Wednesday, 7 April 2010

South Africa? Armageddon time?

At the time of the birth of the 'Rainbow Nation' in 1994 not even the most pessimistic observer would have predicted the speed and depth of the ensuing black leadership decline. After Mandela you had Mbeki, a major decline in itself, but at least he was literate and wore a suit. He in turn was replaced by the prolific Jacob Zuma, a barely literate tribesman who prances around in animal skins and fucks any woman he gets his paws on.
And Zuma looks like being replaced by?
Well, let’s see what the man himself says. He declares that “Julius Malema is a future president of our country”.
Julius who?
Zuma and I are talking here about the ANC Youth League President, who was, for good measure, described by Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale as “an example for the nation.”
An example of what he didn’t specify, but we can guess.
What unique leadership characteristics does Julius bring to the table? Well, we know he eventually ‘graduated’ from secondary school at the ripe old age of 21, unable to construct a sentence in English, do simple arithmetic, or nail two pieces of wood together (his grade in Woodwork was 20%).
But hey! - such trivialities won't hold a good man back. And within a few short years (he’s now only 29) this horny-handed revolutionary son of the soil had amassed a personal property portfolio worth at least R5m and cars worth R1.2m. At a recent celebration his proletarian comrades drank gallons of Johnnie Walker Gold Label whisky, which costs around R700 a bottle, and Moet et Chandon French champagne, which costs multiples of that. He struts around wearing Gucci suits and a Breitling watch worth about R250 000 and travels in a car with no number plates with no fear of prosecution.

But what might appear as blatant hypocrisy and corruption to us is, apparently, a selfless exercise in black consciousness building. Over to Julius again "If we [he always refers to himself in the royal ‘We’] are going to refuse the youth to drive these cars it means they are only good for white youth. Ours will never drive those cars. So we must sit and appreciate the good things by whites and not by one of our own. That's what we're trying to break."
Oh, I see!
Black South African writer Jacob Dlamini says “Strip away that caricature, kill the cartoon, and what you are left with is a cunning thug who is the nexus of a patronage network based in Limpopo but that cuts across provincial borders.”
Even by African standards he’s way out in front when it comes to getting his snout in the trough. But that doesn’t seem to bother his impoverished followers. It seems an African trait to flaunt gaudy ostentation like he does, with the implicit promise that some of it will rub off on said followers. And this brings us a again to the cargo cult syndrome, whereby wealth is something that just happens - the only work required is to spread it out.

Therefore Malema’s gaudy parasitic lifestyle is what they’re invited to emulate. He’s saying to the youth (just like one of my favourites, the Cheef Ejukator) that you don't need an education, or need to work hard, or to be provident. No, just go into ‘politics’ and wait your turn for the goodies to be spread out to you.

Now there another side to him, that of an endlessly provocative buffoon, blowing away all accepted standards of civility. He enthusiastically recites the rollicking old ANC favourite “Kill the boer, kill the farmer” at every opportunity. A recent rendition of this ditty preceded the hacking to death of AWB leader Eugene Terreblanch a few days ago. He insults and threatens whites in a way that would have been inconceivable from any black politician even a few years ago, and he's attacked in the most egregious terms even ANC Government ministers. The non-black ones, that is.

More than one observer has likened him to a young Idi Amin.

Yet nobody in government has anything other than good things to say about him.

What’s going on here? In fact, what’s going on in South Africa generally?

I'm only an outside observer (albeit a regular visitor and one with many friends in that country) so my views have to be discounted to some extent. But sometimes an external observer identifies developments that may not be obvious to those on the ground, wrapped up as they are in the daily grind of surviving.

My view is that something major is going down and that it’s not going to be pretty. Why is Malema being tolerated, indeed encouraged, by powerful forces in that country? How does this fit in to other developments now underway?

Here are a few theories.

1. The ANC are using Malema as a holding operation

Under this scenario Malema is being tolerated because, whereas he’s pissing off the whites, they’re not going to react in any violent way and he is, maybe inadvertently on his part, keeping the increasingly restive native ‘youths’ pacified….. as they wait their turn at the trough when he gains power.

2. Malema plans to oust the ANC old guard

Under this scenario Malema is using his outlandish behaviour to divert attention from his real objective, viz, to bide his time until the country's ‘youths’ tire of the old guards’ failed promises and sweep Malema into power to deliver to them what he has, in splendid fashion, delivered to himself.

3. Extreme elements are setting Malema up for ‘martyrdom’

Here I see the possibility that extreme elements, e.g. SACP and the ANC youth wing, possibly a lot more, want the excuse to foment a full race war and get their hands on the loot, unencumbered by due process and such nonsense. If Malema were to be ‘assassinated’ and the killing blamed on ‘white extremists’, the pretext for all-out war of white genocide would be in place.

