Monday, 16 November 2009

SAS does a Lazarus - kind of

A new blog, based in the US to elude the Thought Police, at least temporarily, has taken up the mantle of the closed down South Africa Sucks. It needs to be understood that this blog has absolutely no connection with “Why South Africa Sucks”

This site is managed, edited and authored by a completely new group.

Now I've been forecefull taken to task by Dark Raven, one of my favourite posters on the old WSAS blog. She tells me that what I wrote above in red is 'bollocks' and that all the old WSAS crew, with the sad exceptions of Uhuru Guru and Doodler are beavering away like of old.

Thanks DR - I won't offend you again!

Here's the new address of the new site.


Anonymous said...

Ok with South Africa sucks, but where the hell are all the pictures of raped and murdered and tortured white women!?

They were taken off the internet in the blink of an eye. Scrubbed clean.

Please Savant, provide a link to a site where they can still be found.

This is massive CENSORSHIP!

Anonymous said...

Good man, Savant. Mucho kudos to you for spreading the word about this new site. Keep up the great work. A Devoted Follower

SAVANT said...

I'll see what I can do about this but I'm not sure I have any particular access.

Tim Johnston said...

Some of the pics were found to be fake - one was one of the Boston Strangler's victims, and others were dubious too. That's why they were removed.

That is not to say that similar tortured aren't endured by South Africans - just that those particular pictures were fake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant,
The new SAS blog is still run by the same group of bloggers that were blogging on the previous blog with UG and Doodler. We were always a team of about 5 to 8 bloggers, we are now 7. All were members of the previous blog and an additional new member came on today, 1 of the original founding members, Knorrig, is also back.

It was UG's decision to can the old blog (understandably), but the rest of us aim to keep it going. UG asked us to please distance ourselves and the new blog from him, and not to post any of the old archives, so as to avoid further problems for him. This we have done.

As for those pics to that post that was mentioned, there has been a lot of mud slinging about it. Which is unfortunate.

I never put the pics up, UG added them to a post Doodler put up, and I cannot see that he would have posted fake pics to the blog deliberately, and by doing so destroy his own reputation and the credability of his blog. He was always very adament that us bloggers always have good sources and references to posts we put up. I believe he put them up in good faith, and trusted the person who sent them to him had done so in good faith too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting the record straight Savant, you're a star.. and your blog is number one on my list of 'Best Reads' with the moring cuppa!

Yes, MSAS has no connection to Uhuru Guru and Doodler, they never set it up, nor are they writing for the blog. But MSAS is connected to the old blog, as the rest of its other blog members are old ZASucks blog members, and readers are old ZASucks readers!

How much more connected can you get? A blog is about the writers,
content and readership, and people put up content, and people make up readership.

Credit where credit is due..and I say credit to Gonville for setting up the new blog and to everyone else who have agreed to continue with MSAS, and doing what they always did on WSAS.
Lets not tolerate being served up as second rate copies. That would be unfair, I'm sure you'd agree..!


Anonymous said...

Let's none of us forget about our poor abandoned white brethren in SA. God help 'em. My heart bleeds for each and every one of them.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Interesting Dark Raven,

ONE: You say all the SA Sucks bloggers, from SA Sucks have moved over to My SA Sucks, except UG and Doodler. You do not refer to Uncle Cracker. Are you implying that Uncle Cracker has also moved over to My SA Sucks?

TWO: If what you say about UG's intentions with those pictures are true, why did he not do the honourable thing and print a retraction and apology?

He has been given so many opportunities, as you know (remember all those comments you censored at My SA Sucks: here and here), to just do the honourable thing and publish a retraction and apology...

In fact did My SA Sucks not 'authetnicate' those gore pornographic pictures as 'sa crime scene photos' and take them down out of 'respect for the dead'! Somehow i find it difficult to think that publishing gore pornography can be described as 'respect for the dead'. But then, perhaps that is simply UG's literary license to alter the facts...

Pity neither he, Doodler, nor My SA Sucks have hte courage to do the honourable and ethical thing and print a retraction and apology...

Anonymous said...

Andrea - you talk thru your posterior.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


You must be one of UG and Dark Raven's fans, who can't be bothered with such inconvenience's like evidence and facts...

Actually a few other groups of individuals share this total disregard for facts and evidence... one of them are a majority of fundamentalist African blacks and another are fundamentalist liberals...; another the fundamentalist 'global warming climate changers' and another the 'hate the jews' factions.... so although you don't share thier particular fundamentalism... you do share the process whereby they remain obedient to their fundamentalist cult, instead of being willing to re-assess their ideology, whenever it collides with evidentiary facts...

