Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Petition to free Emma West

Go here please. You can maintain anonymity ifyou wish.


Britain First is calling for another show of support for the wrongfully imprisoned Tram Lady, Emma West, on Saturday the 17th of December outside HMP Bronzefield at 1300 hours.http://thebritishresistance.co.uk/the-editor/1468-emma-west-show-of-support-saturday-17th-of-december


kulak said...

Well I signed.

(But I did omit the title "Dr." from "Dr. Kulak". Lots of Kulaks around, not so many Dr. Kulaks.)

Anglo-Celt said...

Britain First is calling for another show of support for the wrongfully imprisoned Tram Lady, Emma West, on Saturday the 17th of December outside HMP Bronzefield at 1300 hours.


Anonymous said...

A teenager who was part of a gang that attacked a pensioner with a concrete slab walked free from court - then used Facebook to laugh about avoiding jail.

Ryan Girdlestone was electronically tagged and escaped with a curfew after his lawyer said he was full of remorse for the incident which left Bernard O'Donnell, 79, with a suspected broken leg.

But minutes later, Girdlestone, 18, updated his Facebook status with the message: 'Jus got out off court wiv a 4 mouths [sic] tag hahahha d**ks!!!.'

Read more: Thug spared prison after attack on pensioner

Obviously Emma West's crime is much worse such that she MUST be remanded in custody before the showtrial.

James Lord said...

I lived in Bath for a few years and always found Bristol a lovely place. Now it's declined catastrophically. God, what have we done to ourselves?

old Brummie said...

James Lord.....
I was up the road from there, visiting Gloucester, the other day.

I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't in Birmingham. Gloucester, a large market town on the edge of the Cotswolds, has been thoroughly Africanised in the past few years and is barely distinguishable from Handsworth, Lozells, and Aston in Brum. It's now little more than a third-world slum like Kampala or Mogadishu.

Sadly, I notice that smaller Gloucestershire towns like Cirencester are showing signs of going the same way. Things seem to have got worse under the Tory/LibDem coalition govt. Aswell as open-door immigration, they seem to be operating a policy of spreading the third-worlders to all parts of Britain.

Enoch was right said...

Four people killed and at least 75 injured as three men hurl hand grenades at Christmas shoppers in Belgian city of Liege

One of the attackers, now dead, was named as Nordine Amrani, hardly a Belgian name is it?


" In another shocking attack in Europe today, a far-Right lone gunman shot dead two Senegalese street vendors and seriously wounded a third in broad daylight at a market in Florence, before killing himself, according to reports:

Eyewitnesses said they saw the middle-aged man getting out of a white car and firing three shots with a handgun before driving off again, according to a report on the website of La Repubblica daily.
Reports named the gunman as Gianluca Casseri, 50, who was a member of the Italian Far Right.

A report by ANSA news agency quoted a newspaper seller saying he tried to block the man but was told: "Get out of the way, or I'll bump you off next."

Balkanised Europe is coming to the boil just as anyone with any sense knew it would.

SAVANT said...

@Enoch - remember what I say, 'worse is better'. Coming along nicely as you say.

SAVANT said...

@Old Brummie. I wrote on the tragedy of the Cotswolds a few months back here. http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2011/10/theyre-coming-to-cotswolds.html

PapaQuebec said...

James Lord said...
I lived in Bath for a few years and always found Bristol a lovely place. Now it's declined catastrophically. God, what have we done to ourselves?

Grew up just east of Bath myself and went to school in Brislington (Bristol)

I posted this 18 months ago on another Irish forum:

"I travelled to the west of England last october to attend a memorial service for an ex-schoolmate who had died in the US. After the service we were invited to the (now elderly) parents home for refreshments. I remember commenting that I thought they lived in a different part of the city, a comment that was met with chuckles and wry looks. A little later another ex-schoolmate offered to show me the reason for the looks.

A 10-minute drive brought us to the fringes of an area of Bristol that I remember as being quite well-to-do, with most of its inhabitants employed as engineers or technicians at the nearby British Aerospace plant.

