Friday, 10 April 2020

Roll up, roll up, it's The Black And Brown Magic Show!

Any of you old enough to remember The Black And White Minstrel Show? It was one of Britain's most popular - if not the most popular - light entertainment TV  show for over twenty years, up to the late seventies. But then racism was discovered and that was the end of it. Because you see they had White people dress up in blackface. This was ironical in some ways because the programme showed blacks in a positive light. Good-natured, talented entertainers. Not a welfare bum, mugger, rapist or knife-wielding gang-banger to be seen.

And of course the termination of the show lead to a flood of black and brown media hagiography that continues to this day. One of the latest I call the Magic Black And Brown Doctors Show. (I don't know the actual name,  the station its broadcast on nor am I interested in finding out).  It purports to be a fly-on-the-wall documentary on extreme surgeries in Britain's hospitals. Mind you looking at it you'd imagine the location was Detroit or Pakistan because almost all of the genius surgeons are black or brown, the patients dim-witted Whites, bewildered, turning hopefully to their dusky saviours for salvation. So life-like.

Given that most black and brown doctors in Britain (that's a group of them disembarking on the left) 
are either up before the Fitness To Practice Committee or in jail for criminal misconduct the producers' ability to track down sufficient numbers still at large represents quite an accomplishment. 

By the way I must grudgingly concede the brilliance of those Indian and Pakistani doctors. After all White doctors struggle for six years to qualify while these guys can do it in six weeks! 


goingpostal said...

Most of the student Pakistanis - enjoy sawing the legs off of old brits w diabetes, mostly white. And lecturing them on their diet. Don't go to well one of soros bad investments Tesco, every little helps.

The Baron said...

Apparently you are free to choose a doctor from your own culture.

So do it. Don't trust a darkie.

shitlersfrogtheywontreplaceus said...

Nobody will do nuttin, carry on w your picket artificial lives, that's what matters, there is an opportunity here. But who the fuck cares.

awakened said...

In America nearly all of the black doctors work in admin, usually for the public sector.

Anonymous said...

Dindu`s, go home!!!!

Anonymous said...

45 years ago, my entrance to med school was delayed years due to a mix of a huge boomer applicant pool, affirmative action, engineering grads abandoning the now jobless engineering field (they could clobber any pre-med kid on the MCAT, for obvious reasons) and a classic example of a jooniversity with a pre-professional department very anti goy male. Of course I graduated med school in the top 15% of the class (first 2 years and subsequently both internal medicine and Surgery clerkships were graded "Honors") dropping very little sweat, btw. For me Med school was fun!

20 years later I participated part time on an admissions committee and taught clerkships in clinical chemistry and hematopathology for senior med students, this as a side dish to my usual full time (Pathology) practice. It was just the career I always wished for, and yes, I was damned well suited for it. My first clue that something wasn't right were 4th year students who wouldn't be passed in the 3rd year clerkships in my day let alone the 4th yr clerkship I was teaching.They simply didn't belong there and the med school would not let me flunk them. These students were total dopes!

So, I watched what was a very dignified profession in the US fritter away, little by little. By the 1990's the "rocket science" level applicant pool was very diminished - and some applicants told me at the interview that they were also applying to law school or that they already had an MBA. Gone were the fervent "doctor to be" types. It was depressing to see that. About that time, I realized that lawyers and any MBA with an extra synapse or two now had incomes 2 or three times that of the average doctor, and the potential applicant pool was well aware of it.

Today medicine in the US has (with the exception of a few specialties) descended to the level of what was once termed "physician assistant." Both in pay and in respect. Furthermore, one should note that in 1980 a community hospital had an administration wing consisting of a 15' hallway with 5 doors (one was the secretary's room) and 2 or three offices scattered elsewhere.Today, look at a hospital from a block away and 40% of that footprint is administration - ironically, it looks just like a VA hospital did 40 years ago. Those MBA's don't work for scratch. A bed in a US hospital today costs $12,000 a night. It was $500 a night for the same malady just 35 years ago. The nurses and doctors are paid the same that they were 20 years ago! Hmmm. where is all that money going? You get one guess.

I guess the UK has its Nigerians and Pakis. We have our colored girls, white girls (always part timers) and many Indian/Pakis, the latter have been the mainstock for 40 years. But what's missing are white males who only go into orthopedic surgery or nuclear medicine - the rest isn't worth the toil or trouble. I guess you can get just as rich hawking pie charts or getting in on class action suits.

John 14:6 said...

I find it ironic that the author used the word ironical to criticize anyone.

Please look at your own faults before criticizing anyone.

Yes, racial equality is a planned failure. Here come our saviors. A pack of masons and satanic kikes.

Speaking of planned failures, the current situation we are in has to be considered a planned failure, else the evil bastards in charge have lost their grip.

Who do they roll out? Bill Gates on one side and David Icke on the other.

If these two aren't masons, they deserve honorary membership.

Is masonry even relevant anymore? Is there a satanic order that we are not aware of?

