Friday, 20 January 2012

Gleanings (3)


Anonymous said...

Damn you, Savant.

I went to the site detailing the nog found with a pistol up his obviously capacious butt.

Expecting to find, at worst, a small derringer or even a .25 calibre pocket automatic at a stretch (sorry) ... the last thing I expected was a full sized Smith and Wesson Military and Police service revolver.

This is either an elaborate hoax, or that boy was born in the slammer and cruelly used since the age of three, by everyone ... including Barney Frank visiting his aged mom.

The comments, by the way are a scream.

My landlady's granddaughter came in to see why I was having hysterics and nearly dropped her own infant, right there. (she's expecting in February).

Ooooh, babies. I needed a laugh, and you gave me one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Uncle Nasty

SAVANT said...

UN - in the laughts department you owe me nothing!

I bet Barney Frank could fit a howitzer up his by this stage.

Anonymous said...

I know you could never guessed it, but...

"Meanwhile down the road in Portland"

Bemused stare said...

Anonymous said...

I know you could never guessed it, but...

Wow, and there's me thinking it was a pair of girl scouts from Norway that did it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well this site has an Uncle Nasty, so maybe the "German" woman can be Antie Nice, and bring balance to the hate.
She is doing her best to help Europe understand how to make it a better place.
Perhaps she could be european president oneday, and Pat Condell can be the Minister of Truth.

Franz said...

Added info about that lovely lady Anetta Kahane: Born in Eastern Germany, she spent her youth shopping dissenters to the Stasi.

Not losing a beat once the wall came down, she secured herself a place at the new and improved public trough after 1990 and has lived VERY comfortable ever since.

That is precisely the trouble with peaceful revolutions: Even the worst you-know-who don't get to dangle from the you-know-what.

Manc1 said...

Ireland's future:

Read the comments!

Anonymous said...


What?WHAT? In the butt?

Robert the Biker said...

Good for Bibi, at last a politician who recognises the true nature of the beast.

As regards the gun up the wazoo. isn't it a pity it didn't go off a few times

Bemused stare said...

Expecting to find, at worst, a small derringer or even a .25 calibre pocket automatic at a stretch (sorry) ... the last thing I expected was a full sized Smith and Wesson Military and Police service revolver.

UN, haven't you wondered about why they have such a fixation about ass? There's mammy's in Soweto that store vehicles for car theft rings I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

A mother has been charged with child cruelty after she took her ten-year-old son get a tattoo in memory of his dead brother.

Chuntera Napier said her son, Gaquan Napier, wanted to honour his older brother who died after being hit by a car two years ago.

She claims she did not know it was illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to have a tattoo.

Read more: Ten year old gets tatoo

Laws b raycis'.

Anonymous said...


Da bro wuz not tr'in ta smuggle dat heater, it waz just dat da gerbil he waz play'in wit got lost and waz chwin da hell out of da bro's hemaroidz.

He was trin to line up da sitz ta kill da little furry rodant dat waz chwin up hiz insidz wen da popo coms alongz and 'rests him.


Jigaboo Jonz ,hafs bro ubz da perp.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone from Ireland will attend this

Anonymous said...

More from USATODAY

Oddsmakers still think Packers will beat Pats in Super Bowl

Seeing as the Pack were defeated last Sunday ... I for one welcome our well informed liberal media overlords!

Occidental said...

When I listen to the likes of that 'German' woman I get a deep, deep sense of rage and resentment. Destroying us before our very eyes.

TBone said...

Franz, so this bitvh was a Stasi informer? How come she's allowed to make that dramatic transformation? Has she been called out on it publicly?

She has some freakin's nerve.

Franz said...

@ TBone

Sorry to say, but most of the communist scum made the transition to capitalism rather well.

Once they found out that their schemes were much easier to implement with the help of leverage and the printing press, they have become the valedictorians of the post-democratic age.

Allegedly even our valiant chancelor Merkel has been active for the Stasi under the alias of "IM Erika".

