Saturday, 6 November 2010

Here's to our loss of sovereignty!

My posts on economic matters seldom attract much attention on this blog, but right now I need to get some things off my manly chest. This one concerns the EU – not exactly a popular institution with our readers. In fact the many awful things attributed to ‘The EU’ should more correctly be directed at the egregious European Convention on Human Rights. All the attempts to apply the law to riotous immigrant welfare scroungers fall foul of this ghastly legislation, not the EU per se.

In Ireland right now there’s a major campaign underway protesting at our impending ‘loss of economic sovereignty’ to the EU. Frederick Forsythe has penned a series of impassioned manifestos begging us to leave the EU and become ‘independent once again’. I’ve no doubt Fred and all the others are totally sincere. I also think they’re wrong.

Loss of a country’s economic sovereignty is not a bad thing if that country is incapable of running an economy. And boy, are we incapable – at least in the conditions in which we found ourselves over the last ten years or so. It’s been claimed that the political culture in Ireland is totally undisciplined, avoiding the hard decisions at every opportunity, until the wheels come off. True, but it only goes part of the way. The wheels in fact came off quite a while ago, and we continued taking the soft options as the ramshackle chassis careered to a grinding halt in a shower of sparks and screaming metal.

Giving money to the Irish political class is like handing a wad of notes to an alcoholic staggering towards the pub, and insisting that he not spend it on drink. Their behaviour as our deficits hit astronomical levels was to keep spending as long as we could borrow. Irrespective of where, or at what price. Result: We’ve gone from having a very low debt/GDP ratio to one of the worst in the industrialized world in just a few years. The only way they’ll ever stop is when they – quite literally – can't get their paws on any more moolah.

And here’s where the EU comes in, in the stern form of Angela Merkel. We need a dominatrix like she: Stony Teutonic gaze, clad in thigh-length leather boots and brandishing a matching leather whip. We need her to tell the leprechauns that there’ll be no more moolah until they get their house in order. Best of all, she’ll spell out exactly what we’ll have to do: cut astronomical public sector pay rates and numbers and rationalise welfare. No longer will we have semi-state non-commercial executives trousering as much money as Steve Ballmer. It’d be too much of course to expect her to eliminate foreign aid, or even cut it significantly. Still……

The other thing that ‘the Germans’ (that's what the EU is now being referred to here) will do is tackle our culture of impunity. You must understand that nobody in Ireland is ever to blame for anything. You’re a financial regulator who falls asleep on the job, and wakes up to find that the whole banking system has collapsed? Not a bother. You go out on early retirement, on full pension plus a near seven-figure tax-free sum to help you along, with effusive homage to your years of ‘public service’ ringing in your ears. Every public functionary who has lead us into our current mess has enjoyed similar taxpayer-funded largesse. In North Korea they’d have been summarily executed.

So yes, a bit of Germanic discipline is just what we need. Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to the carnage, not least because we should see a cull of the parasites and a general cleaning of the Augean stables. Staying with the German theme, well, a bit of schadenfreude will do nicely.


beppo said...

All perfectly true,Savant, but the phrase Pissing into the Wind comes to mind. If there is one thing the electorate is allergic to it's the truth when inconvenient.
Often known as common sense-but I am sure you know this by now.

kulak said...

Dominatrix? If in bull markets there's a wish for kings, in bear markets there's a wish for queens

Economically, all that will do is make sure the next disaster is bigger, and not confined to a few countries.

There may be some short-term benefits to you, true.

Q: But what's in it for the Germans, hmm? Will the Irish regret the price?

The choice is not between one disaster and no disaster. The choice is between one disaster and another disaster.

Your politicians deferred some problems until today and fulfilled some unrealistic present desires by borrowing money. How is what you propose better?

Money is just money.

Make your own authority, Savant. BE your own authority.

Take authority from your politicians if you must, but give it to yourself.

If the kind is bad, take his throne.

Reactionary_83 said...

