Thursday, 8 September 2011


Watched an old recording of the 2002 US Open final between Agassi and Sampras (the current event was washed out for two days). Crowd, players and officials 95% white.

Fast forward nine years. Today the crowd and players are still pretty much 95% white, but, just as I reported on Wimbledon, the ball boys/girls, linesmen and security staff were 95% black or Hispanic. Why, in an all white event should this occur? Quite simply it's another manifestation of Black Run America (BRA).

As I said about Wimbledon, these people have no claim to being there. It's a 'white occasion'. Hundreds of thousands of white tennis fans would have given their eye teeth for any of those roles. But we must have diversity. By which I mean the displacement of whites by blacks and other minorities. Where blacks are in the overwhelming majority diversity is not required, for some reason.

Will whites rebel at some stage, or will they continue to be passively jerked around?


Anonymous said...

Why, in an all white event should this occur?

My theory:

The organizers of these events like having their balls handled by little brown boys.

Anonymous said...

yrs back while still a cop in chicago i worked with a carpenter on days off building decks and framing out garages, i recall one job we did for a fat sheboon negress and in the beginning i had my misgivings but we went ahead and built her a two car garage, when job completed she refused to pay citing poor work, breaks taken by crew,bad concrete pour etc, the guy who ran the crew a no nonsense Swede went onto roof of garage with a power saw and ripped gaping holes all over the thing and sheboon came out and a cat5 chimpout ensued . the Swede said fuck you bitch now you got a sun roof, didnt tell her he also cut frame studs so 1st heavy snow it would collapse, which it did, lol john old rtd chicago copper,

Dave C said...

Continue to be passively jerked about I'd expect. No end to this.

Rob said...

To redress the balance, the powers that be keep looking for the Great White Defendant, to give the prison population a lighter hue.

Bemused stare said...

For the same reason they do it with everything else. The point that us helpless whites desperately need the mud must be driven home at every opportunity.

It's why, in Hollywood, they wave a magic wand and two white scientists become one old black guy. See here,

Anonymous said...

Further to this, Savant, you'll probably like the Idiot's Guide to getting a Government Job.

No kidding. It even has a nigger on the cover.

I must say I find the author's assumption that the intended audience can actually read, rather touching.
Being the suspicious fuck that I am, I actually went to Amazon ...

-- and there, before my disbelieving eyes, it is. The reviews are priceless. A few examples.

Jabez - See all my reviews.

This review is from: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Government Jobs (Paperback)

Everything you need to know about being deadwood that can't be fired is found in this book. Yes that's right, live off the taxpayer with great travel opportunities and of course complimentary membership in the Union of your choice (for the first month, union fees assessed retroactively).


32 of 37 people found the following review helpful:

5.0 out of 5 stars This book got me set for life!, August 22, 2011
Ted Mcfadden - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Government Jobs (Paperback)

I plunked down the money from my recently cashed welfare check and bought this book a few weeks ago. It has changed my life! Not only do I now have a government job with health benefits and a pension, but I was able to move out of my parents basement and into a rent controlled apartment.

Frankly, I still think someone is pulling our collective leg.


Anonymous said...

It's like National Parks. The establishment tries to force blacks and other minorities to be a part of them - to no avail, as they retain their fear of wild animals and the wilderness. The only substantial minorities are East Asian, most of them intrepid Chinese and Japanese elites.


Tony in VA said...

Next they'll be pressing for proportional representation in the last 16!

Anonymous said...

"The establishment tries to force blacks and other minorities to be a part of them - to no avail, as they retain their fear of wild animals and the wilderness"

Youd be afrain of animals too if your descendants had spent 1000's of years runnung away from them!!!

Franz said...

As always when the Savant is posting about Tennis, I sense a deep seated anger. The sight of Erectus-whelps fetching bright yellow balls really is a trigger for him!

Let me however make note of a more joyous occasion: Today is the 328th aniversary of the thwarting of the Turks' last siege of Vienna.

An Austrian sub to my youtube channel made a point of spreading that fact around. An effort which I hereby gladly support.

If our forefathers (it was a pan-European struggle) hadn't succeeded at the gates of Vienna, we all wouldn't be here, reading this. Instead, Europe would be populated by Kebab-sucking islamic mongrels.