4. Malema’s being used to provoke a white reaction

In this scenario Malema becomes so provocative both verbally and physically (like with the murder of Terreblanch) that some whites will react by staging some form of armed resistance. This will be the excuse for black extremists to launch a genocidal attack on whites while maintaining the support of the rest of the world as they ‘put down the white reactionaries’ rebellion’.

5. He’s being used to unify white resistance

Ok, this is probably far-fetched, but I’ll give it to you anyway. My theory on this one is based on Malema’s clearly stated intention to have the country’s mines ‘returned’ to the blacks, without compensation. (“Here in Zimbabwe hear you are now going straight to the mines. That's what we are going to be doing in South Africa"). It’s a logical ‘progression’ of his ‘thinking’. Now this is the one thing calculated to put the wind up the ultimate power brokers in SA, the Oppenheimers and their like. Even without this latest development they must be worried about the way the country is going.

So, my (not very plausible) theory is, they see the need for whites to unify and defend ‘law and order’, now that the ANC seem incapable/unwilling to do this. Malema’s outrageous and threatening behaviour, singing ‘kill the boer’, and then having one of the boers’ leaders hacked to death would surely galvanise the, so far, supine whites. A unified, cohesive white force would easily overpower a numerically superior African opposition. At which point the mines would remain safely in the ownership of South Africa’s elite!

In any event, I think things are going to come to a head fairly soon. The catalyst could be the conclusion of the World Cup, the death of Mandela, or just a semi-spontaneous re-igniting of the ‘struggle’. Friends and colleagues there tell me that they’ve noticed a subtle change in attitude among their own black co-workers and other associates. There seems to be a pulling back and oblique references along the lines of ‘if something happens to whites it won't be my fault, even though you’ll have brought it on yourselves’.
They say it’s scary.
It is.


Anonymous said...

I don't know which scenario is correct, but for sure things are coming to the boil here.

kulak said...

Boy are you white Savant. It's nothing nearly so complicated.

#2 comes closest:

Malema plans to oust the ANC old guard

Under this scenario Malema is using his outlandish behaviour to divert attention

Except it's no diversion at all, and they are not fooled.

All of the alpha negros understand each other, and ALL of them want to be top gorilla.

Only whitey is fooled.

Which is not the same thing as badly forecasting consequences.

Whitey misunderstands the negro, and therefore miscalculates consequences. The negro understands himself, but can't calculate consequences.

Yet nobody in government has anything other than good things to say about him.

Why should they? He's a nigger's nigger. Part of them would like to rant just like him.

You've forgotten that the point of negro talking is to get something from whitey.

So, again, why should they say anything?

Heck, letting Malema run his mouth might even get some dumb white folk oversees to cough up some money. You know, to alleviate the poverty that causes violence and extremism.

If it doesn't, well, no big loss.

Piet said...

I think kulak has it right on the button. Just about 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

"Friends and colleagues there tell me that they’ve noticed a subtle change in attitude among their own black co-workers and other associates. There seems to be a pulling back and oblique references along the lines of ‘if something happens to whites it won't be my fault, even though you’ll have brought it on yourselves’."

Your friends and colleagues are correct. and yes, it IS scary.

Anonymous said...

Why do whites remain in SA? Why don't you leave?

Speaking as an American Catholic from the Northeast, when hordes of blacks emigrated from the south and occupied our cities, we left for the suburbs. A few stayed and fought, but it was pointless. Property values dropped, crime increased, and our children were brutalized. Plus the media (Jews)described the ethnic Catholics as bigots, it was a no win situation (see Boston bussing fiasco of the 1970's).

It must be that whites continue to make a good living in SA, plenty of cheap labor. If this is so, I have little sympathy for them.

Fat cat whites in America love cheap labor as well and continue to import Mexicans at a furious pace. The pursuit of cheap labor is the downfall for the white race.

pretorious said...

anon 20.29 - you seem to have no idea how difficult it is for white South Africans to emigrate to a 'civilised' country.

Unlike black savages from Africa, we can't claim refugee status anywhere and have to be young and highly qualified to get work permits.

As well as that, if we sold our businesses and property we'd get nothing for them in hard currency terms. So we'd be almost starting from scratch even if we did get in somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a smnart arse, but, I got out of SA several years before black rule as I knew, as sure as shit stinks, the country would go tits up, with the mumnts in control. Europe is also well on it's way down the tubes, but, Europeans may still have time to put the brakes on it, if they would just get these Marxist/Liberal wankers out of the loop, once and for all.

maroo kufar said...

Would it be possible for white South Africans to move to Mexico; and then move to the US? Everybody else does it. The only people whon can't emigrate to the US; are those who play by the rules!

Anonymous said...

Why no post on the murder of Toyosi Shittabey, Savant?

Anonymous said...

If there is a slaughter of whites in South Africa, the international(e) media will portray it as a war set off by extremist whites. They will literally lie about it in other words. There is no way that they will tell the rest of the world the truth about what really went on in South Africa.

