Thursday, 23 June 2011

Laughed out loud

I seldom laugh out loud. Instead, merely a wintry smile passes my handsome features when I encounter an occasion of mirth. However, I did actually laugh out loud on reading this comment on the Original Dissent blog:

I never understood the British/Irish thinking process until I heard a story of the Brits explaining to the Irish that the French were invading, and if the Irish could provide another 1000 men would make a great difference......The Irish said they would, but first they should have a discussion. They agreed to meet again the next day, at which time the Irish showed up with 500 men?......The Brits asked where the other 500 was and the Irish answered, "They were killed during our discussion.".....


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that sounds about right. :)

Franz said...

Nice story Savant. I fear though that you have been upstaged by another great Irish humorist, the one who also holds a part time job as Irish minister of finance, Michael Noonan.

Apparently he plans to salvage his budget by selling T-shirts with a print saying: "Ireland is not Greece."

Just when I thought that politics in Europe had passed from being merely surreal to positively Kafka-esque and could not possibly descend to new lows, they surprise me by moving to another stage of hillarity-defcon.

SAVANT said...

Franz - when it comes to Irish politicians, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

In fairness Franz,Noonan was being ironic and jokey in his own heavy handed way.

These t-shirts don't exist but he was joking that if they did,we would have to sell them,not being able to afford to give them away for free.


Franz said...

@ Mr A

Forgive me, but Mr Noonan managed to deceive me. Now you see why we Germans are famed for lacking a sense humour.

In all seriousness though: Before the current economic mess is cleaned up, we will see a multitude of such T-Shirts printed:

"Spain is not Ireland"
"Italiy is not Spain"
"France is not Italy"
"Germany is not France"
"USA is not Germany"
"Zimbabwe is proud to be neither Germany nor USA"
"Mars is not Earth"

Anonymous said...

Alright Franz,Touche.

More importantly another Irish politician,our Minister for Justice Alan Shatter.

He happens to be Jewish-though I read nothing into that.Anyway,he says that the granting of Irish citizenship to foreigners takes too long and should be speeded up.
"You came to our country and CHOSE to live amongst a people we have been ENRICHED by your presence."The ceremony was the first of what would be many welcoming people "into the national family"

Now Shatters Jewishness,as such, makes no difference:any Irish hack politician would have made the same speech.But it grates nonetheless.

Some of those,taking citizenship,a few,are genuinely welcome.But most you can be sure,would be and were rejected by an overwhelming majority of Irish people.

Anonymous said...

(Last post by mr.a)

Fuck,I've spent years fighting my own internal view of Jews:no they're not that bad,no its just coincidence they dominate this field or that field and no its just blind bigotry of those jealous of their abilities(which are genuinely real).
Shatters comment I laid out aove have nothing to do with my admitting the truth to myself and my reticence was not helped by having a German wife and half German daughters.

I'm just not going to pretend anymore.


Anonymous said...

Furthermore,I forgot to mention why I posted on this in the first place.

A friend rang me to draw my attention to this citizenship charade because his next door neighbours,both Africaaners as it happens,were granted citizenship yesterday.Good news,says I.Yes,says he,very good news,but neither were invited to this conferring ceremony.

I wonder why not?.


B Boru said...

This comment by Shatter seems to to be mucg stronger than any other Irish politician has made on the subject. If he's genuine it'll increase my suspicions of Jewish influence still further. But I'd wait and see what he actually does in practice. Maybe he's just disarming his opponents. Maybe.

B Boru said...

Mr. A. I assume you come bottom of the pile in that household! LoL.

Bemused stare said...

"A friend rang me to draw my attention to this citizenship charade because his next door neighbours,both Afrikaners as it happens,were granted citizenship yesterday.Good news,says I.Yes,says he,very good news,but neither were invited to this conferring ceremony.

I wonder why not?."

That does not surprise me in the least.

Would I be correct if I assumed that said Afrikaners have not yet applied for full welfare benefits and asked the town council to redo all road signs etc in Afrikaans?

Franz said...

@ Mr a

There is a perfectly simple explanation why those Afrikaners weren't invited to the ceremony: Their past transgressions.

Everybody knows that...

...Afrikaners are bad because their Mommies and Daddies were mean to Nelson Mandela.

...White Englishmen are bad because their grandparents were mean to Gandhi.

...White Americans are bad because their great-grandparents owned slaves.

...Spaniards are bad because their ancestors killed all the Muslims during the Reconquista.

Don't confuse that however with...

...Jews are bad because their ancestors killed Jesus.

The latter is clearly an exception. In fact, tt would be extremely bigoted and hateful to suggest that all these statements are equally faulty overgeneralizations, assigning collective guilt to the present generation for deeds done in the past.

Suggesting that the same logic applies to all people independent of color and creed is beyond the pale and will shortly be considered a thoughtcrime felony.

So tread carefully Mr a! Your attitude has been noticed.

euroserf said...

Mr A. treds perilously close to the Third Rail.

