Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Opinions on Jews

These quote might not find universal agreement, but to me they're just about right.

'Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.' -- Winston Churchill'

"It was in vain that we locked them up for several hundred years behind the walls of the Ghetto. No sooner were their prison gates unbarred than they easily caught up with us, even on those paths which we opened up without their aid.'--A. A. Leroy Beaulieu, French publicist, 1842'

"Any modern man who has not learned to think as though he were a Jew can hardly be said to have learned to think at all.'--William Rees-Mogg, former Editor-in-Chief for The Times of London'

"It is certain that in certain parts of the world we can see a peculiar people, separated from the other peoples of the world and this is called the Jewish people....This people is not only of remarkable antiquity but has also lasted for a singular long time...

For where as the people of Greece and Italy, of Sparta, Athens and Rome and others who came so much later have perished so long ago, these still exist, despite the efforts of so many powerful kings who have tried a hundred times to wipe them out, as their historians testify, and as can easily be judged by the natural order of things over such a long spell of years. They have always been preserved, however, and their preservation was foretold... My encounter with this people amazes me...'--Blaise Pascal, French Mathematician

"Indeed it is difficult for all other nations of the world to live in the presence of the Jews. It is irritating and most uncomfortable. The Jews embarrass the world as they have done things which are beyond the imaginable. They outlived all their former enemies, including vast empires such as the Romans and the Greeks.

They angered the world with their return to their homeland after 2000 years of exile and after the murder of six million of their brothers and sisters.They aggravated mankind by building, in the wink of an eye, a democraticState which others were not able to create in even hundreds of years. They had their hands in every human progressive endeavor, whether in science, medicine, psychology or any other discipline, while totally out of proportion to their actual numbers.

So the nations of the world realize that they would have been lost without the Jews. And while their subconscious tries to remind them of how muchof Western civilization is framed in terms of concepts first articulated by the Jews, they do anything to suppress it.The study of history of Europe during the past centuries teaches us one uniform lesson: That the nations which received and in any way dealt fairly and mercifully with the Jew have prospered; and that the nations that have tortured and oppressed them have written out their own curse.'

'If there is any honor in all the world that I should like, it would beto be an honorary Jewish citizen.'--Olive Schreiner, South African novelist and social activist

My only complaint is that in dealing with Jews/Israelis, their idea of a fair deal is that they get 100%, you get 0%. Still, if there's such a thing as the master race, nobody else gets a look in.


Anonymous said...

are you out of your fucking mind!!!!! They've been behind every pernicious movement from the dawn of time.

Anonymous said...

Pity that with our own sad history, we could not have taken a leaf out of their book!. For the Jews learned the hard way that they had to take care of their own rather than be submissive to the whims of others.

Instead of that, we inevitably seem to elect a bunch of incompetent, self serving fools into Govt., who for the most part appear, and indeed behave like, drunken sailors on shore leave.

Thinking back upon our own history and what might have been, only tends to make me more depressed.

Anonymous said...

This is so very true. And we're repeating it now all over Europe

Anonymous said...

'The nations which recieved and in any way dealt fairly and mercifully with the Jew have prospered'

Kaiser Wilhelm II lost his throne because if it.

Anonymous said...

Jews can be unreasonable. I remember about 5 years ago a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 15 young Israelis queing for a disco. Speaking afterwards about Palestinian grievances, an Israeli politician said: "The Nazis had grievances too. Who gives a fuck about Nazi grievances?"

Rhein said...

Wow, sorry but that was pretty nauseating Savant. They're nothing but parasites. Everything they have is all thanks to other nations. Just look at Jerusalem, their only attempt at making it on their own(if you exclude all the various "donations" from white countries that is), it's just a mess. Palestine has something to do with it, but not everything

And if they're the "chosen ones", self-proclaimed of course, then why are they so keen on mixing their chosen genes with white genes(and only Whites i noticed). Wouldn't that soil their magnificence?

They've got a good head for business and are completely ruthless in anything they do, i'll give them that. Altough that's one of the main source of antisemitism.

SAVANT said...

I agree with you on most things Rhein, but not this. I cant agree they're parasites. Look at their incfredible achievements in everything - science, art, literature, the professions you name it. And yes, business where they've got a reputation for ruthlessness. But isn't this just a symptom of the fact that they're smarter than everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Total bulls**t Savant. How do you8 exlain their hated everywhere?

tvoh said...

That parasite, Jonas Salk, and his parasite polio vaccine.

Or was the polio virus the parasite?

I'm sure Rhein was never vaccinated.

Anonymous said...

