Friday, 4 September 2020

Great minds lay out what's coming down the line

An excellent post by Andrew Anglin posits the grim future that lies in store for us. Some excerpts:

"In fact, it appears that the plan is to permanently wipe out the middle and working classes, and have a fraction of a percent of the population living in extreme wealth while ruling over a mass of peasants. This new world will be dominated by mega-corporations. The masses of people who don’t die of drug overdoses or suicide during the transition process will be herded into hive-like skyscraper “pod” living facilities, operated by the corporations in tandem with the government.

You’re going to have people putting computer chips in their brains and all of that. Elon Musk is actively promoting and developing that technology, and I started wondering if his use of all of my talking points on the coronavirus hoax wasn’t part of a plan to position himself as a good guy as part of a brain-chip agenda.

This is clear: the old concepts of rights, freedoms and the ideas we have about man’s role in the universe fundamentally will be wiped out. All of our basic rights were abolished with the opening of the virus hoax, and that is going to be continually played up all through this transition period."

As most on this site realise, the project has been on the making for a long time. For instance here's what Bertrand Russell*, one of the most enthusiastic proponents of One World Government, had to say in The Impact of Science on Society published in 1953. "Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so."  And later in the same book "Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton." A clear exposition of the long-term objectives of the Satanic 'elites'.

Aldous Huxley, luminary of the sinister Tavistock Institute and another leading NWO exponent laid it out as follows in 1961: "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."

Well let nobody say we weren't warned.

* Russell has been idealised by the left for almost a century. Do they know that he wrote the following? "In extreme cases, there can be little doubt of the superiority of one race to another. North America, Australia and New Zealand certainly contribute more to the civilisation of the world than they would do if they were still peopled by aborigines. It seems on the whole fair to regard Negroes as on the average inferior to white men, although for work in the tropics they are indispensable, so that their extermination (apart from the question of humanity) would be highly undesirable."


Heraclitus said...

Anglin in there with Huxley and Russell? Well at least he is on our side.

It seems to me that the Satanists for some reason have to expose their plans. Maybe this reflects the Manichean duality whereby Man is given the choice of Good or Evil. Ignoring the evidence is a de facto choice of Evil.

Very interesting post Mr. Savant.

Andrew Martin said...

I loathe the evil scum who are inflicting this on us. They have sucked all the joy out of life and are destroying people's will to live.

Flan O'Brien said...

If everyone takes out 2 Order Following scum while forcefully resisting euthanasia by government jab, then there will be no problem. Provided force is used by government.

If force is not used and dissidents are slowly withered away to death via "virus house arrest and inability to purchase food'; then Western located dissidents are fxxed. Even in the United States, armed country dwelling farmers will only last so long before they are Waco massacred by robots.

A discussed on other Savant threads, the end game is turning Humanity into a mechanistic trans-humanist ant-hill. I suspect Cosmic Intelligence will have something to say about that since it represents millions of years of devolution in the blink of a eye. Unacceptable to Him I wager.

Fritz Du Quesne said...

It makes you wonder if the Western regimes aren't totally in cahoots with the Chinese Commie Party and this virus and the martial law going on were long in the planning. The sudden anti Chinese rhetoric in the media is just bullshit for window dressing.

The sad thing is this nonsense could be stopped in a week, but normal, critical thinking people are very much in the minority now, so we either go along with it or we get hauled out of the herd, dissident style.

Never thought I'd be glad to be pushing old age.

Armoric said...

"An excellent post by Andrew Anglin"

There's another interesting post on his site: a short video clip of Rick Wiles, from TruNews, who explains why Antifa is not being shut down.

On this blog, there was a post two weeks ago asking why the MSM and most of the political establishment have been encouraging the rioting in the streets, even though it's going to help Trump get reelected.

As Rick Wiles sees it, Antifa is largely a Jewish movement, and the government doesn't want to end up arresting Jews, which is what would happen if Antifa was declared as a terrorist network.

Maybe he's right. It doesn't have to be a coherent tactic coming from the top. A lot of Jews just love violent agitation, and the Jews at the top just hate cracking down on fellow Jews. The same can be said of BLM: like Antifa, it's funded and organized by Jews.

SebastianX1/9 said...

At this stage, anyone wearing The mask willingly is he enemy. They start as collaborators but I assure you, juts as has happened over the last 20 years, when the Satanic Oligarchy unveils more and more of their designs, the Mask Wearers will NOT wake-up and say "Wow Sebastian, you were right! They are monsters." NO, they will say "that's the direction we're moving in; it's inevitable. I'm on the right side of history." The Mask Wearers are the enemy's foot soldiers.

They are now making us wear masks AT THE RACE TRACK!!!! nothing organic could survive a mile from the pits; there is gasoline and oil and fluids everywhere, but there we are like slaves wearing our muzzles. Disgusting.

Chumlee's brother said...

Fritz Du Quesne.

Regarding Chinese collution. That's a big affirmative.

The West wouldn't have relocated most of it's industrial technology and tooling to China if they weren't in cahoots.

Chumlee's brother said...

There are large empty cities in China, same as there were in the USA about 200 years ago.

These cities were then populated in the USA with train loads of children. The 'foundlings'.

Could it be that the COVID19 vaccine is designed to kill off people 'Logan's Run' style and then China will be the scene for large trains of Western children going across the land mass, dropping off the kids on the way, to populate the new empty cities ?

@fritz said...

