Saturday, 22 December 2007

South Africa death spiral gathers momentum

If Thabo Mbeki represented a cataclysmic decline on god-like Mandela, his defeat by Jacob Zuma represents an even greater one. This functionally illiterate scoundrel, mired in corruption and violence, is a picture boy of your typical African despot-in-waiting.

This once great country now has a President who thinks there is no causal relationship between AIDS and HIV, a Health Minister who thinks AIDS can be cured by beetroot, a university Chancellor who smears himself with lion fat every morning to smite his enemies (see this), and now an ANC leader (i.e. next President of the Republic) who thinks it’s adequate protection to have a shower after unprotected sex (rape?) with an HIV-positive women.

Upon his recent election the first thing he called for was a rollicking version of the old favourite “Umshini Wami”. This apparently means "bring me my machine gun", upon which, I imagine, there was a major stampede of Mbeki’s voters for the door. Zuma also likes the death penalty – which should be an invaluable tool for any intending President-for-life.

FIFA should be looking around very carefully at alternatives for the 2010 World Cup.


Anonymous said...

A total disaster. But we were fucked anyway. This will only bring it on faster. I'd get out if the rand was worth enything. I remember when it was worth $4. I'm only 48!

Anonymous said...

Despite all of this the economy ois growing very fast. Dont understand that.

Anonymous said...

My view is that the economy is growing in absolute terms, but not in per capiat terms. This is no good to anybody, and 'growth' in this sense is meaningless..