Friday, 26 June 2009

Jacko death update

(This post has also become a forum on Israel - not sure why)

Early reports suggest that Michael Jackson han't been this stiff since McCauley Culkin stayed over

Out of repect McDonalds have released the McJackson Burger - 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns

He's not going to be buried or cremated but recycled into shopping bags so he can remain white, plastic and dangerous for little kids to play with

I'm deeply offended by the jokes surrounding Micahel Jackson's death. He touched me is ways only a catholic priest would understand

And the cause of death? It seems that Farah Fawcett went to Heaven and asked God to make the world safe for children. So he killedd Jacko


Anonymous said...

World First: ‘Sun Valley’ Launches Novel Solar Plant
by Rochel Sylvetsky

It was an Israel lover’s dream come true: A new way of generating renewable energy using concentrated solar radiation was created at the Weizmann Institute, developed in cooperation with the AORA solar technology company located in the development town of Yavne, brought to fruition by Torah observant investors from abroad and launched in Kibbutz Samar 20 kilometers (13 miles) north of Eilat.
Overseas guests, including dignitaries and businessmen from Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Chile and Australia, mingled with the smiling Israelis, including AORA chief executive officer Chaim Fried’s family from Har Bracha, government representatives and kibbutz members at the event on Wednesday.

Yehoshua Fried, founder of construction-management firm EDIG, of which AORA is a member, began his speech with the traditional blessing over something new and continued with a quote from the week’s Torah portion. He thanked American investor Meir Reiss and Canadian Director of Corporation and Consultant to Management, Zev Rosenzweig, who believed in his dream and made it into reality. Fried recalled how he pioneered in the field 15 years ago along with Chief Technology Officer Dr. Pinchas Doron, but had to abandon his plans until the need for clean, renewable solar power was recognized.

Rosenzweig spoke of the special feeling he and Reiss have, as committed Jews, in helping the Jewish State utilize its brain power, strengthening its economy, providing local jobs and benefiting the world in general. Udi Gat, Eilot Regional Council Chairman, expressed the hope that his region would become the “Sun Valley” of the clean energy world as California’s “Silicon Valley” is to the cyberworld.

The new environmental friendly power station incorporates innovations that make it particularly advantageous in comparison to other technologies. It does not use water as do steam operated turbines, it can be constructed in several months rather than the years it takes to build other solar power stations, and it can supply energy 24 hours a day by using fuel to generate electricity when there is no sunlight.

It is the only modular system in existence, perhaps its greatest advantage, allowing the purchase and operation of as many 100-kilowatt modules as needed. A modular system can continue operation even if one or several modules need repair and the size and relative price enable it to be practical at a local level as well as a large area. Each module can provide for 50-70 households, making it attractive for developing countries with outlying villages. Over 70 percent of the materials are Israeli products, providing income for local firms.

The system consists of 30 tracking mirrors (heliostats) situated on a half-acre of land that track the sun and redirect its rays towards the top of a 30-meter high tower housing a solar receiver and gas turbine. The first tower, designed by the pioneering Israeli architect Chaim Dotan to resemble a yellow flower, is placed so that it can be seen with its top glowing in the sun when traveling on the road to Eilat.

The patented special solar receiver in the tower uses the sun’s energy to heat air to 1000 degrees Celsius and directs this energy into the turbine which converts it into electric power. This can be attached to the national grid and the Minister of National Infrastructures, Binyamin Ben Eliezer, has already signed the license allowing that.

Contracts for “concentrated solar power stations” were signed with Australian and Spanish businessmen at the launching itself. As for the Israeli consumer, it remains only for the Israeli government to decide what to charge for the cheaper, cleaner electricity generated by our home grown “Power Flower”.

Anonymous said...

Israeli GENIUS!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news.Micheal Jackson had a heart attack he just couldnt beat it.

Tragic prince of pop Michael Jackson has died suddenly. On a positive note, Madeline McCann has been found in his wardrobe.

Apparently they found class A drugs in the living room, class B drugs in the kitchen and class 4C in his bedroom.

Other sources report Michael Jackson has died from food poisioning. He ate 12 year old nuts...

Rather then cremate a plastic corpse, Michael Jackson will be melted into lego so that kids will have a chance to play with him for a change.

Did you hear what they are going to do with Michael Jackson's body? They are going to donate it to Science Fiction.

Whats the difference between Alex Ferguson and Micheal Jackson? Ferguson can still play Giggs in August.

For sale 2 tickets for the Jackson Five reunion ...with 20% discount.

Anonymous said...

Now McCauley Culkin really will be home alone.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson was an enormous talent before he lost the plot. I loved say say say with Paul McCartney- great video

Anonymous said...