Glad my youth is over, would never live it again, but yeah I get what you are saying, the fact some people naturally yearn to be young for a do-over scenario, they wouldn't now would they - knowing whats out there! Elon musk is part of the satanic cabal, you don't get to those heights without shining someone shoes to put it mildly. They are all part of the same club as the saying goes, and you ain't in it. What they want is a post- sex, post - truth, anti family society, where we are deracinated consumers, only see what's there for ourselves not our community, fractured along racial and religious lines, and then THEY, (((((THEY))) have the solution (((( UNITY ))) through lack of identity, mixing up, no religion, no sex even in some cases, just who ever earns the most or something like that as the requirements for hooking up is now, its just another consumer transaction, hookers, ferals, meaningless, nihlistic and lacking meaning or identity, your child looks back at you and doesn't even look or act like you, no traits or anything in common ( fundamentally) that you share. So life is rendered meaningless, the only meaning is your bank balance, college fees you have to pay off or your job. That is your new identity being a slave, paying HUGE amounts of tax and not being able to question it without your door being knocked down by the police for a hate thought. Welcome to the NWO, not the JWO, that's what this is and that's what its been for a long time , and those who can do something still do nothing. Your funeral.

Hector Grey said...

Well my youth is over as well but "unfortunately" I have kids and grandkids and I dread to think what lies in store. The Luciferians have their plans and they seem to be winning.

Anonymous said...


Just gonna throw you a few whitepills from here in the USA:

1) Homeschooling has boomed, with millions of children out of the Marxist reeducation camp system, likely never to return.

2) Linked to the above, closer families with parents and children spending more time together at home.

3) Sportsball ratings in free-fall as even the most rabid White sportsball fans reject their whining, pampered Negro Nonsense.

5) Neighbors, families and communities arming and organizing, making contingency plans in case of you-know-what.

6) More courtesy (including between races) as people appreciate each other more.

7) People opting for more wholesome outdoor pursuits as bars and clubs are closed or restricted.

8) Millions redpilled by government covid lies and Black Lies Matter. No going back!

9) Millions working from home with less stress, more productivity, more autonomy, and better quality of life.

That's just a few off the top of my head. Enjoy your weekend!


BigNoniePhil said...

JP-"3) Sportsball ratings in free-fall as even the most rabid White sportsball fans reject their whining, pampered Negro Nonsense."

I'd love to believe that was true. Do you have any links about this story?

Indeed, I'd like to have seen the links for all the other items you listed too. Or at least the name of the site you read about them on so I can look myself.

Phil said...

Instead of puerile drivel about mankind's supposed future, we could focus on the following:

* The discrepancy between aspirations/plans/predictions and actual events, e.g. look at physicist Peter Russell's brutal exposure of futurist (((Raymond Kurzweil's))) nonsense; and the kind of shite that is spouted around all major turning points -- from that of financial/property markets to societies.

* Signs that the current agents of evil (if yids weren't the predominant yin force it would be in the form of another human group, as the evolution of consciousness is ecological) are losing control within this destructive process. For students of cycles, especially long-term, does this mean a trend reversal is imminent, yes/ no?

* The necessity of a massive human population cull. Yids are Divine *agents* of this, not the cause. Our excessive numbers, per capita consumption and ecological collapse necessitate the death and eventual extinction of humans. Are you familiar with evolutionary principles? If not, read up about behaviour that our universe (collective unconscious, quantum vacuum, God, etc) supports / extinguishes.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's try jack up the level of conversation here.

Cthulu said...

Couple California events to watch: first being passed law awaiting governor signature to normalize homosexual pedophilia in the name of equal rights. To catch up with apparent current laws normalizing regular pedophilia to the extent that relations with "consenting minors" of less than ten years difference (think about that) no longer requires the predator to be put on a pervert registry, at the judge's discretion.
Reported by Rush Limbaugh.
Another radio report from a Wall Street Journal source:
New high school ethnic studies curriculum in California names Jews and, wait for it,...the Irish, as being prime evil doers in the capitalist/white supremacist subjugation of incompetent minorities.
Don't know about the Jews so much but I read a lot of history and also Irish history (being Irish) and actually it might make the Irish-American story more correct. Because the narrative of the Irish in America facing terrible discrimination and working hard, oh so so hard, to succeed and finally succeeding is cooked. The Irish were always able to protect themselves in the various mob street wars and more than dished it out.
It was the Germans, concurrent mass immigrants, who were isolated, overwhelmed and constantly had their teeth kicked out, culturally and in actuality.

Six Million Dollar Goy said...

Anonymous Chumlee's brother said... Fritz Du Quesne.
Regarding Chinese collution. That's a big affirmative.
The West wouldn't have relocated most of it's industrial technology and tooling to China if they weren't in cahoots.////////////

Bush's "New World Order" was the treasonous transfer of US Nuclear,Military,Industrial technology, along with our economic prosperity (and tens of millions of good jobs) by mainly the Clinton Administration,DNC, Fabian Socialist RNC, & Democrat Campaign Finance Colmmittee, which is the greatest treason in US history. Of course the Democrats & their Neo-Con/Rino comrade traitors are currently "colluding" with totalitarian China. They adore China's totalitarian model and would like to bring it to the West. It was called "ChinaGate" and RNC Fabian Globalist traitors like CFR Newt Gingrich made sure it was whitewashed and Clinton and his criminal Administration not charged with long list of crimes starting with treason
CHINAGATE: The Biggest Scandal In US History

Aitch. said...

Looking forward to reading your take on what Plod did to that geezer on a train in Liverpool who wasn't wearing his gag.

Iron Felix said...