'hated everywhere' (??)
Get the hair out of your eyes.
The Savant has just quoted five opinion-formers, from different countries, from different centuries, making admiring and complimentary remarks.
Thank you Savant. A very interesting collection of quotes.

Rhein said...

We disagree on this subject, let's just leave it at that. ^^

This question is a bit too complex to be debated on a message/comment board.

I got a tetanus shot years ago, does this count?

Anonymous said...

On a personal note, the most talented programmers I've worked with have been Jews. I have nothing but admiration for Jews.

Just look at the amount of Nobel prizes awarded to Jewish people (12million). They consist 0.2% of the planet's people yet they have earned 165 Nobel prizes in Medecine, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, World Peace and Literature.

When you compare this to the amount of prizes earned by Muslims, the difference is frightening.

Out of 1.4 billion people, they have earned 6 prizes. 6! And one of them was a peace prize awarded to Yassar Arrafat of all people.

The world would be a darker, less enlightened place without the Jewish people.

Anonymous said...

'The nations which recieved and in any way dealt fairly and mercifully with the Jew have prospered'

Oh right! and what's become of European ruled Southern Africa in general where a disproportionate number of these people supported groomed and CONTINUE to finance goons like Mugabe and Mbeki?

White old South Africa and the then Rhodesia welcomed these people with open arms. How gullible they were just as Britain and America were decades earlier.

Look at the result today. "Free" Europe is heading the same way and God help North America.

They may be "smart", but only because they're devious and work collectively and doggedly as masonic groups.

I'm not sure that deviousness is equal or comparable to "cleverness" in the good or advancement sense when it comes to human intelligence.

They're not inventive and their contribution to science and literature is minmal.

As the majority of them are essentially ASIAN Askenazi khazars their best known traits are usury and trickery. A THINKING Caucasian would not trust them an inch. It takes long enough to trust one's own.

Only a servile, gullible goy lapdog who answers to their avarice and does their dirty work is worse.


Anonymous said...

"They're not inventive and their contribution to science and literature is minmal."

You, Sir, are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Idiot... ROFL.!!

"Sir" What PRACTICAL inventions can you list from jews (or kaffirs for that matter) on their own?

Freud and Jung were nothing but perverts. The following link reference Einstein is far more plausible than the sanctimonius shite of your media.



Anonymous said...

Not only is he an idiot, he's an asshole as well. How could any person with even a shred of normality fail to recognize the phenomenal achievements of jews in science, politics (whether you like their politics or not) business, academia and the arts?

I dont know why I'm even wasting my time replying to that prick.

Anonymous said...

Prick, asshole, idiot, anything else? LMWAO!!!!

"I dont know why I'm even wasting my time replying to that prick."

Because the truth hurts! DICK HEAD!!

Anonymous said...

So, you're a "THINKING caucasian" who relies on stormfront for information? Grow up :)

It would seem that regard non-practical inventions as being worthless. That seems rather narrowminded to me but I guess that's par for the course with mouth-breathing philistines.

Perhaps I might impose on your intellect to consider Medical, Physics and Chemistry advances as being practical?

Perhaps not. :)

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Anonymous said...

Nobel Prizes for World Peace - Henry Kissenger 1973 ???

That one name says it all...

.... after what this piece of shit did in Viet Nam destroying the lives of thousands of predominantly white NON jewish American youth who perished in it not forgetting the permanent scars on the indigenous civilian population and environment in this country - and then his antics in Southern Africa where he blackmailed a hapless goy boy (Vorster) into strangling the only trade links (sanctions) on Ian Smith's Rhodesia... or we in the USA will sanction you ZA.. which they did anyway?

As for the rest of your 'Nobel' list you may as well have picked the names out of a lucky packet. IMHO they're about as significant as a contemporary knighthood issued to a chef, news reader, runner, cyclist, ponce, or tax exiled offshore con artist.. by a spineless shabbats goy queen gradually reduced over the last 4 decades to the level of a muppet!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Israel. My parents, God rest their souls, were from Tipperary.
I just stumbled on this blog and its interesting reading. But its five in the morning, so I'll leave my comments for another day.
Regards to all!

SAVANT said...

Welcome N.

Your poor parents cant have had much Jewish company in Tipperary!

Anonymous said...

Savant: "Your poor parents cant have had much Jewish company in Tipperary!"

No, my parents (RIP) were practising Catholics through and through. My paternal grandfather was a captain in the Irish Republican Army. My parents left Ireland for England in the Fifties as so many did. My Dad and his friends dug deep in their pockets and set up an Irish Club next to our home town, so they could enjoy being with "their own". The club's still thriving 40 years on.
I was brought up doing Irish dancing, always having "The Troubles" on the news in the background, while Dad was constantly glued to the radio trying to catch rugby or hurling matches.

