Sunday, 14 March 2010

Country in shock as postal service demonstrates urgency

An Post, The State-owned Irish postal service, is renowned for having two operating speeds: Dead slow and Stop. The country was stunned therefore to see them springing into urgent action, even if it was only to trace the culprits of a dastardly crime. It has confirmed that it has begun disciplinary proceedings against a number of employees after a hate-filled racist e-mail was circulated within the company.
The email also appears to have been circulated within three other Government organisations. Those organisations say they are investigating the matter “as a matter of urgency
Well bloody great. That’s just what we need our (mis)government to focus on, just as the country is going down the tubes.
Still, if the email was as bad as it’s been portrayed, maybe it does merit some attention. According to one of the myriad of asylum industry quangos who leapt at the opportunity to vaporise, “the content of the email was extreme, racist and a clear incitement to hatred”.
Sounds dreadful. But if you can steel yourself, take a read of it.
The e-mail stated: “If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labour. If you cross the Iranian border illegally, you are detained indefinitely. If you cross the Afghan border, you’re shot. Saudi Arabian border you’ll get jailed. All sorts of terrible things will happen to you if you cross almost every other border except the Irish border.”
“If you cross the Irish border illegally you get a job, a driver’s licence, social insurance card, money from the social security, food stamps, credit cards, subsidised rent or a loan to buy a house, free education and free healthcare.”
Comparing the asylum system to a game show, it noted: “We’ve already given away hundreds of millions of euros . . . courtesy of the sponsor, the Irish taxpayer.
Now maybe I'm missing something here, but do you see anything ‘racist’ or ‘hate-filled’ in this?
Nope? Me neither. It sets out a whole series of facts which are demonstrably accurate. It doesn't mention race, and the criticism, such as it is, is clearly aimed at our abysmal lack of border controls, not at any group. But I forget, truth is no defence when it comes to the PC Thought Police.
So off they go. I just hope you’re not waiting on any urgent mail as An Post grinds to a halt in its search for the perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

Heh. The same email has been circulating here in the States, of course with America as the host country and our citizens as the

C++ said...

Truth is indeed no defence. But the objective is to close down all discussion, not to seek the truth or even to discuss rationally.

Therefore the actions of the Though Police you refer to make perfect sense.

Anonymous said...


SAVANT said...

Interesting that about the States, as some of the wording, especially about welfare, seemed a bit non-Irish.

Still basically true tho'

E1REANN said...

Savant, a good chunk of that email was lifted from this very blog from a post published way back in 2008!

kulak said...

> It doesn't mention race, and the criticism, such as it is, is clearly aimed at our abysmal lack of border controls, not at any group. But I forget, truth is no defence when it comes to the PC Thought Police.

This is a dumb defense.

They're absolutely right, it IS racist.

EVERYBODY knows - INCLUDING THEM -- that white countries impose the fewest penalties.

Everybody knows - INCLUDING THEM -- that white countries give the most generous benefits.

Everybody knows - INCLUDING THEM -- that non-whites are far more likely to end up as wards of the state.

You just can't SAY any of that.

The absolute proof that they know all of this is how they will address it.

They will fire white civil servants and hire everybody else.

Anonymous said...

I think Eire's now one of the most politically correct countries in Europe. Here in the UK I thing the pendulum MAY have started to swing back towards reality, especially after the BNP polled 950,000 odd votes in the EU elections. If we succeed in getting a candidate elected in Westminster, I think things could seriously start to change.

As regards the story, C++ has already stated that it is clearly an attempt to stifle debate by frightening the workforce into accepting a multicultural Ireland. Any dissent will result in the termination of one's employment, media vilification of the culprit and a possible police investigation (is Eire that bad?).

The thing is with you Irish is you have seen what has happened elsewhere, and yet you've let you country - which I recall being fairly homogenous as recently as 1995 - be shafted.

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts you do boast one of the most un-PC mainstream journalists in Kevin Myers.

SAVANT said...

Bloody hell Eireann, well spotted! I knew it sounded a bit familiar!!!

Anonymous said...

Unrepentant - exactly. We Irish never learn from others' experience. We saw it all before but went down the same road. We're paying for it now.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I have come to the conclusion that you're either as thick as us bigoted bastards have portrayed you to be. Or, and I find myself more inclined to agree with this, there is an agenda to break down nation states and create supra-national conglomerates or even a world state. Seriously. That's why you had to hold your referendum again.

kulak said...

By calling it racist and hateful they admit two things:

1) Ireland is a white country.

2) They hate that.

Anonymous said...

This was featured on the Vincent Browne tv show.
He undertook to inform management of An Post.
He also stated it would be brought to the attention of various immigrant organisations for them to take action.

At no point did he state anything illegal had been done and it was interesting that it was to an immigrant quango he would refer the matter to for action to be taken.
So the de facto authority in the land re policing and justice are undemocratic immigrant quangos!!!

