Friday, 5 March 2010

Contradictions of Affirmative Action

I've always been intrigued by the fundamental contradictions that characterize affirmative action (AA) in its various guises.

First there’s the blatant inconsistency, underlined most notably in sport – the only activity at which blacks excel. The recent Winter Olympics have been attacked by numerous pundits as being for ‘wealthy whites’. Similar criticisms have been made of tennis and golf at various times. There’s ongoing pressure in South Africa to have the composition of the Springboks rugby team reflect ‘the nation at large’.

However, it never happens the other way around. In the US the NBA is almost exclusively black and American Football certainly doesn’t reflect ‘the nation at large’. It’s even more glaring in Europe where soccer is concerned. The most grotesque example is the French soccer team which is about 80% black. But have you ever heard calls to redress these imbalances? No, neither have I.

Then there’s the issue of race being a ‘social construct’. There’s no such thing as race. Look at the nonsense of apartheid-era South Africa. How bizarre, trying to assign everyone to a certain race. Where do you draw the line?

But the same people squawking this in our faces have no difficulty classifying people by race when it comes to favouring them at the expense of whites. So it seems is it possible to classify people by race after all?

Another bizarre example relates to the definition of ‘historically disadvantaged minorities’ (blacks to you and me). Under this dispensation, typified by the new Bill Gates Scholarships, the privileged daughter of wealthy black parents would be given priority over a dirt-poor white boy in terms of admission to a leading university.

Can anyone explain the logic of this?

But the situation regarding Jews is the most bizarre of all to my mind.

It hardly needs repeating that Jews have been at the forefront of AA from the beginning. They even lead the NAACP for most of its formative and most successful years. They were among the most effective supporters of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in the US and remain the most powerful advocates of AA.

Being naturally liberal could explain this. There is another theory of course that Jews have deliberately planned this, together with mass Third World immigration and black/white miscegenation, as a means of emasculating their nemesis, the rowdy white male who’s caused them so much grief in past generations.

But let’s just take the benign scenario, by accepting that their support for AA is motivated solely by altruistic liberal motives. (And it might be, I honestly don't know). You would then expect that, as AA takes hold and displaces whites at every turn, Jews would share the pain and accept displacement at the same rate as other whites.

But not a bit of it. You’ll see Jews massively over-represented among top business executives, the faculty at major universities, leading politicians, partners in leading law firms, the list is endless. I remember seeing a graph of Harvard under-graduates which showed Asiatics to be heavily over-represented while whites were under-represented. However, if you separated the whites into Jews and Gentiles you’d see a truly bizarre profile showing colossal over-representation of Jews and a corresponding under-representation of Gentiles.

Now let me be clear – I don't begrudge Jews their success, which derives from the same factors that account for blacks’ lack of success - intelligence and hard work.

However, it’s a bit rich to be leading the charge for the preferential treatment of ‘under-privileged minorities’ at the expense of ‘whites’ while deftly side-stepping and allowing Gentile whites to bear the full brunt. And bear in mind that religion was also expressly included in the 1964 Act but has been airbrushed out of subsequent AA activism which focused entirely on race.

It’s called having your cake and eating it. And Jews themselves have a word for it- chutzpah!


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Anonymous said...

Thank God! There was me thinking I was a virulent anti-semite, with plenty of paranoia, thrown in for good measure. In truth the Jews (with power) have been making their own bed for millennia. I certainly don't condone the persecution of anyone, but in this world, we reap what we sow.

kulak said...

Unintended consequence: Fewer whites get the full brainwash.

Now let me be clear – I don't begrudge Jews their success,

Well, at least as a gedanken experiment.

But EVERY time they plant their rears in the high perches, they become a hostile elite.

That's partly the reason they attained the high perch in the first place -- ethnic nepotism and ethical dualism. They were always hostile to some degree. Our interests are simply not identical.

It wasn't just intelligence and hard work.

When a white guy and a Jew interview for the same job, the white guy sees a personal rival, the Jew sees a racial competitor.

Guess which attitude is changing.

And, well, they've got their own country now, don't they?


spectre said...

I'd be with Savant on this. I just don't know how much jews see things from an ethnic perspective. Is it true that if a Jew and a gentile go for the same job they Jew will always get it? I'd really like to know the degree to which this istrue.

kulak said...


I'm pretty sure it's not true for auto mechanics or diamond couriers.

Anonymous said...

In Google Videos look up Jim Condit The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler,
for an idea of how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Anonymous said...

I see kulak. So all those Jewish Nobel Prize winners and best-selling authors succeeded because of kinship?

Thanks. I understand now.

Anonymous said...

Cromwell was the chap who let the jews back into England 350 years after Edward the first sent them packing. Forty years later you had the Bank of England. We southern catholics are not responsible for that.

Anonymous said...

i know for a fact that these people are born with horns and a tail. Sir Rodney Hugh, assn. of Blessed Oliver Cromwell Lodge #6 Londonderry No. Ireland, not to be confused with that papist area called eire.

Enoch was right said...

Direct hit, Savant. The biggest promoters of the "disparate impact" theory of discrimination have been Jewish organizations. Under disparate impact, if a company does not employ a similar percentage of blacks or other minorities as in the general population, that is proof of discrimination. In the US, companies have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in EEOC settlements because of this absurd idea. However, massive Jewish overrepresentation in media, finance, and academia, which should be illegal under "disparate impact" is never mentioned. We gentiles refer to this as hypocrisy. It seems like the only standards the Jews have are double standards.

Lucinda said...

As a Jew who is slightly to the right of the Sheriff of Nottingham politically, I am frequently frustrated by the adamantine liberalism of my coreligionists. There are reasons for it (millennia of often capricious oppression and discrimination accounts for a lot of it). One of our main problems is our inability to distinguish between our friends and enemies, and our incorrect assumption that all other groups will follow us in our response to the removal of discriminatory barriers. When that does not occur, most Jews will try to come up with an institutional explanation rather than face the unpalatable truth that not all people are equal in their abilities or temperament. I often say in response to some complaint of inequality of results, "If you want what we have, then do what we did"--I am referring to what "we" as Americans did, and what "we" as Jews have done, namely emphasize education over "fun", avoid criminal acts, and learn to postpone gratification in favor of thrift and long-term goals. These behaviors are all but lost in our modern world. It's so much easier to be a grievance monger.

SAVANT said...

Re Lucinda's comment, I think it's worth emphasising that you do get a spectrum of opinion within Jews. Obviously her comment shows that. However, it's fair to say that Jewish organisations have overwhelmingly supported AA.

Anonymous said...

hung around with a kid while growing up in chicago and his dad was a orthodox kosher jew who was feld reb in german army in WW1, this consisted of his ministing to jews who served the Kaiser as a chaplain, he swore up and down that germans would not do the acts that WW11 exposed. tough old guy some drunk made a crack outside a tavern about the old guys side locks and Rebbe decked and walked on his way.found that german jews had great loyalty to germany up to time of Hitler and would have fought on his side if craziness had not started, their loyalty matched that of american jews.

Anonymous said...

hung around with a kid while growing up in chicago and his dad was a orthodox kosher jew who was feld reb in german army in WW1, this consisted of his ministing to jews who served the Kaiser as a chaplain, he swore up and down that germans would not do the acts that WW11 exposed. tough old guy some drunk made a crack outside a tavern about the old guys side locks and Rebbe decked and walked on his way.found that german jews had great loyalty to germany up to time of Hitler and would have fought on his side if craziness had not started, their loyalty matched that of american jews.

charlemagne said...

I think Jews are becoming highly disallusioned with the so-called disadvantaged minorities, especially blacks. Blacks are still as hostileto Jews - and all other whites - as they ever were.

Anonymous said...

lucinda your oppression started with trying to fool god. every generation of your people deserved to get it. your nation is the most kicked outof any nation. put the in your bong and smoke it, yeah i said bong. and yes they only have double standards, they will maintain that they dont, liars, they wont give a hand job but they will def like one

paradigm said...

I visited Israel in December and heard almost nothing about race or racism...only my tour guide in Jerusalem ranting to me about how tired he is of race talk.

And, I'm not hearing too many Jewish people in the US going on and on about race either. There may be a few activists, but I'd bet the majority of them feel the same way as that tour guide does.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because the Jewish community has suffered from tremendous anti-Semitism throughout history and as a result of their plight, Jews have been able to better sympathize with the struggles facing Blacks.

Or maybe it is because the Jewish community knows that if it happens to the Black community it can also happen to them.

Lucinda said...

Savant, you are quite right, the "official" Jewish organizations are overwhelmingly liberal. It would seem that people who gravitate toward "community organizing" in any community as a career are of a similar mentality.

I once attended a Jewish event where the speaker, a liberal Rabbi, said, "...of course, Jewish law is not writ in stone..." I laughed so hard and said to my husband, "The whole premise of our religion for the last three thousand years is that our law IS WRITTEN IN STONE, literally! You would think that a Rabbi would know that". However, liberals are so busy being flexible and inclusive that they tend to forget the basics, such as the Commandments, the Constitution, the Law of Gravity, and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason why affirmative action doesn't hurt Jews as much is because some of them are "disadvantaged".

kulak said...

So all those Jewish Nobel Prize winners and best-selling authors succeeded because of kinship?

In the hard sciences I would tend to say not, except at the margins where institutional racism may have an impact on the recruitment and training of talent, and in popularity contests like the Nobel Prize.

The "soft" sciences, which aren't really sciences?

I have a few doubts in the hard sciences as well, with respect to their ontology.

Feynman said, quite correctly and very well, that science makes use of ontological ideas, but that these ideas do not come from science. Science says NOTHING about ontology.

So where do ontological ideas come from?

What if different ethnic minds are more in tune with different ontological systems?

Is it coincidence relativity in physics and race-isn't-real in anthropology appeared at about the same time?

Maybe there's another way of looking at things besides relativity?

I wonder. And I'm not the only one.

See Rebel Science.

I find his critique of Computer Science even more compelling.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because the Jewish community has suffered from tremendous anti-Semitism throughout history and as a result of their plight, Jews have been able to better sympathize with the struggles facing Blacks.