Even more heartening than the feats of our forefathers is the fact that the Austrians are actually celebrating this day!

Yes, they found a Catholic priest willing to read mass on the "Kahlenberg", the hill from which the critical counterattack was launched. So not all of them are child-sodomizing multiculturalists. At least not in Austria.

I just opened a beer and lift it in remebrance of the Austrians, Saxons, Bavarians, Venetians, Poles Lithuanians and all other white men who fought that day!

PS: What I wouldn't give to see a Mel Gibson movie about that battle. As regards age, right now he'd be perfect to play Sobieski.

SAVANT said...

Franz - as usual you're on the ball (in every sense!). I was brought up in a genteel tennis world of whites and afternoon tea (not that I always adhered to the standards, god knows). Yes, I do get enraged when I see these people, more suited for naked cage fighting, swanning about where whites would love to be, yes, it pisses me off big time.

Good news from Austria indeed. A recent visit to Vienna was a consolation.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that tennis didn't originate in sub-Saharan Africa and then taken to America by the Negro slaves??? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE TRYING TO SAY????? You are a despicable history revisionist and worthy of contempt.

George said...

What I find hilarious is seeing that ring of minority "security" ringing the court before, during, and after a match. Does anyone really expect that almost totally white, extremely civilized crowd storm the court after a blown line-call?

Anonymous said...

While agreeing with you about the ball boys etc Savant,may I suggest,in the nicest way possible,that you get professional help for your obsession with tennis?.
On the other hand I most certainly did NOT spring from my mothers womb,wearing tennis whites,a racquet in one hand,a bone china cup in the other,so I lack your emotional attachment to the game.

Did'nt realize today was the anniversary Franz.What an excellent suggestion for a film!.And Mel would be perfect to direct and star as Sobieski.It would,of course,have to be named "Gates of Vienna".

Off topic but speaking of Mel,have you seen Apocalypto?,which he wrote and directed?.One of the best films I've ever seen.


H. Lone said...

Mel Gibson's career is over after his 'outburst'.

Anonymous said...

H. Lone said...

Mel Gibson's career is over after his 'outburst'.

Have to differ, here. Mel Gibson is hated by the hollywood Tribe with a hatred that is positively incandescent, true.

However, he finances his own films. That is to say he does not play the one-for-you nineteen-for-me game that the hebraics have got down to a fine art.

When you plunk down fifteen dollars to see a movie, less than a dollar (much less) goes to the poor plonkers who actually made the film. Hollywood financing is absolutely byzantine in its swindling complexity. 30 years later, Ridley Scott is still owed money for "Alien" and "Blade Runner" and Peter Jackson had to sue the shit out of New Line to get money owed for "Lord of the Rings."

But, as I say, Gibson does not play the game. He financed "The Passion", "Apocalypto" and his latest beaver flick, so when you pay 15 bucks for a movie ticket, at least five go straight to Mr. Gibson. Something to make the Tribe grind their teeth to little stubs.

An example of the studio's labyrinthine calculations: "Avatar", (or "Dances with Smurfs" as Cameron's shitpile retelling of "Pocahontas" should have been called) is said to have cost between $260,000,000 and half a billion US$.

Yet Disney's recent animated flick "Tangled" with no props, no models, no sets and no big name actors ... and made all in house with Disney staff is budgeted at $260 000,000.

It has often been said that the only creative part of hollywood is their accounting ... Cecil B. De Mille is said to have once been asked why hollywood made a ten-million dollar flick, when they could make ten one million dollar flicks.

De Mille's response? You can't steal a million dollars from a one-million dollar movie.

Uncle Nasty

PS. One reason I admire Jodie Foster unreservedly is that she is still personal friends with Gibson even after the Tribe moved heaven and Earth to bring him down.

Secondly I recommend "The Brave One." Enough good niggers to satisfy even me. Not as many as "Black Hawk Down", but still ...


Franz said...

@ mr a

Yes, I did see Apocalypto and was quite blown away by it. Truly, even at the height of his fame, Mel Gibson never got the credit he deserved.

