Friday, 24 July 2009

Who is this man?

Check the images on the left. Have a guess where I got it. Maybe from America’s Ten Most Wanted, or similar from Holland or the UK? Or maybe on a visit to Death Row at Huntsville Texas? Could he be a Somali warlord, or an African dictator on trial at The Hague? .

Ok, let’s be charitable. Maybe he’s plays in the NFL, the NBA or the Premiership?
Or take another tack and let our minds soar free! Is he a biochemist, software engineer, physics lecturer or maybe even a mathematician of renown? Moving into the world of total fantasy, maybe he’s a most brilliant brain surgeon?

Well, fret no more. Folks, I give you neurosurgeon Dr. Eric Foreman, widely regarded as the most capable member of a crack team of medical diagnosticians in one of America’s top teaching hospitals. Medical geniuses worship at his feet, his word is law and he’s pioneered leading neurosurgery techniques. And his father is a deeply religious good-living man.

However, I must enter one slight caveat. Dr. Foreman’s existence is confined to the Fox Channel’s ‘House’ medical drama series. The role is played by one Omar Epps, whose images decorate this post.

Come on, you didn’t really think he was a neurosurgeon, did you? Would you get your brain operated by someone who looked like him?

I'm sure you wouldn’t, and in fairness you’re not going to be presented with this dilemma. So, you might ask, what's the purpose of this post then? Well, the purpose is to illustrate again (see here) how the swinish herd, whose world outlook is determined by what they see on the box, are being manipulated into believing, almost literally in this case, that black is white.

George Orwell’s 1984NEWSPEAK’ analogy is a bit overdone, but it really is appropriate here. As Orwell showed with the Ministry Of Truth, if you repeat a lie often enough people will subconsciously absorb and internalise it. We’re being relentlessly worked on to see falsehood as fact. Output from Western entertainment media inevitably treats blacks in a way wholly at variance with reality.

I'm not suggesting that all blacks should be portrayed as violent criminals or just as excellent sportsmen. But I bitterly resent being relentlessly fed a complete crock of shit. If for no other reason, it ill prepares our children for what they’ll increasingly encounter as the grow into adulthood. My young Savantette might just think that those black youths on the corner ahead of her are all future neurosurgeons, just waiting to see her safely home.

So it is important. And fucking annoying!


Anonymous said...

Here, here! Your commentary is dead-on accurate. I,too, am highly offended by network television's fantasy casting. The media's overt (& subliminal) messages that modern Western society is being propped up and sustained by people who,in fact, contribute so little just sickens me. Enough bitching already. Action needs to be taken. Would boycotting corporate sponors be effective? How about a massive letter writing campaign to television networks? How about staged protests??? About the only other alternative is to learn to speak Estonian and move to Estonia.

Anonymous said...


What really annoys me about the media is that they get away with propagandizing us to bad behavior through the guise of entertaining us.

When the media shows our young teen girls that attractive young women in their 20's (via TV-shows) have active sex lives with oodles of different men in the search for "the right one", they are basically telling them to waste their twenties bar hopping and getting banged by a different guy every damned weekend.

If they came out and TOLD our young women via public-service-announcements to do this, our young women would resist, but since they show them pretty-people doing it in fantasyland TV-shows, its effective and it changes their expectations and behavior.

The media has pulled this with interracial romances. If two people love each other, Im not going to stand in the way by any means, but I will point out: if that relationship falters down the road, there will be a woman with a mixed-race kid or two likely to be getting less child support (black neorosurgeons are few in number), and will have a harder time getting another white guy to commit to her. The media doesn't tell her this part though.

ugly truth

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that the attempt to portray whites as evil and blacks as saints is everywhere in the MSM, there really is a famous black neurosurgeon at UCLA Medical Center. Since he is in LA the writers probably used him as their basis.

However, with the recent dust-up in Mass over this race hustler "scholar", I tried to post in response to some idiot leftist's comments. One guy thought that the reason whites point to the Knoxville murders so much is because that is all they have and it is so rare.

I was trying to post a link the the book "The color of crime" but the websites vetting process would not let me complete the process and it wouldn't post. When I went back later I saw your typical loopy leftist (probably white)woman saying that this was the first she heard of this crime.

Another "Sista" was trotting out the usual nonsense about blacks having to be twice as good as whites due to all the "racism". As proof they point to blacks not getting interviews when the companies see the name Shaquina or Kenisha.

I wanted to tell her that they are not interviewed because employers have experience with people like herself and want to avoid a possible lawsuit when they have to fire you for being a lousy employee. I would also have liked to ask her if affirmative action was necessary to make sure colleges admit all the 1000's of blacks getting perfect scores on their SATs who have historically been denied admission.