If somebody asked me: "Who won the cold war?", my answer would no longer be: "Us" or "Too early to tell."

Without a moment's hesitation, I would reply: "Them."

Heraclitus said...

And Franz, when you consider the ongoing triemphal march of Cultural Marxism it's not just a defeat for 'Us', it's a route.

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

@ TBone

Sorry to say, but most of the communist scum made the transition to capitalism rather well.

Franz, you have just clarified in one sentence what has been rattling around in my head for quite a while.

The greatest flaw in the human race is the creation of the petty bureaucrat. The white coated, rat-faced, pinch-mouthed little asshole whose greatest ambition is to carry a clipboard and strut around -- with the weight of the law behind him (and her)-- telling the rest of the world:- "You can't do that. It's not allowed."

These gerbil-souled creatures are the main weapon in the arsenal of demagogues and tyrants eveywhere.

Think TSA, the British thought police, parking wardens, equality commissions, the types who fine pensioners for cigarette ash, building permission inspectors, rubbish bin inpectors ...

These creatures (obviously bullied at school and prepared to carry a lifelong grudge because of it) are the enablers of tyranny ... all for a paycheck.

... and they never, never change their spots. I think we should start with them.

You'll never get caught. Imagine the list of suspects.


Franz said...

@ Heraclitus

It's only a rout when they succeed in fully implementing their "brave new 1984" designs.

I am optimistic however. Behold this article in the Telegraph and the public's outsized reation to it:

As long as they supplied us with the opiate of end- and mindless consumerism, people were happy to cease and desist all independent thought.

Now however, our overlords are trying the impossible: Turning off the consumerism-spigot while concurrently demanding unthinking allegiance to a cultural, racial and economic suicide pact.

Will it work?

The stick without the carrot?

Remember Yugoslavia: Everything was harmony as long as Tito got sufficient IMF funds to take this formerly piss-poor region on a relative consumption binge.

When the money ran out, the bankers demanded their pound of flesh and austerity loomed, people remembered who they were: Croats, Slovenes, Serbs, Muslim-Bosnians and so forth.

Next thing you know, they let slip the you-know-who.

SAVANT said...

Franz, re your last comment, remember my mantra: worse is better.

brian boru said...

tbone, the kikes call it chutzpah, meaning outrageous, brazen neck in yiddish, and it's a quality that they greatly admire. Of course this hebe filth knows that she has nothing to worry about. They have been slaughtering us and destroying everything we value for decades without suffering any consequences. She could come right out and say openly that her tribe are doing everything in their power to exterminate our race and still nothing would happen to her or her fellow vampires.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, at least the US defense contractors -- Eisenhower's worrisome "Military-Industrial Complex" -- can sleep easy, knowing that all those hyperinflated defense dollars are coming their way -- for the next decade or so.

Oh. Wait.

Brazilian Company Gets Air Force Contract

You would think that at least aircraft for the US Air Force could still be manufactured by American companies. But not with the first Post-American President at the helm:

Brazil’s Embraer won a contract to build counterinsurgency aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. Beating out U.S.-based Hawker Beechcraft, Embraer will provide America with 20 A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft, as well as support services for missions, as part of the $355 million deal. …

Hawker Beechcraft, partially owned by Goldman Sachs, filed suit with the Court of Federal Claims, saying that it had been excluded from the bidding for the contract.

Haven’t they heard? Goldman Sachs is on the outs, despite the revolving door between it and the White House. With an election coming up, Comrade Obama has to distance himself from greedy capitalists.

On a tip from TaterSalad.

Broken record time. Covington, in several of his novels hints at US forces failing in their efforts to subdue the rebels because of substandard equipment -- sub-contracted to low income countries to conserve costs ... and increase profits.

The military mind is a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

Keeping it alive.

Fast And Furious, for those who may have forgotten, gets interesting:-

Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on 'furious'

December 8, 2011: Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) asks a question to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington.

The chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona is refusing to testify before Congress regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the federal gun-running scandal that sent U.S. weapons to Mexico.

Patrick J. Cunningham informed the House Oversight Committee late Thursday through his attorney that he will use the Fifth Amendment protection.

Cunningham was ordered Wednesday to appear before Chairman Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee regarding his role in the operation that sent more than 2,000 guns to the Sinaloa Cartel. Guns from the failed operation were found at the murder scene of Border Agent Brian Terry.

January 25, 2011: A cache of seized weapons used in the ATF gun-running operation 'Fast and Furious' is displayed at a news conference in Phoenix.

The letter from Cunningham’s Washington DC attorney stunned congressional staff. Last week, Cunningham, the second highest ranking U.S. Attorney in Arizona, was scheduled to appear before Issa‘s committee voluntarily. Then, he declined and Issa issued a subpoena.

Cunningham is represented by Tobin Romero of Williams and Connolly who is a specialist in white collar crime. In the letter, he suggests witnesses from the Department of Justice in Washington, who have spoken in support of Attorney General Eric Holder, are wrong or lying.

“Department of Justice officials have reported to the Committee that my client relayed inaccurate information to the Department upon which it relied in preparing its initial response to Congress. If, as you claim, Department officials have blamed my client, they have blamed him unfairly,” the letter to Issa says.

Romero claims Cunningham did nothing wrong and acted in good faith, but the Department of Justice in Washington is making him the fall guy, claiming he failed to accurately provide the Oversight Committee with information on the execution of Fast and Furious.

"To avoid needless preparation by the Committee and its staff for a deposition next week, I am writing to advise you that my client is going to assert his constitutional privilege not to be compelled to be a witness against himself." Romero told Issa.

This schism is the first big break in what has been a unified front in the government’s defense of itself in the gun-running scandal. Cunningham claims he is a victim of a conflict between two branches of government and will not be compelled to be a witnesses against himself, and make a statement that could be later used by a grand jury or special prosecutor to indict him on criminal charges.

The really neat thing about bureaucrats, is that they do not have a ball between them. Put a bit of pressure on, maintain it for a week or two, and one of them will crack.

That is what happens in an environment where loyalty -- up or down the chain -- is an alien concept.

Uncle Nasty

Bemused stare said...

The military mind is a wonderful thing.


A qoute or two come to mind.

"remember, the rifle you have been issued with, was made by the guy who came in with the lowest bid."

"the Winchester won the west, the M16 lost Vietnam."

You have to wonder at the IQ of people at the pentagon when they will buy a story that a rifle never needs to be cleaned. I think the lowliest troep in our modest little army was aware of the differences inherent between an assault rifle and a fucking self cleaning oven.

rambaloosa said...

But fast & furious seems to be going nowhere. DoJ is just stonewalling and it seems to be working.

waterboy said...

The really neat thing about bureaucrats, is that they do not have a ball between them. Put a bit of pressure on, maintain it for a week or two, and one of them will crack.

Hope your right her UN. They've held out so far.

Anonymous said...

Waterboy, the structure holds up well, because it's huge and squishy.

The individual slugs within, however ...

They bleed.


AnalogMan said...

Bemused Stare:

Re: Rifles and self-cleaning ovens -

Back in the day when I was the lowliest troep in our modest little army, convential wisdom was that the AK47 was the only kaffir-proof rifle. Never handled one myself, but you have to marvel at a weapon that even our brave freedom fighters couldn't break.

Here's an amusing debate on the relative merits of AR vs AK (Dr Seuss style). Sample:

I would not use it as a bat
I would not use it to shoot rats
I do not like your M16
That will not shoot if not kept clean
Plastic and alloy's not as good
As rifle made of steel and wood.

Anonymous said...

'What's the difference between boys and girls? That's silly!' 'Gender neutral' child's reaction to mother's questions on sex

Read more: Girls are ickey and have cooties

His mother,46, continues her questions and says: ‘What do people sometimes say to you about colours?'

