Friday, 23 March 2007

Mad judge disease

Your Savant was long of the view that Ireland held the proud record for having the most mad judges. Who can forget the case of the Nigerian witch-doctor who killed a child trying to 'circumcise' him? The child bled to death. How did the fuckwit judge instruct the jury? 'You must not judge him by our culture, but by his. Was this legal in his culture?"

With instructions like that, the jury had no option but to acquit the butcher. But reflect. It's not the law of the land that applies, it's the so-called 'culture' of the offender. Do these judges know even the most basic facts of the law? Taking his 'logic' to its conclusion, if the same Nigerian were to have murdered one of his wives for adultery, would that also be judged according to his culture or religion? It seems so, and that means that a cannibal immigrant from New Borneo who consumes his neighbour, would also get acquitted, and be free to dine again on his remaining neighbours.

I really hadn't realised that there were people this stupid still alive in modern Ireland, let alone in positions of responsibility. But the same bacillus has now spread to Germany. This woman, of Moroccan descent, as the saying goes, was being beaten by her Moroccan husband. She appealed to the court for protection. The case was thrown out on the basis, not on the law of the land, but on the Koran, which allows a husband beat the shite out of his wife if she's 'unchaste'.

Unchaste in this instance meant leading a normal German lifestyle. But the 'learned' judge, that's really got to make you laugh, decided that 'according to the Koran, man has dominance over women [true] - so there is no need for you to get a divorce'. You couldn't make this kind of thing up.


Anonymous said...

yes, but at least the judge was taken off the case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she was taken off the case, but the autjorities would not over-rule her, or even allow the verdict to be appealed. It's very worrying here in Germany

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post. It seems like BASIC legal knowledge to know that you can't base rulings on a religious text. Didnt he have an actual LAW that they can refer to?

Anonymous said...

I'd believe anything from the judges. It happens everywhere in Europe