Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Danes continue to show the way

Interesting comment from a reader in Denmark regarding my last post:

"Thought you'd like to see what is now happening in Denmark.Go Denmark! (unfortunately ?? this is in Danish.)

"Every year Denmark takes (minimum) 500 international refugees as part of a quota system established by the UN. In 2001-02 84% of the quota total came from Muslim countries (Afganistan, Sudan and Irak), in 2006-07 this “Muslim” total has fallen to 11% (Sudan and Irak) with the rest from places like Congo, Bhutan and Myanmar.

The law was changed here in 2005 so that the quota of refugees seeking asylum in Denmark would be chosen based on their “integration potential” (rather than by their predicament on humanitarian grounds I suppose). Local regions have all reported good experience with integrating Burmese and Congolese refugees. And in fact no problem integrating any group except those who have a Muslim faith.

Strong condemnation of this development has been expressed pointing out that we are now effectively dividing those in need into two groups; those we want to help (and can), and those who we either can’t or won’t be able to help and who will therefore have to look elsewhere for assistance…The intention for 2008 is again to fill the quota with refugees from Myanmar/Burma, Bhutan og Congo."

Thank you for this comment, my friend, and I wish you and your fellow countrymen well. I suppose it's only when you compare first hand the differences between what Danish society has become over hundreds of years of evolution, with the practices of Muslim immigrants, that you begin to realise the real value of your creation.

So it's truly wonderful to learn about this, and again, the Danes are showing the way.

I would just add in conclusion that the advanced Scandinavian democracies are a delicate flower, and any substantial immigration, especially from Africa, is a risk.

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