Anonymous said...

It's strange reading all the different "Opinions on Jews". Why are there no debates on the "Opinions on Catholics" or "Opinions on the Irish"?
Like any other people, no great generalisations can be made about Jews who are also diverse and multifaceted.
Some are smart, while others are as thick as two short planks, some good-looking, others not. There are ones who are really funny, others who are fat, short, tall, skinny, bad-tempered, good-tempered, shrewd, naive, honest, kind, criminal, coarse, gentle, dignified, refined. Just the same as any other people.
N. in Israel

Anonymous said...

This true N but can be said about any racial or national groupings. I think that some characteristics are more common in certain groups. Glad to know there are some Jews 'thick as short planks' I never met one!

Pseudothyrum said...

"I agree with you on most things Rhein, but not this. I cant agree they're parasites. Look at their incredible achievements in everything - science, art, literature, the professions you name it."

Most critically, you fail to realize that ALL OF THESE 'GREAT' JEWISH ACHIEVEMENTS WERE BUILT UPON THE BACKS AND INITIAL ACHIEVEMENTS OF NON-JEWS, AS WELL AS WITHIN THE ADVANCED ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, ARTISTIC, SCIENTIFIC, AND SOCIAL MILIEU OF WHITE/EUROPEAN SOCIETIES. Jews are and never have been culture creators or culture sustainers, only culture appropriators (i.e., parasites) and, when they gain too much power and influence in a non-Jewish society, culture destroyers. Even the main tenets of their 'religion' of Judaism (which is actually a highly racist-supremacist Mob-like international criminal organization) was stolen from other Middle Eastern peoples, earlier Egyptian religions, Zoroastrians, etc. Again, do not fail to realize that the vast majority of their glorious 'Jewish achievements' are all due to previous and concurrent progress by other peoples (most recently White Europeans, which they have latched on to like a bloodsucking tick), as is evidenced by all of these 'Jewish discoveries' occurring amongst Jews who spoke White European languages and lived in White Western societies; also, you'd be surprised how many Jews have been caught stealing other people's research, ideas, and patents...do some research and you'll discover that it's a HUGE number...Jewish professors, inventors, scientists, bankers, it runs the whole gamut.

"And yes, business where they've got a reputation for ruthlessness."

As in Bernard "70 billion dollar Ponzi fraud" Madoff? Only one example yes, but one of VERY, VERY many...the number of Jewish fraudsters, swindlers, hucksters, and criminals in business, commerce, and economics is LEGION - and it's the main reason why EVERY COUNTRY which has allowed Jews to live amongst them in large numbers have eventually succumbed to economic chaos and ruin because of rampant Jewish greed, fallen because of too much Jewish economic influence and power...the modern American economy (and, in fact, much of the current Western economy) is but the latest casualty.

"But isn't this just a symptom of the fact that they're smarter than everyone else?"

Nominally smarter, yes...the average Jew is a small notch smarter than the average non-Jewish European White. But it's not so much IQ scores but a historical respect for literacy and intellectual endeavors...ESPECIALLY after they were exposed to the WHITE EUROPEAN Enlightenment Era and emancipated by the FRENCH Revolution - before that, the vast majority of European Jews were literally illiterate and very poor ghetto Jews. Ashkenazi (European) Jews also ruthlessly practiced Nazi-esque eugenics for the last few centuries, which lead to a smarter gene pool.

But they are just DEVIOUSLY INTELLIGENT, so crafty and immoral that they so often use their intelligence in negative and destructive ways...ways which, most disgustingly, they end up using to undermine and exploit they very nations which have been gracious enough to ALLOW Jews to settle amongst them.

As an aside, just look at the way Jews look, especially after age 30 when they have fully grown in to their Jewishness; look at their obvious repulsive degeneracy and physical ugliness to learn the contents of their inner-souls, for the face is a mirror which is but a reflection of a person's inner self.

Anonymous said...

The real problem with Jews is that they can't drink milk!

Madra Dubh said...

Who would you rather be conned by?? A Jew, or a Nigerian - Ponzi scheme(Madoff), or 419 scam(J.Doe)....Keep squabbling over petty differences(freedom of speech is great) while my afrocelt children bail out the economy, work on solving the real issue...Integration is the only way forward>>

P.S Your not easily rattled iRISH Savant, so Please post my comments, I do not use bad language,idecency etc, and have rights just like everyone else. I recently posted on the "Nigerian's r tick as Planks/bloodsuckers" blog, and have not seen my comments posted yet??...

Anonymous said...

