Friday, 11 September 2009

Computers never lie


hannibal said...

ho ho fucking ho! love it!

clonycavan said...

If Caster Semanya had just got some of that Female Genital Mutilation at the correct age...all of this would have come to light years ago, and a lot of distress and disappointment avoided.

Anonymous said...

Naw - no disappointment. I like seeing the muntos getting it shoved up them - tho that's not likley to happen to her/him!

IsraeliEejit said...

Verrrrrry funny.

But in our case its:

Search: Someone stole my car.

Did you mean: An Arab broke into your home and stole your car keys and cellphone. Then when you rang up your cellphone number, someone with an Arab accent said "If you want your car back, I'll sell it back to you for 20,000 shekels.

This has happened to thousands of us. In my case, I discovered my home had been broken into at 6am Saturday morning. As I had a security tracker installed, I looked for my cellphone to ring up the security service to find out the location of my car. But of course, they'd taken the phone and disconnected the tracker. I rang my phone number. An Arab answered (distinctive accent). I said "Hello, are you the thief?", "God forbid" he replied "I'm just a car-dealer". You can have it back for 20,000.

kulak said...

We can be certain the computer is not French.