Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Budget blues

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble. What a budget we’ve had, truly apt for our Titanic-like economy.

* Income tax increased

*New tax on air travel - €10 per flight

*College registration fees to jump from €900 to €1,500 next year.

*Medical Cards for over-70s are to be means-tested..

*Child benefit reduced

*Hospital charges increased
* VAT increased

*Excise duty on fags, drink and petrol increased

*Levy on Second Homes and Holiday Homes introduced

*Motor Tax increased

*Mortgage Interest Relief reduced

Even the President has taken a 10% pay cut. It seems that anything that will yield a few bob has been shaken down. No stone has been left unturned.

But wait! I see one. Our padding of African dictators’ bank accounts foreign aid budget has largely escaped the scythe. We will still this year be throwing away spending, wait for it, almost €900 million.

Well, good to see someone’s happy, even if it’s only African dictators.


Anonymous said...

why arent the irish public rioting on the streets?

Rhein said...

Anonymous said...

why arent the irish public rioting on the streets?


The entire white world should be rioting. We've grown way too complacent. It's going to take something pretty major before people truly make a stand. The best thing we can do is wake up as many in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

rhein - the depressing thing is that nobody seems to be highlighting it. Its a secret that dare not speak it's name

Zngr said...

We've had it well for so long. Much of the current generations have not experienced anything resembling hard times and many of them think the ill's of the third world are our fault.

Just talk with idealistic teenagers or 20-somethings. They don't even understand the concept of "government budget" and "limited funds" or where the money and "common good" comes from, not even those in politics, they simply think there are coffers full of Magic White Man Money without bottom that should be given to every criminal, black and fake-refugee you see and pumped to fill the treasuries of African dictators.

Somethings coming about though.

I'm telling you, blood will again flow the streets of Europe. Some of us might still live by then. Does anyone think the Danes will go down without a fight? Does anyone understand the implications of rousing the Germans? They can fucking INDUSTRIALIZE violence when they get to it. The liberals should fucking watch it, they'll be hanging amongst the first. Doesn't matter if the new masters will be white ultra-nationalists or Islamic Fundamentalists, those who are bringing this shit about will be either killed for revenge or liquidated when their existence as useful fools has lived it's purpose.

SAVANT said...

zngr - you're right. The younger generation (that makes me feel soooooo old) really dont know what it's like t:

be short of money
not have a job
be worried about the future

They're in for a shock.

Not sure i'd agree about your forecast for Europe. I think we'll just succumb gently. Dont underestimate the extent to which we've been programmed

Zngr said...

savant - ahh, but the blood will still flow. The Swedish Minister of Migration Jens Orback lately said in an interview: “We must be nice to the Muslims now — hopefully they will remember it when they are in majority, and be nice in return”!

(By the way how twisted a person has to be think Muslims will be a majority in Sweden - that is not possible unless all possible effort is taken to import them - but they don't just "automatically turn up" to form a majority, like some of the more stupid social democrats think, none of this is inevitable, you have to bust your ass working for that end for it to happen)

We can be sure the Muslims, no matter what the British social welfare system or the Swedish or the Norwegian one do now, today, will NOT be "nice" to us if they ever become even a large enough minority to take up arms. So blood will flow unless we start living like Muslims - and many will fight the veils, the oppression of women, the limits to freedom Islam poses.

Also the massive operation of import of millions of third world immigrants from their nepotistic, tribal, civil strife suffering, theocratic, backward, stone-age countries simply bring their "enriching" culture with them. Oh we'll see riots that will leave those of Paris to shame (question is, will the MSM even make news of it!), we'll see blood and we'll see religious and racial wars.

Maybe they'll be so called Low Intensity Conflicts as opposed to shooting wars between nations but the social stability and fun we're having right now isn't lasting, if we import third world values and systems here.

Which we're doing.

And some will defend themselves.

And the newcomers will attack us no matter what we do.

I'm so, so very sad. I wanted my children to live and to see the world I knew.

Anonymous said...

my gawl almighty zngr. did the swedish PM really say that? We're all done for, thats all i can say.


Zngr said...

Jody - google it up, it's real.

Also the "The current Swedish “conservative” prime minister has stated in public that his county’s traditional culture was merely barbarism, and that anything good was imported from abroad".

Feel free to look that up as well. The Swedes think they have to be ashamed about their welfare state with plumbing, housing, free speech, equality and electricity for all, and the culture of Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia is "superior" to theirs. The remedy the issue as many third world, stone age Muslims have to be imported to Sweden so they can be proud of their culture again.

For the record, I'm not a Swede as some seem to think.

I'm still just as terrified.

SAVANT said...

zngr - it's beyond belief. There's no hope. SO the Swedish PM said they have no culture. I'm heading for the hills with my survival pack.

Swordsman said...

From what i keep hearing of Sweden they are looking doomed!