Wtf is all this Israeli propaganda sh*te doing on here? Truth is, nordic countries including Ireland have developed renewable energy patents but none of these has been taken up for active implementation by the government for the benefit of the public. Why? because business and tax revenue interests are against them . Our natural oil and gas resources are privatley owned and we import 80% of oil at massive cost when it is not even nesscessary. Idioticly sold off by a bought and paid for government. Obiviously there are vest parasitic interests in keeping us poor, naive and slaves.

One recent patent by a Dublin company (two phd uni grads) has invented the fastest internet connection in the world, using a system of lasers beating broadband by 1000 times. Will our gov do anything to pilot this world first scheme in Ireland? I highly fucking doubt it. It also transpires that Microsoft have taken more than a little interest in the new technology (that will probably end up in Israel).

Anonymous said...

"Other sources report Michael Jackson has died from food poisoning. He ate 12 year old nuts..."

I heard it was 5 year-old wieners.

SAVANT said...

Sorry - I dont know how this comment (the 1st one) landed on this post. I had assumed it related to the Iranian post.

Anonymous said...


The following is not related to whacko jacko but maybe you might consider putting it out there under a different heading.

The following is an extract from an advice sheet to various scammers such as nigerians regarding the ibc/05 scheme which was devised to allow tens of thousands of foreign criminals remain here and on social welfare.

''The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform has indicated that they
are aware of the unique obstacles lone parents face in trying to get a job or
take further education or training. The Coalition, in discussion with the
Department, has highlighted some of the concerns and barriers that you may be
experiencing while parenting on your own. The response from the Department
has been positive and we are currently not expecting lone parents to be refused
the renewal of their residence permits on the sole ground that they have failed
to become economically independent.''

The following organisations were involved in the above .These organisations are enemies of the Irish people and the Irish State and they support the enemy within.
Please note that the nigerian criminals have their own organisation to subvert the laws of our State.

(Partial list of Coalition member organisations providing information phone lines,
email contacts and clinics)
CADIC Coalition Helpline c/o

2 St Andrew Street, Dublin 2
Information by phone: 01 674 0200 2.00pm – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, closed
Wednesday; Information by email:;
Drop in Clinic: Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 12.30pm, closed Wednesday

Mount St Alphonsus, South Circular Road, Limerick
Information by phone: 061 310328 or 061 315964
Drop in Legal Clinic
Monday 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to4.30pm
Thursdays 9.30 to 12.30

Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)
Appointments only at the Citizens Information Service in Dublin
1st & 3rd Thursday of each month 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Phone 01 865 6230 for an appointment
This service is staffed by volunteer legal practitioners with expertise in the area
Avondhu Development Group, 5-6 Parkwest, Mallow, Co. Cork
Information by phone: 022-43553/025-82020 9.30am -5.30pm;
please phone for an appointment for clinic work;
Information by email:

Willow House, Ardnacassa Avenue, Longford.
Information by phone: 00353 43 41511,
Information by email:
Office open from 8 - 6pm (Monday to Friday)

Social Services Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Information by phone: 086 3483414 and 094 9044511;
Information by email:
Information by phone available now, clinics to begin shortly. Phone for more details.

NASC, The Irish Immigrant Support Centre [CORK]
Enterprise House, 35 Mary Street, Cork
Information by phone: (021) 4317411 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:30pm,
closed 1-2 pm;
Information by email: (general) or ; Website:
Drop in Clinic
NASC runs a daily clinic, please drop in to the office or contact their office for
an appointment.

Information by phone: 01 855 2111 or 086 177 6160
Information by email:
Dublin Clinics
Wednesday to Friday, call for appointment

teehee said...

+ Why was Michael Jackson so angry when he got in to heaven and then looked in a mirror?

- Because he was Black again.

Anonymous said...

"One recent patent by a Dublin company (two phd uni grads) has invented the fastest internet connection in the world, using a system of lasers beating broadband by 1000 times. Will our gov do anything to pilot this world first scheme in Ireland? I highly fucking doubt it. It also transpires that Microsoft have taken more than a little interest in the new technology (that will probably end up in Israel)."

Stop whining about Israel's achievements and DO something about this one, then. I can see where all the jokes about Paddy stupidity originally sprang from...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Israels achievements? Israel gets its own way because it bullys and extorts the shit out of nearly every western country. Where would they be without hundreds of billions of euros worth of so called aid and reparations money? Israel calls on its millions of worldwide sayanim network to steal state and technology secrets at a whim. What is actually "it's own" is open to debate in many fields.

Political correctness (forced on us by the jews here in Europe) and all its fuckin bagage hardly exists in corporate Israel. They won ww2, while Europe lost it hence why the west now pays for Israels crimes.

Anonymous said...

The reason the government will not do anything to pilot such a project of faster internet connection is because the gov is completely corrupt in the pay and service of foriegn international interests and not its own countrymen. The more it can tax and ron the better. It has little interest in giving back. Essentially like all decadent western powers the leaders of our "democracies" are now managers not rulers.

Anonymous said...

