Friday, 14 December 2007

Imam Halawa in religious tolerance shock

Imam Hussein Halawa of the Saudi-financed mosque in Clonskeagh in Dublin is full of surprises. He thinks the banning of the Christmas crib on RTE (see this post) is a form of religious oppression. He told the Irish Times"freedom of religious expression, as a right of all the faithful, is in full conformity with the UN Declaration of Human Rights."

Well now! Do we take from this, Hussein my old pet, that your paymasters in Saudi Arabia will cheerfully allow Christians to public display cribs and related paraphernalia? Or will they continue to lop off their heads as per Islamic guidance for proselytisers?


Anonymous said...

Well said Savant! Makes me sick the way these guys play reasonable until they get control over us. Then we'll see a diffeence.

Anonymous said...

These guys are just playing for time. Wait till they get more power and they'll be looking to ban such things.