It is curious, is it not, what can get buried in the process of secular canonisation. I refer here to the boy Blessed Bertrand and his observations upon the races. It calls to mind Ghandi from his time in South Africa. Who now remembers his advice, way back; give power to the Kaffirs (sic), said he and you will ruin everything. Look at South Africa today.........

SAVANT said...

Makes my day that naggerball viewership is in free-fall. Thanks for the good news update guys!

Anonymous said...

Les Miserables epitomized !

Anonymous said...

That's just one example. I personally know fans who have ditched all sportsball because of the BLM /kneeling. And their lives used to revolve around sportsball.


Karl said...

Covid-19 is godsent, a bless for Natio alists, ushering in the collapse of the Euro and the EU.
There is no way Italy, which was already pre-covid horribly indebted, with its zombie banks, won't financially collapse.
Dirty poor oriental Bulgaria is right now sinking into civil war like chaos.
Another covid plus: The invasion of undesirables has slowed down.
A golden era for patriots is approaching.
As a funny aside: Russian opposition leader Alexander Navalny was secretely flown to Berlin in a state of coma to save his life. German doctors found out he was poisoned with Novichok.
Now the Kremlin is accusing Germany of having poisoned him!!!
Will commie Merkel once again turn a blind eye to Putin's horrible crimes??!!
Lots of things going on.....

fucklifefuckmodernity said...

all I can say is thank god im fucking old, only fans, all the shit and piss that is out there - goodnight!

Poes and Latte said...

How cool is this ??

Go bokke - White South Africans adapt and flourish anywhere - fuck the jews and kaffirs

Anonymous said...

2 faced barstards
Dover council want patriots to stay away because of COVID
But don’t actually say much about the nearly 500 migrants who arrived uninvited in 1 day
Unchecked for the virus

Dying Breed said...

Every white patriot from New Zealand to Alaska, your European identity is almost history. Your children and grandchildren might look like you but they will never be like you and more than likely disown you. 80% likelihood they will marry out i.e. to a non white of some form.

Mr Reynard said...

Yupp.. It is their "wet dream" But watch some bastard come & stuff it for them !
Happened previosly ...

Nitro said...

New York Post: Numbers show lockdowns didn’t help contain COVID-19 — opening up didn’t boost it.

"So where is the science that would justify the heavy lockdowns many officials are still demanding? With the evidence we now possess, even the most risk-averse health officials should hesitate before demanding the next lockdown and causing the next recession."

Let the criminal trials and rope therapy begin.

Anonymous said...

got to admit the American darkies are great for the laughs and chuckles. love when they try to explain their actions and reasons and it is always the YTs fault for some reason or other and the reasoning for looting is mass reparations,,,,, falling off the chair laughing here

John 14:6 said...

If there is an epitome of false opposition, it is Andrew Anglin.

If there is an equivalent to the fedgov stooges of blm and antichrist, it is Andrew Anglin.

The easiest way to discredit yourself is to use Andrew Anglin as anything other than as an example of a fedgov stooge.

If you are young and you follow Andrew Anglin, you will be disappointed.

If you are older and follow Andrew Anglin, you should know better.

According to Andrew Anglin, the official version of 9/11 is the truth, except somehow the judeans are responsible, when there is no mention of judeans in the official version of events, only mohamadans.

How did the judeans do it? Do the judeans really know magic tricks?

9/11 was a controlled demolition, unless you believe that steel and concrete are flammable at relatively low temperatures and that modern buildings automatically collapse on themselves because concrete and steel are flammable.

The only magic trick the judeans know is thievery through money printing and using the profits of this thievery to buy media, politicians and fedgov stooges like Andrew Anglin.

John 14:6 said...

What is truth?

Beyond the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is hard to tell these days.

Thus is the power of antichrist.

Racehoax seems to be the answer to doubt of coronahoax.

Coronahoax has always been a hoax and it seems as doubt of coronohoax grows, up pops racehoax.

Coronahoax has only one aspect and this is death from coronahoax.

Fedgov was so desperate to prove coronahoax that they murdered poor elderly to prove coronahoax.

Fedgov couldn't keep this up so they moved on to cases of coronahoax.

Nobody cares about cases of coronahoax when coronahoax only kills you if you are in a nursing home.

Up pops racehoax.

The main aspect of racehoax is negro oppression, which is a hoax.

By law in the United States of America, negroes are given preferential consideration in jobs, housing and education.

The racehoaxers are so desperate to find oppressed negroes that they have to resort to defining negro criminals as being oppressed.

A secondary aspect of racehoax is cops oppressing negroes for fun.

This is ridiculous as cops main priority is their own pension and property values or their position in the financial pyramid scam.

These people are not going to risk their position in the pyramid scam to harass negroes for fun.

Even accusations of negro oppression can lead to being totally removed from the pyramid scam.

This leads to avoidance of negroes, which leads to more criminal behavior amongst negroes.

Then there is the judicial system which works in the same way.

Anonymous said...

Another crisis actor to remind the plebs to mask up.

John 14:6 said...

Racehoax demonstrations are a hoax as only fedgov stooges and the truly delusional believe that racehoax is real.

This brings up organized street level opposition to racehoax.

I would have to say this if fake also as you will automatically lose your position in the pyramid scam for publicly opposing racehoax and the racehoaxers have demonstrated their willingness to murder anyone who opposes them with perhaps little or no repercussion from the law.

The Kenosha incident seems like an exception as the shooter had enough sense to at least bring a weapon and the willingness to use the weapon.

But the guy is so stupid, he was there to protect a used car dealership and at the same time aid injured protesters.

Only an imbecile would risk their life and freedom to protect a used car dealership.

John 14:6 said...