If I was a white in South Africa, I would try everything possible to get out. Your education and skills are your wealth. I wouldn't worry about how much money I left with. Its better to be alive and broke in Europe, Australia, Canada, America, New Zealand, or Russia than dead in South Africa.

blueboy said...

I like that - go to Mexico and then into the US, like everyone else!

As the poet said, many a true word spoken in jest!

SAVANT said...

I'm asked "Why no post on the murder of Toyosi Shittabey, Savant?"

The comment refers to a Dublin boy of Nigerian parents who was murdered in an unprovoked attack in Dublin. I condemn it unreservedly and hope the murderers get life.

However, and it's a big however, this is waht happens when we allow vast numbers of black immigrants into the country. Race murders happen everywhere and we can expect a lot more of the same. And if England or the US are anything to go by, once a certain critical mass is reached we whites will be on the receiving end.

Winomadus said...

And this news is equally sad:

"Destitute and desperate, Icelanders opt for exile"

Under abusive loans from usurers, Icelanders are buried under debts. Under abusive propaganda from the usurers, South Africans barely survive in their own contry.

kulak said...

an unprovoked attack

Sure about that Savant? Just asking.

An altercation is believed to have occurred at Boulevard Mount Eustace and at a location at Mount Garrett Rise, Tyrellstown shortly after 7pm last night between a number of people...

Mr Barry appeared alongside Michael Barry (23) from Pigeon House Road, Dublin, who has been charged under section 11 of the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act with possession of a hockey stick. Paul Barry wore a green T-shirt and his left arm was in a sling.

Another question: Is a hockey stick a hockey stick, like, for playing hockey?!?

This case reminds me a bit of one in my general area last year. White guy with a bit of illegality in his past made some racial comments. A Mexican nearby took offense, felt big, decided with his two buddies to put the racist in his place.

Picked the wrong racist.

Anonymous said...

Two months to go. SA really needs this World Cup to succeed: it could be the difference between success and failure as a country. No other soccer World Cup has had this much riding on it. God bless South Africa!


SAVANT said...

That's how the MSM described it kulak. You're not suggesting they'd be misleading, are you!!!

Anonymous said...

Note this interesting comment on the latest post on the MySAS site.

Something worth thinking about. Please read & circulate so that when the smelly brown stuff hits the bladed oscilating device, no-one can say “We didn’t know”.

Some food for thought people!

Lime Lite said...

The ANC government have thieved and pocketed most of the tax payer money and reserves. The hordes of blacks in SA are getting a bit restless with the non-delivery of services and their magical free houses etc - a free ANC t-shirt doesn't go very far these days. In order to take the focus off of the self-enriched government, they use Malema and his cake-hole to whip up the hatred against the "rich" whites and keep the whites in fear. The ANC sit back, put their feet up and plan how to steal more money. Malema is a red herring.

@ Anon 20:28 - it's not easy for white SAs to get refugee status if they can't leave on their qualifications. Look up Brandon Huntley's case and see how he was hounded around the world for pointing out how dangerous SA is. Unless some anglo countries stop the PC multi-culti bullsh!t and start looking after our race we are doomed.

Noddy said...

Malema asks a fortune teller on which day will he die. She replies on a Boer public holiday. ‘Why?’ he asks. Any day on which you die, is a Boer public holiday!

Enoch Was Right said...

Someone suggested white S.A. refugees could enter the U.S. through Mexico. It's not necessary. If they can obtain a tourist visa, all they have to do when they visit is overstay their visa. Millions of people have lived here for years without any hassles from immigration authorities, who rarely deport anyone unless they are a hardened criminal. There are even sanctuary cities where the local governments refuse to hand illegal immigrants over to the Feds for deportation. You can even obtain a mortgage without too much hassle. The biggest problem will be finding a job when you get here.

Anonymous said...

had a look at the Gombeen Man blog. The writer is weeping buckets over the killing of this young man and so are his commentators.

I don't get it. Do these people know nothing about violent blacks in the UK or the rest of Europe? Rod Liddle has just got into a whole lot of trouble for pointing out that Afro-Caribbeans commit a huge amount of violent crime in London.

Didn't you have an item about a Nigerian who raped and murdered a woman in NI?

Her is the link.

Why don't you add a comment?


King said...

Yet still you have sad, misguided idiots collecting money here to fund trips to South Africa in order to build houses and schools for them. The Niall Mellon township trust I believe it's called

RegThe Hedge said...

I know a way people can come and remain in Ireland. I am not prepared to tell this to non whites so I will not post it.
Please e-mail me and I'll give details and maybe you can pass it on to people you know to be whites.

SAVANT said...

Richard - Gombeen Man apparently has a chip on his shoulder about the way the irish were treated in London when he was there in the 1980s. Could have been something to do with the fact gthat we were regularly blowing the place up.

He's totally blinded by this, but apart from that he's a good commentator.

SAVANT said...

Reg - I dont have your email address! Mine is at the top of the blog.

Jean C. said...

"Kill The Farmer. Kill The Boer".

