Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Never knew that.

Watched Les Miserables this evening with Lady Savant in one of our regular heart-warming bonding sessions. And I learned something. Namely, that the Parisian anti-monarchist rebellion of 1832 was lead by blacks. Bet you didn't know that.

Now don't get me wrong. There were some white leaders as well, but they were uniformly headstrong and foolhardy, unlike the blacks who demonstrated a mastery of strategic planning and cool-headed practicality, and to whom the whites, wisely, deferred.

As I say, I never knew that. Didn't even know there were blacks in Paris in 1832. That's the great thing about the MSM. You learn something new every day.


Anonymous said...

There were definitely blacks in Paris in 1832 - thanks to the slave trade and France's imperial thrustings - and they may well have taken part in the uprising. I don't believe "black" and "French" are mutually-exclusive by any means - HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!


Piet said...

" I don't believe "black" and "French" are mutually-exclusive by any means"

Well, they're certainly not NOW. If there were blacks there in 1832 they were there as house servants and latrine attendants. Their proper role in life.

Anonymous said...


And who precisely did you expect to lead? Martians?

Anyone with a bit of policier on would have known that it would be people like those who protested at the excessive price of sports goods but not golf clubs in August in Tottenham of the excessive price of malt liquor in Dallas after Superbowl wins would be leading the protesting not those lily-livered ice blooded ice people from the cold Northern Hemisphere.

rightwinggunnut said...

Rightwinggunnut said; Well, Savant, we learn something new every day. A while back I read in our homegrown little magazine which combats racism and thus finds it everywhere (can't recall the title; little greentop thing)that millions of Blacks, Jews and homosexuals died in the Holocaust. Millions of Blacks, eh?
Way back before the war,eh? Germany full of 'em, yes? And I never knew!!!One feels such a fool, doesn't one?

Franz said...

@ JP and The Savant

Even back in the 19th century "French" and "Black" were hardly mutually exclusive. Even Alexandre Dumas, author of the "Three Musketeers" and "The Count of Monte Christo" was part Erectus.

Earlier, in medevial times the French were notorious for being the only Christian nation to form sporadic alliances with the Turks who were threatening to overun Europe.

The French being French, such alliances were probably/certainly accompanied by vigorous multi-cultural fornication in absence of contraceptives.

Coming from a German, this may sound like petty hate for an age old foe, but the French were clearly the first people in Europe who succumbed to collective mental disease.

Yes, the buildings in Paris are quite beautiful, but the multiracial riff-raff frequenting them is beyond the pale.

Vienna and Dresden have restrooms more dignified than the proceedings overlooked by the Eiffel tower.

Anonymous said...

When talking about blacks perishing in the Holohoax Maybe he was referring to their colr AFTER their despatch?

Jes' askin'

Eimear said...

Franz - how is Dresden doing now, after the war crime of 1945 and nearly 50 years of dead-hand communism?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Who would have known that there were so many Negro anti-monarchists in 1832 Paris?
Savant readers will be especially excited to learn that another educationally enlightening movie will soon hit the theaters. "Red Tails" brilliantly tells how America's Tuskeegee Airmen played a decisive role in the defeat of the Axis Powers. Indeed, it is a well-known fact to any World War II historian that, when the military leadership of the Third Reich (Hitler, Goring, Ribbentrop, Rommel, Krebs, et al.)realized that the Tuskeegee Airmen would be flying over Germany, conversation morosely turned to Gotterdammerung. Soon thereafter, they all gathered for a tearful group hug and distributed cyanide capsules among themselves.

Anonymous said...

Franz .... are you from Dresden?

Franz said...

@ Eimear

I am proud to say we rebuild it more beautiful than ever before. And even if you're not into renaissance architecture and the opera, there is a modern marvel to behold in Dresden: VW has a see-through factory built entirely of glass operating there. So clean and efficient it is, that I wouldn't hesitate eating my lunch from the factory floor.

The rebuilding of Dresden is a wonderful accomplishment my nation can be proud of. I certainly am.

Eimear said...

Franz, Thrilled to hear that about Dresden. Typically German - there are few nations who could have accompished it. If Ireland had a Dresden we'd still be going through planning appeals 50 years later and meanwhile some farmer would have erected a concrete and corrugated shed without planning permission (farmers don't need it).


Eimear said...

anon 00.28. Maybe Hitler et al had a premonition that the Red Tails were just the front-runners for Germany being over-run with blacks and mulsims?

Franz said...

Sorry to obsess, but ever since my work led me to Dresden, that city has become my beloved little shtick.