Why the obvious hoaxes and why now?

This seems like desperation.

The United States of America is firmly in their hands.

Most American's first priority is their position in the pyramid scam.

In my opinion the real problem is financial

gT said...


Yep, the Russians are useless, they just can't kill anybody properly no more, its tragic. The old KGB stalwarts of the Soviet Union must be turning in their graves at this disgrace to their sombre, dignified profession :-)

But the Europeans are still worse, "In Europe, the few remaining men who are not actually gay, act like they are. ... Feminine EU men unable to defend their women from healthy virility of Middle Eastern cultures".

Anonymous said...

Its easy to get guns smuggled in from Europe.We need to resist and dirt nap a few of these scum verminous bastards. Im ready,hope you are,too. DAS REICH.

Boomer said...

British (((commie))) rag in solidarity with white trash - trashing Dover

Stinking fucking do-gooders - look out for (((Bunny a La Roache))) Lily white slut Allen and possibly fuck face Cumberbatch

Yids go lightly said...

Dumb fucking Polska gets crushed by its 'Mercedes' Rag too rich to say car? Bwahahaha!

but hey, check out the eyes of the loving coroner... aahhh almost as sweet the jig coroner in London

Anonymous said...

All of the predictions, by Anglin, would not be possible if the people didn't sell out and be the enforcers for the change making, elites.
It is the weakness in man that fights against his nation; instead of having his own animal to hunt and eat, he'd rather live like a dog fighting for the scraps, thrown from his master's table.

If people, simply, turned around and said "no", their new world order would be nothing more than a thought.

As you watch the final touches being made to the machine that will kill most of humanity and enslave the rest, you can pat yourself on the back and say "I helped build that".

Man's weakness allows for the domination of the bad over all. You allowed women to leave their role as mothers and carers and give them careers. They then took positions of power and began to dominate men in all aspects of life. This is why society is the mess it's in and why the bad are not being stopped by the good. You've allowed Delilah to cut off every man's hair.


Boomer said...

Stinking ((((British Commie)))) rag

Boomer said...

Billionaire South Asian COOLIES get taxpayer's money to furlough British staff.

These dodgy Indian coolie cunts got their "British" passports through a stinking dodgy poofter called Peter (((Mandelson))) Fuck knows how much they paid the thing who was sacked from office 3 TIMES no less and yet is now a fucking "lord" ???? probably screwing its Brazilian boyfriend in a 3 some with Keith Vaz another Indian Coolie poof who's got a wife and children
Can the UK state of affairs get any more fucking disgusting?

Hereticdrummer said...

Excellent post, SAV, though will all respect I think our rights were eviscerated long before the Corona/Covid hoax. That just hammered the final nails on the coffin. At best, we had privileges subject to judicial whim and caprice. You know, those freemasonic,shyster scumbags in black dresses. I've said it before and it bears repeating. This scamdemic is the ultimate Kosher wet dream. Talmudic micromanagement over the lives of the goyim.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood actors bailing out ,,,think Tom Hanks and their defilement off underage ""chickens"" to fuck. gotta love Rickey Gavis Brit actor for telling them how it is at Emmys.."""stop fucking kids you pervs"" probably never host it again but who cares told it like it is

Phil said...

Boomer sees Jews in his morning coffee. As I’ve said numerous times - Jews are able to maneuver because the West is weak.

It’s not because they are strong. Their advances are not symbolic of their strength, it symbolic of our faltering.

Smarten up, Boomer!

Tell your girlfriend “Ianrob” I said hello.

Aitch. said...

'Anonymous' (5 September at 10.54) works for the kikes. I hope no one reading this column is taken in by these plod-suckers.

Boomer said...


Still here?!? I keep striking that bell end nerve of yours don't I? Haha I knew you'd respond. Yeah the west is weak and getting weaker still because of the ever increasing spawn of schmucks like you. Like I said you can't help yourself can you otherwise you'd have disappeared by now? Pathetic little Yid.

Mona said...

Phil says:"Boomer sees Jews in his morning coffee. As I’ve said numerous times - Jews are able to maneuver because the West is weak.

It’s not because they are strong. Their advances are not symbolic of their strength, it symbolic of our faltering.

Smarten up, Boomer!

Tell your girlfriend “Ianrob” I said hello."

Totally agree!
The antisemites claim Jews controll the whole planet! If this is true, it can only mean one thing: Jews are supermen!
Antisemites are actually propagandists of jewish power!

Dalit said...


Which Boomer do you mean? There's lots of us on here including the Savant himself

Phil said...

Jews are on a short time span of this mess, they have crested. They know this hence the insane push that will end in a backlash. It always happens,

Every time. Don’t worry, it’s inevitable, just ride out the storm, this storm is getting bad.

Don’t get sensitive and panic. We are not the first people to have gone through this. And unfortunately we won’t be that last.

To all the Americans out there, enjoy this three day weekend. Drink up, eat up and enjoy!

Karl said...

What's your point spreading commie russian propaganda???!!!
Russia is very good at one thing: Victimhood. The US negro civil rights movement was infiltrated and ideologically guided from the start by Russia.
Russian-finish Winter War 1939: One finish soldier against 20 Russians; still the Finns stood their ground and drove the Mongols back.
German Wehrmacht advanced without hardly any russian resistance to the outskirts of Moscow, 15 miles from the city center! The exceptional hard winter paralysed momentarily the Germans, and the Americans had already started supplying Russia with an unbelievable amount of essential goods(e.g. 25 thousand fighters...) through the Arctic, Pacific and iranian route convois.
Russia never once thanked America for saving them from the Germans!
Now how competent is Russia??!!
Russia produces an impression of great power, and it produces nothing else.