Thankfully he produced the "Passion" on his own dime and made enormous profits from it.

In Hollywood, they shun him not solely because of his outbursts, but also for the reason that the money-cockroaches are jealous. Mr Gibson has more dinero than any one of them. THAT has been his greatest sin.

I hope he gets over his affairs-of-the-heart-problems and continues to be productive. I'd be a great loss if he went into early retirement...

Franz said...

@ UN

Very true what you said about film financing. Let me add that big time bucket shop Cantor Fitzgerald is lobbying to get a movie futures exchange going. Can you imagine what would happen if derivatives were introduced to further the stealing in Hollywood? Congress rebuffed Cantor in 2010, but who knows what the future holds?

I actually support the introduction of derivatives in the film business. The Geckos of the world will strip-mine any value out of the industry in no time. Quickly, the culture destroying Mordor that is Hollowood will be bankrupt and the last man standing will be...

...Mel Gibson.

PS: I'll check out the brave one.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed,Gibson is as near to a real Independent as it is possible to be in Hollywood:its mostly his own money and his profits from "The Passion" alone make him untouchable.

An essential read is "Down and Dirty Pictures" by Peter Biskind,a sequel of sorts to the great "Easy Riders,Raging Bulls"

Its about the "independent"film makers of the 80s and 90s but dominated by the loathsome Weinstein brothers and Miramax,their company.

An example was their treatment of Anthony Minghella,director of "The English Patient(a piece of shit but...).Worldwide the film grossed 150million dollars.Minghella recieved a flat fee of 600,000 and was told the film lost money.

This happened to everyone who ever dealt with the New York based Weinsteins,who at least were almost openly crooked.

Unlike their smoother "cousins" in Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

I watch the American T.V. game show Jeopardy every evening, five nights a week.

A live audience is always in attendance (no laugh tracks), but it always puzzled me why the cameras almost never pan the audience.

Most Viewers naturally want to follow the sound of applause, but we are rarely given the opportunity, or even a rare glimpse of those in attendance.

Except for one show this week, where a close camera shot fell onto a young black woman sitting in an edge seat just before going to the commercial.

She, along with the rest of the audience were applauding before commercial break, but the Black woman got a full frame shot, while the surrounding audience, however briefly seen, appeared to be entirely White.

Game show host, Alex Trebeck and the almost always White contestants (along with the odd Asian, and very, very rare black), are the only people ever seen in the half-hour show. Contestants requires a fairly high degree of intelligence to succeed as a player.

I suspect, an entirely White audience is not an appropriate setting to be seen on national television night after night, so no wide-angle shots of the audience, if you please!

Anyhow, I had huge laugh when the Black woman was given the honor (or honour) of a front & center screen shot -- first audience close-up I've seen all year, and coincidentally, it had to be a Black person.

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

Quickly, the culture destroying Mordor that is Hollowood will be bankrupt and the last man standing will be...

...Mel Gibson.

PS: I'll check out the brave one.

I should point out the "The Brave One" is a mixed blessing, like so much stuff from hollywood. Ms Foster's partner is meant to be an arab or pakistani or something of that ilk while the closest thing to a male protagonist is a numinous negroid ... a fictitious creature we're all familiar with.


On the whole though, the scenes depicting the conversion of nics and spiggers to good nics 'n spiggers are quite satisfying, and, considering they portray an absolute novice shooting someone for the first time, quite realistic.


Anonymous said...

Before we go overboard on Gibson, I saw it on another post (I thought it was here) that he's abased himself before the tribe by having some mythical Jewish hero as the focus of his next production.

Anonymous said...

@john rtd

Great story john,but may I ask a couple of questions?

Are Chicago cops allowed to moonlight?

And if yes ,then I hope you paid your taxes!(lol)


Anonymous said...

This is interesting ... it's the world of hollywood.


Anonymous said...

You know what? I think you had better get off this bashing of White Irish people, no matter if they've fallen to the DARK side. You aren't helping. Concentrate on the NEGROIDS f-ing everying up for F's sake. Like our own aren't already so damaged and sick from White GUILT and all other nonsense.

I don't even get why you are profiling White people like this, but I think you should better put your attentions ELSEWHERE where it F-ing COUNTS!