As the Duke of Wellingyon once said, if you believe that you'll believe anything. Who were the main movers and shakers in the shipping of black slaves to America? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

" However, if you separated the whites into Jews and Gentiles you’d see a truly bizarre profile showing colossal over-representation of Jews and a corresponding under-representation of Gentiles."

True this.

American white kids are too interested in being popular, playing various sports, watching entertainment, chasing members of the opposite sex during their youth.
Jewish whites are busy studying and preparing to be professionals. So while the "other" whites are the football-quarterback, baseball pitcher, and the guy who banged three-cheerleaders, they dont qualify for academic scholarships and end up going to directional-state-schools or tech-schools and are not given academic scholarships to more elite universities.

Many regular whites in the 80's and 90's were bewildered by the loss of manufacturing jobs and the huge influx of illegal aliens from Central America taking construction jobs. This is a huge-amount of the formerly decent-paying jobs within America which are now gone. I hope the internet can allow inquisitive white kids the resource they need to devote 30-60 minutes a day to so they can supplement their generally bad public school educations. The resources (math and science help) and general literature are out there on the internet for kids that want to be successful. I think over the next decade the white kids from two-parent families (or have single-parents who really do care) will be improving their academic and (later) professional standings. I think most whites are figuring out that the establishment in America no longer is sympathetic to them at all and literally favors "the other" to them. Much of the factories are gone, the construction trades are inhabited by low-wage hispanics so their educations have become much more important to their future earnings. I think they will respond because the fear of being physically near the underclass is pretty prevalent. Hardly anybody white wants to live in a ghetto, its just too dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The Jews always give the heads up to other Jews. It's almost inate,one of the tribe and all that.
White Christians such as the Irish or German, dont' give a damn about Clan or race really. You might say that Non Jewish whites are the least racist , since they will breed with anyone, convert , and hire any race.
I once went to a classical music concert where most of the players were Jewish, and most of the listeners were. The applause and support they gave to their own suprised me, it was the first time I realized how much they band together because as a female I was used to Jewish males hitting on me and I got the impression they wanted to get away from Jewishness.
What they want is for pretty blonde blue eyed or redhaired women to marry them and convert and then with complete jewish arrogance they dismiss the celtic germman side of the off spring.
its really too bad that white non jews dont act more like jews.
This is also a typical way for immigrant groups to behave, they hire from within their own group, and discriminate against the outsiders.

Anonymous said...

"Being naturally liberal could explain this. There is another theory of course that Jews have deliberately planned this, together with mass Third World immigration and black/white miscegenation, as a means of emasculating their nemesis, the rowdy white male who’s caused them so much grief in past

Of course... it's only logical and they know better than we do that they are "guests" in European countries.

Facilitating and increasing the numbers of other 'ethnicities' deflects attention from them.

The hostile Muslim and the equally hostile "rowdy white male" to counter the influx is a PERFECT plantation for them to flourish in and worm themselves into.., to effectively 'govern' a weakening country like England, Holland or the USA! and making it totally "cosmo" rendering the indigenous population utterly leaderless and rudderless.

Look to Brazil, Venezuela or South Africa to see the future of Europe.
Thank God I won't be here.....

anymom said...

Affirmative action is okay for rich people, because they don't have to deal with the impact of affirmative action. They don't need to worry about whether or not their kid will test high enough to get the scholarships mostly reserved for "oppressed minorities" at these exclusive ivy league schools. And heck even if their kids can't even make the cut enough to get accepted at these ivy league schools they can always make big contributions to buy new bldgs., libraries, ect. to become a friend of the school. Also there is a good old boy network, most of the rich and successful have the right contacts which also helps make sure their kids get into the right schools.

I believe that Jewish people do have an honest sympathy for oppressed minorities, having been one themselves in many parts of the world, particularly Europe in the past. From a human standpoint many of us have a lot of sympathy for children growing up with less opportunity, but many think that growing up with less opportunity is mainly confined to minority children. At any rate since Jewish income is on average very high, they have a more than even chance of escaping the downside of affirmative action when it comes to their own children.

Steve said...

anon 19.oo: Are you saying so that the disproprtionate representation of Jews among whites is down to Gentiles not working hard like Jews?

I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing, I just not sure if your making this point.

A Einstein said...

kulak - the reciprocal effects between science and ontology is a potentially rewarding study of the chicken/egg variety. However, surely you realize that you're scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to explian away Jewish successes?

You are. Own up!

Realist said...


I have to note that the ADL surprisingly welcomed the Supremee Court decision in Ricci last year (where it found that the New Haven Fire Dept unfairly threw out the results that would have promoted mainly white firemen):

"Glen S. Lewy, ADL National Chair, and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director issued the following statement:

The Supreme Court's decision in Ricci v. DeStefano is a welcome reaffirmation that the government must have a strong basis in evidence to support any race-based decision.

This decision properly forecloses many instances of governmental race-based decision making, particularly those where government unilaterally seeks to correct what it sees as racial injustice for one group while unfairly burdening another."

There are some good 'anti-affirmative action' books also by Jewish writers that I would recommend:

The Affirmative Action Hoax' by Professor Steven Farron

Why Race Matters' by Philosophy Professor Michael Levin.

There is also a good explanation against AA here by Carl Cohen:

'Naked Racial Preference: The Case Against Affirmative Action'

Anonymous said...

i for one would love to sucker punch a goyimloud mouth if i could get away with it signed. Solomon Smuchstein ESQ.

kulak said...


I'm not explaining away anything.

I'm partly explaining, partly theorizing, and partly questioning whether it is deserved.

SAVANT said...

Realist - that's most interesting. I didn't know that the ADL had taken this stance.

It doesn't surprise me at all that some of the best anti-AA material has come from jews. As I've said time and again, you'll get jews on both sides of every argument.

Winomadus said...

Kulak, can you elaborate on that:
"...Unintended consequence: Fewer whites get the full brainwash"

kulak said...

The one thing Magneto and Professor X agreed on was that the world should be safe and cozy for mutants.

kulak said...

Why Race Matters' by Philosophy Professor Michael Levin.

Good book (and funny!)

But the ADL's stance in the Ricci case is very easy to explain.

If the Reichstag catches fire, you don't want the fire department you call to be full of negroes.

kulak said...


Universities these days are little more than Marxist seminaries at which one might (or might not) learn something useful. A degree is a union card for the ruling elite.

Formal schooling (and that's what it is mere schooling -- not education, the real meaning of which is to draw out from within) is now highly overrated; plenty of plumbers make more money than Ph.D.'s, and almost all of them have more common sense than a Professor.

See, for example, The Disadvantages of an Elite Education.

The net present value of a Ph.D. in hard science turned negative for native-born Americans about 10 years ago.

The schools have been ruined by bolsheviks and their Janissaries.

By keeping us out, they're doing whites a favor.

We really don't need no [re]education.

And they will never know what hit 'em.

Anonymous said...

as always kulak you're an original and erudite source of new information. While not always agreeing with you, especially about Jews, your an invigorating commentator.

Please continue to keep us invigorated!

Anonymous said...

That's a great link kulak. So true....

Winomadus said...

Kulak, it doesn't matter if Universities are marxist. By not going there, Whites loose power.
Big mistake.

whome? said...

Me too. We need to take back the universities, not abandon them. If that means putting the faculty to the wall, so be it.

kulak said...

We need to take back the universities, not abandon them.

No we don't, not any more than we need to take back the courts.

The universities will become irrelevant.

Focusing on the power loci of today, and subverting them, is their tactic.

If that means putting the faculty to the wall, so be it.

Did the bolsheviks in Russia kill the intelligentsia in order to gain power or did they kill them after they gained power?

First you win, then you purge. Always.

The long march of the bolsheviks through white institutions was only possible because they were white institutions.

Now they are anti-white.

des3 said...

Yeah, but HOW do you win if you concede all these areas to your enemies?

kulak said...


You're not listening des.

Our victory, when it comes, will be quick.

I don't know the precise form it will take, but I don't have to. It will also be a surprise -- viral like Epic Beard Man.

That's your inner Jew doubting you. Please bitch-slap it already.

White nationalism isn't a political program.

Tancrede Lenormand said...

The fight Between Whites and Jews lasted at least since 2000 Years, perhaps more. It started by corrupting the Roman society. As long as we have been strong enough we have been able to contain them in their dirty Ghettos. But in two thousand a virus spread by them, the Christianity, has rooted our Monarchies. (even if it seemed that Chritianity was ennemy of the Jews). Little by little our elites have fallen down into corruption. The Jews were rich. They have been given favour (like citizenship, access to higher positions) and they now control all the strategical positions in politic and medias. They own the greatest fortunes and allow in higher position only Gentiles that work for them. They do everyhing is possible to get rid of those who could resist to them and for that they use all kind of technic and ways.
We haven't tried to exterminate them but they won't be so kind too us.
And as you have noticed, they are behind AA, they fight races miscegenation (but preserve themselves from that). They have created their own state ; Israel but fight for a global world without frontiers and countries.
They have capitalism and finance to have the power, and have invented ommunism too fight the nations. They are behind feminism, pacifism, gay movement They make the apology of all inscestuous, insane and ugly.
Africans are our opponents, Jews are our ennemies through centuries.

Tancrede Lenormand said...

When I talk about Jews, I talk about the Jewish people in general. But inside them there is a few minority that is honest enough to reconize the fact I described in my previous commentary.

Anonymous said...

Tancredo: You make some valid points, e.g. about Jews being internationalist - until it comes to Israel.

However, the rest of it is pure anti-Semitic rant. 'We have not tried to exterminate them'??? Has news of WWII penetrated your lair?

openyoureyes said...

Jesus it's no wonder that the Jews run the world. All it takes is a "little, sparkly thing" and the average Goy is bewitched.

Who cares if ONE Jew did this and another ONE Jew did that, the net result of their COLLECTIVE action is what people speak of when ever they use the term "Jew".

Sure you have Jews who are rabid capitalists and Jews who are rabid communists, but how do they tack? Where do the majority go to? I even read of a Jew who was HEAD of the American Nazi party. Sure they have both sides of the spectrum covered but somehow, someway we seem to becoming.......evaporated as a race, coincidence? All of a sudden what white people think is wrong while all the Jewish intellectuals seem to be winning all the awards and prestige while being judged by....Other Jews or people influenced by Jewish intellectuals. Its a scam, farce a misdirection.