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

I agree with you about the short time span Phil as it seems the only explanation for the insane pace of change at present. But putting it all down to Jews is wrong and weakens our cause by mis-identifying the enemy. Some of the worst devils out there, Gates, Jobs, Merkel, Schwab, Guitterez etc. are not Jewish.

Greg Bacon said...

Check out the pic, it's something.

This is the quantum dot tattoo, research for which Bill Gates funded. It's scannable via the artificial enzyme Luciferase, via a bioluminescent "mark." The tattoo-vaccine-chip is to contain not only your medical/COVID vaccine history, but proposed digitized govt currencies

Yes, Big Brother is going to save us from that nasty Covid, which they'll claim is mainly transmitted by handling money, so that goes but you'll get a piece of plastic that has your money digitized, minus the transfer fees, handling costs and monthly fees.
You try to buy something that's not on the Big Brother Approved list? Tough shit, the transaction will be refused.

Anonymous said...

Mr Heraclitus,

"Some of the worst devils out there, Gates, Jobs, Merkel, Schwab, Guitterez etc. are not Jewish."

Bill Gates and Merkel are Jews. I don't know about Jobs as I haven't looked into him, nor have I looked into Schwab and Guitterez.


gT said...


The USSR was Communist, Russia is not Communist, the Jews brought Communism to the USSR and nearly killed the Russians. But the Russians survived, is the West going to survive whatever the Jews are bringing to the West?

The Jews are the ones who infiltrated the US negro civil rights movement.

Whats your point of spreading anti-Russian propaganda??? Is it to distract from Jewish wrought Communism and Jewish destruction of the West via Globalization (includes immigration) perhaps?

Corkonian said...

Harbinger you add a lot to this blog but why do you, like so many others, undermine your credibility by labelling all the Bad Ones as Jews? Neither Gates nor Merkel is Jewish. I have done a lot of research and while there have been unsubstantiated accusations like yours I have found nothing that was in any way convincing. BY labeling all such people as Jews you play into the 'mad conspiracy theorist' that they try to label us with.

Anonymous said...

Karl: "Russia never once thanked America for saving them from the Germans!"
Not only that, they declared America an enemy for "waiting so long" to help.

Anonymous said...

gT: "The USSR was Communist, Russia is not Communist"
Which Soviet Republic was the heart and root of the USSR? Was it Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbijian, or Krgzyzxyzxystan? No, it was Russia. Soviet Russia is synonymous with USSR, as it was Soviet Russia that swallowed up its smaller neighbors. Yes, the jews ruined Russia as they are ruining the West, but the bolsheviks who came here and infiltrated us, came from Home Base Russia, and it's not Russia-bashing to say so.
We're all in this together now, Russia included.

Ron Chapman said...

G'day Pilgrims,

This negative scenario is not going to happen.
President Trump has wrested control of the US from its Talmudic rulers by moving the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) into the US Treasury and placing it under his control. He is also eliminating the fraudulent US debt ostensibly owed to the Fed by enormously increasing US "borrowing" from the Fed for stimulus payments and capital works etc, thus running up 'fake' debts with the 'fake' Fed system prior to its demise. That fake currency will never be repaid.

At the same time Trump is eliminating counter productive regulations that inhibit domestic US productivity and production. This will increase US industrial efficiency and employment. He is also using his Defence Production Act powers to ensure that the US gets the type of production that it really needs while ensuring the nation gets real value for the currency (debt tokens) being issued by the Fed. The plan is to ameliorate the impact of USans having to go "cold turkey" by having to pay the rest of the world the real value of their goods and services provided to the US instead of conjuring fake currency out of thin air to exchange for them.

Trump's recent Executive Orders (EOs) providing payroll tax relief for USans earning up to about US$104,000 and relief regarding outstanding education loans is also beginning to change social awareness as regards the negative effects of Talmudic usury and income taxation. Trump's EO requiring a moratorium on evictions for non payment of rent also uses the scamdemic to change social perceptions on satisfying housing needs. Direct Federal relief payments for workers who lose employment because of the Scamdemic, in lieu of provision of bailouts for banks and major corporations ostensibly to assist them to create jobs, completely reverses previous policies that enriched wealthy banksters, corporatists and politicians while impoverishing workers. These are some of the ways in which the Trump Administration is using the crisis caused by the COVID-19 scandemic to initiate policies reversing many of core negative US socio-economic conditions created by the demonic globalist controllers to enslave USans and the rest of the world. These initiatives also reverse the uses to which the cabal and its Deep State operatives sought to put the COVID-19 Scamdemic.

Once the US Treasury resumes its Constitutional responsibility for issuing usury free US money and currency there will be no need for INCOME TAXATION. This will include elimination of onerous and unfair Social Security imposts. Moreover, Trump’s recent EO removing payroll taxes on USans earning less than US$104, 000 will become permanent after he wins the next election. Then ALL income taxes will be abolished since there will be no need for the US government to pay the global bankster cabal for its fake currency.

These changes will transform the US politically, socially and ethically for the better and enable a GREAT RESET of US spiritual, social and economic life, spearheaded by governance changes enabled by returning control of money and currency emission, banking and taxation policies, to genuine national control.

In addition to actively deconstructing the banksters' control of the global monetary system, the Trump administration is defunding and beginning the elimination of their demonic global control mechanisms like the WHO, the WTO, the IMF, BIS and NATO, and various Talmudic trade treaties and arrangements. Ultimately the UN itself will be replaced by proper divine governance.