"Political correctness (forced on us by the jews here in Europe) and all its fuckin bagage hardly exists in corporate Israel."

Oh yes, it does! Israel is as rife with PC nonsense and lefty do-gooder scum as any other Western country - only it's more dangerous for them, as the wolves in their case are literally at the door(although Europe is doing a great job importing millions of its own "Palestinians" & creating little Gazas in places like Paris and Amsterdam).

Unlike sappy Eurofags, however, Israel has a vocal, strong, unashamedly nationalist right-wing movement (maligned there and internationally as the "settlers").

Anonymous said...

"Israel calls on its millions of worldwide sayanim network to steal state and technology secrets at a whim."

Oh dear, oh mean the Jews aren't intelligent enough to think up anything themselves? They have to pilfer from all those smart Zimbabweans and Yemenis?


Anonymous said...


Israel is not a western country. It's people do not recognise themselves as Indo-Europeans/indigenous Europids but as semetic. It's a middle eastern country and its values reflect that. Only in Europe you start mentioning anti-immigration and suddenly shouts "gas chambers" "6 million" "nazis" etc. This doesn't deter any nationalists from taking a stand its the constant prosecution from "equality" law watchdogs in Europe that either jail you or sue you for speaking on nationalist issues. Tens of thousands are in jail across because of this. Alot of these groups are often financed and even fronted by jews. In Irelands case we have a shipped in eastern European Jew Ronit Lentin to enact "equality legislation". It's hypocrits like her that should move to Israel and spread her venomous liberal values there. Obivously liberalism equals death for any nation or culture.

If these foriegners including the rothschild, warburg, lazzards and bauer bankers (and many other foriegn internationalists) would stay out of our business then I would have no complaints.

Sure the Jews can invent things, like stock exchanges, speculative banking and other capitalist hallmarks that they have blessed the world with. Yet factually nuclear secrets have been stolen from the USA and other places ( pollard etc). Another thing the billions of foriegn aid Israel recieves a year in Euros&dollars& military support& resources from the USA is a crime in itself, which is the only thing that keeps that country alive. USA gone = no Israel.

Another question, why should this wee paddy forum concern you anyhow if your a hardcore anti-gentile zionist?

Anonymous said...

Wtf has this got to with Michael Jackson's death update?

Anonymous said...

This "wee paddy forum" is actually one great place for free thought, debate and expression (cheers, mighty SAVANT!).

Israeli/Jewish nationalists are in the same boat as white/European nationalists. We need to make common cause, instead of being divided and distracted. Israel is NOT a Third World country. Go check it out - and contrast with the raghead hellholes.

Anonymous said...

fuck sake

SAVANT said...

anon 18.10 - thanks. Dont know though how this thread got under the Jacko post.

And I agree, when it comes to the Israelis, they're definitley on our side. Having said that, there have been some very interesting comments from other readers which claim that the undermining of the white male and western civilisation are being orchestrated by elements of Jewry. Not to be totally dismissed, in my view (and I emphasise the word elements)

IsraeliEejit said...

Anonymous - I dont know why you addressed your post to me. How can I be anti-Gentile if all my family and loved ones are Gentiles? Idiot!

Going back to Jacko, as he converted to Islam I'm still waiting for the conspiracy claims that "Israel did it". A Mossad-agent-cum-maid did him in. With all the other Israeli/Jewish conspiracy theories, I wouldnt be surprised.

IsraeliEejit said...


".....the undermining of the white male and western civilisation are being orchestrated by elements of Jewry. Not to be totally dismissed, in my view (and I emphasise the word elements)"

Savant, you cant just abstractly accuse "Jews" and leave it at that. Who are these "elements" you mention? Where are they? Provide names and incidents.
I pointed a finger at Saudi Arabia but gave an example of a person responsible for manipulating the media.
All these Anons claiming Jewish conspiracies should do the same.

SAVANT said...

Israelieiidjit: I intend to do a full post on this issue. Essentially my view is that Jewish intellectuals, for worthy reasons, largely driven by the horrors of European 20th century wars, sought to undermine nationalism, ethnic identities and other things that separate 'us' from 'them'.

Most of my life I was very much in this camp, but I now think it's gone to the other extreme where the 'white male' has been demonised out of recognition and a whole series of 'hate' and AA legislation is having avery deleterious effect.

I also think that Jewish right-wing elements have seized on these developments for their own reasons.

Wait till I do the full post before commenting further!!!

Anonymous said...

When Michael Jackson arrived at the Pearly Gates he was met by Elvis Presley, who asked him "Are you Michael Jackson?"

Michael answered with a very positive "Yes, I am!"

Elvis then asked, "Are you the Michael Jackson?"

Michael answered "Yes."

Elvis then asked him, "Are you the Michael Jackson that married my daughter?"

Michael answered "Yes, that's me."

Elvis exclaimed "Thank Christ for that! Frank Sinatra told me she married some nigger!"