‘Pink and yellow are girls’ colours and blue and green are boys’ colours. I think that is really silly!’ Sasha replies.

Many other children think the same thing but they do not have their mother dressing them as a fairy nor videod next to Barbies complaining about pink being on boxes aimed for girls.

Another story today has 6 children being drugged to prevent puberty.

Six children in Britain will be given jabs to delay the puberty on the NHS because they are convinced they were born the wrong sex.

The injections - to be administered monthly - will postpone the physical changes of adolescence giving them more time to make decisions about their identity.

It will also make any sex-change operation far easier should they decide to permanently swap gender.

Read more: 6 children on anti-puberty drugs

Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike and former bot wants to win Miss England.

Do you see that happeneing? Neigh!

Henry IX said...

"Do you see that happeneing? Neigh! "


Anonymous said...

To AnalogMan and Bemused Stare:

A bit of AK trivia from the golden days ...

Saw a Rhodesian documentary on the bush war back in the 70's where a Rhodesian armourer, holding an AK rambled on about how reliable, how strong, how forgiving these rifles were ... until they saw service in Africa.

The camera pulled back to reveal literally scores of them on the concrete floor, while the armourer droned on laconically that these were all unserviceable (in non-military speak ... broken) when captured and too far gone to be repaired.

A friend of mine who ran a motorcycle shop in Johannesburg, was fond of saying that they could break a cast-iron ball in a sand pit.

Second bit of AK trivia. The old ones have the old fashioned ladder-type rear sights which are sometimes marked to a very optimistic 1000 metres.

You want to shoot further, you raise the rear sight ... the front of the gun tilts up -- simple.

Well, not so simple. None of the Cuban or east German instructors ever thought to tell the Rhodesian terrorists just why this was so.

The jigs thought that these funny little things magically made the guns shoot harder ... therefore further, with the result that often, when ambushed, Rhodesian security forces found the leaves being clipped overhead.
The zots had elevated their sights to the extreme ... so those that actually used the sights (not many) were shooting way too high.

The Rhodesians saw no profit in educating them otherwise.


Piet said...

The nogs made great enemies.

eh said...

As a follow-up to the Portland story:

Further commenting on this page has been disabled by the blog admin.

AnalogMan said...

UN - thanks for setting me straight on that kaffir-proof rifle story. It's nice to know that the universe is still consistent. There's nothing they won't break.

I think I mentioned before the Pelindaba method for splitting the atom - give it to a kaffir and tell him not to break it.

brian boru said...

I remember being told a story when I lived in Rhodesia by a white who had previously lived in Zambia. He said that there was a statue in Lusaka which showed a couple of munts raising their arms with broken chains on them, ie they had broken free from the white man's slavery. Some white wit wrote on the plinth, 'kaffir can break anything', and the locals went berserk, attacking any whites they could get their paws on. All over Africa if something breaks down, whether a tractor or a telephone switching system, it remains broken unless a white man or asian fixes it. Civilisation is an illusion in a nigger run country despite the presence of skyscrapers, trains, aircraft, computers and apes with mobile phones stuck to their heads. A race that has an average IQ of about 70 cannot even maintain a basic civilisation and will invariably destroy one if it is handed to them. Bringing these sub-humans, and that is what they are, into a white society has only negative consequences, no advantages whatsoever, and in time will lead to the destruction of that society. Which is why the jew pushes mass immigration of apes into white countries. It's a surefire way to destroy the hated white race.

Heraclitus said...

"Bringing these sub-humans, and that is what they are, into a white society has only negative consequences, no advantages whatsoever, and in time will lead to the destruction of that society. Which is why the jew pushes mass immigration of apes into white countries. It's a surefire way to destroy the hated white race."

Brian boru - exactly. You've captured the essence in a most succinct form. This what it's all about. That much has become very clear to me over recent years, and I am indebted to Mr. Savant's blog for this illumination.