Behold the grand reception for the debutantes in the Semper opera:

For the first (and only) time Dresden made me proud to see my taxes at work.

PS: Eimear. Don't belittle Ireland. In the early 2000s I spend two delightful weeks traveling through it in a rental. It's a beautiful coutry!

Anonymous said...

Franz...your last reponse answered my previous question ("Are you from Dresden?")
It is my fervant desire to see Dresden in my lifetime, and specifically, to worship at the Frauenkirche. I can't really explain this desire... but it's something that's been part of me ever since I was in my twenties. (Granted, Frauenkirche was still rubble when I was in my twenties, but I still wanted to worship amongst its rubble.) I am so happy to read your brief description here about Dresden's "resurrection." Congratulations from America.

Anonymous said...

""Red Tails" brilliantly tells how America's Tuskeegee Airmen played a decisive role in the defeat of the Axis Powers."

I will look out for the box office receipts of this film with interest.

P.S. need I ask who is behind it?


Bay Area Guy said...

Yeah, I've always regarded France as the blackest of European countries.

I recall watching the 2006 World Cup final between France and Italy. Even though I wasn't race conscious then the way I am now, I immediately noticed the wide contrast between the ethnically Italian team and the not so French French team.

For that reason alone, I've always been a bit biased against the French compared to other white ethnic groups.

However, let's give the French credit where it's due. A Frenchman wrote "Camp of the Saints," after all.

Anonymous said...

Les Miserables is a dreadful musical-who cares-stick to the standards-"My Fair Lady" "Oklahoma"
skip the ones with "lessons" to teach about "predjudice" e.g. "The King and I"

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, Savant, it would appear that we have been culturally enriched since the dawna time.

A most interesting example was in the Ridley Scott flick "Kingdom of Heaven" or as Hollyweird would no doubt have liked it "Kingdom Ob Hebben".

The cultural enricher was a tame nog (whom, one assumes, was meant to be a Moorish bringback), but he did not have enough screentime to perform any noble deeds nor utter any memorable and undying prose.

As it turned out, the prose might have been undying ... but he was not. Untimely whacked out by the bad guys in a rather neat battle in the forest not far from Balien's village.

I cannot help but wonder if the Dark Ages enricher** was shoehorned into the script and meant to have a bigger and nobler part in the movie, but Scott, one assumes, had other ideas.

Maybe Scott had more than his fair share of schvoogs in quantity, when he shot "Black Hawk Down".


**Dark Ages enricher ... you could take that several ways.


Anonymous said...

Dresden = A miracle city.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I shouldn't laugh, but ...

It appears that a great deal of nogletta's feel that their booty could be more ... bountiful, shall we say?

You would not understand ... it's a black thang.

Needless to say, in America, where money can get you anything, there are places and people who cater to those who don't have that much cash ... or whose EBT cards have run dry.

One of them is a "doctor" who enhaces jigaboo butts by shooting them full of ... (wait for it) a toxic cocktail of “fix-a-flat’’ — cement, mineral oil and Super Glue.

No, I am not joking and I am not drunk.

See the results here, then be prepared to roll on the floor, screaming with laughter ... or bathing your eyes in Chlorox ... and just screaming.

Morris, a self-proclaimed doctor, injected a concoction of “fix-a-flat’’ — cement, mineral oil and Super Glue — into the woman’s buttocks, police said.

The materials eventually spread through her body and nearly killed her.

The woman, whose name is not being released because of medical privacy laws, went to three different hospitals before doctors finally figured out the cause of the mystery ailment that caused pneumonia-like symptoms and left large, infected welts on her backside.

I'm surprised that the SPLC has not blamed it on white racism.**

Uncle Nasty

**They will, they will.


Shaunantijihad said...

Huh? You never heard of Maximilien "snoop dog" Robespierre? Damn ir Savant, you just do not read enough modern media.

Anyway my French cousins, how's that "liberté, égalité, fraternité" doing for you guys? After you turned the formerly Spanish paradise of Hispanola into the now wonderfully enriched Haiti, I think we can see the future of France.

Better make sure we get our house in order, clean up the Erectus and mozlem scum, in readiness to invade the mainland. Because once Erectus get's the idea into it's head that it is a Frenchman just by adopting a French name, it may then think it has the IQ to run the French nuclear power plants, and thus an invasion by Brits will be an act of self-preservation.

Shaunantijihad said...

For the record I met an old gent recently who worked in the RAF during WW2, and whilst he didn't mention the raid on Dresden, he just said quietly, "I wish Hitler had won."

