Tuesday, 25 December 2007

From Hirsi Ali

Your Savant has always pointed out that Somalis (apart from Roma) are the worst possible immigrants. This is from Hirsi Ali, a fully-recovered Muslim from Somalia.

"As a child I was taught to suspect the stranger, to assume anybody will attack you, to fight for yourself since nobody else will, to support your own clan above anybody else's and see the others as the enemy. These are needed skills in Somali society."

Indeed, and these are the skills that we're importing along with the tens of thousands of Somalis we've allowed in here.

( Incidentally, Hirsi Ali was forced to flee Holland for her own safety, her life being under threat after she chucked in the Religion of Peace).


Anonymous said...

The Dutch revoked her citizenship. Can you credit that?

Anonymous said...

She shud get the Nobel Peace Prize