Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Portlaois Mayor update

Earlier this year I brought you the joyous tidings that Portlaois had elected Ireland’s first black mayor, Nigerian Rotimi Adebari. This was accompanied by an orgy of celebration in the PC fever-swamps, and I've been reliably informed that our President had an orgasm on the spot when she heard the news.

And indeed it was a heart-warming story. You see poor old Rotimi had fled persecution from his home village of Okeodan, hotly pursued by a mob of outraged Muslims. Barely escaped with his life, he did. Then, as the immigration industry puts it he ‘found himself’ in Ireland, and hey presto, he becomes mayor.

A remarkable achievement, as has been pointed out ad nauseam since then. True to form, he quickly managed to corner significant amounts of taxpayers cash to celebrate diversity throughout Laois. They’re celebrating diversity like mad down there now, apparently.

Given the publicity it was no surprise that the folks back home heard about it. They were so impressed that in a recent visit to Okeodan the town Chief Lere Bamgboye held a ceremony in his honour on his achievements. Over 1,000 people attended the ceremony, which was held in the town’s market square.

Speaking at the event Chief Lere Bamgboye said: “For those of us who have been close watchers of your upward journey in life we are not entirely surprised. We have known you as an enterprising young man with a lot of vision.”

Even a jaded cynic like your Savant was touched by this. After all, here was a man who fled for his life from his home, er, village and that same village was, er, now….. Hang on, surely shome mishtake?

Enter Paddy Clark – but there'll be no ha, ha, ha from Rotimi. Paddy insists that Hizzoner worked in London as an underground driver before seeking 'asylum' in Ireland, an allegation which the mayor has strenuously denied. On hearing this Paddy says ‘I'm amazed at the gall of Rotimi Adebari. At the very least 50 drivers and six or more managers will remember him. His photograph and signature are on file with London Underground’s personnel office which were used in the issue of his free travel-pass and identity card,”

'The trade union will also have his records on file’ he added. 'In light of his continued denial and by doing so making me out to be a liar or mischief maker I will myself travel into London and get as many affidavits as I can from my former colleagues”

He concluded by hoping that Mayor Adebari ‘does the right thing and resigns and stands for election again based on the truth of his origins and agenda.’ Some chance, Paddy. He’s got his snout in the trough and it’ll take a bit more than illegal entry and lying on an official form to take it out.

But why am I telling you all of this? Surely you’ve seen it plastered all over the media, the same way his election victory was? Er, strangely, no. A laborious trawl of the MSM revealed, well nothing.

Which is why more and more people are turning to blogs to get the real story.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Sean O’Rourke for the valuable research.


dunamase said...

It's been covered by the Laois Nationalist, but you're right, none of the national media.

I treid to raise this at a meeting and was shouted down.

Anonymous said...

Which is why more and more people are turning to blogs to get the real story.

Yes, indeedie!

HG :-)

Rob said...

There was apparently a two-page spread on it in the Irish Daily Mail a few weeks ago (I think they broke the story) but they don't seem to post anything from the Irish edition on the Net.
A comment from a guy called Bobb on is worth repeating: "Rotimi is a Nigerian AND an elected politician. What on earth makes you think he might be lying?"

SAVANT said...

Thats a great comment from Bobb. Love it!

suspicious said...

A very sinister thing here. He's got WHITE HANDS! Whats going on?

fiona said...

Pure (impure) racism, nothing else. Would you highlight this if he was white?

Anonymous said...

Say no to a black ireland

Anonymous said...

More Adebari questions here.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Nigerian working in Ireland as a doctor. Unfortunately most of what you've been saying is true of my fellow country men. It pains me to say it. They have abused Irish hos[itality and have given the few of us who are honest and hard-working a bad name. Again, i agree with you that large numbers of obvioulsy foreign immigrants is a mistake

SAVANT said...

Thanks you my friend. You're clearly a good man (woman?) and of value to the country. Pity you';re so uncommon among your countrytmen

Anonymous said...

Savant do you have a follow up article on this story?

Who the hell did this guy run against in Portlaois? Gypsies?

SAVANT said...

The only follow up I have is that our friend is complaining that his 'diversity consultancy' (yugh!) has suffered while he was 'serving the people' (LoL) as Mayor.

Translation: More taxpayers' money needed.

How did he win? Simple. There are hundreds of Nigerains in Portlaois, a small twon, and they all voted for him.

Corkonian said...

This guy is a fraud from start to finish. He should on the basis of readily available evidence have his residency permit revoked. But nobody does anything. Rest assured that Minister Shitter won't exert himself on this.