Yup...that's real, real smart. Kill off those who supply YOUR FOOD you stupid savages. The average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa is 70....and that is the AVERAGE!
Why does the world pander to such gross stupidity?

If they actually accomplish murdering ALL of the farmers of South Africa, they should simply be left to their own devices and STARVE.

But then of course I forgot this line of incredible imbecility that I heard about awhile back. It's RACIST to PLAN AHEAD. So forget about it. Let the rest of the world feed them lest they be called RACIST.

My head is exploding. I'm outta here...back to my planet in search of intelligent life forms.

proud redneck said...

Deffo - scenario 3 is the one. He's being set up for a fall. Just watch!

Lucinda said...

I am convinced that the white South Africans are in for a bloodbath, and soon. ET's murder was the equivalent of Kristallnacht for them. I have offered to take in to my home any South African who needs a refuge (I live in California). Seventy years ago a number of Gentiles risked their lives to rescue some of our people from death. I could not live with myself if I did not offer to do the same, when all it will cost me is a bit of inconvenience. Where are all the white nationalists in the blogosphere and what are you all doing to save a remnant of these people? The politically corrected public around the world will shed not a tear for them. It is up to everyone who values Western civilization to lend a hand before it is too late. Don't wait for the artistic memorials and moving documentaries which lament their extinction.

Krokodil said...

Anon 7/4 20:28 - Trying to equate moving to the suburbs from the inner city as compared to emigrating from a country where your kith and kin have been for many generations (for some descendents at least, since 1652), is the most dumb comment I've read in a while.

A better analogy would be to suggest that white America should simply get out of those states (USA) that are becoming over-run with non-whites. However, I suspect you wouldn't be too enthusiastic about that.

It might be the advisable thing to do (getting out of SA), but loads of people are not in that position for all kinds of reasons. Furthermore, while I'm not naive to the possibility of things becoming completely untenable in the future, I won't jump on the "we're all doomed!" bandwagon just yet. There are actually black people of good-will in SA (though not enough of them in positions of power and influence for my liking) so the utter stuff-up about to take place (according to many) is not inevitable.

BTW, a huge poor-white underclass now exists in SA - they are the people who will find it most difficult to leave the country, not the wealthy who are "addicted" to cheap labour.

Anonymous said...

A false dawn. The Virginai Governor has had to make the usual Stalinist recantation:

Anonymous said...

What a great idea of Lucinda's. I'm going to see what we can organise in the UK.

T. Fitzgerald said...

If a civil war does erupt in SA, we all know which side the western countries will support. B. Obama will assist the blacks (btw this is not neccessarily a racial thing; Bush and Clinton would do likewise). The neocon strategists will also recommend this. The media will spin it off as whites trying to restore the evil apartheid regime (when they merely seek basic rights). The small army of SA whites will not be able to resist the combined might of the armies of the USA and Europe. I would like to think some of these soldiers will rebel, join the SA whites and fight the good cause. Attempts made to recruit whites in Europe or the USA and send a force to help the SA whites will be made illegitimate. This sounds terrible, but I suspect this would happen. Whatever the outcome, I wish white SAers all the best.

Clovis said...

@T Fitzgerald. I agree that the basic survival of the whites in SA will get no traction in the west 9or anywhere). However there's no way I could see them actaully sending in military forces to support the blacks in the event of a civil war.

Proud Non Black said...

People seem to think that the South African whites are a small group who are insignificant, to put it into perspective there are some one and a half million white South Africans who have emigrated since 1994 but the number remaining is more than all of the Irish in Ireland or the New Zealanders in New Zealand or all of the Palestinians, those that remain aint going no-where and they are beginning to get gatvol of the non whites, shit will fly

kulak said...


If they can obtain a tourist visa, all they have to do when they visit is overstay their visa. Millions of people have lived here for years without any hassles from immigration authorities, who rarely deport anyone unless they are a hardened criminal.

The darkies have a legal ethnic cohort already here that will shelter them.

The Irish, Poles and some other Eastern Europeans like Ukranians and "Russian" mobbies who come to the United States illegally have that too, if not all to the same degree.

There is a lesson here about pan-whiteyness.

As in: It's bogus. And rightfully so.

To paraphrase John Quincy Adams: Let us be the friend and well-wisher to whites everywhere, but champion only of our own.

Also remember Emerson's essay on self-reliance:

If an angry bigot assumes this bountiful cause of Abolition, and comes to me with his last news from Barbados, why should I not say to him, 'Go love thy infant; love thy wood-chopper; be good-natured and modest; have that grace; and never varnish your hard, uncharitable ambition with this incredible tenderness for black folk a thousand miles off. Thy love afar is spite at home.'

Which is just as true regarding WHITE folk a thousand miles away.

Crystal said...

My heart bleeds for my country.

Laager said...

It all comes down to business

As long as it is possible for the west to do business with the baboons they have put into power that's the way it is going to be.

YT is expendable

The only possible catalyst that may galvanise the west into doing something is if the Chinese start getting too powerful in Africa.

