Friday, 28 August 2009

God and Mammon

If it wasn’t bad enough bringing in a new blasphemy law, our esteemed Minister for Justice has now seen fit to introduce legislation which allows Mass cards to be sold only ‘by virtue of an arrangement with a recognised person, meaning a bishop or provincial of the Catholic Church’.

Just what we need I say. Can't have bogus Mass Cards in circulation, can we? The end of civilization as we know it.

And one Thomas McNally is so put out about it that he’s appealing the Act’s constitutionality in the High Court. Thomas, according to today’s Irish Times (print edition) runs a successful Mass Card production company in Longford (despite the market being ‘highly competitive’!) and could be out of business with the new law.

According to the Times, he has ‘an arrangement with several priests whereby they agreed to permit him to affix their signature to the cards in return for a personal stipend’. What could be fairer than that? And Tom goes further. He also has arrangement with ‘Most Reverend William Kikoti, bishop of Mapanda, Tanzania’. How about that!
But look at it from God’s perspective. How is He supposed to know who bought what, and what they’re praying for? You only get the benefit from the card on the basis of the priest offering up a Mass for your intentions. But how does he get to know your intentions, and in turn, how is God supposed to know, if the priest doesn’t, and if… well, you can see His problem.

Ok, as our Muslim friends keep telling, ‘God is great’. And I agree. I agree. Put that dagger away please. But really, is He that great, that he can work out all this kind of stuff?

I don't know. But I think we should be told. It's our money after all.

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