The only thing these people appear to fear are far right political parties and this is why we urgently need one.

David C said...

We're paying for it because we have nobody in our politics to represent us against it. I never thought I would say it but I wish we had a BNP.

Anonymous said...


I wish you and all your Irish readers a happy St. Patrick's day on Wednesday. My sister and her husband (his name is Kelly (!)) are coming over to cook us all some corned beef and cabbage, with Jameson's for after. Gee, Irish people make good coffee.

Is Irish coffee one of those things that we in California drink but Irish people have never heard of? They say it originated at the Buena Vista cafe in San Francisco in the 1890's. Coffee with a floater of lightly whipped cream, and a shot of Irish whiskey. Very good for foggy March evenings.

Anyway, all the best to Ireland and let's hope that the Irish don't join the Polar Bears as an endangered species.

Anonymous said...


Stevie said...

David C says: "We're paying for it because we have nobody in our politics to represent us against it. I never thought I would say it but I wish we had a BNP."

I agree entirely. We need a BNP equivalent. But they'll also be fully marginalised.

Anonymous said...

Chicago cop... yes, that EXACT things happens with our cultural enrichers. Incredibly noisy AT ALL TIMES. And they're always arguing with door staff saying they paid for this and paid for that. Obvious lies.

Anonymous said...

"................there is an agenda to break down nation states and create supra-national conglomerates or even a world state." more HERE.

Big bill said...

Why don't you just start putting up posters? All over Dublin, all over each and every town, village and hamlet that is being mongrelized.

And have that poster, on a field of red, show past heroes who have given their lives, and have it written in bloody letters across its face:

"Ireland for the Irish!"

And damned be the man who tears it down!

ballyheigue said...

Big Bill.......I'm sorry to tell you that 'damned' is exactly what the guys who PUT UP the posters would be. You'd have screams of 'hate crimes' and the 'culprit' would be hounded down. You don't seem to realise how strongly the multi-culti mindset has taken hold here.

T. Fitzgerald said...

The most frightening aspect of considering Savant’s ideas in this country is our relatively small indigenous population. This of course means that it doesn't require many 3rd world immigrants to form a significant fraction of the population as a whole. They then form a significant voting bloc and we begin to spiral into chaos. I think the govt last reported 40,000 africans in Ireland (sorry, I don't have a source). My eyes tell me this is grossly underestimated. Kevin Myers was right: govt hasn't got a clue about immigration, just like everything else its supposed to cover .

Stevie, a political party opposing multicultism will probably never come to fruition. Our zillions of charity organisations for Africans are proof of this. However, I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong in this regard. If the BNP set up a branch in Ireland, I would gladly support them. I have no idea what their administration would be like, but it would certainly vastly superior to living in a 3rd world hellhole, which is what this nation is demographically becoming. We may have started later than Britain, France etc., but that shouldn’t mean we should take it easy in the meantime. Many might plan to bail out if the situation gets too critical. By then however, many others will have the same idea and the remaining civilised countries will rightfully restrict immigration

Anonymous said...

It's really disgusting! What's happening in Ireland is happening all over Europe. Here in Sweden we will finally get a democratic party into the parliament this year! The Swedish Democrates is the only poltical party that has courage to react on the massimmigration and the multiculti insanity! Really looking forward to this! To finally hear the discussions in the parliament that today is totally absent.
Good luck ireland!


Anonymous said...

Well, if you really want to get the PC Do-Gooders stirred up with a "hate-filled racist e-mail" try this one from 18th Century Scottish philospher David Hume:

"I am apt to suspect the Negroes, and in general all other species of men, to be naturally inferior to white civilization. There never was any civilized nation of any other complexion than white, nor even any individual eminent in action or speculation. No ingenious manufactures among them, no arts, no sciences... Such a uniform and constant difference could not happen, in so many countries and ages, if nature had not made an original distinction between these breeds of men." (From "Of National Characters" in "Essays: Moral, Political and Literary")

Anonymous said...

story of two swarthy mexican midgets who came to the us to breed and steal --- hardworking.
Anyway, the two mexican Peasants met an American. They were neighbors, the American was not happy with mexicans, but left them alone, The American had other concerns. the swart mexicans,made up a story to have the American arrested for taking pictures ,then they went to court. They were very adamant that the DA should know that they were very afraid of the American, who didnt own a gun and happened to be an artist and was 22 years older than the mexicans and the DA bought it. A very serious crime,he said, taking pictures, and so the swart midgets from mexico, demanded a spanish interpreter at over a hundred dollars an hour, because while they came to the US to have Americans arrested, they forgot to learn english.
and none of the lawyers thought this was an outrage, nor any of the Americans. The American was so held to an agreement that if the Mexicans saw the American at a distance of five blocks they could have the American, who had never been arrested before, locked up again. No one thought this was too much punishment.the name of the game was to get those arrested to confess to giult so the state could charge them money, None of the gringos. The Americans free lawyer said plead to a lesser crime and pay a fine. The American said, I am innocent and my family has been ruined financially because of this. no matter, When the American said they are probably illegal aliens, the free lawyer gave the American a dirty look.
the american wants you to know that the State is on the side of the swart criminals who arrived illegally and the invaders are vicous.