So you are indeed in fine fundamentalist company....

Perhaps one day you will have a real moment of Awakening...

Till then; you are welcome to your little or big fundamentalist cult ...

claes said...

anon 23.10. Ignore Andrea. She's a menopausal nutcase who ratted out her white colleauges. The lowest of the low.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

As I said before, claes,

Why should we fight to replace one bunch of black/left mobjustice practioners with another bunch of fake white, and fake right mobjustice practioners? Because the latter will give us special mobjustice treatment?

That is not what I have fought for, or on behalf, or continue to fight for. I fight for a Constitutional Republic: founded upon the rule of law; not for any group who intends to establish thier own version of mob justice.

Your type of blind obedience mobjustice does well in Left Wing Communist and Right wing Fascist dictatorships..

And that you endorse.. including conservatives who peddle gore pornography, pretending it to be crime victims...

The quality of your moral discerment would be hilarious, if it wasn't so tragic...

Anonymous said...

@Andrea Murrtheyn
Lara Johnstone
AKA Lara Braveheart
AKA Lara Johnson
AKA Angela Muhrrtyn
AKA Black Swan

1. Lara is a jailbird / murderer groupie - one of those Jerry Springer type creatures who feels sexual attraction for people who have murdered.
She married a Black American murderer named Johnstone (her original surname was Johnson but took the killer's name).

98-09-24: Volkrust FarmGirl Doomed Love for Black Convict, by Frans Kemp; You Magazine & Huisgenoot

Next, she developed a crush on Oklahoma Bomber Tim McVeigh

"I was, and still am, a co-conspirator in the Oklahoma City Bombing,"

She claims McVeigh was never executed but is hiding out somewhere in South Africa

While still living in the US she went on hunger strikes to force GW Bush to admit his government's liaisons with space aliens & UFO's.

Lara Johnstone to take ET hunger strike to White House

Then she latched on to the theory that the HIV/AIDS virus was a CIA-designed biological weapon to rid the world of blacks.

During this time she became a regular writer to the "Race Traitor" magazine, who believes that the White race is "a cancer to humanity" and must be "abolished".

Eventually she came home to SA and continued her campaign against AIDS. She did a short correspondence course on being a "paralegal" and thus qualified and learned, she now fancied herself as a hot shot lawyer and barrister.

She launched endless court campaigns and wanted to drag Mbeki, Mandela and a host of others to the International Criminal Court, and printed thousands of pages of nonsensical documents which was sent to hundreds of ANC members.

When they ignored her bombardments, she started harassing them telephonically and ended up calling SA politician Patricia De Lille a "fucking hotnot kaffermeid". De Lille had her arrested for crimen injuria (libel / slander) and hauled her before court.

Here she screamed at the magistrate "fuck you fuck you" and was promptly sent to a nuthouse for psychriatic observation.

She was incarcerated for several months and was last year convicted on three charges of crimen iniuria.
Woman defies court over rude De Lille SMSs

More recently she seized on the Brandon Huntley Canadian asylum case and started the "Why We Are White Refugees" blog.

Johnson is unemployed and parasites off her relatively wealthy parents. She lives in George, Western Cape and spends approximately 20 hours a day trawling the internet for victims to stalk and cause celebre's to champion.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...



Andrea Murrtheyn is a nom de plume, like Voltaire was for Francois Marie Arouet. Not to hide his identity, but for artistic licence. Like Voltaire (but without his genius I also incorporate humour and irony into some of my writings, even at times to public officials, and even at times into legal documents. It’s the Dischordian streak of my personality.

Let me help you with a few facts.

My former husbands name was not Johnstone, but Johnson. My maiden name is Johnstone.

I met my former husband while I was working on criminal rehabilitation issues, with criminologist and psychologist Dr. Richard Korn, former co-founder of Delancey Street Foundation: Delancey Street Foundation is the most successful rehabilitation program on the planet. It has successfully rehabilitated over 14,000 former criminals, drug addicts, etc., which has not cost the US taxpayer one cent!

In hindsight it was indeed dumb to get married. I respected Demian’s character and what I interpreted as his courage to confront himself, and to make such drastic changes in his life. While the marriage was stupid, I don’t regret meeting him, or befriending him, and in fact he taught me many things about myself and I learnt allot from the experience. He was, and remains an honest friend; although we have both moved on in our lives; I wish him no harm.

