Thursday, 27 September 2007

How life moves on!

Today, returned to the Island of Saints and Scholars I find myself in a reflective mood. Tempus fugit, time flies, our time here on earth is so short. I hope these pictures help you share my reflective and philosophical mood.

Who said.....?
"We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population. They're shitting their pants with fear. I love it!"
A: Jose Guitterez, Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas (That's correct, the University of Texas)


Anonymous said...

The same thing will happen here. Our birth rate falls short of replacement level. If you even ask how fast the non-white immigrants here are reproducing, you risk being charged with incitement to hatred.
I do believe one of the ladies in the third picture down has your laptop concealed in her butt cleavage.

Anonymous said...

No doubt affirmative action put this beaner in a professorship at UT; where he is dumbing down that esteemed institution.

Has it escaped Jose's notice that the ruling class in Mexico and almost all South American countries is European. Regardless of how big a majority the beaners become, they will still be ruled by Europeans.

Black is beautiful, brown is gran, but white is the color of the big boss man.

SAVANT said...

Good one Rob! In fact, walking through my small town this morning I was appalled to see the proportion of blacks, Muslims, unassimable immigrants of all types. As always, the blacks were accompanied by a flock of children. And i was beginning to think the numbers were going down. Silly me.

SAVANT said...

Just back from Columbia and what Skotgerman says seems to be true. The higher the position, the paler the skin.

Anonymous said...

ow could that bastard get appointed professor at an american university? Are we totally mad?

Anonymous said...

Is that the Prof. who said we scream racism not because it is true to to get attention?
And the stupid MSM fall for it every time?
He is in for a big surprise when he finds out D'Waynella and her brood of Ny'Quail, Ty'Qela, Shenetta, DeShawn and Ken'Yetta hate him and his kind as much as they hate white devils!

Tony in VA. said...

That's true, anon. The horrible truth is dawning on the remaining white professors that not only do the LeShawn's hate him, but that various other 'visible minorities' are squeezing him and his out of academic life in the US. sweet justice.