Not so now!

Bristol's Somali population went from 6,000 to over 20,000 in about 6 years (I was told) and this area is now known as "little Mogadishu" by locals. They guy who drove me there wouldn't go any further than the fringes - out of real fear - and him a serving Police officer!

He told me that there isn't a male resident of the area over 14 that isn't "known to the polis" and knife and drug crime are rampant. Surrounding areas have dozens of boarded-up houses as "white-flight" takes root!


The most frightening thing is to read the local newspapers from that area and witness the spoutings of local leftist popliticians and councillors (labour, naturally) who claim their policies as a wondrous success!
Of course Somalia is a dangerous place, I don't doubt it for one minute. But, for the residents of this part of Bristol their own back-yard has become a war-zone!"

I dread to think what that once-pleasant area looks like today!

Anonymous said...

OT, or maybe not

Why I hate Ikea. Just look at that.

Anonymous said...

Emma West granted bail this afternoon


Anonymous said...

Lady Emma West has been released on bail. Due back in court on Jan. 3.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully Emma has been released on bail. Saint Emma is due in court on Jan 3rd. Why do I never meet women as nice as her?

Essex boy said...

Great news about Emma!

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but still ..

I reiterate: what drives the left?

Spite and unfocused malice. Or, as the Victorians so aptly called it: Womanish Spite.

Canada Lurches Towards Dictatorship

Political Correctness; Posted on: 2011-12-13 05:26:50 [ Print / Instant Flyer |

Its only because he's white--and everybody knows it. - Ed.

by Jeff Goodall

A Scotsman who came to Canada 42 years ago at the age of 7 has been ordered deported, even though he has no criminal record and has never been charged with anything.

Read that last line again, and think about it for a minute or so… 42 years in Canada, no official blot on his record, and he is being sent back to a country of which he likely has only the haziest recollection other than for visits.



Anonymous said...

Good news about Emma, I must say.

So ... let us celebrate a little.

Please check this out. Unamusement Park has decided to not be racist.

He does it beautifully.

Unamusement Park gives up racism

Dec 10th, 2011 by Unamused

By popular demand, we at Unamusement Park have decided to stop being racist. Unfortunately, our efforts in that direction were stymied almost immediately when we remembered that we have no idea what “racism” is supposed to mean.

Others, we suspect, may harbor similar doubts.



Anonymous said...

I have always liked "Groundhog Day"

Groundhog Day ...

In the coming year, 2012, both Groundhog Day and The State of the Union Address will occur on the same day.

This is an ironic juxtaposition of events.

One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant rodent of little intelligence for prognostication.

The other involves a groundhog.


SAVANT said...

UN - in a comment in the previous post a lady - Madame X, I'll have you know - wants to know about this Covington fella. Can you enlighten her?

Anonymous said...

If Canada which is a PC "heck"hole can kick out people after 42 years why can't the UK?

gallowglass said...

dont celebrate her being released. she'll be killed or assaulted and the perp will walk.

Franz said...

Totally unrelated,

but this is one for the ages. Jon Steward has fun with the Republican Jewish Coalition convention, which is a euphemism for "Mitch and Michelle sucking kosher cock".

The whole thing is appropiatly named: "The Matzorian Candidate". Enjoy:


PS: Savant, apparantly you have vowed to keep you blog video free, but for this one, an exception would be entirely in order.

SAVANT said...

Franz, I dont have a policy as such re videos, but they're very demanding on bandwidth. However, one good thing is that if you load them up on to Google/Blogger it's not so easy for them to be taken down.

Like has happened with this one!

So possibly that's a reason for using vids a bit more.....

Anonymous said...

What about Emma's kids?

Rob said...

That video content isn't available in Ireland. This link should get the Daily Show sketch you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Larkin admitted he exposed himself to a mother and her daughter in a grocery store parking lot and was convicted of a felony. It happened in Milford, NH in 2009.

Many taxpayers told WBZ-TV it doesn’t make sense.