Demian wanted information on rehabilitation programs. We corresponded. I said I would help him, if he wanted to help himself I said I would sponsor him to complete a Paralegal Course by correspondence, but would only pay if his grades were above 80%. His mom subsequently took over the payments, on the same terms. He got his diploma in 2001 [Diploma * Marks]. He also founded CODE 4, with fellow prisoners, and prison guards. CODE4 stands for Convicts and Officers for Diversion and Education. [Code 4 Description * Code 4 News Articles * Warden’s Reference RE: Demian’s Code 4 Work].

I don’t think any of us are perfect; I however make a distinction between those of us who have realized we made a mistake, confront how we made it, and are sincerely committed to not doing it again. The emphasis on sincere. Delancey St. is very very very tough… They have very very high standards which they require their people to live upto every single day.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


In 2004 I wrote an essay criticizing the SA prison system, as creating and fostering crime and criminality with suggestions for how they could incorporate Delancey Street doctrines if they wanted to really sincerely curb crime. I sent it to the Government c/o Judge Inspectorate of Prisons: Judge J. J. Fagan: An Essay on Proudly South African Parasite Hypocrisy: Fraudulent 'Rehabilitation' Boomerang: Correctional Services Prison Policies As A Major Intentional Source of New South Africa's 'Kaffirs' AKA 'Criminals' .

Being a bit of a fanatic about radical honesty, and transparency, I have always used the term ‘Kaffir’ in terms of its original etymology: someone who knows the truth, but who hides and conceals the truth. Accordingly a ‘kaffir’ can be of any ethnicity, ideology etc. DA MP Mr. Selfe found the essay very thought provoking, but did not think the ANC would be interested in its ideas.

Timothy McVeigh: Unlike some I am not a fan of Crucifixions, legal, physical or otherwise. From my research on the issue, Timothy McVeigh did not get a free and fair trial. This was subsequently confirmed by the FBI themselves, when they admitted that they had withheld thousands of pages of evidence from the court during his trial. (Split in FBI-1*2 and Fraud Upon the Court] [OKC Bombing & Politics of Terror]

I don’t endorse Lynch Mobs.. I don’t care if the Lynch Mob is white, black, pink, green, left, right, conservative, communist, or whatever. I endorse the rule of law for everyone. If someone is guilty of a crime, they must be found guilty in a free and fair trial, based upon ALL THE EVIDENCE. Same with Eugene De Kock, same with McVeigh, same with Demian Johnson... et al.

So, Yes I objected to someone being executed, and crucified as the ‘Face of Evil’… when he had never been found guilty in a free and fair trial.

I first found out that McVeigh may not have been executed from Stew Webb, a former FBI Agent, ‘Federal Whistleblower’. [Timothy McVeigh is Alive, Weekly World News. Sherman Skolnick also reported that McVeigh was not dead [Secrets of Timothy McVeigh], and Susan Carlson, a media witness at the McVeigh Execution also said he was not dead (APFN), his eyes were still open and he was still breathing. Susan Carlson, was a friend of Chandra Levy, who was put in charge of media issues at the Bureau of Prisons dealing with McVeighs execution. Shortly afterwards Ms. Levy was found murdered while jogging in a DC park. [Levy Affair 01* 02].

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Subsequent thereto, I was contacted by a former Special Forces Officer of McVeigh, who informed me face-to-face, that McVeigh had not been executed, but had been given a new identity, and that the last time he had seen McVeigh was on a compound in Oklahoma in July 2001 (a month after the alleged execution). It is my opinion there is enough evidence to dispute the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ allegation that McVeigh was executed. But I doubt McVeigh is in South Africa. I suspect he’s working for the National Security Agency. He was always exceptionally good with computers. I did not go on a hungerstrike to force Pres. Bush to disclose the issues related to UFO disclosure, but to support President Bush and the Disclosure Project witnesses. Pres. Bush had stated to Charles Huffer (former Military Veteran) on July 28, 2000, that UFO disclosure was something he really wanted to do, if he became President. I don’t know if UFO’s exist or not, but I’d be interested in seeing evidence if they do.

I read the Disclosure Project book with all their evidence, and watched their National Press Club Briefing, and found the witness testimony to be incredibly interesting. What I did find very interesting is that there are over 400 Military Intelligence, scientist, and government witnesses (including Generals from JAG, and Nato), who have provided extensive information about their evidence to the Disclosure Project. So I went on a hungerstrike to support President Bush, and what I perceived as these brave men, who were risking ridicule, from people who were not even willing to make an impartial enquiry into the evidence.