Peace and Blessings,

Six Million Dollar Goy said...

"The outsized prevalence of Jews in the ranks of the revolution that broke out a century ago on Nov. 7 (Christian holocaust)has remained a mainstay of anti-Semitic vitriol in the area."

j walker said...

all A is B, therefore all B is A
All jews are evil, therefore all evils are jewish
therefore every evil person is a jew

gT said...

The European Elite and the Jewish Elite have the same goals, namely Globalization and the One World Government, and for this New World Order the arise the Old World Order has to go, so all the current countries on this planet have got to disappear, along with most of the population of those current countries.

And the European Elite and the Jewish Elite are so intertwined and intermarried that its difficult to tell them apart.

And the Jews are masters at avoiding retribution for their actions, just like they are attempting now.

Karl said...

The vast majority of the russian commies were Russians, starting with Lenin, Stalin...And Gates, Meekel are Jews too???
It's becoming ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


Very rarely am I wrong in what I write. When I am wrong I accept I'm wrong and move on.
I'm not wrong and I really wish people who think I'm wrong would do more research on this.

Bill Gates is Jewish.

Merkel is also Jewish

I can not make this any clearer Corkonian. It's 'us' or 'them'.
We either remove ALL Jews from the west, lock them on an island and monitor them 24/7 OR THEY WILL destroy 95% of the world's population.
"But it's not all Jews.....blah....blah....blah....and you're just making us all look bad by stating so....blah....blah....blah....." is the usual crap I have to put up with, from people like yourself. I'm really, really getting tired of it. All of you are FAR, FAR, FAR too busy in trying to prove the existence of the 'good' Jew that the whole, f*cked up Jewish ideology monster trundles on into creating its Jewish World Order.

Look, the new world order, agenda 21, the Great Reset is ALL ABOUT the obliteration of 95% of the world's population, the establishment of Greater Israel, the rule over this world by a world government that will be the Knesset in Jerusalem, with a world emperor most certainly from the Jewish Saxe-Coburg-Gothas (yes Kate Middleton is a Jew meaning the future king of England is Jewish).

I don't give a shit about the Jews and I'll tell you why. They know VERY well how the system works. They know very well that Jews control all of the establishments. They know very well that their ideology has, for hundreds of years, destroyed nations, caused wars and untold misery to this world and yet they do nothing about it, because they know that as a Jew, they'll benefit as every door is opened to them, in whatever field they choose to go. You will not find a poor Jew anywhere.

Here in the UK, there are 350,000 Jews. All elections, here and the US are all about what benefits the Jews - f*ck the 99.5% of the non Jewish population.

Unless people like you wake up and understand that this is very black and white - remove the Jews or they'll remove the non Jews.
Now your choice - 15 million of 7 billion? If I were ignorant I would state something along the lines of - "If it means locking all of them on a heavily monitored island with 20% of the population innocent, so be it. We can deal with them, once they're all safely imprisoned and then think about what the best scenario is" but I'm most certainly not.


Judaism is a cult of in-group supremacy, racial hatred and planned genocide of the world's non Jewish population. You are not 'born' a Jew, just as you are not born a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Rastafarian, a Zoroastrian or whatever other belief system you choose to follow. A Jew, like all is brought into being a Jew through some form of ceremony, most notably at an age when they CANNOT consent into being. They therefore, very much have the choice to choose whether to remain as a Jew, or not. Therefore, those people, who are old enough to understand what Judaism is about (and they're taught hatred towards non Jews at an early age) and STILL remain as Jews, in my eyes are like the police who still remain as police once they've done their training. Both know what they are part of and what they do is wrong.


Anonymous said...


(Part 2)

I write under the pseudonym as Harbinger for a reason - I am the herald of what is to come and unless people heed what I write and act against it, it will come to pass.

Look, I too, was like the overwhelming majority are. I too believed in the holocaust. I too believed that Jews were a persecuted people. I too believed that the nazis were evil. Then I started to educate myself, instead of lapping up the heavy indoctrination from the msm, academia, Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
And yes, I found ALL to be completely controlled by the Jew.

I found out that the Jew had made its enemies everyone in the west's enemies and what the ignorant people do not realise is that the Jew's enemies ARE them!
Yes and now, we can see this a reality as white people march with blacks attacking their own nation, thinking they are doing good, by uniting with black people, when they completely fail to see that black people are murdering whites, en mass in the USA, that the msm is conviently ignoring and not educating the people, as it remains completely partial to the black narrative promoting the lie of white supremacism and racism, which is clearly black to white!
The msm conveniently chooses to ignore FBI statistics that show whites are 7 times more likely to be murdered by blacks, than whites. That show blacks are 7 times more likely to be murdered by blacks than whites. That those blacks shot by American police happen to be criminals.

The Jews are DELIBERATELY promoting lies, in the msm about whites.


The Jew remains silent because they play the game. And do you know what that game is Corkonian?
The game is a simple one. The Jew remains ignorant to what's going on, because he/she knows that if they tell the truth, that they hate white people and want to genocide the world's population, they they're brown bread. So they continue to promote how persecuted they are and that they know nothing of this, when their rabbis have, from a young age, drilled into them hatred of the goyim. They know that all they have to do is play the waiting game because there are always going to be people who will rush to defend them - that's people like you.

Don't believe me? Go over and listen to former Jew, Brother Nathaniel Kapner on his Jewish upbringing and understand why, he, as a non Jew now and a Christian HATED Judaism with a vengeance.