There are strategic minerals there that both sides need.
Like oil, once the supply is at risk, only then will the west step in.

Meantime YT is on his own.

Anonymous said...

The big problem is that while the absolute numbers of whites may be large, they're all spread out across the country. Impossible in my view to mount a cohesive defense.

Lee said...

It’s very sad that so many white people in Europe and the US fought so hard to for the black cause in SA, yet no support is being received for the white people in SA who are under siege. Of course the ANC government will deny any wrongdoing and will deliver the requisite lip service to appease those that are concerned and yet the murder of whites, plundering of whites’ assets and policies that systemically remove whites from their jobs and businesses continues to intensify. We’re a minority group here and the majority of this small group do not have foreign passports that allow us to leave South Africa.

We’re South Africans that have nowhere else to go and yet we cannot stay here. SA is a very scary place to be right now … if you’re white

Anonymous said...

Lucinda 3:11,

Your blog was inspirational and touching. I, too, will follow your example and offer to take in any Saffa who needs a refuge. Your analogy to events 70 years ago and Kristalnacht was dead-on. Whether you realize it or not, you speak like a true leader.

Anonymous said...

[QUOTE=Savant]Blogger SAVANT said...

I'm asked "Why no post on the murder of Toyosi Shittabey, Savant?"

The comment refers to a Dublin boy of Nigerian parents who was murdered in an unprovoked attack in Dublin. I condemn it unreservedly and hope the murderers get life.

However, and it's a big however, this is waht happens when we allow vast numbers of black immigrants into the country. Race murders happen everywhere and we can expect a lot more of the same. And if England or the US are anything to go by, once a certain critical mass is reached we whites will be on the receiving end.[/quote]

I understand Savant, I understand.

Maybe you'll comment on the next one...

or the one after that...

or maybe the one after that...

surely you won't go without comment on the one after that...

or after that...

ad infinitum

Enoch Was Right said...

Hey, Kulak, I'm completely on your side regarding the millions of illegal immigrants (and the "legal" post 1965 tidal wave of 3rd world aliens) residing in the US. As far as I'm concerned they should all be deported. But you and I both know that just ain't happening. Visa overstayers are almost never deported, and white South Africans would be a welcome change from the unassimilable aliens that we normally get here from the left side of the bell curve. With their racial awareness and experience, they might even put some steel in the backbone of White America.

Anonymous said...

OK, Lee - so pretend I am a very sympathetic white American living in Texas or wherever - how do I help? Any suggestions? Any worthy SA organizations? Should I just buy a few shotguns and FedEx them over? To whom?


SAVANT said...

anon 2.35. I honestly don't know what point you're trying to make. I feel we're on the same side of the debate but I just don't know what you're driving at.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I offered some SA acquaintences some immigration help recently and I got a chilly response. Not sure what the cause was, maybe they didn't like being put in the position of needing help. Either way, bear this in mind.

Anonymous said...

"anon 2.35. I honestly don't know what point you're trying to make. I feel we're on the same side of the debate but I just don't know what you're driving at."

Just that there will be more of these murders and the standard over-reaction of the msm.

It was a sad and tragic event no doubt, but not the last of them methinks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll comment on the next one...

or the one after that...

or maybe the one after that...

surely you won't go without comment on the one after that...

or after that..

Whites are the victims in most of the inter racial assaults and murders in Britain though you wouldn't know that if you get your news from the bbc. Now that the kids who came here ten years ago with their parents are teenagers, I think Savant is going to have a lot of next ones to comment on very soon. Except the bulk of them won't be the kind of next ones that make you smug. Savant didn't comment on the gang rape in Kildare for the same reason he didn't comment on the Tyrellstown murder- all the facts have not come out yet.

SAVANT said...

Ok, I see. Yes, I totally agree. We don't know the circumstances of the Tyrrelstown murder and new facts are emerging - not on the MSM - which suggest that the 'victim' and his associates started the attack.

In any event, we've created a nice mess for ourselves in this country, despite having seen what black and Muslim immmigration does in other western societies.

We'll repent at leisure.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which option is the right one, but for sure something's in the air. It's palpable here.

Clovis said...

The only solution is to form a separate republic in the Western Cape. Declare UDI.

kulak said...


white South Africans would be a welcome change

Goes without saying.

I'M sure not going to kick 'em out.

I've got a Polish acquaintance with her very own anchor baby, and she says blacks look like monkeys. My kinda immigrant.

But there are a lot of whites ALREADY here in America who can't afford to move away from blacks either!

More halo points in hosting a South African white than some white trash from Tennessee I guess.

Smells phony to me.

Anonymous said...

