Saturday, 22 November 2008

A stunning breakthrough

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (not Patrick Deval), the first black Governor of that state, has proclaimed Obama's ascension as offering the solution to the notorious rates of black imprisonment. In an impassioned appeal, he calls for Obama to 'redress the last great legacy of slavery' - the ratio of blacks jailed compared to other races. He sees this as an update on Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech.

I found myself fired by this as well. What a vision! If only it could be achieved! But how?

I set about finding out. I devoted myself day and night. Chateau Savant was declared off limits to Lady Savant and the savantettes as I confined myself to my research. Weighty legal tomes littered the floor, interspersed with mounds of research papers on criminology. The Internet hummed with an avalanche of queries and responses from around the world.

But the answer wouldn't come. I lay wake at night, sweated, thrashed about, tortured by images of incarcerated blacks. 'Help me Bono' I cried out 'in my hour of need'.

And He must have intervened, because suddenly, in a blinding flash it came to me. The history-changing solution to black incarceration rates. And it was as simple as it was brilliant:

'Reduce your crime levels to those of whites and you'll go to jail at the same rate as whites'.

Isn't that something? Like all breakthrough discoveries, it was there in front of us all the time.

Now, must be off, have to put in a call to the Pres-Elect to give him an update. I think a Nobel Prize could well be on the way.


Anonymous said...

So Bono isn't such a useless tit after all!

Anonymous said...

I believe the reason you don't get a lot of comments is that your words are so damn good , and leave little room for improvement.

You are a jewel.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Eamonn. Thats two of us now who think I'm a jewel!

PS - also the facts, or lack of same, get in the way of contra commentators

Anonymous said...

what truly truly truly amazes me is that this blindingly obvious - sorry Savant for all your sleepless nights, but it IS obvious, you'll never see it in the MSM. There's just an assumption that because blacks get jailed, there's bias in the system.


Ben said...

Interesting discussion of the book color of crime & media silence:

"A dozen other media organizations, including the Washington Post, attended the press conference with which we launched the report. At the same time, we arranged to have copies delivered to more than 450 news organizations with offices in the Washington, DC area.

The result: complete silence—with one exception. The Washington Times ran a substantial story on the report, in which it interviewed several prominent criminologists who confirmed the accuracy of our numbers but said they were too inflammatory to be discussed publicly."

Anonymous said...

So true, and it's very good of you to devote so much time to solving the problem.

Incidentally, if showing that blacks disproprtionately commit crime is racist, where does that leave us when we show that east Asians commit lower levels of crime than whites?

Riddle me that!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the 'Color of Crime' has disappeared. Facts don't fit the vision, so out it goes.

Anonymous said...

Any update on the Nobel Prize??

McCann Man