Sunday, 15 February 2009

Neville Chamberlain lives on

Neville Chamberlain’s ‘peace for our time’ declaration in 1938 has gone down as one of Britain’s most notorious days of infamy, being seen now as an abject surrender to a violent, aggressive and bloody-minded Fascist adversary. And as we all know, this merely postponed the eventual day of reckoning.

February 2009 should be seen in a similar light, when Britain again laid down before another violent, aggressive and bloody-minded Fascist adversary. I refer of course to the banning of Geerd Wilders (see an earlier post here) from entering Britain to address members of the House of Lords.


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, taking time off from submitting fraudulent expense claims, ordered the ban due to the ‘risk of public disorder’.

Now in fairness to this hypocritical crook, there was indeed a ‘risk of public disorder’. But it came from within the Mother of Parliaments itself, in the form of Nu-Labour House of Lords appointee Lord Ahmed. ‘Lord’ Ahmed, in the grand tradition of British democracy, threatened to ‘surround Parliament with 10,000 Muslims’ should Wilders be allowed in.

Here we see with stunning clarity how the invasion of unsuitable immigrants is destroying the very foundations of what it means to be British. Pakistan – where ‘Lord’ Ahmed comes from, is a violent, corrupt economic basket case. As are all other Muslim countries. They have no democratic traditions – quite the contrary – and carry over with them their own ‘cultural’ traditions. Which include the violent overthrow of Government and bafflement at the very idea of free speech.

So faced with a violent assault of Parliament, the Government gave in. Simple as that. Better to proscribe free speech than ‘offend’ the violent, aggressive and bloody-minded Fascist adversary.

Chamberlain would surely have approved.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, but so sad. I'm a typical middle class Brit. Don't go in for flag waving or any of that. But I do know what my country was - and is no more.

For what its worth, I see no hope. It's all gone tyoo far.

Keith Ridgeway

SAVANT said...

I'm afraid I agree with you Keith. It's too late. The Fifth Column has won.

Anonymous said...

Keith, Savant,

do not be so downhearted, my friends. The darkest our is just before the dawn.

There is something in the offing.

Keep an eye on the Gates of Vienna site.

Remember what Nietzsche said: that which does not kill us makes us stronger.


SAVANT said...

I hope you're right, Jockney my friend, I hope you're right.

What specifically about GoV do you have in mind? I can do with reassurance.

tesla said...

The same thing is happening in America but at a slower rate. If the crap really hits the fan here I'm moving down south. At least there they have balls.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

Surely the BNP is growing by leaps and bounds?
Or are they viewed as a bunch of neo-Nazis by the average Brit?

Anonymous said...

The BNP has been totally demonised in the UK media as you say. Just like East Germany, if you're foudn out to be a member you'll lose your job.

Not much hope there I'm afraid.

Cockney Rebel

Anonymous said...

I suspect those who demonise the BNP don't understand that people are fluid in their political affiliation - there is no acknowledgement in Europe at present that maybe the growing membership of so-called 'far right' groups are not all skinheaded neo-nazi thugs but are actually largely comprised of thoughtful well-informed fellows like myself, who have been driven to a new affiliation by the unfolding of events in the present day. Maybe it's a temporary thing, and we will all go back to being enlightened, tolerant Europeans (who don't take shit from anyone) after the current threats are sorted out.

Albeus Ergo Cogito said...

That being the case, are you guys saying that the average Brit no longer cares what happens, or like the average Yank, too stupid to do something about it?
I just cannot imagine that they will surrender without as much as a whimper..? This once proud nation?

Anonymous said...

Hard to say what the attitude of the averahe Brit is. He's been so brainwashed by PC bullshit that he can't think for himself any more. Also the bad sides of the multi-culty are played down, not reported or explained away. I just dont see any groundswell of opposition, e.g. to this Wilders thing.

Anonymous said...


A simultaneous Europe wide Referendum on Third world Immigration.

We should all put an end to it at the same time for the next 100 years.

The blogosphere will be the key to getting it off the ground.

It is an idea whose time has come.

I hope.


Ben said...

An own goal by the govt, it only increased awareness of Wilders & Fitna.

Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat optimistic as well. People must cop on tho this over time.

Ben said...

Good article on liberal hypocrisy in the Wall Street Journal:

"For liberals, the issue is straightforward. If routine mockery of Christianity and abuse of its symbols, both in the U.S. and Europe, is protected speech, why shouldn't the same standard apply to the mockery of Islam? And if the difference in these cases is that mockery of Islam has the tendency to lead to riots, death threats and murder, should committed Christians now seek a kind of parity with Islamists by resorting to violent tactics to express their sense of religious injury?

The notion that liberals can have it both ways -- champions of free speech on the one hand; defenders of multiculturalism's assorted sensitivities on the other -- was always intellectually flimsy. If liberals now want to speak for the "right" of this or that group not to be offended, the least they can do is stop calling themselves "liberals."

Viking said...

great article, Ben -
P.J. O'Rourke is a great one on liberalism, didn't he say something about the absurdity of liberals wanting to kill unborn babies but not murderers?
And that academic liberalism is a school of thought designed to show how nothing is ever anybody's fault -
Shame, what happened to the true political philosophy that emerged from the Enlightenment - teaching us about the importance of the individual, autonomy and responsibility? That gave birth to Adam Smith and Thomas Paine?
who was it exactly who turned liberalism into a byword for surrender-monkeying, self-degrating, self-loathing, guilt-stricken toadying?