“I think it’s disgusting,” said a shopper at the Milford Market Basket. “I pay his salary and that’s wrong.”

The arbitrator’s decision is based on a line in the contract with the UNH Professor’s union. It says a professor has to show “morale delinquencies of a grave nature” to be fired.

An arbitrator found Larkin’s behavior didn’t meet that standard.

I guess the guy fined £85 on the same day as Emma West was a professor?


Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

UN - in a comment in the previous post a lady - Madame X, I'll have you know - wants to know about this Covington fella. Can you enlighten her?

Forgive me, Savant, but I read "Madame X"'s post and all sorts of alarms went off.

If "Madame X" has been on the site for a while, as implied, then she(?) should have a fairly good notion of what the site ... and Covington are about.

No previous posts. No history. No nothing ... but total purported ignorance.

I smell a troll, here. Or a rat. A Hasbarat.


PS: suspicious bastard, I know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the John Stewart video.

I found some of the comments even funnier:-

To wit:

"@you123123123123 I agree there happens to be many Jews in high positions, but I don't see the effect on Israel. That's because I don't view US policy as pro-Israel. I'd be interested to know which Jewish official was responsible for US pressure on Israel to accept the Oslo Accords which gave recognition to a terrorist organization called the PLO that was in exile and was about to perish."

Or should that be: To witless ...?

To use a jewishism: Oh, it is to laugh.


Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the West Country,only from television-racing from Cheltenham,rugby from Bath,Gloucester etc.It seems a lovely part of the world.Or was a lovely part of the world.

Yes its getting harder and harder to avoid contact,particularly visual contact.They're everywhere!.

But last Sunday I managed just that at an excellent Christmas market in the splendid surrounds of Castletown House.

Two hours of completely negroid free pleasure.It was so white!.Stalls selling excellent food,drink and goods.Carol singing.A very good Santa Claus.Horse Jarveys to take the children for rides around the grounds.Wonderful stuff.

Don't know if its on again this Sunday but,if it is,for anyone living in the Dublin/Kildare area,its only a quick trip out the M4.

Of course,afterwards you have to go back to reality.


SAVANT said...

UN - as the man said, just because I think they're all out to get me doesn't mean I'm paranoid. You could be right but she did say she was new to the site and maybe with your verbal dexterity you could convert her from troll to believer??

brian boru said...

Savant, you and others state that 'worse is better'. Perhaps, but the jew has made the situation worse. Maybe he did it for a reason too. No doubt to destroy us and gain control of the world, while men like you believe that it will force whites to act and undo the damage. I wonder who will prove right about the outcome.
For anyone who wants to learn about the North West Front try:
Covington's other sites can be found there too.

Anonymous said...

Britain first has just informed everybody has been freed on bail.
Thanks for your concern.

Denise said...

Old Brummie - the Third World-inization is planned for ALL White Nations. ALL of them.

Anonymous said...

Gang of nine who beat autistic teenager so badly she was off school for 10 months escape without ANY punishment

Sophie Russell, 16, was punched about 20 times in the face
Four girls and five boys let off and police handed just one of the mob a caution

Read more: One caution for beating an asperger sufferer

Yet Plod can detain Emma West while being unable to charge a muslim man because youtube postings are not good enough evidence.

And here is the UK's Whichael Ore quote I promised from before

Jo Brand: My personal opinion is that you can't be racist towards white people. You can be prejudiced about them but being prejudiced isn't an illegal act whereas being racist can be.

Phil Williams: Don't you think racism is just being derogatory about a race, regardless of the colour?

Jo Brand: No I don't. I think the definition of racism also encompasses political power. So you can't be racist towards a race that’s politically more powerful than a minority. That to me is the correct definition of racism. I think you can be prejudiced towards a group of people who are more powerful than you, but I don’t think you can be racist towards them.

Ignoring the fact that it isn't illegal to be racist as far as I remember, or at least yet, Brand hits on an interesting point – that so much of society's problem stem from the fact that the elite's definition of racism differs so vastly from the people's understanding of it. Most of us see racism as quite simply, to quote Wikipedia, "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Anonymous said...