Anonymous said...

To Bemused Stare(a brilliant name by the way).My friends neighbours:He is a Telecoms engineer,she is a nurse.Both are wonderful new citizens in this country.

As for the rest?.You know youself.


Franz said...

Another thing to LOL (or cry) at:

Italian Mario Draghi is now confirmed to be the next head of the European Central Bank. For those not in the know: Mr Draghi was in charge of Goldman Sachs' derivative division when that selfsame division taught Greek politicians lessons on how to cook the books New-York-style.

I suppose giving the recently arrested Whitey Bulger an amnesty and hiring him to oversee witness protection for the FBI would be even more absurd. Or maybe not. I am confused.

After all, what could possibly go wrong? We're only charging a known swindler and thief to guard a whole continent's money... Again: What could possibly go wrong?

I'm now taking my dog for a walk. When I step outside, I fully expext the rain to fall upward, the sun to rise in the west and my dog to begin a love affair with the neigbour's cat.

Anonymous said...

The American South still lives.
Look for the common man to be the first to resist.
All the blah blah is for the birds.

Piet said...

Afrikaner's have been portrayed as the South African Nazi's. Enough said. Case closed.

RegThe Hedge said...

On the subject of new citizens. I have some good news too.
Two Serbian friends have recently become citizens. Serbs are a fantastic bunch, nationalistism is built in given their history. Clever and driven. Two excellent additions. Two Russian friends are also in the process of becoming citizens, once again very clever and driven. They will make excellent additions.
This is the type of multicultiralism I approve of.

F McCool said...

@Reg. Yes, apparently there was a whole bunch of new Irish citizens created yesterday. Naturally enough, the front of the Irish Slimes showed sundry Nigerians and similar. However, it seems that there lost of good people like, as you mention, Serbs and Russians. No problem at all with them.

Anonymous said...

Ha B Boru,you could not be more wrong!.

Kinder,Kuche,Kirche,as my Mrs was raised.Franz will understand.

Now,I'm off to look in the mirror and pretend I resemble George Clooney.


RegThe Hedge said...

"Anonymous said...

The American South still lives.
Look for the common man to be the first to resist.
All the blah blah is for the birds.

25 June 2011 11:15"

Google have banned the video. They claim it is hate speech.
That is the first time I've seen google banning stuff for these reasons.
This could be a good sign. If they are doing this maybe whites are starting to actually be informed about our future demise. That or the subject of the video was explaining how to do something illegal.
Anybody any ideas?

SAVANT said...

@Reg. This blog is banned by Google under the 'hate and discrimination' banner in some countries (e.g. Croatia).

RegThe Hedge said...

So why do you use google?
Google was founded and is owned by Joos. It is likely they embody the oddly abhorrent liberal views that many Joos align themselves to. This means they scream and shout about freedom of speech and liberal values up until the time you mention something that they disagree with.

My question still stands though. Is this censorship a new thing?

SAVANT said...

Why do I use Google? Well, any other medium will be the same. You saw how the much-touted Wordpress caved in at the first sign of pressure.

I don't think this is new. Press censorshipis as old as the medium itself.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive me for hijacking the thread, Savant, but I thought this might be of interest ...


Is Gaddafi's Gold The Reason For War in Libya?

Watch. Enjoy.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

No need to feel guilty. This download site was put up by the author.

The four Northwest Quartet novels ... also known by some as the Covington Chronicles, downloadable for free.


Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

This Ghaddafy/gold thing would sure put the wind up the Americans. But why would Europe be such enthusiastic supporters in that case?

Anonymous said...

While we're at it ...

Adam Smith was right: Big business is not your friend

Mike Adams

An American maker of Internet routing gear is in deep public relations trouble. It has been accused of customizing its technology to help Communist China track members of a religious dissident group calling itself “Falun Gong.” It has resulted in a lawsuit being filed last month in federal court in California.

The lawsuit alleges that the American Internet routing company marketed its equipment by developing special training manuals to teach the Chinese government how to locate dissidents. The lawsuit also alleges that those training manuals used inflammatory language borrowed from the era of the Maoist Revolution. Finally, it contends that the company helped design the “Golden Shield” firewall that has actually been used to censor political and religious speech in China and to track opponents of the Chinese government.

The lawsuit is of great interest to me because the American Internet company named as a defendant in the lawsuit is none other than Cisco Systems. In fact, the suit also individually names Cisco President John Chambers. Readers of this column are probably familiar with Chambers because he has also been named in my last three columns. Those columns have all explored the firing of American political and religious dissident Frank Turek. That firing occurred after Turek’s religious and political speech was tracked by a manager at Cisco who promptly had him excluded from the workplace under the Cisco policy of inclusion.


Anonymous said...

Conan O'Brien had a black woman comedian on who was huge and he had to do tha' showbiz thang and tell her she looked beautiful.

I think I misinterpreted the sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Conan is looking after his job.

Anonymous said...

Cannot remember where the list was but thy missed