The reason why the world "rediscoverd" the wonders of the Jews is because they finally were able to penetrate the fabric of society and change the paradigm. So where once they were "suppressed" as uninfluential minorities, now the worm has turned and guess who now is the suppressed party?

What would have been written off as incoherent dribble by our forefathers is now embraced as pearls, even if it goes over are limited Goy brains or worse snows you into believing it. Its all promotion, smoke and mirrors. Shtick if you will.

Another thing, where the hell were all these magnificent Jewish intellects as we were discovering the world and applying empirical and theoretical concepts together to get some kind of a RESULT. Jewish leadership in the sciences has lead to much chasing of tails and contemplation of "superstrings", Tachyons and relativistic scientific sophistry. Newtonian physics was basic and useful. Einstein bursts on the scene and all of a sudden science is a mystery of positions in space time and a universe that looks like graph paper.

Where were the these super humans while we invented everything worth anything and managed to mass produce it better, faster and cheaper? Why is a worthles POS banker making more than a farmer? Why is it a miner is held in esteem just above a child molester while a blood sucking lawyer is a "a defender of man kinds rights?"

I'll tell you why, it's because these are Jewish occupations and now our world is in the Jewish paradigm. This means YOU think like a Jew even though your gut tells you different. Your gut tells you that an ugly third world mongrel is an invader but the Jewish paradigm insists that they really just a misunderstood treasures on par with us but for our perpetual suppression.

Yes I wonder where these Jews were while we went around the world discovering, inventing, manufacturing and conquering without the extreme benefit of their towering intellects, moreover I wonder where we would be right now if they never would have "graced" our presence.

Anonymous said...

openyoureyes, you raise some very interesting point. Must reflect, especially on the lack of contribution in earlier centuries.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse or more dangerous than a Kahazarian 'Jewish'/'Muslim convert'. There are lots of them in Israel and elsewhere, especially in Europe and America - the Far East. This disguised, treacherous most duplicitous form of "human" life makes a Cobra appear as something 'friendly'.

Dim witted Gentiles subject their women, fight their wars and die for them without even realising it.

The ancient Caucasian mummies of China foretell the ultimate enslavement and future extinction of the white race in its entirety.

croesus3 said...

openyour eyes.... people like you make me laugh. Presumably you're the first to support the idea that whites over-achieve against blacks due to high IQ and commitment. Yet you can't seem to admit that this is why Jews excel against the rest of us.

In that you're exactly the same as the liberals who look in every possible direction to explain away black under-achievement in schools.

Yes, you need to openyoureyes!!!

Winomadus said...

Croesus3, I will answer for openyoureyes.

First, in academic faculty, non-jewish whites are not OVER-representated, they are just REPRESENTATED. Remember that they still constitute a majority in their homelands?. Second, because of they overall numbers, whites would not even need to have significantly higher IQ to be more present. Their higher number, different qualities than the IQ (honesty for one) and the standard deviation around this IQ is enough to explain their 'over-achievment'.
(Beside, it has been said countless times that despite their higher than average IQ, asians were stuck in feudal ages and high poverty until whites get them out. And while the borders of most european countries were (mostly) set hundreds of years ago, Jews were not able to build and secure their own homeland in two thousands years of history. They still have to resort to awfull violence, a typical behavior of theirs when they feel in power, to maintain an unstable state. IQ doesn't seem to help much here)

So, let's go back to the issue of representation. It is my experience that in some academic fields of research, white faculty males are UNDER-representated. Women of all ethnicity are close to 50%. The real picture is a white or jewish superboss surrounded by a couple of budies and an army of obedient and apolitical asians.
Asians don't have a clue of what's going on. They think that if they are so over-representated it's because they are oh-so-smart. Of course you also have a couple of academic Blacks to get the label "diversified", but asians look down at them.
Kulack is completely wrong when he says the academic world is leftist.
It is all but that.
So, what is 'affirmative action' ?
It is a political purge of the most ideologically dangerous elements, i.e., the white european males.

openyoureyes said...

@Croesus 3

I guess I should answer for myself and get the last word, something rare for people who want to discuss racial issues intelligently.

Your impression of my statement is overly simplistic. I believe in addition to IQ there is a "temperment factor" that needs to be addressed when speaking of races in general terms.

Just as there is a difference between a Labrador retriever and a poodle, there is a difference between a white person and a black person or a Jew and an Irish person. Jews may have a intimidating intellect, but ask them to physically make something. Jews may be overly articulate, but ask them to un-clog a drain and all of a sudden, thats work for the ubermensche.

I'm saying, Jews have a certain innate propensity for self promotion as part of there genetic temperment and to elevate to godly status does not due justice to our own race which is more than capable of operating without the benefits of Jewish guidance.

croesus3 said...

openyour eyes - I was wondering if you'd come back on my point. You must know that your argument is pitifully weak. Having said that I don't doubt that whites can get by without Jews.

Anonymous said...

heck out this link - it confirms exactly what your saying:

openyoureyes said...


"openyour eyes.... people like you make me laugh. Presumably you're the first to support the idea that whites over-achieve against blacks due to high IQ and commitment. Yet you can't seem to admit that this is why Jews excel against the rest of us.

In that you're exactly the same as the liberals who look in every possible direction to explain away black under-achievement in schools".

I guess your point is that I'm afraid to admit Jewish superior IQ and commitment is the reason why they excel in contemporary society?

Jews do what they do very well, but they are niche people, they recognize this fact and thats why they've clung to our societies at the periphery. Now they apparently run things and the wheels are about to fall off the cart. The global economy is in the tank, racial and regional tensions are growing. Now Jews aren't solely responsible, but they definitely play a hand.

So my point is as you spelled out, that we don't need them, they need us. We are perfectly qualified to go it alone and somehow do without their higher IQs and hardwork. How your agreeing with that point, makes my argument weak is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

Irish-American-Savant says:
When I saw your post about "Contradictions of AA" (or some such truck) I assumed you meant "Alcoholics Anonymous". I have been arguing for years that 'alcoholism' is NOT-and this goes for all 'oholisms'-a disease, but rather it is a syndrome, like AIDS It is not the 'oholism' that kills you, it is the substances you abuse or the repetitive OCD-like activities you engage in that will eventually get you.
So now you know how the mind of a Scots-Irish-Irish-Dutch-American ADD-bipolar-Autistic-Savant works.
Goodnight from America, the land of the slave.
Your modesty, Sir, overwhelms me.
Caemoth Iasgais

SAVANT said...

Thank you for that interesting comment sir. Being the perceptive guy you are you'll notice that I changed the title of the post to extend the acronym.

Anonymous said...

parasite /par·a·site/ (par´ah-sīt)
1. a plant or animal that lives upon or within another living organism at whose expense it obtains some advantage.

Anonymous said...

"Whenever this issue [compensatory treatment] is raised, some of our friends recoil in horror. The Negro should be granted equality, they agree, but should ask for nothing more. On the surface, this appears reasonable, but is not realistic. For it is obvious that if a man enters the starting line of a race three hundred years after another man, the second would have to perform some incredible feat in order to catch up."
"A society that has done something special against the Negro for hundreds of years must now do something special for him, to equip him to compete on a just and equal basis."
"... for 15 centuries the Negro was enslaved and robbed of any wages — potential accrued wealth which would have been the legacy of his descendants. All of America's wealth today could not adequately compensate its Negroes for his centuries of exploitation and humiliation. It is an economic fact that a program such as I propose would certainly cost far less than any computation of two centuries of unpaid wages plus accumulated interest. In any case, I do not intend that this program of economic aid should apply only to the Negro: it should benefit the disadvantaged of all races."

Now is now. What is past is past. How does taking the top candidates and then not selecting the nxt most qualified then going down to the very ends to find the top black candidate not disadavantage disadvantaged whites who are the people who suffer most through affirmative action?

Affirmative action is okay for rich people, because they don't have to deal with the impact of affirmative action. They don't need to worry about whether or not their kid will test high enough to get the scholarships mostly reserved for "oppressed minorities" at these exclusive ivy league schools. And heck even if their kids can't even make the cut enough to get accepted at these ivy league schools they can always make big contributions to buy new bldgs., libraries, ect. to become a friend of the school.

This poster is correct. By keeping out talented people and letting in people of non-talent their kids have less competition from their peers.
RichThickLiberal wil always be able to afford top tradesman (never tradesperson (tradesperdaughter?)) to do jobs for them while poor people will be expected to do with the alms of RTL's conscience.

Roanoak said...

anon 15.58 - this is so true. I might add a couple more: First, if the white man had NOT enslaved the blacks theur descendents would now be scrabbling for a living in Africa rather than enjoying preferential 1st world benefits.

Second, people today, black and white had nothing to do with those times. Blacks are entitled to nothing and whites are to blame for nothng. Simply because it all happened at the latest 100 before they were born.

Thirs, it IS a zero sum game. Every black being advantaged means a white being disadvantaged.

The whole thing is a sham and a racket.

Anonymous said...

First, if the white man had NOT enslaved the blacks theur descendents would now be scrabbling for a living in Africa rather than enjoying preferential 1st world benefits.

MTV I believe it was did a programme where a black girl from New York was left at the airport to go back to Africa first class where her descendants had been slave traders (Happily omitted from the programme but if she were descended from the people who owned the fort that the slaves were kept in and none of her ancestors had gone over as slaves) she demanded that the africans feel sorry for her for her non existant slave ancestry. Locals thought she was completely nuts.

Anonymous said...

"President Obama wants to boost engineering graduation rates by 10,000 a year. In 2009, the US produced 126,194 engineering graduates for bachelor's and master's degrees and for Ph.D.s. The US had just over 1.9 million engineers in 2010. The unemployment rate in 2010 for all engineers was 4.5%."

A guy who gets into Harvard on ability said that!

White devil does take the place of African such that african can't be inginiir.
Inginiirs wad cud make Detroit b da Paree of da west agin.

Anonymous said...

Well with people posting (And commenting on) videos like these (Epic beard Man is Epic!)is it so hard to believe that we still live in a society where racism could prevent a person or group of people from advancing in life if Affirmative Action weren't still in place?
Honestly there are still people who only see minorities one way and a lot of those people hold powerful positions.
But really, how does the absence of Affirmative Action benefit our country??
How does the country gain by losing these policies?