And to my American friend who remarked to me recently, "If it wasn't for us you would all be speaking German."

To which I replied, "I would rather be speaking German than Arabic."

Franz said...

@ Anon 1:01

A J.S. Bach overture performed in the rebuild Frauenkirche:

Go there. Dresden in particular and the state of Saxony in general are great travel destinations.

It is only a two hour drive or so, but the contrast between Berlin and Dresden is much like comparing Uganda to Tuscanny.

Jerry said...

And what about the talk that the First Ho' is having it off with an FBI agent? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Dresden is indeed a marvel.Not just restored but lovingly so.And Saxony is not only an excellent destination to visit,but the Saxons are very nice people.The country people can be a bit suspicious of outsiders but country folk are like that everywhere.

Another wonderful restoration is Ieper(NOT Ypres)in Flanders of course.Its on a smaller scale than Dresden but just as beautiful.

Are the French worse than other countries?.Perhaps,but none of us can boast too much about what we have allowed.

I've noticed,uniquely in Europe,
French males with black women and on a fairly widespread scale too.And mostly hideous females at that.

The captain of the French rugby team is the product of one such liason.French father,mother from Cote D'Ivoire


Eamon Bejaysus said...

Eamon Bejaysus said; Shaunantijihad, I have met them, the "but for us you'd all be speaking German" lads. Not usually Americans though; English, of a type---fought the war in carpet slippers, probably---windbagging on at Remembrance Day ceremonies. To their jibe" we'd all be speaking German" there is but one riposte;; Turn to the oaf and say "...und?"

Corkonian said...

mr. a. - don't talk too much about Dessetoir. If he's the result of such miscegenation can we have a few more in Ireland please?

Franz said...

@ Corkonian

Before you close the deal for more mulatto star athletes, you need to know the other half of it.

For every halfway useable athlete, you get 99999 dark destroyers who will do their utmost to turn your cities into a free fire zone.

Win a game, enjoy chimpouts 26/7/265!

Anonymous said...

Jerry said...

And what about the talk that the First Ho' is having it off with an FBI agent? Inquiring minds want to know.

Interesting point. One thing I have noticed is that both Obongobongo's kids are darker than either he or the Bitter Half ... and that rumours persist about poof relationships, while no old girlfriends have ever surfaced ... this in a country obsessed by such things.

Moochelle being porked by a fed, though? Not a word.

Not confusing her with that old self-styled "Mother of the Nation" ... Winnie Mandela? A person who has definitely seen more pricks that a second-hand dartboard.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed,uniquely in Europe,
French males with black women and on a fairly widespread scale too.

Second that.

Anonymous said...

Cultural Marxists rewrite history:

According to the BBC TV series, Merlin, set in the court of King Arthur in the late 5th/early 6th centuries, both Lady Guinevere and Sir Elyan are black.


Simon Q said...

View the outcome of a major chimpout in Philidelphia.

Will this type of predation never end?

Pavement apes.

camp of the saints said...

The joy of multi-culti enrichment. Coming to Dublin, Waterford, and all points west, soon.

Rapist asylum seeker, from the Congo, who dumped victim on rubbish tip is released after being TWO hours away from deportation
Alphonse Semo, 54, was allowed by judge to marry girlfriend (also from the Congo) so can stay in Britain
Father-of-five was jailed for eight years for rape in 2002........

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to know much. I bet you didn't know Einstien, Newton,
Montgomery of Alemein, Nelson, Di Vinci and Shakespeare were all black.

Anonymous said...

Many hands are wringing over the name of Gibsons dog in the remake of the dam busters. Two suggestions so far are Nigel or Digger. Put the first letter of one word and replace it into the first of the other and you have the dogs true name. It is of course, Digel.

Anonymous said...

I'm french , and , sadly , most of the comments are true about the insane miscegenation that took place in France ; though , there are a lot of french people who hate what is happening and are as racially aware as people from other european countries .
Look at what is happening right now in Britain where the number of mongrels is incredible high and in such a short time .
It must be known that France was the first european country to be attacked by the Subversion . What other european lands suffer today, we suffer for 2 hundred years , with egalitarism propaganda ( Jacobisnism ), and then , for 40 years, with true miscegenation propaganda .
The remark about french football team was an idiocy . Only pure african blacks are allowed in french team ( in order to promote the same agenda ) and it is a scandal in France .

The remark about french people who miscegenated with Turks because of some diplomatic alliance is an absurdity too .

