Thursday, 14 August 2008

African town planning: The way forward

Kevin Myers, in a notorious article, asked, ‘what has Africa given us apart from AIDS and poverty?’. The Victim Industry sought to have him jailed for this, and rightly so. Not least because Africa has brought us more than he claims. I have in mind here their architecture and town planning principles and standards. Having designed Chateau Savant as a callow youth in the early seventies, I have an interest in this subject.

Now it’s been almost universally agreed that the typical western decentralised, auto-oriented suburban model has been a failure, especially with the soaring cost of oil. This model has lead to the sundering of traditional neighbour and family relationships, as well as bearing a terrible environmental cost.

The alternative calls for pedestrian-centred neighbourhoods with primary social and economic facilities within a five-minute walk, with a commitment to re-establishing the relationship between the art of building and the remaking of community. This should be accompanied by the elimination of large-scale commuter travelling, which in turn calls for locating work within the community. However, the solution cannot be by way of the massive neo-Stalinist tower blocks that disfigure so much of the ‘advanced’ world’s landscape.

Exhibit I, Kibera Garden City

 One glance at Exhibit 1, Kibera Garden City in Kenya shows how the Africans have mastered and resolved the full range of competing interests.


Reintroduction of the traditional neighbourhood: Here there are no gated communities, high walls separating neighbours, long private driveways to hide behind, no motorways tearing the communities apart. No. Here everyone is together, a neighbour at hand, a friend available, a wife (yours or somebody else’s) on immediate call.

Affordable housing and sustainable development: Note the imaginative and innovative use of everyday materials such as corrugated iron, bedsteads, chicken-wire and milk crates, acquired at minimal cost to provide housing for even the most economically-disadvantaged citizens in the neo-traditional style. And of course, these provide a tremendously effective method of recycling such material.
Environmentally friendly. Note the complete absence of unsightly and oil-guzzling water treatment plants. Here, everything is done according to the strictest environmental standards. You simply relieve yourself outside your front door, and the shit will be gratefully lapped up by the pigs, birds, rats, insects, and yes, even microbes that all swarm in abundance throughout the neighbourhood. This is an almost perfectly natural and eco-friendly way of recycling the material back into the food chain. Where else would you get that?

Exhibit II: Kumi Model Village

 Social cohesion: The close proximity of the houses and the absence of barriers means that everyone’s a friend with everyone else! Note in Exhibit II how they all fraternise in such a jolly way, overseen by their friendly neighbourhood policeman! The complete absence of doors and windows underlines how safe and trusting the environment is.

Work is localized: In line with the latest environmental and social thinking, work is located right in the neighbourhood! Here you can dismantle stolen cars, find a retail outlet for the proceeds of robberies in white suburbs, or dismember kidnapped children for muti (traditional medicine) - all at a spear's stone's throw from your home!

And they’ll share all of this with us!

Exhibit III: Cork, Ireland

The really exciting news is that these fabulous standards can be, and are being, applied throughout the so-called advanced world! Consider Exhibit III, from Blackpool in Cork, where our valued cultural enrichers have created a magnificent synthesis of traditional design with elements of Irish architectural styles (e.g. the pitched roof).
All I can say is, I withdraw what I said in this post. Sorry, guys.


Anonymous said...

oh shit - i cracked up at this! brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Is that actually Cork, a building site in Cork or how you think Cork will look next decade?

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Exhibit III: Cork, Ireland"

No. That can't be Ireland. Ireland is a beautiful island with mesmerizing green landscapes, women with gorgeous Celtic features (like this one)
and timeless architecture.

That shithole in the picture with the stupid, grinning picaninie looks more like the slums in my country (South Africa).

I am fleeing South Africa in a few weeks time to get away from this kind of crap.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! Can I copy this on SAS?

SAVANT said...

Anonymous 22.06. We're bad in Cork, but we have 'only' about 2,000 African cultural enrichers - as of now. No, this is how I see parts of Cork in say, 10 years

SAVANT said...

Be my guest, doodler (due attribution of course!)

SAVANT said...

anonymous 22.25 - yes, this is in fact the formerly magnificent SA. As for Ireland, give us time, mate, give us time!

SAVANT said...

OK - several more comments asking whether 'Exhibit III' is really Cork, Ireland.

No, it's not. A bit of irony here folks. The Blackpool/Shandon St. area is on the way to becoming an Exhibit III, but we're not there yet. Not yet.

Anonymous said...

Is this Cork??? You gotta be joking!! Here the blacks have the best of housing provided by the Irish Taxpayers'. When they wreak them over the next fews years, they'll shout discrimination and demand new ones. And we'' give them to them whats more

Anonymous said...

Andea Corr - what a beauty! But her coloring isn't typically irish. That's be Nicole Kidman

Anonymous said...

whoar!!! best in a lng time. this is seriously good writing.

Anonymous said...

Could Cork City cease to exist if the darkies take it over? Would this be good or bad for Ireland?

SAVANT said...

I dont think it's a question of ceasing to exist, or indeed their taking it over, just dragging it down and down.

Good for Ireland? No, whee would all the clever people come from?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely brilliant writing. You should be high profile on the MSM.

Oh - I forgot. Your views are verboten.

Henry XIII

chas said...

HYS-TER-I-CAL. Absolutely brilliant.

Grace said...

"I'd love to put my foot thu (sic) the face of that grinning picanninny on (sic) the last pic."

Anonymous, 31 March 2009 20:52

Savant, I commend you for addressing topics the MSM will not touch with a 10 foot barge pole, but if you are sincere about not hating blacks why has the above comment been allowed to remain on a moderated page? Just curious.

SAVANT said...

Grace - point taken, and I've removed the comment.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Savant. You said:

"I dont think it's a question of ceasing to exist, or indeed their taking it over, just dragging it down and down."

Exactly so. A fate worse than death; the gradual, gut-turning decomposition of the society you once knew, the one your forebears built with care and attention. The one you thought you would inherit someday.

Yours is a crucial observation that needs to sink into people's skulls. They-- Africans, Moslems, etc-- need not "take over", they only have to continue to turn our communities to blighted, rambling shanties to resemble their homelands. They are better adapted to physical and mental poverty than we are. What holds them back is *our* standards, which are gradually receding.


SAVANT said...

Leadpb - this is a good point. And it also makes counter-measures much more difficult. And I think you're right. Subliminally whites think they're the tops and don't really fear this threat.

Symbian said...

If you want a taste of african town planning in the west, just look at Detroit. One of the world's great cities has gone, under black 'control' to being a third world slum.

Anonymous said...

Dat's Detroit wher bad guy dun stole ma Cadillac Esplanade with 21ers chrome rims!

Jesse Jackson

Check out the reason why Detroit has the most car crime in the US!

Dr. Zero said...

Your writing is better than almost anything in the MSM. More the shame that Google has you muzzled.

kerplunk said...

Great writing Savant. Would be funnier if it was not so true.

Rusty Mason said...

Savant, you should send this article to James Kunstler, that Jewish jerk who keeps proclaiming the end of the modern Western world any day now. He fancies himself an architectural expert and has a monthly pic showing "archictectural abortions" around the U.S. He thinks that if all the racist Euros would just open up their neighborhoods to mass transit, then ... well, I don't know what he thinks that will accomplish. Still doesn't stop him from pushing it.

Digby said...

Just read this. Brilliant.

I'm sending it on a loooooong list of people who'd NOT enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

One of your best posts, Savant. It's available in Portuguese now:

Anonymous said...

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