Sunday, 7 December 2008

Religion makes us bad: Update

The original post a couple of days ago attracted some spritied objections. One in particular was detailed and convincing and I reprint it here in full in case you missed it.


The South is full of BLACKS. Mississippi and South Carolina are roughly 35% black. Georgia is about 25% black. Tennessee is 16% black. Lousiana is VERY black. Northeastern states like Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts are less than 10% black, with Vermont and Maine and New Hampshire being hardly black at all. Many jobs in the south have been outsourced in the the last 20 years.

You will not find much alcholism among white Protestants, I assure you. I live in the American South. Our problems are in order of decreasing troubles: black, hispanic, with kurdish and asian gangs rounding out the bottom. Its not as if many lower-class whites would not turn to crime and other anti-social activites if they could, but prison here is a living hell for whites............who instinctively know they will be outnumbered badly in there and raped, beat, etc.

So even "white trash" whites generally try and stay on the "right side" of the law, even if they resent it. They become "working poor" before they turn to welfare-ism and criminality. However, their life's chances are getting dimmer and dimmer as more and more factories close shop and go to China, and more tech help in insourced from Pakistan and India, leaving tech-school trained and low-skilled whites with little gainful employment to do.

Many "double up" and work an evening job or get a weekend job with both spouses working to support THEIR ONE KID. Our elite in America have made their choice clear............they HATE AND DESPISE the white middle and working classes and are doing every thing possible to stiffle their birthrates, get them to interbreed with the "new" Americans, and harm their life-chances by every social and educational (its very hard for a white male to get a scholarship to our increasingly expensive colleges unless he really is a brainiac or athlete), and psychological (you ought to read our history'll be made to know you are the bad guy endlessly, and watching our commercials would make an alien think that white males are impossibly stupid and emotionally retarded) way possible.

They are winning. A study "designed" like this one was made to be deceptive from the outset. Any American who has been to these places (the Northeast or the South) knows that the South if full of dysfunctional blacks, many many of whom that were raised in churches, but bought in to the MTV-sold "thug" "rapper" lifestyles (very intentional in my opinion on the part of the elite), and thus take on underclass social folkaways.

Lumping this subset in with white protestant non-drinking babtists, and "speaking-in-tongues" Church of God and uber-conservative Church of Christ types is profoundly deceptive. Even after all the social "warring" upon them, the white protestants in the south still breed at slightly above replacement birthrates. One reason that their divorce rates might not have the expected difference from Northeastern Secular Liberal divorce rates IS BECAUSE THE SOUTHERN CHRISTIANS ACTUALLY GET MARRIED AND NOT SIMPLY COHABITATE. You cant have a very high divorce rate when many people just shack up or delay marriage until their late-30's, when they have to have their one kid or not have one at all."

Thank you for this comment, anonymous. As I said, it's excellently argued and I largely go along with your interpretation.


Anonymous said...

Seriously you people are quite stupid.

If you guys are university educated you must have slipped through some serious loopholes to produce the crappy debate and arguments you consider here.

Put your posts in perspective: if you presented your arguments in a room full of economics/politics/social studies professors you would look like the clowns I suspect you are.

Anonymous said...

by the way who ever wrote that did an excellent job. I dont live in the South, but I think only those who do have the right to tell it like it is.
another black male in the south murdered and raped a white blonde tv anchorwoman. he smashed her face in so it wasn't recognized. black males do this all the time but no one calls it a hate crime against whites.
instead, you will get the smug put downs about white trash.
By the way only blacks use the word cracker.
Did you know it was a black mob at walmart that killed the black male?
the media worked really hard to cover that one up.

Anonymous said...

Could Abbey be a bit more specific about how we're suppoisef to be stupid? Be fascinating to hear what a roomful of SS 'professionals' would say!

Anonymous said...

WOuld clever bitch Abbey tell us why we're stupid?

Anonymous said...


Im glad you liked my little rant about the study you posted.

Here is my "REAL" rant. This if for you too "Abbey".

Here it is, in one sentence:


Massive Immigration and Marxist-Equality-by-Quota(ism) is in Europe, America, Australia, and is beginning in Canada. Russia is due to be Muslimified in this century if present trends continue demographically.

If these experiments in bringing in second/third world immigrants into white Western nations DO NOT go well.........we are going to be stuck with a hostile population living amongst us, outnumbering us, having more babies than us, that we have to pay for......or else. Its not as if there is a big continent out in the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean that whites can go colonize and "start over" upon.

My mother told me a year or so ago about a black comedian making jokes about white sprawl. Sprawl, if you dont know what the term connotes to an American, is the phenomenon of white people moving out of cities to brand new "ring cities" outside the county the larger city is located in. White people started to flee the big cities in the seventies here to get away from forced busing, in which their children would be made to go to school with 'housing project' black underclass kids. Whites basically "ran" during the seventies and eighties. The comedian said matter of factly to the whties in the audience that,
"We know you don't want us around, but we are going to be here. If you make space ships and go to Mars, we are going to be on space ships that look like big pink detailed cadillacs coming right behind you". The audience laughed. What he meant was.............we are not leaving you, and we are going to follow you, and you are going to pay for us, build us housing, make the electricity work, the water run, and provide us with food and clothing if we can't do it for ourselves, and no matter where you run, we will follow, BECAUSE YOU OWE US because of that period of history when we were colonized and enslaved.

The debt in other words, will NEVER be repaid. The "meme" is set in stone.

