Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bring it on....

A reader sends me this link from the LA Times:

“A Chicago-area couple are taking unusual measures to repair what they term "the crisis in the black community."
Now let me jump in here straight away. There’s always a crisis in the black community, every black community, and there always will be. It’s because I’s black. Have you ever seen, or heard of, a thriving, law-abiding, clean, orderly black community? Anywhere?
I thought not.
The report goes on approvingly:
“Oak Park residents John and Maggie Anderson are working to make sure they spend their money in a way that benefits African American business owners, sometimes traveling miles out of their way to buy from black-owned businesses. "We know it's controversial, and we knew that coming in" said Maggie Anderson, who grew up in the crime-ridden (i.e. black) Liberty City neighborhood of Miami and holds a law degree and an MBA from the University of Chicago.”
"But the Andersons said they also knew that a thriving black economy was fundamental to restoring impoverished African American communities."

Guys! A ‘thriving black economy’ is an oxymoron. Has anybody ever seen one? Anywhere? Ever?

I thought not.
Some of the reaction from whites has been negative. One anonymous letter mailed to their home accused the Andersons of "unabashed, virulent racism. Because of you we will totally avoid black suppliers. Because of you, we will dodge every which way to avoid hiring black employees."
And that's the rub, isn't it? It cuts both ways. And if it’s whites versus blacks on something like this, there’ll only be one outcome. So bring it on….


kulak said...

I think this is a great idea; every act of voluntary segregation should be encouraged.

Savant said: Guys! A ‘thriving black economy’ is an oxymoron. Has anybody ever seen one? Anywhere? Ever?

Perhaps not thriving, exactly, but certainly far less dysfunctional than most black communities today was Hobson City.

But it required Jim Crow and legal segregation within a white nation, so that intelligent blacks (they do exist, after all) both had a good example to follow and could not so easily escape their less intelligent ethnic bretheren. They were therefore forced to take responsibility for them.

"Kicked out of Oxford, blacks incorporated a new city and named it for Richmond P. Hobson, a white Spanish-American War hero from Alabama who was later elected to Congress. The 1900 Census put the new town’s population at 292.

Hobson City grew to about 1,500 people by the mid-1900s, with restaurants, laundries, stores, a skating rink and other businesses. The town was poor, but had a vibrant culture centered on the all-black vocational school...

Federal anti-poverty money flowed to Hobson City in the 1960s, and federal aid helped build a modern municipal complex in the 1970s. But in an ironic twist, McCrory said, the end of racial segregation sent the city into a tailspin around the same time.

'Sometimes I think I wouldn’t have gone out and done all that marching if I realized how much we were going to lose,' said McCrory, 61, who participated in civil rights protests as a young woman."

Anonymous said...

Yes, and as we're at it cut out all the AA and BEE stuff as well. That'll show them where their bread is buttered.

Anonymous said...

Yes, more whites need to look at supporting the white community instead of buying into the multi-culti lie.
But that doesn't mean buying white crap as opposed to non-white quality, e.g. why buy GM crap over Mitsubishi quality? Whites also need to get their fucking act together.

J. Potgieter

SAVANT said...

This post from kulak on Hobson City is most interesting, with significnat ramifications I believe. I remember reading something about it before....

Anonymous said...

Hey Savant,

Some net highlights:

New blogger with a good summary of group differences.

Study shows teachers avoiding some schools:

"“Just what it is about black students that pushes high-quality teachers away is hard to pin down.” "

And piece here by Half Sigma:

"But, what would happen if poor people had the same middle class values as everyone else? Well, if that were the case, a major motivation for not being poor would be removed. People wouldn’t be motivated to work extra hard in order to insulate themselves from poor people. This explains why Europe is different than the United States.

The problem with the United States is that we have, for a long time, had a substantial minority of blacks who have an average IQ of only 85 and also have higher extraversion and aggression. The result is an underclass with far worse values than in countries without any low-IQ minorities. Of course there will always be inferior values among the poor than among the rich, but in homogenously ethnic countries there will be much less difference in values between the lower and upper classes. A poor person in Norway is living next to other white Norwegians who are part of the same Norwegian culture and whose values aren’t that much worse than wealthier Norwegians. In contrast, living in a housing project in an American city with a substantial black population is a scary proposition for a white person with middle class values."

Anonymous said...

Blacks in formerly white countries are thriving. Pathological white behaviour is killing whites. A lot of whites are nuts.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks in formerly white countries are thriving. Pathological white behaviour is killing whites. A lot of whites are nuts."

What's this guy on? What countries do you have in mind? Zimbabwe? Some blacks are thriving there all righht - about 10 of them. The rest - millions - are starving.

What a prat!

Abu Abdullah said...

Here's some more of that thrivin' Black economy: 17 BLACK African COUNTRIES jointly lobby Canada not to turn off the aid money tap. Canada responds by telling them to fuck off.

clem said...

Blacks in formerly white countries are thriving. Pathological white behaviour is killing whites.

You're referring to Zimbabwe, perhaps, where "pathological white behaviour" is, um, not what's killing whites?

No, what is it that's killing whites in the "thriving country" of Zimbabwe?

Oh, right: Blacks.

So 'ere's to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, at your 'ome in the Soudan;
You're a pore benighted 'eathen but a first-class fightin' man...

Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't thinking about Zimbabwe, not interested in it or South Africa. I was thinking about U.S.A., Sweden, France,
England etc. The Whites are a dwindling race. The trend looks unstoppable, the reason is the pathological behaviour of whites, explained
in detail by kevin Macdonald in his "explicit/implicit processing articles. Blacks are on the move and are doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

He's back again. Listen buddy. If blacks are doing fine it's because whites are giving them all kinds of preferences, AA, BEE and all that shit.

If you guys had to produce for yourselves and weren't leechng off whites you'd be what you are where there are no whites. Like the savages in darkest Africa.

Anonymous said...

Only too true anon 23:04. Fact is white nations have to go and anything that weakens them* will be promoted to the hilt with billions of their own cash. Pathetic really. It's only us watchers, who sit on the wayside observing this pathological madness from above that can see it for what it is.

*Homosexuality, abortion, peadophilia, euthanasia, guilt tripping/demoralisation, sexual vice, drugs, addictions, media promoted ego-mania that pulls the individual away from their community, liberalism, unheathly foods/drinks, miseducation, lowering standards etc. The list goes on and on.

ps: to keep on topic, black self segregation( which happens anyway) should be encouraged afterall every other non-white community does it but whites themselves. International Jewery has done this to such an extent that they command whole industries now simply to their own. Most notably hollywood, oil, supermarkets, fastfood chains, and the banks.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care if Blacks are practicing an extreme form of ethnic nepotism/favoritism when Jews have routinely been doing this for well nigh 2,000 of diaspora existence?

The cronyism, corruption, and shadiness of Jews is obviously much more of a threat to The West than a few Blacks shopping at Black-owned shops.