Saturday, 5 July 2008

The origins of white guilt

I've often wondered why the ‘West’ or the white race, to be more specific, is alone in seeking atonement for its various sins and omissions. (And trust me on this, we are alone). This wouldn’t matter too much except that it has some really practical implications, not least the encouragement of mass immigration, spending vast sums of foreign aid, and the tolerance of the intolerable, manifested by cultural equivalence (“all cultures equal”).

This is all the more surprising in that the white race has created modern society, freedom of conscience, the rule of law, individual rights, as well as virtually everything that’s worthwhile in the arts and sciences. So why do we beat up on ourselves so much? I don't have a definitive answer, but here are a few thought starters.

The decline of nationalism: Driven by revulsion at the carnage of World Wars, and by the attribution of their causes to flag-waving nationalism and xenophobia, we sought to downplay national differences and become ‘one world’. Nationalism was mainly seen as a white phenomenon, as distinct from the clan and tribal based structures elsewhere.

Nazi race theories: These became the ‘sin of sins’ and coloured, and in my mind distorted, all subsequent attitudes to race. Nazism was of course a white crime, maybe the ultimate white crime.

Jewish influence: The power of Jews, especially in the media, academia and the arts, cannot be overstated. Jews, having suffered so much under traditional ‘Western’ culture, played a major part in diminishing nationalism, in identifying white Christianity’s collusion with Nazism, justifying mass immigration, cultural relativism, and ultimately the curse of political correctness.

Western individualism: Unlike almost every other civilization, where clan and tribe loyalties predominate, whites prioritised the freedom of the individual This model, in order to work (and it did work), called for the rule of law (as distinct from that of a despot or tribal tradition) and the development of a modus vivendi across the full social spectrum. In contrast, a clan/tribal culture subsumes the individual into the clan or tribe, with those outside being regarded with suspicion if not hostility. Of its essence the white culture was and is more self-critical.

Freedom of expression: Strong self-criticism is not a feature of non-Western societies. While criticism of individuals may be acceptable, in general you don't question basic accepted truths, and such truths invariably portray ‘us’ as the good ones. Muslim societies are a good example of what I mean. In contrast, following the Enlightenment, and continuing to the present day, everything in the West is open to question, ridicule and criticism, including one’s own society and culture. (Of course in the West now it’s especially one’s own society).

It seem to me that all of these ingredients have combined into the toxic stew of white self-hatred that dominates and pollutes our political and social environment today.


Anonymous said...

you can add the concept of tenure for academics. no need for them to fight against the tide.

Anonymous said...

I feel very little identification with 'white people', and considerable identification with indigenous people of anywhere. Tibetans, Andaman Islanders, Amazonian tribes.Nearly everywhere we are under threat. The nation state is our only hope.
Am I weird? From an Irish Patriot

Anonymous said...

These are good reasons, but you should have given much more prominence to the Frankfurt School, which started it all. They were all Jews, by the way.

Steve K.

Anonymous said...

Right, no nationalism in Israel. Poor analysis.

Anonymous said...

You left out Christianity as a source of our dilemma: turn the other cheek, love those who persecute you, all men brothers in Christ, etc., etc.

This philosophy was all well and good when the people who wanted to kill you, rape your women and enslave your children were thousands of miles away. Now we import them and give them welfare checks plus the same rights and privileges as the native born!

Quent said...

I think Savant has summarized the causes very well. The Frankfort School has been used a bit too much as a crutch.

Personally, I find the picture of the European as a wide-eyed innocent being led by the hand a bit distasteful.

Anonymous said...

from: obfuscant
to: The Knowledgeable One

Try to define white-guilt, and you'll see more of the picture.

Whites are today's implicit targets, erstwhile European Colonisation implicitly targeted non-whites.

I'd argue this is more important reasons for white guilt, than any of the reasons you list Savant.