And its true. They would do that. If the moon wasn't as it is, but was a "small planet" like earth with an atomosphere, water, and flora and fauna.............and whites started moving there and restarted from scratch, you can bet your ass blacks in America (our blacks are MUCH worse than European blacks Savant, they really have cultivated a gigantic sense of entitlement based on "grievances" that happened before most of them were born) would riot violently if they were not allowed to come along. Even if we told them that America "is yours" after we leave, I assure you they'd insist on coming.

Whites in the West are setting themsleves up for another "meme". The immigrants coming to the West, be it from the former "hispanola" or Africa will simply use un-equal outcomes (Come on, you don't really think they are going to make the grades, get into the professions, and make the money that whites will do you? Me either) as their "meme". The "storyline" will be: white racism has kept them poor and oppressed and has denied them opportunities. They will demand quotas above what they are already given, and the media will play up a few lawsuits and....voila': a new "history" of oppression for this entitled grievance group. I imgaine today's illegal aliens who work in construction will be tommorow's history book's "neo-slaves", and their grandchildren will tell our white grandchildren that they were so oppressed by us that it damaged their ethnic psyche for several generations, hence they are "owed" reparations.

Why not? Its worked for the blacks.

I repeat my gripe,
THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. If we scew up America and Europe and Canada and Australia to the point that these places are inhospitable for whites in 100 years, where will our descendants go to? Russia might be a majority Muslim country by then. Will simply "being white" be evidence of racial discrimination at that time ("Do you think you are too good to interbreed with us white girl?").

We defeated the Soviet Union economically, but their best secret weapon of cultural Marxism and a big guilt trip over colonialism and slavery, whipped the west spiritually and intellectually.

Almost half the kindergarteners in America are non-white now. It has begun.

If Europe for instance WAS still 90% white, many whites in America like myself would go online and inquire about what skills were needed in Europe in the job market, spend a few years obtaining them and learning the language of our new country, and apply for immigration to that country when we had completed the training. That way as soon as my feet hit the ground in Denmark or Ireland or Norway or Spain......I could become a productive member of society from day one and provide for me and my family while being a net asset to my new nation, speaking its language and taking on its culture and traditions. But Europe is becoming Muslimified and I dont see an end to it. America is becoming Hispanified, and is morphing into a melding of America and Mexico with a huge smattering of middle easterners, Asians, and Africans to such an extent that no one group will be over half the population at the end of the century. This nation was 89% in 1965. What a mess. This is unchartered territory in history, and we weren't allowed to vote on it. Edward Cellar, father of the 1965 Immigration DEFORM Act, a Jewish man who hated white protestants, got his wish. That act was written by him and one other man (also Jewish), and pushed through congress by the damn-near innumerate Ted Kennedy, then a young-playboy-Senator. Despite promises that it would not change the ethnic character of my nation, it will lead to whites becoming a minority in less than 100 years from its passage. They knew exactly what they were doing.


Anonymous said...

This post addresses they key issue - crime and morals cannot be separated from race as the variances are massive. Hence, as the post says, geographic comparisons are meaningless.


Anonymous said...

"crime and morals cannot be separated from race as the variances are massive."

Surely if the variances are massive then it would suggest there is no correlation between the two. HENCE they can be separated?

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about the USA but in Ireland the decrease in religious practise was accompanied by an increase in violent crime. In the 1950s there were about 6 murders a year in this country - now it is 70 or so and every other type of violence has increased at about the same rate.

You can't just blame immigration - this pattern was evident long before the Celtic Tiger and the influx of foreigners.

Some of my liberal friends (well aquaintances) claim that Ireland exported its criminals to the UK and the USA in the 1950s via emmigration. However these countries have seen the same pattern as us i.e. relatively low crime rates then and massively higher ones now. So where were THEY exporting their criminals to in the 1950s??

A couple of commentators have pointed out that American blacks tend to be more religious and yet have higher crime rates. Has anyone done a comparison between American Blacks who attend MAINSTREAM churches and those who have no religious affiliation? When I say "mainstream" I mean those churches that encourage their members to participate in organisations like the Vincent de Paul Society (or Protestant equivalents) rather than in grievance mongering groups like the ACLU.

Anonymous said...

what kilbarry says is self-evidently correct. but it may have less to do with decine in religious practice as a general decline in authoritarianism.


Anonymous said...

@anony 18.55 - I reserve most of my contempt for your nation.
Not only is the majority of white Yanks bloody stupid in terms of intelligence, but also in terms of wisdom.
Wherever in the world your guvvamunt interfered, they left their friends in a mess. The sooner you lot implode, the better.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 14.50 - have you anything specific to say other than throw meaningless insults at us? I'm open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Anon 18:15:
I imagine today's illegal aliens who work in construction will be tomorrow's history books' "neo-slaves"

Good God, you're right; I never thought of that, but now that you've said it it's patently obvious that's how things will go. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

The Western Civilization will be nothing but a memory in a century or two, like the cuneiform civilization Alexander conquered.

Anonymous said...

mmmm... don't think it's quite as simple as that. most of those 'virgin till married' people seem to be white, and also seem to be having illegitimate births at excessive rates.

J. Christ

Anonymous said...

". The "storyline" will be: white racism has kept them poor and oppressed and has denied them opportunities. They will demand quotas above what they are already given,"

Actually, they won't. The Multi-culti white shithead liberals at RTE and the Irish media will do it all for them.

all this guff about "affirmative action" is created by white media people(race traitors). If they didn't exist: the blacks wouldn't be able to do a thing on their own.

They can run, but they can't hide from the mudtide!