The last two entries have kind of made me mad. Pick on the damn Negroes who are robbing, raping, and murdering people! :(

what, have my Irish people flown the coup?

And YEAH, I'll stand again saying I'm Irish by blood, spirit and soul even though I couldn't be raised home. Better than all those negroids you let born in there and seem to coddle. >.<

I'm just feeling pissed right now.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.51. Agreed. It's not as if there's not enough material for the groids.

Anonymous said...

The main court over there is named after Arthur Ashe ( 3 majors ) and not Jimmy Connors ( 8 majors ).

Anonymous said...

The English Patient was rubbish wasn't it. I went to see it in the cinema back in 97 after all the glowing reviews I read. Scratching my head afterwards.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4.51
You may not be aware that Travelers(capital T)are,on their own insistence,enshrined in law as a separate ethnic group to those of us who are the majority population.

It is against the law,and the penalties are harsh,to refer to them as anything but Travelers.

It is against the law,and the penalties are harsh, to refer to the self destructiveness of their "culture" e.g why male Travelers have a life expectancy 20 years less than the average.

It is against the law,and the penalties are harsh,for any publican,hotel owner etc to refuse service to Travelers,even though the said proprietor knows that there is a pretty good chance his premises will be wrecked,once the Travelers reach a certain threshold of alchohol consumption.

Those of us who despise Travelers do so because,as the Savant listed above,they BEHAVE exactly like blacks,albeit with a large amount of entrepreneurial flair which all blacks completely lack.

So no,once they had themselves declared a separate ethnic group,I declared,to myself of course and silently as the penalties are harsh,that travelers,tinkers,knackers,pavees,whatever the name,are no longer Irish.

No more Irish than the niggers I see,strolling down my streets,mobile phones permanently clamped to their ears.

Hope this helps


Hector G. said...

Mr. a. I was reading the comment from anon 4.51 and was mentally preparing a reply before I moved on to your comment. Abolsutely superb sir! Demolished his argument at a stroke! Pithy, logical and irrefutable. well done sir!

Anonymous said...

Back to the subject of film, please go here:

... and can anyone tell me the name of this movie? The character appears to be a young Sean Bean.

If the rest of the flick is like this, I have to have it.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

If we're still discussing tennis, it appears that the Williams sister was up to her usual crap at the US Open ...

Some williams comments ...

Williams had lost the first set 6-2 and faced a break point in the opening game of the second.

The American then unleashed a huge forehand and greeted it with a loud ''c'mon'' before Stosur had even reached the ball.

Umpire Eva Asdaraki immediately penalised the three-time champion for ''intentional hindrance'' and the point - and the game - was awarded to the Australian.

''Aren't you the one who screwed me over last time?,'' Williams, who was eventually defeated 6-2 6-3, bellowed at Asdaraki. ''That is totally not cool.''

Her rage continued at the changeover with her ongoing war of words picked up on live television by the courtside microphones.

''Don't even look at me,'' shouted the 29-year-old up at Asdaraki.

''If I see you in the corridor don't even walk past me because - you're out of control, you're out of control.

''You're totally out of control, you're a hater and you're just unattractive inside.

''Who would do such a thing? And I never complain. Wow.
''You're a loser.

''I get a code violation for expressing who I am, we're in America last time I checked.

''Am I going to get violated for (asking for) water? Really don't look at me. I promise you don't look at me.

''Don't look my way.''

Williams attempted to shrug off the row at the post-match celebrations, keen to praise her opponent who became Australia's first women's US Open singles champion since Margaret Court in 1973.

''I was just doing my best. I hit a winner but I guess it didn't count. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because she played really well,'' said Williams, who missed last year's tournament through injury and then battled a life-threatening illness.

What can one say but ... TNB?

Maybe next time the illness will stop threatening and act. One can dream.


Anonymous said...

I think the film is called "Cash"

Its actually a comedy.


Anonymous said...

she called the chair umpire ugly inside?? ROFLMFAO

she herself is ugly inside out.

Serena Williams inspired.

Anonymous said...

TNB As a darki Williams msbehaved.

Coudl n't resist the Umpire being Asadaraki