Iam sorry but everyone on the planet needs to stop expecting the United States to provide them with jobs freedom welfare and whatever else they want just because their country went shit or because they want a better life. While I have great sympathy for South africans, millions of white Americans are unemployed and we are displaced whenever a foreign person comes and takes yet another job or rental housing or space or water.
Give us a break, The United States cant help all of you in other countries. we did our share a hundred years ago and it didnt stop Europe from having two more world wars.
the United states is getting pretty crowded and guess what its bad for white Americans who are native here, we live in a police state, and are now second class citizens . Where can we go to and steal jobs and housing and food from other white people?
as far as white illegals in the US, they bring as much crime as the mexicans do, think Russian and anyone from Eastern Europe.
Do you want to live in a country that is as corrupt as the US and full of greedy self serving immigrants who expect the natives to shine their shoes for them?

Do you even think of what US citisens want? Do you bother to ask us whether we want you to come here and take our jobs and our housing? Try to be a little more respectful of the country you have decided to disrespect by lying to come to. I never hear any immigrant say thank you for being allowed to come to the US, mostly they have an attitude of get out of our way, we're here to take what we want and tough shit if you were born here. Personally if I knew a white foriegn person had taken a good job and used a fake social security card to get it I would turn them in just like I would a Mexican. Because I know that white person would wipe their feet on my body just to save thier own sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

you will never know the facts because the legal system will bury them after distorting .
personally I was sorry the white boys in Ireland were caught. Plan better next time.

Fergal Fitz. said...

anon 5.55. That's an understandable but harsh assessment. There's a lot of truth in what you say but I know plenty of white south africans who came to ireland and while we're in an economic mess as bad as the USA, they are all highly entrepreneurial and productive. I think they actually create jobs rather than 'take' them.

I might be wrong, but it's not as simple as you say.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 10/04 @ 2.35

Speaking personally, I don't particularly care about some Nigerian who was stabbed. He would probably, have been stabbed much sooner on the sreets of Lagos, anyway.

Maybe, you should worry more about yourself and your own family, instead of what the media indoctrinates you to think and say.

Anonymous said...

Hi from a South African...
The tension is out there in the streets, you can feel it...last Sunday evening when I went to Church a black guy was walking past and asked me if I would please say a prayer for him.
many many of our friends and those of my children have emmigrated. Have told my children to leave, but as my son puts it...this is my country and even if I have to fight I'll do that!
White South Africans have NEVER looked for hand outs. We have worked damn hard to get where we are and this story always being dangled about cheap labour. I have once before on this board informed everyone that there is not such a thing as cheap labour. You employ them, they steal. You have to lock everything away (and who wants to live like that?) I see of a night when I come home from work maids walking with huge big bags of stuff stolen from their employers and I know mine does the same - the neighbours have told me so. So there is no such thing as cheap labour - so don't use that as an arguement. The labour laws of SA are also so that you cannot get rid of a worker!! So you just have to keep them and hope that the AIDS fairy pays a visit! Then you have their male children coming around threatening you (this happened to my sister - until my son paid a visit when he came around the last time).
We have many friends who have settled in Ireland and they are really happy. As someone mentioned they start companies and employ - in South Africa if you are male and white your only option is to start something on your own.
My son is a Diesel mechanic and when he left school no one was prepared to take white males on an apprenticeship but after 5 years they started giving whites apprenticeships again - something to do with IQ ....:-)
Now, apparently a law is being passed that you may not employ an apprentice, they have to go to college (which are all in the black areas) and then you qualify and then go and work and hopefully you will be able to put into practice what you have learned in the classroom....well I see once again that this is to down the young white male. As a mother I would NOT let my child go into the black areas - really not safe for a young white person.
My Irish family were sent out to SA as soldiers in 1861 and opted to remain in South Africa after their tour of duty (James Ward). In 1820 the British government sent settlers out to south africa to farm and act as a buffer between the xhosas and the cities that were being established. Fortunately my forefathers survived this to fight another day.
in 1901 men were sent out to south africa to fight in the Anglo Boer war and many married South African girls and stayed on here. This is my back ground. On all occasions the British Government of the time sent the people out to South Africa.
then came WW1 and WW2 and our fathers and grandfathers fought for the Allies and what was the re-payment ??? Sanctions and now total abandonement of us whites here in South Africa! 3140 white farmers murdered (genocide?) many many white women and children raped at these murder sites, often in front of the man before he was murdered. close on 13000 murders (genocide?) of white men, women and children since 1994 and not a word from the powers that be in Britian, the same Britian that my father fought for in WW2 and was placed in an Italian prison of war camp for 3 of the best years of his life?? Missing out on the early years of his older children's lives?? This is the thanks??

