Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Dhimmi Britain: How bad can it get? (2)

Rory sends us this by way of a comment. I found it so amazing I checked up the Guardian myself. But there it was, in all its gory detail.

Here's what Rory says:

This is Michele Hanson in The Guardian today giving us the liberal angle on free speech and religious liberty:

"Two American Christian preachers have been told off by a community police officer for preaching in a Muslim area of Birmingham. Good. If only preachers were banned everywhere. The Jews don't try to convert anyone. They are not at all keen on converts, so perhaps preachers should take a leaf out of their book, because no one likes to be told that their beliefs are rubbish and someone else's are better.

Is there anything more annoying than people coming to your street or your house uninvited and pushing their ideas down your throat? I was trained from an early age to detest it. My father would open the door and my mother would throw tennis balls at them from behind him - an unconventional but effective response. The two rejected Birmingham preachers have been moaning about human rights and their freedom of expression, but preaching and American missionary-style "spreading God's word" is more about bossing than expressing.

They're convinced they're right. But does anyone dare tell them off? Off they go, all over the world, come across a culture that's minding its own business, with its own perfectly adequate belief system, and insist on imposing their own ideas. What a cheek. Who am I to criticize? I must practice what I preach. So believe what you like, everyone, but leave the rest of us alone. We can make our own minds up" .

Just reflect on this for a moment. What this stupid so-called liberal cow is saying is that you can't try to peaceably change somebody's mind! This is liberal? This is breathtaking. 'We can make our own minds up' this cretitudinous windbag waffles. And you can make it up without getting any contrary or discommoding input.

Is this her idea of free exchange of ideas - the very basis of democracy? And what about those with their 'perfectly adequate belief system' (check this post to get an idea of this system)? I suppose they didn't pick them up from religious fanatics from the day they were born?

Jesus Christ - you'd have to despair that people like her are allowed live. Then again, I suppose that'd be one benefit of the forthcoming Islamic takeover - the likes of her won't be allowed to live.

Now, in case you still feel like breathing, check out this link provided by Spider: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2008/jun/03/uksecurity.islam


Anonymous said...

Bottom line, she dislikes evangelical preachers. She is trying to abstract that dislike into a general principle while oblivious to all of the contradictions.

Anonymous said...

From the link.

Those twits are talking like losers. The best way to avoid a conflict is to keep them out of the country in the first place!