Not having a youtube account to answer this crap
(Find epic Beard Man and you find the comment) Affirmative Action is racist because it keeps talented people out of jobs and give them to the less talented.

Dr Martin Luther King III wanted people judged on the character of the individual not on their skin and now there is an apartheid system whereby those "minorities" who run pi pi's splashtown are given preferential treatment as regards jobs or access to university.

All are created equal except for those of a lesser ability who will be given preferential treatment.

pissedoff said...

@anon 23.35 - this is exacly the point. King (supposedly) wanted a colour-blind society. That's fine by me. But just like in South Africa today, what happens is that whites become actively discriminated against. And in fact in a worse way than ever happened to blacks under the pre-AA environment.

Anonymous said...

Al Davis is a genius!

Rather than look at the combine scores when drafting football players draft those with no ability at all to show how ridiculous Affirmative Action is.

Test scores don't count when filling fire departments, Army, Navy, Marine , police jobs or University places so why should they count when drafting footballers?

panem et circenses

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action in academics, business and every other facet of life is ‘leveling the playing field’– save sports where you will find real life playing fields.

I dread to see the day when a 6'5" blackman cannot punish a 5' 1" white devil woman without being taken to task for seeking reparations and apparitions and suppositions and prepositions for what she dun to hiz ancestas thru slavery!

Anonymous said...

There is a video of students supporting affirmative action (less competition in class?) in academia but not on their basketball team.

Anonymous said...

f**("Dr" Michael Plagiarist)king

Anonymous said...

Oh Sexist Racist Sotomayor you've done it again.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who wrote the dissent, noted that 70% of positions paid by the hour in the retailers' stores are women, but that women hold only 33% of management roles.

"The plaintiffs' evidence, including class members' tales of their own experiences, suggests that gender bias suffused Wal-Mart's company culture," Ms Ginsburg wrote.

Anecdotes are not evidence as wise denizens of the internet have said. I would hope that a wise denizen of the interent could come to a better conclusion than someone who had not lived that life.

SAVANT said...

The US Supreme Court has nothing todo with law or the constitution. It's the opinions and prejudices of the various judges, including the 'wise latina'.

Anonymous said...

The US Supreme Court has nothing todo with law or the constitution. It's the opinions and prejudices of the various judges, including the 'wise latina'.


And O'Bongo (Inpired Dumberer in Dumb and Dumberer?) put in "wise latina" woman who never was a judge in her life nor even close to being one because of a lack of competence.


Anonymous said...

At the summit he said: ‘Our education system is becoming more unequal.

The blight has been it has educated the elite effectively but there is a long tail of under-achievement.

‘If you look at every realm of success, you will see children from private schools over-represented.’

He picked out the BBC and The Guardian newspaper as two examples of organisations that were dominated by private school pupils in the upper tiers of their staff.

Read more:

As above. Rich Thick Liberals do not mind affirmative action as it does not factor in their lives. Apart from hiring people who are not a threat to their position.

Anonymous said...

If there was petition for more black guys (because they dominate sports) on the hockey or lacrosse teams these morons would support affirmative action becuase they are underrepresented due to "raycism an' sheeit" (just like in the classroom!).

Yet they would not support more white guys on the basketball team.

Anonymous said...

"Do you not understand that segregation was still going on in the mid 60′s? It’s not like all the racist white guys just packed up and left or changed their mind. If you think racism doesn’t still exist you’re naive. Rich white people own just about everything, and affirmative action exists because of THIS! If these unfortunate white kids were unable to play basketball for the last 200 years, yes I would want more white kids on the team. Affirmative action isn’t fair, but neither was slavery or segregation. You can call it reverse racism or white guilt, but it is what it is, an opportunity for black people to get ahead."

And yet the doors of academia were iopened to them and they are not able for it.

Nature is "raycis'and sheiiiit!"

Anonymous said...

The holiday means as much to me as the birthday of my biological father who abandoned me at birth. In fact, I don’t even know what day he was born.

1) Large corporations like Viacom and Time Warner control major black media outlets like BET and Essence, giving them the right to shape our collective point of view. We depend on these companies to tell us what to think.

That is an article from a real doctor at

Check out blackplanetjobs in association with monster which has 60 000 plus diversity jobs available.

motoboy said...

" diversity jobs " Isn't that an oxymoron?

Anonymous said...

You should make the game on merit, not on quotas.

Read more:

Verducci wants merit not quotas at the MLB All-star game. Why?

Because quotas are ruining it just like they ruin things in real life though journalists do not get worked up about it.

Anonymous said...

There was a programme on with people speculating that ancient Atlantis disappeared and that the survivors brought civilisation to the rest of the world.
This is based on the claims that statues on Maya ruins show people who are clearly not Mayan and also have elephants.
These people are treated with contempt by mainstream academia.

Those that inflict Black history month are not.

Anonymous said...

Some academic dude gives A grades to the NBA for having more "People of Color" than their percentage in society and for having more women in the organisation than any other professional sports league. (Including the wNBA?)

The organisation makes a loss of $300 million a year.

(I suppose this is whiteys fault for not following a sport that they have no interest in?)

Anonymous said...

During her tenure, she was also a professor of political science, led efforts to increase minority student enrollment, diversified faculty, and oversaw the Women's Initiative.

And she left two years before her efforts were rewarded with the Guke University Lacrosse case.

Anonymous said...

A Co Tipperary secondary school has successfully appeal against an Equality Tribunal ruling that it indirectly discriminated against Travellers when it refused a Traveller child admission.

Judge Tom Teehan allowed the appeal by the CBS High School, Secondary School, Clonmel against the decision of the Equality Tribunal that it should offer John Stokes s a place and review its admission policy to ensure that it did not indirectly discriminate against any child.

He did not meet the criteria.
He went into a lottery where he had an equal chance with all those others who had not met the criteria as stated above.
He did not get a place so his mother decided to go the Affirmative Action route.

Luckily the judge saw common sense.

Clogheen said...

Good and unusual to see a judge demonstrate some common sense. But the reall insight here is that even though "He went into a lottery where he had an equal chance with all those others who had not met the criteria as stated above." they still thought they'd win going the AA route. IT's not eqwuality they want, it's precedence.

Anonymous said...

"Diversity jobs" is just code talk for "we aren't hiring any while males."

Anonymous said...

Operation Black Vote is a real charity which aims to increase black votes and despite being a charity backed Oona King in the recent Labour leadership elections WHICH CHARITIES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO!

I doubt the cahrity Commission will investigate.

Anonymous said...

Racial discrimination in science.

YOU might expect that science, particularly American science, would be colour-blind. Though fewer people from some of the country’s ethnic minorities are scientists than the proportions of those minorities in the population suggest should be the case, once someone has got bench space in a laboratory, he might reasonably expect to be treated on merit and nothing else.

Unfortunately, a study just published in Science by Donna Ginther of the University of Kansas suggests that is not true. Dr Ginther, who was working on behalf of America’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), looked at the pattern of research grants awarded by the NIH and found that race matters a lot. Moreover, it is not just a question of white supremacy. Asian and Hispanic scientists do just as well as white ones. Black scientists, however, do badly

If missy, sorry, dry, got off her high horse she might realise there is a reason for this.

Anonymous said...

The original blurb:

Black scientists, however, fair badly.

It might not be fair how blacks fare

Dr Ginther sounds likea Gruandina typo?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe Dr. Ginther be black?

Anonymous said...

Donna Ginther explains study of racial breakdown of NIH grants

The researchers found a 10 percentage point gap in research funding--even after taking into consideration demographics, education and training, employer characteristics, NIH experience and research productivity. For example, for every 100 grants submitted to NIH, 30 grants from white applicants were funded, compared to 20 grants for black applicants. (/Courtesy of University of Kansas)

Visit Washington Post to see her give her reasons

Has anyone done a study of Affirmative Action hires to see how many of them are worthy of their position?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Clubs could be forced to interview black managers for vacancies in PFA proposals

Read more:

Why? NFL forces teams to interview "minoratahs" and then just hire who they believe to be best suited to the job anyways.

Art Shell and Mike Singletray did not set the Bay Area alight. Both black.

Tony Dungy (black) was dumped by the Buccaneers ebcause it was felt that John Gruden had what it took to take that team to the Superbowl. And his team won Superbowl XXVII.

Dungy then won the Superbowl XLI after fixing the Colts defensive frailities.

So one coach is the answer and then the problem in one place the one that was sacked in the first place is the answer somewhere else.

As there are more unsucessful coaches than sucessful ones if the guy is good enough he will be hired regardless of background.

Anonymous said...

A mandatory University of Delaware program requires residence hall students to acknowledge that "all whites are racist" and offers them "treatment" for any incorrect attitudes regarding class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality they might hold upon entering the school, according to a civil rights group.

On a foundation blog, a student noted that one residence assistant told students, "Not to scare anyone or anything, but these are MANDATORY!!"

Further, the school requires "a systemic change" as a result of the program, FIRE A Civil Illliberties organisation noted. As one RA told students: "Like it or not, you all are the future Leaders, and the world is Diverse, so learning to Embrace and Appreciate that diversity is ESSENTIAL."

University of Delaware. DDumb dumb DUMB

Tony in VA said...

It's not just Delaware. Wisconsin and many more have similar.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Wisconsin's one the Latino or (a) and blacks do not need to reach whitey or asian SAT scores to get admitted?

Tony VA said...

18.25 that's correct. And also applies in may other colleges here.

Anonymous said...

After flirting with bankruptcy - mexicalifornication- (invented blog word for it )has California voted AA unconstitutional albeit a bit too late?

Tony in VA said...

"has California voted AA unconstitutional albeit a bit too late? "

Too late, and anyway it'll be over-ruled by the Federal Courts.

Anonymous said...

If a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man does affirmative action enlittlen the biggest, swiftest, and smartest etc. to cut them down to size and unembiggen them?

(What? Enlittlen it is perfectly cromulent term as well.)

Heraclitus said...

@anon 19.15. You sound like James Joyce. And make about as much sense!

Anonymous said...

