Tuesday, 25 August 2009

South Africa gets tough on crime - at last

In the pantheon of 20th century horrors, the Sharpeville Massacre is right up there with the Holocaust and the Armenian Massacre. In fact, according to the former Liberian President Charles Tubman it was even worse. In his considered judgment, Sharpeville was, quote "the vilest, most reckless and unconscionable action in history."


Which is a bit surprising (see my post on it here) in that the numbers shot dead by the South African police, in what was an unplanned but nonetheless reckless action, amounted to 69 (pardon the pornographic associations). The police wouldn’t do that sort of thing today in the Rainbow Nation of course.

Or would they?

In fact according to figures issued by Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) and quoted in the SA Sucks blog no fewer than 420 people were shot dead by police in the previous year. I kid you not!

Here’s what the report says: “At least 191 suspects were shot during an arrest, 83 shot while allegedly committing a crime, 43 during investigations, 34 while escaping, six due to negligence, while three victims were bystanders. The figure also included 60 people shot in domestic violence incidents or by off-duty policemen.”

But you’ve already heard about this, haven’t you? Seen all the mass demonstrations protesting the slaughter? No? Strangely enough, neither have I. Amazing, isn't it, when you consider that this is exactly six times the number killed at Sharpeville?

I wonder why? Now I'm making just a wild guess here, but could it be that the cops today are nearly all black?

Naw, couldn’t be – I'm just cynical.


Anonymous said...

Savant, did you catch that Louis Theroux episode on Johannasberg's security police and viligantism? Suspects being stoned and beaten to death in broad daylight by the mob. As one white farmer noted " it's a African solution to an African problem". Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Happy NewsFlash,

Ted Kennedy is dead.

SAVANT said...

anon 1.49. Yes, I saw that. One of the thugs interviewed to seemed more animal than human. I mean that literally in that 'it' could speak only in grunts and, well, you saw it as well.

We don't have these creatures in Ireland. Yet.

Zngr said...

The old dude in the end, the security professional character, was or that is would be good medicine for the PC people and culture relativists as the man himself was black. Theroux, blinking innocently as usual, asks if you know, they just couldn't be nice instead of beating people up until they can't move without help.

"Otherwise they'll just be back. What can you do. What can you do" the man shrugged.

(quoting from memory but something to that effect)

Indeed what the fuck can you do when policing doesn't work, the courts have collapsed and there is nobody else to take care of such problems as burglary, robbery and murder. The incredible notion of Western liberals that without police and unjust courts people would automagically behave nicely is shattered daily all over the world.

Then again, I bet they are still blaming the whiteys on the black on black crime too, so there's that little wall to climb over before rational reasoning and logic can be applied.

Anonymous said...

Let them at it. They're shooting shitskins 99% of the time anyway

Anonymous said...

Sorry to dissapoint, but a lot of their victims were white. Don't forget that SAPS are basically a set of crooks made up of the former 'freedom fighters'. Probably few of those killed were real criminals.