All Jews know PRECISELY what the game is all about. They know exactly what's going on and this is why, when you look, you'll find that every NGO, every organisation pushing civil rights, feminism, LGBTQ+, mass immigration IS Jewish. And the ignorant and stupid goyim, of course, think that this is all to help people, when the only people it's helping are the Jews, who are conveniently SMASHING the western civilization, while thieving money from it, to build their Greater Israel.

You will find that the overwhelming majority of people, in positions of power, authority and influence are CRYPTO Jews. Boris Johnson is a Jew. David Cameron is a Jew. John Major is a Jew. Most of Thatcher's cabinet were Jews. Sarkozy is a Jew, Donald Trump is a Jew. Bernie Sanders is a Jew..... All you have to do is research and you'll find out that our establishments are completely controlled by them. And they are so controlled by them that through constant indoctrination and brainwashing of the public, they instantly rally to the defence of Jews, even if it means persecuting their own nation. This is how much control the Jews have that we are now fighting amongst our own to protect the Jews who want all of us dead.

But it's not the Jews is it Corkonian?


gT said...

Sure is surprising that there are so many interference runners and protectors of the Jews out there all of a sudden, this article of Sav's must have struck a nerve.

Anonymous said...


To conclude:

When the msm find someone, a member of the indigenous, to hang out to dry, who criticizes Jewry all that's mentioned is "The sheer hatred for Jews and blatant anti Semitism".

But why?

Of course, they'll go into a long description of what he or she stated, but they'll never go into WHY they wrote what they did. They'll never, of course, question whether anything they write about the Jews is actually true. In the past they did. It was called being impartial, that is they looked at both sides of the story, offered both arguments up for discussion and let the reader decide.
Now, instead the msm is 100% partial and promotes an agenda. It's an indoctrination and brainwashing outlet and nothing more. Controlled, complete and overwhelmingly by the Jews.

A classic case of this was the trial of Stephen Whittle (aka Luke O'Farrell) and Simon Shepherd of They became known as the heretical two. Both had written extensively on the Jew problem (and the immigration problem, mentioning what the msm would not). Of course, Stephen Whittle clearly hated non whites and Jews, as could be seen in his writing, but he made many, valid points. They published a comic called 'Tales from the Holohoax' which again, smashed the official narrative to pieces.
They fled to the USA, from the UK and asked for political asylum, but America being under the control, also of the Jew, immediately arrested them upon landing, slapped them in orange Guantanimo jumpsuits and imprisoned them, pending trial. Their judge was a black woman, who earlier had granted political asylum to an IRA member who had killed many Northern Irish people. The Heretical Two weren't so lucky. Their asylum was denied. They were shipped over to the UK. The msm got involved and they were sentenced to jail in 2009 for a period of years each.

Prosecution of the Heretical Two

Of course, all the articles immediately compared them to Hitler and history was dragged up. This is the bogeyman that the Jews have used to bash whitey over the head, so much so that the mere mention of his name will fill the public with so much hatred towards whomever is being labelled as he. Years and years of anti Hitler propaganda has done its work. 99% of the people who instantly attack said individual have never read Mein Kampf or Hiter's better second book, nor know anything about what Hitler actually did for Germany and the German people. They are also UTTERLY oblivious of what the Jew did to German after WW1 and the Treaty of Versailles. Their education of history is Stephen Spielberg, Ellie Wiesel and countless narratives in school history books of the attempted genocide of the Jews by the Third Reich.

There is good reason why people eventually, through research, begin to loathe Jews and Jewry. They do so because they see that it's nothing but lies, built on lies, built on lies. They realise that the Jews were never persecuted, but instead received the justice of the people FOR THEIR PERSECUTION!

Two well known sayings, one from Poland and the other from Russia:

"The Jew cries out in pain as he stabs you in the back."
"The Jew will always tell you how persecuted he is, but never tell you why."

Regardless of the countless narratives, of famous authors, statesmen and people, from all walks of life, throughout history, warning the non Jews about the Jews and their ways, all are ignored for the narrative of the Jew, promoted by the msm, the entertainment industry and academia that they have complete control over.

It's time you woke up Corkonian to the threat posed by Jews. For this threat is the complete genocide of the world's peoples, who are so ignorant on this they write such things as: " BY labeling all such people as Jews you play into the 'mad conspiracy theorist' that they try to label us with."


Six Million Dollar Goy said...

(((In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men — Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organization. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA.)))

(((Just like with the American Civil Rights Movement, the Anti-Apartheid Movement was funded and coordinated by Jews who used a small group of Blacks as frontmen.)))

///Many came as Immigrants in the 1930's and their offspring in gratitude to the South African Christians, overthrew them, looted, and destroyed SA///

The Hidden Jewish Hand in the Destruction of White South Africa

gT said...

Hitler dearest was empowered and encouraged to take on Russia.

It was hoped that the Germans and the Russians would cancel each other out and then the West could just walk in and take over everything. Russia was adequately supplied to keep her in the fight, you all know whose tactics it is to supply both sides in a conflict right? Only problem was, while Russia climbs onto her horse slowly, once she is in the saddle she rides very fast (a Cossack saying I think), so the Soviet juggernaut was unstoppable once it finally got into motion.

Meanwhile the West delayed opening a second front in the war against Germany in order to allow the Germans to concentrate their might against Russia. American Generals even labeled the British as cowards for not wanting to open a second front for several years.

