 AM


Also Re #1: I used to live in Cardiff, and one time they did some filming for Dr Who on my street (that was pretty awesome). The scene involved people running out of all the houses, so everyone's doorways were clogged up with extras pretending they lived there. The difference between the racial profile of the street in telly land (basically all white) and reality (mostly asian, a couple of us whiteys) was quite amusing.


04/17/12 10:04 AM


Also Re #1: I used to live in Cardiff, and one time they did some filming for Dr Who on my street (that was pretty awesome). The scene involved people running out of all the houses, so everyone's doorways were clogged up with extras pretending they lived there. The difference between the racial profile of the street in telly land (basically all white) and reality (mostly asian, a couple of us whiteys) was quite amusing.

For shame!

To those siclos at the BBC.

SAVANT said...

Kris - did you see 'How God Created the English'?

BBC brainwashing at its most flagrant.

I'll do a post about it shortly.

SAVANT said...

@anon 17.06. Are you sure these figures are accurate and not just another piece of brainwashing? It certainly seems totally out of line to me. Even if we accept the figures we see that the blacks are always the cool heroes, doctors, scientists etc. while the white are nerdy failures.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments on the cracked article say that they are liberal with their BS.

Modern Family has a spanish trophy wife and "adopted" vietnamese children.

I think they must have spent too much time waatching the virually alll-white NCIS.