Theresa May comes out with a Battie Hattie statement

Female talent can boost the economy by £60bn says Theresa May as she stresses the important of women role models

If they were any good of role models wouldn't they be role modelling now?

When she was asked where did the figures come from she replied
Theresa May's answer to the question of where the £60 billion figure came from

Henry IX said...

In fairness Theresa May comes out against a lot of the right-on bullshit that dominatesz the country.

Anonymous said...

Raheem Morris might have lost the patience of the Glazers after losing the last two games by a combined score of 85 - 12.

After going minoratah will they now go for one of your readers who will bring in a new left handed relief pitcher, a Point Guard and a goal tender?

(What? I thought that what Raheem thought he wasmissing?)

kudzo bob said...

What the hell were the Bucaneers doing with a coon as head coach? It's just not the natural order of things.

Anonymous said...

The Bucs got kudos from Art Rooney owner of the Steelers for hiring under his Rooney Rule.


Anonymous said...

If you want to see AA nonsense in action you can tune in the Channel 4 football on a sunday night with a hideous overweight broadcaster overseer Danny Kelly and New England retired defensiveend Michael Carlson who have ridiculed Kevin Kolb of the 3 and 6 Cardinals while praising Michael Vick of the 3 and 6 media dream team.

Anonymous said...

Racism be damned. Players of West African origin are now set to dominate world football, through their sharper soccer brains, their superior abilities and their physique. Crying out "You black bastard" to the departing back of the dark brown African who is twice as skilful, who speaks three languages as opposed to his 1.5, and who doesn't feel the need to get hammered on 20 tequila slammers to enjoy himself, might soon be the only weapon remaining for the hapless white BrIrish defender left floundering in the mud. That's not racism; that's despair.

What is Myers trying to say here?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Michael Obama, the first insert Hacksaw Jim Duggan chant, found that Corporate law was not for her.
Nor was any sort of law.

And her geting a place ahead of people who could have done the job and not being thankful for the opportunity.

Clogheen said...

Myers doesn't undersdtand anything about football, only rugby. And in fact he doesn't know much about that either. Still, he's about the only MSM guy who's a realist.

Anonymous said...

On the 49ers 9 and 2 season.

Harbaugh's success with basically the same team that Singletary failed miserably with says something about both coaches.

As the NFL is majority blcak I guess it means that the black man does not appreciate the black man?

I mean the press were trying to say the players refused to play for Singletary and as the players are majority ... .

Anonymous said...

Nick Clegg on the 30th anniversary of some of brixton being burned because the man would not let I and Is deal drugs goes and criticises football for being 25% black but having only 2 black managers across the 4 divisions and this being a damning statement on private enterprise.

I wonder is the donee making greater use than the donor would have?

Anonymous said...

"My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my 'blackness' than ever before," the future Mrs. Obama wrote in her thesis introduction. "I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don't belong. Regardless of the circumstances underwhich I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second."

As if I don't really belong.

A student with better grades was rejected for this individual who as a black woman would have life experiences that a white woman would not.

The thesis, titled "Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community" and written under her maiden name, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, in 1985, has been the subject of much conjecture on the blogosphere and elsewhere in recent weeks, as it has been "temporarily withdrawn" from Princeton's library until after this year's presidential election in November.

She speaks of being forced, forced I tell you, of competing intellectually with whites which is something she never had to do before being admitted into the seat of white privilege.

Mrs. Obama as racially insensitive practices in a university system populated with mostly Caucasian educators and students: "Predominately white universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments."

To illustrate the latter statement, she pointed out that Princeton (at the time) had only five black tenured professors on its faculty, and its "Afro-American studies" program "is one of the smallest and most understaffed departments in the university."

Reflecting its importance, er, babe!

To research her thesis, the future Mrs. Obama sent an 18-question survey to a sampling of 400 black Princeton graduates ... Just under 90 alums responded to the questionnaires (for a response rate of approximately 22 percent) and the conclusions were not what she expected. "I hoped that these findings would help me conclude that despite the high degree of identification with whites as a result of the educational and occupational path that black Princeton alumni follow, the alumni would still maintain a certain level of identification with the black community. However, these findings do not support this possibility."

Blacks b rayciss' n sheeit?

Anonymous said...

Africans in particular, no matter what, can never, ever be portrayed in a negative light, no matter how barbarous and depraved their crimes.

A comment on the New York Slimes.

This braindead moronicism is in RTE as well.

Cure it of the infection or shut the palce down.

Anonymous said...

"Weed serve" better.

Tower Defense soon to be leaving Detroit?

There's a plant in Detroit called Tower Defense and Aerospace. The name itself gives you an idea what they do inside, but it's what we caught them doing outside during their lunch break that will shock you.

Henry IX said...

"Predominately white universities like Princeton are socially and academically designed to cater to the needs of the white students comprising the bulk of their enrollments."

yes. Like students who are clever enough to manage the material, not someone brought in on an AA basis where she goes on to study black slavery or some other crap like that.

Rastus said...

The big question about portraying africans in a negative light is to what extent is it working? Do people realize that they're getting sold a crock of sh*t?

Anonymous said...

Eight worst coaching hire in the NFL

Interesting that wikipedia has him as interviewing for the Denver Broncos job on hios page but does not mention that on John Fox's (Denver coach) page.

Must be an oversight of collective editing?

Anonymous said...

The descendants of african slaves are entitled to affirmnative action just as the descendants of slave owners who are also african-americans but ordinary Americans who are descendants of slaves are not.

That is racism!

Anonymous said...

My brother saw a memo from his wife's briefcase that outlined the hiring policy of the Credit Union of "one of the largest airlines on Earth." This particular memo outlined the corporate hiring policy. The rules are:
First hiring preference goes to minority females, regardless of qualifications;
Second: minority candidates regardless of qualifications; Third: female candidates regardless.

If and only if zero candidates remained, a male of the majority race could be considered.

That might have been the airline from Fort Worth that filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Or Atlanta. Or Barackhusseinsoeteroville.

Anonymous said...

“Many would be honor students elsewhere. But they are subtly being made to feel as if they are less talented than they really are.” This is particularly so regarding science and engineering, which are, as Heriot, Kirsanow and Gaziano say, “ruthlessly cumulative”: Students who struggle in entry-level classes will find their difficulties cascading as the academic ascent becomes steeper. Hence the high attrition rates.

I used to think this was true, but I now have doubts. You know whose perspective I'd like to get on this issue?: A widowed black lady named Marian Robinson. See, she repeatedly saw her daughter go to elite schools on racial quotas -- Whitney Young HS, Princeton, Harvard Law, and then off to a Big Law firm -- But her daughter was in over her head at most of these places, felt like her peers were looking down upon her, struggled with spelling and with passing the bar exam, and quickly gave up practicing law for lower brow jobs in the fixer industry in Chicago. So, the question I'd ask Mrs. Robinson is how did affirmative action work out for your daughter?

And she only became proud of the US when she became first moocher.

This is how AA fails its benificiries.

Anonymous said...

Miami cannot appoint a new full time coach as they must go through the charade of interviewing at least one minority coach in the week after the Superbowl.

Anonymous said...

"i heard the university was looking to accept more jews. how do they know an applicant is jewish if they do not ask the question on their application?

Question on a bizarre story. Vanderbilt university? which split from the Methodist church appointed a moron chancellor who wanted to increase diversity in a Tennessee university by recruiting more jews.

He distilled some advantage to that that others did not.

Anonymous said...

Students applying to university will have checks made on their school and family background under a move to create a more diverse student population.

Two thirds of universities will use data covering students’ social class, parental education or school performance next year to give the most disadvantaged candidates a better chance of getting on to degree courses, reports the Daily Telegraph.

For the first time next year, they will be required to set targets for the number of disadvantaged students being admitted in a move that coincides with a sharp rise in tuition fees.

Read more: Toodle pip old bean. You couldn't have Margaret Oppenheimer's offspring competing against their peers now could you? That would be absolutely ghastly

J Bull said...

The DM is no different to any other MSM outlet now.

Anonymous said...

I predict that next, Holder will go after prestigious universities for "predatory admissions."

Think about it. Each year, tens of thousands of unqualified minorities are cynically convinced by greedy admissions officers to pay a fortune in tuition at Ivy League schools they have absolutely no hope of graduating from. Tens of thousands more are given useless "ethnic studies" degrees that do not equip them for employment.

It's a disparate impact case if I ever saw one.

So what are the chances of this a happening?

SAVANT said...

So what are the chances of this a happening?

None, and it's irrelevant because most of the enrichers don't have to pay anyway.

Anonymous said...

Diversity magazine

Get signed up now!

Anonymous said...

It's for 'diversity professionals'!!

Anonymous said...

Dolphins won't be outbid for Fisher

but if the minority coach they interview turns out to be better they will go with him.

64 of 66 (2 white guys filled in) of corners in the NFL were black. Not a problem.

8 of 32 coaches were black or 25% against 12% of the population are black yet this showing that the Rooney rule may have led to overpromotion is not a problem.

Liberals are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Grant, in support: "Bringing someone here from Finland who has never seen a black person before and expecting them to have some empathy with black people is nonsense. Scandinavian (sic) people don't know black people - they probably don't know how to take their temperature."

We learned to our cost thta it is Romanian educated frizzy haired brown eyed people who have trouble taking temperatures.

Anonymous said...

The lesbian parents of an 11-year-old boy who is undergoing the process of becoming a girl last night defended the decision, claiming it was better for a child to have a sex change when young.

Thomas Lobel, who now calls himself Tammy, is undergoing controversial hormone blocking treatment in Berkeley, California to stop him going through puberty as a boy.

But Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel warn that children with gender identity disorder forced to postpone transitioning could face a higher risk of suicide.

They will keep at it until David Reimer will be forgotten because rednecks do not understand academia.

rebel said...

How sick can you get? Anyway how do you expect a child 'reared' by two bull dykes to turn out normal.

Anonymous said...

Of the three types of people to fire #1 is

1. The Victims
“Can you believe what they want us to do now? And of course we have no time to do it. I don’t get paid enough for this. The boss is clueless.”