For the french males being with hideous black females and on a large scale, yes it's true , but other european countries are on the same way , they just didn't eat same BS propaganda like us since 200 years , but they are on the first steps .
( And for a most part, these losers are from very low social classes ,the rare from higher classes are the perverts and degenerates with sexual pbs as usual) .
Alexandre Dumas was an exception , and of course there weren't blacks in Paris in the XIXe s .

About Haiti and this another idiocy in the comments : you can read Stoddard and learn what was the situation : French elite from Dominguo fought to the death and it was the first white genocide very similar to what happened in S. Africa .

Finally , France isn't homogenous as our very informed friend from Germany thinks , french from the north , like me , despise french from the south and see them as sorts of marrocos .

Don't laugh about french , as we say in my country ," you are now in the same boat " .

Anonymous said...

Does LePen have any chance ?

Henry IX said...

@anon 19.17. Good and informative post. I don't think anyone is laughing. There's nothing to laugh it, is there, with European civilisation being destroyed from the groun up.

Rob said...

You ain't seen nothing yet, Savant. Pretty soon you'll have to endure programmes telling you there were Blacks in the GPO in 1916, and that Brian Boru would never have beaten the Danes at Clontarf without his elite corps of Zulu warriors. Now might be a good time to heave that TV set through the window.

Franz said...

@ Anon 19:17

Sorry to burst your bubble, but in the winter of 1543 to 1544 a whole Turkish fleet wintered in Toulon.

Are you saying that the Turks spent all those months in Toulon without leaving their genetic imprint behind?

In that case I have a bridge to sell to you.

The Toulon affair was only one of many instances of French/Muslim cooperation. Read up if you care to:

I agree that the rest of Europe is in the same boat now. But denying France's role in filling the vessel is akin to us Germans claiming that we never, never ever had militaristic leanings.

Anonymous said...

anon 19.17
You are right. All of us of white European stock are in the same boat. The tribe's agenda is to destroy the racial make-up, traditions, and culture of all white nations, from Australia, to Europe, to the US.

Kevin MacDonald documents and analyses what is going on in his book The Culture of Critique. An absolute must-read for all concerned whites.

tsnamm said...

at Anon "You don't seem to know much. I bet you didn't know Einstien, Newton,
Montgomery of Alemein, Nelson, Di Vinci and Shakespeare were all black." well if they weren't black, then they stole their ideas from a black person and took all the credit due to racism. I'm sure we've all seen these Afro-centric schools that teach kids that the Egyptians were black, and that civilization came to them from Nubia and other "more advanced" black civilizations etc. They even claim to have invented airplanes 1000 years before Christ etc. And that the racist white Greeks and Romans simply stole all these wonderful black ideas and didn't give them any credit...I mean you know there's so much EVIDENCE...oops

Anonymous said...

Remember the outrage over rumours that LeBlanc suggested that young White kids in France be given a chance in the youth teams ?

The scientific evidence is clear that young Blacks mature faster. Why aren't liberals screaming for fairness for young White football players ???

Occidental said...

Rob, you speak in jest but you might yet be proven right. As one of the other comments on this thread pointed out, they're assigning just about every invention and achievement in history to 'people of color'.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The white Man does not want you tosee this

Hidden Black History

Beethoven was black

John Hansen was the first black president of the US

Proof that black regarded slavery as natural then.

Which one of you is going to write the script so that Morgan Freeman can win an Oscar?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 01:11: Re. "Red Tails:
..The actors are hardly A-list; not much money went into the making of it, because it's expected to tank at the box office by drawing predominately black audiences who, because of their beastly behavior, will keep white audiences away.
Over the past 5-10 years, these types of racial revisionist movies have performed poorly at the box office. It is my opinion that normal, decent white folks have reached their limit, and feel no need to pay money to be further indoctrinated with the exact same message that they've spent their entire lives being flogged with.

Anonymous said...

@Franz: THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the YouTube link of Bach's Orchestral Suite #3 at Frauenkirche.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Red Tails flies as well as the original flier's!

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:04
- I thought that was happening too, but 'the help' did very well so i don't know ....


Shaunantijihad said...

Anon Frenchie:

Not laughing my French friend, not really, there are now 2 million half-Erectus mongrels in the UK, with a mean IQ I would imagine at about 85.

And who is pushing the agenda for "métissage"? No prizes for that one. Fake French Jew Sarkozy telling French students they must mate with Erectus or face sanctions from the Republic. I kid you not,

"Métissage" - Now It's An Obligation!:

former liberal said...

@Shaun. Remember, demographics are destiny. That's why there isn't time to waste.