Anonymous said...

anon says "Another "Sista" was trotting out the usual nonsense about blacks having to be twice as good as whites due to all the "racism". Of course this is the total inversion of reality. Thru AA and BEE and such blacks are actually getting unfair advantages at the expense of whites.

Anonymous said...

"there really is a famous black neurosurgeon at UCLA Medical Center."

Exactly: And the fact that he appears in Wikipedia and there's such a fuss made just shows how rare this is, not the norm as the MSM try to brainwash us into believing.

Anonymous said...

I seldom watch television anymore precisely because of all this racial brainwashing nonsense.

When t.v. commercials present a group of White people together, there must exist some unwritten rule that says Whites must include your obligatory Black neighbour, friend, camping mate, co-worker, etc. etc. to complete the picture-perfect display of the "joys of multiculturalism".

Blacks always seem to outpace other minorities in the race to show our colours here in multi-culti Canada even though they only represent a mere 2% (half are immigrants) of the population that is still dominated by an 85% White majority.

My young family plays the game of "waiting for the non-white face to appear" which effectively defeats the purpose of selling their product to us. They have been firmly placed on alert whenever brainwashing techniques are being used to sway their minds 180 degrees from the real truth.

This short British article helps explain how some of this indoctrination is used to distort facts and sway the gullible towards their intended target.

Disgusted said...

Not only are blacks portrayed as geniuses of the scientific persuasion in the media, they also have been cast more and more as the object of lusting desire of white women. Ready to lose your lunch? Check this out...

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SAVANT said...

ugly thruth - this is true. It's done with a degree of subtlety. Not too much or the sheeple would miss the point, but enough to make them think they're making up their own minds.

Anonymous said...

Note the appearance of white males in hip-hop videos: it´s always a deferent, tattooed wigga nodding along in the background.

Now, imagine if a genuine White Man, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, were to wander into the jiggaboo vid, politely asking, ´Excuse me, gentlemen, but could you please tell me where the accounts department is?´
The spell would be instantly broken, the assembled apelings bowing abashedly and pointing towards the neglected (by them) workplace.


Jimmy Bastard said...

Let me guess.. you also used to be a flag waver, spouting sectarian abuse fae the safety of your bedroom, yes?

No need to reply, you're far too insignificant for a second visit.

SAVANT said...

No Jimmy, I DETEST flag wavers, a fact you'd have ascertained if you'd looked a bit closer at what I write.

But then, you don't really want facts, do you?

openyoeyes said...

The fact is with preferential treatment, affirmative action and the nation SO desperate for black role models, that there is a possibility (albeit a small one) that someone like him could be a neurosurgeon. There is one black neurosurgeon who works out of Maryland I think, but again the powers that be had to work overtime to get him through the system.

I also get tired of seeing black people in all roles here. They are disproportionately represented in commercials and the media. White males due to their incredible apathy, are hardly seen anymore except as the comic relief, idiot type ie. the butt of all jokes.

You would wonder how we managed to tame the world and put a man on the moon, being as dumb as we are portrayed in the media.

Women, minorities (esp. blacks) are held up as the voice of reason and intelligence, while white men are the stumbling, bumbling, bubbas who need to the gentle,guiding touch of all these enlightened people.

I get tired of all the shows and athletic events I've boycotted over the years. But I'll be damned if I'm going to be made into an idiot and pay for the honor. I hardly watch any TV or sports and frankly I don't miss it much.

Anonymous said...

You all seem to be of one mind on this post. Let me put a counter argument. Blacks have been - you can't deny this - been depicted, for centuries, as sub-human, serfs, savages etc. This has become deeply embedded in our psyches.

There MUST therefore be some form of redress, even if it goes a bit over the top like what we see today.


Anonymous said...


Your pathetic assertion sounds like you're trolling for some fool-hearty responder to take your bait.

O.K...I'll nibble just a bit....if you really believe what you say, you're too far gone for a rational discussion of the issue.

Anonymous said...

So true, as usual

Anonymous said...

Fiona, there might have been some validity for this fifty years ago, but no more.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, Foreman's is eclipsed by the star Dr. House, followed by his main foil, Dr. Wilson. Not to mention his boss, Dr. Cuddy. Va Va Voom!!!

Anonymous said...

I see Fiona's point. The attempt to change hearts and minds via TV is pretty transparent. Nevertheless, it might be worthwhile considering the tidal wave of bad news issuing from the 'hood on a regular basis.
I can stand to imagine for half an hour that brilliant neuro-surgeons are the norm and not the statistical outliers for this group. And, there is some basis in reality. It's not like there are NO black surgeons.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have been - you can't deny this - been depicted, for centuries, as sub-human, serfs, savages etc. This has become deeply embedded in our psyches.

Whites have been depicted as the only race who can be racist for the last fifty years in the infinetely powerful modern mass media and this has not just become deeply embedded in the psyches of the other races but in the psyches of whites as well.