Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sweden: One in five now foreign

Latest figures from Statistics Sweden reveal that in the last 50 years the number of foreigners living in Sweden or those with two foreign-born parents has risen from four to nearly 20 percent. While a significant proportion of this group is European, most come from African and Islamic hell-holes, complete with the cultures that have made those places hell-holes.

What the report does not highlight is the proportion of the underage population (say under ten years) these cultural enrichers represent. Given that they breed like a nuclear reactor, and Swedes, like the rest of the white race, have given up on this, we can assume that it must be anything between 30% and 40%.

We can confidently assume then that within a generation or two Swedes will be a minority in their own country. Unutterably sad, but I draw some grim satisfaction from the fate that awaits the so-called feminists and the other traitors when the Africans and Muslims get control.
PS: There are reports of Malmo's Jews fleeing that city, which as we know, is becoming almost a Muslim no-go area. Out with the old, in with the new. Great swap, great social engineering, well done lads.


gorandre said...

Me too. I'd just love to see those bitches being whipped for immodest dress or beheaded for adultery. Kinda looking forward to it actually!

Tim Johnston said...

Reading Mark Steyn's America Alone at the moment - he makes an excellent point:
As a social conservative, when the Imams are in charge, he'll just grow a beard and get a few more wives. The gays, feminists and multiculturalists will be the ones having a bad time of it...

P Schwartz said...

Savant, I have little sympathy for them. They made their bed...

Looking at the breakdown it seems a reasonable number are Korean or Chinese so can be expected to be quite productive in the future. The challenge will be with the large Iraqi population & also the africans.

SAVANT said...

Viking - that's my point. The very people who facilitated this will be the first to get it in the neck - literally - when these guys take over.

clovis said...

Bear in mind that population projections can be unreliable. It's possible that Swedish and foreigner birth rates might converge over time. I admit though that this isn't really happening on the rest of the Continent.

Californian said...

Well, if things get too hot for Swedish liberals and feminists, they can always move to the rainbow nation of the new South Africa. Since the Swedish government supported the ANC, I am sure the ANC would just love to welcome Swedish immigrants, and that the Swedes will bask in all the vibrancy and cultural enrichment of the newSA with its top-of-the-charts murder and rape rates.

hector said...

Californian - don't be too sure. Swedish rape rates, estimated to be about 80% by Muslim immigrants, are heading towards the top of this particular league table.

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