Based upon my enquiry into the origins of AIDS, I do think AIDS was created to curb African Population growth, but not to “rid the world of blacks”. I agree with much of the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory of Dr. Len Horowitz, from his book: Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?. It was to reduce the rate of Africans exponential growth. The Theory may be incorrect, but it is supported with hundreds of evidentiary documents, which show who the scientists were who worked on the experiments, what they were paid to do, how, when, where, etc. What I found interesting is how goverments were so little interested in an impartial enquiry in a court of law, where experts who agree and disagree could be questioned under oath and cross examined. Dr. Horowitz has subsequently filed a Supporting Affidavit, along with Dr. Brad Blanton to the High Court White Refugees Application for Leave to Review (HC-WC: #19963-09), also submitted to the SA Human Rights Commission (WC-2009-0455BS).

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I only wrote two articles for ‘Race Traitor’: the one about George Jenkins, a homeless black man who was arrested for littering, for dropping ash from his cigarette; and the other article was about my objection to Tim McVeigh’s execution.

Race Traitor is a publication from the organisation the New Abolitionists. the term 'race traitor' was a literary form of exaggeration to highlight an idea. I did not agree with all of race traitors ideas, but they were not opposed to healthy debate, to a conversation about ideas, about the concepts of whiteness. They did not call for the ‘white race’ of people to be abolished, but for the concept of ‘whiteness’ (a fake sense of superiority, that is not earned based upon the individuals character).

I do not fancy myself as a hot shot lawyer or barrister – quite to the contrary. I use the little I have learnt as best I can, study and read as much as I can find to educate myself further and stumble and fall, and pick myself and stumble and fall again. A never ending learning cycle.

I have launched my own court campaigns, which is generally what someone who is aggrieved with her rights having been denied does. That is what you are generally advised to do, if you live in an alleged democracy – to fight for your rights, using the law, and the courts and systems of non-violence arbitration to settle disputes, and build foundations for better laws, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Would you prefer that I simply sit on my backside and complain and whine and do nothing?

Not sure where you got the ‘thousands of pages’ – the transcript of my High Court Appeal (A 696-04) was over 2,000 pages, but the only recipients thereof have been the High Court Registrar, and the NPA-Western Cape. Also ain’t got any idea where you came up with “hundreds of ANC members”. I have contacted various ANC members and officials, because they are allegedly the individuals in charge of the South African Government, on various issues. Is it a crime to write a letter of complaint to a member of goverment in the ANC?

Not sure where you came up with ‘harassing them telephonically”. I contacted Mrs. De Lille, and various other Government Officials, via the office of Mr. Tony Leon, requesting them to enquire into the issues of AIDS Iatrogenic Origins.

The issue Mrs de Lille got so upset with me about, which was the foundation of her ‘crimen injuria’ charges had nothing to do with the few ‘Kaffir’ SMS’s, but the details of former South African Military Officials, as stated in the Legal Document delivered to her office on 07/07/07, which I phoned her on 10 July to confirm she had received. It includes references from former SADF officials, about their knowledge of AIDS being of Iatrogenic Origin (For example: One BOSS official in Orania told me that he was informed by his counterpart at MI5 in 1972, that British Intelligence were creating a depopulation virus).

Now perhaps they were lying, or perhaps they were telling the truth. Decide for yourselves. I was simply reporting what they told me. (Part 1 * Part 2).

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I know plenty who know you and not one of them likes you. as you say, you're a pain in the butt and no, you're NOT Voltaire!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Well thats okay. I don't 'know' plenty of people, the people I would say I 'know' would be very few.

And until I know someone, from having met them and spent time with them, I don't make decisions about whether I like them or not; cause how can I? I don't know them.

So, if some people don't know me, but don't like me. No worries. In fact if they decide whether they like someone without even having met them; then what is the point if having such fake friends anyway?

Once you have been to prison, you learn the difference between fake friends, and real friends. Its easy to find fake friends; I couldn't be bothered. What is the point? But again, perhaps I am just wierd..

I can't be bothered spending energy on disliking people. I may dislike what they do; but disliking them personally... without knowing them. Seems like a lot of wasted energy.. although I could waste some energy, might help me lose a few pounds, but then i'd be some skinny person full of dislike for people... so i'll just stay fat and jolly!

Anyway.. take care..

Anonymous said...

Your lengthy irrational rants (which I did not bother reading) have proven just how much of a lunatic you really are.

Get a job, get a life.
Oops, forgot you can't - you are as crazy as a bedbug - totally unemployable and incapable of forming relationships with men - bloody lesbian.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

8 January 2010 19:53 comment deleted. Updated for accuracy on 31 Oct 2015. Copy of original at Practicing Radical Honoursty [EoP | WiP].

