Thursday, 27 October 2011

SAS/Uhuru Guru back

Great news: Having overcome the enormous personal and professional blows visited on him by the thought police in South Africa, good old UG is back and in rare form.


Anonymous said...

Well done UG and good luck with the new SAS.
Liberals - get ready to rock and roll.

The Uhuru Guru said...

Hi Savant, thanks for posting the link! Best wishes

Piet said...

Great news!

Bemused stare said...

Great news.

Meanwhile, here is a tidbit to make our American friends heads spin like the kiddie in the exorcist.

Where is Vlad when we need him most?

Simon Q said...

Another horrific attack on a middle-aged white man by a gang of savage blacks who nearly beat him to death just to steal his wedding ring.

Take a look at the man's wounds.


Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said;
I didn't know about the Uhuru Guru before, but now I see it, bloody good stuff! Keep it coming.

Rightwinggunnut said...

Rightwinggunnut said;
Way back in the "evil days of apartheid", South Africa was the most lied about country in the world, the central lie being that it was the fount of evil in its purist form. Today, however, things are totally differant.Today it is held to be the fount of all virtue, i.e. it is now again the most lied about country in the world. Thus do we have idiots going out there to construct actual proper houses for them (which in due course will be demolished and the rubble used to make shacks which will in turn be held to be the "legacy of apartheid"......).
We are being asked to send shoeboxes full of pressies to these marauding arsonists and murderers--we should be sending a latterday version of the Leibstandarte der SS.
It is with chagrin that I recall that I once bought into the old anti-apartheid thing, until one fine day I witnessed on TV a mob many hundreds strong---all white, by the way---invading an athletics track to spew foul mouthed hatred and vicious threats at one introspective country schoolgirl (Zola Budd). What in the nameojayzuz kind of company am I keeping here, I asked myself.I hope more and more people will ask the same sort of questions of themselves.

Barney said...

Regarding Simon Q's link to the attack in Crawley (Sussex, England), I know the town well, and would bet anything you like that every one of those vicious bastards is named Patel.

The sooner we White People take control of OUR OWN country and send those bastards back to India (and the jews back home to hell), the better.

Herod said...

That's interesting rightwing.. I had the same experience. The bullying mistreatment of Zola Budd was just horrible and made me more sympathetic at the time. As for now..........

Anonymous said...

British flash mob attacks French tourist in rural England:

Robert in Arabia

Californian said...

Great to have Uhuru Guru back.

SA Sucks always got me up and running in the morning, though after viewing the imagery, sometimes I would have to clean the orange juice off of the monitor!

Today, however, things are totally different.Today [SA] is held to be the fount of all virtue, i.e. it is now again the most lied about country in the world

It fits into an imbecilic morality play in which the forces of liberalism triumphed over colonialism-racism-apartheid-oh-my! But the struggle for South Africa does highlight the need for an agitprop machine to triumph in modern conflict, though these days it is termed information warfare.