Cerberus said...

That's ironical about David Hume. Never knew he said this but he's one of the ultimate Enlightenment figures. In fact of course he still is. It's just that we're now entering a new Dark Age - in every sense!

Tim Johnston said...

happy St.Patrick's Day to all!

The idea of starting a political party has been on my mind for a few years now, but most of the commenters are right, Ireland won't stomach a BNP.
However, Ireland will tolerate a libertarian leaning party like UKIP, Geert Wilder's Party of Freedom or Norway's Progress Party, all of whom are strongly anti-immigrant but approach the matter from a sensible and acceptable perspective: that of Law and Order, social harmony and economic progress, alongside National Sovereignty and the central importance of citizens as opposed to migrants.

The problem in Ireland is that politics is still dominated by historical concerns and not actual ideology, which is why I became frustrated with the country and basically exiled myself.

Socialism is very entrenched in Irish culture for various reasons too, sadly.

Denmark is making huge strides in relation to immigration, and perhaps the recent case of our two Waterford Cultural Enrichers - who also happen to be Misunderstanders of Islam - will be a spur to something similar in Ireland.

elaine said...

anon 6.54. A truly frightening story from America. Soon it'll be too late.

Bantu Education said...

Re: David Hume quote...

see if you can guess which famous DWEM - supposedly an icon of liberalism - said this.....

"I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about the social and political equality of the white and black races...I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people ... I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race"

Abraham Lincoln 1858

SAVANT said...

Nice one, Banu Ed. In fact I'm thinking of making a collection of such views from impeccable sources. Ghandi is another one of course.

Mr_Zlu said...

Let's not forget about Albert Schweitzer.

Donnycarney said...

Viking says "The problem in Ireland is that politics is still dominated by historical concerns and not actual ideology"

True, but less so than it used to be. Politics is based more on short term, local issues rather than on any national or strategic considerations. So if there are hundreds of thousands of black immigrants (there are!) people won't protest unless they see the problem hitting them directly.

Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

elaine- the story is true and still happening. But there wont be an ACLU lawyer for the AMerican, but they are neither a pedophile nor an illegal alien. The Mexican peasant fascists wish to replicate the country they came from, while having the ecnonomic benefits of the country the American and her ancestors created.
When a country allows it's creative people to be destroyed it is not worth saving. The American went into the backyard to get the american's 16 year old cat one night and the Landlord who wanted the American punished and done in for arguing about repairs and such, teamed up with the Mexicans and a cop friend of his and the AMerican was arrested, complete with a police report that was fabricated.The cat died while the American was in jail.

Bantu Education said...

Re: Albert Schweitzer

Unfortunately nobody has come up with a verifiable source for this alleged quote. It does NOT, as widely claimed, appear in his "African Notebook" (1938/39) - I have looked through this book (it is very short) and is almost certainly not there - in fact A.S. comes across as quite the whitey liberal living amongst the savages and trying to find good things to say about them.

If he did say this then I suspect it was much later in his life when he realised his life's work had come to naught. I wrote an article about this on my blog - click on my name to go there - sorry dont have the precise link.

Bantu Education said...

I very much like your idea, Savant, about posting famous DWEM's opinions about blacks but please dont include the Albert Schweitzer one because it cannot be verified as true..!

Anonymous said...

yes, Bantu Ed - you're correct on this.

Bantu Education said...

re: Albert Schweitzer...

Then you get those who claim "its in the German original" but not apprently in the English translation. Well I admittedly cannot read German but as I said A.S. comes across as a white liberal in 1938. 25 years later he may have become a race realist.

Clovis said...

Bantu Education - I know a woman who says she read it in the original German. Weak enough evidence, I know........

Anonymous said...

This could boomerang on the perps. A friend in An Post tells me that people there are pissed off big-time over the inquisition.

Bantu Education said...

@ Clovis,

Its interesting that none of these people who "read it" can help by recalling the chapter or page No. The quote, whenever and wherever it is re-produced, never gives that simple piece of information.

Another point - A.S. won a Nobel Prize in 1951. If he was on the record as saying what he's alleged to have said, he never would have been so honoured.

I'm not saying he never said it at all - perhaps he did in one of his last interviews, possibly to an obscure journal, but it almost certainly doesn't appear in any of his books.

C++ said...

Bantu Educ. I'm not sure you're correct about not being awarded the Nobel in 1951. The PC virus was at it's incubation stage at that time. However, I agree with you that there seems to be no formal record of the quotation.

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