I'll look up Covington on my own then. Thanks for nothing..

Madame X

PS you may want to take your time about slandering someone as I have not done the same to you..

Elaine said...

Madame X - I think UN is quite paranoid about you. Remember he's a refugee from South Africa so don't be too hard on him!

The Covington novels tell about a whites-only territory in the North West of the US. What's of particular interest about the novels is that they very acurately describe the flow of events, past and present, and projected into the future. It's generally accepted that HAC has a very acute grasp of the social forces that are driving us all along.

Well worth a read.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine. Thank you kindly for your response. I looked up the Covington fellow on wikipedia-okay I know not reliable info there but a start. I have not read any of his materials that he has authored. Based upon wiki alone I find he may be a very polorizing person that would scare off DWL. As has been said before here and elsewhere 'worse is better' that is to say when things get worse more people wake up to their reality as is what happened to me over a period of time.

One author I recommend is Thomas Chittum. He wrote a Civil War II checklist that applies to the USA. I agree with the commentor that said all white countries have been targeted for third worldization and this is cause for great concern if not alarm. The more whites experience the 'discomfort' the better off we will eventually be.

By the way I am extremely concerned about the South African situation.


Madame X

TBone said...

Hi Madame X. Thanks for the heads-up on the Civil War book.

Just one point about HAC - the books are kind of chronological so u might want to take that into account.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'll look up Covington on my own then. Thanks for nothing..

Madame X

PS you may want to take your time about slandering someone as I have not done the same to you..

Very well, Madame X.

Without excuses or long sad stories, please allow me to extend to you a sincere apology.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Read more: One caution for beating an asperger sufferer
-Anon 14 December 21:00

I note that that article only mentions the attackers as "yobs" and "youths". Thanks to the liberal media my alarm bells go off when all I read is "youths",etc and there are no pictures.
I'm not particularly proud of that but it is the liberal media's fault. So does anyone know if these attackers were enrichers ?


Anonymous said...

When I am the weaker, I appeal to your impartiality and fairness, because that is your principle.

Sometimes the negro gets it right.

Or like Steele said.

Never trust a Jew.

There is a reason that people become crusty as they age: experience proves that coincidence rarely occurs. That's why you can't tell an older person anything. We're worse, even, than teenagers, if you can believe it.

At some point in your life, you almost certainly will decide that you are sick and tired of being wrong almost all the time. That is when you cast aside coincidence as the explanation for anything. That is why I now say I do not believe in coincidence. As soon as I made that transition, so many things simplified for me and so much effort went out of my life. And I hardly ever am wrong. Only 1 time in 100, if you extend our hypothetical, but much, much less in my own experience. That's why you can hardly tell me one damn thing. I can live with being dead wrong 1% of the time. Believe me, it beats being wrong 99% of the time.

And that's why I say to you today: Never trust a Jew.

occasional said...

Re Jo Brand and race. She's correct in the sense that, in the US at least race is a construct used solely against whites. It incorporates all that other stuff about power etc. In other words it's a term that has been developed against whites and the term race is just a word to describe it.

Anonymous said...

About time they made a video in nigger university.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.27. It is simply incorrect and misleading to say you can't trust a Jew. I deal with Jews a lot and in general they make difficult trading 'partners' mainly on account of their avariciousness.

But I've found them to be be every bit as honest in their dealings as are 'goyim'. I think when it comes to a personal commitment I find them to be even more reliable than the rest of us.

A bit of balance and fairness please.

AnalogMan said...

Madame X: you can download the Covington Northwest Quartet here.

For an overview, see Greg Johnson's review here.

Madame X said...

To anonymous 10:31. It's not individual jews that poses a problem it's organized jewry that is a threat. When dealing with people one on one you can to a degree let your guard down, it's the aggregate that is problematic..

Madame X

kulak said...

