Sunday, 20 April 2008

PC mandarin spells it out

It's often been said that in the US, only the Republican Party (the War Party) can make peace with external enemies. If the Democrats in the US or Israel's Labour Party were to make significant concessions they were likely to be pulverised as defeatist and weak. However, if the Republicans or Likud did the same, they self-evidently could not be accused of this. else where could the war-mongers turn?

The same concept might hold true in Europe's existential war against the Turd World invasion. Maybe it takes the PC equivalent of the Republicans to spell it out. Nobody has better credentials for this than Trevor Phillips. He's black, liberal, Labour Party stalwart, and he's Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (ugh!).

Trevor spells out out as clearly as the Thought Police would allow in today's 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech. And he did it in the same hotel!

Uncontrolled immigration has led to a "cold war" between ethnic communities, according to the head of Britain's race watchdog. Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, believes policy failures risk provoking racism among millions of educated professionals.

He has set out his concerns in an address that said the influx has had worrying effects. "Powell predicted 'hot' conflict and violence. However, we have seen the emergence of a kind of cold war in some parts of the country, where very separate communities exist side by side... with poor communication across racial or religious lines."

"In essence, Powell so discredited any talk of planning or control that it gave rise to a migration policy in which Government knew too little about what was going on. [Note: What Powell said was not incorrect. It was the hysterical reaction to it that has lead to the problems Phillips refers to]

"Ironically, Powellism and the weakening of control it engendered may have led Britain to admitting more immigrants rather than fewer." Mr Phillips warned ministers they are boosting anti-immigration parties such as the BNP by failing to respond to reasonable concerns from large sections of the "settled" population.

He said: "For every professional woman who is able to go out to work because she has a Polish nanny, there is a young mother who watches her child struggle in a classroom where a harassed teacher faces too many children with too many languages between them. Wanting a better deal for her child doesn't make her anti-immigrant. But if we can't find a better answer to her despair then she soon will be."

"We will become an economic backwater. Our children and grandchildren will end up knocking on the doors of the dominant economies, which will be China, India and Brazil." Indeed - just like the US is doing now, and which was forecast by a Japanese Prime Minister a long time ago.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said: "Mr Phillips raises a brave and timely warning and points out the consequences of a disastrous loss of immigration controls."


Anonymous said...

There is a meme that seems to be implanted in everyones brains 'Multiculturalism can only be a good thing'

Anonymous said...

I think Trev is indulging in some wishful thinking here. China and India are, despite great improvements, calamitous shit holes. They have about 1.5 BILLION very, very, poor people between them.

As for Brazil becoming a modern economy, I cannot help but think that Trev has included it because it has a large black population.


Anonymous said...

Phillips is just an Uncle Tom. He gets a good job, mixes with whites and he's suddenly one of them.

Anonymous said...

And the Chinese are so anti-black they'd mane the KKK blush. But that's ok, as the Chinese aren't white.