Saturday, 10 March 2007

What happens when a country gives up religion?

What happens when a country gives up religion?? as Spain Shows, nothing much. Well quite a lot actually. Increased wealth, higher standards of education, progressive legislation, more openness and creativity. As Tom Garvan's outstanding book Preventing The Future: Why Was Ireland Poor For So Long? demonstrated, while the religious monkey was on our back we languished in third world poverty. Only when the whole rotten Church edifice collapsed under the wieght of its own corruption did we get our collective act together.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough, you mentioned the good things, but what about the bad things? Higher crime, divorce, suicide etc. It's not all one way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Savant. Religion is truly the opium of the masses, used by unscrupulous 'leaders' to control us. Off with their heas, i say!

Anonymous said...

has anyone noted that there's a direct correlation between religious practice and corruption? Countries with lowest levels of religious practice (e.g. Scandinavia) score best in Transparency International rankings, while the 'holy' ones (Islamic, African, Latin America) score worst.

Anonymous said...

Nope, son, it ain't religion,

Things "took off" when you decided to be the Tax Haven of the World and get on the EU dole Big Time.

Since when does a nation that lives off the rest of the world's tax dollars get to whinge about how high its taxes are?