Wonderful post. One hears all this rubbish in the media about Ireland collectively taking a 'new direction'. This isn't going to happen as long as Irish politicians are in charge. I too welcome more involvement of the EU in running our economy. Let's face it: if Ireland had continued to be run by the UK it would be in a better shape today than it is (this is only valid of course, if you subtract the effect of mass immigration that will ruin that country). We should be very grateful for German administration of this country. If the Irish continue to run this country we are headed towards the 2nd/3rd world (even if you ignore the immigration aspect). SA was run by Germanic people and became the beacon of civilization in the dark continent. Once this was ended, it started going to hell in a handcart.

In an unrelated matter I noticed that Ireland First and Irish Nation First blogs are down (the account of the former has been suspended). Does anybody know what's going on? I hope you have backed your insightful prose, TIS, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI:

...and "here's to our loss of" another (Irish) blogger for reasons unknown.

It's not a good omen for freespeechers when a blog loads that dreaded "suspended" page.

Anonymous said...

I believe a period of extreme economic hardship would, in the longterm do the Irish people the world of good.
It would be a long time before the Irish electorate voted for a political party that was extravagant with the public purse without measuring up the long term consequences.

Did the Germans ever forget the griping poverty they experienced after the first world war or the hyper inflation of the 1930s.

Countries with incompetent and corrupt politicians / governments should fail and be allowed to fail miserably its in that countries best longterm interest.

Anonymous said...

The EU certainly needs somewhere to put some of the 50 million sub-Saharan African workers it plans to invite into the EU.
The EU has already commented on how it sees Ireland as being very underpopulated!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it seems one offending blog after another is being taken down by 'do no evil' Google.

Master of Cohesion said...

How DARE you criticize the rationality behind foreign aid? Don't you know your ancestors are responsible for the horrors of colonization? You should donate all of your money and furniture to Haitians or enter the nearest "Politically Appropriate Re-Training Center" to pound some sedatives and sense into you.

GO LABOU -snip

Anonymous said...

Still, Ireland still ranks at 5 in the UN Human Development Index.

Anonymous said...

One downside of the EU is the free movement of peoples. The large influx of Polish was a big factor in overheating the economy. Employers had a unlimited supply of cheap labour. The expanding population needed to be housed, leading to a building boom. If Ireland had control of its own currency they could deflate or inflate the punt to suit Irish conditions. Membership of the Euro meant a bigger boom and bust.

Anonymous said...

One danger of EU membership is if Turkey is allowed to join. You could see an influx of Turks three times the size of the East European influx. Anthony Coughlin predicted the mass immigration of Poles and other East Europeans into Ireland in the Nice referendum of 2002 and was ostracized by other anti-Nice campaigners including the ultra-pc Sinn Fein and Greens.

Henry IX said...

" Membership of the Euro meant a bigger boom and bust."

Only in so far as Ireland used/abused the euro facility. Ireland used the huge increase in availability of funds, plus the lower interest rates (much lower) to go on a binge.

It's Ireland's own fault. None of the other Euro members apart from 'the usual suspects' did the same. DOn't blame the Euro for this.

kulak said...

Yes, it seems one offending blog after another is being taken down by 'do no evil' Google.

What do you get when you cross a darkie and an Irishman?

Lashawn O'hara

kulak said...

Ireland used the huge increase in availability of funds, plus the lower interest rates (much lower) to go on a binge.

I just want to know who got all the bonus airline miles.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of appearing to introduce another thread, I'm going to post the following and pretend that it echoes the theme of "Discipline" in this post.

Please go here:-

"Let off again and again, the boy branded the most out of control child in Britain at 4 who became a rapist 19 years later ..."

Now ... imagine this happening to a whole nation -- as is happening now.

I leave you with that thought.


Uncle Nasty.

PS Forgive the loooong URL, but TinyURL seems to be having difficulty, right now.

Piet said...

Uncle Nasty: Note how the so-called mother of this fiend blames everone but herself. She married a porch monkey, who, as all porch monkeys do, abandoned her after a few years. Then she has the gall to say

‘I feel I have been let down right back to that incident when he was four. Nothing was put in place to help him and over the years he has just got worse.’

