Friday, 9 May 2008

The Real McCoy McCain

John McCain, seeking to produce George Bush’s third term, is a War Hero, right?


About as far wrong as it can be.

First let’s look at what he did in Vietnam. He flew 20,000 feet above the ground, bombing mainly Hanoi, resulting, as he himself admitted, in tens of thousands of civilian casualties. ‘I'm a war criminal’ he confessed on the Today Show about ten years ago. Essentially, the bombing of North Vietnam was a very low-risk affair for the air crews. You’d have to be very unlucky to be shot down. And McCain was unlucky. His plane was hit and he ended up in the middle of a lake, from which he was rescued by Vietnamese civilians (the ‘gooks’ he so frequently refers to). He was then rushed to hospital (he admits this himself).

Little or no heroism there, certainly compared to the GIs on the ground, under constant and unpredictable attack day and night.

So now let’s turn to the harrowing time he spend in prison, where he was ‘tortured’ relentlessly. How do we know this? Well, because he told us so. What do other prisoners who were there at the time say? Ted Guy and Swede Larson say that nobody was tortured or ill-treated in any way at that prison camp. They told the Phoenix New Times that while it was possible that he was tortured, they very much doubted if he was. Nobody has provided supporting testimony to McCain.

It must also be remembered that McCain came from Navy royalty. His father commanded the Pacific Fleet at the time, as did his grandfather (same name) and one or both (I'm not sure) had a destroyer named after him (the John. S. McCain). Rather than ill-treating him you’d imagine the canny North Vietnamese would milk his unique potential for all it was worth. And that's exactly what they did.

But first they needed him to sing. And boy, did he sing! According to documents secured by Counter Punch, he divulged specific military information such as the aircraft carrier on which he was based, pilot casualties and morale, and information about rescue ships’ locations. There’s a word for this. Treason.

Why did he do it? Oh, I forgot, he was tortured. But it gets better. Realising the prize they had, the North Vietnamese then put him on their radio propaganda broadcasts. He took part in meetings with foreign visitors, usually from other Communist countries. He became so much of a radio star that one news agency report back to the US was headed “PoW Songbird is Son of US Admiral”.

But McCain wasn’t happy doing it (even though he did it for years). In fact he was so unhappy that he attempted suicide. How do we know that? Again, we’re grateful to him for the information, as nobody else seemed aware of it.

So this is the hero who plans to keep the US at war for 100 years. He doesn’t seem aware that the Chinese can pull the plug on any US war effort any time they please. But then he seems to be aware of very little. Apart from getting very far on very little.

He finished sixth from the bottom of more than 500 graduates at West Point. When he came back from Vietnam he dumped the wife who had waited for him, and married a billionaire’s daughter - who then financed his political career. And with this money and the War Hero image, now he's the favourite to win in November.

How come these facts feature nowhere on the US MSM? I don't really know, but remember that the MSM there is run by profit-hungry corporations who don't want to upset powerful figures in politics or business. These are the people who gave GW Bush a completely free pass on the Iraqi adventure, and who even today refuse to seriously investigate this greatest ever American foreign policy disaster.

All of this probably means that McCain will be the next President. Let’s hope the Chinese refuse to finance his plans for One Hundred Years Of War.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible how this guy has gotten so far without the truth coming out. Not sure it ever will, or if ot does it gets sanitized.