Anonymous said...

really, Immigrants create jobs? over one million green cards were given to immigrants in one year in 2009. go to numbersusa, which is not anti-immigrant, it's just they can count and those who are for unlimited immigration to the US cant count.
One of those green card holders, from the Philippines took the security job at the courthouse in ,another at the library. they are hired with their bad english over white legal Americans, because of affirmitive action quotas.Do you think someone who was born in the US wanted that job, needed that job? you bet they did , but they were white and not foreign so they didnt get it.
Guess what- we have water shortages in 36 states. California either has to quit growing food for all the immigrants or provide water for all the illegal aliens and their anchor babies who moved to California. They are letting the almond trees die in CA just so all the human bodies crammed into that state can have water.
Are you getting it now? Thousands of AMericans are homeless and have no insurance, but if you, a visa overstay , get really sick and run up a tab at a hospital, you can split and run and Americans will pay for your illness.
the American dream is for anyone who wants it, there will always be enough to go around, because the Statue of Liberty is a Goddess for Immigrants and she says it's cool.
is that so?
If you move to the US , you took something from a native American and by that I dont mean the Indians, although immigrants love to use the Indians and the Irish as a diversion from their own self-serving migration. You took space, housing, water, food,jobs, you put one more car on the road,you had babies, you brought all your relatives, you took and you never even said thank you,ever to an American citizen, who was kind enough to not spit on you .

Fergal FitzP. said...

anon 17.26. I personally don't disagree with you on what you're saying. What I am saying is that SOME immigrants do create jobs and help companies to be more efficient, thereby creating further jobs. AA is totally worng and only the worng immigrants need it.

Lucinda said...

The new immigration of people from the turd world was sold to Americans as a repeat of the immigration of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Nothing could be farther than the truth. In those days, immigrating to the US was pretty much a one-way valve. No matter how things went, going "home" was not an option, so people assimilated and tried their hardest to fit in to our culture. Now, the Mexican immigrants (legal and illegal) return to Mexico annually, bringing gifts to their relatives, and have much weaker ties to America. I work in the social service delivery field. Many of the Africans from Ethiopia and the Sudan go "home" every year or two--they can do it because they get welfare and subsidized housing here, and conceal their real income sources from our feeble attempts to investigate. Both these groups, plus the immigrants from Arab countries, are from societies where lying, corruption, and concealing the truth from authorities is the norm. The South Africans, in contrast, are honest Christians and would probably make a dedicated new life here. They would not drain our welfare system and would soon be hiring others. It's a totally different mentality. They would soon really blend in. They would also contribute a living refutation of multiculturalism.

Re: 13:42: My mother was born in Ireland, and I was able to gain dual citizenship through the Registry of foreign births. I did so for purely sentimental reasons, and in my younger days I thought it might be fun to have citizenship in a EU country if I were ever offered a job in England or Europe (never happened). Can you do the same, for an "escape hatch"? I was required to document my ancestry (Irish birth certificates of mother, grandmother, grandfather), and have an affidavit from my clergyman confirming my identity. I'm sure my papers were the only ones to come to the Irish Consulate from the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of Northern California that month! :)

Anonymous said...


re the Tyrellstown murder:

what non MSM sources are you referring to?

SAVANT said...

anon 19.51... I saw a few comments on the Gombeen Man blog which took issue with the consensus there. Basically they said that the 'muderers' were set upon by the 'victims'. The former then went back home and armed up with a knife and hockey stick (!).

Also one of the killers had been quite severely injured in the original attack.

There have been several other sources, such as call-ins to radios.

Anonymous said...

anon 13.42. This struck so many chords with me. I emigrated from SA to Ireland a few years back and my family are now with me. We don't take ONE CENT from the state. I work in the medical field as does my wife. We apy our way on everything and don't believe we've taken any Irish person's job.

Saffers have been thrown to the wolves.

Anonymous said...

Eisenhower was our last good president, Interesting but quality of life in the US began to drop with the beginning of the 60s immigration and has continued to drop and drop and drop.
Americans dont need Immigrants to create jobs for us, we need them to stay home. We dont need mexicans to mow our lawns, which are outdated anyway. Kennedy opened the gates and we were flooded. If none of the millions of immigrants and illegals had come here since the 1960s, we would be a wonderful country ( with exception of the blacks) with affordable housing lots of space plenty of jobs, a nice place to live, with enough diversity from the other immigrations to last us a few centuries.
By the way, immigrants create jobs for other immigrants, often ignoring all of our laws concerning environment, wages, legality, etc. Ive watched mexicans pour car oil straight into the gutter which went straight to the river. The point is immigration should benefit the existing population not the population that wishes to immigrate nor the corporations who want cheap labor. As far as the Irish go, if the English had kicked in with food, they would have weathered the potato famine.

While nearly 3 million Americans lost their jobs in 2009, the federal government issued more than 1 million new Green Cards over the same period of time. According to a new DHS report, 1,130,818 new Green Cards were issued to legal immigrants last year - the highest single-year number since 2006 and the fourth highest in history.

Custer said...

anon 23.07. With the greatest respect to our SA friends, I completely agree with you. We don't need ANY immigrants. We Do need to do all our own work, as you say. That's what caused the problem in SA. If they had not got blacks to do all the menial work they could have had real 'seperate development!

Krokodil said...

@Anon 11/4 17:26 - couple of things I feel it is worth mentioning.