*~~~~~~* *~~~~~~*


The issue of Contempt in Facie Curiea occurred in court in George on 31 January 2003, and had absolutely nothing to do with Mrs. De Lille. It had to do with my original 18 June 2002 Political Necessity Bomb Threat Trial, where I had been appointed with a Prosecutor, who was totally clueless about what a forensic psychologist did. I filed a complaint requesting a new Prosecutor, the NPA refused to make any investigation and refused to appoint a new prosecutor, and she refused to recuse herself. At which point I told the Magistrate that I would not proceed with that ‘black kaffir bitch’. He told me to apologize, I refused, with ‘fuck you’. He again forced me to apologize, I again responded with ‘fuck you’. I got sentenced to 12 months in prison for contempt in the face of the court. And I got a new Prosecutor for my Trial, who although we disagreed, she was not corrupt. In the cell next to me, was a young woman who was the leader of the 28 gang, she killed a Correctional Officer with a broken bottle, because he refused to give her a cigarette. She got 10 months for his murder, and I got 12 months for contempt of court.

My apologies you don’t agree with many of the issues the Huntley case attempted to expose; you certainly are entitled to your opinion.

My parents are hardly relatively wealthy. I live very simply, on very little; and when my cashflow from my wormery or compost sales don’t pay the bills, then I barter trade, and pay my rent in vermicompost. My apologies you find poor white people so disgusting and despicable. Personally I prefer to judge another by the content of their character, as opposed to the size of their wallet.

I don’t like bullies, and I don’t like liars, and I don’t join lynchmobs, and when I run into either; I express my honest opinions. Where opinions are based on facts, I provide evidence for such facts. I am by no means perfect. I prefer friends and colleagues who bother to make an impartial enquiry, and who judge another on the content of their character.

[removed paragraphs / updated paragraphs in next comment]

Anyway, if you were looking for facts, hopefully some of those are useful. If not.. and prefer your opinions as expressed above; thats okay too..

ces’t la vie. Take care.

8 January 2010 at 19:53 [Updated 31 October 2015]

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Updated corrected paragraph/s:

If you are seriously looking for a psychological assessment of my personality or psyche; you would hardly be the only one with such interests.

I don't have a problem seeing any psychologist; soon as I can find one that (a) acknowledges Ecology of Peace Factual reality; and (b) has a simple clear definition for what they define as 'mental disorder'; (c) the honour and ethics; that if their own behaviour fits their definition of 'mental disorder' to first apply their ego-mindfuck bullshit 'remedy' to themselves' to see if it works to amend their 'mental disorder' before they go around peddling their snake oil salesman bullshit to others.

It turns out that my beliefs about the sincerity of Dr. Blanton were incorrect. Dr. Blanton -- unlike myself -- does not support justice for right wing white males, females, lesbians, or even pets, I imagine. He is a rabing left wing flat earth fundamentalist bigot. I ain't got a problem with honest bigots; I do have a problem with two faced hypocrits pretending to be anti-bigotry; whose secret closet bigotry would make the KKK blush. I ain't got a problem with sincere commies, pakis, niggers, spicks, white supremacists, who take public responsibility for their bigotry and are willing to engage others in honest sincere root cause problem solving discussions; even if such discussions include: If sincere people are willing to honourably respect their border agreements with their hated neighbours; they can end up being peaceful neighbours who hate the fuck out of each other but honourably leave each other alone.

Dr. Blantons response to my request that he support justice for Anders Breivik to get a free and fair treason trial; equivalent to the free and fair treason trial provided to Nelson Mandela by the Apartheid Government.

I am no longer a member of the Radical Honesty cult; which more accurately could be called the Radical Hypocrisy cult. I prefer membership of EoP Radical Honoursty cult - FBI: Brad Blanton and Radical Honesty Fraud.

EoP v WiP negotiations: Psychological Org's [PDF]; I have contacted hundreds of psychologists and psychiatrists; to attempt to find one who is willing to acknowledge Ecology of Peace Factual Reality. I ain't managed to find one yet.

Ecology of Peace Facts: 1 Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict. 4. To sustainably protect and conserve natural resources in accordance to local and national carrying capacity limits; and restrict national and international inter-cultural resource war conflict; humans must implement an international law social contract that restricts all the worlds citizens to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

But either way, I do know I can be abrasive, and a pain in the ass; radical honoursty ideas do piss some people off. If you don’t like me, that’ okay; I really have no problem with that. In fact, I’d prefer someone to say they don’t like me, than to pretend to like me, without bothering to get to know me.

If you tell me you don't like me; and we can agree to leave each other and each others property alone; I'll be your best enemy-friend; by staying out of your way; and leaving you alone for the rest of your life.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Copy of updated comments posted to: EoP v WiP negotiations Comments Correspondence: Chapter 5: PDF.