Saturday, 7 April 2007

Irish immigration update

Stupid Clever Man:

I like Garret FitzGerald, who is that rarity, a politician both honest and intelligent. Well, kind of intelligent anyway. This observation is based on the recent national census, which showed an immigrant population representing about 10% of the total. Garret based a full article on this, drawing a number of sweeping conclusions, not least of which was to the effect that the number of illegal immigrants is tiny.

Now let's think this through. You're an illegal immigrant, occupying a flat owned by a fellow illegal, or maybe some local 'entrepreneur'. As occupant of the flat you get a copy of the census form. Your first reaction surely will of course be, 'gee, must fill out this fully and truthfully'. So here are the entries:

Name: Ibrahim Al-Hakiri
Place of birth: Somalia
Date of birth: Unknown
Status: Illegal immigrant
Occupation: Drugs/arms dealer
Criminal convictions: Murder, robbery, rape, blackmail, tribal violence, burning churches, honour killings

You then of course ensure that the form is returned in line with regulations.

And it was on the basis of the low numbers of such forms that Garret derived his analysis. And to think he once lead the country.

Metro Eireann

A new dedicated magazine for immigrants marks our progress as a nation, and your Savant duly checked out a recent issue. Reasonably good articles, must say, even though, quelle surprise? it establishes that every immigrant is an unalloyed blessing to the country. No unseemly references to jails bulging with.... Anyway, I noted in passing advertisements from law firms offering advice on 'immigration rights' and thought that's just what we need, more lawyers. As if we didn't have enough of our own, we're now importing them to help illegals get around the law. All at taxpayers' expense, needless to say.

Also noted was a constant theme from the contributers, to the effect that we, inter alia, must provide better language training, must respect original cultures, must recruit more diversity specialists, must, must must. Excuse me - why the must? We are under no fucking obligation to do any of these things. None whatsover, despite what the immigration industry tells us.

And that is what's the most notable thing about the Metro. The obligation is thrown onto the native population for everything. It's we who must adapt, it's we who must integrate, it's we who must show respect. And needless to say, provide the resources (the mantra 'resources must be made available' is almost hard-coded into the print).

So we're set for a long ride. But remember, when the economy goes down, as it will soon, the productive immigrants (Eastern Europeans, Brits, Americans) will leave, and we'll be left with the dross, still reading the Metro.


Kieren Brierley said...

so true. its unbelievable that Garrte could take the figures at face value. For example most people think that there are more than 100,000 Chinese here, yet the census shows only a few thousand

Anonymous said...

Youe commnet on Metro Eireann is unfair and you've obviously based in on reading 1 issue only. It's not all one way - e.g. all immigrants good.

Kim said...

whewre the hell did you get a figure of 100,000 Chinese?