Victims are people who see problems as occasions for persecution rather than challenges to overcome. We all play the role of victim occasionally, but for some, it has turned into a way of life. These people feel persecuted by humans, processes, and inanimate objects with equal ease—they almost seem to enjoy it. They are often angry, usually annoyed, and almost always complaining. Just when you think everything is humming along perfectly, they find something, anything, to complain about. At Halloween parties, they’re Eeyore, the gloomy, pessimistic donkey from the Winnie the Pooh stories—regardless of the costume they choose.

Victims aren’t looking for opportunities; they are looking for problems. Victims can’t innovate.

So if you want an innovative team, you simply can’t include victims. Fire the victims. (Note to the HR department: Victims are also the most likely to feel the company has maliciously terminated them regardless of cause. They will often go looking for someone—anyone—who will agree that you have treated them unjustly. Lawyers are often left to play this role. So have your documentation in order before you let victims go, because chances are you will hear from their attorneys.

Yes indeed. Feminist Wimmin and former Slaves are the tops but affirmative action has been createdso that business has to hire more of them. What a silly idea!

Tony in VA said...

"They will often go looking for someone—anyone—who will agree that you have treated them unjustly"

Well, they won't have much difficulty with that. Our universities have created a whole generation of victim seekers.

Anonymous said...

Including that old chestnut that a woman only makes 75 cent on the man's $.

When taking age and experience into account it disappears.

It was also not as widespread in Ye Olde Thyme than films like Dagenham Girls or whatever it was called and that the Equal Pay Act was coming in even before this strike.

Anothe rRed Tails educamational movie.

Anonymous said...

Eva ?Longoria did a Who Do You Think You Are? and was disappointed that she was mainly of European origin as she wanted to be oppressed so that she could better get parts in Hollieweird.

Anonymous said...

Return Of Dawsy 13 Feb 12 21:33
So a black person can be racist towards another black person? PMSL

That's like me abusing somebody for being white when I am white myself. LaughLaugh

Strange that I am a racist and I am racist towards my fellow whites because I do not believe that a number divided by zero is infinity.

Anti-racist is also middle class kids going around being holier than thou and looking down on their non-peers. Like frightful like oiks who like literally like don't like use like every couple of like words like.

I would link in the article on the NFL draft where Nigerians proved that they were disliked by African-Americans because if they were drafted the native African-Americans would say "They our jobs!"

"They took our jobs!"

Anonymous said...

PM calls for more Black Managers

Aston Villa fan Dave Cameron calls for more black mangers. Putting John Barnes in charge of Liverpool would see Villa rise in the table.

Shouldn't the reporter have called them colored people as colored is acceptable but coloured be racist.

Anonymous said...

YT's daughter does not get a job because it went to a Gibsmedat.

Ha! Ha! You got what you wished for.

n said...

So that useless prat Brendan Batson now says there must be quota's for black managers in England??

Ok, what about quota's for white 100 metere sprinters??

That's fair, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Manchester United must prove their anti-racism by having a black manager replace Alex Ferguson. NOW!

Anonymous said...

From the New York Daily News today:

Seven applicants who failed the FDNY written exams that a federal judge tossed out as discriminatory are not entitled to damages because their grade was less than 25.

The Vulcan Society of black firefighters, the city and U.S. Justice Department lawyers all agree that a score of 25 is too abysmally low to merit compensation.

“Such a candidate would not have succeeded due to his or her lack of effort and therefore should not be eligible for relief,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliot Schachner wrote in papers filed Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Only seven black and Hispanic applicants out of 7,100 who took the tests scored less than 25 on the exams, according to court papers. Of nonminority applicants, 20 scored less than 25.

The U.S. Justice Department filed suit against the city in 2007 alleging the written exams in 1999 and 2002 discriminated against minorities.

Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis later ruled that minority candidates who were not hired and those whose hiring was delayed as a result of the test scores may be entitled to damages.

No freez moneyz for minoratahz?

For shame!

Anonymous said...

Homosexual Judge Refuses to Perform Heterosexual Marriages

When California voters passed a ban on homosexual “marriage” and black-robed autocrats promptly struck it down, we got a hint of the contempt the left-wing degenerates comprising the judicial ruling class feel for the wishes and mores of the public. Here’s another hint:

Dallas County Judge Tonya Parker says she won’t perform marriage ceremonies until gay couples can wed.

During a Feb. 21 meeting, Parker told the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas that while she has the power to perform legal marriage ceremonies in her court, she will not.

“I use it as my opportunity to give them a lesson about marriage inequality in this state because I feel like I have to tell them why I’m turning them away,” Parker said. “So I usually will offer them something along the lines of, ‘I’m sorry. I don’t perform marriage ceremonies because we are in a state that does not have marriage equality, and until it does, I am not going to partially apply the law to one group of people that doesn’t apply to another group of people.’ And it’s kind of oxymoronic for me to perform ceremonies that can’t be performed for me, so I’m not going to do it.”

In other words, she is a homosexual, so she is going to exploit her position of power to stick it to anyone who isn’t, just like Vaughn Walker, the San Franfreakshow judge who initially blocked California’s Proposition 8.

Tonya Parker, sexually deranged judicial activist.

Anonymous said...

Obungler is right! Black man can be SEAL!

Anonymous said...

And she’ll take out a lot of cars because she is not qualified to be on the track. But this is what the poison of diversity does! It puts people in positions they otherwise have not earned based on the color of their skin or what isn’t between their legs.

Angrywhitedude does not like Nascar any more.

And the people they fawn over will not be fans.

One half point is all a woman has scored in Formula One history.

Danica Patrick has a lovely arse so she should be in Miss USa or the Rose of Tralee.

And Patrick Danica can be in Nascar.

Everybody wins.

Anonymous said...

I will start watching NASCAR when the NBA institues affirmative action and quotas, like everyone else has

That MLKed quote sums it up for me.

white rose said...

'I will start watching NASCAR when the NBA institues affirmative action and quotas, like everyone else has'

Aha! But you don't understand. Quotas are to be applied only when 'people of color' are numerically under-represented.

Anonymous said...

Traveller culture travels to Mayo

Home of besieged Paraic Nally.

Place where a woman had to lock herself in the backroom of apub because of the travellers causing trouble outside.

Shite Hire Ms I has trouble with travellers being banned from pubs in Mayo but when it happens in Balbriggan they are all why do people behave like that?

Because you do not train your pet monkeys you fools!

Anonymous said...

Cannot find the story of a trial being cancelled because the two guards involved were off on maternity leave.

As good as if not better than their male counterparts.

Anonymous said...

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick isn’t particularly concerned about the Obama administration’s dictate that religious employers provide health care plans that cover contraceptives.

Recites Patrick,

“I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for Americans.”

Now if Ms Patrick was meant to be listened to she would not be a chick.

Anonymous said...

I think people miss the point, it's not that she quit because she's a woman, but I think she was put into the job because she's a woman.

The RAF have been desperate to get a female pilot into the Red Arrows for years, but most female pilots don't get the required hours, so as soon as one did they put her in, regardless. Part of the Red Arrows selection is the mental toughness, I'm sure she can fly the Hawk very well, but remember most men who apply to fly the Red Arrows fail, yet she got selected. Point the finger at the likes of Hattie Hatemenperson who promote this rubbish that owning a set of breasts or ovaries automatically entitles you to do a job better than a man who has worked for it. Look at the Labour front bench to see loads of useless women simply put there because of their gender and not on ability.

Note how we don't see the leftist men hating females in Nu Liebore demanding that women fight and die in combat yet they demands the same pay.

Kirsty Stewart former Red Arrow

SAVANT said...

This is exactly right about Kirsty Stewart. God, will white straight men ever cotton on to what they're doing to themselves? Here in Ireland they're about to bring in quotes for parliamentary representation as well. SO the will of the people will be modified to say 'you can vote for whom you want providing it's a woman'


Anonymous said...

It is worse. Some EU pol has decided that boards must have 40% women.

Charlie Haughey's pal got the Irish Permanent gig for her talent but she is now retired so that is one less able bodied (and I think it has been suggested how CJH was 'able" to use that "body") chick that is available so the capable candidates will be thin on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul takes on society for womenomics

<a href="'>We shal overcome</a>

Shameful white stuffed shirt privilege sees no ladies of color in the choir.

For shame!

To those sickos at Morehouse College.

Anonymous said...

A female is 5.2105263157894736842105263157895 more likley to be a CEO than a coal miner.

Why isn't there more emphasis on the lack of a career in coalmining for women?

(Tips hat to Ramzpaul)

Anonymous said...

Number of women in parliaments

South Africa
Costa Rica

These countries are fucked,fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked, unknown, fucked, fucked

either economically or by cultural marxists.

Maybe they needed to elect more Carly Fiorinas?

Anonymous said...

When she said “I’m a vegetarian” what she apparently meant to say was that she actually eats meat.

Baroness Warsi

As you can tell by her burqaless face no one in their right mind wouldn't mind feeding her their trouser sausage but you cannot help thinking she did not gte to be minister without portfolio on talent alone.

Anonymous said...

Stephen FRy band SIR Ian Mcllenan come up with the money tomsave The Hobbitn pub from the naming rights issue witha Hollyweird studio.

Go Faggots go faggots go.

Go faggots go faggots go.

Anonymous said...

Monkey power!

I think that Barack Obama is a disgraceful race traitor. Sucking up to thew white side of his family.

He is concerned about the 11 year old Latina raped by a gang of blcak men but has he any concern for TrayvonMartin?

Anonymous said...

Sorta like how the evil white male patriarchy forces women into air conditioned jobs and reserves all the dangerous, sweaty outdoor jobs for itself.

Anonymous said...

I want to check out the fines asses on the cheerleaders and the director chooses to go with this non Morgan Freeman nobody!


Anonymous said...

Loo-turn! How police had to set up a roadblock after woman bus driver went wrong way down one-way street while searching for a TOILET

Read more:Affirmative action hire?

Nothe the comment that ayone really of UK origin would get a fine and 3 points on their license.

Anonymous said...

Paul Ince has declared that he is ready to return to Wolves as manager and lead a last-ditch attempt to avoid relegation from the Barclays Premier League.

Former Wanderers captain Ince would be willing to take charge immediately were the club to relieve interim manager Terry Connor Ince spoke to Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey when the search for a new manager was still taking place - the day before Connor was appointed.