I find it highly unlikely that all leaders would spout the same egalitarian and or zionist nonsense.

Perhaps masonry was just a necessity until the antichrist religion could be established in the general populace.

Who needs masonry when everyday retards have coexist bumper stickers?

great white said...

I love that boatload of surgeons arriving to help!!

john Whitehead said...

Girl I know was told by her Muslim doctor that a Caesarian birth would 'offend Allah'. She complained. And the complaint went nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Great White just reinforcing the nwo Globalist village after Brexit and Trump elections victories, populist votes up everywhere.. Psyops psyops psyops on the telly and in the newspapers.. You buy that newspaper you switch on that TV and you are being psyops for the globalists village. OK

I'm number 6

Anonymous said...

The Baron 10 April 2020 at 23:18

Lots of English people trusted
Dr Shipman look what happened there.

Nastiest Uncle's bane said...

"Lots of English people trusted
Dr Shipman look what happened there."

Those exception do tend to prove those rules.

Anonymous said...

Sky news make it about race not POVERTY. Communists at sky news who would have thought. 🤔

flyingchinesemonkeywuhahahaha said...

The coloureds will be put on every pedastil, told they are beauty princesses, w fake hair etc, wiggling their holes, getting nose shaves, etc, you see how much help these ppl need to even attain any of our traits, I'm not saying you cannot have your intelligent outliers, but the most we are getting is the trash the subhuman scum of the earth, shitstains of humanity, that is it. Impulsive and high in testosterone, women. I've seen videos where they beat the shit out of 6 footer man like a fucking man, fooling around w fists etc! I don't care, nor longer care about how politically incorrect or ''brash'' that is, we need a jolt to the system and if wuahhahaha I'm from china, I like your dog does it for humanity well then maybe that is a good thing, I hope it is real and not some fake shit. I'm not going to try and test it though lol, dying from some shitty flu seems very dishonourable to me.

Seneca said...

Anon 3.40 - amazed at what you write about American doctors. I thought they were the apogee of professional esteem and wealth. Apart of course from the banksters.

The Baron said...

Lots of English people trusted
Dr Shipman look what happened there.

At least Shipman didn't kill his patients by accident.

If you are old and find yourself feeling like putting your doctor into your will for any reason, consider changing doctors.

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous seeing gullible virtue signalling cucks volunteering(more like getting paid huuuuge salaries) at Medicins Sans Frontieres when these dusky orcs could do the job just as well. And back in their own shitholes as well.

waterboy said...

To think the English once ruled the world. Now conquered by feminism and Globohomo commies.

Their land over run with muslim invaders. Now the slaves of Africans.

Lemmyhead said...

"Psyops psyops psyops on the telly and in the newspapers.. You buy that newspaper you switch on that TV and you are being psyops for the globalists village. OK"
Don't know us on here very well do you?

Sav, this reminded me of my schoolboy days. The local nit nurse (oh, happy days) whenever she came would always rave about the Black and White Minstrel Show. On one occasion she was so excited because she had tickets to go to see them in a live show. At that time we were listening to pop combos like the Rolling Stones, Beatles and The Move. I think in today's terms we would have called her 'sad'.
I would love to here her thoughts about it today. It would probably be along the lines of 'This is insanity'.

SAVANT said...

Yes Lemmyhead, those were the days....

Gerry said...


Bham had some great bands. the move.the moody Blues.spencer Davies group. Roy wood etc
But I did like a yam yam band😂 as well
Slade saw them live a couple of times before they broke up

Barney said...

The black and White minstrels feature in this song, still on Youtube.

Whites are blamed for "racism" (of course), but both the song itself and the event that prompted it is open to interpretation.

Notice the (((black magic))) hexagrams on MM's hat.

Dedalus said...

I've heard that this year's watermelon crop is imperiled so the Wakandan scientists better come through with a synthetic substitute stat.

Lemmyhead said...

I tried to get on the Wakandan internet. It was down. Not a problem because whites have taken care of the problem.

Barney said...

Slightly off-topic, but relevant at this time.

How did the supermarkets know in advance that Bozo the clown (sometimes known as Boris Johnson) and his accomplices were planning a worldwide shutdown?

How did they know to have all those floor stickers printed so they'd be ready in time?

Where did they store all those barriers and traffic cones before the event?

Could that be why their created "shortage" was of bulky items like paper goods of various kinds?

"Clear them out. Don't re-order. Blame it on the myth of "panic buying". Works every time."

I wonder what the staff were told while all this was happening.

white rose said...

I am getting sooooooo tired of shows like that. They must think all of us are fools.

PB said...

"Slade saw them live a couple of times before they broke up"

Saw Sweet at the peak of their powers, but missed out on Slade.

Lemmyhead said...

Is it modesty that you didn't mention yourself?

The Baron said...

Chumlee's sister Cheryl, says Gates can shove his ID vaccine thing up his arse.

Good stuff from Washington Post. I thought they were lefter than Lenin.