And while the Russians were not prepared for WW1, and they were not prepared for WW2, the Russians are definitely prepared for WW3. It was said back in 2015 already that Russia would only be ready for war by 2020, and its now 2020. While other countries have to get their engines of production going were war to break out, Russia has everything in place and lots stockpiled already. "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum ("Therefore let him who desires peace get ready for war.")". But alas, the West will not wage any large scale high intensity war against Russia because the West has only got soyboys for soldiers. And Russia will not wage war against the West because Russia knows it can just sit back, relax, and watch the collapse of the West on tv without having to lift a finger. Russia is just doing enough to stalemate matters in Syria, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc, Russia knows the West can't take casualties. So sitzkrieg it is, not difficult when you have unlimited supplies of vodka.

Russia has sorted its Jews out already (Communism), now the West needs to sort out its Jews also or risk disappearing in a collapse.

Karl said...

Of course!
Russia is the slavic Wakanda, and Russians are machos with big penises!
Just like the Blacks!

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa None have read The Book Of Revelations.

onebowlofsoupthirteenpeoplejewishoaxlies said...

Anonymous said...

gT said...

"Russia has sorted its Jews out already (Communism), now the West needs to sort out its Jews also or risk disappearing in a collapse."

Do you really, truly believe that?
Do you know nothing about his relations with Chabad Lubavitch and B'nai B'rith?

There used to be so many videos on Jew Tube, warning the world about Chabad, but they're all gone. I can't link to any.
Putin is a puppet. He's merely playing his role in the dialectic.
All world leaders are compromised. And those who aren't end up dead unless they play ball.

"But why did Putin defend Syria and Assad?" - It's the game being played. They need to make people believe there's someone batting on their team, as a major player in the world. Think about how much money Russian weapons and military complex have made from the war in Syria? There has been many standoffs with the Russians & the US in Syria, but why hasn't it ever kicked off? The US was told to leave Syria and Iraq but they're still there. Why hasn't Russia removed them?

This is a game. It's all been written before hand. It's another distraction, to join all the other distractions. The Jew world order is being fitted into place as we speak and it's all gone quiet in Syria as the covid BS takes centre stage.

Do not look to Putin as a savior. Never look to anyone in the world of politics as a savior, especially someone who constantly changes the rules in order that he remains in power.


Anonymous said...

gT said...

Ever heard of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef?

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Gentiles Exist Only to Serve Jews

What on earth is Putin doing with the vile Jew?

Putin with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Chabad Mobsters.

And in the US, here we have Bill De Blasio, mayor of New York mourning Rabbi Ovadia Yosef:

Bill de Blasio Mourns Death of Very Racist Rabbi

And of course, not a peep from the msm then, or now, especially during the BLM marches. But what's even more shocking is that his wife (Chirlane McCray) is black. They have a mixed race daughter?
If it were a white candidate saying this of a white supremacist who recently died, well, the people in the rainforests, who have never had contact with man, would hear about it.

ALL political leaders, in the west, are under the control of Chabad and B'nai. All politicians are compromised.



gT said...


Agreed, all politicians are compromised, but compromised Putin is doing good for Russia just like compromised Trump is doing good for America. I would even argue that Putin is less compromised than Trump is. And yes, its all a game, until war breaks out that is, but that is probably just a game for tptb also, as only the useless eaters in the countries involved will die and not those close to tptb.

But Russians have a nice, wild edge to them that Westerners just do not have, it bodes good for their survival and it means the Jews in Russia have always got to be on their toes because this wild edge means that the Russians are not really controllable. This is not the case in the West, Jews even openly lead in the West.

Jews suck up to both Trump and Putin, they are like those horrible, stingy, blue bottle jellyfish that stick to your neck and back in the waves sometimes. At any moment in time 50% of them are steering left in the breeze or current while the other 50% steer right, so only 50% risk washing up on the beach at any point in time. So now 50% of Jews are kissing Trump's arse while the other 50% kiss Putin's arse so that whoever eventually wins between Trump and Putin, the Jews can claim to have supported, can claim to have made, the winning side. Jews always support both sides in any conflict, they never put their eggs in only one basket, they are cowards.

Russia does not want war, I've joked on other websites that one could probably bomb Russia with a nuke and they wouldn't respond, but it would have to be a small nuke. Someone else joked about Russia always being friendly with other nations, friendly to the point of being nauseous, they just don't want to reciprocate in kind. Russia lost so many in the last war that they just don't want war, and Putin is saving his people by being timid. Its a bit naive if you ask me, because the history of humanity is the history of war. But peace chief Putin in the best leader a country can have, if war breaks out a war chief can always come to the fore. That region of the globe has consistently produced the most psychotic mass murderers ever, from Genghis to Stalin, so a proper war chief with zero milk of human kindness / stupidity in him is probably lurking in the folds of the Red Army somewhere.

When Stalin's son was captured by the Nazi's, he told them to just shoot his useless son, Stalin even had one of his Jewish wives shot when she nagged him too much about Palestine. When Mao's son died in Korea, Mao visibly changed, might even have had a nervous breakdown. Russian's just have a more sensible outlook to life.

So I have to reaffirm with: Russia has sorted its Jews out already (Communism), now the West needs to sort out its Jews also (Globalization with its accompanying mass immigration) or risk disappearing in a collapse.

Anonymous said...

"You’re going to have people putting computer chips in their brains and all of that. Elon Musk is actively promoting and developing that technology, and I started wondering if his use of all of my talking points on the coronavirus hoax wasn’t part of a plan to position himself as a good guy as part of a brain-chip agenda."

I was thinking AA was merely talking hyperbole, until one of your readers posted a link to this interview- my source is the BitChute version (YT took it down for censoring reasons- Violation of the First Amendment, in case anyone's looking)

- Fr. John+