A cunning plan to save QPR

I do not know why this guy gets a free pass with the press. In one of his jobs as manager he was successful then went up the league ladder was less than able to do it with Blackburn Rovers.

Premiership materila he is not.

SAVANT said...

Good comment about Ince. I wrote earlier in this blog about his time at Blackburn. He was feted by the media for his earlier 'accomplishments' and was to be the man to bring them to new glories. Instead as we know he got them immediately relegated. Problem is the MSM give blacks a completely unrealistic idea of their own capabilities, with predictable results.

Anonymous said...

A blood test means he cannot open a casino

Interesting point that a blood test can be used to tell a social construct so there is science behind social constructionism!

occasional said...

Interesting point that a blood test can be used to tell a social construct so there is science behind social constructionism

They also got a murderer in Florida when they analyzed his DNA and showed he was black. Another social construct!

Anonymous said...

Savant I searched and searched and searched some more to come up with the guy who is going to inspire The Scientist with Morgan Freeman.

Some guy at Howard University discovered oestrogen, p something and other hormones.

He also wrote letters to a colleague there denouncing his colleagues.

He shacked up with the man's wife and got himself sacked fro TNB.

Morgan Freeeman can bring that script to life?

Anonymous said...

you have to be seriously tanned to satisfy the diversity police such that George Hamilton the singer is black but George Hamilton the soccer commentator is white.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin got hammered in the press for Tina Fey saying "I can see Russia from my house" whereas Elizabeth Warren self identifies as part Cherokee on the basis that her grandfather had high cheekbones and she regards this as proof of Cherokee heritage.
This was also good enough for that place synonomous with suckess Harvard University.
I think you can tell why there are different treatments.

If not I suggest you think about a cretin in the White House who has many many children and self identifies as black even though he is a full waste of space half caste.

Anonymous said...

Some Scottish Policewoman came across a guy Trayvonmartining a restaurant but as it was raining (Rain in Scotland? What a surprise!) she did not bother to arrest him a sthat would be too much like hard work.

Some Scottish prison bird was arrested naked in a bed with a convict she placed herself in charge of even though she was not in his area to take charge of him. She then tells the employment tribunal dealing with her sacking of coercion.

Look up the Daily Mail's website of these things happening in England as well.

Anonymous said...

The Archers has been accused of ‘racial stereotyping’ by portraying a newly introduced black character as a feckless womaniser.

IT worker Carl, whose Jamaican roots have been mentioned on the Radio 4 soap, is the new boyfriend of vicar’s daughter Amy.

But listeners are being led to believe the character, played by Nicholas Bailey, is already married.

On the show’s official BBC messageboard there are more than 90 comments discussing whether the only Afro-Caribbean character has been typecast as unfaithful.

Read more: Wah wah wah! We want a darkie in a rural soap but he cannot behave soap stylee

SAVANT said...

No, he must be like the young black guy in Corrie. Didn't believe in premarital sex, was a church-going Christian, dressed in a conservative suit. Your typical black youf in other words.

Anonymous said...

Mulerrin's squeeze in other words!

Anonymous said...

justnotsaid's interview with elizabeth Warren

Warren: Well, being the only Cherokee at my high school there was just very tough. The other kids would always tease me, and call me "Geronimo" or "Sitting Bull." Whenever I would go to a party, there was always some wit who would say something like, "Don't let her drink, Indians always go crazy when they have firewater." Or if there was a drought, the others kids would ask me to do a rain dance. For some reason they always thought that was quite funny.

Um Isn't Oklahoma the most feather Indian state so how did she become the only Indian at her school? Was it really posh?

Warren: Just the other day I was alone in a room with Professor Charles Ogletree, and I took a step towards him, and he fell back on the ground screaming, "Please don't scalp me! Please don't scalp me!" I assured him I had no such intention. When he got up he actually seemed pretty embarrassed, but for a moment there, you could really see the terror in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

John, Is it possible that no proof is required when you state that you are a minority seeking preferential treatment?
Do you think a place like Harvard doesn't really care whether she is or not -- that it just wants to be able to say it employs a certain percentage of minorities?
Was it just a game that served both of them?

You've probably heard by now about how Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat running for the US Senate, claimed to be Native American in order to reap minority status career benefits while a law professor at Harvard. When pressed as to her claim, Warren initially said that she couldn't remember ever saying she was an Indian -- even though she had listed herself as a minority from 1986 to 1995 on her official Harvard Law School bio.

After some searching, Warren's campaign came up with a great-great-great grandmother who was Cherokee. Meaning that she is 1/32nd Indian.

So Warren is a Native American in the same sense in which Queen Elizabeth II (who can list Genghis Khan among her ancestors) is an Asian.

Some might say that this affair is the ultimate indictment of our racial spoils system, of Harvard, and of Elizabeth Warren.

Romney really ought to run as an African-American. After all, according to one theory, his ancestors were there just 50,000 years ago.

Bury her heart at Wounded Knee

Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house and was criticised as if she did a DUMBOCRAP invents an ancestry and the press says nothing.

Come off it Ted Turner employees she cannot be Barack Shabazz Soetero Osama's daughter can she?

Anonymous said...

Fauxochontas - the Female Obama

She and her husband Jim moved to New Jersey, where she entered Rutgers School of Law-Newark. She graduated in 1976. In 1978, she divorced Jim, and in 1980, she married Bruce Mann, another law professor. But still called herself Warren. After jim. the husband she divorced.

Like George Constanza, the neurotic character on Seinfeld once advised his friend Jerry, “Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Like Arundtha Roy a dot Indian who claimed to be one of the 99% despite her family owing a whole pile of TV stations in India.

In that case I am a Booker Prize winner because I say I am.

Harvard Law School home to the lying sack of shit Barack Husseoin Obama hosts another one

Harvard Law School has notably bragged about its first “American Indian” hire back in 1996, Elizabeth Warren. Only one problem: she’s not Indian–certainly not in the demonstrable, legal sense, like all “real” Indians have to demonstrate. She claimed to have ancestry among the Cherokee and the Delaware, but none has been found by professional researchers.

Southern Poverty Law Center a pile of crooks?

Where’s the American Indian Movement when you need them? Where’s the Southern Poverty Law Center? Where’s the American Civil Liberties Union? A woman (Prof. Elizabeth Warren) claims to be American Indian, and she isn’t. Harvard Law hired her, as an Indian, and boasted about her as a minority/female statistic. This is high level legal suit material! Is there an attorney, or a group of attorneys, honest enough to uphold the law–for the sake of upholding the law?

Identity theft is a crime

Not to over-dramatize, but identity theft is a crime. Ethnic identity theft is called fraud. Elizabeth Warren, Harvard professor of law, is still trying to manage public outcry over her abuse of American Indian identity. She clearly does not meet that basic legal standard of being American Indian, yet she has for years reaped professional advantages by her claim.

In short Affirmative Action messed up Harvard.

Anonymous said...

The head of the Massachusetts Republican Party wants Harvard to investigate whether Elizabeth Warren, a faculty member and U.S. Senate candidate, misled the university by claiming Native American ancestry, which might have allowed her to take advantage of hiring policies that favor racial and ethnic minorities.

"The problem is that Ms. Warren is not a Native American," wrote Robert Maginn in a letter Sunday to Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust, according to the Boston Herald. "She's Caucasian.

That Naomi Scaefer Riley woman is married to the black journalist Jason L Riley who is no Jayson Blair!

What a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Naomi Schaefer Riley writes on why she was sacked from Chronicle of Higher Education

As Ellen Schrecker, a Yeshiva University historian, writes in her book "The Lost Soul of Higher Education," political ends were the goals of the founders of black studies. Ms. Schrecker—who is, by the way, sympathetic to these political goals—explains that the discipline's proponents "viewed these programs as contributions to the continuing struggle for racial justice, not as conventional academic courses of study."

My longtime familiarity with the absurdities of higher education did not, I confess, prepare me for this most absurd of results. The content of my post, after all, is hardly shocking; the same thing could have been written 30 years ago. And perhaps that's the most depressing part of all this. Despite the real social and economic advancement that has been made by blacks in this country, the American faculty is still stuck in the 1960s.

Ms. Riley, a former Journal editor, is author of "The Faculty Lounges: And Other Reasons Why You Won't Get the College Education You Pay For" (Ivan, R. Dee, 2011) and "God on the Quad: How Religious Colleges and the Missionary Generation Are Changing America" (St. Martin's, 2005).

A version of this article appeared May 9, 2012, on page A13 in some U.S. editions of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: The Academic Mob Rules.

And now you know why we had the Guke Lacrosse hoax and why none of the faculty members who joined in the "Lacrosse player hunt" were ever disciplined.

Anonymous said...

Some african-American woman was preferred over a white woman at a university admissions department.

Quite right you say. As a descendent of slave owners who had their property stolen by Abraham Lincoln she is entitled to reaparations and salutations and miscegenations and law avoiding flagrations.

Er, no she became a member of this oppressed group by being the daughter of an african ambassador.

You could not make it up to quote some newspaper column writing guy.

Anonymous said...

Not in ochayethenoojokeland

When a detective asked her about this, she is said to have admitted being in a relationship with Senyah. He was never charged over the shooting.But Miss Martin denied she confirmed any relationship. She did admit being friends and visiting him in jail.

Miss Martin quit the Met last year while she was being probed for misconduct. The cop, of Leytonstone, East London, is claiming unfair dismissal, racial and sexual discrimination. The hearing continues.

A prison officer in Scotland transfered a prisoner to her list and was found naked with him in her house where he tried to stab the officers who came to arrrest him.

She claimed her coerced her.

Too many women in unsuitable positions as the trawling through newspaper back issues shows.

Anonymous said...

Proffesor Paula Mcclain Racist Duke University professor

This obnoxious racist was a diversity hire as the former head wanted Duke to be closer to NCCU and she racistally said that the Duke University players who were involved in the rape hoax were not entitled to due process has been promoted despite being an incompetent sack of shit.

That is diversity for you.

Anonymous said...

Apartheid exists in South Africa.
It is now known as the more media friendly "Affirmative Action".

It exists too in the US where clowns like Barack Hussein Osama Shabazz Soetero can get into Harvard University despite being as dumb as a bi-pedalled dark skinned dude.