Anonymous said...

What the panic buying of toilet rolls?
The deepstate state pay street performers to run down a supermarket aisle at 2am and film them then show it all on the msm continually for 24 hours. A small minority of the population will take it up further, thus more days of msm (including the bbc bolsheviks broadcasting company f***** disgrace) pumping out panic. It's propaganda. Then they have the gull to say that the average person is stupid.
The supermarkets slowly implemented measures over a course of a week. It was basically a organised deepstate propaganda excise carried through by the msm.

2 4 a pound

Anonymous said...

Barney how do you know that johnson was planning anything.

Deepstate shithouse. Bogrolls don't feed you.

Anonymous said...

How did they know to have all those floor stickers printed so they'd be ready in time?

They weren't seen for over a week in the 10 or so supermarkets that i visited.

Bogrolls don't keep you alive.

Anonymous said...

This is six I suppose its got meaning.
To much for me. It's right out there like I said I'm 7 and I'm happy with that.

Number 7

Anonymous said...

People, who consider themselves intelligent, are clueless when it comes to understanding the nature of mass media.
It doesn’t exist to reflect public opinion, it exists to shape public opinion.
And this is only the starter course.

Aspects of Mind said...

@waterboy 14:57: "To think the English once ruled the world. Now conquered by feminism and Globohomo commies."

After learning about English history I was so disappointed in the English as a nation after moving here from South Africa. However this is more than compensated for by the many positives, e.g. English women tend to be much more attractive than the rather bovine SA women.

At the same time I'm even more disappointed in my previously race-aware and strongly pro-White SA male friends who take advantage of the easy casual sex available with non-White females in that country. I was disgusted when one of my best friends (a highly educated professional man) in SA sent me a pic of his latest 'girlfriend' -- a munt, a K4, 'n swarte!

"For great wrongdoing there are great punishments from the gods" (Herodotus, 480-420 BC, historian) and we know from van Rensburg how this violation of Divine law ends. Further, as "good and evil are the same thing" (Heraclitus, 544-484 BC, philosopher), in their 'White genocide' the Tribe are doing Holy work.

Confused said...

Over the years I've grown to distance myself from the alien world I see around me. I no longer read the 'Lugenpresse,' rarely watch tv, and find the radio stations inane or BBC pompous. The exception I allowed myself was Classic FM, although no way a classical music aficionado it was nevertheless a sub-Saharan free zone.
However, as time has gone by I sensed a desperation by the station producers to find a way to breach the walls of this bastion of European culture and allow in the third world barbarians. Firstly, the 'tired old white men' were replaced by mulatto radio presenters and then there was Moira's(Stewart) choices. But until recently they were unable to find a negro of any worth who they could present to the listeners as worthy of our collective adoration. Then, like manna from the Gods, up pops the delectable Megan Markle who treated us, on ensnaring the gormless Harry, to a circus wedding with a crazy African witch doctor Bishop and a cellist of no particular repute but who was, more importantly, BLACK. Now Classic FM is in full Negro worship mode and are promoting this guy as the Second Coming. So that's another radio stationed binned. Well, I've still got my Chieftains cds, although with speed of racial transformation in Ireland I expect they will soon be wearing leopard skins and feathers.

Californian said...

One reason the liberals are so invested in media propaganda about people-of-color(tm) doctors, scientists and wise cops is to cover up the failure of over half a century of social engineering. Integration, affirmative action, war on poverty, open borders...all these have failed to elevate their favorite minority to the level of White achievement. So they create an alternative reality in the media, propped up by a few competent "diversity" hires on campuses and the HR department, to present the illusion of equality.

It's all one big Potemkin Village, or to use a more current example: The Matrix. A false front verging on a mass delusion to cover up the devastation wrought by those same liberal social policies, evidenced from the ruins of Detroit to Rotherham.

It's like Roman patricians of the 5th century AD going through the motions of ruling an "empire" that has long since been overrun by barbarians. And even the pillaging of their city by Goths and Vandals was not enough to convince them that the show was over.

This is why it is vital for websites like this one to keep pushing the reality about race.

Take that Red Pill, YT, take it now.

Gerry said...

Very well put

krakbrain said...

On RTE Irish main broadcasting
A Catholic country
On easter Sunday
Had a TV show on about a some Islamic mass in some Islam country on at 8pm.
What the fuck is going on in Ireland!!!
Fucking hell

The Baron said...

Anonymous Gerry said...

Very well put

Some jigaboo moose limb thinks the gorilla was made of chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Church Bells ringing throughout France on Easter Sunday. Not so in Britain. How about Ireland.

Anonymous said...

"almost all of the genius surgeons are black or brown, the patients dim-witted Whites, bewildered, turning hopefully to their dusky saviours for salvation. "

Always. The TV shows show it that way. The emergency room doctors are all black men who have to constantly correct the interns. The whitey interns must be schooled and corrected the most and the Oriental doctors less but still must learn from the master.