1)The grouch Americans had with mass immigration in the late 19th/early 20th centuries was because most of the NEW immigrants were NOT Western or North Central Europeans. Now, whilst I personally consider the Poles, for example, to be very fine people, the early American settlers were from Western and Northern Europe. The overwhelming ethnic make-up of white SA (though not exclusive) is from these very same areas.

2)Immigration is a fact of life for the USA, whether desirable or not; that being the case - wouldn't you prefer it if the newcomers were WASPS (most white SA is Protestant, and generally more religious than the Western norm)?

3)Most people I know who have emigrated to the USA, or know of people who have, are actually very favourable about the country - that is to say, they are often more patriotic than the "natives". Nor can I say, in fairness, that that is exclusive to the White race (I know of Guyanans, for example, who, whilst not ignoring their own culture, are truly proud to be American - and, no, are not on welfare).

4)You made a comment about the USA becoming overcrowded - er, I think not! The USA is the 3rd or 4th biggest country on Earth - compare that to England which is a fraction of the size of the USA and really DOES feel crowded (I'm an SA citizen but live in the UK). I do not, of course, suggest that you give up control of your own borders.

5)Am I thinking of emigrating to your fine land? No, though researching US history is one of my favourite hobbies and I personally think that I would make a more grateful citizen than the average Joe or Joelina.

Anonymous said...

krokodil - I was planning to write a post on this and you must have been reading my mind.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Savant!
Thought you'd been pulled (again) by the thought police last night!


Anonymous said...

To the SA man at 13:42 complaining that whites there do not enjoy the fruits of cheap labor.


Later on in your post, you complain about blaick maids stealing from the household!

How about doing your own fucking housework? You invite these people into your home at your own peril, yet you are too lazy to do the work yourself.

Just like so many fellow Americans in the 'burbs, refuse to maintain their own lawns. They choose to hire Mexicans to cut the grass and trim the trees because of the cheapness.

Emigrate now, just not to America. Your type would surely hire a Mexican nanny and the rest of her clan to fix the yard, cheap bastard.

Anonymous said...

Maybe ninety five per cent of the commentators on that gombeen man post wouldn't like this blog at all. they don't want to hear anything but the pc line. Are we in a tiny minority Savant

Anonymous said...

Hi TIS, Knorrig here. As you may have seen, all hell broke loose on MYSAS...with Gonville scuttling his own ship...VLOK! In any case, I managed to leave a comment advising All to stay in contact via your and TIA's blogs. Could you pls leave a message on your front page re this issue....and direct MYSASers to

It's an old back-up blog being activated again by the DR......bless her lovely soul, great GIRL!

Cheers vir eers,

(DR has my contact details)

SAVANT said...

Hi J Potgeiter. You got that as well? I oogged on this morning to the message 'the blog is temporarily unavailable'. Oh shit, I said, they've taken me down.

But once I verifed my details I could get back in again. Still, I'm going to back it up immediately onto WP.

SAVANT said...

Knorrig, WTF is going on? Why did Gon take MySAS down???

If you guys could fight as hard against the ANC as you do against one another they'd be out of power long ago.

For fuck sake, unite!

Anonymous said...

Savant, did you ever think it might be time to remove the picture of the obese man at his computer from your home page? Your site I know, but it kind of cheapens the tone a bit. Ok, I see where you thought it might be funny in a tongue in cheek, dumbass, self-deprecatory where to put it there when you got the site first running, but I think the situation has gone past being a laughing matter at this stage and the picture doesn't do either you or your contibutors justice at this stage. Just my thoughts annyway.

SAVANT said...

anon: re the image, I might well do that. I'm planning to move to WP and will drop it when I do.

Suggestion appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Savant, the image of your lard bottom, does lower the tone, somewhat. Can we rather have a picture of a massive pair of tits.

SAVANT said...

I've got a massive pair of tits. What's worng with them?

You guys are so hurtful.

Krokodil said...

Actually, Savant, as someone who is an ounce or two beyond ideal myself, I find the picture of "yourself" a constant encouragement to the er...shall we say - paddedly challenged!

All jokes aside, I actually know someone who GENUINELY looks like the individual concerned (very fat, longish hair and beard) though I suspect he would be incensed if I were to suggest he parked of in front of his PC stark-bollock naked!

Personally, I'm an extremely modest individual - I generally always wear a tee-shirt, underpants and flip-flops when ensconced in front of my keyboard. I would heartily recommend the same to all others as an appropriate standard of blogging code of dress.

I'm sure you'll agree.

Californian said...

As I never tire of pointing out, the new SA is a harbinger of what can happen to the rest of the West should Whites allow third worlders to gain the ascendancy. The problem is that Whites seem to have thrown in the towel when it comes to defending themselves, regardless of all their hi-tech weaponry. The fact that the USA has de facto opened its southwest border is one symptom of this.

Of course, a race war is always a brutal affair, and one can forgive your average White for not wanting to fight one. I was in South Africa a bit back during apartheid, and the system was a pain to maintain. But when you consider the alternative...