Michelle LaVaughan Robinson got into Princeton and Elizabeth I still have my first husband's surname despite being married to another warren got a job at Harvard as a minority Amerindian despite having as much Indian blood as Bono "Kill the farmer" The Short Arsed Superstar! has singing ability.

Anonymous said...

Julie Walters said that when she was a girl the BBC was the by word for excellent broadcasting now it is a hellhole with crap like Holby shhitteh pushing miscegation.
The BBC is 60% female.

Anonymous said...

Fury as Cambridge university students enter Rear of the Year competition

This eurocentric competition favours those with European arses like Anita Dels, Anna Taverner, Carla Bruni etc. while disfavouring Dianne AbboTT, Michelle LaVaughan Robinson "is there a hoose loose in that Caboose?" Osama and those that adopt African sized arses out of solidarity with the poor oppressed anbd downtrodden like Jacqueline Jill Smith and Harriet Harman. ,

gallowglass said...

anon 15.48 - that link doesn't work. Anyway, looks like a very positive development.

Anonymous said...

Ageist bastards!

When Fiona BBruce, 46, won it they did not let that story disappear down the memory hole whole!

Anonymous said...

Feminist: "You shouldn't dress up in tights and heels and pose for Rear of the Year, it's demeans you and demeans the sisterhood."
Entrant: "Ummmm, it's my bum, I like it, and I think it empowers me to have men vote solely upon it. After all, I pick my partners based on whether they see me as a whole person, it's nice to flaunt my sexuality for a change."
Feminist: "Partners? Sexuality? Sorry you've lost me."

This is the kind of rubbish that sets feminism back. Willing participants, no exploitation, and yet it's 'wrong'. Not getting a job because you have breasts, that's wrong. Not getting paid as much for the same reason, that's wrong. Go find a battle worth fighting.

And in the US they did. Ten Ton tessie was not allowed to dance on the bar because she might break it or a customer if she fell off. Local feminists pointed out that Lisa Simpson, Elizabetrh Warren, Hillary Clinton all supported, because they were not the bar counter!, this students right to dance on the bar.

That is what "Dr" MLK wanted people to be judged by their hearts and not the content of their arses.

Anonymous said...

tweell December 22, 2010 at 18:30

The Navy has tried very hard to get female fighter pilots, the best of them still could not handle carrier ops. That program has been quietly discontinued. The drive to promote women officers to command combat vessels hasn’t turned out well either*. Support and supply is where they belong, if they belong in the military at all.
A friend of mine was on a supply ship for an enlistment. It deployed every two years. Over half the women in his work center got pregnant shortly before it deployed. He had two types of women working for him – sluts and dykes. He preferred the dykes, they would do their work and not have planned pregnancies.

An academic decided that as women areshorter than men they made better fighter pilots as blood had less distance to travel to the brain.

Yes you are absolutely correct was the other academics response.

* By not working out too well is he referring to the dyke who reefed her ship?

Essex boy said...

Friend of mine is in the RN. Since they brought women in, even in still small numbers, morale and standards have plumetted. Another stroke of genius in terms of bringing the West down.

Anonymous said...

Essex boy I do not know if the story is linked with here but go to the Daily Mail web site and search for Diane Bamber or Manchester policewoamn fitness test.

She was asked to take part in a fitness test to see could she run so mnay yards in full riot gear in a certain time. Intially she refused then she took part and did not achieve the time.

Manchester police then set up her own personal time which only she was allowed to match.

5' 1" firewoman in Sussex I believe has seen their fire service introduce special suspension on their fire trucks so that it can be made go closer to the ground so that she can reach the equipment.

Peter Hitchens tale is also funny. 20 stone woman only failed the fire test because she was scared of heights.

If they were any damn good they would not lower morale but they are just stuck in to damn well prove that they are as good as, if not better than, any man.

Anonymous said...

There was an article in The Australian newspaper yesterday about introducing 25% enrolment quotas for female (non IT) engineering students at Australian universities. Female engineering enrolments are currently about 10-15%. Female engineering students automatically receive scholarships at some universities.

On a side note the Royal Australian Air Force first allowed females to train as fighter pilots around 10 years ago. Only a handful of women have ever applied and none have completed the five year training programme.

That would be Australia where big brave Julia Gillard is Prime Minister. The chick who tells how difficult it was for her and the great barriers that she had to overcome. She had it worsier than Monkeyboy as she told him.


Corkonian said...

Insanity. This Australian move will not work on any front. Why don't they let nature take its course? This will just degrade the standards and the women themselves will realise that they've got there unfairly.

Anonymous said...

She was stopped in Northampton by cops who saw her driving erratically and told them she had left her young child at home to go to the off-licence.

A breath test found she had 188 micrograms per 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Drink drivw woman cannot goto jail

Despite being 5 times over the limit this woman cannot go to jail because she has a child.

I bet the judge will not think this politically correctly when the Emma West showtrial happens.

Anonymous said...

I was passed over for my chosen college despite I had a higher SAT score than a black man
I was passed over of a college scholarship because I wasn't Hispanic, and my parents made more money, even though they would not pay or help.
I was passed over for a job because I wasn't a woman despite the fact I was more qualified than she was.
I was passed over for promotion because I wasn't Asian despite I was a better worker, with more qualifications and experience.

I'm a white male and unemployed, and spent 20 years in IT working for the odd large companies. The gentlemen has a point. It is getting so much that if you are a white male, you are discriminated against. I'm just waiting for the order to 'get to the back of the bus' I know its coming sooner or later, despite having sunk over $20,000 of my money in Certs + an undisclosed amount for college having to pay all of it out of pocket. Despite that I do still love IT. But I have seen some fellow co-workers who never should have been hired in the first place. (She actually asked us what a floppy drive was.)
When the big lay off came, they kept her because she threatened a 'discrimination' lawsuit because she was a woman, and black.

I'm not the only one in this position because of 'affirmative actions' and I have no problems seeing the 'better talent' get the jobs. Its when a person with less talent, less training, and less common sense gets it because of Affirmative action, that was designed to 'fight' a discrimination that for the majority doesn't exist to begin with, its quite frustrating.

This unfortunate guy also had a Princess Tippitoes moment too many.

The boss couldn't praise her enough whereas he had no time for Annie who knew her stuff because she was a culchie who had not gone to the right school whereas HRH knew the rugby playing elite of SoDu.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action is a way to level the playing field.

No, it is not. It is a way to punish the inocent, because somebody other is discriminating, and by doing that to increase the discrimination against the "affirmated" group.

This guy has got it right. Affirmative Action is there to punish the innocent.

Elizabeth Warren got a Harvard job on ye olde timee Cherokee ancetor who did not exist.

Barack Hussein Shabazz Boetero Osama got in on being a descendent of slaves which he is not but nobody checks whether people of his colour or darker hues like Michelle LaVaughn Robinson were descendents of slaves or slave owners whereas white people are descended from the smallest group of former slave owners are discriminated against to allow johnyjunglebunnies ancestors in.

Anonymous said...

A woman prison officer who admitted flirting with male prisoners is herself behind bars today. Zanib Khan exchanged sexually-charged letters and phone calls with drug dealers and robbers serving time at HMP Brixton.

One told her he couldn’t wait to ‘see your size two feet in the air’ when they made love. Another wrote: ‘All I can think about is the date I walked through those gates and saw my beautiful gal.’

Read more: Minority chick becomes prison officer and mistress of a prisoner

How about a gleanings of all these chicks who have been promoted though doing nothing to deserve it?

In fact even avoiding recriminations for f***ing up yes Cressida Dick I am thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Both Obamasterbation and Nancy Pelosi pay their female staffers less than their male counterparts.

If you support Obama on equal pay then you must not re-elect the idiot.

Laws are only for the little people not Obama, Pelosi, Warren dumbocrats all!

Anonymous said...

A police officer who was sniggered at and taunted by passers-by as she walked down the street has gone on to lose 14 stone in less than a year.

At an incredible 25 stone and size 32 dress Carolyn Kendall was often referred to as a 'fat pig'.

Desperate to escape the constant humiliation and snorting that followed her as she worked on the beat she took a desk job.

'People would shout 'fat pig' and snort at me. It's an offence and in theory I could have dealt with it, but I couldn't arrest everyone who did it!' she said to the Sunday Mirror.

Read more: 14 stone lost by police woman

But don't they have to do a sexist fitness test to see if they can keep up with their male colleagues while wearing riot gear?

This is the NFL player she lost the equivalent weight of

This is the Aston Villa player she lost the equivalent weight of

This is Obama's daughter who she would have a hard time catching if she were in the Police in Georgia

How the hell does any police officer become THAT big.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Cook world's #1 keft out of Olympics for Muhamed

World Number 1 at Tae-kwan-do has been left out of the GB squad to make room for Muhamed Not-as-Qualifiedtobeatthefuckingolympics.

Anonymous said...

First Chinese woman in space

Hope she had a better time than Soviet woman who was lauded in the press but spent most of her time in space asleep as she was not fit enough to be an astronaut.

Anonymous said...

Some non-Telegraph papers have decided the reason the Telegraph and Visa ambassador people have a problem with World's #1 Taekwon-do guy being left off the team is that he is sponsored by The Telegraph and Visa.

are they really that thick or just having a go at being so?

Anonymous said...

MuayTyson said...

Funny, I lived in Thailand for more than a few years and it can get awful hot and humid Thais are known to be very non-violent. In fact quite a few of the sunbelt people are known for their easy going ways.

How is it blacks are so disproportionately affected by heat, poverty, racism,etc.? Maybe the easiest answer is they are violent, stupid proto-humans?

And 40 years of Affirmative Action and they still cannot stand on their own two feet proves something MuayTyson wrote correct.

Anonymous said...

Pam Lesbian broadcaster at ESPN who made awful announcing for whinging about when an injured player would be taken off the field live on air but could not be disciplined owing to her lesbianism was doing the commentary on the US Canada softball game so should have been comfortable on her own sport. She was not. She was absolute shit like that Oakley woman on BBC's Match of the Day.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action leads to over 80 deaths Gilchrist you say stroking your chin I wonder which ones is she from? The motherfucking monkeyraping African Gilchrists of course.

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