Me Da, dying of cancer was treated tremendously well by am extremely compassionate team of doctors, whom I noticed were mostly Jewish. I too now suffer from a terminal illness and am being treated - entirely without cost - by a Jewish philanthropic organization staffed almost entirely by jewish doctors. There's no doubt that my doctors and I have differing worldviews; I'm certain that they all voted for Obama, and they just shake their heads when I refuse to let down me oirish in regards to my specific situation (stubborn Mick, right to the end :-).

I don't know why jewish people chose to excel and lead in these important areas - I'm just glad that they do, Einstien included.

As an aside, you'll note that the jews and the irish have many things in common including years of oppression, an appreciation of a good education, appreciation of arts & literature. The difference I think, is in the comparative lack of discipline held by us irish (You know why God created whiskey, right?). Me Da would have said it a bit differently; and would have sounded a lot like that writer who took Mother Theresa (read: Catholic Church) to task for making industry a sin and poverty a virtue.


SAVANT said...

Thanks for the post Dathi and sorry to hear of your illness. You seem to be in good hands though.

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse accomplishments with smoke and mirrors.

In my opinion we've been stagnating for most of the 20th century and are now experiencing actual decline. If the gifts of the Jews were so profound, how come we're not colonizing mars or making dramatic new discoveries on par with the discoveries and economic progress of the late
19th century?

The Jews have a propensity for self promotion and aggrandizement which lends themselves readily to the fields of entertainment and obfuscatory enterprises such as complex financial interactions of which we are about to suffer dramatically.

I'm sorry, Einstein doesn't compare to a Newton as far as degree of impact on civilization. All the scientific fields since Jewish influence are muddling along pursuing interesting but unproductive pursuits. Our cultural is in shambles, our social institutions non-existent due in no small measure to Jewish societal engineering.

Take the red pill and awake from this Jewish conceived matrix and critically evaluate the exact contribution of this race of self interested people and see if they in fact represent your values and interests.

Anonymous said...

anon 17.33 - i think you're trying too hard to explain away jewish accomplishments. DO you really believe what you're saying? You cannot. You have to suspend belief to take your views seriously.

Anonymous said...

Who said this ?

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves."


Menachem Begin

Anonymous said...

I've seen this quote from Begin before. Is it true? Can anyone verify?


Anonymous said...

The problem with Jews is not them indivdually it is their organized groups which seem to think by weakening the society they live in they will make things safer for Jews.

They have contributed greatly to science end engineering and can be quite generous.

However alot of their generosity goes to groups with questional goals and the people behind them have questionable motives.

I believe the NAACP was heavily sponsored by Jewish interests. Although there might be some Jews who actually believed they were doing "social justice", many more were in it to weaken the WASP hold on things.

In addition, finding a Jew in Congress that voted against an illegal immigrant amnesty is like finding a unicorn.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.24 said "Although there might be some Jews who actually believed they were doing "social justice", many more were in it to weaken the WASP hold on things."

Well, it's possible. However, I bet they're sorry now!


Quent said...

The jews are so wonderful, so creative, and, above all, so physically attractive that they need to be separated from the rest of us. Just think, if they didn't have the Europeans dragging them down, what they could achieve!

Let us not forget that it was a jew anthropologist who came up with the concept and term of 'racism.' For that alone, we Europeans should be eternally grateful.

Quent said...

By the way, the first five presidents of the NAACP were jews.

Anonymous said...

Hi Savant from the American South,

They are super-talented. I wish however, they'd realize that Americans (who saved them in WW2), and most Europeans dont instinctively dislike them and would stop if they'd stop being the main apologists for the West to be immivaded out of existence.

Some of the Jewish resentment towards the other pale-faced folks (that be us) is I think similar to a pretty girl in class who saves her most biting behind-her-back-remarks to be used against another pretty girl. She doesn't see the plainer girls as potential rivals (Muslims, Hispanics, Africans), but sees in Euro-decended whites a group with enough smarts (although probably not mathematically astute as NE Asians, enough charisma, enough artistic talents (we might be the best here), and enough humility to be recognized by "something somewhere" as near their equal in dazzlingness. This might chip away at some overweening ethnic pride a few of them have. Some of our own have it to.

Basically Im a nationalist. They ought to come see things our way. We have been a better friend to them that the folks who surround her nation would ever be. Holocaust-guilt-complexes are not going to be instilled in anyone else successfully. They are, the ones pushing for a post-West demographically, making the lives of their descendants very untenable. Euro-whites are quick to forgive and be willing to work with former competitors and even former adversaries. I hope more Jews come around to traditional conservatism.

When I think of what that EU minister of immigration (the one with the very Jewish-face) said, and the fact he hails from Scotland and has no doubt noticed what has happened to Ireland, it makes me angry, sad, and suspicious.