Thursday, 13 May 2010

North of the border, down Mexico way...

Samuel Johnson proclaimed that ‘patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel’. I agree totally – in the sense that Sam had in mind. This was not selfless commitment to one’s country, rather the flag-waving hypocrisy exemplified by the GW Bush regime. Wave the flag to build support for foreign wars that bled the country’s manhood and treasure, while simultaneously, as rewards for the regime’s paymasters, abandoning border controls while exporting the cream of American manufacturing.

Flag wavers have had a hard time in Europe over the last half century, for obvious reasons, and Europeans have correspondingly found flag practices in the US (tall flagpole in the garden, raising and lowering daily) to be quaint and somewhat amusing.

Which makes recent events in California’s Live Oak High School all the more astonishing. Surely you’ve all read about this? No? Of course – silly me. It didn’t appear in the MSM. And you’ll understand why if you read on.
Five students apparently “whipped up emotions” in the largely Hispanic school by, wait for it, “wearing t-shirts depicting red, white and blue American flags” on the very minor Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo. Some Mexican-American students said they thought wearing red, white and blue on Cinco de Mayo was “disrespectful”. The assistant principal then ordered the students who wore t-shirts with American flags to either go home or turn the shirts inside out.
Yes, you’ve read that right. In an American public school, paid for by American taxpayers, Hispanic students (most of whom probably are also recipients of various forms of welfare) and school management object to students wearing the country's flag. Yet thousands of Mexicans descended on Washington and burned dozens of US flags without let or hindrance. And I've read, I don't know if it's true, that an American who burned a Mexican flag there was arrested.

Has multi culti, peecee, cultural ‘equivalence’ really come to this state of lunacy? Seemingly it has.

And in a way, it’s no real surprise that these people act the way they do. The US, especially California, has made no serious attempt to address the problem of illegal immigration, instead virtually encouraging them to come by providing access to jobs, schooling, welfare, language services, and providing a lengthy appeal mechanism against deportation.

If California is the worst, Arizona, at least in recent weeks, has become the best. The new legislation will go some way towards reversing the tide, if the state doesn’t cave in to the immense pressure it’s now enduring. While most opposition to Arizona has come from domestic useful idiots, there’s also been a most outraged reactions from south of the border, down Mexico way. Here’s their President, accusing Arizona of “intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse” in introducing these measures.

Yet Mexico won't accept foreigners who fail to enhance the country’s “economic or national interests”. Car wash attendants and gardeners presumably wouldn’t qualify

Same goes for those entering for health care. Those “not found to be physically or mentally healthy” are not welcome. And if you show “contempt against national sovereignty” you’re in deep trouble. Illegal entry, and especially illegal re-entry, concepts well known to the Mexican victims in Arizona, will get you up to ten years in the slammer if you reverse the direction.

And if you’ve been to Mexico you’ll know that you can be stopped by police, any place, any time, and asked to produce your papers – and also a generous bribe to avoid further harassment. If you’ve the deep misfortune to be an illegal immigrant from the south (e.g. El Salvador, Nicaragua) you’ll get beaten up and robbed by the police, jailed, and then flung back over the border, destitute, when your time is up.

Now the interesting thing is that the Mexican Government, and its representatives throughout the US, are conspiring with their illegals to flout the very regulations they enforce with such rigour in Mexico itself. But again, why not? Whitey gives way all the time. Even the most grotesque hypocrisy and double-think, of the kind I just referred to, goes unanswered. They’ll take what’s offered to them. And just like the Muslim immigrants in Sweden, there’s no gratitude, just contempt.

Sometimes I just lose the will to live.


Krokodil said...

Well, we are all tribal people - so the idea that multiculturalism is inherently the way forward and can work harmoniously, is just a pipe dream. A degree of blurring at the fringes, yes, but a complete and utter mixing, no.

This, of course, doesn't address the serious issue of hypocrisy and double standards referred to in your article. Maybe the white race is in a slow and inevitable (or irreversible) decline; maybe eventually there will be a reaction against this pc cancer - who knows?

As for Arizona, it is up to the electorate of that state (via their elected politicians) to implement their own laws. I wouldn't want to see people unfairly discriminated against but, such is the reality of the modern (western) world, measures that WORK need to be implemented, as opposed to feeble legislation that has no teeth.

Like it or not, this is a rapidly changing world, and some strong changes might be necessary in order to maintain cultural integrity. Of course, if you take Japan as an example, it is entirely possible for a modern, progressive state to maintain cultural autonomy and homogeneity. No pc bollox for them - and rightly so.

kulak said...

Yes, you’ve read that right. In an American public school, paid for by American taxpayers, Hispanic students (most of whom probably are also recipients of various forms of welfare) and school management object to students wearing the country's flag.

It's a reasonable objection. If a handful of Mexican students in a white school wore their flag near a white holiday, I'd object.

What's unreasonable is that whites are obligated to foot the bill.

THAT's what multi-culti pee cee is all about -- whites FOOTING THE BILL.

Anonymous said...

Savant, a few points from someone who lives in the Southwest:

1) did you notice that three of those students have Hispanic names? Unlike Muslims, more and more Americans of Latin descent are identifying with America and integrating.
2) illegals take jobs in the SW because the local economy has been so good for so long - they are less welcome/employed in states like Ohio.
3) illegals will work harder for less money than the average American, and there are none of the red tape/civil rights/legal hassles.
4) the illegal labor market is a byproduct of excessive regulation and unionism - just look at California. Small, legal businesses and productive citizens are driven to other states: those that remain go under the table because the burden of doing things by the book is too great.

Yes, I am against illegal immigration - send 'em all home! But the cause is not only left-liberal treachery.


SAVANT said...

Potgeiter - I'm not saying the cause is only left-liberal treachery. I made the point that the likes of Bush encouraged it, not least because it provided his paymasters with a steady supply of docile (for now) and cheap labour.

That's the problem. This thing is driven by powers on both sides of the political spectrum.

Californian said...

I keep making reference to the situation in the Roman Empire post the Battle of Adrianople, 378 AD.

Clovis said...

Most appropriate Californian. That's when they started inviting in the barbarians. We know what happened next

Anonymous said...

This has happened in the Netherlands

General Lee said...

Despite all talk of an Arizona boycott, even the ultr-liberal Huffington Post has comments that overwhelmingly disagree with allowing illegals special treatment.

Maybe there's hope!