I tell my children the same thing: Never trust a Jew.

My daughter asked me "why?"

"Our holy book says you shouldn't lie. Period.
Their holy book says it's o.k. to lie to us.
The only principle they have is 'is it good for Jews?'"

My daughter has one Jewish girl in her class. Daughter observed that the teacher seemed to trust her.

"Of course," I says. "Your teacher has power over her, so she'll behave."

If it's good for the Jews to behave, they behave.

I also tell my children Jews hate white people and work to destroy our countries.

Daughter noted that the Jews in her school have white skin. "Ask them if they are white," I says. She got it.

Islam is closer to Christianity than Judaism.

Muslims says Christ was a great prophet. Jews say Christ is in hell in a vat of boiling poop.

Even a kid understands that.

I agree 100% with what Michael Polignano wrote about letting Jews into your organization or movement.

They'll first make themselves indispensable as deal brokers, swindlers, and propagandists.

And then they'll sabotage the whole thing.

jocomo said...

"I also tell my children Jews hate white people and work to destroy our countries."

I believe you are doing your child a grave disservice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with jocomo.

They hate all the goyim, equally and universally.

It is written.


Anonymous said...

jocomo said...

"I also tell my children Jews hate white people and work to destroy our countries."

I believe you are doing your child a grave disservice.

15 December 2011 16:36

Sorry Jocomo.

I believe that 3000 years of history prove you wrong.

Kulak does what any good parent would do .. he future-proofs his children.

You can, of course, prove me wrong, in turn ... with a single concrete example of self-sacrifice.

That is any jew doing a service to any white that may be detrimental to the jews in any way.

Take your time ... we are in no rush.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Reading about the worst regarded tV programmes and "Celebrity" Big Brother turned up in the list.

Was Jade Goody going to be done for the Indian actress controversy but "The Peoples' Princess" was too popular and so it fell for someone else to take the fall?

Anonymous said...


Feel the rage people. Switch off your brains and demand that Bar Raefali be extradited to the UK to face a spurious case of racism owing to us thinking that she is insulting natural mud people with her unnnatural muddy colour.

If the CPS can charge Emma West then they can charge a celebrity who is much more well known and will get more publicity for their cause!

Racism won't stop till we kick it out from Johny Foreigner one by one!

rebel said...

I'd still give her one even if she was covererd in mud!!

Anonymous said...

Laurie David and Winona Ryder had me doubting but Esti Ginsberg and Bar Refaeli taught me the meaning of the phrase "Fuck the Jews!".

Anonymous said...

A woman who glassed a male clubber that smiled at her - and then blamed the attack on the fact she was sexually harassed at work - was spared jail by a judge.

Sheona Keith threw her glass at a man in a nightclub who she thought was 'eyeing her up', in an unprovoked attack which resulted in him needing hospital treatment.

However, a judge refused to give her a custodial sentence after accepting that earlier sexual harassment she suffered at work was the reason behind her behaviour.

Instead, 22-year-old Keith - who admitted a charge of actual bodily harm against James Kirkham - was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £400 compensation by Judge Philip Wassall when she was sentenced at Exeter Crown Court.

Read more: Woman plumber glasses clubber not jailed

Emma West did nothing as serious as this so she cannot any worse.

Essex boy said...

Holy fuck! She bottles a fellow for eyeing him up and the judge lets her go nad says she's of 'impeccable character'.

You couldn't make this shit up!!!

Anonymous said...

Emma west was charged in a Crown Court and not a Magistrates as might be expected for this sort of thing.

Ena May-Eubanks claimed that she was hit by a closed left fist. How come that did not turn up in the video, nor in the complaint made to the BTP?

Did it slip her mind?

Anonymous said...

Legal secretary got 21 weeks for a non-violent crime Liam stacey 8 weeks 4 Somali women got nothing because they were not used to alcohol and impeccable character woman above got nothing as well.

Remember it is only a week until the Emma West show trial.

Ena May-Eubanks must be called out on her forgetfulness if she is a character assassination witness.