Anonymous said...

Savant, the problem isn't the Irish politicians, but the Irish people. You're the ones wanting all the insanity. And I can say this as someone whose governent took measures in the right direction just to be hated by everyone in the country. Democracy sucks and its a horrible form of government - nothing to see, move along.

But I don't see what's all the beef about sovereignty. Giving the vote to foreigners who move in your country is a loss of sovereignty too for your group, so I'm amused by civic nationality supporters that are pro-sovereignty. Doesn't make sense.

SAVANT said...

I agree. We vote in these retards, and unlike the US, we do have a range of parties with very different programmes to choose from. But we'll always - always - vote in the one(s) that promise us short-term goodies and no pain.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree, Piet. My solution would have been going down to the local sports and buying a kiddie-sized cricket bat. Then swatting the little fuckweasel upside the ear after incident two.

Screw modern parenting and PC psychobabble -- even the most demented and psychopathic kid will not grab a glowing heater element twice.

He (or she) can squall and scream and plead and nag and spit his (her) dummy across the street but that damn old element shows no mercy. It jes' keeps glowin' along.

A magnificent demonstration of Nature's relentless law of cause and effect.

All we have to do is apply it to the feral kids of today. if you kill one or two of them? Tough.

Punishment doesn't even have to be that harsh ... just inevitable.

"Pour encourager les autres" as Voltaire said ...


Uncle Nasty

Rob said...

I think we should at least have the freedom to screw things up ourselves. The EU is a corrupt institution whose purpose is the wiping out of the nation-state. The best thing we could do is leave it. If we were finally made to wake up to the fact that we had to pull our own coals out the fire, we'd probably get down to it.

Remember, the EU is still in the early stages of its existence as a supra-national empire. If you think the inclusion of Turkey is the limit to the Europhiles' ambitions, remember that David Miliband wants eventually to include North Africa as well.

Rob said...

I just remembered something - the European Convention on Human Rights has nothing to do with the EU. It's the work of the Council of Europe, which was set up in 1949. It's not to be confused with the European Council, which is part of the EU. Likewise, the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is part of the CoE and has nothing to do with the EU.

The CoE has 47 members, compared to the EU's 27, and, you'll be glad to know, is currently chaired by Turkey.

You'd want to go easy on that imagery of Merkel as a dominatrix with whip and boots (whew!) as there could be some radio presenter on a plane somewhere reading this blog on his laptop...

SAVANT said...

Lol Rob!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it: if Ireland had continued to be run by the UK it would be in a better shape today than it is (this is only valid of course, if you subtract the effect of mass immigration that will ruin that country).

Ireland was ruined by being in the UK. You only have to look at Northern Ireland and its 89 years of fialure to see this.

Robert said...

Hitler's Plan to Save Ireland

Joseph Moroco said...

Actually, my good man, you owe the Irish an apology. They were less incompetent than most of the rest of Europe.

Suggesting that the Irish give up sovereignty to Europe is not too bright for a man I hold to be smart.

SAVANT said...

Josepf M. This is a good article and I agree with it. My point really was that current crop of politicians, especially in government, are so incompetent that anyone, even the IMF, is better.

Having said that I believe, given the scale of the repayment mountain, that we should partially default. Which is what we should have done 2 years ago.

Joseph Moroco said...

Alexis de Tocqueville, the greatest critic of the American Republic, wrote that the lesser men seek office in a democracy because there are so many opportunities outside of government.

You are going to have a bunch of losers running the show no matter what. You don't think the IMF are anything but a bunch of corrupt, connected flunkies.

Decentralization is always better.

The proof that it is just a bunch of flunkies is that neither of us has been called in to run a government department.

SAVANT said...

A lot of truth in what you say there. Early indications are not good. Then the group contains several Indians - is lead by one. Not noted for their ethics or probity, that's for sure.

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